Where have all the children gone…The Bruno-Warner Legacy.

27 Dec

Pete Seeger’s 1955 song “Where have all the flowers gone?”
could easily be written for Ravena with the title
“Where have all the children gone?”
(To the Tune of “Where has all the $Money$ Gone?”)

Ravena mayor John Bruno and Ravena village trustee Nancy Warner have done their black magic with the help of village trusteee and RCS social studies teacher, failed politician, Martin “Marty” Case, and village trustee, failed school psychologist, Rocco Persico, backed up by village trustee ding-a-ling dodo William “Bill” Bailey.

Election Day PinkSlip

Make the Change:
Remove Mayor John Bruno and His Mob!

Bruno and Warner wanted the Ravena-Coeymans Youth and Teen Activity Center to disappear and so they sent the message to property owner Robert “Bob” Fisk that they, Bruno and Warner, didn’t want Fisk, also a member of the Ravena incest club (a Persico on his mother’s side), to renew the lease. Josephine “Josie” Biscone-Bruno of Prudential Real Estate* (Marty Case also moonlights there), who brokered the lease with the founder of the RC Teen Center, played her part beautifully and got her commission, while the whole Bruno mob screwed philanthropist Michael Fisher royally.

[* Caution: Where you see a Prudential Real Estate (“Pudendal Real Estate”) sign in Ravena, you can bet that the Ravena Incest Club (Bruno, Biscone, Persico, Albano, Deluca, Warner) is involved. Stay clear!]

So now, the property at 171 Main Street Ravena, once filled with happy teens dancing and staying out of trouble is now just another ugly distressed property on Main Street. Empty, ugly, distressed, just what Ravena Mayor John Bruno and his hatchet woman Nancy Warner wanted. After all, What Bruno and Warner want in Ravena, Bruno and Warner get…and Michael Biscone get paid, everyone else get’s screwed.

But you might want to ask: Where the 100 or so teens have gone, who once filled the Teen Center? You might want to ask Ravena mayor Bruno and his witch-on-a-stick, Nancy Warner, and teacher Marty Case, school psychologist Rocco Persico, and Bill Baily where the kids are and what they’re doing? You might want to ask the Bruno mob what they’ve done to provide the teens with a place to go, be safe, out of trouble, off the streets? Don’t bother. You already know the answer: NOTHING!

So the Village of Ravena New Year 2014 Greeting
To all Ravena Coeymans Selkirk Youth and Teens is this:

RCTC narrow

171 Main Street, Ravena: The John Bruno Nancy Warner, Marty Case, Rocco Persico, Bill Bailey legacy: Empty, Ugly, Distressed!
They’d rather have the local youth and teens on the street than enjoying themselves in a safe, supervised environment.
Thank You! Mayor Bruno and Village of Ravena! Happy New Year!
(Hopefully your Last)

John T. Bruno apparently plans to die in office. He’s decided to run again for mayor of Ravena in 2014. He’s already made Ravena a wasteland, lies like a rug, when the shit hits the fan his stock response is “I ddn’t know”, and surrounds himself with a bunch of dildos who are Bruno-extensions. Ravena, the town of Coeymans doesn’t need a senile mummy to trip up anything positive in Ravena. Bruno is there because the crooks want him there. He’s there because the behind-the-scenes crooks can steal everything worth stealing in Ravena by going through Bruno’s corrupt village hall. Mayor John Bruno and convicted state senator Joe Bruno have a lot in common; they both like to take control and they’re both frauds.

Bruno’s got a reputation of being a pathological liar and a behind-closed-doors dealmaker. Take the Ravena Health and Fitness Center for an example. The most recent Bruno fiasco is the CSX takeover! Can you imagine the mayor of a village claiming he didn’t know what was happening when CSX started cutting down residents’ trees and invading Ravena neighborhoods? John T. Bruno thinks everyone is as stupid as the village employees he hands out village jobs to, in order to get votes. Let’s hope the next mayor cleans up village hall!

Get the Brunos, Biscones, Persicos, Warners, Delucas out of local government and jump-start progress in the village of Ravena!

Our 2014 New Year’s Wish for the Village of Ravena: Clean, Honest, Local Government.
(But you won’t have it with Bruno and his mob in village Hall!)

 2014 Resolutions:

  1. Eliminate the Bruno Machine in Ravena.
  2. Eliminate the Coeymans Police Department.
  3. Pursue and Prosecute Obstruction of Justic and Corruption Charges against Coeymans Police Chief Gregory Darlington and his Associates in the Coeymans Police Department.
  4. Eliminate the Ravena Health and Fitness Center.
  5. Removal of David Wukitsch as Coeymans Town Attorney/New Baltimore Town Attorney, and Investigation and Discipline of Wukitsch by the New York State Unified Court System, 3rd Appellate Department, Committee on Professional Standards for his Alleged Misconduct as Town Attorney and as an Attorney.
  6. Investigation of Michael Biscone, attorney, and his dealings with the village of Ravena and the town of Coeymans; Investigation and Discipline of Biscone by the New York State Unified Court System, 3rd Appellate Department, Committee on Professional Standards for Alleged Misconduct  as an Attorney.
  7. Recover the Misallocated and Misspent Public Money from
    John Bruno, Nancy Warner, Martin Case, Rocco Persico, Bill Bailey and Cathy Deluca.
  8. Demand an In-depth Investigation by the Office of the NYS Comptroller and
    the New York State Attorney General of the Overall Operations of the Village of Ravena.
  9. Demand an In-depth Investigation by the Office of the NYS Comptroller and
    the New York State Attorney General of the Operations of the Coeymans Police Department.
  10. Demand Investigation & Prosecution by the New York State Attorney General of
    John Bruno, Nancy Warner, Martin Case, Rocco Persico, Willaim Bailey, Catherine & Gerald Deluca, Gregory Darlington.
  11. Demand Criminal Investigation and Prosecution of Corruption/Abuse of Public Office Charges against the Town of New Baltimore Supervisor Susan O’Rorke and Town Council Members Lisa Benway and Christopher “Chris” Norris.
  12. Review and Publish all Notices of Claim Served Upon the Village of Ravena, the Town of Coeymans, and the RCS Central School District, and demand an accounting to the Public of the status and disposition of those complaints made against these public entities, and the justice—most likely the injustice—received by the agrieved parties.
  13. Work Hard to Promote and Advance the Social and Economic Interests of the People of the Village of Ravena, The town of Coeymans and the Town of New Baltimore, in Collaboration and Cooperation Between and Among the New Village and Town Boards.
Coeymans Did It! New Baltimore Did It! Ravena can do it, too! The Editor

Coeymans Did It!
New Baltimore Did It!

Ravena can do it, too!
The Editor

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