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55 responses to “A Sincere Invitation from the Editor

  1. JM

    July 19, 2021 at 9:10 am

    Having seen what occurs when ordinary people who are only trying to lead normal lives are caught up in the region’s social-economic-political ongoing mayhem I’m not surprised by anything anymore.


    • Principal Editor

      July 19, 2021 at 9:22 am

      You can’t make most of it up, it’s so conspicuous and bizarre. But you mention “ordinary people” and “leading normal lives” getting “caught up” in the “mayhem.” Don’t you think that “ordinary people” are responsible for what is going on in the “region’s social-economic-political ongoing mayhem?” Local elected officials, public employees, even local “ordinary people” go haywire and bad things happen when they are not held accountable and made responsible for the “mayhem” they cause. I frequently refer to a statement attributed to Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Whether Burke actually said that is immaterial, it is still so very true.

      BTW, which article are you commenting on?



  2. Missouri

    March 15, 2018 at 11:37 am

    Can I share your raccoon story on Facebook


    • Principal Editor

      March 15, 2018 at 12:18 pm

      Of course you have our permission to republish the article. Please just include the link to the blog: as credit and attribution.

      Thank you very much for your courtesies in requesting permission to republish on FB. It was a sickening episode for this community, and we will follow it vigorously to ensure that steps are taken to discipline the freaks who perpetrated such a disgraceful crime, and to ensure that such misconduct does not happen again.

      Thank you so much for reading our blog and for your kind support!

      Kind regards,
      The Editor


      • Emily

        September 5, 2018 at 1:21 pm

        Editor’s Sidebar: Town of Coeymans. We’ve received reports of a fatal pick-up truck — motorcycle accident that occurred during the evening hours of Saturday, July 28, 2018, on Route 143 in the Town of Coeymans. The operator of the motorcycle, a 20-year old man was killed; the operator of the pick-up truck was allegedly Ravena resident Travis Hagen. Strangely nothing has appeared in the local media about the accident. We have contacted the Coeymans Police for confirmation facts but have not received a response. A reader has informed us that he, too contacted the Coeymans Police acting chief, Daniel Contento, and was told only that there was an accident and the police investigated and reported it to the DMV. Is this a cover up to protect a prominent Ravena family? Doesn’t the young man’s life mean anything or do we just sweep the whole thing under the carpet? We need to start asking questions. The 20-year old man is not just another raccoon, Mr Contento!

        Can you contact me regarding this side bar? I believe you are talking about my son who passed away from the accident. I was confused why I could not find anything in the media regarding his accident and his injuries seem suspicious to me. I live in the Midwest, my son was up in NY for 9 mo prior to his death. They are saying my son was at fault for the accident but something doesn’t seem right. Can you explain to me your thoughs on this side note and what you mean by ” Is this a cover up to protect a prominent Ravena family?”.


  3. Ifnab

    November 24, 2015 at 6:58 pm

    What is with the supposed paving of private property in Coeymans using highway department equipment and/or material–not to mention staff?


  4. Monterico Gaming

    October 13, 2015 at 1:43 pm

    Anyone else think it is absolutely ridiculous how any ticket in NY seems to get turned into a parking ticket for money to avoid points on your licence. This is not where we need to show compassion. In a state that leads the country with violent road rage drivers need to learn lessons from breaking the law. I want NY to uphold the law not just be a bunch of rich snobs only for money. Great page to allow for open voices in this very corrupt area. I am also from NY and now very sad to say I am from this state.


    • RCS Confidential

      October 15, 2015 at 8:13 am

      Hi, Monterico:
      Thanks very much for your comment. How very true!
      You may want to repost your comment to the new article on the Smalbany blog, which we think you’ll find very interesting reading.
      Thanks again! And keep in touch!
      The Editor


  5. Bob justice

    November 29, 2014 at 7:53 am

    The town is taking money from sewer department to pay employees and the highway dept just got a new small dump truck with a salter on it you ought to find out what’s going on in town ….I am a town employee and don’t want to lose my job so be careful with my name


    • RCS Confidential

      November 29, 2014 at 11:01 am

      We’ve asked the author of this comment to repost it on a more visible page.


      • Mike

        September 1, 2015 at 1:52 am

        Interested in moving to new baltimore but wanted to find out more. Stumbled across your blog, and it has raised some questions. Can we speak off line? Thanks….


  6. pundit

    March 26, 2014 at 6:50 pm

    …so I see the Ravena-Coeymans Police Department has a ‘camouflaged’ Police Car, complete with all the gizmos and multi-colored lights all over it!

    Imagine that, a camouflaged white Police Car in our midst!

    However in one aspect this unit is the same as all the others in that it is allowed to park halfway on the 9W pavement during a ‘traffic stop’ rather than have the Police Officer pull the ‘criminals’ vehicle into a parking lot or a less traveled side street.

    In addition, the new car’s door also has the same ‘automatic swing all the way out’ feature so as to just miss oncoming vehicles!

    Is this fancy apparel really necessary?

    It makes one wonder how the rest of the Taxpayers money is being used! If they wore out more shoes maybe we would have a different community-but, hey what the heck, why question them?

    Thanks for the opportunity to post here.


    • RCS Confidential

      March 26, 2014 at 9:31 pm

      Hi, Pundit, and thanks for the really on-target comment.

      We, too, have seen the Coeymans police “stealth patrol car” and have really had to chuckle. What a bunch of morons! Are they playing some kind of game thinking that we don’t know it’s them in the camouflaged car? This town is so small if you’ve seen the car once you are on your guard. They’re not fooling anyone but themselves.

      And yes, we agree. Why in hell do they need an “almost marked” patrol car anyway? Maybe the Coeymans Town Board can tell us that. After all they had to approve the money to purchase the stupid thing, didn’t they? More taxpayer money wasted on toys-for-turds.

      Yes, you are correct. On Rt 144 we’ve seen the same stupidity when a Coeymans cop stops someone they don’t bother to pull over to the side of the road but are practically in the lane of traffic, forcing you to go into the oncoming lane. They apparently don’t have the brains to get out of the way or to move the “victim” to a safer area to harass them.

      And don’t think they look when they swing open their partrol car door. That would require a functioning brain but that’s not included in the standard equipment–at least not in Coeymans.

      Thanks again,
      The Editor


    • M

      October 29, 2014 at 7:03 pm

      This is known as a CITE vehicle, a Concealed Identity Traffic Enforcement Vehicle. Yes, they are expensive. Are more useful stopping speeders on highways, because at the rate of speed on highways, by the time a violator can see the CITE decals, is is too late. I do not understand why this kind of expense would benefit Ravena. Concerning the safety of the officers, they want the move over law, but pull people over right on 9W? An unecessary expense. Especially with the crazy lights in this town. I would encourage a foil submission to prove figures between CITE vehicles and regular, to prove the expense. It can be done.


      • RCS Confidential

        October 29, 2014 at 7:09 pm

        Hi, M., and thank you very much for your comment.

        Please repost your comment under the article “Coeymans has a new …” It will get the necessary visibility there (posting it under A Sincere Invitation…” means will be seen only by persons following the blog).

        Your comment is far too important and obervant not be noticed by the Chief and all other readers reading the Coeymans has a new … .

        Thanks very much for your comment and thanks in advance for reposting it under Coeymans has a new chief….

        Great points you make!

        The Editor


  7. pundit

    March 24, 2014 at 9:34 am

    What is with the terrible and apparently unidentified odor in the RCS Community Library and has the air been tested for toxidity?
    It has been there all along.


    • RCS Confidential

      March 24, 2014 at 9:45 am

      Thanks for the update! Dunno…but will make inquiries.

      The Editor


      • Molly

        September 20, 2014 at 10:04 pm

        Are u aware bimbo cop crosier is dating taser cop sergeant igoe


  8. Janet Kessler

    March 2, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    There was a time, not long ago that brush was picked up and that twice a year we could get rid of just stuff. Fortunately I have property where I can put my brush and have allowed my neighbors to put their downed limbs there as well. There is another issue being that we are a small area north of Coeymens and south of the tracks, that we should have the advantage of water and sewage. The water table here is so high and the drainage is not working as the area neighbors septic overflow goes in the ditches, not good. This issue of the drainage has been addressed a bit but the ditches need to be re-dug. There was a good ditch system here years ago, but the new home-owners did not want the ditches there and filled them in with leaves etc causing my property to be under water and my sheds destroyed.


  9. pundit

    March 1, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    Hi Again and Thanks for the opportunity to post here.

    I am happy to see a contested race for Mayor of Ravena-the residents deserve it.
    I am writing this-long overdue-as a possible hot potato in the current Mayoral and Village Board races.

    No matter where we live, it would be great to see municipal property be returned to the tax rolls, minimize governmental use of property, see some good old fashioned common sense applied to the way our governments are run-they are ours, after all!

    Close to home, I suggest the following:

    1. The Village of Ravena Public Works Department relocate from the West Shore Street location to the area near the former landfill at the end of, I believe, Edna Avenue, where the Village maintains ownership of the property. Of course they would need to erect a building to house the equipment but that would be a small price to pay to have such desirable Rail Road siding property put back on the tax rolls and offer business a chance to have at it. Location-wise, there probably is not that much difference in miles traveled and the Edna Avenue property would be put to good use, that is, being occupied.

    2. The Town of Coeymans should approach the Village of Ravena petitioning for the Village to contract with the Town Residents outside the Village for services afforded Village residents, like Grass and Brush Pickup, Stump Removal along the right of way and the like. The Village could use the income and the residents could use the service. The Village already has the equipment so the cost should not be too much.

    3. The Village should divest itself of the property on the corner of Main Street and Pulver Avenue and return it to the tax roll. The assumption here is that the property ‘belongs’ to the Village and if it does not, then the grotto-like structure there seems to indicate it does and should be removed. Nothing else need be said here.

    4. Both the Village and the Town should have a ‘must bid’ local law on the books for all products and services to assure the residents are getting the best for the least.

    5. The Village and the Town need to work with the County and/or the State to find a solution to the necessary for business heavy truck traffic on Main Street(nothing is being done and it is only a matter of time before the unthinkable happens. The current Village parking lots on Central Avenue and on Main Street at least give those who have to walk the last mile to their destination a chance but a more basic idea is needed. As mentioned, the truck traffic is necessary for business, but it is surely not suited for a very narrow and curvy Main Street.

    There’s more but later.
    Again, Thanks for the posting space.


    • RCS Confidential

      March 2, 2014 at 8:43 am

      Thank you, Pundit, for an excellent comment.

      We will be posting it on the main blog as an L-2-E contribution.

      The Editor


  10. pundit

    March 1, 2014 at 5:20 pm

    As we know, some things and some things remain the same. However, at some point, change is necessary, needed and valuable.

    With this in mind, I offer the following:

    The Hamlet of Coeymans seems to be in a stagnant situation, both with a population that is not increasing and with a lack of services that its residents should have. The residents pay higher fees for both Village of Ravena drinking water and Sewer District Tax.

    In contrast to what is perceived as a modern move to consolidation, I propose that the Hamlet of Coeymans petition the Village of Ravena for Annexation-that is, the residents of the Hamlet actually become ‘residents’ of the Village of Ravena with all the privileges afforded the current residents of the Village.

    I offer there must be a number of caveats to this Annexation(and there are more I am sure):

    1. Coeymans Fire Company maintains its current structure and coverage area along with the current taxing power to maintain its equipment and continue to be able to protect its area in the exemplary manner it always has.

    2. The ‘new’ residents continue to have and use the current Post Office, Zip Code and address-much like Colonie and Menands residents do with regard to and with their relationships to Albany. The idea of mail delivery to those who wish to take advantage should also be investigated

    By the Annexation, users of the Village of Ravena water supply and the Sewer Customers of the District, would all be under the auspices of the Village of Ravena, who would be responsible for the entire systems. Of course this would take additional resources but we can get to that later.
    Additionally, all the customers of the Water and Sewer Distrcts would pay the same rates, in contrast to the current system-this means the former Hamlet residents would see a sharp drop in both rates which may equate to the now payable Village of Ravena tax!
    The new residents would also be able to take advantage of services formerly available to only the original Village residents, like brush pickup, street cleaning, Holiday Decorations, a second vendor for Cable TV Services, stump removal and the like.

    With regard to staffing, workload and duties, I offer that the Current Village Building Department re responsible for not only the expanded Village but also for the rest of the Town of Coeymans and staff from Coeymans be moved to accommodate this. It would make sense too as Coeymans Building Department needs would go down and the Village up. I would think the same issues might be in line for the Clerk Offices, Highway Department and Court Offices too. We may even have a chance for some building/office consolidation and economic savings to boot!

    At the same time, the Annexation would allow the Town of Coeymans to explore the possibility of having it’s own municipal water and sewer systems to encourage community growth and maybe enjoy some prosperity because of it. Just imagine municipal water and sewers ‘out back’,on the northern Route9W and northern 144 ends of Town!!

    I know there is more to this than I have outlined but the idea may just have merit and is worth discussing. Why not talk about it?


    • RCS Confidential

      March 2, 2014 at 8:44 am

      Again, Pundit, Thank you! for a truly excellent comment!

      We plan to post it as a blog article.



  11. pundit

    February 24, 2014 at 10:27 pm

    As I understand and need to believe, all RCS School District Appropriations and Spending are both for the education of the children of the District and approved as such by NYS Education Department. Hopefully that is a correct premise. As voters, it is expected.

    If so, then, it is assumed that everything spent is needed and spent for the education of the children of attending schools in the District.
    I am a supporter of school athletic programs as I believe they many times reach out to kids who otherwise may choose to not get involved in the education process and there are many examples of this in the RCS District over the many years of its existence. The dedication of the kids to the program is sometimes the lynchpin to keeping them tied to the education process. This is a very good thing.

    As community members in all jurisdictions, we are constantly being asked for donations of one kind or another and it appears this is how a lot of not-for-profit groups raise monies for the things they need but cannot afford. From Pop-Warner to Little League to Scouting, help is needed and deserved. However, when a ‘Business’ has a taxpayer- funded $40+ Million budget and there is a Thermometer type gauge near the Football field advising of how much the fund-raiser for the Snack Bar/Concession Stand has raised and how close it is to the stated goal, I feel enough is enough!

    If the/a Concession Stand is needed for the education of the students, then fund the darned thing using taxpayer monies and be sure it meets all the standard it needs to meet in order to qualify! Also be sure it meets the regular Albany County Health Department operating standards and the employees, be they volunteer or otherwise, be trained in required sanitary procedures and policies.

    Why in God’s name can they not find the money in a budget that size for a facility that I assume is necessary for the education of the students? As an aside, if the fund-raising is followed to completion and the building erected, I am assuming ownership will be transferred to the School District so it will not be a privately owned building on School property and will the District control access to it?

    Lots of questions. $40+ Million and no place to fund a two car garage sized building….to add insult to injury, admission to the football games is charged whether one is a taxpayer or not!!

    Once again, one has to wonder..
    Thanks for the opportunity to post this note.


  12. pundit

    February 24, 2014 at 10:06 pm

    Sometimes one has to really wonder and sometimes be concerend about local issues and the people in charge of them.
    The Albany Times-Union published an article today(February 24 2014) titled “Port of Coeymans has invested millions, but is assessed for less” written
    by Lauren Stanforth. While this article contains a lot of data and looks to represent more than the usual amount of fact gathering by the Albany paper, it is one of the fact-gathering items that caused me to write this post.

    After pointing out some of the background of the Port of Coeymans develpopment, the author quoted a conversation with the Town of Coeymans Assessor, and I quote:

    “Coeymans assessor Laura Van Valkenburg, who works part time for the town and has a full-time job as Greene County’s director of real property tax services, acknowledged that she’s had to answer questions about the port’s assessment. Van Valkenburg said she’s aware that millions have been invested in the property but said part of her job is deciding what kind of assessment is agreeable to the owner.

    “I don’t want to assess them so that they can’t make a living there. But on the other hand, we have to balance it,” Van Valkenburg said. “You get people who say it should be much higher. … I know past Town Board members who weren’t happy with the assessment. But I can’t arbitrarily say I’m going to raise it ‘x’ amount. The owners might come back and say: ‘We’re going to take you to court.'” She said Laraway has never made such a threat.

    She said she meets with Laraway every spring before she creates the tentative assessment roll to discuss any changes he’s made to the property.”

    Well, as one older TV program character used to say, ‘isn’t that Special?’
    Can this be a real answer or possibly a misquote? I mean, aren’t all taxpayers in that or any other municipality supposed to receive a fair, equal and honest value placed on their property? When the Assessor says ‘The owners might come back and say: ‘We’re going to take you to court’-to wit I say, ‘so what, if you have done your job properly, let them have their due process and be done with it’. But, to arbitrarily just settle on a value albeit partially based on an annual interview with the owner, just seems an outrageous way to run a business!
    If that is the Town Assessor policy, then all residents of that Town need to line up and protest their assessment and every one of them needs to ask for a one on one meeting to discuss any changes that may have been made during the year–no need for an inspection and follow up report by Building Department Officials-just meet and discuss!! Wow!

    As I understand it, the Village of Ravena properties utilize the assessed property values set by the Town Assessor as the means to determine Village Taxes due. Well, how about that? I suggest Mayor Moose hire an ourside experienced and credentialed Assessor to revalue all Village property in light of the foolishness detailed by the Coeymans Assessor-that will light a fire that will burn for a while.

    Geeze, does it ever stop? When do taxpayers every/anywhere get a fair shake?

    Thanks for the opportunity to make this statement. Shame it had to come from another “bang a local small town” article printed by that Albany paper.


    • pundit

      March 24, 2014 at 9:05 pm

      Again, “Hard to believe it has been over two weeks since this was posted and then sent as a letter to the Editor and yet not one comment, either pro or con! We must all be happy campers! We are indeed fools. Editor-Thanks for the opportunity.”.


      • RCS Confidential

        March 24, 2014 at 10:39 pm

        Yes. Sometimes the material goes over their heads. Maybe we should send it as a letter to the Coeymans Town Board directly. Or someone should appear at a Coeymans Town Board meeting and read it into the record. That might get their attention (especially if copies are provided to residents attending the meeting).

        There are many ways to get the message out.

        The Editor


  13. Charlotte Daley

    October 21, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    After discovering this blog recently, I believe we have a forum and a voice. My beloved was a front page article in the TU, Identity Dispute at Heart of Case. We have the whole case file, grand jury test as well. Det. Tyson Ruecker fabricated an entire drug sale and ADA Kurt Haas got a sealed ind. solely on the word of Det. Tyson Ruecker. All their evidence contradicts itself. The APD made Ruecker unavailable. ADA Kurt Haas is hiding. We are willing to let you publish ALL the evidence as well as the tape of NO drug transaction. We want justice. Det. Tyson Ruecker is a complete liar with a gun and badge fleecing the citizens of Albany for $118G a year. Please contact us to break this atrocious cycle of corruption as well as the politico’s who allow it.


    • RCS Confidential

      October 21, 2013 at 8:38 pm


      Please re-post your comment under the current blog article about the Albany Co. Sheriff.


      The Editor


  14. janet

    September 24, 2013 at 11:14 am

    These people went to the town last year and had the law changed so that they can ride their 4 wheelers but 200 feet from my front door, before it was 500 feet. There was only a two week notice of a meeting, If I had known about the meeting I certainly would have gone. They now ride on their front lawn ages are 7 year old boy, his 4 year old sister and the father, his brother, his daughter. The 7 year old has been riding since he was three. He has already broken his arm.. I am just bothered by the loud muflers


    • RCS Confidential

      September 24, 2013 at 5:33 pm

      Janet: You may want to re-post this on another page. It doesn’t belong on the invitation page.

      It does sound interesting, though, and we’d like you to send us more information and details, including names, etc. and the Town (New Baltimore, Coeymans, where?), and dates.

      We’ll look into it and may want to publish all the dirty facts. It’s getting close to election time and people need to know what’s going on behind closed doors or in semi-secret meetings.

      The Editor



    August 23, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    I’m curious as to why I never see any follow up to any of the”notices of claim”. I never hear anything about investigations. This is a small town,surely someone knows something. Are we about to pay huge sums in fines? What’s up? Lets have some follow up on this stuff? If there is so much wrongdoing here in town,then why haven’t any officials been arrested?


    • RCS Confidential

      August 24, 2013 at 7:20 pm

      That’s a very good question and one that we’ve been asking for more than a year now. Maybe more residents should be asking the same thing instead of hiding like a bunch of scared rabbits. We publish the facts. People love to read it. But what do they do with it? Doesn’t anyone bring it up at village or town board meetings? Why not? Scared of something? Like Justice?

      You ask a very good question, Ballderdash, but you’re preaching to the choir. You should be asking your neighbors. Or better still, if you’ve got he balls, ask mayor John Bruno, or Gregory Darlington, or Steve Flach. See if your elected officials have an answer for you.

      The Editor


      • janet

        September 24, 2013 at 11:18 am

        It all boils down to this “It is who you know”


  16. janet kessler

    September 21, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    I am concerned about the law that was just changed regarding ATV riding, it was just changed from 500 feet to 100 feet that one can ride next to a residence. The noise factor is so bad One person wanted this changed…..There was only 5 days notice of this meeting…….I would like to discuss
    with you this issue.


    • RCS Confidential

      September 21, 2012 at 5:48 pm

      There is absolutely no reason why those noisy nuisance vehicles should be allowed anywhere near residential property, much less in a built-up area.

      Where do you live? If they make incursions onto your property 500 ft or 1000 ft they’re trespassing. If, however, they’re on their own property they’re probably safe no matter what they do. You may have a disturbance of the peace issue, though. But again, one voice means nothing to the Coeymanazis, you have to others to join you.

      You do have a right of protest and no town ordinance is written in stone. Make enough noise and you can gt it changed.

      If you can provide more details like who demanded the change, who voted for the change, when the vote was taken, when the meeting agenda was published, etc. that can help.

      The Editor.


      • Duane R. Keezer II

        September 19, 2013 at 8:22 pm

        Well, those noisy nuisance vehicles are also utilized to save people. They can get in the deep woods, to rescue the hikers and woodland lovers, after they get lost or hurt. Those vehicles are like guns, and spoons! All in the OPERATOR! I own one, myself, and have been called to assist in fire / EMS related needs. Funny, the “one” person who ever gave me a hard time for riding close to his / her property, was soon in need of the vehicle to rescue him / her from a fall, in the rear of their property. “I” was kind enough to ask, before entering his / her neighboring property, before coming in to assist them in removal from the woods. Afterwards, the homeowner apologized for being a hardhead, and allowed me to ride the border of the property with no issue. See, there are good people out there. NOT ALL ATV’s ARE NUISANCE and NOISY vehicles, only when it’s not a necessity. Otherwise, their accepted when NEEDED! Just a point that isn’t being looked at.

        I agree, the riders shouldn’t be trespassing, but, if NY is charging slaes tax, requiring insurance and REGISTRATION, why aren’t they allowing the legal use? Taking the money with no place to use the REQUIRED paperwork, LEGALLY! GREED!


      • RCS Confidential

        September 20, 2013 at 6:50 am

        Thank you, Duane, for your comment.

        You are quite right and I think the message you are sending is that everything comes with responsibility attached, and if you want the privilege, whether guns or ATVs, you have to accept the responsibility. We live in a civilized society, although some want to syphilize it, and we have social duties and obligations under the social contract we accept when choosing to live in a civilized society.

        Thank you for your civilized comment.

        The Editor


  17. Pundit

    September 13, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    ….Just some Non-School- elated random thoughts to stimulate discussion…..

    A Special Thanks to NYS for contracting out the repaving of the Northern Portion of Route 9W from the Town of Coeymans line to Route 396–wasn’t really needed but iI guess it was done according to someone’s desktop is basically an OK thing, I guess And another Special Thanks to the contractor for the new Speed Bumps and Dips at every Transition… very much appreciated and I am sure the job will pass NYS DOT ‘Inspection”.
    I would be in favor of posting the cost of every job-road jobs at least-right alongside the ‘Work Zone’ signs-that way we all know what the real cost is…

    Speaking of Highway Inspections, I believe the Inspector person(s) who ride the highways must have large Marshmallows for tires allowing them to not feel the lousy conditions of our highways…9W@ Creble Road is one…almost every Transistion is in the same category as the new 9W….how about Route 85 from Delmar to Albany….repaved the Slingerlands piece but when it gets to where the ‘Rough Road’ sign is, they stop…..


    How about the Police insisting on pulling you over right on the Roadway where there is not a place to be safe–can’t wait until you get to a safe place to pull you they can whip open their door and just tempt you…..


    How about the ridiculous Coeymans PD request that badges and IDs for retired Police Staff be issued? What good can possibly come from that? This was asked for by the Chief at this past Monday’s Town Board Meeting…


    So, one goes to vote in Today’s Primary Election and notes the ‘No Politicing’ signs all over the place-which is entirely correct. Then one goes inside to see an elected Village Official sitting at the Inspector table…probably legal but……



    • janet

      September 24, 2013 at 11:20 am

      The request for the change was made by Kevin Krause himself. Address is Bennett Court, off rte 144 in the Town of Coeymans. just north of Eck farm


  18. Pam Powell

    September 10, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    KUDOS to your article about Latter! Ya know they always say “What goes around comes around!” Looks like I can sit here and watch him get exactly what he deserves. The only difference is my CHILDREN are still taking the rap for what he did to US and his children are too young to have to put up with the bullying and antics that are still being played out as of this very moment! As the saying goes, “we all get what we deserve in the end” I am just proud that I am still around to watch!


  19. Tom S.

    September 2, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    Here is the solution to all of the problems you are experiencing. The lever you pull at the polls needs to be changed. I don’t care which party you are affiliated with go with the other choice, Eventually they will smarten up. What is the matter with the people of Ravena? Do a little campaigning, and stand up for your rights. From the looks of things you are letting the political people dictate to you. You are their boss! Not them yours! Good night Mrs. Van Alstyne where ever you are.


  20. Tom S.

    August 26, 2012 at 1:55 am

    Sorry, but I am not up on this computer stuff. I have only been doing this now for about 20 years. Where do I find a more “appropriate article?” If you let me know, I will put them there, or you can do it for me. They are all a bunch of crooks there in Ravena! The editor should have enough sense to copy and paste this article where ever he wants it to go. I have enough trouble sending it. Good night M
    rs. Van Alstyne!!


    • Fides qua Creditur

      August 26, 2012 at 8:29 am

      Sorry, but the writer/commenter should have enough sense to know where s/he wants his/her article/comment to go. It’s not the Editor’s job to start babysitting and second-guessing commentors. Isn’t it enough that you have been provided with a forum where you can voice your opinions?

      But for you, Tom, and anyone else as cyberchallenged as you admit to be, here’s a hint. At the bottom of every article you will find a grouping of keywords. At the end of those keywords you will see “Leave a Comment.” Just click on that link and you can leave a comment on that particular article. It’s that simple.

      The Editor


  21. Tom S.

    August 20, 2012 at 12:23 pm

    Here is my point. If you were responsible for getting your kids off to school, you would get them there. I am sure. Even if you have to car pool with the neighbors This Transportation thing is a big laugh. You can say we are getting federal funds for this, but when you come down to it, who is the Federal Government? Here is the School, you figure out how to get there. The School will teach you if you want to learn. It should be that easy. When you asked why I went to this page, I couldn’t figure out how to get to the page I needed to publish these articles. You can move them for me if you deem necessary.


    • Fides qua Creditur

      August 20, 2012 at 12:47 pm

      Tom. I am conditionally approving these comments but ask you to please post them under a more appropriate article. This article is not the appropriate place for these comments if you want them to be read and followed by readers interested in this topic.

      The Editor


  22. Tom S.

    August 20, 2012 at 4:22 am

    I have another problem with the R.C.S. agenda. Why are we paying to transport children to school? I think that all that is required of the system is to have the school there. Then it is up to the parents to get the kids there. I think if that were the case, you would only get the kids who really wanted to learn. The others would have to stay home and be tutored by their parents with enough education to get by in this fast paced society. Hi Mrs Van Alstyne!


    • Fides qua Creditur

      August 20, 2012 at 7:12 am

      That may be true but it’s beyond my ken. It appears, however, that local taxpayers are being hit with a budget that includes everything from buses, fuel, garage maintenance, drivers, mechanics, support personnel, insurance, etc., which represents a large chunk of the budget. But buses have been around for a long, long time and have become a part of the culture. They’re even busing in the cities, I understand. Symptomatic of our sick culture and our sicker society.

      You have an interesting point for discussion and I wonder if any of the parents would have a take on it. They’ve just about divorced themselves from anything responsible regarding their children, except the 10 secs of pleasure in making them, and have their own pursuits, getting the offspring to school is apparently not one of their priorities and they’s certainly rather job that task out as they’ve done for decades.

      By the way, why are you commenting with this stuff on the “Invitation from the Editor” page. There are more appropriate pages where more people interested in the subject-matter will be able to read the comments.



  23. Tom S.

    August 18, 2012 at 1:30 am

    I have figured out the problem. It is a shame too. Most of the people you are trying to get to change their minds have never been outside of Ravena Village Limits. I’ll be willing to bet that most people think that there is a Hannacroix, NY. If you ask them where it is, they will have a hard time trying to explain it’s location. There is no Hannacroix. It is a Post Office destination only. It is hard to get people to change who don’t know any better. I lived in the area for 15 years. It was not easy. Every resident of Ravena should take one week out of the year to visit another location. See what is going on outside the village. Hi Mrs. Van Alstyne.


    • Fides qua Creditur

      August 18, 2012 at 8:00 am

      You’re so very right in that observation, Tom. Ignorance if not challenged either from within or from the outside is pure bliss. That’s the biggest problem in RCS is the native ignorance and those who come to live here want to enjoy the peace of that ignorance…outsiders are not challenged when they come to RCS. They feel their children will be safe from challenge. But what they don’t understand, the natives and the imports, is that ignorance breeds protectionism and suspicion, and anxiety. Don’t we know that all too well here! It also breeds the false sense of security that drives so many to think that because they can bully their way into power they can play in the big leagues, with the big boys. Sorry, all of you from Schools Superintendent down the line to police chief, you’re still all hicks until you lift a leg to prove otherwise!

      And you don’t even know who your neighbors are…or even if they exist! Thanks, Tom, for that gem of insight!



  24. Pundit

    June 9, 2012 at 10:42 pm

    We are reproducing the letter in its entirety because it is so on-topic.
    Thank you, Pundit!

    I recieved this open letter to the People of the City of Buffalo by Carl Paladino and thought you would be interested in it as there are similarities both in the School Districts and the Government-of course there is the obvious size difference but, that aside, it is an interesting read. Mr. Paladino does not and never has minced his words.
    ……………………………………………………………(From: Carl Paladino
    Sent: Saturday, June 09, 2012 4:56 PM):
    ……………………………………………………………”To: The People of the City of Buffalo
    Re: Buffalo’s dysfunctional school board

    Deja Vu. How many times will we allow the collectively absurd City of Buffalo Board of Education to make the same mistake before we run them all out of town. We must rid our City of this culture of insanity that has destroyed our family fabric and is the root evil
    primarily responsible for every social ill we suffer and the flight of the working class to the suburbs. Gang warfare is killing our kids on the streets. What do you think spawned it? Connect the dots. First it was Harris, then it was Williams. A decade long slide into the abyss. Then, after we spent huge resources fighting of our “rich” elitists who could care less about the kids and fought to keep the status quo we rid the community of the Williams rot and the Board miraculously appointed Amber Dixon, a talented local lady who is invested in the City, understands the peculiar nuances of the City’s racial and political landscape and knows what is wrong and where all the bodies are buried. Nevertheless Amber has been unable to fire the useless parasites on the half wit and conniving executive staff because she is shackled by the intimidating and spineless Florence Johnson and her cadre of double talkers.
    Remember that the racist Florence Johnson ( a poster child for term limits and a front for Buffalo’s number one planarian, Maurice Garner) has said that black children should have a black superintendent who will better relate to them. That didn’t work before.
    Why would it work the third time? Do we honestly think that Board members with her mindset can objectively select the “best” person for the job?
    Amber Dixon has many strong supporters in the system and knows that it will take a team effort to reform Buffalo schools and give hope to the 33,482 kids who now have no alternative but to suffer in the most dysfunctional school system in New York State.
    26% of the students passed the standardized State English test and 31% passed the standardized State math test in 2011. New York city schools had double our averages.
    They say that 46% (20% of black males) graduate but we discovered that they don’t count students who say they will attend night school or pursue a GED. The actual graduation rate is probably closer to 35% for all students.
    How sick is that? How bad does it have to get before the lame State Board of Regents intercedes and appoints a special master. Does the wretched Phil Rumour and his teacher’s union have to sign off with Sheldon Silver first? What is wrong with you John King? Don’t tell us about the law. Get a backbone and go to the people to push Sheldon
    Silver’s incestuous relationship with the teachers union out of the way. Incompetents are abusing kids in Buffalo and you only watch the chaos.

    The system’s problems have reached critical mass and the hapless Board is following the same nonsensical process they did in the past to get to a short list. They continue to do the same thing expecting a different result each time.
    They hired a search company to “see who wanted the job.” Who in their right mind would want this job? Amber Dixon does. She’s been there and done that. She actually cares about the kids and is not looking for a place to land to pick up a paycheck. We don’t want a person who is leaving his or her current job because he or she failed. Trial and error doesn’t work.
    Neither of the two candidates from someplace else has any actual experience as a superintendent. Pam Brown the candidate from Philadelphia was at one time the top deputy for Philadelphia’s impotent Superintendent Charlene Ackerman who took a $1 million buyout after running the district into the ground and then filed for unemployment.
    Even Ackerman, as bad as she was, was so frustrated with Brown’s inability to function that she demoted Brown at least twice. Brown was turned down by a district in Michigan no bigger than Sloan, N.Y. She has all the Ivy League credentials on paper but in the real world she’s a lazy and out of touch elitist, which probably fits the Black Sisterhood’s criteria perfectly. Who vetted her? The job is about management, implementation and leadership not theory. We can hire professionals for their expertise.
    Ms. Brown offers up no track record or history or specifics of what she will do. It will take her 2 years to figure out the playing field. Our children have waited long enough and why would we even consider taking the risk?
    The Board has a $965,000,000 budget. Deduct the $80,000,000 allocated to Charters and they have $885,000,000 which they disgracefully spend denying any reasonable education to 33,482 children. That is $26,482 / child/ year. How sick is that? The
    tuition at Nichols is $16,000/ year. We can afford to hire the best consultants.
    We have previously hired unfit people for no good reason other than they were black and from someplace else. Why? That’s easy. The “Black Sisterhood,” complicit with Phil Rumor and his band of union opportunists, can control the actions of an incompetent Superintendent if the person is from out of the area and only there to get a paycheck. They become the godmothers. It’s all about power, control and petty larceny.
    Remember that Florence’s team consists of three appointed Board members who are beholding to her because she jerks the chain of Board member Ralph Hernandez who is always available to give his vote for anyone who wears a dress and who likes to play all the bases at the same time keeping Phil Rumor informed every step of the way.
    The community must rise up and demand that Amber Dixon be appointed the next Superintendent and that our Albany legislative delegation be enlightened, at least for one moment, to demand legislation that will allow the State Board of Regents to terminate our Board of Education and appoint a Special Master”.


    Thank you, Pundit, for an excellent article!

    The Editor


  25. Thomas Jefferson

    May 30, 2012 at 10:57 am

    Is there an email that I could contact the writers from? You can also email me back on the address I’ve used. Just a question. Thank you!


    • Fides qua Creditur

      May 30, 2012 at 11:56 am

      Please address all e-mail communications to

      Thank you!


      • rex zark

        February 28, 2015 at 5:14 pm

        so, i would like to know who runs the machine since the passing of Dan O’connel and his lovely handpicked ivy league mayors. albany county is filthier then saratoga even.


      • RCS Confidential

        March 13, 2015 at 2:32 pm

        We have no clue. Perhaps you should ask someone in Albany city hall that question…that is while there
        s still someone to ask. We hear they’re going door to door with hatchets and pink slips. But, as usual, it’s the little guys getting the axe.

        The Editor



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