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As our numbers soar, we’d like to ensure that our loyal readers know exactly how to get the best out of this popular source of truth and factual information. We’d like to offer a couple of tips to enhance your Smalbany experience.

First of all, FOLLOW the Smalbany blog. In the right-hand margin, there’s a Follow Blog via button. Just click it and enter your email and you’ll receive automatic notification when a new article appears. It’s that easy to keep abreast of what’s important in the community.

In the right-hand margin, there’s a Recent Posts tab. You can see the most recent posts listed under that tab.

Just below the Recent Posts, you’ll see the Top Posts and Pages list. These are the posts and pages our readers have read the most. Apparently, our readers are most interested in these topics; you might be as well.

We have a Search tool on the Smalbany blot. If you want to find something quickly, use search terms to locate the article or page on which the search term appears.

All of our articles and posts are categorized. Under each article you’ll see a list of Categories that are actually keywords for that post. It’s likely that related posts have similar keywords so if you’re looking for something particular, you can search by category.

Reader Comments. At the end of each article there is a Leave a Comment link. Click on it and let us know what you think about the article. All comments are moderated. We ask only that you share relevant thoughts on the content of the particular article. You don’t have to agree but you should comment on the article content. If you have information or additional facts, we are certainly happy to hear them.

Email Smalbany. Some readers want to share information or share their thoughts but don’t want to do that publicly. We understand. You can contact us at any time with information, leads, additional facts, or simply to comment privately. All email communications are confidential and we never share personal details about you without your explicit permission. We don’t even use what you share unless we have your permission to do so. We value your privacy as much as you do.

Please also let us know if you’d like to see something special on Smalbany. We’ll be happy to consider your recommendations.

Thank you again for making the Smalbany blog the success it has become. We’re nothing without YOU!

The Smalbany Team


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