Coeymans Town Board Meeting: Circus of Imbeciles, the Insane

22 Sep

Listening to the Absolute Ignorant Bull on Channel 11’s Coverage of the Coeymans Town Board Meeting would Make a Maggot want to Vomit!

Coeymans Board: We Don’t Know. We don’t have the facts.

The Coeymans Town Board Meetings are the Best Freak Show in Town

The Coeymans Town Board Meetings are the Best Freak Show in Town

First of all, the fact that the Coeymans town board admits that it doesn’t have the facts and figures it needs to intelligently discuss the proposal of eliminating the pool of so-called dispatchers–actually a group of family members of the Coeymans police department; just check out the names and the relationships–is the usual embarassment.

Supervisor Steven Flach has fallen on his face innumberable times these past months starting with the zoning debacle, to the Carver Laraway sell out, the fairytale of job creation, the continuing untold story of adverse environmental impact of the businesses to which the Judas administration has sold out, law suits (these are nothing new, we’ve collected documentation of literally dozens of Notices of Claims, mostly against the Coeymanazi police department) and the list goes on and on. The problem is that voters don’t have the chance to elect people who know what they’re doing, they elect a bunch of amateurs with little or no government savvy and now they have to live with it.

Then we have the Gestapo Coeymans police chief, Gregory Darlington, smoozing the ditzy demented old women who get up and make absolute fools of themselves but are pandering to Darlington who is eating it all up like the glutton he is. Darlington’s a cheap act but like most low-life, he’ll do anything to survive.

What came out in tonight’s Coeymans town board meeting (September 22, 2014) was what we have been observing over and over again in the past: No one seems to know what they’re talking about and no one has any facts. What’s worse still is that what we’ve been saying for months now about the Coeymans town board–even after Flach got the majority and dumped Tom Boehm and Dawn Rogers, two shameful supporters of Darlington and his money pit police department, is this: Flach and the board simply don’t do their homework and have the despicable habit of acting on ignorance or halfbaked notions. In fact, most of the board, including Supervisor Steven Flach actually said they “don’t know”. How in hell can they appear for a meeting and not have their ducks in a row. But it happens again and again. No wonder residents are furious and frustrated.

you dont know

And enough already. We thought we heard the end of Tom Boehm’s smoozing of his harlot Coeymans police department and its main pimp, Gregory Darlington. Boehm to his discredit has a bad memory and doesn’t have the sense to keep his mouth shut–especially when Tom Dolan throws his own words in his face! But we’ve said that so often before about Boehm. But then, Coeymans weasel Tom Dolan is a perverse opportunist, as we all know when he speaks against the zoning when the zoning scandal was hatched on his watch together with Flach, Boehm and Rogers. It’s only now that the stuff is hitting the fan. But still, Flach sets himself up on the defensive only have to defend more and more of what he’s doing.

Mary Driscoll’s glowing but demented endorsement of Flach’s performance, of Darlington’s department, of small and large government, centralized schools, and worse still, her support and total ignorance of how the 911 dispatch system works only confirms our assessment many times published on this blog: Some of the local residents who are most vociferous and outspoken should really be on drugs, sedatives actually. We have some advice for Mary Driscoll: Listen, dear, it’s not emotion, it’s dementia.

It's Happening Before Your Eyes

It’s Happening Before Your Eyes

What we heard at the Coeymans town board meeting was total misinformation and uninformed blather. Someone, perhaps even someone on the Coeymans town board, should actually learn how 911 works in terms of dispatching emergency services. Maybe then Mr DoDo Darlington won’t be so smug or so brave when his lies and the misinformation is replaced by hard facts and a rational report. $300,000 is a good chunk of money that’s being paid from taxpayer dollars to fund a small bunch of insiders who are duplicating a service already being provided very professionally.

Why was Coeymans police chief so amused by all of this?  We’ve already made the point that when all of this is going on the Coeymans police are pretty scarce.

Driscoll: I get so emotional!

Driscoll: I get so emotional!

One speaker, again speaking from a very self-centered and extraordinary point of view, did make some good points while exhibiting her infant (Was that a prop intended to make a point we wonder?). While her sole justification for wasting taxpayer dollars was her own pregnancy, she did rub Darlington’s nose in some nasty stuff but he didn’t seem to catch on. The woman made the point that the trucks terrorizing Coeymans and Ravena streets are a danger to life and limb; a real threat to local residents and children! Why was Darlington laughing and smiling through all of her statement? The speaker also made the point that the trucks are racing through the hamlet of Coeymans and Ravena, certainly going more than 30 miles an hour. She also made the point that they’re on phones or doing something, certainly not paying attention to their driving. Again, Why was Coeymans police chief so amused by all of this?  We’ve already made the point that when all of this is going on the Coeymans police are pretty scarce. So, Mr Darlington, wipe that smile off your stupid porcine snout and answer the question: Why is this happening and where are your Coeymanazis when all of this is going on?

We know where they are, Mr Darlington, they’re harassing the residents who are attempting to clean up that cesspool of Coeymans. Handing out parking tickets to residents unloading supplies to renovate the distressed properties. On Coeymans police chief Darlington’s orders, according to one Coeymans gestapo. Yes, there were witnesses when Darlington’s monkey made the statement. And Yes! Coeymans, you can ask yourselves, Will the retaliation and intimidation never stop?!? Our answer: Yes, as soon as you clean out the nest of vermin in the basement of Coeymans town hall!


As we watched and listened, it became apparent that Mr Darlington was manipulative as ever and that Mr Flach was as timid as ever. Even though not speaking in an official capacity, Tom Boehm was speaking as the smoke and mirrors artist, as always, pandering to his friends in the Coeymans p.d. Tom Dolan, was doing his carnival sideshow, trying to appear like he knew something and was the only one who did. All of them were in the dark of their own diseased egos.

Coeymans: You’re like alcoholics, who know the bottle is killing them but it’s all you have, so you cling to your addiction even though it’s killing you.


But one thing stood out clearly: At least the speakers, if not the entire group present at that meeting, seemed to think that in the perhaps hundreds of communities across New York state, most of which do not have expensive duplicated services in their budgets, that their pregnant citizens are bleeding to death on their kitchen floors or their elderly are being eaten alive in their garages by “rabid” dogs because they don’t have local dispatchers! How stupid! What we heard under all the words are the voices of a couple of frightened people who didn’t trust their elected officials. The speakers were speaking from their own traumatic or imagined encounters with their own mortality. They also represented the essence of addiction and attachment: No matter whether good or bad. You’re like alcoholics, who know the bottle is killing them but it’s all they have, so they cling to their addiction even though it’s killing them. A sick kind of greed, where you have something and you cling to it too anxious to let go of what you have, too scared to take a risk.

And we can also add for the benefit of the concerned resident with the infant: You would have gotten to St Peters just as fast if you simply called 911. And if you get rid of the duplicated services in Coeymans, that is, the dispatchers, the $300,000 saved in the budget may help to put those sidewalks and safety measures in place that you claimed were so desperately needed to keep you and your children safe. Maybe if the Coeymans town board looks at things with some foresight and vision and stops playing knee-jerk, there’d be less waste, better services, and a safer, more vibrant community. All that’s been done so far is promote deterioration and unsafe conditions, spoiling our streets, our air and our environment, endanger our children and residents, while supporting unnecessary and inefficient fixtures like the Coeymans police department and its little club of friends.

Mr Boehm and others, but especially Mr Darlington, you are transparent not because you have an ounce of integrity or honesty—it’s clear to those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear that you have neither integrity nor honesty—but because you are so see-thru, so insubstantial, so common. Voters got rid of Boehm but left Darlington. Big mistake. The Coeymans town board hasn’t got the brains or the balls to tackle this problem or any of the grotesque problems facing Coeymans. Unfortunately, most of Coeymans isn’t up to the task either.

You are being sucked dry by a small group of parasitic sponges

You’re so terrified of losing something that you lose sight of the fact that you are being sucked dry by a small group of parasitic sponges. Either they are there padding their own nests with salaries that are far beyond their abilities (Darlington and most of the Coeymans p.d., the Ravena Public Works Department); you elect amateurs who are using you all like an army of AAA batteries to run their sick egos. No wonder you’re terrified! You take an incompetent blond bimbo off of the streets and where do you put her? You put her in the high-school! Why don’t you just lace the kids’ food with Ebola? You allow your stupid RCS board of education to put Danielle Crosier in the high school as SRO and then let her instruct in road safety! Are you all nutz? She rams parked cars, rides the shoulder of the road, endangers a minor in her custody, and you put her in the high school! Darlington and his pet cockroach, Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca used you and continue to use you to provide them with a playground and those two parasitic sponges, as stupid as they are, used and continue to use you up. Lucky for Coeymans the dorks at the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs were imbecilic enough to take Deluca off our hands. But we’re still stuck with mummy-mayor John Bruno’s senile legacy, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, another money pit that he provided to another parasitic sponge, Cathy Deluca, and one which the present amateur, bartender-become-mayor, monkey mayor Bill “Moose” Misuraca hasn’t had the balls to eliminate. And you’re worried about getting rid of the parasite sponges in the dispatcher’s den? Imbeciles!

High-School Principal Tom DiAcetis “Intimidated” and “Offended” by National Guard T-Shirt.
A Real Educator!

After seeing the National Guard T-shirt, DiAcetis talks to his therapist.

After seeing the National Guard T-shirt, DiAcetis talks to his therapist.

And then you have cowards like the high-school principal, Tom Diacetis, who suspends a student for wearing a tee-shirt handed out by a National Guard recruiter authorized to be on school property, because the shirt “intimidated” and “offended” him. Diacetis and all the others who are intimidated by anything that represents selfless service to community and country; the same cowards who never put on a uniform but are there to educate our kids in morals and values (while they’re humping each other in the coach’s office or doing someone’s harlot). The National Guard recruiter was told to leave the school. Oh! Did we mention violation of civil rights, abuse of First Amendment protected speech, Mr DiAcetis? As principal of the RCS high school you must have heard of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights, haven’t you?  Yeah! Harlots in the halls, cowards in the offices, bullies on the playground, and parasitic sponges in town hall. RCS education at its best and a real model system for the districts with real grad rates! And you’re crying about having to cut fat from the budget? Get a brain!

The bottom line: Ravena-Coeymans continues to be a cesspool of ignorance and corruption; Retaliation and intimidation continue as business as usual, and the same stupid sockpuppets get up and puke their pablum making the parade of clowns complete. It’s a circus of the insane.

The Coeymans Plague The Town Board is a Steaming Pile of Manure! The Editor

The Coeymans Plague
The Town Board is a Steaming Pile of Manure!
The Editor

For those of our readers who might actually be interested in facts about 911 Emergency Services, we’ve selected a couple of reports for you. Learn more about what the Coeymans town board and the loud-mouths don’t seem to know.

Be informed. Inform yourself. Then choke the imbeciles with your facts!

The Editor


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6 responses to “Coeymans Town Board Meeting: Circus of Imbeciles, the Insane

  1. Regina

    September 23, 2014 at 9:30 am

    I think the board is doing exactly what it should be doing, researching the options that are available. How many times does someone have to say, “we just started looking into this last week” before people get the point that they have not made any decisions, they are simply doing their research. Who can comment objectively or intelligently on something they have had less than a week to look into. And again, I will ask, what would you suggest we do to solve this issue? I have only lived in the area a short time but I can tell you what the biggest problem is…too many like to hear themselves talk, have complaints about everything and offer solutions to nothing.


    • RCS Confidential

      September 23, 2014 at 2:10 pm

      You are right. But get both feet into reality and recognize what you’re dealing with in this area now, in the present. As you are ready to admit, you are new to this area and really haven’t a clue about what is going on under the surface. While we appreciate your Polyanna position and the fact that you live in an ideal Shangrila (or Shagagorilla) land, if you look around yourself you may become very afraid.

      And again, we will respond to what you are asking us to suggest what should be done: we are working on our response. But actually, what have you suggested so far? Were you at the meeting last night? Did you watch it on local television? Have you attempted to address any of the issues discussed at the meeting or any of the issues we’ve described on this blog.

      Many people, thousands in a given week, read this blog but only a handful actually comment. Why is that we wonder. And when they comment, most don’t respond to the issues; most respond to the writer. Why is that? We know why, clinically. But what have our readers, people just like you, done to help this community out of its quagmire?

      We’re doing something about it: We regularly write about the facts and the figures. We dig up the real stories, not those written by News Herald sockpuppet Bryan Rowzee or any of the other pseudo-reporters. Now. Back to what you are actually doing in terms of proactive inputs and suggestions to local government. Tell us about what you’re doing and what response you’ve gotten.

      The Editor


      • Regina

        September 23, 2014 at 3:32 pm

        I attended the meeting. The topics you covered in this blog, and the public comments were not even in relation to what was on the agenda for the meeting. The board was simply trying to put out a fire that was started based on rumors and as they said, once they have all the facts, a meeting will be scheduled to address the dispatch issues.

        As for what I am doing: I am meeting other community members, discussing issues and searching out solutions. I have addressed the board and met individually with board members in regards to 1) a truck route that would connect 9w and 144 using the existing road that Lafarge owns (learned this will have to be addressed on a federal level due to the nature of their business); 2) creating a new law that would help rid the area of nuisance tenants and hold landlords responsible for property maintenance; 3) implementing the strategies proposed in the Town of Coeymans Comprehensive Plan, Economic Development Plan, & Coeymans Landing Vision Plan and securing grants to acquire the funds necessary to make those plans a reality; 4) collaboration between local and state governments to address infrastructure issues in the most productive and least redundant way.

        Had Assemblyman Peter Lopez and local Hamlet residents over to my house to discuss concerns about traffic and road safety. (Future projects NYSDOT Project ID No. 100716)

        Purchased and remodeled 3 houses locally to restore beauty to the community and provide safe/comfortable/affordable housing to residents. Working on purchasing abandoned properties and continuing the trend.

        Joined the Coeymans Neighborhood Association and we are actively seeking new members to help with projects such as the community garden, clean up days, decorating, etc.

        After the meeting, I spoke with John Vadney about his rental property and what seems to be similar goals for achieving a nicer community.

        I don’t believe things will be solved by elected officials, they will be solved by neighbors reaching out to neighbors, discussing their ideas, researching how to implement those ideas and working together as a community to achieve our Shangri-La.

        You may consider my position blindly optimistic but I can assure you, I am a realist. I know it is going to take A LOT of money and time to make this happen, but I certainly will not sit by condemning people or believing things will never change.

        I eagerly await your ideas and I would sincerely appreciate hearing from anyone else who has actionable ideas. Maybe you could use your exquisite writing and research skills grant applications, local law proposals or a guide to finding people in the area who can get things done.


      • RCS Confidential

        September 23, 2014 at 5:07 pm

        Good for you, Regina! You go! Congratulations.

        I’m pleased to publish this fine example of one resident’s extraordinary efforts to get this community back on its feet. We look forward to your updates and future contributions.

        Thanks so very much!
        The Editor


  2. kpb

    September 22, 2014 at 10:41 pm

    You’ve really got a hard on for Coeymans doncha?


    • RCS Confidential

      September 23, 2014 at 7:15 am

      Not at all. But we do have eyes to see and ears to hear, two attributes most of you don’t appear to have. We also have a very keen interest in the community and its welfare. We watch and see, listen and hear. What do you do? You read this blog and make stupid superficial comments. We don’t expect more of you than what you can give…and that’s apparently a mental strain.

      Instead of your superficiality, why don’t you make some personal observations on the direction the September 22, 2014, Coeymans town board meeting took, or on some of the comments made at the meeting. You did attend or watch the meeting, didn’t you? You do have an opinion on the meeting and the speakers, don’t you? You do have an opinion on the issues addressed, don’t you?

      Or do you just read this blog and leave a stupid, irrelevant remark. Not even a comment.

      Normally we would just trash comments like yours but we’ll use it as an illustration of the level of the majority of the community we’re addressing. Supervision, insubstantial, scared, and useless to themselves and anyone else!

      The Editor



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