Of Incest and Banjos

08 Jun

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

Most Readers Will Relate to the Term “Incest” Sooner Than “Nepotism”  So We Chose to Use Incest Because It Has a Stronger Taboo Associated With It, and It’s Pretty Damned Wierd.
But You’ll Understand When You Read On.

Ravena & Coeymans:
Relaxing after some serious “string-pulling.”

The website for the Village of Ravena sports the heading,

“The Village of Ravena, New York, ‘The Friendship Community'”

Yes, I know, after reading that you’re feeling a bit queasy, nauseous but you still want to burst out either screaming or laughing. Go ahead! Get it out of your system, and then read on. You’ll understand why Ravena calls itself the “Friendship Community,” and why it’s joined at the hip with Coeymans. There they lie, each in the other’s incestuous embrace. As one knowledgeable contributor puts it: “It’s better than banjos!” (making tongue-in-cheek reference to the 1972 thriller movie, “Deliverance”, which features the famous banjo-guitar duel).

First of all, some connections (just as an example). This list is by no means complete; that would take more space than we have here. But it does give you some idea of the visible connections–there’s much more string-pulling (no pun intended) going on behind closed doors!

Warning: If at any time while reading this you hear banjos, be afraid. Be very afraid!

So let’s get started…we’ll start with

  • The Godfather: John J. Biscone, Esq., (now dead) Ravena village attorney into the 90’s ( back When Mayor Bailey was Mayor )
  • Mary Biscone, Democrat clambake fundraiser par excellence, who funded the campaigns for  The Democrat party (locally known as the demo-catic party), long before the RCS Athletic Association started funding selected political campaigns in the RCS district.
  • Brenden Baynes takes over law office of Joe Rotello; Rotello is working as a clerk in the Appeals Court. Rotello was village and town attorney, too for a few years. He also did the real estate for Oakbrook Manor, too, when he was both village and town attoney and working at the Godfather’s and now Michale Biscone’s Ravena law office, that is, until people caught on and raised hell about the nepotism–his father, Tom Rotello was on the Ravena village board.
  • Michael J.Biscone, lawyer in Ravena, younger son of the Godfather John J. Biscone
  • John T. Biscone, lawyer, Michael J.’s older brother, son of the Godfather John J.Biscone
  • Joseph C. Teresi, judge, New York State Supreme Court, Albany County, great friend and collaborator of the Godfather John J. Biscone; Joe Teresi was village/town attorney 25 years ago; worked with Godfather too!
  • Gregory J. Teresi, present Ravena village attorney and Town of Coeymans attorney, son of Joseph C. Teresi
  • Veronica “Ronnie” Fori, Ravena mayor John  T. Bruno’s  mayor’s cousin and royal pain in the arse to a couple of local property owners. This little minx is also alleged to be Jerry Deluca’s premier source on just about everything!
  • Nancy J Bicone-Warner, wife of Village of Ravena justice Harold Warner, is a Biscone and is a substitute teacher at the RCS High School, former Village deputy clerk/treasurer; currently Ravena  trustee (term ends in 2016)
  • Josephine Biscone-Dority married Bill Bruno; Ravena village clerk/treasurer at same time as Nancy Biscone-Warner, and is on RCS library board
  • John T. Bruno, mayor-king of Ravena since 80’s, on the Village board since the mid-70’s
  • Joseph C. Rotello, lawyer in Ravena, is related to the Biscones (cousins)
  • John Neri, deputy mayor in 90’s; Ravena  builder and long-time partner with Michael J. Biscone in Harcone Realty
  • Josie Biscone-Dority-Bruno, Ravena village clerk/treasurer with Nancy Biscone-Warner her deputy; sales associate at Sturges Realty at time of village property sales (see below). “Josie” is now working for Prudential Manor Homes, REALTORS®.
  • George Dardiani, cafeteria manager at the high school and former village judge; his wife is school nurse at PBC; Dardiani has been a Coeymans town justice since ’92, and has been in the thick of this incestuous and corrupt mix for two decades. From his perch, which he shares with the Coeymans Police Department and Coeymans town administration, he has been meting out “justice” in Coeymans without a clue about judicial ethics! Surprising? Shouldn’t be.
  • Enter Phillip Crandell, Coeymans town justice elected last November to be a town justice and acting Ravena village justice (appointed by the Ravena monarch John Bruno).
  • Michael Albano is the son of former justice Sylvester Albano, and is Coeymans town jusice Phillip Crandal’s father-in-law. Michael Albano is the owner of Albano Realty of Ravena (see below).
  • Harry A. Sturges, former town justice and shop teacher at theRCSHigh School, is the owner of Sturges Realty in Ravena. Sturges is now a retired broker.
  • Lous Neri is an attorney who worked with John T. Biscone, and is cousin to John Neri deputy mayor and business partner with Mike Biscone (Editor’s note: this all apparently in violation to the Village of Ravena Code of Ethics (now is that an oxymoron if there ever was one!) written by John J. Biscone, signed by Josie Biscone Dority and in violation of the federal Hatch Act.

Had enough yet? We think so. Now that you have some of the connections let’s move on the second part of our example.

Warning: Are you still listening? If at any time while reading this you hear banjos, be afraid. Be very afraid!

In about 1996 three village-owned properties went on the block for sale when the Village made plans to occupy the former Ravena elementary school on Mountain St. The village properties put up for sale were the old village hall at 171 Main Street, the old police department at 158 Main Street, and  the old fire house at 170 Main Street in Ravena. The question was who would be given the listings to sell the properties. The village put out a request for bids and Albano Realty came back with an offer of 5% commission; Sturges Realty came back with an offer of 10% commission on the sale of the properties. The contract to sell the properties is awarded to Sturges Realty (Harry Sturges) despite the fact that he was the higher bidder. Mayor Bruno was strategically absent from the meeting when then deputy mayor Neri took the issue into executive session and then came out to award the contract to Sturges. It gets better…

Albano very civilly reminds the village that his was the lower bid and understands that the Village ‘may have had other things in mind.’

Josie Biscone-Dority-Bruno, as we mentioned above, was at the time a sales associate at Sturges Realty (former town  justice Harry Sturges) sells the properties and shares the commissions with her associate, Harry Sturges. The buildings sell far below their assessed values.

Here’s why…

Sturges Realty (Harry) buys 171 Main Street for his offices after selling its previous location on 9W to RiteAid. Biscone and Neri buy the 158 Main Street property.  And a third buyer acquires the 170 Main Street property.

The outcome: The village of Ravena disposes of three properties through a bidder who not only submits the higher of the submitted bids, but is a close associate of the village of Ravena and employs a sales associate who is closely associated with the ‘ruling family’ in Ravena and with the incumbent executive (Biscone, Bruno).

Sorry! Couldn’t Hold It!

Then Sturges Realty (Harry Sturges), also with an “in” at Village hall,  picks up one of the properties, 171 Main Street, and two local ‘in the family’ attorneys, Biscone and  John Neri (Harcone Realty), pick up the other property 158 main . Get it? But what’s more, these civic-minded people all purchase the properties at a price much lower than their assessed values (of course, while also avoiding taxes on the assessed value of the properties) and the values of surrounding comparable properties, lowering the values of the surrounding properties, and reducing the tax base overall! We’re doing the history on the third property, the old Ravena fire house at 170 Main Street.

The Lesson (there’s no moral because there’s no morality): You can be very, very unethical without being illegal; and very illegal without being unethical. But if you’re not on the A-list. You lose no matter what!

At about this time our friend Gerald “Jerry”  Deluca gets himself elected to the RCS board of education promising to use his “political connections,” to get things done for the village and the schools…like we needed more “political connections”? Like your connections to saddle the community with a money pit swimming pool? No, thanks, Jerry! Keep your “connections” for all the good they’ve done residents and businesses in the district over the past 20 years!

Now, what you need to do is click on this link Can You Explain This, Jerry? to go to the discussion of Gerald “Jerry” Deluca and his “connections.”

After you’ve read that, you need to go to this link  This Is Your Town, Coeymans! Do you like it, and connect all the dots. Good Luck!

None of all of this is benefitting you, your children, your family, your business, your community. In fact, it’s very damaging. All of this is happening only for those whose agendas and pockets are benefitting. And when you connect the dots you’ll see how all of this reaches deep into the Albany County District Attorney’s Office, the Albany County Sheriff’s Department, the courts, and, if we are to believe Gerald “Jerry” Deluca’s published résumé, into the Department of Environmental Conservation (the DEC; does that explain some things in the town, business people?), the State Assembly, and beyond!

After all that don’t you just want to cough up?

Are you still wondering why nothing gets done in this community? Are you still wondering why we’re crying CORRUPTION? RETALIATION? COERCION?

Stay Tuned for Part II: Residents Complain…OUCH!

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!
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