Swearing In of Elected Officials…It’s Still a Public Ceremony, Isn’t It?

08 Jan

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On November 5th, 2014, the Power Structures In the Town of Coeymans and the Town of New Baltimore Were Reversed. That Was a Good Thing.

Voters in the Town of New Baltimore booted incompetent town supervisor Susan O’Rorke out of the town hall and replaced her with a competent and community-oriented man, Nick Dellisanti. Also defeated was campaign sign vandal/thief Janet Angelis of the Angelis-Schrauf partnership (Hilary Schrauf was defeated). Jeff Ruso was voted to be a town council member, as was Shelly VanEtten. Janet Brooks was re-elected as town clerk and Diane jordan, wife of New Baltimore Highway Superintendent Denis Jordan, was elected to be Town of New Baltimore tax collector.


Demand a RECALL Vote!!!

If New Baltimore Town Clerk Janet Brooks and Tax Collector Diane Jordan Can’t Show Up for the Public Swearing In, Maybe Voters Should Let Them Stay Away…Permanently!!!
RECALL them both and put people in office who care enough to show up!

If New Baltimore Highway Superintendant Denis Jordan doesn’t like following Town of New Baltimore Purchasing Policies and the Law, and if Jordan Doesn’t Like Treating all Taxpayers and Residents Equally and Fairly, RECALL Him. Put Someone in the Superintendent’s Office Who Cares!!!

The November 5, 2013, general elections are all old news, we know. But we’re interested in what’s going on behind the scenes and would like you to know, too. The 2014 Recall Elections are the new news.

Campaigns and elections are public spectacles. The candidates strut their stuff and play show and tell, trying to convince the voting public that he or she is the right choice. Electioneering and campaign criminality, as we’ve all observed, is not beneath some of the aspiring “public servants.” Those who lost the most recent elections found out that sabotage and campaign criminality just won’t be tolerated anymore by voters. O’Rorke, Angelis, Schrauf got the thumbs down.

But in past articles we warned that if you don’t get all the bedbugs and roaches out of the house at once, you still have a bug problem. That’s what seems to be happening in New Baltimore as we write. Voters didn’t clean house and left a couple of bedbugs, members of the O’Rorke clique—they’re the ones who will be creating problems. You betcha!

O’Rorke, Angelis, Schrauf may not have been elected but they’re still conspiring to make life difficult for those who voters did confirm as their choices to govern the town of New Baltimore.

Janet Brooks and Diane Jordan were real eager to campaign and go public to get the voters to keep them in office. But they were conspicuously absent from the swearing in ceremony at the New Baltimore Town hall on January 1st. What’s worse is no one knew then or knows for certain when or where Brooks or Jordan were sworn in, or who swore them in. They’re not in office until they’re sworn in. Furthermore, wouldn’t you think that it would have been appropriate if all the newly elected town officials were together to be sworn in as a team? Apparently, Brooks and Jordan had other plans. We’re wondering if these two leftovers from the corrupt and inept O’Rorke machine were sending a message to the new supervisor and board that they, Janet Brooks and Diane Jordan, were going to be troublemakers. We find that to be a comic alliance, because Janet Brooks generally treated Diane Jordan with a certain snootiness, even disdain; Brooks even made certain that Jordan got an office far from Brooks’ office (seems there was allegedly some question of hygiene?). So, we’d like to know where Brooks and Jordan were at the public swearing-in ceremonies. The voting public had a right to witness the swearing in of their elected officials…ALL OF THEM, MS BROOKS and MS JORDAN, included!!!

The deeper dark secrets of the O’Rorke corruption in town hall are slowly but surely coming to light. First there was the New York State Comptroller’s audit that creamed O’Rorke and her crew; then there was O’Rorke’s idiotic attempt to explain the mismanagement and discrepancies. We do need to note that none of the double-talk explained anything about why proper records were not kept and even the town’s own purchasing policies were violated! We have an unconfirmed report that it’s even worse than all of that. Our facts are unverified as we write but as soon as we get solid confirmation, we’ll report.



The good news is that Susan O’Rorke is not off the hook. Neither are Lisa Benway or Christopher Norris. They may all be facing charges. David Wukitsch, former attorney for the town of New Baltimore (YES! You read correctly. One of our New Year’s resolutions has already come true: the New Baltimore town council has FIRED David Wukitch! Now it’s Coeymans turn to give that shyster the boot!) may also be vulnerable for discipline.

Lisa Benway and Christopher Norris' Public Meeting Procedure

Lisa Benway and Christopher Norris’ Public Meeting Procedure

O’Rorke, Benway and Norris had a perverse idea of what the “public” in “public meeting” meant and suppressed public comment during town meetings. The O’Rorke crew even voted to discontinue the rules of procedure for town meetings, and their democrat ouija board master Diane Lewis praised them for that fascist move. The new town board led by Supervisor Nick Dellisanti wants to encourage public participation in town government and has resolved to provide time for public questions and comment both before and after the board business. According to one member, the public comes in to the meeting with concerns, comments and questions and the board is interested in hearing these. Then, after the board’s discussion of pending business, the public may have concerns, comments and questions and should have the opportunity to address those to the board, too. Each comment will be noted and a response will be prepared to ensure that every citizen gets the dignity of a response. Dellisanti, Ruso, VanEtten passed the resolution. THANK YOU! Mr Supervisor Dellisanti, Mr Councilman Ruso and Madame Councilwoman VanEtten.

Benway and Norris voted against it. Why did Benway and Norris vote against a resolution that would allow voters, residents, citizens to tell their elected officials what they’re thinking?

Mr Denis Jordan, the elected New Baltimore Highway Superintendent, was deeply involved in the financial mismanagement scandal uncovered by the New York State Comptroller’s auditors. Jordan was the beneficiary of many of the corrupt practices of the O’Rorke administration. He also doesn’t think it’s necessary for a public official to keep records of anything like purchases, quotations, purchase orders, etc. Mr Jordan also thinks that his job is to do his friends favors and forget the rest of the town. Mr Jordan and his crew think it’s OK to plow for friends but that they shouldn’t plow the Fire Department. Mr Jordan has a very odd view of his job and responsibilities.

GOT SAND? Jordan species of Bedbug

Jordan species of Bedbug

It has been procedure in the past to provide town residents with small quantities of sand, if requested. Recently during the storms a resident visited the New Baltimore town garage with a bucket and requested Mr Jordan to provide him with some sand. Mr Jordan refused. His reason: Allegedly the new administration is asking Jordan to request salt purchases using the proper paperwork required by town purchasing policies (ignored by O’Rorke, Benway, Norris, Jordan and Mr Wukitsch) so Mr Jordan is taking out his anger and retaliating against residents by refusing to provide sand. Does that make sense?

Well, a town employee heard Mr Jordan refuse and contacted Supervisor Dellisanti, explaining the incident. Supervisor Dellisanti immediately authorized the sand request and Jordan had to comply. Apparently Jordan was not very happy. Too bad!!!

Our advice to Ms Janet Brooks, New Baltimore Town Clerk, Ms Diane Jordan, New Baltimore Tax Collector, and Mr Denis Jordan, New Baltimore Highway Superintendent: GET WITH THE PROGRAM and WORK WITH THE TEAM or GET READY FOR A RECALL ELECTION!!! YOUR CHOICE!!!

And this time around, the biased and unbalanced treatment by the Hudon-Catskill Newspaper Group and the Johnson Newspaper Corporation won’t be able to ignore the best candidates like they did in November 2013. And there won’t be any biased soppy coverage by Ms Jessica Mosier, the O’Rorke worshipping sockpuppet covering New Baltimore for the unfair and unbalanced Ravena News Herald and the Greene County News, both owned by the Johnson News Paper Corp. (The fact that Mosier is still working for the Johnson Newspapers is clear testimony that John Johnson and his Albany Times Union reject Vince Vinciguerra condone biased and unfair coverage!) This time ’round, come a Recall Election,  it’s gonna be fair, balanced, and legal!

Do ya have them, Bucca? Then show them!

Do ya have them, Bucca? Then show them!

Finally, former Greene County DA Terry Wihelm has left the DA’s office to be a judge. He’s left the Greene County DA’s office in the hands of Charles A. Bucca, who was sworn in on January 2 to be Greene County acting DA. Our initial impression of Bucca is that he’s wishy-washy and really deserved to be “assistant” DA. If he’s really so tough on crime and is worthy of being considered to fill the shoes of District Attorney, he’d better be big enough to tackle local corruption and elected officials’ ethics violations (or hiding his own) rather than picking on the small-fry and the poor—the coward’s way of showing he’s “tough”—, he’ll take the challenge offered to him by some newly elected, ethical local officials and launch a full-scale, big-guns investigation into local government corruption. Maybe he’d like to start with the corruption exposed by the New York State Comptroller’s auditors in their audits of the Town of New Baltimore financial mismanagement on former supervisor O’Rorke’s watch and with the conspiratorial cooperation of councilpersons Lisa Benway and Christopher Norris, together with Highway Superintendent Denis Jordan. Yeah! That would be a good start for Mr Bucca to show he’s got some balls.

(We’d make the same challenge to Albany County DA Soares but it would be useless. Soares should be investigated, prosecuted and convicted himself! Soares is in the pockets of the corrupt officials and is in bed with them. But in Albany County, that’s business as usual. After all, the NYS legislature and Governor Andrew Cuomo spend their time in Albany, don’t they?)

Keep An Eye on the New Baltimore Bugs The Editor

Keep An Eye on the New Baltimore Bugs
The Editor

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