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Democrap Swindle: Dan McCoy, Craig Apple, Tom Dolan do the Democrap Thing.

Dan McCoy, Albany County Executive seeking re-election on the democrap ticket this November, has to be dumb as dirt if he thinks he’s going to get any political capital by playing a shell game AGAIN with the residents and taxpayers of the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk community. If the Ravena News Herald front-page story (September 10, 2015) on the democrap conspiracy to provide Ravena youth with a place to go to stay out of trouble is to be believed it’s UNBELIEVABLE.

scam scam scam

The Scams Victimizing Ravena-Coeymans Never Seem to Stop!
And they always seem to be “for the kids.”

Dan McCoy, Craig Apple Playing Democrap Joke on Ravena-Coeymans and Albany County Taxpayers!

Do you all have to be reminded that you are paying Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk school taxes to support a school budget of more than $40 million? Isn’t that where the kids are supposed to be provided (1) with education, (2) with supervised extracurricular and after-school activities such as sports and field trips, (3) with academic help like tutoring and homework assistance? If Mr McCoy, Mr Apple, Mr Dolan, and Mr John D’Antonio could put together a whole brain among their four empty heads, and if they had any clue as to what has been going on in the Ravena Coeymans-Selkirk community in the past 2-3 years, they’d stay far, far away from it, especially in an election year. But they’re too brainless, clueless to do that. They’re blinded by their uncontrollable egos and indifference to the real needs of their communities.

If you don’t remember what happened to two — count them TWO — previous youth and teen activity centers that were driven out of town by village trustee Nancy Warner, insider Cathy Deluca, Jerry “Dirty-Hands” Deluca (now executive director of the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs) after a [forced] retirement from the Coeymans Police Department, former Coeymans Police Chief Gregory “Dumpy-Dumplin” Darlington, former mummy mayor John Bruno, let us remind you how village of Ravena and town of Coeymans elected officials and corrupt police department employees (Deluca and Darlington), obstructed justice, violated protected civil rights, harassed and persecuted the teen center until kids and parents were driven away. Of course, the teen center was attracting teens and youth who would otherwise be on the street. The teen center also was potential competition for the now defunct and dismantled Ravena Health and Fitness Center that Nancy Warner and Cathy Deluca, with the collaboration and support of former mummy mayor John Bruno and the ex-Coeymans cops Jerry Dirty-Hands Deluca and Gregory “Dumpy-Dumplin” Darlington (former police chief now part-time school bus driver), unlawfully created and turned over to Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca’s partner, Cathy Deluca, whose fraudulent civil service application was unlawfully considered and approved by a now resigned director of Albany County Civil Service.

How is it possible?  and Who? is behind this new initiative to all of a sudden take care of Ravena’s youth and teens; the very youth and teens who are an almost extinct species in Ravena and Coeymans, thanks in part to misinformation, corruption, abuse of public office, and downright nastiness?

Why do all these corrupt schemes seem to land in Ravena?

Why do all these corrupt schemes seem to land in Ravena?

While Dan McCoy and Tom Dolan promise that the proposed youth center, which is to be housed in the same space as the former now defunct Ravena Health and Fitness Center (the third failure chalked up to Cathy Deluca’s corruption and mismanagement), now that all the junk equipment has been sold (Let’s see…Warner and Deluca paid Robert “Bob” Fisk, another Ravena insider, more than $40,000 for that equipment. Warner and Deluca kept the RHFC open for more than two years while it was hemorrhaging taxpayer dollars to the tune of more than $100,000 each year! So what’s the final cost of these brainiac ideas to local taxpayers? Why not ask Ravena Mayor William “Mouse” Misuraca, who strangely was unavailable (as a Republican) to appear among the shark mob of democrats McCoy, Apple, Dolan, etc.)

Do we really need to pay for duplications of effort AGAIN?

Look, RCS taxpayers are paying a bundle for the services that will be literally duplicated by this idiotic so-called “youth programming initiative” for Ravena and Coeymans. We have a school budget that is supposed to be doing most of what Moron McCoy, Rotten Apple, Dudley-Dolan and Dopey-D’Antonio are pushing! In fact, didn’t we recently vote on a capital improvement proposal for the athletic facilities for the RCS school district to the tune of several millions of dollars? We have an RCS Sports Association. What are they doing for youth? We have a Coeymans Police Youth Athletic organization. We have an almost competition swimming pool! Do we really need to pay for duplications of effort AGAIN?

Why Ravena-Coeymans? What’s the catch? There’s got to be a catch. Or is it just that the democraps are scared shiteless that their cronies are going to get the boot in November?

This sounds like another scam that’s taking the RCS community for another ride down Stupid Lane. If you fall for this one like you’ve fallen for all the other scams from Reubenville to the Ravena Health and Fitness failure, you really should be sent down the river for mental treatments.

If the county of Albany and Mr McCoy, Mr Apple and Mr D’Antonio have so much change jingling in their pockets, there are much more needy communities and organizations that need those taxpayer dollars. We intend to contact those organizations and let them know what kind of scandalous scam is going on in Ravena-Coeymans, and we’ll let them ask Mr McCoy, Mr Apple and Mr D’Antonio what is going on in their empty democrap heads.


McCoy, Apple, Dolan

As for Ravena-Coeymans we have this to say: Utilize your school facilities fully. Use your RCS Commuity Library fully. Use your churches fully. Use your extracurricular activities and after-school support activities fully. Use your local sports associations fully. And parents, spend some time with your kids for a change. Try being parents.

Mr McCoy, Mr Apple, Mr D’Antonio, Mr Dolan: We’re not finished with you slugs yet. We have more to say about you leeches in an upcoming article. This latest scam you’re trying to feed our friends and neighbors is a declaration of election year war. Let the games begin!

Local and Regional Politicians are using and abusing our children as fodder for their inflated egos; these politicians are using our children as tools to manipulate parents and adults into supporting their freakish games. STOP it!

The Ravena News Herald was once a family-owned, community newspaper; George McHugh, a local attorney who was rewarded for his politics with a judgeship, sold out to the Johnson Newspaper Group. The Ravena News Herald in now a corporate rag being used by its owners, John B. Johnson and the Johnson Newspaper Group, to promote their politics and their agendas. The Ravena News Herald is no longer YOUR community newspaper, it’s THEIRS to use to bait you with your local faces and then to force feed you THEIR politics. You are being manipulated to the max. WAKE UP RCS!

Stop using and abusing our kids for your political games!It's not for the kids, Jerky Boys, it's for YOU! The Editor

Stop using and abusing our kids for your political games!
It’s not for the kids, Jerky Boys, it’s for YOU!

The Editor


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New Baltimore Independence Party Voters: Don’t Disappoint Your Community!

animated_update_small New Baltimore comes to its senses: VanWormer clobbers Jordan in primaries! VanWormer takes 81% of the votes! Doesn’t look good for Jordan, and when we publish what we have on Jordan, he’s dead in the water! Corruption, indifference, stupidity! New Baltimore deserves better!

It’s incredibly important that all New Baltimore Independence Party voters get out and vote on Thursday, September 10, to avoid a Democrap takover in New Baltimore. It’s incredibly important that Independence Party voters support VanWormer and Dellisanti.

Don’t Disappoint the New Baltimore Community! Independence Party voters must support Allan VanWormer for Highway superintendent and Nick Dellisanti for New Baltimore Town Supervisor. Keep the Lewis puppets out of New Baltimore town hall, and let’s get this town on track and in the 21st century, finally!

Use your vote wisely and clean up New Baltimore: Support VanWormer for Highway Superintendent

Use your vote wisely and clean up New Baltimore: Support VanWormer for Highway Superintendent

First of all, Denis Jordan, running again to see how much more damage he can do to New Baltimore’s infrastructure, can’t find a truck big enough to carry his past baggage and scandalous record. George Acker, Independence Party chairperson for Greene County, has pulled a cowardly fast one on Independence Party registered voters by first promising Allan VanWormer the Independence Party backing, initially denying Jordan’s petition. Acker must have caved to someone because he later allowed Denis Jordan on the Independence primary ballot. That’s absolutely scandalous! Denis Jordan is a Democrap sockpuppet and the only way he’s stayed in the position is by doing favors and getting Diane Lewis to push him on the democrap ticket.

Well, the word on the street is that Diane Lewis is abandoning New Baltimore and moving away, the word is she’s moving to Chicago. So here we have the New Baltimore democrap party chairwoman pushing candidates down our throats and she’s not even going to be living here!

New Baltimore Independence Party Voters: Don’t Disappoint Your Community! Support Allan VanWormer on the Independence Party ticket for New Baltimore Highway Superintendent.

Allan VanWormer is our choice for the Independence Party candidate for Highway Superintendent. He got the Independence party backing honestly and not by pulling strings. If Denis Jordan is going to run on any ticket, let him run on Diane Lewis’ democrap ticket, and keep him from stinking up our Independence Party ballot.

We have a truckload of facts on Denis Jordan that we will be posting very shortly, and we’re sure even democrap supporters, after reading what we’ve found out, will refuse to support Jordan in the elections this November.

Diane Lewis, New Baltimore democrap party chairwoman, also is pushing a totally unknown outsider for the Independence Party candidate for New Baltimore town supervisor. Diane Lewis’ puppet is Arthur Fullerton, and he’s running as an Independence Party candidate, but with the New Baltimore democraps backing him. That alone should scare the hell out of New Baltimore residents!

It makes no sense at all to deny Nick Dellisanti a second 2-year term as New Baltimore Supervisor. Dellisanti has been trying his best to clean up the mess left by David Lewis and Susan O’Rorke in New Baltimore town hall. It’s been an uphill battle for Dellisanti and his team given the fact that outgoing O’Rorke and her minions pretty much cleaned out New Baltimore town hall computers and other records, leaving Dellisanti in the dark. Diane Lewis’ henchmen, including Denis Jordan, have been ambushing and obstructing almost every improvement that the Dellisanti team has been trying to make.

Team Up to Clean up New Baltimore Highway Department. Vote for VanWormer!

Team Up to Clean up New Baltimore Highway Department. Vote for VanWormer!

The most recent democrap scandal is focused on Denis Jordan, who refuses to comply with the law (is that a surprise) and refuses to comply with town purchasing policies. Jordan refuses to put town purchases up for competitive bidding and refuses to explain how he negotiates contracts for purchases. He has a record of corrupt purchasing practices that the town board under Dellisanti’s leadership has been trying to expose and correct.

The most recent evidence of the dishonesty and misinformation put out by the Lewis mob, is Denis Jordan’s recent mailing. He sent out a post card that is just oozing with bullshit and lies. Maybe Jordan should apply for the job of New Baltimore sewerage treatment plant manager, he seems to know how dish out a lot of shite! Mr Jordan tells Independence Party voters that he, Jordan, has the support of the Independence, Republican, and Democrap parties! A TOTAL BAREFACED LIE! A reader contacted Mr George Acker to ask if the Independence Party were supporting Jordan and Acker responded, “It’s not true.” JORDAN IS A DESPERATE LIAR. After all, why would it be necessary to have a primary election if the parties already supported a candidate. The LIE just doesn’t make any sense.

The truth is out, Mr Jordan, you are illiterate, a crook and a liar!

The truth is out, Mr Jordan, you are illiterate, a crook and a liar!

Do you really think we need another Diane Lewis democrap puppet in New Baltimore town hall? Keep Arthur Fullerton out of New Baltimore town hall unless you want a repeat performance of the O’Rorke scandals. Diane Lewis doesn’t give a rat’s ass what goes on now in New Baltimore, she’s jumping ship.

Independence Party Voters: Don't Trash your votes! Vote for VanWormer and Dellisanti! The Editor

Independence Party Voters: Don’t Trash your votes! Vote for VanWormer and Dellisanti!

The Editor


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