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“One Nation Under God”…Maybe not.

When students noticed that a teacher was not Saying the Pledge Correctly–He Omits “Under God” from the “One Nation Under God”–

The Teacher Justifies His Editing By Telling the Students He’s “An Atheist!”

And it's not negotiable in schools!

When offered an inch human beings tend to go for the whole 12 inches, and then want the stick you measured it with. Call it human nature but people need something bigger than themselves to keep them in line: rules, laws, parents, faith…God maybe?

One of the big problems that hit the world in the late 20th century was the great leveling of society and normalization of literally everything. No more differences, no more rules, no more nothing. Some called it freedom, others diversity, others still, chaos. We human beings need something higher than ourselves to guide us; when we tear down the gods, we have nothing but ourselves–and that’s trouble.

Just like the ancient Greeks and Romans. As long as the gods were mysterious, inexplicable, they were held in awe; once they started looking and acting like us they become comic strip characters. (The Jews did well by keeping Yahweh divine; thanks to them we got Chrisianity and Islam, and the Jews are still here with very alive morals and community, it’s why they stick together: they share.) Once the churches made everybody members of a “common priesthood”–all hell broke loose, literally. Equality is unnatural; necessity is natural.

But back to the subject of this post: a nation under what? God!

It’s been said that the American nation is a Christian nation (apologies to the Jews and Muslims and other faiths!)–only because the Christians were a majority and didn’t want to admit the Jews were really running things, albeit from the back room, a sort of Wizard of Oz scenario. Not to confess a belief in God or a god was unthinkable, monstrous! To be an atheist was to be an outcast, an outlier, even….communist (ask kids nowadays what that is. Thanks teachers!) Oh! How things have changed

We now have teachers in our schools, one in particular has come to our attention, let’s call him Matt Miller, who refuse to recite the pledge of allegiance words, “one nation under God,” and when asked Why? by students answers: “I’m an atheist.”

Scandalous! Why not put a white supremecist in the classroom teaching American history? Why not have a Southern Baptist teaching biology? What the hell is an atheist doing in the classroom with your kids? What bloody right does that atheist have to flaunt his personal defects in front of impressionable youth? I compare his statement to indecent exposure of his genitals but symbolically.

Look, once a person has reached a certain age and has gained life experience, that person can pretty much believe what he or she wants. Generally, school-age kids, even those in highschool, have not yet reached that phase in the life cycle. Sometimes, however, it’s to everyone’s benefit if it’s just kept to one’s self. But when one is placed in a highly privileged position, in a position in which the impressionable young are highly sensitive to what they see and hear, one loses some of one’s privileges of opinion, dissent, freedom of speech. The position of the teacher is precisely one such privileged position. Once a teacher forgets he has boundaries…he’s gotta go!

Here you are, parents, teaching your children good Christian or Jewish or Muslim or Buddhist, etc. morals and urging them to bible study, worship, to be good Jews, Christians, and Muslims, etc. whatever, to be God-fearing and good, and then you’re sidelined by some screwball at school influencing them, confusing them. Even if you leave spirituality and faith questions up to your kid to freely choose, what right does another adult have to unfairly influence that kid, your kid?

What are you going to do about it? Why not ask Mr Matt Miller, teacher and president of the RCS CSD teachers association,about his now-known-to-have-been published–by himself!–his moral meter or lack of it. How can someone who has no higher authority other than the crippled authority of humankind be an example or be trusted to make moral and ethical decisions? How does Mr Miller’s “atheism” affect his judgment, his interpretation of the world, his teaching? If he can’t keep his oddball beliefs to himself and out of earshot of students at the school, how can you trust  him? My personal answer would be: “You cannot trust someone with such lack of discretion.” It’s just plain scandalous!

Read another report brought home by RCS students to parents about Miller’s conversation with Vish, click Loose Lips.

It’s time now to put the Superintendent and the Board of Education on the spot: What are you going to do about this? What will you say when the public asks what you know about the teachers hired to teach in the district? It’s not that the questions might be asked…the question IS being asked.

This one you watch for.

This one admits it publicly.

The last elections booted the immoral clique, the adulterers, the phonies off of the board of education. They were all publicly supported by Matt Miller and his special-interest group, the RCS teachers association.

That was a step forward for the district. Now it’s time to look in the closets at the schools and get the skeletons out in the public’s view. Here’s a place to start: Ask Mr Miller about his public statements regarding the pledge of allegiance!

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Cuts in Staff, Programs Statewide Necessity!

It's up to YOU! Cuts or lose everything!

It’s Up To YOU! You Can’t Have It All and Survive. There have to be program and staff cuts. There’s no other way if we read the writing on the wall and see the reality that other districts across the state are seeing.

School districts across New York state are feeling the crunch and facing the realities:  ‘more with less’ relentlessly and unavoidaboly becomes ‘less with less.‘  Most school districts facing shortfalls in government support of public education are finally waking up: they must face the reality that the upward spiral of services and programs is no longer possible; staff and programs must be cut; there’s no other way.

Here are some links to some published news articles on school districts across New York state that have finally realized that they have to get back to reality and cut, cut, CUT! in order to survive. Even then, the future is uncertain.

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You might want to ask your local pulp journalists at the Times Useless, the Daily Mail, and the News Herald why you’re being kept in the dark about this news.

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Flying Pigs and Talking Pineapples…

NY Education Commissioner David "Pineapplehead" Steiner

Where is it all going — Maybe to London, Helsinki, Singapore or Rio de Janeiro — on Your Tab? Talking Pinapples, Trips to London, $32 Million to Test Prep Company, Illegal Lobbying, Attorney General Investigation. You PAY, they PLAY!

New York state awarded a five-year $32 million, yes MILLION dollars to Pearson Education, a testing company now under investigation by the NY state Attorney General for illegal lobbying in New York state! $32 million dollars of YOUR money to the company that included the fable of the Hare and the Pineapple as a reading comprehension test question for YOUR 8th graders. The idiotic question raised such a hullaballoo that it was removed from the test…and Pearson gets $32 million for treating your kids like half-witted garden slugs! (Did the Times Useless, the News Herald, or the Daily News report on this?!? Answer: NO!) Of course not, instead they picked on a citizen devoted to realtity and commons sense, a “sovereign citizen” (we’re all sovereign citizens!) on the RCS CSD Board of Education, they scandalized the sacrificing public servant (unpaid!) and smeared him all over the front page, while the real sluts pointed fingers and abused the board! Morons! Press and local sluts have been strangely silent!

Oh! And if you’re curious about the Hare and the Pineapple question, click here to read the-hare-and-the-pineapple.

Yeah! I'm stupid!

I guess the purpose is to make idiots out of the population and New York state can continue paying off it’s lobbyists with taxpayer money and the lobbyists can use their tax-exempt, non-profit foundations like the tax-exempt Pearson Foundation to funnel money to lobby for Guess what!: Fat State contracts to the tune of $32 million. And what pricks up the State Attorney General’s ears? Not the kids. Not the idiotic test questions. What got the State’s attention was at least four education conferences — in London, Helsinki, Singapore and Rio de Janeiro — since 2008, according to people familiar with the investigation. And, as the New York Times reported:

“In New York, Pearson Education most recently won a five-year, $32 million contract to administer state tests, and it maintains a $1 million contract for testing services with the State Education Department, according to state records. The last contract was awarded after David M. Steiner, then the state education commissioner, attended a conference in London in June 2010 that was organized by the Council of Chief State School Officers and underwritten by the Pearson Foundation.” Why London?


The Times goes on, “Dr. Steiner, currently a dean and professor at Hunter College, said on Wednesday that his trip had been cleared by an ethics officer at the Education Department. “I am sure that there was no sales pitch,” he said, adding that “given the many attendees and presentations, I cannot be sure that there was nobody speaking at some point in the conference who was from Pearson rather than the Pearson Foundation or other organizations.”

“But Dr. Steiner said “there is zero link” between his trip and the state’s subsequent contract with Pearson. He said that he had no direct involvement in the decision to select Pearson and that his role was to report the recommendation to hire Pearson, made by the department’s staff, to the Board of Regents. “I followed exactly our rules and protocols,” he said. “I still believe it was a useful and informative and professional activity that had been properly cleared.”

Somebody Seriously Needs To Go To Jail!

Put the Crooks and Double-Dippers Where They Belong: Behind Bars!

Yeah, Dr Steiner, and pigs have wings, too…and don’t forget talking pineapples in the reading comprehension tests for New York’s 8th graders, too!
Now back to RCS  CSD:

Read the Daily Mail and Times articles at these links:

Talking pineapple question on state exam stumps … everyone!

Testing Firm Faces Inquiry on Free Trips for Officials

Standardized Tests Hurt Kids and Public Schools: Teachers, Parents Take a Stand Against Corporate-Backed Test Regime

A reader, Mr L. Polyak, shared some thoughts with us this week and we’d like to publish them in part here.

 Mr Polyak: To  clarify:  “There is a formula it would be about 8.4% increase to RCS CSD  would be allowed  just to stay the Same.  keep in mind RCS is a “failing School” according to Feds And NYS Dept of Ed’s( we can’t teach our kids- too many drop outs [suspensions are high, too]. We are already in the crosshairs of the  NYSED. We lose pilot-programs money paid via our income taxes as a result. We lose money via property taxes (settlement out of court over 10 yrs ago, people  moving out of the district), fewer state grants  What  I was just trying to say is even with 2% here, 2% there and everywhere (tax caps)  8.4%  (RCS), 2% from town, 2-5% from Village of Ravena,  God knows how much the from Albany County around 130% a good guess, water and sewer 10 to-20% each, the Ravena library taxes (Note the only tax I would never have problems with because they do stretch their money a long way; you do see it working for you. [Editior’s Note: The director of the library recently reported to the Coeymans Town board that she expects to be expanding to occupy the old Knights of Columbus building on Main Street. How much $$?]) and some fire district tax (If I could I would write them a blank check I would God Bless them all!) etc. Simply it adds up and up and up.  There are RCS CSD workers themselves and fixed income folks who  can’t  afford all the increases as property owners–even with this new tax cap.  Some who lose or have lost their jobs never mind life long folks on fixed incomes and trying their best to stay here to be with the grand kids; some have already given up and moved out (about 1000). The reality: less kids in school less teachers needed. Then there’s the law suits and fines we are not told about. We use taxes rates from 4.5 to 6.9 % or higher out of 700 school dists. in NY we compare ourselves to our neighbors New Scotland. Bethlehem, etc they are not like us in any way; for that matter we could compare ourselves to South Hampton it’s so off base. This where RCS CSD hides the  real costs as in the past. For example, the pool there In reality, there are very few school dists out there who are like us in every way For example: Icabod Crane School Dist.  They have similar  problems…half the district is farms, rural,the tax base is similar, population (about the same), and number of students, etc. but they are $7 million less in their budget, 39 fewer teachers, and one less member on the school board (only 8), and they graduate 90% and their student go off to college. We have a failing teachers report card from the feds and NY state Ed Depts. and conflict-of-intrest left and right. [Here Mr Polyak provides a link to Ichaodcrane] Compare for yourself and when you do you won’t be happy. Vote NO on the budget! The State Ed Dept (NYSED) is aware. I know I sent them copies of a [this] blog, too. if they take over RCS CSD half of the teachers will lose their jobs, half of the administration goes, too. It [should be] about placing the students first. What is your solution? 2 million New Yorkers have move out of NYS in the last 15 years US census Fact! Good Luck!”

Useful RCS CSD Links. Stay informed!

NYS DoE Accountability Overview Report 2011-2012

RCS Central School District News

RCS would lose $2.4 million in state aid under Governor’s budget proposal

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Like Community, Like Church

It All Comes Together: There’s a certain loose, but perverse, consistency in almost any community. What you find in the local government, law enforcement, courts, schools, you’re likely to find in the church communities, too. It’s only reasonable, because they bleed into and out of each other, don’t they?

Is this what it's all about?

Well, a couple of posts back, I mentioned a certain police investigator and his missus having had a notorious adulterous affair, and that same couple is active in the local church, the police investigator even serving a lay ministry as reader at liturgies.

The local priest has a certain reputation, too. He’s a bit of an eccentric, a maverick, and tends to piss people off. He and his deacon fit beautifully into the local community, if you catch my drift. Even if you don’t follow yet, follow this link to another blog and see what an ass-kicking Father James Kane is getting for a gross indecency concerning his conduct during a divine liturgy. Scandalous from the Roman Catholic point of view, embarassing, and pitious, too. Read more at Is Fr James Kane Really Fit to Be Pastor?

Problem was, it was broadcast!

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Constructiveness, Collaboration, Cooperation, Consensus?

Constructiveness, Collaboration, Cooperation, Consensus?
No Way José! We’ll Just Throw Mud and Make Demands! My Way or the Highway!

After reports of teachers insulting and degrading the RCS CSD Board of Education members in the halls of the highschool (as reported by a parent whose high schooler brought the story home about a conversation between Mr Miller and Mr Vish), it seems the teachers have less sense than those in their charge!

Three things were evident even before the teachers’ scandalous and scurilous exhibitionism at the April 17, 2012, RCS board of education meeting: The teachers, as represented by their teachers association president, Matt Miller, are motivated by self-interest and greed; the parents are motivated by blind demands for more for less, or at least keeping what they have in the schools; the board is motivated by community spirit to do what is in reality possible.

When I Think of the Teachers on the Board I Think...

The attitude of the teachers on the board and the teachers’ spouses on the board is tantamount to ethical conflict of interest at its worst; their apparent primary mandate is keeping in lockstep with their cronies the teachers, and to see to it that they get everything that they want and to avoid giving them what they deserve. That was conspicuously evident when you hear Ms A. Whalen and Mr Engel, Ms O’Conner, and Ms Traver, all with their own “teacher association connections,” and their corner speak. No reasoning, just nostalgic reminiscing; naked commiseration for the teachers’ agenda. On the example of Whalen, if that was the independent reality thinking she was teaching when she was at the school, it’s no mystery that we’re hearing and seeing what we are today.

why does Pinnochio come to mind every time I think of Matt Miller?

I had to snigger when teachers association president Matt Miller, bedizened in full idiot-attire, bill cap and sunglasses (Now that’s a fine example the “teachers” are setting, isn’t it?). Is he trying to be cute or cool? It appears more certain that he’s fixated in a sort of midlife-adolescence. But if he’s trying to be cool and convincing, he’s going to have to try helluva a lot harder, or maybe put some of the effort into teaching (and wardrobe)…isn’t that what he’s been hired to do (not represent the partisan interests of the teachers or solve the energy costs problems of the RCS CSD and get paid all along the way)? How do you feel paying with your tax dollars for a character like Miller to advocate for a special interest group who, if he’s successful, will end up costing you even more in tax money! How can you put up with this crapola!
What you couldn’t help noting is that the entire meeting was dominated by speakers–the majority of whom were teachers or teachers’ spouses–arguing their sacrifices, their dedication, their willingness to “give something” (in this case, in order to offset the budget strain, a nominal pay freeze for a limited period), their sadness, their inability to find words, etc., etc.

Rather than show some modicum of good taste, among those making public statements were: Let’s start with our goofy friend in the bill-cap-adorned-with-shades, teachers association prez Matt Miller, “It’s my contract, I should know, I wrote it.” (If he writes contracts like he speaks and dresses, well…), and his sidekick (representing his teacher wife, no doubt), Bill McFerret, er… McFerran, the “treasurer” of the notorious and unsafe Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Sports Association.

Say something we DON'T know!

In my research I came across an article in the Daily Mail, in which at least one parent expressed dismay at the continued conflict. Here’s a quote:

“After sitting through two meetings I feel like everyone has an ax to grind,” said Mary Partridge Brown. “There’s a lot of history and a lot of good the board is trying to do as well as the sports association. I understand everyone has a dog in this fight.”
“But the divisiveness I’ve witnessed does nothing to help my kids or any others.”

Brown went on to say the Board of Education “should stop investigating each other, stop the infighting and get back to the job of improving the school district and addressing the educational needs of the students.”

What the reporter or Partridge-Brown doesn’t seem to get is that the non-teachers on the Board, the resident/businesspersons, are not the troublemakers, it’s the teachers and their cronies (especially those supported by Miller and the teachers associationwho lost to the present incumbents: Jerry Deluca and Cathy Deluca, Bill McFerran, Amy and Dave Bartlett*! (Please see Miller’s Facebook comments, below.) It’s an orchestrated vendetta!)  (See our previous posts on this topic.

On the subject of reasonable and constructive coöperation, collaboration, consensus building–something totally absent in the people-teacher interface–we need to look at the oft mentioned but so frequently forgotten notion of respect and dissent. Dissent is a pillar of the notion of free speech but when it’s engaged indiscriminately and in the wrong forum, it’s destructive. For example, teacher and teachers’ association president Matt Miller, responds to the election outcome, the outcome of a fair and democratic process, on the RCS CSD Facebook page:

Before the election results: Matt Miller: “Please be sure to get out and vote for the future of RCS on Tuesday. Due to the law and BOE intent, the budget is going to be the same whether you vote yes or no, so please vote yes to alleviate the impact on future budgeting. More important is the BOE member vote. For those interested, the RCS Teachers Association is supporting McFerran, Sylvester and DeLuca. They are # 4,5 and 6 on the ballot. We believe they provide the best opportunity for a focus on education.”

After the election the election results: “Budget defeated; buses defeated; Robbins, Lukens, Kryzykowski elected:: My [Matt Miller’s] opinion that this is a sad day for education at RCS.”

Yeah, Matt. Special interests lost, immorality booted out, and democracy and the voters speak. A really “sad day” for education at RCS. Note that all of the candidates supported by the RCS CSD teachers association LOST! Doesn’t that say something for the public’s confidence in Miller and his special interest group?

Yup! Put your $$$ where your mouth is!

On the subject of bullying, which we saw conspicuously in the teachers association and the teachers time and again, Mr L. Polyak made some very poignant statements on the subject of bullying and taxation: Bullying: Taxpayer property owners are bullied into paying taxes by people who are not property owners, but receive the benefits without the obligations. Mr Polyak suggests rerouting school buses for efficiency. Why can’t the cement plant–who is receiving tax breaks–put in sidewalks to allow children to walk to school. Why not open the RCS pool to the YMCA for administration; this could save a great deal of money. State wants to merge school districts to county organizations. So far, that’s the only constructiveness I have heard from the public statements, apart from pleas from residents and businesspersons to show some respect for the board and to be grateful.

Mr Polyak made another fine point: If the budget doesn’t make the budget within 2% the district will be fined! It was in the past to the tune of $500,000! So the reality is: It appears the RCS CSD cannot afford the current budget increases; the alternative is to cut and slim down. This could, as E. Smith mentioned, result in loss of programs and school closures, letting teachers go (they now scream at having 15-20 children in the classes! In my day there were 30+ and we still did extremely well! We were willing to learn and the teachers were willing to teach and sacrifice for the privilege!).




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* Bartlett did not run for a BoE seat.


Real Bullying at School is By the Teachers

The Real Bullying at School is by the Teachers and the Teachers Union/Association. Thanks to An Ignorant Voting Public, They’ve Stuffed the BoE with their Retirees and their Spouses. The Non-Teachers on the BoE haven’t got a Prayer.

What the Teachers Want the Teachers Get…And You Pay for It!

Should your sacrifices go straight to the teachers' bellies?

Facts: 50% of the RCS Board of Education is made up of individuals with special-interest connections!

  • 2 BoE members are teachers
  • 2 BoE members have spouses who are teachers

Does anyone besides me smell a potential conflict of interest or abuse of authority, ethical conflict in this situation?

It’s really disgusting to see the board of education bullied by the teachers and the teachers greed in action! “Pay me now and pay me later!” seems to be the local teachers’ mantra as they flood the meeting room, and put on their sad faces, crying: “I get emotional about this (M. Miller).” [I’ll bet he does! Giddy is a better word!!] “I really don’t know what to say!” (the teacher whose husband just got tenure and who had to be phoned to get her to the meeing. “Ms Apologies” sitting to the president’s left, and who’s expecting to become a teacher! She’s keeping her bread heavily buttered.).

It make one want to vomit to hear them talking about their school loans they needed to take out to become teachers and have to pay back. What?!? Just them? I just finished a master’s in divinity (M.Div.); The minimum credits for a M.Div. is 75 credit hours, I did 90 (some schools/seminaries require more than 100!) The M.A. for teachers is a mere 24-30 hours. What the hell are they complaining about? Almost everyone attending college in the USA is saddled with student loans, not just the “poor” teachers! Funny how in this country the only ones crying poverty are the rich and the teachers! And they come out with salaries way above the average with very generous benefits and bullying power, too! (Just look at the RCS teachers association).

Then there’s the teacher who addressed the RCS BoE and the public complaining that she and her husband are teachers and property owners in the district; that they’ll get hit twice with the pay freeze…but she cleverly neglects to note that they get two paychecks from the district!

You really need to listen to the stories these conivers are feeding the district residents to believe they’re really saying it. Belongs on pay-per-view but for adults only. I’d hate to expose the children to such deviance but Hey!parents are putting their children under these perv’s influence every school day! What’s up?

Matt Miller, President of the RCS Teachers Association.

Miller teaches advanced deception at RCS.

Kewl, fashionable, stuck-in-midlife-adolescence Matt Miller was supposed to have met with the superintendent at 4 p.m. prior to the BoE meeting with the teachers association proposal. Miller showed up and presented the BoE with the teachers association proposal 2 minutes to 7 p.m. while the board was in executive session. Note: The public proceedings start at 7 p.m. How is it possible that the president of the teachers association presumes to submit a proposal and have that proposal adequately discussed when he submits it at the 11th hour! That’s outrageously irresponsible and unprofessional. To then make the impression on the public that the Board is being unfair in not accepting it is outright dishonest and is playing the voting and taxpaying public for fools! Shame on Mr Miller, shame on the teachers association, and shame on the teachers for allowing this charade and fraud.

If Matt Miller’s representation of the teachers association is representative of the teachers themselves they are a despicable, self-serving, hypocritical group who do one thing through the teachers association and their representative Matt Miller and talk a different talk when at the podium. Either that’s fact or Matt Miller is a snake. [Over the past couple of weeks of reviewing him on tape, we opt for the latter.]

The facts: The proposal is that from July 1, 2012, and for five months the teachers will have a pay freeze (no increases), then 1.5% increas for the remaining year, and in 2013-14 a 1.5% pay increase (3 sick days can be transferred to personalleave (they now have 2 days personal leave)).
In the period 2014-16 (two years) teachers are guaranteed a 2.5% pay increase. (If the budget is not passed, this all doesn’t happen; it’s null and void.)

The total savings would be about $130,000, and would bring the budget increase down from 7.3 to 6.8%, which can be used to offset the tax levy but not by a substantial amount.

The teachers presented any number of misleading scenarios and should be ashamed of themselves.

Here’s a little game: Guess which ones are the teachers/former teachers/spouses of teachers:

[Editor’s Note: We are paraphraseing/summarizing the remarks. The members’ exact words can be heard in the online video recording online and available at 17APRIL12BOE.]

BoE Member: ‘Just received the final draft of partial pay freeze, amount of savings received will not outweigh the costs to the district if the 8 conditions are followed. A full-year pay freeze would have been nice. I will not be supporting the proposal. I don’t think it sendas agood message wehn it sends the message of future increases when we’re asking so much form our taxpayers.’

BoE Member: I support the pay freeze, they don’t have to offer up anything…it was an offer…that would have helped. We were hoping to get a total pay freeze from al lthe units. The most highly paid unit is offering only a partial pay freeze when the others couldn’t possibly affort that.’

BoE Member: It is not a full pay freeze it is a partial pay freeze. In these hard times everyone should have to step up. I will not support the partial pay freeze.”

BoE Member:  “I don’t agree with the partial pay freeze and i don’t agree with giving it to us at the last minute, basically hanging it on us. I don’t believe it is enough and it won’t solve our problems at all. I won’t be supporting it.

BoE Member:  “I will be supporting the partial pay freeze. I feel it is a fair proposal. What the teachers have proposed is fair and progressive and should be passed. I applaud the teachers association for stepping forward with at least a plan.” [Whalen misses the fact that the teachers are giving up a part in exchange for future increases!]

BoE Member: “I agree with the pay freeze I agree with anything that people are willing to give back, especially if they don’t have to. I would be grateful for anything anybody will give.” [Mr Engels has a lot to learn about making tough decisions; his position is simply laying down and rolling over; its passive management and a management style for losers!]

[Editor’s Note: So many of the speakers are asking for guarantees, certainty of the Board. What we don’t understand is the total disconnection with reality of so many of the speakers; they appear not to be living in a real world. They are consistently asking for guarantees and certainty. We’re at a loss! It’s incredible to listen to these people.]

Local Resident:  (so-called treasurer of the controvertial RCS Sports Association; his wife is a teacher):  Budget comment. Savings and achieving savings so that services are not affected. Referring to the the 11th hour partial payfreeze, accuses the board of rejecting a savings of $300,000 savings [Editor’s Note: His math is a bit off.]  Teachers are evil, want money, highest paid unit. Nothing to do with me personally (Gotcha! Billy boy! Your wife is a teacher! Or didn’t you know that?). Admits that he does not know the terms or the conditions attached to the proposal (Then sit down and shut up until you have the information!) It might not have been as much as we wanted but we turned it down. I’m saddened by that.

Local Resident: I have to echo Bill McFerran’s remarks. Truly disappointed that the offer was rejected. [Brown obviously does not want to admit knowing that the RCS teachers association president submitted the proposal minutes before the public meeting!]  But she does mention the $10K paid to teachers association president Matt Miller in addtion to his teacher’s salary, stating that the meetings discuss that when there are other savings to be made. Is Partridge-Brown defending her friend Miller’s double-dipping and suggesting that it shoud be simply overlooked? Not questioned? Sorry, $10K is $10K; it aint chicken feed, in other words.

Local Resident/Businessperson: There were conditions associated with the TA proposal. What were those conditions? (No-one knew!) It appears that those conditions were a determinant factor in the Board’s acceptance of the proposal. Very disappointed that there were conditions attached to the proposal by the teacher’s union. All the unions have not stepped forward with a solid proposal that would make a real difference. Whether the support is coming from state or federal, it’s still money coming from taxpayers. Very disappointed that people have not come forward with solid proposals. If the budget does not pass there should be cuts in teachers, support staff, and administration. Students should be given the credit for being able to learn in a class with 15 students and with 30 students, it shouldn’t matter, they can learn.

Matt Miller: Yeah! This is the same Matt Miller who pops the proposal on the board 2 minutes before the public session. He whines: ‘No other way to say it but “Unreal.”‘ [It’s “unreal” alright; unreal how he gets away with his conspiracies!] Healthcare copays have increased (so have mine!). We got our people to do the right thing. The conditions,” My contract, I wrote the thing.” It lessens the impact on my people but gives the district relief next year. The conditions are not, I feel, too stringent. Miller is about money, money, money! The conditions didn’t have anything to doe with costing the district anything [We should hope not! It was supposed to save the district money]. The conditions were to save jobs w/o increasing the tax levy.

Jesse Newman: I know that there are a lot of differences and conflicts on the board. I thought you guys made some very tough decisions. I’m amazed…it seems like a slap in the face to the teachers…(Does he know what he’s talking about? Nobody knows about the proposal or the conditions! But he’s lambasting the board.). These teachers did a good thing. (How the hell can he say so?!?).

R.J. Esposito: Very disappointed. You asked for s.t. you didn’t get what you wanted but they met you half way. A lot of people don’t agree what to cut so they cut everything; they need to be explained to that once the things are gone they are gone. They are not coming back next year. They need to pass this budget. Can you explain what happens next year. [The superintendent explains that is what she’s going to be doing…she will be addressing PTA groups on the subject. If looking at a 0% we might be looking at school closures or full-day kindergarten to halfday, etc.]]

Melanie Potter (special-ed teacher): “I’m a bit upset. I’m a parent and I know parents and I know business owners in this district. Bare-bones services.”
In the real world there are millions who are homeless, jobless, paying back student loans, unable to afford healthcare or insurance, and making nothing or next-to-nothing, and paying taxes, including school taxes. It is scandalous to hear one highly paid group, the teachers, crying the blues and putting on an act as if they were being mistreated. 

When are you going to wake up?!?

Residents, Taxpayers, Everyone: Wake up! Vote down the budget proposal. It’s the only real alternative. Spend, Spend, Spend! Pay, Pay, Pay! Is simply not going to work. Cuts have to be made. Sacrifices, real sacrifices, have to be made; not sacrifices tied to conditions like the teachers association is trying to force down the board’s throat at YOUR expense. Shame on the teachers! But shame on you, too, for allowing them to do what they are doing!

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What They Don’t Know Might Hurt Them

Could this be happening here, in your backyard? Parent! Beware! Be informed about state and federal school programs (Don’t ask Matt Miller, though!) Schools Infringing on Parents’ Rights, and Doing It Secretly 

In an article published in Zenit by Rebecca Oas, PhD (Washington, D.C., April18, 2012),

she reports that in 2010, an article appeared in the UK newspaper The Telegraph reacting to a proposal to cut government funding for a certain beverage in schools. The author made the argument that the drink might be “doing more harm than good” and cited “negative side effects,” while noting that his viewpoint was heard relatively rarely in comparison to the large industry which vigorously promoted its product through advertising and with the support of government subsidies. The substance in question was milk, which would seem on the surface to be more innocuous than those fearsome beverages that have also come under fire for being available in schools in recent years, soft drinks. 

While the role of government in regulating access to these beverages in schools has varied from place to place, it can’t be disputed that a key factor influencing school policies is the input of parents.

Wotz next? Study hall cocktails laced with the pill?

A 2005 survey found that parents of adolescents had strong opinions regarding nutrition in schools, and urged health professionals in school settings to work with parents in promoting good nutrition in schools. While it may not be practical or even possible for a parent to monitor everything a child consumes while at school, this fact reflects only that substances like soft drinks are widely available, and not subject to restrictions under the law. There’s no excuse for parents are not expressly prohibited from knowing their children’s dietary habits by not being aware of what goes on in schools, neither the school or the government has any right to prohibit a parent’s demand for information. 

But here’s the real shocker: Dr Oas writes, “However, while parents’ input may be welcomed with regard to students’ intake of sugar, substances available only by prescription are being distributed to students at school-based clinics without their parents’ knowledge or consent. Recent reports from both the US and the UK reveal that students are receiving oral and implanted contraceptives while on school property, through government-funded initiatives.”

Is this happening at school?

A story aired on National Public Radio in March, discussing a provision of the new health care law that increases funding for school-based health centers, which exist to treat sick students, but which are also widely used to distribute condoms and oral contraceptives to students. The story focused on one such clinic located in California, where, according to state law, students older than 12 years of age can legally obtain prescribed contraceptives without their parents’ knowledge or permission. [Editor’s Note: 21 states explicitly allow minors to give consent to contraceptive services, meaning that parental consent, and consequently, knowledge, is not required.] This reflects an international trend. [For school implanation of contraceptives, please see the entire article.] Just as in the US, the contraception initiative in the UK was supported by a government effort to reduce teenage pregnancy.

These published news stories point to another key issue: the duties of parents and the larger society toward children, including older minors still under their parents’ legal guardianship.

It is worthwhile to note that the controversy regarding milk distribution in schools was in reference to children five and under, and the distribution of contraceptives is occurring among minors 13 and older. Clearly, society recognizes that personal responsibility increases as a child becomes more capable of making his or her own decisions, as evidenced by the fact that minors can be held liable for criminal activity. In the US, a parent or guardian must not only give consent, but must physically accompany a minor under 17 who wishes to go to a movie with a “Restricted” rating. It would seem that government regulations are frequently willing to defer to the wishes of parents with regard to the health and well-being of their children – except where their reproductive capability is concerned.

Nevertheless, parents who entrust their children to educational institutions rightly have concerns regarding their children’s exposure and access to many things on school grounds, from substances such as soft drinks or contraceptive pills to controversial curricula, to the influence of questionable teachers. That this access frequently occurs without the parents’ knowledge and is disturbing to many informed parents, but that such information is deliberately being kept from them constitutes a dangerous shift in the role of the parent and the local, state, and federal institutions making decisions relating to children in schools “in safeguarding the well-being of those who are not yet legally adults.”


To read or download the entire article, click here: What They Don’t Know Might Hurt Them.

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