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Burn Your Baptismal Certificate Protest!

We call upon all Roman Catholics and their Christian brothers and sisters to join us in a ceremonial protest against the signing into law of the most hideous licence to kill newborn babies provided by the Demon-crats’ and Andrew Cuomo’s so-called Reproductive Health Act.

Being baptized into the community of Christians standing by when government murders babies is not what I was led to believe in Holy Scripture. It’s nothing more than a scrap of asswipe.

In January 2019, New York governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the most gruesome abortion legislation to date: The Reproductive Health Act.became the most horrific piece of legislation in the history of the state and the country when it became law allowing full-term babies, newborns to be killed if they survive an abortion procedure. This is a monumental embarrassment perpetrated by liberal Democrats, monsters in women-suits, ball-less cowardly clergy, and heartless sluts.

Any bishop or cardinal who doesn’t come out with the big guns has no balls! Yeah! That’s you Scharfenberger and Dolan!!!

“Agonizing Wait” to Adopt CHINESE Babies (While New York is Murdering Our Own)

Just recently, USA Today and other newspapers and magazines pulled on America’s heartstrings when they reported the “agonizing” wait of American couples waiting to adopt Chinese babies!!!! In New York we murder our newborns and Amercian couples are lamenting that they have to wait to get a Chinese baby to adopt. You can’t make this shit up, people. What has this country become??? We import just about everthing we have from China from blue jeans to chickens, from drugs to coronavirus, now we murder our babies and import Chinese babies. Hey! This is fact. It’s been in the news for months. Where have you been?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
.This man’s less than an animal. He’s ugly through and through!

It’s time for a serious sit-down talk and some activist protest. Peaceful of course. I call upon all Roman Catholics and their Christian brothers and sisters to join us on a date to be announced, probably closer to Easter Sunday, when we will meet at a prominent location in Albany, NY, to ceremonially burn Baptismal Certificates — mine will be the first to go — in protest of the poor leadership provided by clergy of all traditions and faiths, by not standing up for what is morally and humanely right. Cuomo has to be stopped.

The Church leaders who just write letters without getting forceful from the pulpet, in legislative chambers, on the street, and in the voting booths have to be told that we, as Catholics and Christians, as Jews and Muslims, are fed up with the double-talk about saving children on the one hand and murdering them on the other hand. Animals show more humanity than American women and legislators. Certainly more humanity than that heathen devil Andrew “Armageddon” Cuomo and his satanist brethren, Hillary “Satan” Clinton.

Sarah Weddington, lawyer.
This dried up hag was in back of Roe v. Wade, which started this mudslide of abortion!

Sarah Weddington — what’s “wedding” doing in this witch’s name, anyway? —In 1967, during her third year of law school, Weddington conceived with her lover Ron Weddington and travelled to Mexico for an illegal abortion. She received her J.D. that same year, graduating in the top quarter of her class. From 1968 to 1974, she was married to Weddington. Lasted as long as it took to get pregnant, kill the baby, and move on. That’s a licensed law professional who is allowed to teach law. No wonder this country is in such a mess!

Cuomo ordered public buildings in New York City to be lighted up in pink to celebrate the passage of the law allowing newborns to be murdered, abortions to be done up to 40 weeks (past full-term), and allowing non-physicians to perform the abortions!

Timothy Cardinal Dolan, archbishop of New York City, was interviewed. He made some points in a wishy-washy way but avoided any real steps that should be taken against so-called Roman Catholic Andrew Cuomo. Get some balls, Timmy!

An Aborted Baby.

Special thanks go to Andrew Cuomo, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Weddington, Edward Scharfenberger, Timothy Dolan, and the New York State Legislature.

It’s an election year, people. Remember this shame on Election Day!

There’s more shame to come in upcoming exposés:

  1. The Capital District YMCA:  In August they slashed the Veterans discount and never restored it. That increased some veterans’ monthly dues by 50%!!! We reported on that stupidity and followed up. We’re here to Name and Shame the Capital District Y. The non-profit, non-charity, that pays no taxes but hoards tens of millions in assets in the Capital District. Your property taxes are due! The YMCA pays no taxes! The YMCA pays no property (= 0 school taxes). The Capital District YMCA has almost $40 million in property assets in the greater Capital District! Is this fair? NO! It’s an abuse and the government allows it. So pay your property taxes sheeple!
  2. The Coeymans Police are on the spot AGAIN. Remember the Poopsenders incident where some model Coeymans citizen sent up to 6 local residents packages of animal shit through the US Postal Service. Well, at the January 2020 Coeymans Town Board Meeting, the meeting where Daniel Contento couldn’t answer some hard questions like: “Is the Coeymans PD a training unit?” or “What’s the Coeymans PD budget amount?” Well, one local resident appealed to Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple to see justice done. To his credit he put a Sheriff’s Department Criminal Investigator on the case. Just wait till you hear what she has to say about the Coeymans PD!!!

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Climate Action Film Festival Albany Debut

The host, SunCommon, is pleased to announce a showing of the Climate Action Film Festival in Albany, NY in partnership with Community Advocates for a Sustainable Environment. In its Capital District premiere, these environmental films will be shown at the

Spectrum Theater in Albany, NY on March 4 from 7-9 pm.

Single-night Event Featuring a 90-minute Presentation of
Ten Short Films from Around the World

The first festival of its kind exclusively featuring storytelling around solutions, rather than simply the impacts of climate change, the Climate Action Film Fest is a touring, single-night event featuring a 90-minute presentation of ten short films from around the world (225 films were pre-screened). Step away from the doom and gloom we know too well and move to a place of hope, inspiration and ACTION.

For tickets, visit: Event Tickets

For perhaps the first time in one’s life, one will be able to view enlightening, engaging and encouraging films about climate change all in one sitting. Enjoy being with kindred souls and take part in lively discussions after these films.

Seating is limited on a first come, first served basis. To date, the first three similar “marque” events have sold out in advance, so consider reserving tickets quickly. All proceeds from screenings are donated to aid local climate change activities.

$10-$20 is a suggested donation, but no one will be turned away.

Words Have Power, directed by Lynne Cherry …

One of the films being featured in this inaugural lineup, is Words Have Power, directed by Lynne Cherry, founder of Young Voices for the Planet, best-selling children’s author and currently a visiting scholar at the Benjamin Center at SUNY-New Paltz. Words Have Power features 10-year-old Jaysa Mellers, a girl on the front lines of climate change who stands up to a power plant – and wins. Her dynamic speeches at rallies and City Hall catalyze her community to fight the coal-fired power plant that causes her asthma, and together they shut it down.

One-night Debut at the Spectrum Theater in Albany, NY on March 4 from 7-9 pm.

For more information on this important event visit:

Climate Action Film Fest comes to Upstate Films

The New Climate Action Film Festival Focuses on Solutions

First Annual Climate Action Film Festival

Visit the “Events” page on Facebook & share with your friends! Click here.