The Joshua Abood Case: A Supplement – Secrecy, In-Clubs, Indifference. Your Right to Know.

As expected, the New York State Police Public Information Office, true to the general impression of aloofness and arrogance of so-called law enforcement, responded to our request regarding the relationship of the two Burns at Troop G … short and sweet:

We are under no obligation to provide personal information about State Police employees.

And then they turn around and ask the public for their cooperation in doing their police work — if and when they feel like doing it. Your tax dollars at work.

The Smalbany Blog was created several years ago to come to the aid of a local resident who was elected to the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District Board of Education, and who was being harassed and intimidated by local political goons both on the board and in the local rag. The Truth was not being told and the goons and their goon-owned local rag were having a hey-day. Enough was enough. Someone had to come forward and provide truthful information. The public deserved it. As time went on, local politics got dirtier and dirtier; locals allowed it because of years of conditioning, propaganda, intimidation, and abuse of public office. The conditioning continues and the public becomes more and more deranged and distracted, and the powers at large take fullest advantage of the situation. The best we can do is send the old wake-up call, and hope people, voters, citizens, and victims and their survivors take up the fight; only they, YOU, can be catalysts for justice and positive change. Elected officials, and public servants must be made and held accountable.You need our help but we also need your help. Together we can make the difference.

Standing Together. Supporting Each Other.

We can certainly understand that when law enforcement is actively and conscientiously investigating a crime and are in hot pursuit of the perps, that they need to keep a lid on things, and not share material information that might prejudice the investigation or subsequent prosecution. Criminals are a wily bunch and if you’re going to nab them, you either have to be smarter than they are — rarely the case in most law-enforcement departments —, or you have to have some secret weapon like an informer or under-cover agent, or you have to work in stealth mode. Problem is, most law-enforcement can’t tell the difference between any of those and simply keeping information from citizens with a bona-fide right or reason to know. We’ve all had the experience of having some arrogant, self-important law-enforcement person ask us why we need to know, or being told flatly that they won’t provide the information requested. “Why do you want that police report or incident report?” Answer: “None of your damned business. Because I want it.” Did you ever think of putting them in their place? Reminding them that they are public servants, not the keepers of some mystical secret? Most of what you’re asking for is public access information, anyway. The NYS Public Officers Law and Freedom of Information Law, with a few very specific exclusions, make most documents and information available to you, even if most law-enforcement personnel are too ignorant to know that, or too arrogant to respond to your request.  Just ask for the name of the F.O.I.L. Officer‘s or Public Information Officer‘s name, and hand them a demand citing New York state PUBLIC OFFICERS LAW, ARTICLE 6 SECTIONS 84-90 FREEDOM OF INFORMATION LAW (F.O.I.L.) (N.Y. Pub. Off. Law Secs. 84 to 99) and tell them clearly and specifically what you want. It can be that simple.

Here’s an example. In the Joshua Abood case, the family approached the Cohoes Police Department for information relating to reward flyers being torn down. They got a snotty response, or were ignored. Nothing else.

Now, in good police work, we’d expect the Cohoes Police Department to know their neighborhoods and what’s going on in them. Right Chief Waldin?  If they were doing their jobs, they’d have their “ears to the ground,” and be able to pick up on hints and clues that may be important to an ongoing investigation. Right? Furthermore, if an incident occurs in their territory, regardless of whether the real estate is State or Federal property, they should open their doors wide and share every bit of information with other agencies, including the New York State Police and the Feds, even if they are not asked. Right? And the State and Federal law-enforcement people and the investigators should tap into local resources, like local law-enforcement, because local law enforcement can be reasonably expected to know a hell of a lot about what’s going on locally. Right? Well, that’s not being done. Everyone wants to play nice-nice; it’s a big love-fest, after all, isn’t it? “It’s their case. We can’t interfere unless we’re asked.” Really? What a load of rubbish! A stinking pile of manure!

Looks like NYSP Investigator Thomas Burns is onto something.
Question is: Does he know it?

Well, it might make sense to the rest of us but it’s an uphill battle in many cases, until you start to read their keepers and handlers the riot act. Cat hits the fan and they pull their thumbs out of their butts. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Here’s another idiotic example:

Red Flags and Caution!

If you’ve been following this case, you’ll know that the New York State Police Investigator on the case is one Thomas Burns — you’ll learn a lot more about him in an upcoming segment. Fasten your seatbelt, it’s taking off. He’s assigned to Troop G, New York State Police in Latham, New York, and his boss is acting Major R. Christopher West. The Public Information Officer for Troop G is one Trooper Kerra M. Burns. So, logically, when researching and investigating this case this coincidence, possible conflict, raises red flags automatically: Investigator Thomas Burns, Public Information Officer Kerra Burns, both Troop G. Are they related? Husband and wife, perhaps?

(A) So we shoot off an email to the PIO, which reads:

For the attention of Trooper Kerra M. Burns.
Public Information Office
In the interest of avoiding any conflict of interest or confusion, can you please tell us if you are related to NYSP Investigator Thomas Burns, also assigned to NYSP Troop G.
Thank you for your prompt response.


(B) We receive this response from Troop G PIO, Trooper Kerra Burns:

I will be out on maternity leave for the next few months. Trooper Meghan Lohman will be sitting in for me beginning on September 14th. As of that date, she can be reached at 518-783-3284 or at If you need assistance before then, please contact the Division Public Information Office at 518-457-2180.

(C) We later get a response from the Troop G Public Information Office, Trooper Meghan Lohman, who is sitting in for Kerra Burns:

Good Morning,
Trooper Burns is out of the office on leave and will be returning at a later date.
Thank you,
Trooper Meghan K. Lohman

(D) So we ask:

Thank you for your response to our inquiry.
Can you or Major West tell us if there is a relationship between Trooper Kerra B. and Trooper T. Burns?

(E) And we get the response from the Troop G PIO:
9:55 AM
It is not appropriate for us to answer personal questions about Trooper Burns.

Are we missing something? In (B) above, Trooper Burns tells us she’s out on “maternity leave.” How f***ing personal can you get?Maternity leave!” And minutes later, from the same Troop, same office, we get an answer like (E), refusing to answer a general question because it’s inappropriate and personal. Twilight Zone AGAIN! Note that all the communications come from the official emails, and all responses come from the Troop G Public Information Office.

To be very honest, we tried to go the straight and narrow route and give Troop G the benefit of responding to a good faith question regarding a possible conflict of interests between an investigation and the information available from the Troop G PIO. All we wanted to know is if there is a relationship, that is, are the two troopers at Troop G with the last names Burns related, such as by marriage. Naturally, if they are, we would go through the main PIO for any information we need. Naturally, too, regardless of their relationship, you can bet your life that Trooper Meghan Lohman has already informed both Trooper Kerra Burns and Investigator Thomas Burns that Smalbany has been making inquiries.

This goes to the question of What’s there to hide? What’s the big secret? Are they married, or related, or not? Furthermore, there’s always the back door approach, which they force honest citizens with honest inquiries to take: either go to their bosses or go to available public information resources with the information we have. For example, Trooper K. Burns discloses shes on maternity leave. Any office of vital statistics can provide the public access information on births and deaths, and that information would have to show the names of the mother and father of any child born, as well as other “personal” information. And what about public access voter registration information. That would give names, addresses, and tons of other information. Then there are county tax assessment records, which list names and addresses and other information. In fact, if we were to file a F.O.I.L. demanding the information we are asking informally above, and even if the NYSP F.O.I.L. Officer were to deny our request, we are aware of decisions from the NYS Committee on Open Government (COOG), a division of the NYS Department of State, and NYS Supreme Court cases that state that if the information requested would be available from other public accessible information sources, as this one is, the information must be provided. It’s the law.

Now, in this case we are trying to play ball fairly but even we come up to a stonewalling situation when public servants, in this case a New York State Police Public Information Officer is poorly informed (1) about what her coworker is doing, (2) about her obligations to the public under NYS law, (3) and that her response is just plain ignorant.

To be very honest, the qualifications for getting into the ranks of the New York State Police are considerably higher than the requirements for getting on the Cohoes Police force or the Coeymans Police force but that doesn’t exclude the problem of arrogance and ignorance that is part and parcel of law enforcement, and generally of the public sector.

That’s just  some of the information for the benefit of our readers. It’s a real-life example of what’s going on in the lowest level of law enforcement to a very high level of law enforcement — from a rinky-dink local police department like the Cohoes PD and so many like it right up to the ranks of the paramilitary, elitist New York State Police. Wherever you go, they are just out of touch, somewhere in the Twilight Zone.

Blowing Smoke in the Twilight Zone

We will be getting back to the Joshua Abood case, and will provide more specifics and detail on the investigation and the weirdos investigating and making decisions in the case. Stay tunde for the upcoming segments of this investigation.

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You can’t make this sh*t up!
This is the Twilight Zone!
( NYS Assemblyman John T. McDonald III )

Acknowledgement: Some of the information about the resignation of Ben Sturges and the appointment of his brother, Antonio Sturges, was extracted from the Albany Times Union article, Former coroner’s brother to fill vacancy in Albany County office (TU, Amanda Fries, March 12, 2019)

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The Joshua Abood Case: Segment 1 – The Politics & Questions

A 22 year-old man is found floating face down in shallow water in Peebles Island Park, an island preserve between the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers, in Albany County. New York State Police Investigator Thomas Burns, the Cohoes Police Department, Bernard Ng, acting as coroner’s pathologist, and part-time coroner Antonio Sturges, the Albany County DA P. David Soares, an Albany County Court judge Andra L. Ackerman, as well as numerous others involved in the investigation, have once again proved that Albany County does cover-up best. It’s an accident if no one is watching or following the case — that’s the default determination by New York State Forensic Investigator Thomas Burns, Bernard T.  Ng, Cohoes Police, and the Albany County DA. But a lot of people are watching this very closely. It’s not going to go away the incompetence is punished or the cover-up exposed and prosecuted.

Joshua Abood & Matilda Cuomo
“Celebrate States First Mentoring Program –  Albany County Court Judge Ackerman’s U-CAN”
Times Union Report

Hindus believe that human civilization degenerates the Kali Yuga, or the Age of Darkness. The characteristics of the Kālī Yuga are moral and ethical bankruptcy, mindless hedonism, breakdown of all social structure, greed and materialism, unrestricted egotism, afflictions and maladies of mind and body. Much of what we see today happening in the world around us leaves no doubt that we are in the Kālī Yuga. The circumstances surrounding Joshua Aaron-Thorne Abood’s death, and the many inaccuracies, flaws, the incompetence, indifference, and abject ignorance surrounding the investigation leave no doubt in our minds that we are deep in the Age of Darkness.

Thomas Burns
NYSP Investigator
Claims to be “very busy.” Does that mean too busy?

We don’t doubt for a quantum minute that the involvement of an Albany County Court Judge, Andra Ackerman (Dem), her pet program for at-risk young people, U-CAN, which has been expanded statewide, a New York State Assemblyman, John T. McDonald III (Dem), want to keep this case under wraps until after November. Of course, the members of Andrew Cuomo’s (Dem) private militia, the New York State Police and NYSP Investigator, Thomas Burns, a career-man, doesn’t want to rock his boss’s boat in any way whatsoever.

Burns claims that he is “very busy,” as a NYSP death investigator. What exactly does that mean? Is busy doing a job but too busy to do his job right?

Then we have Bernard NG and the Albany County Coroner’s office and their typical Albany County political machine nepotism at work. If you search this site for our coverage of the Riley Kern case, you’ll find Ng mentioned. Some things never change, like incompetence.

Not only does Albany County have the dubious distinction of being one of the few counties to still have the obsolete, antiquated, and corrupt Office of the Coroner, which has been the subject of extensive criticism on all levels in recent years, but that office is populated by a group of local funeral directors. We’ve already lambasted the Albany County Coroners in past exposés, but the Joshua Abood case points to some really questionable and egregious abuses not only of political power in Albany, but in abuse of public office in violating the public’s trust.

Ben Sturges
Antonio Sturges’ brother.

The Albany County Coroner “investigating” Joshua Abood’s death and signing his death certificate is none other than Antonio Sturges, the brother of Ben Sturges, a former Albany police officer, who was elected to be a coroner in 2017. If you’re not convinced that that’s not a waste of taxpayer money and an abuse of the election process, please tell me what is. Antonio Sturges provides “staff support” for Sturges Funeral & Cremation Services in Delmar. Antonio Sturges runs a diabetic supply business, and is not even a full-time home employee.

Ben Sturges, Antonio Sturges‘ brother, was told he had to resign from the Albany Police Department when he was elected to be one of Albany County’s four coroners; Sturges He was given an ultimatum – choose one of the two – and, naturally, it triggered outrage among his supporters in Albany, who argued he should be allowed to keep both jobs. No corruption here, is there?

Sturges quit his police job and now he’s quit his coroner’s job. Things got better in the Albany democratic political machine: “Shortly after the New Year, Ben Sturges resigned from the $20,000-a-year job (coroner)  to become a sergeant-at-arms for the state Senate, leaving the remaining three coroners to pick up the slack, Albany County Democratic Committee Chair Jack Flynn said.” Something stinks in Albany again — still — he resigns from the Albany Police Department to take a part-time coroner’s position, that pays a paltry $20K a year? Yeah! And Albany has pigs with wings! One just flew past my office window!

Ben Sturges leaves his elected coroner position and, leaves the other three ghouls to “pick up the slack.” Doesn’t your heart just bleed for them? But here’s where it gets typically Albany County: Antonio Sturges, Ben Sturges’ brother, is then appointed to the part-time position by the county Legislature. According to a Times Union report, A. Sturges, will be on the ballot this year to fill the remainder of the four-year term. We’ll be watching, Antonio!

Now you’d think that the guy who is in the position to officially determine the time of death, cause of death, and for identifying the person who has died would require some pretty hefty training and qualifications. Not in Albany. You just get appointed and, according to Antonio Sturges, “They needed someone that knew the job, and because I worked with the coroner for a year, I had the knowledge and experience to step in,” if you missed it, let me repeat his qualifications for the job, I mean apart from being the outgoing, ship-jumping coroner’s brother: “…I worked with the coroner for a year, I had the knowledge and experience to step in.” Damn! There goes that flying pig again!

With such impressive qualifications like nepotism, the right ethnicity, and political party, and 1 year experience working with a part-time coroner, Antonio Sturges was “qualified” to “electronically” [Do they mean “digitally”]  sign Joshua Abood’s death certificate, having prematurely and, judging by Sturges’ lack of qualifications, incompetently determined Joshua’s death to be “accidental” even before the New York State Police mock investigation had even gotten up its fake steam (the investigation as of this writing is “ongoing”).

We’d also like to add that although the Albany County Telephone Directory was last updated on 7/27/2020 11:09 AM, as of this writing it still lists Benjamin Sturges as a coroner; despite his appointment in March 2020, Antonio Sturges is not listed as a coroner in the County Directory.  The Office of the Albany County Coroner no longer has a web site, and no email addresses are given in the County Directory. So much for accessibility of public offices in Albany County.

Do you think that New York State Police Investigator Thomas Burns will have the balls to change Antonio Sturges’ determination of accidental death by drowning, and risk getting a black mark in front of his name? Time will tell.

Andra Ackerman (D)
Albany County Court Judge
U-CAN is her baby.

Now, do you think that New York State Police Investigator Thomas Burns is going to spoil Albany County Court Judge Andra Ackerman’s party by finding that one of her U-CAN program graduates was found dead under clearly suspicious circumstances in a NY State Park, Peebles Island Park, in the City of Cohoes? Or do you think that he’s going to risk mentioning that another of Ackerman’s grads, Giovanni Ortiz, was at the scene of the so-called incident, drinking and partying? Very unlikely, but then, time will tell.

Then there’s John T. McDonald III, New York State Senator for the 108th District, Cohoes, another Democrat in the Albany County Democratic machine. Thumbs up his butt, lips tight, it’s a contentious election year and so far a bunch of democrats stand to come out of this with a lot of egg on their faces. Do you think that John T. McDonald III is going to throw his Democratic cronies under the bus and demand justice or at least a convincing investigation of Joshua Abood’s death? If you do, have we got a bridge to sell you! Are you game?

Then there’s Bernard T. Ng, MD, who assists the Albany County Coroner’s Office, which is in Albany County, and who lists his office address as that of the Albany County Coroner’s Office on the Autopsy Report. But here’s something that bothers us just a little. He’s not even in Albany County.

Bernard Ng
Autopsies for Sale

Bernard Ng is a freelancer, a contractor who provides autopsy services for a fee to the Office of the Coroner. But here’s the problem: Bernard Ng describes himself on his LinkedIn profile page as:

“Experienced President with a demonstrated history of working in the medical practice industry. Skilled in Healthcare Consulting, Clinical Laboratory Management, Clinical Research, Medical Education, and Clinical Pathology. Strong business development professional with a M.B.A. focused in Healthcare Business Administration from University of Tennessee-Knoxville.” [Editor’s Note: Ng’s grammar, not ours!]

Ng also states that he is with the Pathology Department at Ellis Hospital in Schenectady, NY (Schenectady County), and that he is “President”at Schenectady Pathology Associates 1101 Nott Street, Schenectady, NY 12308 (Schenectady County).

Although Albany has a medical college — Albany Medical College—and medical center— Albany Medical Center — with complete pathology and autopsy services, Bernard Ng does his autopsies at Ellis Hospital in Schenectady. Bodies, including those of Riley Kern and Joshua Abood, and innumerable others, are transported from Albany to Schenectady, where Ng does what he claims is a “forensic autopsy,” but we beg to differ, unless of course, the copies of autopsy reports we receive are “summary reports,” which we doubt.

Autopsy Facility at Albany Medical Center
Why does Albany send their dead to Schenectady and Bernard Ng?

Why on earth does Albany County have to ship coroners’s cases to Schenectady County for autopsy by some character who runs a private pathology group and is on the staff of a Schenectady Hospital? Good question, right? We have a lot of really good questions.

[Editor’s Note: “The Albany county coroners work out of an office called the Albany County Medical Examiner & Coroner, described as being located in Albany, NY, and which keeps death records for individuals who passed away [=died, found dead, etc.] in Albany [County]. The Coroner and Medical Examiner determines a deceased person’s time and cause of death, often in the case of sudden or unexpected deaths.” This is an official statement that is misleading and incorrect. Albany County does not have a medical examiner; it has four part-time coroners! A “medical examiner” is a specially trained medical doctor, not a part-time funeral director or diabetic supplies salesman with 1 year experience!!!]

In a 2013 Times Union report, “The dead’s tab: $61,426. When a patient flown to Albany Med dies, Albany County pays for the autopsy” (Jordan Carleo-Evangelist Nov. 23, 2013). We have reported on this and other abuses in our articles on the Albany County Coroners’ Office, particularly Politics, Power, Patronage and Conflicts of Interest: The Albany County Coroners Office.)

Our consultant has reviewed Ng’s autopsy reports in both the Kern and the Abood cases and says that both are less than amateur; they are inaccurate, incomplete, and generally useless. Take that together with an incompetent coroner, who is a political puppet and has no experience, add to the mix a county judge with a personal project, a NYSP so-called death investigator who trips over himself with every statement he makes (recently admitted he hadn’t seen the autopsy report yet), a Democratic state assemblyman, a rinky-dink local city police department, two grads of the judge’s pet program violating the program mission they graduated from, one of them dead now, a suspicious death in a state park involving alcohol and an “altercation,” and a hired-gun pathologist who apparently can’t write a forensic autopsy report. Add to that mix, if it’s not toxic enough already, a handful of “investigators,” who apparently conduct a death investigation like a bunch of girl scouts on a cookie campaign! You really can’t make this sh*t up!

We’ll be covering each of the key persons mentioned above in more detail in upcoming segments. In addition, we have contacted Assemblyman John T. McDonald III to demand he respond to the family’s letter and follow-up. We’ll also be following up on NYSP Investigator Thomas Burns with the NYSP Public Affairs Office, his Troop G Commander Acting Major R. Christopher West, Trooper Kerra M. Burns. Troop G Public Information Office, and with the Internal Affairs Office. We intend to look more deeply into the Cohoes PD’s incompetence as well.

That’s just  some of the background — just the tip of the iceberg — of this case. It gets more Twilight Zone as we investigate further. We are going to go into more specifics and detail in the upcoming segments of this investigation.

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You can’t make this sh*t up!
This is the Twilight Zone!
( NYS Assemblyman John T. McDonald III )

Acknowledgement: Some of the information about the resignation of Ben Sturges and the appointment of his brother, Antonio Sturges, was extracted from the Albany Times Union article, Former coroner’s brother to fill vacancy in Albany County office (TU, Amanda Fries, March 12, 2019)

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Yet Another Young Man Dies. Police Botch Investigation.

A 22 year-old man is found floating face down in shallow water in Peebles Island Park, an island preserve between the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers, in Albany County. New York State Police, the Cohoes Police Department, Bernard Ng, acting as coroner’s pathologist, and part-time coroner Antonio Sturges, the Albany County DA P. David Soares, as well as numerous others involved in the investigation, have once again proved that Albany County does cover-up best. It’s an accident if no one is watching or following the case — that’s the default determination by New York State forensic investigators, Bernard Ng, Cohoes Police, and the Albany County DA.

Joshua Abood, 22 years old.
Found Dead in Peebles Island on June 10, 2020.

The Problem: Too many victim’s survivors trust or fear the police and don’t bother to question police investigations, pathologists, investigators, or pursue their loved-one’s death, thinking that what the so-called investigation determined, if there ever is an investigation, was correct. Or is their silence the silence of fear?

When you go to the circus you expect clowns; when you’re investigating what is likely a suspicious death, you don’t want to see a clown act. Well, in Albany County, it seems there’s little difference between a circus clown act and forensic investigation.

It’s a clown act!
Police Investigators, Coroner, Pathologist, and Albany County DA.

Can our situation in law enforcement and death investigation get any worse than it is in Albany County? Where there’s smoke there’s likely fire. If the deaths and the incompetence of coroners, pathologists, investigators, and the Office of the District Attorney and P. David Soares, Albany County DA, is as bad as it appears to be, something has to be done and done quickly!

About a year ago, we reported and followed up on the death of Riley Kern, a young man just days short of his 20th birthday. His life was cut short when a local member of the preferential treatment club, Travis D. Hagen, pulled out of the Sycamore Country Club, and Riley, riding his motorcycle, collided with the pickup truck entering Route 143 in the Town of Coeymans. That accident and Riley’s death was hushed, until we got wind of it. There was no report in the media. The police investigation headed by the Coeymans Police was a textbook example of lawlessness and incompetence. If it weren’t for this blog and a very persistent mother, the young man’s death would have been swept under the carpet, and forgotten. The perps, including Travis Hagen and the Coeymans Police Department, and others involved in the cover-up would have gone on with their useless lives as if nothing happened.

Riley Kern, 19 years old.
Coeymans PD botched the investigation.

Thanks to courage and persistence, Riley’s death has brought some very unwanted attention to Hagen, his golf tournament at the Sycamore (Lustgarten Foundation), the Town of Coeymans, the Town of Coeymans PD, the EMT first responders, and the Albany County DA. For them, according to information we received, the cat has hit the fan; the case has been filed in United States District Court and defendants will likely be served with a summons and complaint in the very near future, if not already..

The recent death of 22-year old Joshua Abood, found by a jogger face-down in shallow water in Peebles Island Park, in Cohoes, Albany County, is another recent death that has been brought to our attention by next of kin. Again, we’re looking at indifference and incompetence in public servants. Read Joshua’s obituary here.

Shoddy, NY State Police Investigators, Cohoes Police Department, Albany County Coroner Antonio Sturges, Pathologist Bernard Ng. VERY SHODDY!

Our advice to New York State Police Investigators, Cohoes Police Department, Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares is this: You’d better get your thumbs out of your anuses, and pick up the ball, and get something done in this case to convince all concerned that you are doing your jobs! Antonio Sturges is a DUDD and symptomatic of the dem political machine in Albany! Bernard NG is a LEECH! Both have to GO! Law enforcement should put this case on the front burner before the next segments appear. Bad press!!! Very bad press!! NYSP Public Affairs and Internal Affairs may not view this very positively.

Our investigations and review of the information provided to us, much of which is sensitive and confidential, indicates that New York State Police investigators aren’t very good at what they’re doing n this case. The Cohoes Police Department, like so many local rinky-dink, Keystone cops, are incompetent. The Albany County Office of the Coroner is a hive of incompetent funeral directors with too much time on their hands, and their lackeys — or their brothers, as in the case of Antonio Sturges, part time coroner finishing out his brother’s term (more on Antonio later) — and, again, Bernard Ng, who does fast-food autopsies for the Albany County Coroner’s Office, autopsies that a first year medical student would probably do better.

In this series of follow-up articles, we will be discussing each of these so-called investigators and how incompetent — or dishonest, or both they are. And we’ll be naming names, you can be certain of that.

They may be able to keep the Albany Times Union and other local news media silent but it won’t work with us. Stay with us. The first installment will be published shortly. You need to know about this. Your son or daughter, or even you might be the next one to get swept under the death-investigation carpet.

We’re sick of lame excuses!
We’re sick of cover-up!
We’re sick of incompetence!





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Albright’s Garage Permit Application Unanimously Approved

Local Business Prevails

In the face of outrageous challenges brought by R. Nolan of Nolan Propane (Ravena, NY), represented by “old-man balls” Michael Biscone, arch-shyster, (Ravena, NY), and supported by fake businessman, heir to the John Flach fortune, Aaron Flach, waffler par excellence, New Baltimore stands up for its own. Mr Randy Lent, operator of Albright’s Garage (more than 100 years in the Town of New Baltimore), prevailed. The New Baltimore Planning Board, under the chairmanship of Mr R. vanEtten, and co-chair Ms. AnnMarie Vadney, stood by the New Baltimore businessman, and his application for Special Use Permit was unanimously approved by the Planning Board.


Albrights prevails against the Coeymanazis. Puts an end to an alien monopoly out of Ravena, NY, Nolan Propane.

On the evening of September 10, 2020, there was standing room only at New Baltimore Town Hall, where, at 7:00 p.m., the New Baltimore Planning Board was to hear public comment on the Albright’s Garage application for a Special Use Permit to install a two-tank propane distribution site at their location at the junction of County Route 144 and US Route 9W in the Town of New Baltimore. The installation would create a new opportunity in the Town of New Baltimore and break a strangle-hold monopoly on delivery of propane gas in the Town of New Baltimore.

The Albright’s project is spearheaded by Mr Randy Lent, and was strongly opposed by R. Nolan, owner of Nolan Propane of Ravena New York, who was represented by one of the most hated and notorious of local lawyers, Michael J. Biscone. Nolan was also supported by Aaron Flach, heir to the late John Flach’s money and enterprises.

On September 10, New Baltimore sent three clowns Biscone, Nolan, and Flach back to Ravena-Coeymans!

The public comment part was opened by a local resident with a brief but scathing indictment of Biscone, Nolan, and Flach. Click Full Text Resident’s Comments to read the complete transcript of the resident’s remarks.

The public comment part of the meeting was anything but boring, that is, until long-winded M. Biscone took the podium, and recited a mudslide of bird-shot attempts to move the board. He was pitifully unsuccessful and had to retreat, old-man balls and all, to his corner where he kept his head down as much as possible. Nolan was seated at the back of the room, head down, probably wondering what he was doing there, except to be embarrassed and sent out on a rail.

No More Monopoly in New Baltimore!

Biscone’s performance was typical for the lying sack of Coeymans untreated sewerage that he is. He first presented letters, one of which was forged, and another of questionable origin. He claimed he represented several local residents, none of whom appeared at the meeting, saying that they were his clients. Again, his statements were shown to be phony.

Attorney George McHugh. Coeymans Town Supervisor with questionable motives and business connections.

Biscone ranted on, citing New Baltimore local law, but that was shot down. His last-ditch effort was to demand that restrictions be imposed on the permit, but that was shot down by Mr James Warren, CEO/President of Nat’l Bank of Coxsackie, who set the record straight contradicting Biscone’s every statement. Biscone’s response to the speaker: “I’m very disappointed in you, Mr Warren.” That’s probably what Nolan was thinking in the back of the room, “Mikey, I’m very disappointed in you.”

[Editor’s Note: It should be noted that Aaron Flach was supporting Nolan Propane but then promised to support Albright’s, but hid in a corner when it came to pubic comment. Flach is on the board of directors of the National Bank of Coxsackie, where James Warren is President/CEO. The National Bank of Coxsackie is financing the Albright’s Garage Project, which would explain Aaron Flach’s waffling, and attempts to play both sides. We don’t feel that sort of conduct is what we want to see in a man who is on the board of directors of a financial institution. Do you?]

Brendan Baynes, an exile from Biscone’s and George McHugh’s* captive and hostaged community , Ravena-Coeymans, representing Mr Lent and Albright’s Garage, clearly questioned the credibility of Biscone’s presentation as well as the authenticity of the statements Biscone submitted. The Board refused to hear any more of Biscone’s wretched attempts to mislead the public body on behalf of Nolan Propane.

It shouldn’t go unnoticed that both Biscone and McHugh have close ties with large business interests in the Town of Coeymans. In fact, one of McHugh’s first moves upon taking office was to abolish the Coeymans Town Planning Board, thus eliminating an important democratic process available to Coeymans residents and property owners. That move was no doubt made to benefit McHugh’s main clients, also catered for by Guess who? You got it, Michael Biscone!

  • * Editor’s Note: McHugh, an attorney in Ravena-Coeymans, was elected in a scandalous campaign in 2019 to be Coeymans Town Supervisor.

The Coeymanazi Thugs tried to muscle in on New Baltimore but were given the boot with no hesitation by residents and Planning Board alike!

The deal was sealed when the representative of the engineering firm hired to design and install the propane distribution facility took the podium, and explained in clear terms the extensive work that goes into such a facility, particularly safety and security provisions. His presentation concluded that Albright’s far-exceeded the safety and regulator requirements, and even made an offer to provide expert training for workers and fire department personnel at no charge.

The Board voted on the application and gave their unanimous approval of the permit application but not before Ms AnnMarie Vadney, in the interest of clearing any questions, read out each and every question presented by Biscone, and the board examined each to clear any questions. This was a brilliant move on the part of the Board, since it clearly demonstrated that the hearing and consideration given to Biscone and his presentations on behalf of Nolan Propane was more than thorough and fair.

Prior to moving to vote on the Application, the resolutions were read out in their entirety giving a complete history of the application and all New York State regulatory and oversight agencies’ approvals, including the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the New York State Department of Transportation, as well as approval by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Every Federal, State, County, and, of course, Town authority had no objection to the Application. Albright’s had more than complied with every regulation and requirement.

Needless to say, this was a catastrophic defeat for Michael Biscone and for Nolan Propane, who has lost his monopoly in the Town of New Baltimore, and stands to face quite a legal services bill from Biscone, who needs to support his expensive appetites, including the Biscone Bloodmobile, his precious Bentley, that is reputed to run on the blood of Biscone’s clients like R. Nolan and Nolan Propane.

Well Done! New Baltimore!!!



Full Text Resident’s Comments Albright’s Garage Permit Application

We have pleasure in publishing the full-text of a New Baltimore Resident’ H. Vadney’s public comment at the September 20, 2020, public meeting of the New Baltimore Planning Board, at which Mr R. Lent’s application on behalf of Albright’s Grarage, and a propane installation, was being considered.

Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board, Friends and Neighbors:

We’ve come out this evening out of concern for the welfare and integrity of our Town and its residents.

In the past, we have been faced with Coeymans sewerage floating downstream to land on New Baltimore shores; now it’s reached New Baltimore Town Hall. Coeymans, Biscone, Nolan, Flach do not dictate to New Baltimore what happens in New Baltimore. We reject importing the thuggery and corruption from our evil twin to the North, Coeymans. We even more strongly object to “fixtures” from that same group coming across county and town lines to insinuate themselves and interfere in New Baltimore’s internal affairs.

While New Baltimore is no stranger to corruption and special interests, neither is it a stranger to monopolies that adversely affect some of our most basic services including but not limited to telephone service, electrical power, Internet and cable television, and even government. Where we can cite monopolies in private sector, New Baltimore has distinguished itself in having monopoly in government where voters have no choice but to accept uncontested candidates for key offices.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a market economy and a representative democracy require competition, not monopolies.

If Mr. Lent were advocating a competitor for an existing New Baltimore established business, I would likely not be standing here today. But he is not. He is offering a needed New Baltimore competitor against vendors from outside this town and outside even this County. If only for that reason alone and in the interest of economic development in this Town, his application should receive the Board’s unanimous favorable consideration.

All other opposition and arguments should be moot, silenced, and set aside upon those considerations alone. To do anything less would be a betrayal of the residents and taxpayers in this Town, and that betrayal will certainly have consequences.

My sole concern in this matter is that the proposed project be subject to strict aesthetic requirements to avoid yet another commercial eyesore in New Baltimore, similar to the many we see on a day-to-day basis when driving through Ravena– Coeymans.

Thank you for your attention.

Mr Biscone, Mr Nolan, Mr Flach::
You’re outa here!



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Biscone, Nolan on the Run! Making Calls Asking for Support!

ALERT! Who does King Georgie McHugh work for in the Russian Federation? Someone has been searching this blog specifically for articles on George McHugh. What’s McHugh’s Russian Connection? Is it the drug kingpin Boris Alexei Jordan, the Russian CEO of Curaleaf canabis growers and who has intimate ties with Russia (Jordan still has a stake in Renaissance Insurance, a leading insurer in Russia); Curaleaf is  Carver Laraway’s marijuana-growing tenant at Coeymans Industrial Park? Interesting that someone in Russia is so interested in George McHugh. Maybe the Feds should be asking him Why? After all, this is an election year, isn’t it? Come on, Georgie, come clean. Who are your Russian friends? (Editor’s Note: Search this blog for our articles on McHugh’s connections with Russian Boris Jordan and the Curaleaf conspiracy! Better still, click the links below to go directly to the articles:

And George McHugh and his thugs are the ones Coeymany, New York, “elected” to safeguard their interests? DUH!!! Well, it might be too late to do anything now; just as he did in his one term back in 2001, he’ll put in one term and cash in on his setup while in office.

The story of Coeymans, NY.


Ravena Shyster Attorney Michael Biscone Calling New Baltimore Residents Asking for Support. What Nerve!

Biscone asks for support; NB residents refuse!

We’ve received information from several local New Baltimore Residents that Michael Biscone, the shyster representing Robert Nolan and Nolan Propane of Ravena, NY, has been making calls to New Baltimore residents, allegedly “clients” of Biscone, asking them for their support in Nolan’s opposition to Randy Lent’s (Albright’s Garage) application now pending before the Town of New Baltimore Planning Board. We have also received information indicating that several of those called have refused to support Nolan’s underhanded scheming with Biscone’s misguidance and representation.

If it wasn’t bad enough that Robert Nolan of Nolan Propane and Michael Biscone, Nolan’s attorney, had the balls to appear before the New Baltimore Planning Board asking the Board to deny Mr Randy Lent’s application to open a propane station in the Town of New Baltimore, this takes the cake! Michael Biscone, we are informed, has been contacting New Baltimore residents, allegedly clients of Biscone, asking them for their support in opposing Lent’s application. Apparently, several of those called have flatly refused to support Biscone and Nolan. New Baltimore shouldn’t expect anything less from is residents!

Michael Biscone sure has a pair of old man balls calling New Baltimore residents asking them to support Ravena’s Nolan!

If Rob van Etten has marshmallow balls when it comes to standing up and pushing back, Michael Biscone has a pair of big old-man’s balls calling our friends and neighbors asking them to betray New Baltimore and a New Baltimore business. Anyone in New Baltimore who does support Biscone and Nolan should be tarred and feathered, and run out of New Baltimore. Banned and shunned. Treated like the traitors they are if they turn their backs on their Town and their neighbots!!!

It’s obvious that Biscone and Nolan have a lot at stake in this conspiracy but they’ve gone scared now that New Baltimore residents are pushing back; Biscone and Nolan are desperate and are grasping at straws to keep themselves afloat. Well, it’s not going to work. New Baltiomore is sick of monopolies and sick of outsiders coming into OUR TOWN and taking advantage of our residents and neighbors. Defend your neighbors and local business in New Baltimore. Tell Biscone and Nolan to take a long walk off a short pier.


If you get a call from Biscone or Nolan, or hear of anyone else in New Baltimore getting calls from Biscone, Nolan, or Flach asking for support against Randy Lent and Albright’s Garage, we want to know about it. We want NAMES!

We say support Randy Lent’s application and once he’s up and running, cancel your accounts with Nolan Propane and support your local New Baltimore Business!

We’re wondering where the Town of New Baltimore Town Board stands on all of this sneaking around by Biscone and Nolan. Shouldn’t Supervisor Jeff Ruso and his so-called Deputy Supervisor Nick Dellisanti be taking a stand on this? Shouldn’t they be standing up for local New Baltimore business? Or are they in Biscone’s, Nolan’s, and Flach’s pockets like Planning Board chairman Rob van Etten seems to be? Here are the New Baltimore Town Board members’ and their contact information

Jeff Ruso, Supervisor Note: Ruso was NOT ELECTED, he ran unopposed and took office by default! No need for elections when you have only one candidate!
3809 CR 51
Hannacroix, NY 12087

Nick Dellisanti, Deputy Supervisor Note: Dellisanti was Supervisor before Ruso ran for his first term. They’re in bed together. Dellisanti is appointed by Ruso, NOT ELECTED, and has been deputy supervisor in both Ruso’s terms in office (the first term Ruso was elected; the second term he was not).

Pat Linger is the Greene County Legislator for New Baltimore and serves as chairman of the Town of New Baltimore Zoning Board of Appeals. So there is no excuse why he shouldn’t be well aware of Biscone’s and Nolan’s interference in New Baltimore. Where is he standing on these out-of-town invasions and interferences in New Baltimore business? Contact Linger as ask him what his position is on the Biscone-Nolan interference. You might also want to ask him about the vanEtten-Brandt connection and the apparent conflict of interest. Contact Linger at: or 518-496-8399

Rob van Etten, chairman of the New Baltimore Planning Board, was NOT ELECTED by NB voters,  he was appointed by Ruso and Dellisanti. Interesting connections here. Maybe Ruso and Dellisanti are in bed with Biscone, Nolan, Flach, and vanEtten?

Bill Boehlke NO CONTACT INFORMATION ON TOWN WEBSITE!!! You might call the Town Clerk ans ask why Boehlke cannot be contacted.

Chuck Irving (518)944-4782

Kelly Downes (518)396-9255

Shelly VanEtten CAUTION! This is Planning Board chairman Rob vanEttens wife! 518-756-3517

Send those three clowns Biscone, Nolan, and Flach back to Ravena-Coeymans!

Read our feature article on the outrageous interference by Michael Biscone and Robert Nolan in Town of New Baltimore’s business at: The Coeymans Thugs Invade New Baltimore. Resident: “Get outa here!”

Coming up Next:

CDYMCA – A Charity? No Way, José!

The Capital District YMCA – a fake charity hoarding more than $58 million in real-estate assets and paying no property taxes. Special treatment for a tax-exempt corporation too crooked to fail. Other tax-paying organizations are filing bankruptcy during CoVid-19, but when you have no obligations to the state, country, people, and you have huge assets to pay your oreo CEO J. David Brown more than $350K/year + benefits, And where are the member’s dues and the donations, the state and federal grants going? Well, first to pay the big salaries at the top, and then some may trickle down. It’s a SCAM and it’s called the Capital District YMCA! Time for state and federal tax and finance departments to chime in and do some justice for taxpayers.

J.David Brown Exec Dir CDYMCA, $350K+ a year..


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The Coeymans Thugs Invade New Baltimore. Resident: “Get outa here!”

A resident, Randy Lent, of the Town of New Baltimore is seeking approval to open a business in the Town of New Baltimore. His application is currently before the New Baltimore Planning Board, and Mr Lent’s application is being considered. The Town of New Baltimore is in Greene County, NY. How is it that Robert Nolan, Aaron Flach, and Michael Biscone of Ravena, in the Town of Coeymans (Albany County), are appearing before the New Baltimore Planning Board opposing a New Baltimore resident’s plan? What business do these well-known thugs and bullies from the Town of Coeymans and the Village of Ravena have pushing New Baltimore Planning Board chairman, Robert vanEtten around like the marshmallow he is? The Town of New Baltimore is a sovereign, municipality independent of Albany County, and particularly independent of the Town of Coeymans and the village of Ravena. New Baltimore can handle its own business, Thank you! New Baltimore doesn’t appreciate the interference of the Thug Squad from Coeymans, Biscone, Nolan, Flach, or McHugh. Furthermore, if the New Baltimore Planning Board chairman, Rob van Etten can’t keep his sights on New Baltimore and avoid his own business interests and pals in Coeymans, we think he should resign from the Board or, failing that, he should be fired by the New Baltimore Town Board, and replaced by someone who can do the job honestly and ethically. Now that would be a 180º turn for New Baltimore, wouldn’t it? Honestly and ethically? Now that would be news.

New Baltimore may be a little backward but some more evolved residents will not put up with the invasion of the Coeymanazies! One resident stood up and addressed the New Baltimore Planning Board at the public meeting on August 13, 2020, and, directing his no-nonsense comments straight to shyster attorney Michael Biscone of Ravena and his lapdog Robert Nolan with some pretty clear words:

“It’s not right that thugs from out of town are allowed to come to New Baltimore and tell New Baltimore what to do. Just because people think they have money…doesn’t mean they can come bully us in our town. If the Board is not able to push back, they need to be replaced.”

Residents came out in big numbers in support of local businessman Randy Lent of Albright’s Garage, a landmark historical business in the Town of New Baltimore and in Greene County. Residents spoke out against the unprecedented invasion of the so-called Coeymanazis, the thugs from the Town of Coeymans, and the Village of Ravena. The thugs’ mission: to bully the New Baltimore Planning Board, under the chairmanship of the marshmallow-fluff chairmanship of Robert Van Etten, owner of VanEtten Excavating, a well-known collaborator and business associate of the thugs. Van Ettan was recently accused of official misconduct (see below). Marshmallow-man vanEtten offered no resistance to the thugs — Why would he? Too much to lose if he does his job for New Baltimore and the residents of New Baltimore! That is, until the courageous New Baltimore resident and business owner stood up and put vanEtten, the Planing Board, Biscone, and Nolan, the in their kennel crates à la mode.

Resident puts two dogs, two mutts in one crate and ships them out.

The speaker went on to ask Mr Biscone, a known local shyster attorney operating in the Town of Coeymans and Ravena, asking Biscone, “Did  Nolan pay for your nice car?” He was referring to the local scandal that Biscone likes to drive his ostentatious and overdone Bentley around town like some juvenile with an expensive toy. Some locals call the Biscone Bentley the Biscone Bloodmobile, probably because his scurrilous and leechlike law practice paid for his toys with the blood and tears of local residents.

Biscone is a mercenary and would sell his mother — but not his Bentley — for a price. His loyalties are well known in the area and he’s a legal whore, professional harlot who would do anything for a buck. Now that his pal George McHugh is sitting in the Town of Coeymans Supervisor’s office buttering his coneys’ bread, Biscone is kissing Carver Laraway’s hairy butt (Carver Companies/Port of Coeymans) as counsel, a post George McHugh held before stepping down to run for Town Supervisor. More on that scandalous plan below.

Robert Nolan is another thug. Nolan runs a fuel business and has a basic monopoly in the region supplying propane gas to businesses and residences. He is opposing the New Baltimore resident’s plan to establish a propane distribution business in the Town of New Baltimore, apparently feeling that the NB resident might break Nolan’s strangle hold on the propane business in the region! Local consumers might have a choice; God forbid!

Michael Biscone of the Biscone Bloodmobile is Robert Nolan’s attorney. The question that raises its ugly head is this: Why is Nolan interfering in New Baltimore business, and why is he bringing in a shiftless, evil shyster like Michael Biscone? This isn’t the Town of Coeymans or the Village of Ravena, where they run and hide when the thugs appear. This is New Baltimore where we eat thugs for breakfast, and then deposit them properly by flushing in the local sewerage treatment plant.

New Baltimore Resident Tells them To Get Lost; Stay out of New Baltimore’s Business!

Editor’s Note: The Town of Coeymans (Albany County) and the Town of New Baltimore (Greene County) are pretty much one-horse towns. Local town governments grant franchises to local providers, who then suck residents dry because there’s no choice, no competition! The area is looted by a single telecommunications company State Telephone, cable services are provided by a single provider, MidHudson Cable, who regularly up rates and drop services, most recently discontinuing email services but not adjusting local residents’ and businesses’ bills to reflect the loss of service.Electrical power is supplied by a single company, Central Hudson. With no competition, the infrastructure is constantly failing. It’s Third World at best.

It gets better. Aaron Flach, local parasite so-called businessman, the guy who got seed money from his father, and now tries to make the impression he’s self-made. Flack would be sleeping under some bridge if his father, whose methods were not always the most ethical or honest, didn’t make the money that Flach boys later used to go into their businesses. Anyone who knows the local history and characters will laugh in Flach’s face if he were ever to try to say he made his money by the sweat of his brow!!! He’s a phony, and like Biscone and Nolan, is sucking the area dry. Flach is chairman of a local business association (surprised?), on the board of directors of a local bank (still surprised?), and is a member of the local Rotary Club. Don’t let the Rotary Club thing fool you; the local RC is a farce and a hotbed of hypocrisy and backstabbing; just another beaverly hillbilly country club.

The problem we see is that Robert Nolan — Yes! The same Nolan of Nolan Propane and the same Nolan bullying Robert vanEtten on the New Baltimore Planning Board — is also on the Town of Coeymans Planning Board/Board of Zoning Appeals. That’s an unusual name for the Town board that oversees development and land use, zoning, the comprehensive plan, and other matters in the Town. There’s a story of corruption behind that, too. Here’s what happened:

Coeymans Center for Un-American Activities

And Michael Biscone, Robert Norton, and Aaron Flach want to do the same for New Baltimore.
With a little help from their friends Rob vanEtten, Jeff Ruso, and Nick Dellisanti, they may succeed!


Say what you like about Phil Crandall and Tom Dolan and the Crandall Board, at least they didn’t have their hands up LaFargeHolcim’s and Carver Laraway’s butts up to their shoulders. At least Crandall and Dolan were unbeholden to big business and did not stand to profit by any official actions they took while in office. At keast Crandall and Dolan gave residents a voice in how the town was run and there was an independent Planning Board and a separate Zoning Board of Appeals. That can’t be said of George McHugh. What can be said about McHugh is that this is a replay of his last one-termer, and the scandal after his first term in office back in 2000-2001, when he set himself up to make big local real estate deals and remap Ravena-Coeymans to his advantage. And it can’t be said about McHugh’s current term, when he’s already taken steps to benefit his former clients, who will still be his clients when he leaves office, and they’ll be owing him big time. We’re watching and biding our time; we expect the Feds are, too.

Flag as flown at King Georgie’s Coeymans Town Hall.

In November 2019, after a scandalous and tumultuous local election, the Coeymans Town Hall became the Coeymans Center for Un-American Activities. With the election of local shyster attorney, Georgie Deflumer McHugh, backed by a number of local thugs calling themselves the Friends of Coeymans, but actually three local bullies, and with the glamour of two young, inexperienced local boys — pet puppies — George Deflumer McHugh ran for the office of Coeymans Town Supervisor. McHugh was elected, as were his two puppies. The writing was on the wall but the illiterate sheeple of Coeymans couldn’t read it. So then, McHugh crowned himself King Georgie of Coeymans.

Lefevre, McHugh, Collins, Langdon
They’re The McHugh Puppet Show..

Shortly after being elected, McHugh, not yet supervisor and not yet sworn in to office, announced by letter on his law firm letterhead, that he, McHugh, intended to abolish the Town of Coeymans Planning Board. The letter was dated December 20, 2019, and sent to the incumbent members of the Coeymans Planning Board. He also advised the Town of Coeymans CAC, the Conservation Advisory Council, that they, too, would be abolished. The Coeymans Planning Board’s responsibilities included reviewing of proposals for development and land use, and developing the town’s comprehensive plan. The CAC, or Conservation Advisory Council, was a panel who advised on and planned environmental issues.

The Ravena News Herald, the local rag formerly owned by McHugh and now owned by close McHugh friend, Mark Vinciguerra, reported in its January 1, 2020, issue:

“Incoming town officials hit the ground running New Year’s Day with several changes, including dissolving the Coeymans’ Conservation Advisory Council. The new Coeymans Town Board voted Jan. 1 to abolish the CAC, to propose a law to dissolve and combine the Coeymans Planning Board with the Zoning Board of Appeals, approved a five-year Payment In Lieu of Taxes agreement for an incoming business … Three men [McHugh, Lefevre, Collins) were sworn in 9 a.m. New Years Day to a packed room at Coeymans Town Hall, 18 Russell Ave., Ravena, for their new term on the town board.”

McHugh wasted no time in keeping his promise made even before he took office, that he would abolish the Planning Board and the CAC; both actions would pave the way for McHugh’s handlers to have free reign over the Town of Coeymans. McHugh and his Coeymans Town Board, now packed with his Republican puppets, passed Local Law 1 of 2020, which reads:

“The purpose and subject of this Local Law is to: 1) Abolish the Town Planning Board, 2) Transfer all Planning Board functions and duties to the existing Zoning Board of Appeals, 3) Rename the Zoning Board of Appeals to the ‘Planning Board/Zoning Board of Appeals”, and 4) Amend the Town of Coeymans Code where necessary to effectuate these changes.”

With that one law, the people of the Town of Coeymans lost any say in how their Town was to be developed, how land was to be used, how zoning and re-zoning was to be done. The power was transferred to the Zoning Board of Appeals, which was then packed with McHugh supporters and local thugs, including Mr Robert Nolan of Nolan Propane. We see a conflict of interest here. Now the Board and local McHugh supporters and clients had nothing in their way. Even the Conservation Advisory Council was abolished; there’s nothing to stand in the way of how land is used, zoned, or developed. The people of Coeymans have no say!

Since McHugh increased the number of members on the Board from 5 to seven (?!?!), he also ensured that his clients now and in future have a packed board to do their bidding. That’s because the members on the board serve terms for the number of years that there are members on the board. How’s that for a sucker punch, Coeymans?

McHugh’s setting himself up to make big bucks after serving this term, and setting up his recent and future clients to have their way in Coeymans. He’s also setting up residents and small businesses in the Town of Coeymans for the ride to hell. Just keep an eye on the Port of Coeymans (McHugh/Biscone), Carver Companies (McHugh/Biscone), Collins & Son Fuel  & Hauling (Zach Collins, VP, Collins & Son, fuel and hauling), LaFargeHolcim (watch Daniel Baker, who works for LaFarge), Yannis, Trickey’s Scrapyard, and others in the Town of Coeymans, including Nolan Propane (Rob Nolan is a member of the Town of Coeymans now combined Planing Board/Zoning Board of Appeals). And then there’s board member Ken Burns, Wimp-Waffler, who’s anybody’s for a price.

McHugh and his thugs didn’t stop there. They then passed laws requiring permit applicants to post escrow to cover the experts’ and consultants’ fees for reviews done by the Planinng Board/Zoning Board of Appeals, in order to have a permit application reviewed. What this does in practical terms is prevent many landowners from developing their properties because of this new requirement to post escrow to pay for experts and consultants to review the permit applications. Why do we need a Board if we have to pay for their experts? Well, that’s not the point, really. The only ones who can afford that kind of money have that kind of money and they’re names are Biscone, McHugh, Collins, Nolan, Carver Laraway, and a handful of others! Oh, did we forget to mention the Yanni’s restaurant extension and how that got pushed thru thanks to Carver Laraway (owner of the property), Michael Biscone, and George McHugh. They’re all in bed together, even picking up leftover wives (McHugh and Laraway).

McHugh and his thugs then passed laws redefining what a garbage disposal facility and a transfer station are. Remember the Clean Air Act? McHugh and his thugs hate it but said they would not repeal the law but they didn’t say they wouldn’t redefine it! Just another shyster lawyer trick with language and Coeymans fell for it — flat on their sheeple faces!

Bullies LaQuire-Hagen-Boomer

McHugh and his thugs passed laws in early 2020 putting a moratorium on solar energy development in the Town, a new law on how citizens can gather and assemble, a law controlling what noise can be produced in the Town, and the list of new laws limiting freedoms in the Town of Coeymans and favoring big business goes on and the first year isn’t even over yet!!!

A new law passed by McHugh and his puppets, LOCAL LAW 7 OF 2020 (Adopted July 23, 2020), regarding how citizens can meet and assemble, is Mini-Me McHugh’s version of a scandalous law passed in England in 1714 that prevented groups of more than 12 persons to meet; it was King George I — King George of England, not King Georgie of Coeymans — way of preventing public expression. The act allowed local officials to declare any gathering of more than 12 people “unlawfully, riotously, and tumultuously assembled.” The Riot Act, if ignored by the assembly, was punishable by death. King Georgie McHugh’s — now isn’t that ironic that McHugh’s name is George, too —  new law reads in part:

“No person shall take part in or join or aid, assist or abet any riotous or tumultuous assemblage or unnecessary crowds upon the streets or in doorways or stairways adjacent thereto or loiter about such places.”

It’s the responsibility of the drafters of laws to be very plain and clear about what they mean; when they make a law that’s vague and ambiguous, it’s probably so that it can be very freely interpreted and abuses. Watch out! Other than that, the law as written, is a pretty serious violation of people’s protected Constitutional right of freedom of assembly. The problem with McHugh’s law is that it does not define any of the terms it uses. This means that the vagueness and ambiguity of the terms make the law open for abuse or, if challenged, useless! Read more about the historical Riot Act here: What Does It Mean to ‘Read the Riot Act’?

McHugh and Bisccone, together with their handlers Aaron Flach and Carver Laraway, and a handful of others including Rob Nolan, have the Town of Coeymans tied up, bagged, and slung over their shoulders.

We are watching this scenario very closely because we see charges of abuse of public office in the making and possible corruption and conspiracy activity that might land some of these guys either in professional limbo or in the new county jail. 

Now they have their eyes on the Town of New Baltimore, the neighboring town to the South. it’s not enough that they have bullied and controlled Coeymans, they’re now trying to tell New Baltimore what to do and how to do it.

Rob Van Etten whenever Michael Biscone is in the Room.

Some residents won’t stand for that, particularly those residents of New Baltimore, who have businesses and property in the Town of Coeymans, and who know what’s going on there. The resident we quoted above is one of many who are up in arms at the arrogance and nerve of Robert Nolan and Michael Biscone skipping into Town Hall thinking they can call the shots. Well, at the public meeting on August 13, 2020, both Nolan and Biscone, were shown the door, and told not to let it hit them in the ass on their way out.

The Town of New Baltimore has it’s own serious problem: Robert vanEtten, owner of a local excavating company, and the chairman of the New Baltimore Planning Board. As we mentioned above, he has marshmallows for balls, and marshmallows don’t secrete testosterone. It’s pitiful how he lets himself be pushed around and doesn’t push back. What’s he doing on the Planning Board anyway if he can’t defend the interests residents of the Town of New Baltimore?

Van Etten has some skeletons in the closet and isn’t as honest or ethical as we’d like to expect a public servant to be. He’s running a business and is voting on proposals coming before the Board, and in which he has an interest. He stands to make money on some of those projects if they go through. We caught him in 2018 doing work for a local developer, William Brandt, who is developing a senior housing project in the Town of New Baltimore, and, incidentally is represented by Michael Biscone.

What do you think is going on here?

We demanded records of the operations of the Town of New Baltimore Planning Board in another matter and, in the course of our investigations, came upon documents that showed that Robert VanEtten, while on the New Baltimore Planning Board, had done work for Brandt, and  vanEtten had participated in Board voting on the Brandt project!!! Michael Biscone also represented Brandt. That’s not only unethical, it’s illegal, and we notified the Town of New Baltimore Town Board and Supervisor Jeff Ruso but vanEtten was never fired and never resigned. Was that because his wife, Shelly van Etten is a sitting board member. We guess he has too many friends — one of them his own wife, Shelly van Etten, on the NB Town Board —, and stands to make more money before he leaves the Board. Not if we have anything to say about it! We reported on our findings in our article, “New Baltimore: Pick up rocks, find snakes. Part I.

Marshmallow Balls!

Robert vanEtten is limp, impotent, a man with marshmallows for balls. He does’t and won’t stand up against thugs like Nolan, Biscone, Flach, and others, and he let’s himself be pushed around like a jailhouse bitch! The resident addressing the New Baltimore Planning Board hit the nail on the head: If you can’t do the job, if you can’t push back, if you don’t have the cojones to stand up for New Baltimore, get the hell out of Town Hall, vanEtten, and take your dummies with you!

Our advice to Mr Robert Van Etten, Chair of the New Baltimore Planning Board.

The Editor
And the People of New Baltimore


Totally Ridiculous!

What are we paying these people for? It’s as bad as paying the Town of New Baltimore Dog Catcher, Joe Tanner, more than $4,000 a year when he can play dog-catcher only after he gets off his other job! Even if we wanted to vet the information we have, it should be noted that only limited information is available, since the minutes of the Planning Board are not up to date and appear not to have been transcribed or posted for some time now. Although New Baltimore has half the population of the Town of Coeymans, New Baltimore has approximately twice the number of town employees! Still, not a lot seems to be getting done in NB Town Hall. It’s ridiculous that with so many people taking up space, they can’t keep the public informed or minutes properly transcribed and published.?!? It appears, if the Town of New Baltimore website is correct, that the last transcribed/published meeting minutes was for February 14, 2019 Pacheco et al. Public Hearing Minutes. That’s ridiculous and unconscionable! (Much of the Town of New Baltimore website is out-of-date, and poorly maintained.) The situation is similar in the case of the New Baltimore Zoning Board of Appeals!!!  One Ms Marjorie B. Loux is the clerk/secretary for both the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals. We think she has some explaining to do, as do Supervisor Jeff Ruso and his deputy/croney Nick Dellisanti. What is going on in Town Hall or should we say, Town Country Club?

For Our Readers’ Information, Here are the Members of the New Baltimore Planning Board

Rob VanEtten, Chair (12-31-20)
Patricia Bruno (12-31-20)
Robert Court (12-31-20)
Frank Orlando (12-31-21)
Lee Salisbury (12-31-23)
Michelle Stefanik (12-31-23)
Ann Marie Vadney (12-31-23)
Marjorie B. Loux, Clerk


Remember this in November! Do something NOW.

We’ve been very quiet over the past several months. There are several reasons for this. First, there’s enough anger, fear, and despair without another medium adding salt to the wounds. We have practiced compassion and have not added fuel to your embarrassment, anger, or fear. Enough already there.

Secondly, we have been watching local organizations and local government making complete asses of themselves at the expense of an already overstressed population. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be pointing out some of the major scoundrels for you, if you have been so distracted as not to have noted them for yourselves. Sadly, most of you have been asleep through all of this, or have been wearing the mask incorrectly — over your eyes or stuffed into your ears!

Playing blind or deaf has made this country the world’s asshole to be avoided. You are trapped on ASSHOLE ISLAND. You can’t get off because everywhere has closed its borders to the United States!

A couple of weeks ago, we tried to mail a letter to the Philippines. The postal clerk refused to take the letter saying, “You can’t send it. The Philippines is not accepting mail from the United States.” The PHILIPPINES, people! How bad can it get…Believe me, it’s getting worse THANKS TO YOU!!!

We recently received an email with a link to a news media report, “People from around the world watched a video on COVID-19 in the US. They could not believe their eyes” (last accessed on August 3, 2020), which included the video below. Watch it and weep, just like the young Korean at the end after viewing the statistics and the video footage!

if you are unable to directly view the video, here is the link to the YouTube posting: You won’t believe your eyes or ears!

Some of us here were brought to tears — out of embarrassment or out of sadness for this country, maybe both — while watching the video.

The sender of the original email was certainly not a fan of Mr Trump, judging from the accompanying text. We have nothing to say on the political leanings of our readers and our politics are our own. We are interested only in the effects on our community and on our people. But we did take the opportunity to remind the sender that Mr Trump is not acting alone, or if he is, where are the other branches of government who are supposed to be watching out for us? Here’s our response to the reader.

While we do agree with the general gist and the intended message of the video, which we have downloaded, and have reviewed and fact-checked, We feel it [the article, not the video] is a basic misrepresentation fueled by general ignorance and misrepresentation: There is one figure of interest (with his myriad advisors) in the White House, who is executive branch, in a tripartite system equipped with Constitutaional check-and-balance provisions. There are a total of 535 Members of Congress. 100 serve in the U.S. Senate and 435 serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, together with a small army of advisors and consultants, and a whole nation of 156 million registered voters, it is ridiculous to pin the blame on one single man. There are so many other candidates.

We didn’t need the video or the poorly-written article to form an opinion or to guess the world’s opinions.Both the article and the video have some entertainment value for those wo have withdrawn into terrified self-isolation. Thanks!
While some readers will continue to demonize Mr Trump, we feel that the more than 500 members of the United States Legislature, Senators and Representatives, have FAILED this country miserably and need to be taught a lesson in November. Neither party, Republicans nor Democrats, have done voters or the country any service whatsoever. Even during this horrible crisis all they have done was continue their finger-pointing, insults, and accusations, while Americans are being lampooned abroad and dying in record numbers!
Those of our readers who are so ignorant and short-sighted to believe that a couple of minuscule incentives can buy credibility for a failed government and a failing nation are doubly at risk. You may have received a check for $1200. You may have received a bonus in your unemployment checks. Where do you think the money came from? FROM HEALTHCARE and PUBLIC HEALTH work that might have saved this nation from disaster and ridicule! The money come from thin air! There’s payback time around the corner, STUPIDS! That’s if you manage to live to see “around the corner.” Many of you won’t.
Don’t you think it’s time to start thinking? Don’t you think it’s about time to vote with your brain or what’s left of it and not by your label? You keep changing the faces but keep the bullshit. That’s not democracy at work; it’s plain stupidity. Everyone else can see through it; Why can’t the American people?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) on Capitol Hill — We need to get crazies like her into a nursing home for the insane.

The Atlantic reports in a recent article, “Brace for a Voter-Turnout Tsunami” that there is an approximate 20% increase in voter registrations compared to 2016, and those registrations indicate support for the Democrats. STOP VOTING BY LABEL! The Democrats are just as guilty as the Republicans for this country’s failure! Read the above!

Yes, I’m very pissed!
The Editor

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Shut Up and Listen Up!

Property Owners in Coeymans are being Railroaded!

There is a big problem happening in the Town of Coeymans, and if you don’t do something about it NOW, you stand to lose a hell of a lot, and you won’t be able to do a thing about it.

Real estate in the Town of Coeymans has been revalued but not the way it was planned to happen before the McHugh mob took over the Town of Coeymans and started reinventing Town government.

The revaluation was overdue but the way it has been done in Coeymans is downright criminal. There’s no rhyme or reason to it and the People have a lot of questions that need to be answered in a Town Hall Meeting with Coeymans Sole Assessor, Dawn DeRose. Just Dawn DeRose and any of the experts she consulted to help revalue Coeymans properties. We don’t mean the Town Board or Supervisor McHugh; they don’t have anything to say in the way the revaluation was done. But YOU DO!

There’s no excuse for some properties in the Town of Coeymans being assessed LOWER than they were 12 years ago, but that’s what’s happened in a number of cases. And those properties have been improved since the last valuation. There’s also no reason for some properties to be reassessed 300%!!! And then there are properties that have gone up but by pennies! Someone is responsible and someone has to answer these questions.

It seems very bizarre that all of this is happening during lockdown and quarantine. It seems also very bizarre that Town of Coeymans Sole Assessor Dawn DeRose is so difficult to contact! Has she gone into hiding? Self-quarantined? In jail (maybe she should be)?

Furthermore, the Town of Coeymans website is constantly changing, particularly the Assessor’s page, and it’s incredibly confusing to try to follow the developments there. Have you tried?

There have been no Town Board Meetings — at least no public meetings but you can bet there’ve been plenty of backroom meetings — at which residents and property owners can ask their questions. It’s been more than 3 months since there’s been a meeting, and Town offices have been all but locked.

You need to do something and do it NOW!

Call the Clerk’s Office, give Town Clerk Cindy Rowzee your message or request, and leave a message for Dawn DeRose; that way the Clerk will take the message and make sure DeRose gets it. You can trust the Clerk.

Send the so-called Town Supervisor, George McHugh, an email and hope that his secretary, actually his wife, hands it to him. Then wait hopelessly for a response. If you get one don’t fall for the mealy-mouthed smooth talkin’ shyster.

Every time McHugh opens his mouth ….

Send an email to each of the Coeymans Town Board members and demand a public meeting before the Grievances and before the tax rolls are finalized!

Contact the news channels in Albany County and the Times Union and let them know what’s going on in Coeymans.

There are petitions circulating in town, make certain to find them and sign them to ensure they don’t steal your voice and silence you.

Talk to your neighbors and make them aware of the underhanded way things are being done with this revaluation on George McHugh’s watch.

Find out what businesses like Carver Laraway, the Port of Coeymans, Trickeys, Collins Fuel and their Excavation businesses (Why are they operating from what appears to be agricultural property?), the Port of Coeymans are assessed for and whether they’re getting any special consideration like “Payment In Lieu of Taxes” (a.k.a. PILOT).









In the meantime, contact the scoundrels in Coeymans Town Hall:

Sole Assessor
Dawn DeRose
Phone (518)756-8927
E-mail –

George D. McHugh –

Secretary to the Supervisor (Isn’t this McHugh’s wife?!?)
Candace McHugh –

Daniel D. Baker – Council –
Current Term expires December 31, 2021

Kenneth A. Burns – Council –
Current Term expires December 31, 2021

Zachary S. Collins – Council –
Current Term expires December 31, 2023

Brandon L. LeFevre – Council –
Current Term expires December 31, 2023

Don’t let them have the last laugh!

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Lady Liberty Weeping AGAIN: Coeymans Reval & Property Tax Grievances

The current CoVID-19 “pandemic” has wrecked havoc in many areas of our formerly “normal” — if we can characterize anything in Coeymans as “normal” — lives and lifestyles. Schools have closed. Graduations have been cancelled. Businesses have closed, some permanently. Food and other products in short supply or not available at all. Government offices closed and services limited. Student loans suspended and income tax filing postponed. Unemployment benefits extended and expanded — some filers getting $600 per week in addition to what they would normally be entitled to. And the federal government is handing out so-called stimulus checks of $600-$1200 depending on the filer’s income.

But the present Coeymans administration under George McHugh and his puppets have closed local government to the public and has silenced the public; Coeymans residents have lost their voice in Town Hall. CoVID-19 mandated precautions have been with us for more than 100 days. The Town of Coeymans hasn’t had a public Town Boar Meeting for at least 3 months. The temporary assessments reflecting the revaluation was published on or about March 1, 2020, when the social distancing and isolation precautions were going into effect, making any public comment impossible. And you know the rest of the story.

According to New York State Real Property Law, from time to time it may become advisable to conduct a general reappraisal of all property in an assessing unit such as the Town of Coeymans. In such case the Real Property Tax Law, § 572, authorizes the governing body of a municipality, the Coeymans Town Board, to employ experts to assist assessors in the reappraisal program. However, the assessment roll which is prepared following a reappraisal still constitutes a record of the assessor’s judgment of value. The reappraisal is considered to be for the assessor’s “assistance”, and the assessor is required to make his/her independent determinations and to verify that s/he has estimated the assessed values as prescribed by law (Real Property Tax Law, § 514). So how did Coeymans Sole Assessor DeRose make her estimate of assessed values? Good question, and one that should have been asked during Public Comment during a Town Board meeting. But no board meeting, no public comment. No opportunity to ask questions. No answers. Business as usual in Coeymans.

The Town Board does not have authority to change or modify the determinations of the assessor; nor can the Town Board order the assessor to change the level of assessment which s/he has chosen for his assessment roll (see Drelich v. Kahn, 60 Misc.2d 227, 302 N.Y.S.2d 634).

So the problem of revaluation of Coeymans properties lies squarely in the lap of Ms Dawn DeRose, Town of Coeymans Sole Assessor, an appointee/hiree, and is based on the recommendations of any “experts” hired to provide the reassessment assistance. But who were those “experts?” And what were their recommendations? When were the recommendations actually made? How were they determined? Good questions, and ones that should have been asked during Public Comment during a Town Board meeting. But no board meeting, no public comment. No opportunity to ask questions. No answers. Business as usual in Coeymans.

Furthermore, § 558 provides for “reassessment”. This section was derived from section 57 of the NYS Tax Law, and it originally contained an introductory phrase “[w]henever by the judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction,” it appears to the governing body that any property liable to taxation was illegally or erroneously assessed, such body may “reassess” the property. But this provision usually applies only in the case of property that had escaped assessment in the first place.

Most assessment records are public records. Indeed, the Real Property Tax Law includes a number of provisions specifically identifying various assessment roll and tax roll records as public records (e.g., property inventory [RPTL, §§ 500(1), 501]; sales data [RPTL, § 574(5)] {2}; tentative assessment roll [RPTL, § 506(3)]; final assessment roll [RPTL, §§ 516(2), 1412]; final assessment roll with taxes extended [RPTL, § 900(3)]; tax roll [RPTL, §§ 946, 1330(3), 1332(4), 1436(3), 1588]). (Editor’s Note: RPTL = Real Property Tax Law). What this means is that anyone can demand production of these documents under the Freedom of Information Law (F.O.I.L.). But if Town Offices are closed or if access to town services is limited, have fun getting a response to your F.O.I.L. demand.

Section 306 of the Real Property Tax Law provides that all real property shall be assessed at the full value thereof. “Full value” has been construed by numerous judicial decisions to mean the amount which a willing buyer would pay a willing seller under normal circumstances. Although section 306 would appear to require assessors each year to assess each parcel of real property within their jurisdictions at the market value thereof, the courts have determined that the full value standard is satisfied so long as the assessor assesses each parcel at the same percentage of full value.

But that’s where our point lies: The law states that a full value assessment means the amount which a willing buyer would pay a willing seller under normal circumstances. Now, people, property owners int he Town of Coeymans, given the fact that the Temporary Assessment Rolls reflecting the revaluation of Coeymans properties was published on or about March 1, 2020, right in the heat of the CoVID-19 pandemic, and given the fact that there were no Town Board Meetings or public inputs or responses to the reassessment, and given the apparent fact that the Town of Coeymans and the Office of the Sole Assessor have presumed that the public is satisfied with the reassessed values but has not been heard,

Don’t you think that your rights are being swept under the carpet?

First of all, these are NOT normal circumstances. there are and have not been any “willing buyers”  who would pay a “willing seller” — meaning anyone owning property in the Town of Coeymans — the previously assessed full market value of any property in Coeymans, much less the new increased reassessment values of those properties. The whole economy is in a slump and real estate is one of the first sectors to suffer. These are not normal circumsances.

Really, you’d think the town supervisor, Mr George McHugh, his Town Board, the Sole Assessor would we aware of the dire situation this region, this state, this entire county and the world is in,and postpone the “reassessment” until businesses and people can get back on their feet! But NO! That would take a brain and common sense!

In an earlier article, we asked if this is what George McHugh and his puppets think is “business friendly?” We asked if it makes any sense to expect new businesses to relocate to Coeymans if Coeymans has just reassessed real estated and raised the market values for the purposes of raising assessments? Is this the way the McHugh mob expects to attract new families to purchase homes in Coeymans and to resettle in Coeymans with their families? WE THINK NOT!!!

The Coeymans revaluation plan has been too hastily implemented by an insensitive Sole Assessor, Dawn DeRose, and the Town Board has been mute on the subject. If you are lucky and can get through to Town offices, you’ll likely be told that you can file a grievance contesting your assessment. But here’s another hitch: Grievances will be heard by telephone and each will be limited to 10 minutes. You can file your documentation up to 1 day prior to the grievance hearing, but it’s unlikely anyone is going to look at it. Apparently, there have been so many grievances filed that the Assessment Review Board will hear grievances on May 26 and May 28/

There was no Coeymans Town Board meeting in May, and it’s unlikely there will be one in June. In other words, Coeymans Property Owners are cooked, thanks to the McHugh mob and Coeymans Sole Assessor, Dawn DeRose.

In our opinion, Sole Assessor Dawn DeRose should have kept the previous assessments this year and implemented the reassessed values next year, taking into consideration the problems caused by CoVID-19, and the fact that taxpayers have been deprived of due process and their voices because of the cancellation of Town Board Meetings in March, when property owners would have been informed of the temporary new assessments resulting from the revaluation, and no Town Board meetings in April, and May, and most likely no meeting in June.

Local concerned residents have set up a special email account to receive your complaints and stories. Let them know what you think about the revaluation and the increases in your assessments. You’ll get fair treatment only if you speak up and share!


You’ll get trampled by the McHugh mob if you try to go at them alone. You need to join the rest of Coeymans Concerned Citizens if you’re going to fight back and safeguard your rights.

Take a stand!