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Ravena Clerk Discloses Protected Information: Aids Identity Theft

The village of Ravena has had so much to hide for so long that it loses track of what it should hide and what it should make public. Nancy Warner and her minions do a pretty good job of violating the law when it comes to responding to demands for disclosure under the New York State Freedom of Information Law, especially when the request has to do with some of their pet projects like the Ravena Health and Fitness Center or their dealings with local attorneys like Michael Biscone. We thought the cloak and dagger games were over when William “Moose” Misuraca booted John Bruno out of the mayor’s office. But it seems it’s business as usual in Ravena village hall.


Hasn’t Anyone in the Village of Ravena Clerk’s Office Heard of the
1974 Privacy Act or of H.I.P.A., or Any of the Other Laws Protecting Privacy?

privacy-personal-informationRavena village “trustee” Nancy Warner and her minions Annette Demitraszek (Clerk-Treasurer) and Kristine Biernacki do their very best to keep things from the public, even when a lawful demand is made under the NYS F.O.I.L., but when they try to hide everything, they ultimately trip themselves up. This time they really did a great job of making fools of themselves and they shat right where they eat!

A local resident has turned papers over to us that s/he received in response to a demand for disclosure under the NYS Freedom of Information Law. The F.O.I.L. demanded documents relating to village of Ravena employees, their salaries, benefits, etc. The village of Ravena responded — very unusual indeed — by providing a number of printouts for village employees. The printouts were improperly redacted — normally protected information like social security account numbers, home addresses, etc. are removed from the documents — but not in this case.

DISCLO~1The documents we have received show everything, clearly legible, including Employee No., Name, Address, Soc-Sec-No., Phone No., Department, Retirement No., and much more. Imagine this scenario: A criminal makes a F.O.I.L. request to the village of Ravena clerk’s office,  Nancy Warner and her puppets Annette Demitraszek (Clerk-Treasurer) and Kristine Biernacki process the request and turn over to the possible identity thief all the information s/he could possible dream of getting. Here’s just a sample of what we can see in the documents provided by the village of Ravena clerk’s office (unlike the village of Ravena clerks, we have reproduced only the last four digits of the individual’s SSAN and Retirement No. — some of them have been scrambled but the owners will still be able to recognize them):

Beck, Edward J. SSAN XXX – XX – 0733 Retire # XXXX2702
Bruno, Josephine P. SSAN XXX – XX – 9128 Retire # XXXX4257
Conners, Scott D. SSAN XXX – XX – 1470 Retire # XXXX2583
Court, Alan D. Sr. SSAN XXX – XX – 9326 Retire # XXXX2753
Golgoski, Timothy R SSAN XXX – XX – 4806 Retire # XXXX6237
Hoyt, Vanessa L. SSAN XXX – XX – 4335 Retire # XXXX5810
Leonard, Jason T. SSAN XXX – XX – 5424 Retire # XXXX8086
Shear, James M. SSAN XXX – XX – 4686 Retire # XXXX5801
Traver, Henry C. SSAN XXX – XX – 9985 Retire # XXXX4928
Trombley, Joel K. Sr. SSAN XXX – XX – 4093 Retire # XXXX2691
Van Etten, Lee C. SSAN XXX – XX – 8490 Retire # XXXX6694

Disclaimer: Since the above information and other information contained in the documents was produced and disclosed by the village of Ravena’s clerk’s office, and was disclosed and released in response to a demand made under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Law, we reasonably presume that it was made public by an official act of the Ravena village clerk prior to our publication; consequently  we assume no liability for its publication here. It’s obviously out there now, thanks to the Ravena clerks.

It’s really comical to see these morons in action. They don’t provide what the law says they have to provide but they provide what the law says they must not provide. Nancy Warner and her minions Annette Demitraszek (Clerk-Treasurer) and Kristine Biernacki and the rest of those humanoids in Ravena village hall are living proof of the walking brain dead.

Residents and taxpayers/property owners in the village of Ravena should also be aware that Demitrazek and Biernacki are Bruno appointees! Yes! They were appointed by former mayor John Bruno and his hatchet-faced sidekick Nancy Warner. Make no mistake about it, when Bruno appointed you it wasn’t for your brains! You had to leave your brain at the door and follow orders from Bruno and Warner. What we don’t understand is Why? incoming mayor William Misuraca didn’t show some leadership and replace the whole lot when he took office! Being a wuss just set him up to be embarrassed by the leftovers from the last corrupt administration. Shame on you, Misuraca!

The Privacy Act vs.the Freedom of Information Laws

old man grimace
The Privacy Act of 1974, as amended at 5 U.S.C. 552a, protects records that can be retrieved from a system of records by personal identifiers such as a name, social security number, or other identifying number or symbol. (A system of records is any grouping of information about an individual under the control of a public agency from which information is retrievable by personal identifiers).

An individual is entitled to access to his or her records and to request correction of these records by stating the reasons for such actions with supporting justification showing how the record is untimely, incomplete, inaccurate or irrelevant. The Privacy Act prohibits disclosure of these records without written individual consent unless one of the twelve disclosure exceptions enumerated in the Act applies. These records are held in Privacy Act systems of records. These notices identify the legal authority for collecting and storing the records, individuals about whom records will be collected, what kinds of information will be collected, and how the records will be used (See

privacy-lawWARNING: If you provide any personal information to the village of Ravena be prepared for the possibility that they’ll share it indiscriminately. These documents and the information they contain are clear proof that the village of Ravena’s clerk office staff are or were incompetent, and it certainly puts Ms Nancy Warner in a very embarrassing position, given her role as dominatrix in the clerk’s office and domineering its staff for so many years!

This unconscionable and gross violation of these individuals’ and likely countless others’ privacy rights, and the potential of exposing them to identity theft, by the inept and incompetent village of Ravena clerk’s office will and should result in any number of claims and lawsuits against the village of Ravena and its employees by these current and past victims of the clerks’ incompetence and ignorance. Clearly those former employees like Vanessa Hoyt who suffered indignities at the hands of the Bruno-Warner machine have yet another cause for action. Our recommendation to the others whose personal information has been unlawfully disclosed: Demand that the inept clerks be terminated! Demand Nancy Warner’s resignation! Notify and file a complaint with the state and federal authorities! File your lawsuits! Anyone else who thinks the village of Ravena has their personal information on file should immediately contact the village of Ravena and demand to know what precautions are being implemented to safeguard your personal information, and demand to know how that information is being used!

beating head bloodyYou Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!!!

The Editor


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How Morally Depraved Can Cathy Deluca, Misuraca’s Village Board, Be?

deadhorseWill Misuraca and his Mooselets on the Ravena village council ever wake up? At the November 18, 2014, public meeting that had all of six people attending (at least 3 of them village employees) here’s what you would have heard: No one seems to have gotten a monthly report from Cathy Deluca on the Fitness Center. Misuraca, Warner looking stupid and having to admit no one got a report (while village council member Joel Coye sits chewing and picking his nose on camera! What’s he chewing? Yuck!). But Nancy Warner announced that the Fitness Center is planning to send out brochures to attempt to get members! IDIOTS! It’s almost two years and the Ravena Health and Fitness Center is still FAILING! Wake up! Smell the coffee (or the bullshit, which is getting pretty strong)! But you’re still beating the dead horse! How long is Misuraca and his crew going to let this thing go on? Late November, just before the Winter holidays is no time to be sending out brochures for a fitness club! Go figure! They put the “R” in RETARDS!

Several weeks have passed since the Ravena News Herald printed their article on the fact that Cathy Deluca’s playpen, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, has been hemorrhaging more than $6,000 a month of Ravena taxpayers’, property-owners’ dollars. But that’s where it all stopped, it seems. Our question is:

How Morally Depraved is Cathy Deluca and Ravena Mayor William Misuraca’s Village Board?


And it sits on the Ravena village council and runs the Ravena Health and Fitness Center

This blog has been exposing the corruption and criminality surrounding the creation of the Ravena Health and Fitness Center and the corrupt and criminal way that the Bruno-Warner village board lied their way into creating a non-competitive civil service position for Cathy Deluca. The fact that Bruno and Warner did everything they could to ensure that their appointee, Deluca, got the position and no one else even had a chance at it was no big deal to expose. We did it right here and we embarrassed the Albany Department of Civil Service and Albany County into giving the director of the Albany Department the boot. But Ravena has no pride and no morals so Cathy Deluca got the position, got the exempt non-competitive classification, she even “Interneted” her credentials (unqualified but receiving her salary at YOUR expense), still bamboozling the Civil Service morons into allowing her to keep the position. If you or I tried even half of that sort of criminal lying and fraudulent misrepresentation, we’d be in Albany County jail — or worse — but Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca and Gregory Darlington go Scott free and can collect fat pensions at our expense while Cathy Deluca pockets more than $30,000 a year in salary plus full benefits to waste $6,000 a month of Ravena taxpayers’ dollars! Doesn’t anyone see what’s wrong with this picture?!?

Cathy Deluca even lied her way out of criminal proceedings when here husband, Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca, then still with the Coeymans police department, bullied Coeymans police officer Jason Albert, with the blessing of then police chief Gregory “Dumplington” Darlington, into burying the investigation of Cathy Deluca’s misdemeanor lying to a police officer, when she tried to fraudulently incriminate a local resident! That was a misdemeanor on Cathy Deluca’s part, and obstruction of justice by Darlington and his sockpuppet Jason Albert but Darlington got to “retire” (in lieu of prosecution? Will Darlington’s wife, Leah Darlington, a secretary in race-card-player Albany County DA David Soares‘ office type out the warrant?) and Albert got an “attaboy” promotion to detective! So much for respect for the laws of this state and nation: The biggest criminals are the law enforcement officers and their spouses! But with a new police chief and pressure from the community, not to mention literally dozens of unresolved complaints and pending lawsuits against the Coeymans p.d. and individual officers, justice may still be served. Let’s see what happens in the coming weeks, months.

Our stats show that Leah Darlington or someone in the Albany County District Attorney’s office is spending taxpayer dollars wisely: between November 16 and November 19, that person visited this blog 68 times, spending several hours total here! Thank you! Albany County DA P. David Soares, for hiring a Darlington to misuse taxpayer money!

But even if you don’t take the time to search this blog and re-read the many articles we’ve written for you exposing the Delucas, the Warners, the Darlingtons, the Coeymans police department’s obstruction of justice and other civil violations and criminal acts and negligence, you can’t overlook the fact that at least SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS are being wasted every month, and neither Cathy Deluca nor the Ravena Village Board have the decency to put a stop to it.

Who can deny the glaring facts that:

Mayor "Moose" Misuraca thought he was getting this...

Mayor “Moose” Misuraca thought he was getting this...

  • Cathy Deluca to Nancy Warner: Do this! The Moose loves it!

    BUT he got this, instead!
    (Cathy Deluca to Nancy Warner: Do this! The “Moose” loves it!)

    Cathy Deluca was personally selected by former mayor John Bruno and his sidekick Nancy Warner to have the Ravena Health and Fitness Center. Hasn’t anyone asked what favors were being repaid by Bruno and Warner? Why no one else, maybe someone qualified, was given the opportunity to apply — even if it would be hopeless?

  • Why did former mayor John Bruno and village trustee Nancy Warner conspire to not only hand Cathy Deluca the position as manager of the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, but went to extraordinary trouble to fabricate an application made to the Albany County Civil Service Department — the application was incomplete, inaccurate, fraudulent — to get her a non-competitive classification, exempt from any examination, full benefits, etc.
  • Cathy Deluca knew then and still knows that she’s killed two private health and fitness clubs before she was handed the Ravena Health and Fitness Center but she still took the opportunity to prove she could kill yet another one. Don’t any of you think that that is morally depraved? Criminal on Deluca’s part, to knowingly take a position she knew she couldn’t handle and now, after two years of screwing around, is proving she can kill yet another business, this time one belonging to the public.
  • Don’t you think it’s morally depraved of Ravena Mayor William “Moose” Misuraca, and his Ravena village council, to allow this to go on without finally putting a stop to it? They even admitted publicly that if a business were losing that kind of money that any sensible and responsible manager would shut it down. Why hasn’t Mayor William Misuraca and his village council morons locked the doors on the Ravena Health and Fitness Center?

And Why Haven’t Any of these Crooks and Frauds been Charged, Prosecuted, Punished?

Maybe Ravena Mayor William “Moose” Misuraca, the director of the Albany County Department of Civil Service John Marsolais, Coeymans police chief Peter J. McKenna, or Albany County DA P. David Soares can offer a satisfactory explanation for that burning question!

But the worst shame and blame still falls on Cathy Deluca’s head! She knows shes stealing taxpayer money. She knows she’s unqualified to make the Ravena playpen work. She knows that Ravena can’t sustain a business that can’t compete. She knows that the village of Ravena should not be running a business that can’t compete. But she has no morals! She has no ethics! She has only her sow’s belly full of greed! Her only objective is to take as much as she can suck out of this community and then…STOP HER IN HER DIRTY TRACKS!

And do you wonder for a second why Annette Demitraszek and Kristine Biernacki, Bruno appointees and Warner sock-puppets, who are supposed to be village clerks and public servants, refuse to respond to any demand under the New York State Freedom of Information Law by refusing to provide public access information, information that the public has a right to know, about the Ravena Health and Fitness Center? If they let the information out they feel they’ll all land in jail! Unless they disclose the information, there’s a Notice of Claim waiting to be served, and a lawsuit waiting to be filed. They may all have a date with the corrections system before this is over!

Ravena needs a Health and Fitness Center like a Bull Needs Tits!

The Ravena Health and Fitness Center

The Ravena Health and Fitness Center





Emperor Has New Clothes! Cathy Deluca on her way to the bank; Ravena residents stand by, idly watching! The Editor.

Emperor Has New Clothes!
Cathy Deluca on Her Way to the Bank;
Ravena residents stand by, idly watching!
The Editor

 It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Fat Lady Sings — or is in Jail!


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Coming up…

Stay tuned for important upcoming articles. We’ll be posting articles on subjects like:

  • Why the Ravena News Herald is NOT your Friend. Still a mouthpiece for the insider’s club in Ravena-Coeymans. Lots of propaganda, half-truths, very, very old “news”, and more news from elsewhere than Ravena-Coeymans. Is it worth paying a dollar for 8 pages of public notices?
  • Coeymans Resolution creating three new police commissioners…Why? What are they supposed to do? Maybe resolve the dozens of outstanding claims against the Darlington-Deluca mob? see below.
  • Coeymans town budget for 2015. Hidden nuggets…can YOU find them?
  • New Police Chief Shows Great Promise for the Town of Coeymans and the Coeymans police department! But only if the amateurs on the town board shut their mouths, mind their business, and stay out of they way. Will that happen?
  • What’s new in New Baltimore after a year of … Well, a year of … NUTHIN’!

Coeymans Board Members and Laverne Conrad Padding their Pockets!

And it ain't the veggies that they're double-dipping!

And it ain’t the veggies that they’re double-dipping!

Rumor is that former Coeymans police chief Gregory “Dumplington” Darlington was allowed to resign from the Coeymans Police Department because if he didn’t he was going to have to defend against charges of multiple violations of citizens’ civil rights. Any other place and Dumplington would have to face the music but in the town of Coeymans he gets to waltz away Scott free, with a handsome pension, and a retirement badge to boot! That’s how the town of Coeymans handles its criminals. (That’s also the likely story behind Dirty-Hands Jerry’s abrupt retirement, too!).

And speaking of Coeymans Criminals…

Isn’t it interesting that the town of Coeymans accepts former police chief Gregory Dumplington Darlington’s resignation amid rumors of his possible prosecution (Who would prosecute? His bosom buddy the corrupt racist Albany County DA David Soares? Only if the charges were criminal. He can still be netted on civil charges. Are you ready, Dumplington?) Dumplington left the police department in a state of shambles, morale in the pooper, and exposed to dozens of possible lawsuits. Yet the town of Coeymans, rather than discipline the dolt, rather than prosecute him, paid him more than $100,000 a year in salary, benefits and perqs, and then honored him! Crackheads on the Coeymans town board!

And speaking of Crackheads on the Coeymans Town Board…

Isn’t it interesting that the Coeymans town board appointed a 23-year veteran law enforcement officer, a former homicide detective who knows how to investigate and who knows the law, a real trained law enforcement officer, as interim police chief (pending confirmation by the Department of Civil Service), but is paying him half of what they were paying the ignorant, incompetent, destructive Gregory Dumplington! Darlington, a former garbage collector-turned-dispatcher, fired (Was he “fired??? with Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca) from his position by former chief Scott Gireaux when Gireaux reorganized the department, rehired by a former knucklehead supervisor. Dumplington who failed the police chief’s exam THREE times before passing it destroyed this community’s trust in law enforcement and violated their civil rights but got paid six-figures and was honored for doing it.

But the new police chief’s salary is his business, and he may get the full salary once he’s confirmed as permanent police chief. But for now, he’s getting $21.93/hour which will got to $55,000 annual salary on January 1, 2015. Isn’t it odd that the town of Coeymans supervisor Stephen Flach, and his board of monkeys Peter E. Masti, George E. Langdon, Thomas E. Dolan, and Kenneth A. Burns take law enforcement so lightly that they’ll pay a professional law enforcement officer less than a laborer? What does that tell you about serious public safety and the “wisdom” of the Coeymans town board? How long do you think a professional law enforcement officer’s sense of duty and public service will last at that salary?

So we’ll let him do what he has to do before we comment.


Is the Town of Coeymans paying the Police Chief less so that board members Peter Masti, George Langdon, and code officer Laverne Conrad can get a piece of the action?

But here’s where it gets really interesting and where we, the community, have to start asking some questions.

What we’re concerned about here is something we noted in the Town of Coeymans resolutions: In a resolution passed by the Coeymans town board on September 26, 2014, the town of Coeymans board creates the Board of Police Commissioners. In that same resolution it appoints Peter E. Masti, George E. Langdon, and Laverne “Larry Conrad” to be the commissioners on that board. The resolution also sets their terms to end on December 31, 2014, and that they will serve “without compensation.” In other words, the town supervisor proposes the resolution, a board member seconds it  — it’s kosher so far but then it goes rotten — and two members of the town board (Masti and Langdon) vote for themselves to be on the police board of commissioners! They then bring in our old friend, corrupt and criminal Laverne “Larry” Conrad to be the third member. None of these morons has any law enforcement experience, none have the sense you could fill a thimble with, and the fact that they appointed themselves and a crony to supervise a law enforcement department is nothing less than scandalous. The board should be made up of persons from the community who have no vested interests or conflicts of interests!!!

Even though you may admit it’s pretty crooked and suspicious that the town board would elect itself and an old insider to be police commissioners, and you may not see the potential for some real scandal to come out of this, you say that’s business as usual in Ravena-Coeymans. If it weren’t for our corruption and stupidity, we’d be nothing! Besides, you say, they are serving without compensation. BUT THAT’S NOT ENTIRELY TRUE!

You see, they’re very clever and have learned a lot over the years about how to deceive us and how to tie us up in knots. But that was all before this blog, dear readers! You see, what the Coeymans town board has done is this: They’ve let a real criminal go — Gregory “Dumplington” Darlington — and put a real professional in his place at a demoralizing rate of compensation. Most of you would say, “Great job! You’re saving us money!” But that’s not true, people. Here’s why: They’re covering their asses by putting the new, qualified police chief in as a stop gap while they connive to screw us later. They then say: “Well, we’ve got a great guy in there but he’s only part time. We have a board of police commissioners who are picking up the slack. They need to be compensated for their work.” So, instead of paying the police chief a fair salary, they put a couple of lugs in the works, just to screw it up good ol’ Coeymans fashion. But they have a plan, you see, and they’ve hidden it real clever-like.

You see, you have there solution of September 26 that says the board of commissioners will serve “without compensationuntil December 31, 2014. But if you have read the Coeymans town board budget (preliminary) for 2015, at page 5, you will see:




A3120.12 Commissioner $00.00 $30,000.00 $30,000.00
A3120.11 Chief Salary $88,941.00 $30,000.00 $30,000.00
A3120.12 Commissioner $30,000.00 ⇑ UP
A3120.11 Chief Salary $58,941.00 ⇓ DOWN

Put in very simple terms we have a significant and scandalous situation here:

It must be said that NYS Town Law § 150(2) concerning the board of police commissioners does state that the holders of that position must be electors of the town and must serve without compensation. We are arguing that (1) there is no written policy governing what and how they do what they think they’re going to do. (2) the public has not been consulted, (3) there is no civilian advisory board in place to provide community inputs, (4) there is no explanation or justification of the budget line item for A3129.12 commissioner justifying $30,000 of taxpayer money! As usual, the Coeymans town board is doing everything ass-end-backwards!

The Coeymans town supervisor Stephen Flach proposes a resolution, the resolution is seconded by Kenneth A. Burns (member of the Flach team elected with Flach and Langdon), Coeymans town board passes a resolution in September to create a police board of commissioners. Two of the town board members are nominated to be commissioners. So you have Flach (proposes the resolution), Peter E. Masti (nominated to be a commissioner), and George E. Langdon (town board member nominated to be a commissioner). The only one left out is Thomas E. Dolan, who is the sole democrap on the board, who expectedly votes NO on the resolution. Not surprising in the least. So they take a “democrapic” vote and pass the resolution. OUR PROBLEM WITH THIS: The town board majority fixed the vote to put two sitting board members on the police board of commissioners.

So we now have a police board of commissioners with two sitting town council members on it Masti and Langdon, and an insider employee of the town of Coeymans, Lavern “Larry” Conrad (code enforcement officer with quite a bit of his own baggage). Nevertheless, Masti and Langdon, together, make the majority and can outvote token member Conrad. Why aren’t there any nonpartisan, uncompromised, neutral members on the police board of commissioners?!?!?

We’re not done yet. It’s so clever it’s obvious but because it’s so obvious it’s invisible! To make the initial steps easier for the ignorant residents of the town of Coeymans, Flach and his pets slip in the phrase “for a term ending December 31, 2014, to serve without compensation.” OK. What happens after December 31, 2014, you might well ask?

To find that answer, you need to go back to the Town of Coeymans 2015 Budget. Remember before the 2015 budget, there was no provision in the 2014 budget for line item A3120.12 Commissioner, so if there’s no money for that, you can’t create compensation for it, can you? So, until the end of the fiscal year 2014, the commissioner(s) have to “serve without compensation.” It’s obvious what they’re doing.

Now, look at the budget line item A3120.12 Commissioner for 2015. All of a sudden, the Coeymans town board coughs up $30,000 for police commissioners. Who draws up the budget? Supervisor Stephen D. Flach. Who approves the budget? Coeymans town board members Stephen D. Flach, Peter E. Masti, Thomas E. Dolan, Kenneth A. Burns, Sr., and George E. Langdon. Connect the dots: Members of the Coeymans town board are setting us up to pad their pockets to the tune of $30,000 (doing the math, that’s $10,000 for each of the town officials on the police board of commissioners, two of whom are sitting Coeymans town board members, Masti and Langdon!)

That’s Scandalous! That’s Business-As-Usual in Coeymans!

But what’s worse, still, is that now that their protegé Dumplington has sucked us dry thanks to those dolts on the Coeymans town board, they want a piece of the action and so they screw the new police chief, a competent, experienced law enforcement officer, out of more than half the previous chief’s salary (see the table above). Talk about corruption? Look under your noses!

Our question is this: Are you going to let this slide by (AGAIN) or are you going to raise some hell about it? You have the information now so you can’t ignore what’s going on.

Or have you forgotten the illegal re-zoning, the Carver Laraway/Carver Companies deals, the dangerous truck, dust, and traffic situation created by the stupidity of the Coeymans town board and their caving to businesses that haven’t “created” a single job! What’s it going to take to get you people yelling, hollering, screaming, carrying signs, demanding JUSTICE and FAIRNESS in this community?

The Ravena village board ADMITS that the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, Cathy Deluca’s and Nancy Warner’s unlawful and illegal playpen, is HEMORRHAGING $6000 OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS every month (We told you that a year ago!) but it’s still there. Why is that, people? Are you all brain dead or something? Why haven’t you gone to village meetings yet and demanded that they padlock the doors NOW? Throw Cathy Deluca out! She’ll find somewhere else to do her thieving mischief, but at least it won’t be in Ravena-Coeymans. Or we’d hope it won’t be here!

double dipping poster

Or we’ll have another RCS High School Matt Miller “Energy Manager” Double-Dipper Scandal!!!
The Editor


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