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Keeping Our Promise: Riley’s Stats

As we mentioned last week, we want to publsh Smalbany‘s statistics for readers for the week of September 10-16, 2018, the week during which we published the first several articles on Riley P. “Jeremiah” Kern’s tragic death on July 27, 2018, and the botched investigation by the Coeymans Police Department (Patrolman Ian Foard and acting Coeymans Police Chief Sgt. Daniel Contento). The driver of the pickup truck, Travis D. Hagen, 48, and the circumstances leading to the fatal accident are still very murky because the investigation was botched, and New York Vehicle and Traffice law was violated at several point in the investigation.

The statistics for the individual articles for the week (not including September 9, 2018, which falls outside the reported week period) we show:

To give our readers an idea of how widely the articles were read, we generated a world map showing from where readers came:

And, finally, Countries — Stats for September 10, 2018 – September 16, 2018*

New Readers by Country: The United States led the count with 4,422 new readers for the week. Other followers  reading Smalbany for the week came from (countries in alphabetical order): Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, , Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, , Hong Kong SAR, India, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom.

* Not included in these figures are views (readers) for September 9, 2018. On 9/9/2018 we show 1,934 views (about 1500 new readers).

These figures do not take into account readers on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, because we have no way of tracking readers on those social media platforms; we can only say that new readers and followers on WordPress are likely only a fraction of the number of readers on Facebook (public), Twitter and LinkedIn.

Needless to say, we are very pleased with these numbers and are also very happy to have provided Rye with this kind of visibility and getting his story out there.

We will continue to cover the continuing investigations and any prosecutions that might come out of Rye’s tragic death, as well as any local events such as fundraisers and memorial services in support of Rye and his family.

If you missed any of the articles, use the links below to catch up!

The four articles getting all the attention at the expense of other important issues in the region are:

Those articles grew out of our interest and concern that a fatal accident on State Route 143 in Coeymans Hollow, practically on the Sycamore Country Club golf course grounds, received absolutely no media coverage and, when readers started asking Smalbany about the accident, Smalbany started asking questions. (See the footnote in our article, Three Articles on New Baltimore Scandals: Pick One or Read All.)

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We Are Re-Opening the Case: Riley Kern, Young Man Killed in Coeymans Hollow, Sycamore Golf Course

Just when they thought they got away with it!

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The Facts are Pointing to a

As you may recall, we wrote in a July article, “Three Articles on New Baltimore Scandals: Pick One or Read All,”, asking “Did you know?” about the case of a young man who was involved in a fatal motorcycle-pickup truck accident in Coeymans Hollow. We wrote:

Editor’s Sidebar: Town of Coeymans. We’ve received reports of a fatal pick-up truck — motorcycle accident that occurred during the evening hours of Saturday, July 28, 2018, on Route 143 in the Town of Coeymans. The operator of the motorcycle, a 20-year old man was killed; the operator of the pick-up truck was allegedly Ravena resident Travis Hagen. Strangely nothing has appeared in the local media about the accident. We have contacted the Coeymans Police for confirmation facts but have not received a response. A reader has informed us that he, too contacted the Coeymans Police acting chief, Daniel Contento, and was told only that there was an accident and the police investigated and reported it to the DMV. Is this a cover up to protect a prominent Ravena family? Doesn’t the young man’s life mean anything or do we just sweep the whole thing under the carpet? We need to start asking questions. The 20-year old man is not just another raccoon, Mr Contento!

This is Riley and a Companion.

Read more about Riley at
Ryan Parker Kern  August 4, 1998 – July 27, 2018 
and leave a note of support and condolence for his family and friends.

At the time, we were suspicious that the accident didn’t get a single word of coverage on any media, and we asked Why?

Since we published that very small bit of information, we’ve received contacts from people who have read the inconspicuous item and have contacted us with a huge amount of information and many, many questions.

In the meantime, we have received some information on Travis Hagen that points to a cover-up in the case of the young man’s death. At the very minimum, a number of people involved in the investigation of the accident and reporting the so-called “facts” are going to have to answer a lot of very unpleasant questions very soon!

Travis Hagen, 48, of Coxsackie. Driver of the pick-up truck.

There are still people in this community who think they are above the law

We are now re-opening the case and will be publishing the information as it’s verified for you, our reading public, to be sickened and outraged by what’s going on in the RCS community and what’s going on in the Coeymans Police Department. There are still people in this community who think they are above the law and can get away with trying to hide a crime. We’re here to make certain the truth gets out and they are brought to justice.

Click this link to read Riley’s mom’s response to detractors of SmalbanyRiley’s Mom Responds: A Mother’s Perspective.

Unconfirmed witness reports indicate that there are inconsistencies in the Police Incident Report. Is there a possibility that the driver of the pick-up truck was … !




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A Final Word: Village of Ravena Code Enforcement


We rarely have the opportunity to express admiration and respect for a local official but we are gratefully in the position to do so after having received a number of very civil, honest, and generally professional communications from Village of Ravena Code Enforcement Officer Sante Debacco.

We realize that some of our readers can get bored quickly if they see more than an article on a single subject, regardless of its importance or interest to the community, and it is to them that we’d like to recommend therapy. To those others who devour the information we put up on this blog and think about it, regardless of the “language” or the subject matter, and critically view their communities with the aim of better understanding and improvement, we suggest that Mr Debacco be appreciated as one of the more positive models of the public employee.

We are rarely positively impressed but Mr Debacco has broken the record, so to speak. He took the punches and returned them civilly and informatively. Kudos from a grateful editor and group.

We will make this a final blog article on the Debacco responses simply because Mr Debacco’s most recent communication wraps up his position nicely.

Dear Editor of the Smalbany Blog,

Just wanted to send you a final e-mail to let you know that I already broke my vow. I went on the Smalbany Blog this afternoon because I was curious to see if there was any other posts or comments on the Village of Ravena Zoning Enforcement Official Ron Hohman Article. I read though the latest blog in which my most recent comment was published. I would like to say thank you for some of the positive comments that you wrote about me – such as having the courage and honesty to go on a public forum and write about the issues involving our local governments, and having the guts to do what I have done in my writings. As I looked through the monthly archives the other night, I noted mostly negative comments about many of the public and elected officials. Perhaps some of those negative comments are deserved. But it’s good to see a positive comment. I’m glad I was the recipient of a positive comment on the blog. I have always tried to be an honest, sincere and hardworking person. I really do care about my community.

Just a few final follow-up comments:

First, of course I would always check with my supervisors to get approval if we were to have guests visit the Building Department. I would utilize that chain of command, that I preached about in a previous comment, to get that approval.

Secondly, I understand your comments about record keeping and keeping a “tight ship” in the office. In the fire service, we are trained to document everything: log books , fire incident reports, EMS reports. There’s a saying in the EMS world: “if you didn’t document it, you didn’t do it”. For example if we gave a patient oxygen at the scene of a medical emergency, but didn’t document it, then we didn’t give the patient oxygen. Hopefully that makes sense.

Lastly, the work of a code enforcement official isn’t totally thankless and negative. It does have some rewards. For example, by making sure buildings and structures are properly equipped with smoke alarms, exits are clear – typical Fire Code items – it is a rewarding feeling to know that we have ensured that people are safe in their buildings. Over the past several decades, the incidences of structural fires in America has decreased, partly due to better model codes and better enforcement of those codes. Even in the little Village of Ravena, and Town of Coeymans, I like to think that I have had a positive impact on the overall fire safety of our citizens and property.

Thank you and have a good evening.
Sante DeBacco

During our exchanges with Mr Debacco we could only recall the verse from Holy Scripture:

You Will Know Them by Their Fruits
“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them.”

Matthew 7:15-20 [New King James Version (NKJV)]

When we recall the total indifference of the majority of our public officials, elected and employee, to major and minor issues in the community, and when we recall some of the idiotic comments we get from some of the very people we aim to support and to protect, we can only emphasize the timeless message of that short text taken from the Gospel of Matthew.

We don’t think that much more can be said on the subject, so we will let our readers and our public officials, elected and employees, mull about that text for a while. With some luck they may actually understand it and implement it in their work and their lives.

We know what they are by what they do and how they respond to us.

The Editor

Editor”s P.S.

To the residents and our neighbors in Ravena, Coeymans, New Baltimore:

It was not our intention to tear Mr Hohman apart, since he has become a symbol of what goes on in the Village of Ravena and the Town of Coeymans. That is NOT to say that everyone in Village or Town service is a complete moron. To say something like that would be to bash (to use Mr Debacco’s preferred term) the “DeBacco’s” and the “McKenna’s” — the conscientious, honest and diligent officers and employees in public service — who regrettably get overshaowed by the evil and self-serviing ones.

Mr Hohman needs training and better supervision. Perhaps Mr DeBacco and Mr Burns can work on that project. In the meantime, as we mentioned earlier, the damage to the trust and confidence of the community must be restored, and perhaps the only way to do that is to make a public apology to the affected resident and a public commitment to the community that the Village and the Town will take steps to serve residents and taxpayers with greater appreciation and respect.

Again, Mr Hohman did violate his mandate and broke the law if the facts demonstrated in the documents and the reports we have received are given their due consideration. We cannot overlook that fact. By we must also be firm in our statement that Mr Hohman was not working alone and that Mr Burns and the hierarchy in Ravena Village Hall are also at fault and must answer for Mr Hohman’s malconduct.

As we mentioned, Hohman is a symbol now of what’s going on in the communities of Ravena, Coeymans, and New Baltimore. DeBacco is the exception to what is going on in those communities. It’s up to us citizens, residents, and taxpayers to make the DeBacco’s the rule, not the exception to the rule.

Mr DeBacco would be a good candidate for the office of mayor. We have had enough of dictators and lower life forms in the mayor’s office and in the Town Supervisor’s office; perhaps we could find someone like DeBacco who has a brain — and uses it well — has integrity, gonads, and good faith interest in his work and community. To hell with political parties and their dildo candidates! Let’s get a human being with some common sense and ethics in office and pull this community out of the filth it’s wallowing in and has been wallowing in for decades, thanks to local politics and croneyism!

Thank you!

The Editor
Smalbany Blog

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Mr Sante Debacco of the Ravena Building Department Responds

Mr Sante Debacco, part-time in the Village of Ravena Building Department, and part-time in the Town of Coeymans Building Department, and full-time in the Albany International Airport Fire Brigade, took the time to respond at length to our recent post, “Is Nancy Warner Suffering PMM (Post-menopausal Mania) AGAIN?“. Mr Debacco , to his credit, was civil and apparently honest in what he had to say. In fact, we thought his message was so worthwhile we are reproducing it here together with our responsive comments.

Good Evening Editor of the Smalbany Blog,

I would like to pass along some comments regarding the Smalbany blog and a recent blog that was posted about an employee of the Village of Ravena.

It’s at first unclear whether Mr Debacco is referring to Nancy Warner or to Mr Ron Holman, since he’s commenting on an article that is about Nancy Warner; nevertheless, the subject of Mr Debacco’s communication becomes obvious as we read on.

First of all, I do not read the blog. I have never been interested in it, because I have been told that it contains mostly negative and derogatory comments about our public officials – elected officials, employees, etc.

I was told that there was a recent post about Village of Ravena Zoning Enforcement Official Ron Hohlman. As you are aware, I work part-time in the Village of Ravena Building Department. With that said, I went on the blog to read the post about Mr. Hohlman. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not sticking up for Mr. Hohlman. Sometimes I don’t agree with his tactics and the way he does things, but I am not his boss.

We’d like to say that we are not impressed by Mr Debacco’s admission that he doesn’t read this blog because he’s “never been interested in it.” That is unfortunate because that would indicate that Mr Debacco is uninterested in what is going on in the community where he lives and where he works, at least part-time. We would think that Mr Debacco would be interested in a publication that is about his community, that is, if he’s really interested in what the world is reading about his community and, at times, about him.

We find it also unfortunate that Mr Debacco relies on hearsay and gossip to make a decision about what we write on this blog. That’s simply ignorant. We’d like to think that Mr Debacco and people like him would be interested in the “mostly negative and derogatory comments about our public officials,” since that knowledge might make them think about what’s wrong with the community and might lead to getting things fixed. But Mr Debacco is typical of the mindset in Ravena-Coeymans, New Baltimore, and in general, the entire Capital District. That’s why there’s so much apathy, anxiety, and so little improvement in the situation. People allow themselves to be told what’s what, and they avoid anything that rocks their little boat. Then they wonder why they are suffering. Yeah, we know: It’s the blogger’s fault. Kill the messenger; ignore reality.

Bu then Mr Debacco gets to his point:

Which leads me to my comment/question for you: why doesn’t the blogger bash Joe Burns on the blog? Joe Burns is the department head of the Village of Ravena Building Department. He is responsible for all that goes on in our office. In defense of Mr. Hohlman, he only works 2 days a week, at about 4 hours a day. I, as assistant to Mr. Burns, only work on the average of 8 to 10 hours a week, usually average of 2 afternoons a week. We (myself and Ron Hohlman ) are just workers.

Mr Debacco does what comes naturally for people who attempt to avoid responsibility and accountability by pointing the finger. The usual solution in American politics from the American family to municipal government right on up to the office of the POTUS: Point the finger; avoid responsibility and accountability. Here, Mr Debacco, while already cautioning that he’s not coming to Mr Holman’s defense, is throwing his boss, Joe Burns, under the bus.

While we do agree that the fish rots from the head down, we are aghast that Mr Debacco wants to wash his hands of any responsibility, personal or professional, and wants to tar and feather Burns for anything and everything that goes on in the Ravena Building Department. Perhaps Mr Burns is a dud, but that fact does not relieve Mr Debacco or Mr Holman from personal responsibility and accountability, just because they are part-timers and “just workers.

That excuse didn’t work for the defendants at the Nuremberg trials when they claimed they were just doing their jobs or just “following orders.” The message sent was that everyone is responsible for his or her own actions regardless of what higher ups say or do. So forget the B.S. about just being “workers.” You are just as responsible for what goes on in the Building Department as the Supervisor or the Mayor, regardless of how many hours you work. You are public servants and you are being paid by the public. That means you have the duty and responsibility of ensuring the best interests of the public no matter what. If you don’t understand that Mr Debacco, Mr Holman, Mr Burns, Mr Misuraca, empty your desks!

In my real job, as you know, I work as a firefighter at the Albany International Airport. I work (2) 24 hour shifts per week. My shifts fall on different days of the week as we rotate through the calendar. We are allowed to sleep at night while on duty, similar to the routines of a city fire department, and obviously we must get up and respond to a call when a call comes in during the overnight hours. Most career firefighters have entirely other side careers going – such as I with my jobs in Coeymans and Ravena. Such is the advantage of working a 24 hour shift in the fire service. In between my work shifts at the Airport, I work at my part-time jobs at the Town of Coeymans and Village of Ravena. Incidentally, I was told several years ago that I was bashed on the blog because I work so much. Not that it is anyone’s business, including the blog’s business, but I have always been a hard worker to support my family and make sure they are taken care of. If it is true, I don’t understand why I had to be spoken of negatively on the blog for working to support my family. In the fire service, I am extremely dedicated, highly trained with 35 years of serving the traveling public at the Albany Airport, and I have nothing but unmitigated pride for my profession in the fire service.

While we object to Mr Debacco’s use of the term “bashed” we do admit that it is Mr Debacco’s personal feeling being expressed; accordingly, it doesn’t necessarily have to be accurate, and we won’t dwell on his word choice but more on his content. Mr Debacco informs us that he works 2 twenty-four hour shifts at the airport; that’s a 48-hour week in our math. Debacco then puts in, as he states above, “8-10 hours a week” in the Ravena Building Department as “assistant to Mr Burns,” making a total of 56 hours a week. But he’s also part-time in the Coeymans Building Department but doesn’t say how many hours. What does bother us, though, is while Mr Debacco is putting in about 56 hours a week at his several jobs, he claims that he is doing this “to support” his family and to “make sure they are taken care of.” That is, in Mr Debacco’s mind, something admirable, but it does raise the question of what Mr Debacco thinks is “support” and being “taken care of.” Where’s the father in the family? Where’s the parenting? How much can Debacco be clearing from his part-time jobs to make it worthwhile to be away from his family all that time. And then we wonder why local kids are failures? Come on! Let’s wake up, people!

In your “real job”, Mr Debacco? Given the money you’re drawing from the public treasury in the Village of Ravena and the Town of Coeymans, YOUR “REAL JOB.” Let us remind you Mr Debacco, that your part-time jobs in the Ravena and Coeymans Building Departments are also “real jobs.” And don’t you forget that for a minute!!! Those jobs are just as “real” as your firefighting job at Albany International Airport, and you’d better take them just as seriously.

Here are some of the figures: Debacco was paid $8,410 in 2017 for his activities in the Ravena Building Department (Building Department Supervisor Joseph “Joe” Burns was paid $61,705 for the same period). Debacco was paid $14,138 for his part-time job in the Town of Coeymans. (John G. Cashin, Debacco’s supervisor in the Town of Coemans Bulding Department received a salary of $41,960 in 2017.) Debacco’s claim to be employed at the Albany International Airport as a firefighter for some 35 years may be true, but he doesn’t come up on any of our searches in County, City, or State agencies, but we have no reason to doubt that what he says is true, so we have to assume that he’s pulling a bundle as a firefighter with 35 years of experience. So why the other two jobs? Greed? Hates being home? Guilt?

Mr Debacco’s statement, “Not that it is anyone’s business, including the blog’s business,” was really the wrong thing to say. And YES, Mr Debacco, it IS our business to know, because you are being paid by taxpayers. Your jobs and your earnings are a matter of public knowledge because you are a public servant, a public employee! It IS our business because you are receiving our money!!! We hope you are clear about that now, Mr Debacco, because you are receiving more than $22,000 a year of taxpayer money from the Village of Ravena and the Town of Coeymans. That’s a fair amount of money and some poor bastard trying to support a family on a shoestring could use a portion of that — especially if he’s not getting a firefighter’s salary and benefits!!!

But then we all know how hiring is done in the Village of Ravena and the Town of Coeymans, don’t we? It’s not a matter of who needs a job or who can do the job, it’s whether you are in the incest club, isn’t it?

Moving on…

This leads me to my point I initially wanted to make. In the fire service, we follow a chain of command. The fire chief is ultimately responsible for all that goes on at the scene of an emergency. Even though we have officers such as lieutenants, captains, assistant chiefs, etc. still the chief is ultimately responsible for everything. Even non-emergency functions the chief is ultimately responsible. In the Building Department, Joe Burns is our “chief”. He is responsible for everything that goes on in the Building Department office. If there was an issue with the actions of Mr. Hohlman, I feel as though the writer of the blog should have gone to Mr. Burns with his concerns. After all, Mr. Hohlman is not a supervisor or decision maker. He is a worker who only does what he is assigned to do.

Once again, we have to emphasize that pointing the finger or claiming that you are “just workers,” does not relieve you of your duties to your employer or to the public and your obligation to conduct your job activities with professionalism, competence, accountability, and fairhandedness. We do not accept the assertion that Mr Burns should be responsible for your conduct, Mr Debacco, nor for Mr Holman’s, and that whatever you do on the job is Mr Burns’ responsibility . That’s just too childish a logic to be acceptable. It is your responsibility to know your job and your boundaries. Of course, if you or Mr Holman are unclear about your job or how it has to be done, you must consult with your superiors, or you must request guidance or training. Mr Burns cannot take responsibility for your attitude towards your job.

That having been said, it is Mr Burns’ responsibility to supervise, evaluate, and to discipline you and Mr Holman should Mr Burns become aware of relevant facts. It is also Mr Burns’ responsibility to ensure that you receive adequate training and supervision to ensure the best interests of the public. It is also Mr Burns’ responsibility to diligently investigate any complaints relating to your performance or Mr Holman’s.

Incidentally, Mr. Burns may tell you that Ron Hohlman reports directly to the mayor or a board member. That cannot be true. An employee must report to a supervisor within the department or a department head – such as Joe Burns. Only a department head can report directly to an elected official.

In the Village of Ravena any confusion in the chain of command or who reports to whom would not come as a surprise. No one, it appears, has any concept of boundaries, so If Nancy Warner gets it into her head that Mr Burns’ personnel must report to her, or if Mayor Mouse Misuraca thinks he needs to bypass Burns and run the Ravena Building Department, we wouldn’t doubt that for a minute. And if Village of Ravena employees are getting mixed messages about the person from whom they take their orders, that would be par for the course. The point is,you and Holman know who your supervisor is: Joseph Burns. Not William “Mouse” Misuraca, Bill “Babblin'” Bailey, or Nasty Nancy, but Joseph Burns, it’s your responsibility and Holman’s to go to Burns if there is any question. Period.

Thank you for your time and attention.
Sante DeBacco

And Thank YOU! Mr Debacco for your comment. We hope that it gets to the right ears and that it will serve to improve the situation in the Village of Ravena and the Town of Coeymans.

We’d like your feedback on this article.

The Editor

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Is Nancy Warner Suffering PMM (Post-menopausal Mania) AGAIN?

Is the reigning witch on a stick of Ravena Village Hall on another PMM rampage? Have her hormones kicked in again, and is she feeling her bowels moving again after so long a bout of rage constipation? Is Nancy off her sanity medication and back on her evil pill? Have her keepers fallen asleep and she’s gotten loose?

Nancy Warner sending forth her minions.

We have our ear to the ground in Ravena and it seems that there are some real angry people and some serious complaints brewing, and it all leads back to Nancy Warner. She’s like a senile bear sow who’s awakened out of hibernation with a wicked pain in her anus and that means someone, perhaps an entire village, is going to be shat upon.

As in the past, she’s not above intimidating the low-lives in Village Hall to go out and do her dirty work nor is she above involving the local Keystone Cops in enforcing her misguided and still unlawful projects. Without competent and strong leadership in the Coeymans Police Department and with a backstabbing Coeymans Town Board, the casualty toll can be mind-boggling.

We’ve received several reports and will be investigating those along with the unlawful conduct of Ravena Code Enforcement Dingleberry, Ron Holman, as well as some questionable ticketing activity by the Coeymans Police.

What Ravena, Coeymans and New Baltimore Local Government share in Common.

One of our projects to to ask the question: “Why are the huge trucks going through Ravena in the first place? ” If they’re coming from Exit 22 at Selkirk, going through Selkirk to get to 9W would be the most logical solution. If they’re coming from the so-called gully known as the Port of Coeymans, wouldn’t it be more sensible to negotiate a passage through the Lafarge properties, perhaps even getting an access road built? Doesn’t anyone on the Village or Town Board realize that those trucks are ruining the foundations of the properties along Main Street in Ravena? And what about the ancient sewerage and water pipes under the street? At least Selkirk had the balls to oppose and stop most of the heavy trucks moving through the hamlet. You have to wonder Why? Ravena (and New Baltimore) are so indifferent and clueless about this major problem. Any answers?


Local Government at Work.
The Editor



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Rethink Your Freedom and Liberties (They’re very different!) !!!

Learn what July 4th, really means!

It’s not about “Me First!”, nor about Entitlements, nor about YOU!

It’s about a family, a community, a nation.

Without family and values there’s no community; without community there’s no nation. This July 4th, think about where we are as families, communities, and as a nation. Then go out and do something valuable.

First, be grateful to those who are serving for the right reasons
(not for bonuses, benefits or a quick green card!)

And those who sacrificed!

And be more grateful!

Because Americans are Not a Grateful Nation.

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Our 2018 Commitment to Our Followers and Supporters

Happy New Year Animation -mn3

Our loyal and dedicated commitment to our readers, followers, supporters is to continue reporting the facts and the truth that the media and our pubic officials are keeping from you. We will continue our efforts to expose the corruption and incompetence in our town, village, and city halls and our county and state institutions.

We would like to thank our thousands, Yes! hundreds of thousands of readers, our hundreds of followers, our local and regional contributors, informants and collaborators for your loyalty and support. We look forward to continuing our important work with you all in 2018. With your help we can make the changes our government and elected officials promise but never deliver.

Only YOU through your individual and personal efforts can MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. No ego maniac politician, local or national, can do that for you. You have to step up to the plate and help us bat the winning home run in this series!

All of us at the Smalbany Blog wish you all a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year 2018!

The Editor, Contributors, Collaborators and Supporters

Wish you and the community a

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