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Our 2018 Commitment to Our Followers and Supporters

Happy New Year Animation -mn3

Our loyal and dedicated commitment to our readers, followers, supporters is to continue reporting the facts and the truth that the media and our pubic officials are keeping from you. We will continue our efforts to expose the corruption and incompetence in our town, village, and city halls and our county and state institutions.

We would like to thank our thousands, Yes! hundreds of thousands of readers, our hundreds of followers, our local and regional contributors, informants and collaborators for your loyalty and support. We look forward to continuing our important work with you all in 2018. With your help we can make the changes our government and elected officials promise but never deliver.

Only YOU through your individual and personal efforts can MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. No ego maniac politician, local or national, can do that for you. You have to step up to the plate and help us bat the winning home run in this series!

All of us at the Smalbany Blog wish you all a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year 2018!

The Editor, Contributors, Collaborators and Supporters

Wish you and the community a

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Coeymans Police Turning Into Coeymans Gestapo Again?

Is Anyone Supervising the Rookies Turned Loose on Our Streets?

The Coeymans Police are Getting Heavy Handed Again. Get rid of Amanda L. Mueller, she’s bad news! Silly cow wants to be a bully cop!

If you are a local resident and driving through Coeymans, and happen to have a headlight out, wouldn’t you be grateful for a warning from a helpful police officer rather than a ticket right away? Well, forget the helpful patrolman and welcome the Fascist Gestapo back to Coeymans. And just when we thought things might be getting better, the Coeymans Police Department stocks up on ignorant brutes to harass local residents.

Coeymans has a really lousy record when it comes to female law enforcement trainees. Remember Danielle Crosier, she was a real loser, unless she was running police vehicles off the road or onto guardrails. She kept her job for as long as she could by doing deputy chief Kerry Thompson (while he was also doubling as an Albany County Sheriff Department lieutenant). So how’s trainee Amanda L. Mueller, Badge No. 149 keeping her job? She doing one of the Coeymans board members? No, that can’t be. None of the board members has any balls; no balls, no drive.

Two Coeymans police officers stopped the resident for a headlight being out.

Problem is, the Coeymans police, or at least trainee Amanda L. Mueller doesn’t know the difference between a vehicle’s high beams and fog lights. But if Mueller was partnered with another officer, a male officer, who was the senior officer. Certainly not Mueller. And if Mueller was not the senior officer on that patrol, why didn’t the senior officer set her straight? Go figure. Cops, as we all know, stick together.

Amanda’s Father’s Business, Mueller’s Automotive, on Main Street in Ravena.

But we’re a bit confused by Amanda’s ignorance. You see, Amanda Mueller’s father owns Mueller’s Automotive, the automotive repair business on 88 Main Street in Ravena. That’s the same place that services the Coeymans Police Department vehicles. Now isn’t that an interesting coïncidence? As we always say, “Follow the money!” Now, given that fact, wouldn’t you think that sweet little Amanda would know the difference between fog lights and high-beam headlights?  What’s more, might little Amanda’s quick-to-hand-out-tickets behavior be a hint that maybe she’s plugging good ol’ dad’s automotive repair business, one of the only ones in Ravena-Coeymans, and that getting the work done at Mueller Automotive might be the first step to a dismissal of the ticket? Sure, everyone in Ravena-Coeymans knows that Amanda Mueller is a local and who her daddy is!

We see a serious conflict of interest
The plot thickens with a little investigation

We see a serious conflict of interest case growing out of this otherwise unfair, but minor incident involving a Coeymans Police Department employee, a local automotive business, a police trainee who is a close relative of that business owner, and the fact that the town of Coeymans, the Coeymans Police Department does business with that trainee’s father’s business. The plot thickens with a little investigation, doesn’t it?

We see a serious conflict of interest in Amanda Mueller’s actions. Corruption, perhaps?

Hint to the Coeymans Police: You need aIl the support you can get from literate, competent residents. (Obviously you’re not getting it from your Twitter tweets!) You mess with the better element in this community and you’ll have more to deal with than just a disgraced town justice and a corrupt town board. If you want community support and good will, and you really need it in these times, you start by being helpful, not abusive. Your trainee Amanda L. Mueller and her partner were abusive to the local resident who happens to be a very upstanding and influential person, who could put most police officers to shame in terms of integrity and ethics.

They say that they’re there to “Serve and Protect.” Has anyone told them that?

Cold-Case Coeymans

They can’t complete a criminal investigation.
They can’t take a criminal complaint.
They’ll ignore evidence and obstruct justice (Right “Detective” Jason Albert”?)

If they do, it’ll go cold and they can close it. CLOSED. UNRESOLVED.
But motorists beware! If you have a headlight out, they’re gonna gitcha!

Give the biatch a badge and she becomes a bully biatch!

Once again! Shame on you Coeymans Police! Shame on your patrolpersons Amanda L. Mueller, Badge No.149. Give the biatch a badge and she becomes a bully biatch! Bully biatch in a uniform, smart mouth, vindictive, abusive. Perfect for Coeymans. Must be native brown trash from Main Street in the Hamlet.

Someone needs to counsel trainee Amanda /.L. Mueller that as a patrolman, she’s part of the executive branch of government, not the judiciary. She is not out there to make decisions, to judge a resident, and then to punish the resident. That’s the job of the judiciary in observance of the provisions of the Constitution and scrupulous interpretation of law. We doubt Ms. Amanda L. Mueller has the training, education, or brains to do that.

Judge Judy’s Response to Coeymans Cop-trainee A.L. Mueller.

Two Coeymans police officers one female and one male, stopped the resident for a headlight being out.

Problem is, the Coeymans police, or at least trainee Amanda L. Mueller doesn’t know the difference between a vehicle’s high beams and fog lights. But if Mueller was partnered with another officer, a male officer, who was the senior officer. Certainly not Mueller. And if Mueller was not the senior officer on that patrol, why didn’t the senior officer set her straight? Go figure. Cops, as we all know, stick together.

Mueller: “I would have let you off with a warning but because you gave me an attitude about the high beams, I’m going to give you a ticket.”

When they stopped the resident Mueller insisted that the resident “Turn off your high beams.” When the resident responded that the high beams were not on, and he was driving with his fog lights on, Mueller becomes annoyed. Her response to the resident: “I would have let you off with a warning but because you gave me an attitude about the high beams, I’m going to give you a ticket.” Attitude?  ATTITUDE?  The resident was merely stating that his high beams were not on, that his fog lights were on. So she’s wrong and retaliates. Just what we want to see in our law enforcement. Bullying. So, Amanda Mueller doesn ‘t like being wrong and if she is, she’s going to get even. Nice police work. Nice community work.

Editor’s Note: For those of our readers who, like Coeymans Cop-trainee Amanda L. Mueller, don’t know the difference between high-beams and fog lights, we’d like to help you out: When driving in fog or even in wet conditions, or when visibility is poor, the light from regular headlights reflects off water droplets back into your eyes, impairing rather than improving visibility. Fog lights are positioned low on the vehicle and have a wide beam angled toward the ground, which reduces glare and helps you see the road better. (Source: CarId at, last accessed on 20 December 2017) So, dear readers — and trainee Mueller — there’s a big difference between high-beams and fog lights. 

If Mueller said what she is reported to have said, there will be repercussions

We are going to make our inquiries because we think that all stops must be recorded, audio and/or video. If there’s a recording, one of our editors will be looking for it and will review it. We will obtain a copy of the ticket issued to the resident as soon as possible, and will follow the case. If there is a recording of the interaction during this stop, and if Mueller said what she is reported to have said, there will be repercussions.

Now isn’t that sweet? Mueller doesn’t know high beams from fog lights and when she’s corrected, it becomes “attitude” and then she retaliates. Retaliation is not in the script, Mueller! In fact, you need to be disciplined for your unethical and unlawful conduct. We assume that all of the transaction was recorded? If so, we’ll get a copy. After all, if a warning would have been enough, just because the resident corrects her, she becomes BULLY COP!

Bully Cops Back in Coeymans!

We expect respect and courtesy.

Notice to the Coeymans Police and to Patrolperson Amanda L. Mueller: Get a grip! Loosen up! We don’t like bully cops and we don’t like retaliation. We expect respect and courtesy. If you think your uniform gives you license to abuse and to bully, your ass is going to be grass and you’ll be looking for a job. Probably a job more in line with your lack of skills and stupidity: a greasy spoon waitress.

It’s behavior like Coeymans patrol Amanda L. Mueller, Badge No. 149, that gets our attention. And the Coeymans Police Department does not want our attention. Ask former chief Darlington and some of his lackies.

Maybe we have to get back on the bandwagon. Maybe we should start pushing again to eliminate the Coeymans Police Department. it seems that all they can do is let criminal investigations go cold. But they are getting real good at bullying AGAIN.

We’ll be following developments in this case and from now on we’ll be looking a bit closer at what’s going on in Coeymans law enforcement or more accurately, Bully Patrol.

What say you, Chief McKenna?

We’ve been very fair to the Coeymans PD since Chief Peter J. McKenna took over. We’ve been very fair to Chief McKenna and very supportive. We have always rated Chief McKenna’s programs and efforts very highly. But now we have to step up to the plate and start policing the police again. True, it takes only one rotten apple to spoil the whole bushel, but who’s going to do the damage control? We know the Crandall mob wants total control. What say you, Chief McKenna?

Editor’s Note: We received notification of this incident from a person with personal knowledge about the incident. If the Coeymans Police have their version of the facts, we’d love to hear from them. We would also like to hear from any residents who have had any recent issues with the Coeymans PD, especially Ms Amanda L Mueller and Mueller Automotive of Ravena. We’re going to be watching Mueller and would appreciate any input from our friends and neighbors in Ravena and Coeymans. 

Maybe Patrolman Mueller’s blood sugar was low. Was it that time of the month, Mueller? That may be why she was testy.


Why You Should Avoid Ravena-Coeymans and New Baltimore, New York

Another exposé of more of the dirty laundry of local communities.
(Next week, we’ll be reviewing the documents FOILed by us and produced by the Town
regarding some issues we’ve been investigating. Stay tuned!)


Congratulations, New Baltimore! You did good!

Unofficial Election Results
The Margins are Clear; These Results Look Good.

Preliminary Results (P) & Final Results (F): Turnout was LOW!!! Only 1064 Ballots Cast. Shame on you, New Baltimore Voters!

  • Supervisor (unopposed): Jeff Ruso –  510 votes; Final Results as of November 8, 2017: 730 votes out of 1064 ballots cast
  • Town Clerk (unopposed): Barbara Finke – 520 votes; Final Results 731 votes out of 1064 ballots cast
  • Town Council: Shelly A. van Etten – 429 votes; Final Results 608 votes
  • Town Council: Kelly C. Downes – 387 votes; Final Results 568 votes
  • Town Council Losers: S. Jacob Colwell – P 303/F 422 votes; James H. Eckl – P 316/ F 425 votes)
  • Tax Collector (unopposed): Diane A. Jordan – P 531/ F 751 votes out of 1064 ballots cast.

Based on the ballots cast and the votes for Supervisor, Clerk, Tax Collector, it appears more than 30% of voters casting ballots did not vote for the unopposed candidates. We think that’s a very significant figure who abstained in protest to unopposed candidates. One third (Avg. 309) of the 1064 total ballots cast did not vote for the unopposed candidates. Thank you, New Baltimore voters, for making that statement!!!

Thank you! New Baltimore voters.

You can view the 2017 election results for all of Green County at: 2017 General Elections.




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Welcome to the Town of Coeymans, New York

The Eyesore-on-the-Hudson, the local Black Pit of Calcutta, gives new meaning to Democrat Depraved Degeneracy.

Voters in an Angry Little Backwater Town in New York Decide They Like to Be Angry, Anxious, and Abused. The Democratic Process at Work in New York.

This Sums up the Town of Coeymans, New York: Raw Sewerage. Coeymans voters choose to live in shit again!

The best thing that could happen to the Town of Coeymans is that it would just slide into the Hudson. At least there GE’s chemicals would make a quick end to their disease.

The town is doomed to continue on in a dead-man’s spin to oblivion and no one gives a damn, not even the local Coeymanazis.

Me so happy! We call you now rittle NoKo. You rikey?
Conglaturations Rittle NoKo.
Me rikey you stupid voters!

For the final figures on the Albany County 2017 General Election go to: Albany Co Finals.

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Today, Tuesday, November 7, 2017: Your To-Do List…

Once we get past these elections, we’ll publish some new information on the
New Baltimore Highway Department and the
New Baltimore Town Board’s failure
to govern responsibly. But right now …

  1. Remember “B” is for Better. Coeymans voters: Keep it real simple. Vote Row “B” all the way across!
  2. Remember “C” is for corruption and for Crandall.
  3. Get rid of the Coeymans scandal Phil Crandall, and bring a fresch scent and clean air back into the Supervisor’s office. The stench of raw sewerage is choking local government in Coeymans! And once “Crandall the Scandal” is out, the new Supervisor can give Crandall’s little office harem the boot, starting with his so-called “confidential secretary,” Cindy Rowzee.
  4. Keep Cindy Rowzee out of the Clerk’s office; she was never there when needed but now she wants the whole thing!!
  5. Vote: Morgan Fishlock for Coeymans Town Clerk! Row “B”
  6. Vote: Kenneth Mahler for Coeymans Supervisor! Row “B”
  7. Keep Searles as Highway Super in Coeymans. Row “B”
  8. Get rid of conflicts of interest in the Albany County Coroners Office: Vote Paul Marra out as Albany County Coroner. Vote the funeral directors out of political office (Paul Marra and the others, Charles Smoot, Timothy Cavanaugh and John Keegan).

New Baltimore

  1. Don’t fill in the oval at Jeff Ruso’s name for Supervisor; Instead, go to the write-in area and write the words “NO CHOICE” in.
  2. Don’t fill in the oval at Diane Jordan’s name for Tax Collector; Instead, go to the write-in area and write the words “NO CHOICE” in.
  3. Fill in the oval at Barbara Finke’s name for New Baltimore Town Clerk; Give her the numbers!
  4. Fill in the oval at Shelly van Etton’s name for Town Council.
  5. Coin toss  when it comes to Downes or Collwell. We’d like to see another woman (Downes) on the New Baltimore Town board to balance the plumbing problem. But Collwell might be a stimulus to the other board members to move on important issues. He may have half a brain to add to the board’s current half-a-brain. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a whole brain on the New Baltimore Town Board?

The Proposals

Remember: We don’t owe our elected officials or our public servants a damned thing! They owe us; we pay the bills. We demand respect, performance, accountability and transparency. If our elected officials and public servants don’t know what those words mean, we’re here to give them a couple of lessons. And if they can’t or won’t deliver the goods, they get their walking papers. Simple.

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Peter DeLuke

A Local Resident Shares some stuff about Peter DeLuke, another Democrat Dumbass

Republished from a post by  Don Merrill on Facebook:

I was approached by a gentleman today and he asked why this upcoming info he had compiled isn’t being told to the voters of Coeymans. These are the qualifications of Pete Deluke.

1, Ripped power lines from private residence on Powell Hill Rd.
2, While driving truck ripped down powerlines snapped 3 power poles a transformer fell into creek at intersection of Whitbeck Rd. And Stanton Rd.
3, driving a town truck ,backed into another town truck in highway dept parking lot and denied doing it.
4, driving a town truck that backed onto a rented bulldozer and denied and lied about incident.
5, Caught sleeping while in town truck behind Ravena firehouse by taxpayer while on town work time.
6, While using town backhoe was told to dig by hand near waterline and instead used backhoe and ripped several feet of village waterline out and jok ed about it to village employees while they fixed the line.
7, While collecting unemployment from state was caught working under the table and was fined and removed from unemployment.

1, Worked at parts store til 2000.
2, Laborer at Millious Construction paving and blacktoping driveways and parking lots.
3, worked at Finke Equipment delivering and picking up equipment from jobsite.
This does not give you 25 years experience in road maintenance or qualify you to be Highway Superintendent but, that is exactly what’s touted on his Facebook page.
6 out of 7 employees at highway dept do not trust support or endorse him in any way. As I personally have seen he claims to be endorsed by CSEA but the local at the highway department has explicitly denounced this unsafe truck driver as unsatisfactory.

These are all proven true facts about the Democratic candidate for Coeymans Highway Superintendent!! They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for candidates in the Democratic party.

Well, even if only half of Mr Merrill’s report is true, this Peter DeLuke is a real piece of damaged goods. Best keep him out of the Coeymans Highway Department overall, much less elect him to run things right into the river!



New Baltimore Elections: No Choice. The Sequel. (And Coeymans, too!)

Election Day is just a few days away and you need to start thinking.

There are a number of candidates in New Baltimore asking for your vote but are running unopposed.

Please see our article
No Choice! Unopposed Candidates? Here’s the Plan…
If you haven’t already

It’s not so simple as an “easy decision” as reported by Columbia-Greene County Media; it’s a question of democratic process and having a choice, not being handed a no-choice candidate; that’s called tyranny, not democracy. That’s how dictators work, no competition!

On Thursday, November 2, 2017, one of our contributors contacted the Town Clerks of Coeymans and New Baltimore with the question: “Can you please tell me which candidates in your town are running for election unopposed and for which office(s)?” Both Clerks Diane Millious and Bonnie Keyer (Coeymans) and Barbara Finke (New Baltimore) responded almost immediately.

The Town of New Baltimore has three candidates running unopposed:

Jeff Ruso (R) for Town Supervisor. Ruso is running unopposed; the New Baltimore Democraps couldn’t come up with a candidate to run against him. Ruso ran once before with competition for Town Supervisor and lost. He later ran for New Baltimore Town Board and was elected to the board. He has since been Deputy Supervisor alongside Supervisor Nick Dellisanti. Our experience with the Dellisanti-Ruso team has been less than satisfactory, and we must admit that they have fallen flat on their faces in terms of dealing with the New Baltimore Superintendent of Highways, Denis Jordan (D), who, we understand is allegedly under investigation for abuse of office, maladministration, malfeasance, and misfeasance. Jordan’s deputy, Scott van Wormer, may also be implicated in some of the activities under investigation. We mention this Highway Department issue and Denis Jordan because it’s a very serious matter and the current Town Board (Dellisanti, Ruso, van Etten, Irving, Brody) have had opportunities to shine but ended up with egg on their faces and may be held liable, along with corrupt Denis Jordan. Please do not cast a vote for Ruso so that he doesn’t get the numbers; he’s running unopposed so if he votes for himself he’ll have one vote and that will elect him.

Barb Finke (R)  for Town Clerk. Barbara Finke is the current incumbent New Baltimore Town Clerk. We want her to get all the numbers she can, because she’s been doing a stellar job as Town Clerk. She’s competent and efficient. She’s also knowledgeable and very helpful. In general, our local town clerks are very hard working and don’t get the credit they deserve. Although Ms Finke is running unopposed, we’d like you to show your support by giving her the numbers. Your vote is your voice!

Diane Jordan (R) for Tax Collector.Diane Jordan is running unopposed and we have no problem with that. The problem we do have is that Ms Jordan is married to the incompetent New Baltimore Superintendent of Highways, Denis Jordan (D). We also have a problem of possible conflicts of interest in that Ms Jordan is also a deputy town clerk; we are uneasy with that situation given the problems with her husband, Highway Superintendent Denis Jordan. Tax collector is not the most glamorous job in the world and Ms Jordan appears to be good a licking stamps and sealing tax bill envelopes. We have no objection to her continuing in office but we do ask voters not to cast a vote in her case; not casting your vote will send a protest message regarding her husband but will not affect whether she is re-elected. The same applies to her as to Jeff Ruso, above: even if the only vote the get is their own, they’ll still be elected. Don’t give her the numbers.

We’d like to mention the candidates for town board.
Shelly van Etten (R, C, I), incumbent town board member. Ms van Etten is up for re-election. We support her re-election if only to keep her where she is in order to see what happens in the Denis Jordan case. Nick Dellisanti has backed out of New Baltimore politics but Jeff Ruso will still be around; we’d like to keep as many current people in place for accountability purposes. Ms van Etten has a firm foothold in New Baltimore both as a resident and business owner (van Etten Excavating).
Three newcomers are seeking election to the New Baltimore Town Board, two of them are Democraps: Jacob Colwell and James Eckl. Kelly Downes (R, C, I)  is the other newcomer.
We would argue in favor of a mixed party board but in our experience in New Baltimore and Coeymans, the minority party’s only interest is to mess with the majority party and stymie any progress. It’s the same sour grapes attitude we find at the state and national level politics. The little fish like to think they have power to stop the big fish but the only ones they hurt and punish are us residents.
Jacob Colwell is youngish and has a family. We say he should stay home and be with his family, raise his children, and stop playing the stupid egomaniac game. We do not support Colwell for those reasons. A further reason is that he’s a school phys ed instructor and coach. Those are time-consuming activities — or they should be — and we don’t think that would work out very well. Finally, his main interest seems to be a bit childish: the town newsletter. The newsletter is a nice but not a necessary; besides, that’s what we have local newspapers for, isn’t it? Maybe Mr Vinciguerra and Ms Dempsy of Columbia Greene Media (Johnson Newspaper Group) could invest a bit more time in New Baltimore, so that we don’t have to waste time and resources on Mr Colwell’s pet project. Mr Colwell also wants to bring “transparency and diversity” to the board. The current board is already quite transparent and open; usually very forthcoming and no big secrets. That’s fine with us. So Colwell wants to bring something we already have, transparency. Now this “diversity” thing is a bit scary, since Colwell hasn’t mentioned what he means by diversity. Bottom line: Nix to Colwell.
James Eckl is 71 years old and running as a newcomer. Eckl is retired from that incompetent and corrupt state entity, the Department of Environmental Conservation. Right there we have a negative because most of those people at the DEC are a bit weird, and we don’t need any more weird in New Baltimore town government than we already have. At present, we’re O-D’ing on weird. Eckl serves on the New Baltimore Zoning Board of Appeals but he says that if elected to the Town Board, he’ll bring some different views into the town. You’d think he’d already have done that being on the Zoning Board. We covered some issues concerning the New Baltimore Zoning Board of Appeals several months ago and we were not impressed with how they were operating. We don’t need to infect the Town Board with that virus by electing Eckl to the Town Board; we don’t need undefined “new views”, whatever that means.
The final face we’d like to discuss is Ms Kelly Downes (R, C, I), who is also a newcomer running for election for Town Board. Ms Downes claim to fame is — NONE. We met Ms Downes a couple months ago at a Town Board meeting and we were not impressed; in fact, she came across as defensive and not very friendly. She is employed by the state as an “internal auditor” and has been a NB resident for 30 of her 52 years. That in itself is not a qualifier but at least she’s been living in New Baltimore for as long as Jacob Colwell has been potty trained (Colwell is 34). One major issue we have with Downes is the fact that in a recent piece published in Hudson Valley 360, a publication of the Register Star and Daily News, the paper reports that when they tried to get in touch with her for their candidate’s intro piece, “Downes did not return multiple phone calls for comment.” If that’s the way she’s going to conduct her campaign by not returning the media’s calls, we don’t have much confidence in her performance as a future board member.
That’s our take on the three newcomers asking for your vote to put them on the New Baltimore town board. We have no real preference because the choices are so bad. We have serious doubts about Jacob Colwell and we are strongly suspicious of James Eckl. Kelly Downes may work well with the members on the current board, and she’ll balance out the board by adding a woman’s voice. While her plumbing is not a serious criterion for election, it’s worth thinking about, given the overall poor choices.

Town of Coeymans

Diane Millious

First of all, we are really very, very sorry to see Diane Millious leaving town service as Town Clerk. Diane has been a model of integrity and professionalism in Coeymans Town Hall for more than a quarter century. She’s seen the best and she’s seen the worst, but she’s always kept her eye on the ball; she’s always been there to serve the residents and visitors of the Town of Coeymans. How do you thank someone like Diane Millious enough for her exemplary service and devotion to Coeymans. Here’s an idea: Make the numbers count. Write her name in as a write-in for Town Clerk. If she wins as a write-in it’ll show how much Coeymans loves her and is grateful to her. She can then refuse to accept the vote, and then the runner-up will take the election. You’re not wasting a vote and you’re sending a very special message!

 The Coeymans Candidates and Our Recommendations

Last election voters in the Town of Coeymans sent raw sewerage into Coeymans Town Hall by electing disgraced town justice Phillip Crandall to be Supervisor and recycled losers like Jim Youmans, Tom Dolan, etc. to be Town Board members. Big mistakes. The ballots for this Tuesday, November 6, aren’t much prettier.

Town Supervisor

  • Philip A. Crandall: ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! When asked to tell us what his accomplishments were as Town Supervisor, Crandall refused to respond; he had no accomplishments. Apart from being forced to resign as town justice for corruption, Crandall was rebuked by the board of elections for having misused signatures on his ballot petitions. Crandall’s response: “I didn’t know.” Bullshit! Crandall has been in politics long enough to know the rules, he just doesn’t like rules. On a more serious note, Crandall recently allegedly misused some confidential police information by turning over to the individual being investigated. It’s not yet known whether he’ll face charges on that account. Bottom line: Get the garbage out of Coeymans Town Hall. Give Phil Crandall the boot!
  • Keith E. Mahler, Jr.: Not much to say about this dud but anything’s better than Crandall!

Town Councilman

  • Michael J. McGuire: Newcomer. Very little information on him. If they’re not open on the campaign trail, we don’t need them in Town Hall. If you know anything about him, please share with us so we can let voters know.
  • Neil E. Porlier: Newcomer. Very little information on him. If they’re not open on the campaign trail, we don’t need them in Town Hall. If you know anything about him, please share with us so we can let voters know.
  • Daniel D. Baker: Newcomer. Very little information on him. If they’re not open on the campaign trail, we don’t need them in Town Hall.  If you know anything about him, please share with us so we can let voters know.
  • Kenneth A. Burns: Burns is running for a second term. Question is, does he have any balls. one thing’s certain: Better to keep the devil you know than to get a devil you don’t know.Town Clerk

One thing’s certain, we’ll never get another Diane Millious; she’s one of a kind. All the rest will be second rate.

Coeymans Town Clerk

  • Cindy L. Rowzee: Ms Rowzee has a history that goes back to her stint in Ravena village hall. Worse still, Rowzee has been Phil Crandall’s “confidential secretary.” That alone should raise red flags as to her fitness to be Coeymans Town Clerk. Several months ago, we asked Ms Rowzee if she’d like to talk to us about why she would be a good Town Clerk. She refused to talk to us. If that’s any indication of what kind of clerk she’ll make, forget about her!
  • Morgan B. Fishlock: Yes. Although a newcomer, she comes highly recommended. In fact, the best recommendation possible from our own Diane Milious. That’s enough for us to caller Madam Clerk!

Town Justice

  • Thomas M. Frese: Former corrections officer, local business owner. His background is too much like Crandall’s. Won’t know how to deal respectfully with people because of his career controlling criminals.
  • Charles W. Brooks: Brooks has court experience and comes on good recommendations. We would call him your honor from this point on.

Superintendent of Highways

  • Peter J. DeLuke: Newcomer. Very little information on him. If you know anything about him, please share with us so we can let voters know.
  • Scott D. Searles: Searles has been on the job for a while and appears to be doing a mediocre but passable job. Problem is that the elected Superintendent of Highways is a relatively autonomous public office and can do what he likes in general, including some really dumbass stuff. Keep an eye on him and let him know who pays the bills.

Here’s the plan.

  1. Please get your sorry asses out to vote!
  2. Check the list below of candidates running unopposed in your district.
  4. If you have a choice of candidates for a particular office, please carefully consider your choice and vote for the one BEST QUALIFIED, not your friend, your brother-in-law, or your next door neighbor. If you feel you must vote out of so-called “friendship” or family loyalties, that’s not a criterion for selecting an elected official for the rest of us. Be fair.

The reason that we are asking you not to cast a vote for an unopposed candidate is because we want you to protest not having a choice by not casting a vote for the unopposed candidate(s).

If you don’t cast a vote for an unopposed candidate, you are sending a message. Here’s how:

When you go in to vote, you sign in. That gives us a total number of registered voters who got out and voted. We can compare that number to the total number of registered voters in your district overall to see how many actually got out to vote.

Now, we can take those two numbers and look at the totals for the unopposed candidates and see just how many, what percentage, of active voters protested the no-choice situation.

We’ll report that number so you can see where the community stands on no-choice elections.

We need to make our voices heard in whatever way possible to avoid becoming a second North Korea.

Me so happy! You mellicans got no choice! You get me! You velly happy now…YES!


(This doesn’t mean that the unopposed candidate won’t get into office, all it takes is ONE VOTE, most likely their own, to “win” the election.)

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