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More Rogue, Retaliative Teachers

It Would Be an Understatement to Say that the State of Affairs at the RCS High School is Literally Ass-End-Backwards; And It’s the Prima Donna Teachers Who are the Delinquents, Not the Students!

Why Does RCS Have So Many Pinhead Teachers?

Why Does RCS Have So Many Pinhead Teachers?

Readers Comment

One reader asks: “Why is it we seem to get stuck with all the lunatic teachers and the good ones don’t stay?” Well, there’s some local wisdom that goes something like this: “Shit sticks…” While that’s only partially true, we do have some good teachers but they mind their own business and teach. The bad ones know a good thing when they see it; besides, they have nowhere else to go, nobody was someone else’s problems. And, furthermore, because we’re actually stuck with them, the community goes into denial, and forces itself to believe their precious assets and can do no wrong. It’s similar to having an old junker and putting money into minor repairs, finally, when the biggie comes up, we’ve got so much invested in it already we justify to ourselves going that extra mile. In the end we still have a junk car but we’ve invested a new car’s value in it! Doesn’t make sense but we do that. Same with teachers, elected officials, police departments. We have to admit to ourselves what is real and what is unreal or we’re doomed to remain an ongoing backwoods scandal. Another reader mentions that “unions are for bad teachers, the good ones don’t need a union!” How true. But the unions are there and they’re doing their damage…until we change that fact. Union or no union, parents and the community have the real power to make things change but we have to use it. This blog is an example of local power, and that local power has gone beyond community, county, state, even national borders. Our issues are now on the international map!

Now, that having been said… Here we have this character, and character he is, a character from some second rate Dork Tracey comic strip. Robert Dorrance. Excuse me, “ProfessorRobert Dorrance (it seems he really likes himself, thinks he’s pretty smart. But he’s actually quite, well, pathetic.) or so he likes to call himself. Sorry, Bobby Pinhead, you’re misrepresenting yourself when you give yourself titles like “professor.”  You’re simply an overpaid high-school teacher, bud.

Well, Mr Genius Dorrance recently stepped in a pile when, true to the abuse tradition at RCS High School, he writes up a student for not showing up in his class. Sounds like a reasonable thing to do, doesn’t it? Well, if you think so, you’d better pull your head out because if it looks normal and it’s RCS it’s probably really bizarre. And so it is. You see, several days before wonder-boy Bob Dorrance writes the kid up, his parents send in a notification that the student will be out for medical reasons; he was to have surgery.

You’d think that the geniuses at the High School would have the sense to communicate (for more on communications at RCS see our article “Zombification“). No way, José! Communicate? So, the student is out on a Thursday and a Friday, in surgery, recovering, and dud Dorrance writes the kid up. Nice going, Bobby “Pinhead” Dorrance!

We’ve received unconfirmed information that “Professor” Bobby “Pinhead” Dorrance is his own hospitality center, too. Seems that the teachers at the RCS high school are very special people, far above having to give a second thought about energy. Just set up your own hospitality corner in your classroom! Coffee anyone? One lump or two? Cream? Isn’t that the way it goes “Professor” Dorrance? Is that coffee pot and hospitality nook still in your classroom, Bob? Real energy conscious. Now where’s that principal, what’s his name, Brian? Brian Bailey? Isn’t he responsible for enforcing policy in the high school?

What's the next step, Mr Dorrance, table service?

What’s the next step, Mr Dorrance, white-glove table service?

Look, there is a distict policy that prohibits coffee pots, fridges, hotplates, and the like for personal use on school property. The main enforcers of the policy are supposed to be the head custodian and the principal. Yes, that’s Brian Bailey, isn’t it? HELLO! Principal Bailey, head custodian…look under your noses…waddaya see? Maybe they should be hauled in to explain to the RCS board of education, to the interim superintendent in public session, why this is going on in the high school. Can’t we expect teachers, administrators to be adult enough not to need personal supervision? Are these the people who are supervising the students!?! Is this nutz or wot? Ass-end-backwards is what it is!

Gimme my stipedn!!!

Gimme my stipend!!!

This is the same Bob Dorrance who was running the early morning weights room…for a stipend. Yeah, he’d go in early and open up the weights room for the guys but it wasn’t out of dedication or fellowship, it was for a stipend. $ MONEY $ Everyone in the system has to grab as much of the budget as possible. That’s why the highest-rated course at RCS high school is GREED, and the course is taught by real experts. Well, the district wised up when the teachers clique lost their majority and Bobby Boy lost his stipend. Bye-bye stipend. Enter evil Bobby Biatch…teachers get that way when they get caught with their hands in the taxpayers’ cookie jar…we now have a very unhappy “Professor” on the loose and he’s going to test the ice every chance he can, and punish anyone he can. Well, he can try…and he’ll answer for it, too!

And, lest we forget, this is one of the RCS Sports Association geniuses, you know the bunch of Coeymanazis who didn’t have have to answer to anyone. You know, the bunch who were an inch away from tax fraud…did I say an “inch” away? The same ones who finally didn’t come up with any documents but the did come up with an new RCS Sports Association with a new board etc. I guess it was easer to come up with a new association and board than it was to come up with the documents. Right?

Yes! I am your evil, greedy role model!</big?

I am your evil, greedy role model!

And last but not least, we’ve put this guy in a central position as a role model for our young men: “Professor” Bobby Pinhead Dorrance is a [$ paid $] varsity football coach! Just the kind of role model we need for the young men…just the kind of guy we want them to grow up to be. A real hero! NOT! We have published plenty on our fine athletics coaches: abusing players, foul language losing matches, etc., etc. So Dorrance’s having found a cozy niche with the other clique members shouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone–except the parents of the athletes.

Foul-mouthed RCS coach loses match for athletes!

Foul-mouthed RCS coach loses match for athletes!

So, dear residents and taxpayers, we have a runner-up for the Matt “the Mutt” Miller American Kennel Club Butt-sniffing Award: Mr Robert “Bobby Pinhead” Dorrance for irresponsibility in the energy conservation efforts, student abuse, ignorance, and greed. Another product of your New York State United Teachers union ensuring that teachers get away with anything at your and your childrens’ expense. Your tax dollars at work, keeping hypocrisy alive and well in our RCS community!

Ever Vigilant!The Editor

Ever Vigilant!
The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

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Elizabeth “Betsy” R. Smith a.k.a. Superintendent Double-Talk

Mr James Latter Recently Informed the Community that The Superintendent of Schools ‘Does Not have to Answer Residents’ Questions.’

Well, Mr Latter, Although You Were Out of Order and Very Wrong to Have Written that, You’ll Be Pleased to Know that RCS Central School District Superintendent Elizabeth R. Smith Doesn’t Answer Residents’ Questions.

She Just Double-talks Them to Oblivion!

Well, That’s Being Too Fair, Actually, She’s Apparently Dyslexic … We’ve already Established That She’s Illiterate (see our article,  The RCS District RFP Is an Embarassment and a Sham!) but We Now Think She Has a Much More Serious Problem: Indifference!

But she did little when she was in the job, now she’s given her notice–after she’s padded her retirement checks with the $140,000 salary she’s ending with–and so she can wait it out another month or two, she’s a shorttimer now. She’ll leave the mess for the next crook who gets hired to the position.

We covered the illicit, delinquent, and illegal conduct of the RCS athletics coaches when they asked students to sell raffle tickets on behalf of the RCS Sports Association (see our article, Raffle, Anyone?). It was clear in that article that there was serious misconduct going on right under Brian Bailey’s and Elizabeth Smith’s noses!  We also published Superintendent Smith’s idiotic response (rather, refusal to respond) to that situation, as well in our article, No Response From District Office, Ms. Smith. It gets worse, still, because when we published our article on our suspicion of illegal money transactions at the National Bank of Coxsackie by the RCS Sports Association, there was still no action taken (see our article More Money Questions…Who’s Cashing the Checks?)

No Answers, Betsy?

So, even after all of that scandalous misconduct, we are still asking why the RCS district offices, the Superintendent, especially, and the Board of Education, too, have not addressed these concerns and put their foot down squarely on the culprits’ necks?!? We’re still asking WHO? is the RCS Sports Association, WHAT? are they doing having the coaches hand out raffle tickets to students to sell, and HOW MUCH? the RCS Bottle Blitz is paying to use school facilities!

We recently obtained a copy of a letter request addressed to Superintendent Elizabeth “Betsy” R. Smith, dated September 11, 2012 and received at the District Offices on September 12, 2012, in which a concerned resident requests information regarding the action taken against the RCS athletics coaches who writes:

“Could you please advise me of the action taken with the coaches that told the students to sell raffle tickets? It is my understanding that this is illegal and the students again were placed in a situtation that gave them no recourse except to do what they were told for fear of reprisal. Also, who is collecting this money, and who and what will these funds be used for? Many community members are very concerned that inappropriate behavior on the part of our teachers/coaches continues and feel it is essential that administration take immediate, legal action against any and all staff who continue to disregard policy and law further damaging the welfare of the students as well as this district’s reputation.
[Name Redacted]

The letter is very clear in that the writer asks specific questions:

  1. What is the action taken with the coaches who unlawfully told students to sell raffle tickets?
  2. Who is collecting the money?
  3. For whom and for what will the funds be used?
  4. The question is also asked impliedly “What action the administration is going to take against any and all staff who disregard policy and law, endangering students and damaging the district’s reputation?”

The questions are pretty clear, aren’t they? You’d expect the Superintendent of schools to be able to read and understand such simple language, wouldn’t you? After all, it’s clear English, and it’s really quite clear and plainly stated, isn’t it?

But the question is nagging: Why doesn’t Superintendent Smith simply answer the questions? She simply refuses to answer our questions or those posed by residents! Why is that, we wonder!?! So, here’s your Superintendent of Schools, Ms Elizabeth “Betsy” R. Smith‘s “answer” to the resident’s written questions:

Thank you for your letter, which I opened today.  [Name Redacted] delivered it to me after our Building, Grounds and Transportation meeting yesterday.   All RCS coaches of fall sports were notified of the law restricting raffle ticket sales to adults 18 and over. 

“Community Organizations and Parent-Teacher Organizations may conduct fund raisers and raffles.  Those organizations can be contacted for information about their fund raisers.


Am I missing something, or what? “Thank you…[Name Redacted] delivered the letter…All RCS coaches…were notified of the law restricting raffle ticket sales to adults 18 and over.” What about the coaches distributing the tickets to students and telling them to sell them? Did you miss that Betsy? Didn’t you understand the question, Betsy? Need your eyes examined, Betsy?

Wot Duhn’t U Understand, Ms Smith?

“Community Organizations and Parent-Teacher Organizations may conduct fund raisers and raffles.” Duh! So what, Betsy? Who cares?
Those organizations can be contacted for information about their fund raisers.” What in hell are you blathering about, Betsy? Have you lost your mind? Who cares? Answer the damned questions, why don’t you?!?

So parents, residents, community members, on September 18, 2012, at the very next board of education meeting, we urge you to press Ms Smith for a more detailed, responsive answer to these questions we’ve raised in our article about the raffle ticket sales (see Raffle, Anyone?), Smith’s command of the English language, and the progress made in getting the required documentation from the RCS Sports Association that verifies their legality.

Who’s Cleaning Up the Money?

We will also be interested in parents, residents, taxpayers, and community members pressing Ms Smith and the Board of Education to know how much the RCS Bottle Blitz was charged for the use of the high school cafeteria on September 14th. As an outside program not affiliated with the RCS school district and not a registered organization of any kind, the RCS Bottle Blitz would be subject to hourly charges for the use of the school property, just like the community sports clubs are being charged. We need to know, How much? Who’s paying for opening and closing the building, the insurance, the utilities, the clean-up, etc.?

Superintendent Smith’s Legacy to the RCS Central School District
(+ A Couple of Lawsuits)

So, Superintendent Smith, we have just one last question for you: If YOU, the Superintendent of Schools for this RCS central school district, can’t read and comprehend simple English in a short letter asking very clear and concise questions for the purpose of answering them just as plainly and concisely, how do you intend to convince parents, taxpayers of this district that they are getting what they think they’re paying for.

Also, will you please now answer the questions the resident asked in the above letter. Thank you!

It’s Those Voices In James Latter’s and Elizabeth Smith’s Heads that Are Causing
All the Problems!

The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

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The Deluca Bottle Blitz…Or Is It the RCS Bottle Scam?

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

We Find It Extremely Important Not Only to Expose the Evil in the Community but Also to Share Some of Our Readers’ Responses to What is Going On In the RCS Community. Here’s A Contribution From One Of Our Readers on the RCS Bottle Blitz that Raises Some Interesting Questions and is Really Worth Reading.

There’s Something Below the Surface

 To Understand What’s Really Going On and to Get A Real Feel for the Consequences, You Simply Have to Get Below The Surface. A Beautiful Calm Sea May Be Hiding A Very Hungry Shark.

One of our regular commentors, Pundit, pointed out some very interesting points, which we’d like to publish on their own, because they’re so on target. Pundit writes in response to our article Bottle Blitz Secret is Out…

Bottle Collection Question:

I wonder if I would be able to obtain a receipt for any deposit bottles and/or cans I leave so that I can use it as a donation write off on my Income Taxes? Not being a Tax authority, I would have to guess that the group collecting the bottles would need to keep track of how much was ‘donated’ for their tax return too.

This stuff can really get sticky.

Actually, it would seem if I gave say $100(2000-Five Cent containers) in deposit containers I would have spent money to purchase the product meaning I would -once again- be giving a portion of my earnings directly to what would need to be a not-for-profit/for profit organization which, in turn is passing it on to the RCS District, meaning I have now transferred $100 more of my money to the District.

It just keeps getting better and better with each passing day!

We responded:

Thank you very much, Pundit, for a very clear and correct analysis of the bottom-line problem we’re dealing with in this case.

You see, you pay the deposit up front when you purchase the beverage, as a pledge to return the can or bottle, at which time you will receive your pledge, the deposit, back. Now, if you give the right to that deposit away, for example, when you make a charitable contribution by giving away your say, 2000 bottles and cans, equivalent to a cash contribution of $100, and the recipient in turn redeems the 2000 bottles and cans for their value of $100 in cash, that becomes revenue or income. In the case where they say they are doing this not for themselves but on behalf of say, a group or organization, what then? Someone has to keep track of the money trail. If you make a charitable donation of $100 wouldn’t you want to be able to deduct that amount from your taxes? But you’d need a receipt to claim that safely.

And the individuals collecting the proceeds, how are they handling the revenue? Are they redeeming the bottles for cash? Do they get a check?

You’re being followed!

Who deposits the check? Into a personal account or into a program account? Who then becomes responsible for the taxable income? If it goes into a personal account or a business account and that business writes out a check to say, the Sports Association or to the School District, does the writer of the check then take advantage of the tax benefit of the “charitable donation” to the SA or the CSD? Does it then become income for the Sports Association or the school district, and if so, is the Sports Association required to keep books and to report the income? (Yes! they are!)

Basic question: Who gets the advantage of using the charitable donation deduction? The people contributing the bottles and cans are certainly not getting any benefits.

Great questions, great analysis, great points, Pundit! Let’s see if we get any answers.

The Editor

It’s Coming. Are You Ready?

At this point I’d really like to remind all of you disgustingly self-righteous guardians of the public morals that only a couple of months ago you all were fired up, together with that skank-gossip-monger-in-tow Dayelin Roman at the Times Useless, and turned into a veritable lynch mob ready to string up a local businessperson on the board of education for appealing, read APPEALING, his tax assessments. Isn’t it funny that a select group of you are all too ready to forgive the “old” RCS Sports Association and cast a blind eye on the “new” RCS Sports Association (for trying the same unlawful and deceitful tricks), and the DeLuca Bottle Blitz for worse misconduct? Some of you are all too ready to have double standards and that should make the rest of us very uncomfortable. It’s worse still because the RCS Sports Association and the Deluca RCS Bottle Blitz are so publicly visible, and any misconduct by them really has a very bad effect on the community as a whole, but inflicts a really ugly scar on any group claiming to benefit the schools, students, and students’ activities. Organizations like the RCS Sports Association and projects like the RCS Bottle Blitz must be held to an even higher standard than ordinary businesses!

So, Cathy Deluca and your supporters, RCS Sports Association and supporters, RCS loud-mouth coaches, and teachers clique: What are your answers to these questions? They’d better be good!

But wait a minute! Don’t Cathy Deluca and Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca claim to have several businesses, including the so-called DeLuca Public Affairs (no pun intended!), the Main Street Small Business Coalition, and isn’t old Dirty-Hands Jerry connected with the ARANY (the Automotive Recycling Association of New York) as a “consultant,” (in What? may we ask!), the New York State Assembly, etc? And doesn’t old Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca claim to work closely, to have an “in” with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (the DEC)? Isn’t Edward “Teddy” Reville is the Protective and Marine Coatings Manager for eastern New York, Vermont and western Massachusetts with the Sherwin-Williams Company? Isn’t James Latter an engineer with GE? Aren’t Alice Whalen (retired) and Howard Engel teachers? You’d expect these people to recognize and acknowledge all of the good sense behind RFPs (requests for proposals), insurance, documentation of organization, etc. but why are they opposing all of the businesspersons on the board of education (who are not teachers or married to a teacher) when the board of education calls for it. Whalen, Latter, Reville all voted against it! Why are they opposing the board of education’s demands for proof of organization, lists of officers, proof of tax filing? Shouldn’t they be supporting all of this tooth and claw? What are they hiding, who are they protecting? What’s their agenda? Maybe you should be asking Mrs Deluca, Mr Deluca, Mr Reville, Mr Latter, Ms Whalen, Mr Engel? What’s the deal? What’s your agenda?

And RCS board of education members, how are you going to handle this problem BEFORE it becomes a thorny public concern complete with audits and investigations? Are you going to stand your ground and demand answers, documentation? Are you going to oppose the teachers clique and the easy-sleazy superintendent and demand accountability from any organization dealing with the schools?

That’s why, dear readers, the non-teacher, resident / businesspersons on the RCS Board of Education, Robbins, Lukens, Sylvester, Randy K., Vadney–, are demanding that organizations and anyone claiming to be doing something “for the kids” or for the schools cough up proof that it’s entirely legitimate and legal. Get it now?

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

It’s Just Good Business Practice. So WHY…?

Federal, State and Local Governments (Except Coeymans, Maybe) Asks for Bids from Contractors. Employers Ask for Applications and Résumés When Hiring. We Shop Around When We Buy A Car. We Get Estimates For the New Roof. Why?

Make Them Beg to Provide!
RFPs Stimulate Competition & Improve Quality

So that we know who we’re dealing with and what we’re getting for our money. That’s why. It’s only common sense and good business practice. Wouldn’t you agree? The local self-made business owners and operators agree. But the parasite professions, the teachers clique, don’t. Why? Because they’ve never had to think about where the money’s coming from or how to manage it! They have no practical experience!

So, a group comes along and offers to put your roof on just for what it costs in materials. They’ll do the labor for nothing. All you have to do is provide the power for the equipment and they’ll do the rest. Skeptical? And you should be!

Who are these people? What are their skills? Do they know what they’re doing or will they do more damage than repairs? What if someone gets hurt? Are they insured? Where are they getting their materials? How are you protected? Good questions, right?

But that’s exactly what the RCS Sports Association is doing…asking everyone to take a very big risk, even when we know all about it’s past shadey practices. But the RCS Board of Education is saying NO! The Board of Education is saying that certain standards have to be met and there are no favorites; the public must be protected because the risks are so high.

Now that sounds like good common sense to us…but some people, like the RCS coaches and their cronies like Dirty Hands Jerry Deluca, Ron Racey, Gerry Perrine, Gary Vanderzee, and Howard Engel Jr turn good sense into a personal attack–it’s their standard tactic and they throw it out there every time, even though its a loser. Why is that?

Teachers Clique Sticks Together

And then, we have the teachers clique on the board of education who like a good bunch of Nazis, stick together like flies on shit, and whatever the resident/non-teachers suggest, they vote it down, even when it’s good business and common sense! Here’s an example straight from the July 10th meeting:

On a motion to put out an RFP (request for proposal) to outside vendors to supply food at sports activities, a very good idea and it stimulates local businesses to compete and to showcase their products at local events, the resident/non-teachers all voted YES! but the teachers clique, James Latter, Edward Reville, Alice Whalen all voted NO! Why on earth would the teachers clique vote no on such a sensible proposal? We know why and you know why…

Looking Brighter

Fortunately, the YES! vote won and the district will be asking local vendors to submit their proposals for providing hospitality at sports events. Now Diane Malecki has to solicit interest through a request for proposal (RFP) process for vendors at the High School fields concession stands. Great job!

Another motion was made to give the RCS Sports Association the privilege of using RCS school facilities… you know the bunch who refused to disclose how much money was taken in and how it was spent; the same bunch who lied about their non-profit registrations; the same bunch who would not produce their tax filings, etc. The same ones who, though illegal, spent RCS Sports Association money promoting certain political campaigns. Yeah, that bunch.

The RCS Sports Association is not an official organization of the RCS school district and must be treated like any other outside operator or organization. Dirty Hands Jerry Deluca and the so-called coaches are going nutzo now, because the RCS Sports Association is being told to cough up the necessary documents and is being made to play fairly like everyone else. Too bad! This is riling up certain groups that benefit from the RCS Sports Association’s activities, like the political interests, for example. That’s a big NO-NO! But now that they’re getting all this attention, they’re pissed as a bunch of hornets and just as nasty.

When the motion came up to add the RCS Sports Association to the so-called Fee Schedule for Use of School Facilities, the vote again went in favor of the community and the teachers clique lost:

The residents group on the board of education voted NO! and the RCS Sports Association is off the list until they comply with policy, procedures, and the law. Of course this really pissed off the teachers clique, James Latter, Edward Reville, Alice Whalen who all voted YES ! for their little pets, and Ron Racey, Gerry Perrine, Gary Vanderzee, and Howard Engel all threw hissy fits! Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca even wrote an idiotic, illiterate letter to the editor that the News Herald published, to its own embarassment. Looks like the political favors and the easy money are things of the past. The world is looking so much brighter!

 Looks like the new majority on the board of education is making a real effort at cleaning house when it comes to getting rid of the corruption and crookedness that has infested the school distict and the schools for years, now. With the audits and investigations that have either already been done or are in process and those that are in the making, RCS should have a pretty squeaky clean operation soon enough.

Running Scared

It looks like the community, too, is seeing through the smoke screen created by the teachers clique and the Delucas and the Coeymanazis. There’s growing support for the new majority on the board of education and the crooks and liars are feeling the heat; they’re running scared and lying really low. Some, like Dirty Hands Jerry Deluca allegedly have been told by the godfathers to shut up and stay out of sight. In fact, Deluca’s recent appearance in the form of a letter to the editor was a rare event since he had been in hiding for a number of weeks, not being seen at any local meetings. Things are really looking good.

Other Coeymanazis like Matt “the Mutt” Miller, Donna Leput-Hommel, the Dave and Amy Bartlett, Bill McFerran (at least until the old RCS Sports Association comes under investigation soon), and others have all gone into retirement. The audits and investigations must have really scared the bejezis out of them. Thanks, Pennywise!

Pennywise, the Auding Clown Gonna Gitcha!
The Editor


What’s that smell!?? Oh, it’s YOU, Jerry!

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

As I was navigating the obstacle course in a local supermarket a bizarre odor hit my nose as I was passing the newspaper display. As I inched closer to the display I wondered to myself, “Is it the Times Useless, the News Herald, the Daily Mail that is emitting such a foul stench?” As I got closer to the News Herald, I was certain it was the cause of the odor. But why?

Where ya been hidin’, Jerry?

I decided to explore the origin of the smell a bit more and opened a copy of the August 9th News Herald. As I perused the substandard writing and the idiotic reporting, I just couldn’t put my finger on it…until I reached page 9,  the Letter to the Editor. Now the putrid odor was almost unbearable but now I saw why…I had found the source of the stench…

We were wondering where Dirty Hands Jerry Deluca has been these past weeks. The word is that he was told by higher-ups to shut up, lie low, and stay away from meetings. He was apparently becoming too much of a liability, an embarassment even to the Coeymanazis!.

But far be it from Dirty Hands Jerry to shut up for any length of time…unless it concerns how much money was made in the recent RCS Bottle Blitz, more than a month since the first collection, and still no figure…and so our illiterate Coeymans police investigator got someone to write a Letter to the Editor for him, did he? And this one is another example of Dirty-Hands Jerry’s dyslexia and avoidance of reality.

The first paragraph of Jerry’s vomit is a short history of the RCS Sports Association and how much time it has invested to raise money. We know that they raised money, Jerry, our question was and still is: How much and what did they do with it? No bookkeeping, no state registration, no tax filings. Did you miss that, Jerry?

The second paragraph tells us where Dirty-Hands Jerry thinks the money went…but then, as a police investigator and co-conspirator–much of the questionable unlawful activity occurred on Dirty-Hands Jerry’s watch–and he should know that all he is spreading is rumor and hearsay. For months we have been asking the same questions: How much money was raised? When? Where is the recordkeeping documenting how it was spent? Where are the registrations and reportings required by the law? You forgot to put that in your letter, Jerry.

Here’s a tip for you, Jerry: If you’re going to make accusations, use some solid facts like: Who? Where? When? and What? In our expererience words are said by people with names at a specific place and at a specific time. It’s always good to be able to tell your readers exactly what was said. You’re just too used to being overly vague and getting away with it. Not any more, Bucko!

Then the real bullshit comes in the third paragraph: Old Dirty-Hands Jerry attacks members of the community who have been asking and still are asking: Where is the bookkeeping? Where are the registrations? Where are the tax filings?!?

We’re still asking about the Deluca RCS Bottle Blitz, too. So what’s the story Jerry, Cathy? Is the RCS Bottle Blitz going to be the next big scam? Maybe the Board of Education needs to get a policy in force that requires anybody, ANYBODY who uses school property for ANYTHING to go through an application process, a background check, etc. Any anyone who claims to be raising money or collecting from the public on the pretense of doing it for the RCS Central School District must produce documents and documentation within 5 business days of the project. How’s that grab ya, Cathy? Where’s the money Cathy Deluca?

Dirty Hands Jerry throws out the old red herring in his typical tactic of distract and misinform when he praises the coaches, especially naming his buddy Gary Vanderzee, who as Jerry puts it, “are being forced to defend their operation and integrity to School Board Members.” DUH! No, Jerry, they are not being forced to defend anything but they should be. They will be held accountable though; the RCS schools are not run like the Coeymanazi police department, you know.  And, Yes, Jerry, anyone employed by the district or operating anything on school property is answerable to the RCS board of education. You should know that…but sorry, I forgot, you’re reading impaired and probably would not have been able to read the state law or the RCS Central School District website that publishes what the duties and responsibilities of the board of education are under New York state law. And NO! Jerry, the board of education hasn’t said a word against the coaches…IT’s the RESIDENTS who are asking the Board of Education find out and to report back to the community why there are so many coaches compared to other districts! Accountability, Jerry, something you have no clue about. By the way Jerry: How much did Cathy Deluca, your wife, collect on the RCS Bottle Blitz? Is there a good reason why the information has been provided only to a select group of “friends” and not to the community? Who is holding the money?

Oh! Let’s get back to your misguided letter to the editor, Jerry, because you are obviously very confused. The Board of Education is asking a non-school organization, an outside organization, the RCS Sports Association, to prove who they are, what they are doing, that they have the required registrations and records, that they are reporting their income, and that they have the required insurance coverage. The RCS Sports Association is using the RCS initials but is NOT an RCS Central School District organization. The RCS Sports Association, whatever it does, is like any other outside organization and must comply with RCS Central School District policies and procedures, not to mention New York state and federal laws. But you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you, Coeymans police investigator Gerald Deluca? What’s the law, you ask?

Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca: You have done more to destroy this community than any single person or any group of persons in this community. You have spread more hate and suspicion than any single person or group in this community in living memory. You have a lot of nerve slithering out from under your rock and spreading your stench again!

By the way, Jerry Deluca, weren’t you on the board of education for several years during which the RCS Athletic/Sports Association was engaging in their deceitful, unlawful practices? Hell, you were even president of the board, weren’t you? Why didn’t you pick up on it, Jerry? Why didn’t you ask these questions about accountability, complying with the law, protecting the interests of the district  and the taxpayers? Why are you all of a sudden so mouthy now? Where were you when all of this was happening and no one asked about it? Maybe you could put the answers in your next letter to the editor, Jerry.

Is that YOU, Jerry?

Several months ago we reported on sports injuries suffered by high-school athletes when we reported on the misconduct of your so-called “revered” coaches and their abuse of the athletes, bouncing helmets off the kids’ heads, kicking them, verbally abusing them. We also reported on the swimming coach’s abuse of male and female swimmers and about parent’s complaints…he’s still there. Now the Times Useless picks up the story months after we published the information and does a full-page Sunday spread on it. Typical Times Useless, a dollar short and an hour late.

But what you seem not to have gotten after all is said and done, Jerry Deluca, is that the Board of Education has NOT gone after the coaches…if you hadn’t been practically banned from the meetings you’d know that. It’s the coaches who have attacked the Board of Education for doing what the law and common decency requires the board to do: treating all outside service providers equally and fairly.

What you seem to have missed is that the RCS board of education is asking the RCS Sports Association to comply with the law, which it refuses to do, and to ensure that the school district is not liable for any illegal activity or for any accidents or incidents that might be connected with the Sports Association’s activities on school property. What you seem to have left out in your little hate speech is that it is not Jerry Deluca, you’re just a nobody, nor the RCS Sports Association, they’ll be under IRS investigation soon, we hear, who is responsible for the wellbeing of the students, for effective policies and procedures, and for protecting the interests of the RCS school district taxpayers and ensuring that all organizations doing business on RCS school property are legal and properly insured. That’s exactly what the RCS board of education is doing.

So back to your garbage heap, Jerry, you’re stinking up the place again!

While you’re back there, you might want to ask Cathy when she plans to publish (anywhere but on Facebook)  the figures on how much money was generated by the first RCS Bottle Blitz over a month ago. You can’t seem keep things honest or decent at home, how dare you point fingers at the honest ones in the community!

Afterword: Mike Varney recently posted a comment on this blog cautioning another reader to avoid wild accusations. Yes, the same Mike Varney who, while viewing on his cell phone (!?!?)  the April 14th BoE meeting and the voting not to accept the self-serving pay freeze offer by the teachers union, rushed to get to the meeting to express his disappointment to the board. Now what’s that do for Mike’s credibility? We’re blessed he chose not to run again…or did he chose not to lose? Who cares. Well, Mr Varney, you were a member of the board of education a couple of years ago, right? What we’d like to know, Mr Varney is this: Why didn’t YOU didn’t question the obviously deviant and unlawful practices of the RCS Sports Association when you were on the board of education? Wouldn’t that be a fair question for the feds to ask? We may yet see.  Perhaps if previous boards of education had any common sense and any interest in doing their jobs the present situation would have been nipped in the bud! But then, Gerald Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca was on the board for several years, as was Cathy Long-Deluca, and was president of the board, too, and was able to corrupt it from within.

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

Boycott the Times Union (a.k.a. Times Useless)

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

Of Penises and Post-Its
How Long is the Ravena Coeymans Selkirk Community, or Any Community With Any Self-Respect, Going to Put Up with the Turdy Times Union (a.k.a. Times Useless) and Its Pulp-Fiction Journalists?

Scott Waldman & Dayelin Roman
Times Union Turd Journalists

The Only Use the Times Useless and it’s Turdy Journalists Have for Ravena, Coeymans, or Selkirk Is to Dig Up Some Sleeze or Smear, Or Create One to Sell Their Rag! People! Wake Up! The Times Union and Its Turd Journalists Show Up In This Community Only To Make Asses of It and Its Residents! All The Times Useless Prints About Us is NEGATIVE! Or Weeks Old! They’re too stupid to do any real investigative journalism to cover the reall news! Or are they silent for other more sinister reasons?

Scott Waldman and Dayelin Roman or any of the other illiterates they send out know nothing about the community, nothing about its history, nothing about its people and saunter in whenever they need someone or something to smear or slime, do their damage and run back to their pig pens. They smeared some local person or event, they sold their rag, they collect their 30 pieces of silver. That’s American journalism? Well, it is in the Albany and Capital District region. If they’re such hot shot journalists what the hell are they doing of all places at the Times Union, in Albany, and stuck with covering not news but what they fondly refer to as the “hill towns“…I guess that makes us all the hill people, then. Sounds like a title for a cheap horror flick. Don’t know if I can deal with that label! Can you? How about Pursuit of the Post-It People or Penal Penalty of the Penis Painter? Nah! Don’t do much for me either. Let’s get back to the real business before it gets really silly.

Beat it! Times Union! (Waldman’s probably beating it as we write!)

In better days when people like that showed up in our towns they’d be sent packing…or our local constable would make their lives uncomfortable. As it is, locals welcome them and their smear as if they were covering the prom queen’s first dance with her prince. No! Too positive. Are you people nutz? Do you like being made asses of? Do you hate yourselves that much? And our local protectors, our Coeymans Police are too busy harassing and intimidating local residents to give a whit about the carpetbaggers as they roll in. Maggots!

The report on the senior’s prank distracted me from Part II of the Geneology of Corruption, Residents Complain. But when I read the benign events at the high school when compared to some of the other high schools, I breathed a sigh of relief until…

I read RCS Superintendant of schools remark (as quoted by the Times Useless’ Scott Waldman, who we all know has a little trouble with facts, truth, and correct quotes):

“In an email, Superintendent Elisabeth Smith referred to the Post-It note prank as vandalism. She said the spray-painting was “most likely” a separate incident than what happened inside the school and student access to the building being investigated. She said police are looking into the spray-paint vandalism.

“As adults in this learning community, we are not willing to sacrifice the health and safety of ourselves or our students, we are not willing to sacrifice the integrity of our school building, and we will not tolerate the loss of valuable planning or instructional time,” she wrote. “These acts and any similar acts will be dealt with in accordance with our disciplinary code of conduct, and with the assistance of local law enforcement.” (“RCS seniors suspended over Post-It prank. School administrators identify 29 students by watching YouTube video,”  Times Union by Scott Waldman, Friday, June 8, 2012.)

Vandalism?” Any other place would call it art! Where are you MOMA?

Get a grip, Ms Smith! Senior pranking as benign as this should suffice with a simple single-day suspension and the commitment of the seniors to remove the penis paint! Law enforcement!?! Are you totally nutz? Who? The Coeymans Police. Don’t make me pee myself laughing! Maybe the FBI or the State Police? Yeah! That’ll be a priority case for them. Right after they arrest the entire Coeymans Police department! My guess is that it probably was a Coeymans cop, or one of your perv teachers or coaches that did the porno artwork!

I don’t doubt for a minute that you need law enforcement to control your rabid teachers and coaches, and your bullying problem, Ms Smith, or to control the lunatics on the RCS board of education in their backstabbing and conspiracy operations, but against the seniors for a prank? You really need to get some rest and reassess your policies!

If you feel like getting heavy-handed with your disciplinary and code of conduct policies, and involving law enforcement, try doing so in handling the budget vote irregularities and fraud, your looney-toon teachers and your bullies, getting the Coeymanazis off the PTO and off the board of education*! Try those for starters and application of code of conduct policies.

*There’s little hope of enforcing policies against teachers or teachers on the BoE because the Superintendant is a former teacher and principal at the elementary school; she’s in the thick of the cliques! But give her a chance and some time. Let her prove us wrong.

Goes to the Times Union

And is Shared by Collaborators
Turd Reporters Scott Waldman, Dayelin Roman, and
Superintendant of Schools Elizabeth Smith!

And let them attend their senior picnic! That’s an event that marks an important transition for them. No one has a right to deprive them of their moments…they’re entering a horrible world and need some fond memories to look back on. It ain’t been no picnic growing up in this community!

Boycott the Times Union, Cancel Your Subscription, Tell the Times Union What You Think of Their Coverage and Performance in a Letter or E-mail! Tell Superintendant Smith what you think of her public condemnation of RCS seniors, and about her handling of the scandalous situations at the RCS high school!


Elisabeth R. Smith, Interim Superintendant
RCS Central School District Office
15 Mountain Rd.
Ravena, NY 12143
Telephone: (518) 756.5200

The Times Union
Box 15000
News Plaza,
Albany, NY 12212.
Telephone: (518) 454-5694

Vice President and Editor: Rex Smith,
Online Executive Producer: Paul Block,
Associate Editor: Michael V. Spain,
Editorial Page Editor: Jay Jochnowitz,
Senior Editor, Local News: Teresa Buckley,

 I have to get back to our exposé Part II: Geneology of Corruption, Residents Complain. Stay tuned!

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

Retaliation is a Crime: Part II

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

If you haven’t read Part I, Please go to Part I.

Retaliation Is A Crime! You Need to Run the Criminals Out of the Community! Only Then Will You Be Able To Walk the Streets, Drive Your Car, Speak Your Mind, Send Your Children to School with Peace of Mind! Get Rid of Retaliation in Coeymans and Live Your Lives In Peace! Learn What Retaliation Is and Complain!

Fight Back…NOW!

When you think “retaliation” you must think of it in terms of how the law defines it. If you don’t use that standard definition, anyone you speak to or complain to won’t know whether you are talking about what the law protects you against. That’s the way it works. If you use the right terms and understand what they mean, you gain credibility; if you don’t, well, the criminals will rule.

So, when you talk or write about, or when you file a claim against a public official or department about retaliation, here is a good definition to work by:

 A definition: Retaliation is defined and prohibited by a number of laws and is illegal, it is a crime. We are provinding a good working best definitions of retaliations as itis expressed in most lawas against retaliation and coercion:

(a) No private or public entity shall discriminate against any individual because that individual has opposed any act or practice made unlawful by the Constitution of the United States, state or federal law, local law or custom , or because that individual made a charge, testified, assisted, or participated in any manner in an investigation, proceeding, or hearing under the United States Constitution or any of its Amendments, the Bill of Rights, state or federal law, local law or custom or any part thereof.

(b) No private or public entity shall coerce, intimidate, threaten, or interfere with any individual in the exercise or enjoyment of, or on account of his or her having exercised or enjoyed, or on account of his or her having aided or encouraged any other individual in the exercise or enjoyment of, any right granted or protected by the the  United States Constitution or any of its Amendments, the Bill of Rights,, state or federal law, local law or custom.

(c) Illustrations of conduct prohibited by the laws against retaliation or coersion include, but are not limited to:

(1) Coercing an individual to deny or limit the benefits, services, or advantages to which he or she is entitled as a resident or citizen;
(2) Threatening, intimidating, or interfering with an individual who is seeking to obtain or use the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations of a public accommodation;
(3) Intimidating or threatening any person because that person is assisting or encouraging an individual or group entitled to claim the rights granted or protected by the the  United States Constitution or any of its Amendments, the Bill of Rights, federal or local laws, custom to exercise those rights; or
(4) Retaliating against any person because that person has participated in any investigation or action to enforce civil or constitutional, natural  or human rights.

The dictionary definition of retaliation is misleading: “retaliation, n. -Syn. vengeance, reprisal, punishment; see revenge,” and that’s why it’s so important for you to use the legal definitions of retaliation and to provide details and facts that show that the misconduct is a violation of the legal definition of retaliation or coercion.

Retaliation happens against students by teachers, against parents through their children, government through police or other agencies against citizens, landlords against tenants, employers against employee. Because people live in fear of retaliation and ignorance of the law protecting them, no one really knows how widespread retaliation and coercion is in communities, or how often it occurs; but the people experiencing it know it exists and how it affects them. You, reader, may be one of them so pay attention. You don’t have to put up with it anymore!

 Yet, wherever parents or citizens gather and whenever they talk among themselves, the topic of retaliation receives lively attention.

Anyone who advocates for children  or for justice and fairness in the community or for freedom of speech or freedom of association as guaranteed under the United States Constitution can become the target of retaliation. (Individuals across the country are winning million-dollar lawsuits against schools, teachers, government, police for illegal retaliation and coercion.)

Retaliation or coercion is the act of using official power or authority or resources to illegally “punish” residents. The causes of retaliation are no mystery and there are two key ingredients: power and accountability – too much power and not enough accountabilty.

The mechanism that seems to trigger retaliation is effective advocacy. Retaliation occurs in an environment where officials view any opinions differing from their own or any questioning of their power as an unwanted imposition or as a way to develop an alternative power base or community action. When school officials or public servants translate their responsibilities and duties to citizens, residents, children and families into unquestioned, absolute decision making power over them. The profile of such officials can take two forms: openly hostile or smoothly deceptive, the latter preferring passive aggressive resistance.

Hostile officials on the other hand use their position as an instrument of power to openly intimidate and even punish citizens, students, parents, even groups. (Without what is called due process, this is a violation of the provisions of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights!)

Most people never encounter retaliation because they are “sheeple,” people who unquestioningly and stupidly accept anything they get fed. Those who do experience retaliation and coercion however, are usually strong advocates for citizens’ rights, the betterment of the community (advocates for cleaning up politics, change), special disadvantaged or marginalized people without power such as the poor, the elderly, children. Regardless, retaliation does occur and the fear of retaliation inhibits many citizens. This gives school and government officials and the police wide latitude to become dictators, tyrants, to do what they damned well please.

Patterns of retaliation can be classified into three levels. Level I, the most frequent, is low-level passive activity, with the goal of delaying the process. Level II is more overt; the goal is to scare parents. Level III is the form of open hostility and the goal is to punish you. Level III retaliation is rare, but costly, dramatic, and damaging. After you read the descriptions below, you’ll probably have no doubts that you have been the victim of retaliation and coercion!

Level I – Delay. The goal at this level of retaliation is to reduce your effectiveness as citizens, residents, or as parents effectiveness by passive resistance, such as the introduction of delays and obstacles in the many processes involved in responding to problems or to complaints. There are numerous ways officials can achieve this result. One is simply playing dumb. This allows officials to effectively ignore the law and your rights under the law. Another is “forgetting” to do things. An official may repeatedly forget to follow-up on a commitment, such as getting back to parents with further information, or fail to schedule further meetings without several reminders. Being “away from the phone,” so often that parents give up on some important issue is also effective. Yet another technique is overly technical interpretations of laws and regulations. Level I does not appear hostile, but it can be extremely effective.

 Level II – Fear. Level II retaliation is not hidden. At this stage officials may appear to be openly frustrated and hostile. They will state that they won’t for example, allow you to have records or observe a process, or a class, or won’t permit certain kinds of activities. The list of “can’t do’s” is quite long. Most of it however, is bluff.

Level II retaliation is based on putting up a tough front in an effort to scare citizens or parents and reduce their advocacy. It is is all based on their expectation that you are ignorant of your rights and of the law. While it can be very effective, you can break through this barrier by learning more about the laws and regulations and simply insisting on compliance. Once past the obstacles, you will usually find that resistance is eliminated, because you will probably know more than they do (this is especially true when faced with ignorant village and town justices!).

Level III – Punishment. At this level, retaliation can get ugly, with officials or police openly threatening and actively trying to punish you. In this war-like situation, officials and police have a variety of weapons to choose from. One is the fair hearing (due process hearing) process. Government, and schools, too, (because YOU give them the money by accepting their budget!) have vast financial resources to transform hearings into major trial-like proceedings. Since there is no accountability to taxpayers for the large sums spent in such legal adventures, officials have free rein to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (HamiltonCounty TN v. Zachary Deal is a case, where the school district spent at least 2.8 million dollars on attorneys’ fees to fight parents of a child with autism), and you have no say in it! You gave them a budget!

Aiding and abetting this practice is a network of attorneys who specialize in fighting citizens and parents. These attorneys are organized into a professional group which holds national conferences and training programs at the local level. School and government officials are invited to attend these conferences where they are tutored in the finer points of “aggressive action,” in the form of strategies to be used before a due process meeting or at the pre-hearing conference of a due process or fair hearing. There have been recent reports of a menacing new form of retaliation involving the fabrication of child abuse charges against the target parent. Such allegations can trigger an investigation by Child Protective Services which has police-like powers. Pending the outcome of their investigation, they may choose to remove children from the home. Level III is so serious that most people need an attorney to protect themselves.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to nip retaliation and coercion in the bud; to tell government, police, and schools they have their power and authority because YOU allow it…YOU give it to them and YOU can take it back.

But as you can see in the patterns of retaliation and coercion, the longer you let it go, the more difficult it is to get rid of. It’s like any disease: you neglect it and it’s going to kill you!

 Only YOU can put a stop to retaliation in the community. The Coeymans Police Department, certain members of the RCS CSD Board of Education, certain members of the RCS teachers association, and the village idiots that they recruit to do their dirty work are all agents of retaliation and coercion. Those people are interested in hanging on to their criminal power and will retaliate and coerce to keep that power. You know who they are and it’s time you stand up, speak up, and fight back. We’re providing you with the information and the tools to do just that! Fight Back! Take back your freedoms, your peace of mind, your lives!

Stop Being Pushed Around!

Here are some useful links:

And Remember….

A strong community represents the residents in the trenches and not the interests of the people in power”.

An administration that allows its members to be disrespected, is an administration that no longer deserves the respect of its residents.

When our educational leaders ignore input from the community, the programs they push are destined to fail.

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!
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