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It’s Important to You…We can do better for our teens and youth!

Everyone these Days Seems to Believe that They’re “Entitled,”
That they Have a Right to Something, Everything, Without Work or Investment.

That’s The American LIE!

They'll see through your lies!

They’ll see through your lies!

And Where that Bullshit Frame of Mind Came From Nobody Seems To Care But It’s A Slippery Slope and Loaded with Unpleasant Surprises

you can do better

The fact is, parents may think they’re giving their kids what the kids need but the parents don’t really have a clue. Do they? The parents are constantly pushing (their kids and government), demanding (of the kids and of administrators) more, More, MORE! And so on that idiotic, unrealistic example, the kids want more, More, MORE and there’s soon less, Less, LESS to give—at least less of anything worth having, that is. So, the parents came from a disposable society and culture and their kids have learned the lesson well. Where does it all lead, this mindset of individualism, “my rights”, “I need”, “Whatever!” “If it feels good, do it!” Well, Ravena found out this past week when a 20-year old forced a young girl to “pleasure” him—at knife-point! Is that what it’s coming to? I want and you’re going to give. Is that what you parents are teaching your children?

Sure, you go out and “realize yourselves,” advance your careers and have the jobs because you want your kids to have a better life. Lies! Stop deceiving yourselves! You grew up in a liberal, post-modern world that emphasized individualism, false-egos, materialism. You have become the drones of capitalism and the 1% and don’t even have the brains to realize it! The lights are on but nobody’s home in Brainville! Duh-ha-ha! The feminists have scandalized womanhood and motherhood; the women have degraded themselves and as a consequence have destroyed American manhood. Just look at some of the male characters portrayed on prime-time TV. Fat, stupid, humiliated. American Idol, reality TV…and you all eat it up, living other people’s lives and not realizing that you’re forgetting your own lives and are becoming increasingly…ugly!

This ain't better when you're 16!

This ain’t better when you’re 16!

So, that’s the reproductive-age adults in our midst. Depressed, overweight, hateful, ignorant, and reproducing a generation of lonely, overfed, over-stimulated, precociously hormonally overdosed (thanks to the food industry’s profit projections), lonely, frightened, aggressive, angry children…children who think they are adults because they’re forced by adults to think that way…it’s easier for the adults when they can manipulate their children into thinking they can fend for themselves while the female and male breeding partners—please note I did not write “parents”— are off “realizing” their “selves.” 

Here’s an exchange on unsupervised Facebook activity by a group of middle-school girls (Names have been changed, of course!):who will save us

Jessy: … your the one that needs to grow up, say it to our faces not on facebook…. when you apply for a job they check your facebook, this will come back to haunt youJ

Nancy: Why are you doing this? If they are not going to throw the first punch them be the better person and stop. Your what 13? You shouldn’t be fighting. If they wanna act stupid then let them but do not go down to their level because your making yourself angry just thinking about it and runing your summer. Do you want to do that? Stop the fighting. Seriously.

Angie: no it wont jess u said u wanted to kill me that is against the law u told me how u would do it too so yea dont fuck with me or my family.

Jessy: Nancy, i dont wanna fight her but she keeps sayin this stuff, the truth behind it was that i was losing my temper, and i cant control myself under my temper. and tati that is such a lie i never said that, telling the story from fifth grade/ getting punched in the collar bone, wont kill you for one and for two i said leave me alone before someone gets hurt, implying anyone including myself, example i punched a metal door and have a huge bruise on my wrist

Angie: thats ur own faut i told u not to say it u still said im done i mean idk if i can ever trust u again i mean like my mom sent me to albany

Jessy: not to say what? and idrc if you dont trust me, idrc if we stay friends, just one less person i have to put on my list of people to deal with… i dont really need more than the four or five friends i have

Angie: and ur gonna lose them too if u aint careful

Nancy: Then you need to look for help if you can’t control your temper. Idc who started, idc who wants to fight who. Tati ik you are my cousin but both of you guys GROWN UP!!!!!! Damn, you aren’t little kids. You are teenagers.

Angie: love u too nicki

Jessy: tati just let it go. i am. cuz i dont really care anymore, this is just a fight over i dont eben remember, that i dont even care who wins…

Jessy: so lets just end it

Angie: fine are we friends tho

Nancy: Then stop fighting. Leave this girl alone and girl leave my cousin alone, grow up and stop this. Tati jobs and colleges do go through your Facebook and won’t hire people because of certain things posted.

Angie: idc right now nicki me and her be talking

Nancy: Ok do you not know how to talk now? “Me and her be talking?” Tati if you guys “be” talking then don’t be fighting. There’s no point of it. Its not necessary.

Prissy*: I don’t want to see any more fighting on here

Prissy*: OR ELSE

Angie: or ealse what

Prissy*: jobs will check your facebook, like Nicki said

Nancy: Colleges do to! No matter if your 13 or if you remove the comments. You out something on the internet and it is there FOREVER!

Prissy*: There is no need for this fighting

Prissy*: you can never take it back! pages are cached. (stored)

Prissy*: Good, I hope this is over

* It must be noted that “Prissy” is an adult. Wouldn’t you reasonably expect an adult to have warned parents or teachers of this brewing assault?

Well, readers, it was NOT all over…just a couple of days after this exchange took place on Facebook Jessy was brutally attacked, injured, by another girl at the RCS middle school.

So, what subsurface messages did you read in the exchange between the girls? So what impressed you most? The anger, the aggression, the difference between the girls? Did you catch the anxiety, suspicion of the Internet? How about the language? What does that tell you about where these future parents, women, taxpayers, decision-makers are going to be ten years from now? Where were the parents when all of this was brewing? Where were the teachers and teachers’ aids when the brutality took place?

 We may be overly optimistic, but this is what we predict.

We may be overly optimistic, but this is what we predict.

The schools are not “for the kids”, they’re for the teachers!

d-The schools, no matter how advanced your self-deception may be, are not there to parent, and they’re doing a pretty lousy job (judging by the language in the Facebook exchange) of teaching, too! In fact, no matter what lies you are telling yourselves—and believing—the millions ($41.2 for 2013-14) you are shelling out for school budgets are not “for the kids;” those millions are for the teachers, the coaches, the administrators. [Editor’s Note: Voters just approved a $41.2 million school budget for 2013-2014, voted-in three teacher clique lackies James Latter, Jason Hyslop and shyster Patrick Brown (husband of Mary Partridge-Brown, “close friend” of NYSUT (teachers union) rep Matt Miller; voters re-elected a perv, James Latter, to the board. And you think there’s no conspiracy, no corruption going on in the school system?]

Still think there’s no conspiracy, no corruption? Well let’s look at an example from real RCS CSD in-crowd life:  Ron Racey, an RCS CSD athletics staff member is retiring and was making more than $120,000 a year out of the school budget monies…plus benefits! (That’s almost 3x the average household income in the town of Coeymans, by the way!) One man in a non-essential position on the school payroll making 3x more than the average household [Editor’s note: that’s household, not person! The average per capita income in 2010 was $21,686.] Most instructional staff in the RCS CSD are making 2-3x the average household income and 4-6x the average per capita income of RCS residents. Now, do you really think that the schools and the school budgets are “for the kids” or for the teachers and administrators? Think about that again and then think about what kind of morals and ethics the kids have, what their social skills are like, what their outlooks on life are, how they talk, and how they interact. You’ll likely come to the same conclusion we have: The schools are not for the kids, they’re for the teachers!

The village of Ravena budgeted more than $115,000 in the village 2013-14 budget to fund the Ravena Health and Fitness Center…

Bruno-Warren-Deluca Village of Ravena

Village of Ravena

We recently reported how the village of Ravena purchased more than $40,000 in used workout machines and equipment from a “friend of the Ravena village board” without public inputs or comment. That’s $40,000 of Ravena taxpayer’s money for junk. In that same article we exposed how the village of Ravena budgeted more than $115,000 in the village 2013-14 budget to fund the Ravena Health and Fitness Center now located in the former space occupied by the RCS Community Library. That’s $115,000 of taxpayer money to fund a Heap and Fatness Center modeled on the same incompetent scheme of the one that failed in Ravena several years ago, when there was actually some businesses left and some residents left in the village. So that’s $115,000 for something that the village does not need at all and will probably be a waste of resources. Well, a waste for some, but it’s a gold mine for others: Mayor John T. Bruno and his hatchet-woman Nancy Biscone-Warner must have owed the Delucas or their godfather for some favor because Guess Who?  got “appointed” to be the director of the Ravena Heap and Fatness Center: Cathy Deluca, the very manager who managed the failed fitness center in Ravena. [Editor’s Note:  Don’t forget this in March for village elections,  when it’s election time and mayor Bruno is running for re-election, and in November, when his minions Martin Case or William Bailey are running for town offices!]

So here’s the breakdown of the kid’s situation in Ravena-Coeymans: You go on Facebook unsupervised and tear each other apart in pseudo-English, threatening to do serious damage to each other (and these are the middle-school girls!). Then you go to school where the administrators are under a state mandated requirement to supervise and oversee students to avoid bullying and to ensure the safety of the kids…and you get the living shite kicked out of you. While all of this is going on the village of Ravena in it’s great wisdom is shelling out more than $115,000 for a Heap and Fatness Center, ignoring the problems in its parks and on the streets, ignoring its young people while padding the palms of its supporters and friends. Just down the street a young woman is being held at knifepoint and sexually abused, and the police stop a drunken father with his teenage daughter in the car (he’s just out of jail, on a suspended license, and under the influence) and allow him to drive on. Voters approve more than $41 million dollars for the RCS CSD school budget, while paying teaching and athletics staff 4-6x the average per capita income of RC residents! And the kids are still being brutalized, still speak English worse than illegal aliens, and are walking the streets or getting raped in the park! Are you really following all of this? WAKE THE HELL UP, PEOPLE!

To read the continuation article click the link below


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Taking Responsibility is A Community Duty

Parents Who Drop Off Their Teens
Must Expect That

They Are Also Dropping Off A Serious Responsibility



Michael Fisher of the RC Youth and Teen Activities Center
Did the Right Thing!
And You Parents Should Be Grateful!
Did the Coeymans Police Officer in Car #922 Do the Right Thing?

Readers should note that the first part of the header above is a statement. Mr Michael Fisher did the right thing when he alerted the Coeymans Police that an who allegedly had the unmistakeable odor of alcohol on his breath took custody of a teenager, who was at the Teen Center, and then attempted to drive the teenager to an undisclosed location—we’re assuming that the destination would be home but Who knows?— What we do know is that the readers—some eye-witnesses— who notified us of the incident agree that Michael Fisher did the right thing. We do, too!

You pass the baton of responsibilityYou Delegate Authority and Responsibility

You pass the baton of responsibility
You Delegate Authority and Responsibility

Any parent or guardian of a teenager who, on the one hand, delivers a teenager to the Teen Center and leaves that teenager there without also delegating the the management of the Teen Center the undisputed authority to ensure the teenagers physical, moral, and psychological welfare has, as it were, his or her head up his or her anus. When everything’s going well and there’s no incident everybody’s happy-happy but when push-comes-to-shove and the serious questions get asked—or you have to wake up and face the real world—you all get scared shiteless. Right?

The RC Teen Center Has Been Doing A Stellar Job of Parenting YOUR Kids…
It’s the Parents Who Dump Their Kids So They—the Parents—Can Party, Who Need the Whipping!

It’s not the Teen Center or Michael Fisher who’s on the carpet and needs a good ass-kicking. The RC Teen Center has been doing a stellar job of parenting YOUR kids. It’s the parents who dump their kids on the RC Teen Center so that they—the PARENTS—can act like irresponsible dumbasses and party, who need the whipping! So let’s get that point straight and clear.

In Fact, the RC Teen Center is the best thing to happen to this backwater half-dead town in decades! Until now “it’s for the kids” was only an excuse for the adults in the RCS district to go around acting like jackasses. All their fundraisers and their bottle-drives were aimed at Look-at-me-doing-nice-nice, while in the background they were backstabbing and stealing anything they could get their hands on, including Fitness Centers. All of the hocus-pocus and hidden agendas and racketeering going on with the local sports associations can’t make the adults look better than they are: they’re terrible role models and pretty sorry excuses for human beings, too.

Then along comes the messianic figure of someone like Michael Fisher who puts his personal savings, his time, and especially his heart where his mouth is, and shows this community what real giving and love is, and he risks showing how dark and evil all of the others really are. That’s a dangerous position to be in around here and we warned him about the two-facedness and hypocrisy that is resident in this town way back when he first started. It’s time NOW, people, parents to stand behind and watch his back, while he’s watching yours and your kids’ backs. You OWE it to him because Michael Fisher is either one of the greatest frauds to come to Ravena Coeymans or he’s one of the most genuine, authentic things available to your kids since school lunches in this ethics- and morality-starved nest of hypocrisy.

Can You Handle The Truth?

Can You Handle The Truth?

One thing is plain and clear, people: Your teenagers don’t need shiny trophies out of the hands of arrogant tax avoiders, possibly criminals, who make you think they’re making Olympians out of your kids (at the expense of their morals and minds!). Your teenagers don’t need adults basking in the limelight amongst bags of bottles saying, “It’s for the kid’s; they need field trips.” (And once on the field trip having the teacher chaperone takes off to party. Is the Martin Case incident still, yet being investigated?) Your kids don’t need your tax money going to support an illegal Health and Fitness Center set up to provide a job to a local mob leader. Your kids don’t need adults like Jerry Deluca, a police department employee,  and Matt Miller, a teacher and union representative, showing up at Board of Education meeting and acting like drunks, and being expelled for their disorderly conduct. Your kids don’t need role models like that!

Your kids need role models like Michael Fisher! Maybe YOU, parents, need role models like Michael Fisher, because from where we’re standing you need a role model to be the example of how YOU should act responsibly!!!

Your kids need role models like Michael Fisher! YOU need role models like Michael Fisher…

Some More Painful Truth...

Some More Painful Truth…

The RC Youth and Teen Activities Center has just turned 6-months old. It’s NOT the product of our illustrious mayor John T. Bruno jumping in with a check for $40,000 to support an important new institution in the community. No! The more than $40,000 went to purchase used fitness equipment from a croney. It wasn’t the village board of Ravena putting $115,500.00 in the 2013-14 village of Ravena budget to support youth programs! NO! That $115,000 went to the illegal Ravena Health and Fitness Center—every cent of it taxpayer money! And NO! it wasn’t an allocation of $30,000 for a youth programs director, either. NO! That $30,000 is in the budget to support the director of the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, Cathy Deluca, the wife of Coeymans police investigator Jerry Deluca, the same Jerry Deluca who teamed up with Matthew Miller, one of your darling high-school teachers—the one who was double-dipping as energy manager, the one who was allegedly  instigating bullying at the high school, the one promoting the questionably legal raffle now going on in RCS— to put on a performance of disorderly conduct  at a board of education meeting, and then later to harass a local woman as she left the meeting. And the town of Coeymans? Nada, zilch, zero in youth programs! Unless you want to call the Coeymans Police Department and the holding cell there a “youth program.”  That’s where your local government puts your money.

Mr Fischer did the only responsibile and reasonable thing available to him under the circumstances…he called the local police for assistance.

And speaking of the Coeymans Police Department. Last Friday evening Michael Fischer was caught in the death grip of a moral and legal Catch 22: He couldn’t legally refuse to turn over a teenager to a parent or guardian who was, according to witnesses, obviously under the influence of at least alcohol. Nor could he in good conscience condone the irresponsibility of the adult and just allow him to drive off with the teenager in the car and forget about it. Mr Fisher did the only responsibile and reasonable thing available to him under the circumstances: he called local law enforcement for assistance. Not that that action did a whit of good!

And what happened then? Well, the dispatcher then proceeded to broadcast Michael Fischer’s name and the situation over the airways to every local yahoo with a police-band receiver. Isn’t that illegal? Isn’t the name of the caller supposed to be confidential? And yes, the Coeymans Police did respond. The Coeymans Police did stop the car driven by the individual allegedly under the influence of one or more substances. And the Coeymans Police did, in fact, almost immediately allow the driver to get back into the car and drive on.To Serve and to Protect.” Question: Who in hell are they serving and protecting!?!?!?!

Here’s what we have on the parent/guardian who picked up the teenager: He was only recently released from jail (we don’t know yet why he was in). He allegedly had no license to drive. He had allegedly obviously and perceptibly been drinking. Question: Why did the investigating Coeymans Police  officer (we don’t know who s/he was but we’ll know shortly) allow the suspect to go on his way, apparently no further questions asked? What’s the whole story?

So, ladies and gentlemen, what you need to do is offer Michael Fisher a big community THANK YOU, MIKE, FOR KEEPING OUR KIDS SAFE! and drop off a personal check or a check from your organization or from your bank (ATTENTION: RCS Business Community—or what’s left of you)  to support the good work the RC Youth and Teen Activities Center is doing. And maybe, just maybe some of you parents can pick up a paintbrush or a hammer and lend a hand…in between romps and parties!

Your local government, the village of Ravena and the town of Coeymans, only seem to be able to divert funds to their friends or to arrest your kids; there’s no money or interest in treating them with dignity, or protecting them. They leave that task to people like Mike Fisher and the RC Youth and Teen Activities Center. But one thing is certain: THE KIDS WILL REMEMBER WHO CARED!

Michael Fisher doesn’t have to explain his actions. Chief Gregory Darlington has some questions that he needs to answer, and you should start asking them NOW! Here’s his e-mail, telephone number, and address. Get the answers!

Gregory A. Darlington, Chief of Police
Coeymans Police Department
18 Russell Ave.
Ravena, NY 12143

Non-Emergency Number: 518-756-2059
Investigation Division: 518-756-2059 Ext. 368

The Coeymans Police Department has a terrible record
for responding to citizens’ inquiries and for ignoring complaints.
Do the community a real service and BE PERSISTENT!



“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!


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Latter-Hyslop-Brown: The VERY WRONG Choice!

It’s very important that you get the word out to all of your friends, family and neighbors before Mary 21, 2013. Do your part get out the vote and to clean up the RCS district and to put good, competent, and experienced women and men on the RCS board of Education!

If They Truly Want the Best For this School District They’d Withdraw From the Race and Save Face!

The Evil Trio A Campaign Based on Dirty Deceit Backed by Liars and Thugs

The Evil Trio

A Campaign Based on Dirty Deceit
Backed by Liars and Thugs

In their published “pamphlet” Fiends of RCS writes:

CANDIDATE’S BRIEF BIOSFiends of RCS got it right when they write Candidate’s bios. You see what Fiends of RCS wrote was the singular, ONE candidate’s bios. That must have been a Freudian slip because if it were a bio for each of three candidates it would have to be candidates’ bios. So it seems that even Fiends of RCS considers the evil trio Latter-Hyslop-Brown to be ONE candidate. Seems right, though, ONE sign, ONE brain, ONE voice. Problem is, this Latter – Hyslop – Brown mutant would have THREE votes. That’s not right! Fiends of RCS is really desperate if this is the best candidate selection they can offer. Pretty slim pickin’s. But one thing is very certain: If Fiends of RCS can’t spell, how can they say that their “candidate” can do anything for education in this district. Trash them all: Latter – Hyslop – Brown!


NO WAY, Turkies!

Latter-Hyslop-Brown and Their
Supporters are Deceiving You to Get Your Votes!

We’d also like to note for our readers that the teachers clique made up of James Latter (husband of Ms Latter, a teacher at the Middle School), Alice Whalen (retired RCS teacher), Howard Engel (Sarah Engel’s husband), Edward “Comatose” Reville (Engel’s brother  in  law), ALL opposed the 2 % budget! The 2 % budget was proposed by Dr Alan McCartney, RCS CSD superintendent, the man that Latter, Whalen, Engel, Reville  and Matt Miller unanimously trashed and opposed. The 2 % budget was approved by the VADNEY, SYLVESTER, Lukens, Krzykowski, Robbins resident  business majority on the board. Now the teachers clique candidates Latter  Hyslop  Brown are now urging residents to vote for the very budget they OPPOSED and are taking credit for it! That’s a slap right in this community’s face because Latter  Hyslop  Brown are running under a slogan “Bring back Respect and Integrity to the RCS Board of Education.” What a joke! Multiple counts of misconduct (Latter), lies and fraud (Brown), ignorance (Hyslop), public disorderly conduct, outbursts and childish behavior by their supporters (Matt Miller and Jerry Deluca), and dissemination of misinformation and outright lies by their supporters (Friends of RCS and the RCS Teachers Association through Matt Miller) hardly speak for their “Respect” and “Integrity”!
In fact, it just proves what we have been saying all along: they’re liars, frauds, hypocrites and thugs!

Read Related Articles on this Blog (click the blue links to read the articles):

But Their Bios Are the Real Science Fiction!

[Editor’s Note: To save space, we have extracted the offensive statements from the actual published bios that are easily available in their entirety on line.]

 James Latter—Running for re-election…he is is deeply committed to seeing this community and school thrive.  His wife teaches at the Middle School…earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Syracuse University…has works for Sabic in Selkirk for the past nine years… many great team-building skills in this capacity…he will continue to be a great asset and voice for the students of RCS if re-elected.

 Yes, unfortunately the shameless fool is running for re-election. Some people have no dignity! What we find offensive is that Fiends of RCS paint this guy as if he were Mother Theresa. If he really wants to see this community and school thrive he’d relocate to East Overshoe and become a septic tank, he’s certainly already full enough of shite to qualify. Yes, he’s married to a teacher but please don’t let that reflect negatively on the teacher but that in itself tells you where his loyalties will lie (as always with the teachers clique, the teachers union, Matt Miller, Jerry Deluca, the whole corrupt bunch). Yes, he does work for the Saudi Arabian corporation Sabic but he has no team-building skills! Where did Fiends pull that one out of? Don’t they think we attend BoE meetings and watch the videos?!? He’s a speed bump! At least a speed bump has a purpose; he’s useless! Unless of course it’s breaking rules and laws. That’s something Latter’s perfected.

Best Description of James Latter

Best Description of James Latter

As for Latter’s being “a great asset and voice for the students of RCS if re-elected.” that’s the biggest lie ever! If you are willing to swallow that bullshit, you really need to read our exposés of Latter’s concern for parents and students at: James Latter: Why He’s A Very Bad Choice. Our exposé on BoE candidate James Latter reveals the real James Latter. Please read it.


 Jason Hyslop—realized that he would have to get more involved in order to afford his two children the same level of education he received as a student or better…feels that the average parent or community member is not well-represented on the board…hopes that his election will help to this end…works at Sabic in Selkirk… possess[es] skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, diplomacy and an analytical approach to every problem…commitment and knowledge of this district will be a valuable resource on this board if elected.

 This is an unfortunate example of “stench by association.” Hyslop has made a really bad choice of running mates and party! But the kid, and that’s what he is—mentally and in terms of life experience—, a kid did it to himself, willingly and voluntarily, so there’s no safe harbor for him to hide in. He seems nice enough but his choice of partners and supporters really make him look stupid and untrustworthy. Sorry, kid! You’ll have to eat roadkill on this one!

We’re a bit confused when Hyslop says: he wants ” to afford his two children the same level of education he received as a student or better.” According to Hyslop’s statements at the “meet the candidates” event, Hyslop is a high-school graduate and has 1 year of community college.  That’s not a very high level of education by today’s standards, indeed. In fact, Hyslop doesn’t have to get involved or do a damned thing to give his kids that “level” of education. Conclusion: We don’t need you to attain substandard levels, Mr Hyslop (we’re only just clawing our way out of the pit we were in, thanks to the years under the teachers clique and Betsy Smith’s year of nothing). So what else can you do, Kiddo? (First of all, I’d recommend you get someone else to write your script!)

C'mon, Jason, din-dins!

C’mon, Jason, din-dins!

Hyslop is very, very correct when he openly confesses that “the average parent or community member is not well-represented on the board,” not with four out of nine members (see the boxed text above)  having very close connections with teachers! Hell no! Hyslop’s not only correct he’s scarey correct. And if you put him and Latter and Brown on the board, you’ll have given away the whole show to the special interest groups. They’ll tax-levy you right into a homeless shelter!

Yes, Hyslop, we’re sure that your election will represent an “end” an end to democracy on the RCS board of education; an end to taxpayers’, parents’ and residents’ voices in the education of our children; an end to diversity and dialogue on the RCS board of education. That’s not an “end” any of us want to see!

Mr Hyslop does “work at Sabic in Selkirk,” the same Saudi Arabian company where our little munchkin Latter works. But Hyslop claims he  “possess[es] skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, diplomacy and an analytical approach to every problem.” But that’s all nice and fuzzy cozy coming from Hyslop and his mentors at Fiends of RCS (Miller and Deluca, Denise Hughes (her husband Scott Hughes and his croney Jeff Sorensen jumped ship and resigned from the RCS BoE when they lost their majority). As for his “commitment and knowledge of this district,” we’re not convinced. Hyslop is an unknown. Hyslop has been misled into running and is being set up. If Hyslop had any sense and any dignity he would have chose to run on his own instead of attaching himself at the hip to two tainted characters, James Latter and Patrick Brown.

Mr Hyslop, if that’s the extent of your leadership.” “teamwork.” “diplomacy,” and “analytical approach” and if that’s the extent of your “knowledge of this district,” we’re very disappointed. In fact, Mr Hyslop, you fall far short of this community’s reasonable expectations in terms of integrity, common sense, truthfulness, and experienceSorry but NO THANKS, Kiddo!

Uggghhh! What's that smell? Latter-Hyslop-Brown a.k.a. Splatter-HisSlop-Browneye

What’s that smell?

Pat “Paddy” Brown—returned to the RCS District…in 1996…his wife, Mary [Partridge – Brown], are active in the community with the school and various volunteer organizations in the area…is an attorney and…partner of [at?] a law firm in Albany…serves on the Town of Coeymans Zoning Board of…believes we must give our teachers and administrators the resources to succeed and hold them accountable.

Maybe Pat brown did return to the RCS district but he’s never been here, that is, one of us. Seems that his wife, Mary Partridge-Brown, and her close “friendship” with Matt Miller dragged old Paddy into this mess. Problem is old Paddy is all over the place and has so many conflicts that it’s hardly likely that he’ll have any time for the RCS CSD board of education. But then, of course, his wife Mary Partidge-Brown and her close “friend” Matt Miller (and Miller’s close “friend,” Jerry Deluca), will be available to keep old Paddy up-to-snuff and tell him how he’s gotta vote. Right Mary, Matt, Jerry, Paddy.

What’s even scarier is the statement that old Paddy “believes we must give our teachers and administrators the resources to succeed.” I guess that means you can kiss your house and property good-bye, because with shyster Paddy on the board and with his friends whispering in his ear (Matt Miller, Jerry Deluca, the teachers union, and he is close to the Cuomos, unions, big business, etc.) who needs enemies.

Old Paddy has a problem with the truth and has openly and publicly misled or even lied to the community when he made public statements at the A.W. Becker PTA “meet the candidates” event.

Old Paddy Brown's a Loser

Old Paddy Brown’s a Loser

You can read the whole story about Patrick “old Paddy” Brown at: Peter E. Brown, Candidate? The Ugly Truth Is…. and
Patrick E. Brown Practice Details + Comments


Don’t Join the Losers’ Club
The Editor


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Respect, Integrity, Dignity: Not if You Saw Matt Miller and Dirty Hands Jerry Deluca at the BoE Meeting!

Matt Miller, RCS Teachers Association president and NYSUT Teachers Union Rep, and Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca of the Coeymans Police Department, Both Supporters of the Latter-Hyslop-Brown party, Didn’t Do Their Candidates Any Favors
(But, as usual, Matt Miller was an embarrassment to the District and to the teachers of the district.)

What Losers! Miller & Delucabig>

What Losers!
Miller & Deluca

Friends of RCS, RCS Teachers Association, and Coeymans Police Rep Embarrass Themselves and Their Orgs at BoE Meeting

(It’s all on the video, which should be available on the RCS BoE website in a day or two.)


May 15, 2013. Another Resident Reports: Miller was yelling at the speaker about the blogger!  He was sitting in the middle of auditorium and I was second row back…I told him if he wanted to speak to the speaker [who was at the podium] show some respect and sign up to make a public statement. I couldn’t hear what Deluca was yelling about.

Editor’s Note: Several reports confirm that Matt Miller is pretty agitated about the blog, especially the fact that his letter to the teachers was published on this blog. It seems that Miller wanted keep it all secret. Of course, fat ass loud-mouth Deluca has to make a scene wherever his massive hulk can fit. Both of these characters, Miller and Deluca, are an embarrassment to this community!

May 14, 2013. A Resident Reports: Tonight’s BOE meeting was a great example of what people need to know. During public comment Suni Swann was yelling out to the board. After meeting Matt Miller and Gerry Deluca had melt down and started yelling and Dr. Alan Mc Cartney had to ask them to take it outside. Fine example these Adults were setting. Respect and Dignity? Wow! Not shown tonight.



BOE meeting tonight was very well attended tonight. Soon as meeting ended out burst by Matt Miller and Gerry DeLuca were showing that respect was just a word to them. Suni Swann was very rude yelling at public hearing. Dr Alan McMartney had ask then to take it outside. WOW public out burst doesn’t belong in school meeting, I think our students behave better. What an example these adults set.

[Editor’s Note: Matt Miller is the RCS Teachers Association president and NYSUT representative, and Gerald Deluca is a Coeymans police department employee.]

Our exposé of James Latter will be published on this blog on Wednesday, May 15, 2013. Don’t miss it!

And They Want Your Vote?!? Are they NUTZ? The Editor

And They Want Your Vote?!?
Are they NUTZ?
The Editor


In Praise of Teachers: Remember Who You Are!

It’s very important that you get the word out to all of your friends, family and neighbors before Mary 21, 2013. Do your part get out the vote and to clean up the RCS district and to put good, competent, and experienced women and men on the RCS board of Education!

 We Are Directing this Article, this Letter Actually, to the Teachers in the RCS Central School District, in the Appeal to Consider Who You Are in this Community, and How You are Being Misused and Misrepresented.

RCS Teachers Association President Matthew J. Miller Resorts to Poison Pen Letter But Will the RCS Teachers Fall for It?

RCS Teachers Association President Matthew J. Miller Resorts to Poison Pen Letter
But Will the RCS Teachers Fall for It?

I am addressing this letter to you as a colleague, as a fellow educator, as a teacher. I am addressing this letter to you, our teachers, as members of our community. I am addressing this communiation to our teachers and to our community because I am concerned.

Since ancient times, men, women, boys, girls have looked upon their teachers with admiration, respect, reverence, gratitude. Yes, even love. We have a certain spiritual connection with our teachers, whether in the early years, our growing up years, even into our adult years when “teachers” become “professors” and “supervisors.”

i love my teacherWe read the teachings of saints by whose example we are taught how to live a moral and ethical life. We read the lessons of sages and philosophers who teach us the metaphysical, and the transcendent nature of knowledge, mind, life, meaning.

There was a time when teachers were encouraged to be celibate because it was considered such a sensitive vocation, yes a vocation, similar to that of religious orders. By not marrying, they could exist in the world but not necessarily be of the world. Things change and so they ought to, but some things lose some of their special essence when they or the times change, don’t they?

With the workers movements in the late 19th century we saw churches and politics turn towards social justice for workers. We saw the creation and growth of workers unions, collective bargaining, and the improvement of the lot of the working class. Later, professions joined in the union movement. And so we have it today.

That was both a bane and a blessing, dear colleagues. We know why in the depths of our hearts and we can cogitate about it and rationalize it all but when we do so, we must never lose our hold on what a teacher is and her and his role in society.

Who in today’s society has such responsibility where parents, whole communities entrust their children to the care of one group almost every day, almost all day? Who in today’s society can say that they have the power, authority, and responsibility to build young persons in mind, body and spirit? It’s an awesome responsibility and an awesome privilege. Why on earth would anyone allow anyone from within their group to blacken or to diminish that sacred responsibility? Why would someone, anyone abuse that sacred trust?

Well, dear brothers and sisters, colleagues, that has happened insidiously when the teaching profession was taken over by unions and organized from outside of the community in which the teacher lives and works. That’s what happened when the holy vocation of teaching jumped with both feet into the world and became of the world. (We see similar changes after Vatican II when female religious communities were taken from their schools and thrown out into the world; their entire image changed as did their primary concerns. A tragedy!)

Even worse, the situation is aggravated when teachers become politically motivated, when they divorce themselves from their sacred function as arbiters of morality, ethics, and community, and start becoming, for lack of a better description, profane, ordinary, tainted.

Have you ever wondered why many denominations and religions prohibit their clergy and religious orders from running for public office or holding political office? Why judges cannot campaign on issues but only on the promise to be non-partisan in their interpretation of the law? For the same reasons that teachers are discouraged from public political activity and public dissent: they have an elevated status in the community that requires them to remain “clean.”

When one individual usurps the right to be the public voice of all teachers, all teachers lose.

We are all aware that the RCSTA (Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Teachers Association) is the local arm of the New York State United Teachers, NYSUT, the teachers union.

 That’s what’s happening now in your very midst. Matt Miller, writing “on behalf of the entire RCS Teachers Association Politial Action Committee,”” is endorsing some RCS board of education candidates and smearing others. Matt Miller the calls this blog “vile,” while publishing vague, ambiguous, and spurious statements on behalf of the RCSTA!  Does the teachers’ Code of Professional Ethics espouse double standards? Is that how the teachers of the RCS school district conduct their business?

We are publishing the full-text of that specious letter to allow the public, this community to make its own decision as to its appropriateness, its intent, and its purpose. Teachers and Mr Miller are employees of this community and the public and this community will be their judge.

Doesn’t a Teachers’ Association, a local teachers union chapter, lose some of it’s sacrosanct status when it jumps into the fray of profane partisan politics—especially when it presumes to endorse candidates of very questionable character on behalf of the district teachers? Since when does our district need a “Political Action Committee?” And shouldn’t that political action committee be advocating that teachers meet their statutory requirements, like training in the provisions of the Dignity Act and ensuring that the teachers are fairly treated. Not acting as the long-arm of local political agendas? Aren’t you embarassed by this display? 

One person, power-drunk, vindictive, retaliatory, egomaniacal is painting our entire community of teachers one single color, is speaking for all of you with one single voice, is announcing to this community one single political message: division, discord, misinformation. How long are the teachers of this district going to tolerate Mr Miller’s agendas?

We would be in a most regrettable situation if we expected our teachers to be clones of an ideal. It’s frightening even as a possibility because our educators must certainly represent not only the diversity of Knowlege we expect them to master but also to reflect the diversity of our world. This is what makes an exceptional education model truly superiorly exceptional. But it also has a darker side because it also means that the community of teachers must also reflect the moral composition of the community, that is, there will be saints and devils. We’d like to think the saints keep the devils in check but devils, by their very nature, are slippery little critters, and they’re crazy clever, too. Tradition teaches us that devils are master deceivers, master liars, masters of disguise. I’d only have to remind you of C.F. Lewis’ remarkable and instructive essay, The Screwtape Letters, for a wonderfully entertaining and eye-opening lesson in devilishness. You have devils among the saints and they are working their demonic agenda to poison this community as a whole, but also are taking a terrible toll on your reputation, on your image in this community.

You must do your own housekeeping, though. You must self-police.

Not only has it come to the point of putting a very questionable character, Gerald Deluca, in a position to spy and report on the RCS CSD transporation department and its employees, even despite the fact that a professionally trained, competent investigator/detective Stephen Prokrym, is on the Coeymans police force; your own union representative, Matt Miller, has gone rogue rabid.

While it is true that Mr Matthew J. Miller, your NYSUT representative, has experienced a number of crushing defeats, starting with the present BoE’s refusal to renew his $18,000+ a year double-dipping scam as “energy manager,” and culminating in recent defeats, it should be obvious that Miller’s recent desperate attacks on the board are more the result of desperation and retaliation in the guise of his official mandates. Miller obviously has lost self-confidence and reasonably has also lost the confidence of his constituency, and as a direct consequence of his personal failures, his professional shortcomings, and his political failurs, he is no longer capable of leadership. While I realize I am probably preaching to the choir, it is imperative that the majority of teachers, which is probably not involved in the deplorable, spurious, and specious political agendas we are suffering in this broken community, take this situation in hand and out of Mr Miller’s hands. He is making a tragic mess of a situation in which he should not be involved.

As you are probably aware, many professions include in their ethical statutes or Codes of Professional Conduct admonitions and prohibitions of multiple roles in professional relations. Put simply, you simply cannot serve two masters; one or both is going to get a bum deal, and that’s what we find happening in the RCS Central School District, particularly in the present example of Mr Miller’s role as teacher, taxpayer, union advocate, and political activist. He is spread all over the place and making a vainglorious attempt to establish himself as a leader. He is failing miserably.

One of the reasons for that failure is that he is not focused, and is blinded by his past failures. His agenda is one of half-truth and misinformation, finger-pointing, and polarization.

We have come to possess a recent letter that demonstrates perfectly all of our above points. The letter was provided to us by a teacher who has had enough of the cloak-and-daggar, it is dated May 4, 2013, it was sent out to “Fellow NYSUT MEmbers”, and it is underwritten by Matthew J. Miller and the RCSTA Executive Committee. One paragraph of that letter stands out as a glaring testimony to the spurious and specious tactics that Mr Miller and his associates employ when dealing with what should be dialogue partners. I am certain you know of the letter and its content but in order to refresh your information and to provide the entire text to our readers, we are providing a copy at RCSTA to NYSUT Members.

Taken in or out of context this single paragraph clearly illustrates the scandal, the mean spirit, the paranoia, the vindictiveness, the despair of the signatories, but especially of Matthew J. Miller, who is writing as YOUR, the teachers’,  representative. It is not a communication that should come from the pen of your representative, from the pen of someone who claims to be seeking consensus, much less from a teacher, from a person or persons to whom we entrust the hearts, minds, bodies and spirits of our children. You, as teachers, as professionals, as community members should be shocked that you should be addressed such a missive by a collegue who allegedy speaks with YOUR voices!

stop the lies

The offending paragraph (read the entire letter at Letter) reads in its entirety, as Mr Miller writes:

“It has become very clear that the present majority of the BOE is anti-tax and anti-government, not to mention anti-teacher. Ignore their rhetoric and examine their actions and this becomes very clear. Mr. Vadney, through his wife and child, still has a $15 million dollar notice of claim against the District while stating at the same time that he is looking out for the taxpayers. He has been arrested for his behavior against fellow BOE members and has a history of making threats against fellow members, yet claims to be bullied. He has been dismissive and rude to the minority and to any community member who does not share his views (and let’s not forget his brother’s vile blog and what info he supplies to that blog). Mrs. Sylvester, who ran as an “independent” voice last year, has voted 100% lockstep with the majority and even refused to speak on record about her stance on the budget. We need to restore the respect and integrity to this school community that these folks have wantonly destroyed in the process of making RCS a laughingstock in the Capital Region.”

I am not going to parse and analyze this text in its acrid perversity. Everyone in this community should be able to read it and process it for what it is: unacceptable and inappropriate misinformation devoid of any credibility. It is an embarassment to the teachers, to the District, and to the community who supports its teachers and which will very soon be voting on a budget that is adequate, responsible, and responsive. Anyone who has taken the time to follow its development and to get the facts straight will appreciate and acknowledge the prudence of the proposed budget.

We do feel we should comment very briefly on several points, however:

  • There is absolutely no basis in fact that the present BoE is anti – tax or anti – government. Absent any documentation or any statement of real facts, the statement made by MrMiller and the RCSTA Executive Committee and Political Action Committee is ambiguous, vague, and ignorant.
  • The editorial contributors to this blog have NEVER received input of any kind whatsoever from any RCS board of education member, much less from it’s sitting president, Mr John Vadney. Mr Miller’s and the RCSTA’s assertion is entirely false and intended to misinform you, the teachers, and whomever else might chance to read Miller’s missive. In fact, if Mr Miller has facts or information to support his accusation, we invite him to publish it. But if he has no substantiation or documentation, it’s your duty to confront him, teachers.
  • While we have addressed the purpose of a Notice of Claim, it has little to do with any lawsuit, less to do with the taxpayers of this district, and a great deal to do with notifying the RCS CSD of a serious problem that is in violation of NYS law and which does expose the District to serious liability and risk if the District administrators, teachers and staff do not get it under control. It has been addressed myriad times both in BoE meetings and outside of meetings. In fact, Mr Vadney’s son was brutally attacked when entering the school building, the event was captured on video tape. The then administration tried its best to keep it under wraps and to sideline the parents (this was not an isolated incident at all) and only when met with the former district administrations’ stonewalling did the parents have to bite the bullet to get the administration’s attention. NO LAWSUIT WAS FILED! So what is Mr Miller’s point? why don’t you ask him, NYSUT members.

In fact, ladies and gentlemen, we acquired evidence that Mr Matthew Miller was actually inciting such bullying but because of his “connections” was never publicly disgraced but did receive discipline. As teachers at the high – school, you are probably eminently well aware of this fact.

  • Mr John Vadney was framed by Mr Miller’s associates, including Ms Josephine O’Connor and her father, Joseph Tracey, O’Connor, whom you know well and also should be aware of her personal difficulties and her relationship with local ringleader Gerald Deluca (the same Gerald Deluca who is spying on your busdrivers). There were many witnesses, including a higher level NYSED officer, present who stood ready to testify in favor of Mr Vadney. The whole issue was a set up as was Mr Vadney’s arrest by local Coeymans police even after an order of protection was granted by a Bethlehem town judge. The matter was after a protracted battle summarily dismissed as having no basis in fact. This is the truth. It is public information and has been widely published in local media. Why then, we must ask you, is Mr Miller propagating this disinformation to his own colleagues and constituents?!?
  • In view of Mr Miller’s unsubstantiated claim that Mr Vadney has been rude and dismissive, the public record, unlike Mr Miller, does not lie. All one has to do is randomly review any of the many video recordings of RCS BoE meetings and make an informed decision. Nowhere whatsoever is there any evidence of rudeness or dismissiveness by Mr Vadney; quite the contrary, he is uniformly courteous, dignified, and respectful. Reviewing those same videos we can hardly say the same for Mr Miller’s various performances, nor for Ms Whalen’s or Mr Latter’s, even less so for Mr Deluca, Miller’s godfather.
  • Miller has absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Mr Vadney’s brother is operating a “vile blog.” If  Miller has substantial factual information to prove his statement, we would be delighted to see it. We are sure you would be, too.
  • Why Mr Miller has to pick on Ms Judy Sylvester is beyond us.  How she ran in the campaigning last year and how she votes is nothing that Mr Miller is competent to judge. Ms Sylvester, moreover, has indeed spoken several times on the record about her position on the budget. All anyone has to do is review the videos! In fact, her finals stand on the budget was to vote to approve it to put it out to the public’s vote! Where have you been Mr Miller?
  • As to the candidates being promoted by Matthew Miller on YOUR behalf, as YOUR RCSTA president, as the representative of YOUR NYSUT teachers union, just a couple of words:
    • James Latter. Mr Latter has a substantial history of misconduct that ranges from FERPA confidentiality violations to verbal abuse of students. We have in our possession internal documents incriminating Latter in some very serious connections that should have resulted in his immediate removal from the RCS CSD BoE, but for some uncanny reason, did not (during the regrettable and dark Smith regime). We are in the process of redacting specific names in those documents and will be publishing them soon on this blog. Once published, Mr Latter’s BoE career will be finished. Miller is or should be aware of these documents but he continues to promote Latter. Perhaps the teachers would benefit from a more substantial reason why Miller is backing latter.
    • Patrick Brown. Patrick Brown, in a very brief space of time as a candidate, has managed to present himself as simply what he is: a shyster who uses lawyer doublespeak to flamboozle his listeners. We’ve already mentioned the fact that he lives and is registered to vote at an address in Feura Bush (town of New Scotland) but said at a recent Meet the Candidate event that he lives in the town of Coeymans. Liar or fraud? Whatever. He then said that he did not support the school budget and would not vote to approve it. Yet his campaign signs are flanked by Vote YES! signs. Which is it? To the extent of our investigations no one has ever seen him at a BoE meeting, much less address the meeting. Now he’s asking for residents’ votes and is supported by your RCSTA president, Mr Matt Miller but no reasoning is given for this recommendation of support. There is no basis for such support in view of Mr Brown’s past lack of involvement in this district.

    Brown proudly announces that he is thick in government relations and an advisor to the Cuomos (Mario and Andrew). But aren’t these the very same Cuomos who have a track record of pulling every possible trick to deprive local school districts of state funding? Aren’t these the same Cuomos who have sucked every possible support from local governments only to pad the pockets in Albany and to embellish downstate moneypits like NYC? Aren’t these the same Cuomos who started all of this complicated and ingenuous 2% tax levy nonsense? And your RCSTA president and the RCSTA Political Action Committee are endorsing this Brown shyster?!? What are we missing in this picture? Maybe some sanity?

    • Jason Hyslop. Hyslop is running as a member of the Friends of RCS troika or triumvirate, whichever you prefer. He is vanilla and unconvincing, not that that in and of itself would disqualify, discredit, or denounce him. Our concern is his choice of company and how that will play out in his performance on the board. Can he be his own person or will be an owned member. He is at best unconvincing and his scripted responses do not represent convincing initiative or vision. So why is Mr Miller stuffing him down your throats? Best ask Mr Miller.

James Latter is a complete embarassment and should never have continued on the RCS BoE after the debacle of his having violated the FERPA law and having profanely disparaged a student. Peter Brown is an opportunist who suddenly appears out of nowhere (but he’s the husband of Mary Partridge-Brown, a close social and political associate of Matt Miller). Peter Brown’s record is one that is diametrically opposed to anything that would benefit our local school district. Moreover, Mr Brown has cast certain doubt on his integrity by openly misrepresenting his residence and making contradictory statements on the 2013-14 school budget. Mr Brown is patently a liar and a fraud. Jason Hyslop is his own unfavorable recommendation. Mr Hyslop had the option of running on his own, independently, honestly. Instead, he chose to be part of a troika in union with Latter and Brown. That was a very regrettable choice but it was a choice freely made by Mr Hyslop. Hyslop has thus identified himself and has made a clear statement of his principles and his agenda. Together with his inexperience, his ambiguous, scripted statements, his choice of running mates has spoken volumes. He’s part of the agenda and unworthy of the trust to be a board of education member.

 But the real challenge for Mr Miller is to put up or shut up. It’s inane to send out a letter to a group of sophisticated and highly educated colleagues when such letter is gibberish, a perfect example of a defense tactic. Don’t you want solid facts? Reliable information? Truth?

If one of your own number has had the courage to disclose this letter it can only mean that many more in your ranks are probably feeling the same way. Enough is enough!

But our question to you is this: How long are you going to allow Mr Miller to play his ridiculous games making believe he represents your interests. How much longer do you feel this community is going to tolerate this sort of doubledealing before there’s a backlash…against the very people the present board majority has supported 200%.

How long will the good teachers in this district continue to put up with being fed total nonsense, total dysinformation, outright lies before you step up to the plate and do the responsible thing: Say NO! to the lies, and YES! to the facts. In short be the educators we hope you strive to be and the educators you are being paid by this community to be. Ethical, rational, exemplary.

When all else is collapsing around our ears in this community and beyond, we have to have our ideals, our heroes, if you will. But those ideals, those heroes have to be credible, honest, trustworthy. As always, as instructors and educators, even as public speakers and presenters, we have to be aware of the impression we make on our audience. And it’s time to ask yourselves as community leaders, as educators, is the image that is being presented to us by your spokesperson Matthew J. Miller, the impression and image you want us to walk away with? Do YOU really trust him to speak for you, to represent you, to inform you?

 Matt Miller is spent, he’s passé, he’s in on the slippery slope to nowhere; our teachers are in this for the long haul. Stick with us. We need your support and we need our experienced, honest, and committed boardmembers, not Miller’s political agenda lackeys!

To Our Teachers Our Readers The Edior

To Our Teachers
Our Readers
The Editor

If Our Readers Would Like to Register A Complaint with NYSUT here is the contact information:

New York State United Teachers, NYSUT, Board of Directors
NYSUT Board of Directors

NYSUT Contact Information

  • Headquarters:
    800 Troy-Schenectady Road
    Latham, NY 12110
    (518) 213-6000
  • Media Relations:
    (518) 213-6000 Ext. 6313

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How Do You Know It’s a Coeymanazi?

A Reader Posted On the Friends of RCS Facebook Page and Asked Very Fair Questions. Going Back to the Friends of RCS Facebook Page Not Only Were the Questions Not Answered, the Questions Had Been Deleted.

If the Friends of RCS Facebook Page is and Example of the Dialogue Their Candidates are Offering...

If the Friends of RCS Facebook Page is and Example of the Dialogue Their Candidates are Offering…

So We Visited the Friends of RCS Facebook Page to Verify the Report and Guess What?!?

We found a cutsie little quip on the Friends of RCS Facebook page,

We LOVE all of the dialogue and discussion that has been taking place over the past few weeks—

Question: But what kind of “dialogue and discussion” is it that the Friends of RCS so “LOVE“.  (Well, if you visit their page, it’s a dialogue between some unidentified “Friend” and a handful of commenters. Looks like what we’d call a “propaganda mill“.)

Answer: The Friends of RCS idea of “dialogue and discussion” does NOT include relevent questions. What it does include is ONLY what supports their perverse propaganda. So if it’s open and free discussion you’re looking for, you won’t find it on Friends of RCS. Here are the questions the reader sent us that were posted and then deleted by Friends of RCS:

Can anyone explain Pat Brown’s contradictory statements made at the Meet the Candidates Forum? Does he live in Coeymans or New Scotland (Feura Bush)? If he doesn’t support the budget and wouldn’t vote to approve the budget why are Vote YES signs around his campaign signs? Is it true he’s never attended an RCS BoE meeting? That he has never provided any inputs at BoE meetings?

Just curious about these questions and what Friends think.

Thanks very much!

The reader allegedly “liked” a couple of posts but the “likes” were left alone, but his/her questions and comments disappeared, were deleted. One comment was made in response to Jerry Deluca:

Jerry DeLuca: Read the bios, come ask questions. I am sure once you compare you will see which of the candidates will truly work for the best interest of the community, our school and our students. There are 3 candidates of the highest quality and integrity — you decide. May 21 is the day to vote. 

Comment Posted: Yes, I do agree that Vadney, Polyak and Sylvester are the best candidates for the district. Thanks for pointing that out, Jerry.

This is a clear indication of what we have been saying all along: The Friends of RCS is a closed, exlcusive club that does not like outsiders and does not tolerate free speech, legitimate, relevant questions, or dissent.

Friends Like Censorship ALL LIES So Do Their Candidates: Latter, Hyslop, Brown!

Friends of RCS Like Censorship
So Do Their Candidates:
Latter, Hyslop, Brown!

UPDATE (Coeymans May 12, 2013): Our reader now reports that not only were his/her questions and comment deleted, Friends of RCS have now blocked him/her from even posting a note or comment! Is that because of our report? People, this is CENSORSHIP at its worst and it’s nothing new in Ravena-Coeymans. !

So, what does that tell you about any candidates the Friends of RCS support? That any Candidates supported by the Friends of RCS are “Friends” only because they do not tolerate free speech, legitimate, relevant questions, or dissent. In other words, all the public statements that James Latter, Jason Hyslop, and Pat Brown make are purest bullshit! They won’t represent YOU, they’ll represent the clique run by Jerry Deluca and his so-called Friends of RCS gang.

At least two commenters responding to our article,  Deluca, Vosburgh, Hughes: Irrelevant, Risky Questions, seem to have hit the nail on the head when commenting on the video of the so-called Meet the Candidates forum “organized” by the A.W. Becker PTA (that is, Denise Carl Hughes and Jerry Deluca). They find the whole circus a “mockery”:

There was little benefit to me by watching the video. I wanted to know something about Mr. Hyslop, Mr. Brown or Mr. Polyak, each of whom I know very little. First, let us consider the questioners. Many of them had long ago decided who they were going to vote for. Then what was the purpose of their questions considering that they were not trying to find out about those that were running. Was it to ask questions that would put some of the candidates in a bad light or a good light?…This meet the candidates event was a mockery, there was nothing about meeting the candidates…Was this mockery planned by the PTO/PTA to come out this way, or did it get away from them. They really should apologize particularly to the new people. They did have some opportunity, but talking about lawsuits, who painted the concession stand, etc was a waste. [Cookie, May 10, 2013]

And another comment:

I really didn’t think the questions were relevant; none of the candidates were embroiled in those controversial issues. [Simon, May 10, 2013]

We tend to agree. It all seemed like a lynching and a witch burning from where we were observing. A couple, but by far the minority, of questions did address real issues, like the bullying problem, but the rest? Pure attempts to smear or to misinform. (Read our commentary on the May 8, 2013, A.W. Becker PTA Meet the Candidates event at  Deluca, Vosburgh, Hughes: Irrelevant, Risky Questions.)

The bottom line is: We’re going to blow our own horn, now. This blog posts all comments regardless of their origin, even those that are downright insulting. We do have a policy of posting public warnings to individuals who are plain uncivil or abusive, asking them to clean up their act and stay on-topic or their comments will be trashed. That’s fair. We sincerely love discussion and dialogue that’s open, fair, and civil.

 Birds of a feather flock together!

Latter-Hyslop-Brown? or is it Denise Carl Hughes-Eileen Vosburgh-Jerry Deluca

or is it
Denise Carl Hughes-Eileen Vosburgh-Jerry Deluca?

We truly believe that the leaders of Friends of RCS and their Facebook editor represent something very bad for this community,  and they don’t even try to conceal it! What can we possibly think of the candidates they claim to support after the censorship on the Facebook site and the circus that was announced to be a Meet the Candidates event?

for sale home

There may be something behind all of this: Cheap real estate. Let’s ask Prudential Real Estate’s Josephine “Josie” Dority-Biscone, Marty Case or Joe Neri, Michael Biscone, Jerry Deluca, Laverne “Larry” Conrad about this soon. Far-fetched? Maybe. But where there’s smoke there’s fire.

ANSWER to Our Title Question: It’s either an Asskisser (a.k.a. intimidated resident) or a Coeymanazi wherever you see a Latter-Hyslop-Brown sign. Ride through Ravena and all you’ll probably see are For Sale signs in front of homes, empty storefronts, and Latter-Hyslop-Brown signs. Or you could go to an A.W. Becker PTA Meeting.

Don't Let This Happen to You!!! Reject James Latter, Jason Hyslop, and Pat Brown on May 21!!! The Editor

Don’t Let This Happen to You!!!
Say NO! to James Latter, Jason Hyslop, and Pat Brown on
May 21!!!

The Editor

Editor’s Note: Late Correction: We have seen a few Polyak, Sylvester, Vadney signs in Ravena. Bravo! We commend those few courageous souls!


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Deluca, Vosburgh, Hughes: Irrelevant, Risky Questions

Seems that Dirty-Hands Jerry is Again Calling the Kettle Black When He Asks Candidates: “Have You Ever Been Convicted of a Crime?

Thou Shalt Not Throw Stones, Jerry.... Not When You Live in a Glass House

Thou Shalt Not Throw Stones, Jerry….
Not When You Live in a Glass House

We’d like to ask how that can be relevant to the how the schools are run by competent, caring elected officials?

Or was that a very poorly disguised attempt to intimidate? Are you going to misuse police resources to dig up dirt on someone?  You’d best be very, very careful, Jerry, because if we find out you’re doing that we’ll call you on it and then we’ll see if you’re pack of sheeple will save your ass. There are agencies that may be watching and waiting for just the right moment…and we won’t hesitate to cooperate in every way with our information, too.

I’d like to ask our readers to honestly ask themselves a single question: “Have you ever broken the law?”

Now be honest. Have you? The question is really academic and we already know the answer. Almost every single one of us has broken a law, almost on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times. The difference is: We haven’t been caught! And if we haven’t been caught, we’ve never been convicted. So let the one who has not sinned cast the first stone! Right, Jerry?

You're Not Above the Law, Gerald "Dirty-Hands Jerry" Deluca

You’re Not Above the Law, Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca

Adultery is a Class B Misdemeanor in the State of New York

loser handBy the way, Jerry, Adultery is still a Crime in New York State. What do you say to that, Jerry Deluca? And you and Cathy were actually “caught.” Right? Legend is that it was in the rescue squad facility or at the fitness club. Whatever, the location is unimportant. But you were an adulterer Jerry, Cathy. And you committed a Class B misdemeanor punishable by up to 90 days in jail!Mr Deluca, you may be so ignorant that you don’t know the difference between the civil code defamation, which includes slander and libel, but you are in law enforcement, Jerry, you must certainly be aware of NY Penal (no, Jerry, not penile) § 255.17:

§ 255.17 Adultery.
A  person  is guilty of adultery when he engages in sexual intercourse with another person at a time when he has a living spouse, or the other person has a living spouse.
Adultery is a class B misdemeanor.

So, Jerry, with your history and your reputation, don’t you think  it would be prudent and safe if you kept your fat cake hole shut, and you kept your oversized bilge-bottom out of sight, at least until the elections are over?

Question for Sarah Engel, Wife of Board Member Howard Engel:

Sarah which e-mail lists are you misusing? School organization lists, Girl Scout lists, other lists that you have or have obtained and for which you have no permission to use and are using for a purpose that was not disclosed or intended at the time the information was provided?

We know it’s you sending out the Friends of RCS selective mass emailings. We’re just curious where you got all those selective e-mails because you’re not sending them to all interested persons in the district. Is there some secret that the rest of us aren’t supposed to know about? It’s our district and they’re our candidates, too. Or don’t you and Friends of RCS think so? Do you and Friends of RCS think the district belongs to you alone?

So, Sarah, come clean. Tell us where you got the e-mails and put the matter to rest. Embarass us if you’d like but tell the truth. You can manage that, right. But then, you’re a teacher, married to a teacher who teaches at Averill Park but sits and makes decisions on the RCS district board of education, who supports SpLatter-Hisslop-and Browneye, all of the RCS BoE teachers clique a.k.a. the “Fiends of RCS” whose slogan is:

We want MORE, Tax Them MORE!” 


Eileen Vosburgh Sticks Up for FERPA Violations—Coddles James Latter

confidentialNow, as for Ms Eileen Vosburgh. It’s common knowledge that you and James Latter are in each other’s pockets. Wasn’t it you last year who went to bat for Latter when parents were clamoring for his resignation for violating student confidentiality, that is, Latter broke a law when he violated the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), HIPAA, and district policies, and distributed confidential information about a student to athletics staff. Yes, Ms Vosburgh, it’s true and common knowledge, and it’s public. At the very board of education meeting when a parent read off the accusations against Latter, you promptly took to the speakers podium to say on his behalf, “He’s a very nice person.”  Apparently you, Ms Vosburgh, don’t take the laws protecting students and parents very seriously either.

Scott Hughes, Former RCS BoE Prez, QUIT the BoE—Denise Hughes Forgets that Fact of Abandonment and Now Plays High, Mighty, and Self-Righteous. Hypocrite!

Denise Carl Hughes, you should have the good sense to shut up, too! Considering the fact that Mr John Vadney was put in the position of taking over leadership of the RCS board of education when your husband, Scott Hughes, QUIT and left the board. Why was that? Never mind, we’ll find out. Now tha’t’s community spirit à la Friends of RCS and the Becker PTA, right, Denise? When things aren’t going your way you just up and quit, abandon your civic commitments. That’s how much the Hughes cares about students, schools, the RCS district.

A bit of advice for Vosburgh and Hughes: First of all, a Notice of Claim is just that, a Notice. It makes the noticed agency aware of a problem that could incur its liability and gives the agency an opportunity to investigate and take corrective action. It inaugurates a process, not a legal proceeding.

Anyone in this RCS district who has ever made a complaint about teachers, athletics coaches, bus transportation, etc. knows that this RCS district has a very poor response rate, and generally ignores parents’ complaints. It seems that that poor record has so frustrated parents that the only way to get the RCS district administrators, principals, etc. to take a complaint seriously and actually respond and investigate a problem is to file a Notice of Claim with a dollar-sign attached. It’s not the parents’ fault that it has to be done that way, it’s the bad habits of the RCS district. Ms Hughes and Ms Vosburgh are very much out-of-touch with reality (or maybe it’s because their members of the exclusive club in the RCS district) if they are not aware of this fact. But the fact that both Hughes and Vosburgh don’t know the difference between a Notice of Claim and a lawsuit, and exhibit that ignorance publicly, is deplorable. Shame on you both!

It would behoove you both in future to engage your brains before you operate your mouths. It could very well save you some embarassment and keep you from looking like dumb biatches in public.

We do realize that your purpose was only to smear and you would have come closer to your goal if you had an ounce of intelligence. But both of you together hardly make half a chicken’s brain! (And neither of you are exactly ‘chickens’, clucks maybe, but not ‘chickens.’)

animation dancing turkey

army-solidier-camouflageAnd will someone PUHLEEZ collect some bottles or start an illegal raffle to buy H Andres Jimenez Uribe some civilian clothes and get him some English lessons?!? Did we hear him tell Denise Hughes to “Disengage conversation” or some such idiotic militarism. Get a life, Uribe! And then, later, “Did you kick me? Did you kick me?” Big macho National Guard clerk-desk-jockey feels threatened by a local woman who simply bumped into him when he stopped short. You sound like Josephine Tracey-O’Connor, Uribe, when she paraded around with her “He called me fat!” fantasy. Careful, Uribe, there were witnesses and we did have a bit of a chuckle at you expense. Yup! That’s another Friend of RCS, H Andres Jimenez Uribe.

Patrick Brown, Candidate, Contradicts Himself (Again!)

We’re not stupid, Mr Brown, so don’t treat us as if we’re not paying attention! Stop double-talking us!

What, really, is Brown’s position regarding the budget? When asked about the RCS 2013-14 school budget and whether he would support it, Brown answered ‘No. I would not vote for it.’ But Paddy, why then are your campaign signs flanked by “Vote YES!” signs? Are you telling us you do one thing thing but then we should do another? Is that how you’re going to behave if elected? Which is it, Patrick Brown? Is it a YES! I support the budget? Or a NO! I don’t support the budget! Or is this all lawyer-speak and you don’t really care?

Where do you really live, Patrick Brown? Also, Paddy, the 2013 Albany County official Board of Elections registered voters list shows you as residing at an address on Zabel Hill Road in Feura Bush. But at the Meet the Candidates event you explicitly stated that you live in the Town of Coeymans. But Feura Bush is in the town of New Scotland! Only one can be true, Paddy, either you live on Zabel Hill Road in Feura Bush and you lied about living in the Town of Coeymans or you don’t live on Zabel Hill Road in Feura Bush and you live somewhere in the Town of Coeymans, in which case you have provided fraudulent voter registration information. Which is it, Patrick Brown? Are you a liar or a fraud? (Voters need to ask this question, too!)

These will have to be the last comments on the May 8th Meet the Candidate circus. We have to move on to bigger, more pressing issues in this broken community. (Gotta chase a chubby, right Jerry?)

The Editor

The Editor


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