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Mayor Bruno’s Campaign Letter: Mail Fraud? Official Misconduct?

We have verified that the Bruno letter was processed through the Ravena Post Office and was delivered by U.S.P.S. personnel. We have been informed that several complaints have been sent to the regional postmaster in Albany and to the U.S.P.S. Inspector General for investigation. The NYS Board of Elections has been advised. The Office of the NYS Comptroller has been informed.

How did it get into your mailbox?
No stamp, no postage paid imprint, no bulk permit imprint!
Who put it in your mailbox, anyway?

mail bag spill

Mail Fraud or Official Misconduct?

Mayor John Bruno and his “Colleagues” Martin Case and Rocco Persico need to answer some questions about how a letter to “Occupant” got into Ravena residents’ mailboxes this past week. The letter arrived simply addressed to “Occupant” and had no stamp, no postage paid imprint, and no bulk mail permit imprint. A reliable local source not connected with neither Bruno’s or Misuraça’s campaign confirms the “rumor that the Bruno flyer was inserted in the mailboxes of residents by the mail carrier with no postage and the mail carrier advised that the Mayor had paid the post office.” This allegation has not yet been verified but the source is reliable.

We published the letter and our comments on the letter and you can read about it at Bruno Wants a Fifth “Last and Final” Term.

We’d also like an investigation into where the letter was photocopied and whether village equipment and resources were misused for Bruno’s political campaign. That should be easy enough to prove, Mr Mayor, just produce the receipt from the copying business showing that you paid for the copies and didn’t use village equipment.

If it wasn’t the United States Postal Service mail carrier who put the letters in the Ravena residents’ mailboxes, we’d also like to know who was sneaking along Ravena village streets slipping Bruno’s letter into residents’ mailboxes. Was it a village employee? We want to know!

Either way, there’s something very fishy about Bruno’s letter distribution thing.

The Misuraca campaign did everything by the book. They used stamps or bulk mailing permits, and paid for their copying. No fraud, theft or misconduct there. Just plain honesty and playing by the rules. But we all know that’s not how Mayor Bruno or his “colleagues” Martin Case or Rocco Persico work. Ravena residents, better check your wallets!

Report Fraud, Misconduct!

Report Fraud, Misconduct!

Fraud? Maybe.

Generally speaking, a regular fraud case that would normally be prosecuted by local prosecuting attorneys at the state level can become a federal mail fraud case if the U.S. Postal Service was utilized by the accused defendant to commit the fraud. The U.S. Postal Inspectors are the agency that investigates fraud and other criminal abuse of the U.S. Postal System in furtherance of committing a crime. The mail fraud federal statute is broad based and allows the federal government to prosecute fraud and other types of cases resulting in some instances of sentences of 20 years in federal prison and 30 years in federal prison if a financial institution is the victim of a fraud.

Official Misconduct

Misconduct on the part of U.S. Postal Service employees includes misuse of Postal Service computers, destruction or theft of Postal Service property, falsification of official documents and forgery, theft of funds, abuse of authority, sabotage of operations, narcotics usage or sale of drugs while on duty, and alcohol abuse.

We’ll be contacting the New York State Board of Elections, too, to inform them of this situation and advise them that we are contacting the United States Postal Service Inspector General to request an inquiry and investigation of this incident. We think you should take the same action.

Report Fraud, Theft, Misconduct
Office of the Inspector General
United States Postal Service

 Call the Ravena Post Office and Ask for Yourself:

Ravena Post Office
167 Main St, Ravena, NY 12143
Contact Numbers:
Phone: 518-756-2084

Best be sure! Find out NOW! The Editor

Best be sure! Find out NOW!
The Editor

On March 18, 2014, VOTE ROW B, MISURACA for MAYOR
Vote for JOEL COYE for Trustee (not both).

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

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We Want To Know Who They Are, What They Know, Who’s Behind Them!!!!

It’s Election Time Again and They’re Out For Your Vote,  In the Local Rags and They’re Knocking On Our Doors—and it’s not Trick-or-Treaters!

But Who Are They, Anyway?!?!?

Do You Know Any of these People? I mean before they appeared at your door?

Do You Know Any of these People?
I mean before they appeared at your door?

The problem is that we know only those incumbents who we see on public access television, thanks to our one-horse-town cable provider, MidHudson Cable, who is in their pockets, too. And what we see is not very easy on the stomach. It makes the Three Stooges look like rocket scientists. Compared to the Ravena village council, the Coeymans town board, and the New Baltimore flea circus, the Keystone Cops look like Nobel prize laureates.

stooges rocket

Most voters fool themselves into thinking they know something about them because the local rags publish their statements, statements written by the candidates’ keepers or by the candidates themselves but does anyone really read them? Sure, curiosity compels us to read them but they’re so full of misinformation it makes you want to puke. They tell us only what they want us to know and that’s not much and what there is, is—well, pig-in-lipstick.

What we need is to know is what we want to know…

Not what THEY want us to know!!!

complete and utter bullshitDid you know that village hall and town hall don’t have résumés for their board members? No, they don’t. And they don’t require them either. So if you wanted to know about a board member’s education, employment, previous employment you wouldn’t be able to find out. Is that fair?

All you get to know about the candidates is that they’re running, which political party is supporting them, and what they want you to know.

We say: Get them all into village hall and town hall and let’s have a town meeting. All of the candidates together. Let the community ask the tough questions and get the answers in person, on the spot, and on public access TV so those who can’t make it to the meeting can see and hear.

Let’s ask them directly about who they are, what they know about the community, what they’ve done, what their experience is, what their education is, and some burning questions that they’ll have to answer now and produce results if they are elected.

For example, I would like to ask Susan O’Rorke, town supervisor for the Town of New Baltimore, about the town purchasing policies and about the purchase of a new truck for more than $100,000. I’d like to ask Susan O’Rorke how and why she lost the Independenc Party’s endorsement and why her petition signatures were disqualified. I’d like to know her take on why she got only 4 votes in the primaries.

I’d like to know what Diane Jordan’s education and qualifications—we mean other than the fact that she’s an insider and married to the New Baltimore Highway superintendent, Denis Jordan— are to be tax collector. And I’d like to know the same answers from their opponents.

Two other insiders are running for town board seats in New Baltimore: Angelis and Schrauf. These two are closely connected with the lunatic fringe in New Baltimore and are members of the Insiders Club. Control freaks. In fact, Schrauf was rewarded for her club activities by being made the director of—you’re not going to believe this title—Director of the New Baltimore Farmer’s Market! It’s a paid position in New Baltimore. You know somethng’s got to be fishy when they give someone a title like that!  Now, would you want anyone with a title like that and a member of that elitist club to be making decisions about your life and family? The gender-ambiguous Angelis is in the community but not of the community; she belongs to the Ross-Knighton-O’Rorke-Conservancy club. Now you know for sure why Angelus can’t be considered as a potential New Baltimore town boad member. If you put the names Schrauf and Angelis together you get DISASTER! Please don’t try it!

We’re curious also why Angelis and Schrauf don’t use their first names on their campaign signs; you’d think they were trying to hide the fact that they’re women. If anyone can come up with a better explanation, we’d love to hear it.

Angellis + Schrauf = DISASTER Two New Baltimore Candidates Spell Trouble

Angellis + Schrauf = DISASTER
Two New Baltimore Candidates Spell Trouble

I’d like to ask Michelle Maddage, running for Coeymans town clerk, how many years of experience she has in a town clerk’s office. I’d like to ask Ms Maddage about her work experience and her education. I’d like to ask her some specific questions on the town clerk’s jobs and test her knowledge of municipal law, freedom of information law, etc.  I”d like to ask Ms Maddage how much experience she has serving on municipal boards. But most especially, I’d like to ask Ms Maddage about her relationship with Coeymans police chief Gregory Darlington, and I’d ask Mr Darlington why he pushed Michelle Maddage to run for town clerk, a position for which she has absolutely NO QUALIFICATIONS or EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER!!!!

Still in the town of Coeymans: I’d like Mr Thomas “Tom” Boehm to tell us exactly what he’s done to bring new business to the town of Coeymans (and I don’t mean the dust factory on Rt 144 that’s clogging everyone’s lungs, air filters but is a God-send for Flach’s car wash!). What exactly has Mr Boehm done for Coeymans besides make life miserable for people in Coeymans town hall and keep a chair warm with his fat ass? Mr Boehm, we need you to appear at a meet the candidates event, stand up at the podium, and tell us about your record!

We dedicated an entire article to Mr Thomas Boehm. You can read it by clicking on this link: Thomas “Tom” Boehm: Boehm, Boehm, Boehm, Bum!

And Ms Dawn Rogers: You need to get a real life, a real job, and some real friends. You are about as effective as tits on a bull. You’re about as visible as the spaces between these words. What in hell do you do on the Coeymans town board, anyway? What we need to know is: “Are you really alive?” Rather than FOIL reams of board meeting minutes, maybe if you appear at a meet the candidates event, take the podium and expose yourself to open questions from the community, we’d have a reason to vote for you, or not to (which is more likely). Come on, let’s go public!

We’d ask also why George Dardiani, the traffic ticket collection agent for the town of Coeymans masquerading as a town justice, even bothers to waste money on campaign signs. When we can’t even start to speak of qualifications and Dardiani in the same breath; he has none. No one wants the dull-witted job enough to run against him. He’s running unopposed; in other words, you’re not really voting or making a choice when it comes to “electing” a town justice. Best thing to do is don’t even waste your time pulling the lever or checking off his name. The fewer of us that give him the satisfaction of putting his name on the rolls the better; at least he won’t have the numbers.

tits on a bull

George Dardiani is a Bull with Tits

The village of Ravena is so corrupt and such a mess we don’t even want to get involved in discussing the favoritism and unsavory business that goes on there. But Coeymans has been infected with the favoritism bug. You have the chief of police, Gregory Darlington hiring his daughter and other kids of friends to work as police dispatchers. What’s wrong with the rest of the community? You have Cathy Deluca hiring her favorites and relatives to work inthe Ravena Health and Fitness Center. What’s wrong with the rest of the community? You have Dawn LaMountain in the Coeymans police department as Darlingtons “confidential secretary” (Darlington got the Coeymans town board to approve hiring Kerry Thompson, too, to be Darlington’s administrative assistant at a cool $31+/hr*) and you have her rotund son getting hired to be a police officer (trainee) in the same department. Now you have LaMountain’s husband, George LaMountain, running for Town of Coeymans Highway Superintendent! How many LaMountains do we need in Coeymans town hall?!?! Is the Coeymans town hall turning into a members-only country club, like the village of Ravena or New Baltimore?

Even the New York State Comptroller’s auditors found that the village of Ravena is trouble for Coeymans. Read our coverage of the Comptroller’s audit report on the town of Coeymans’ recordkeeping and financial procedures, how Ravena doesn’t pay its bills! Click on this link to read the report: Ravena Doesn’t Pay its Sewer Bill

* Just what does Coeymans police chief Gregory Darlington do in his backwater police department that he needs a “confidential secretary” and an “administrative assistant“? Wouldn’t you like to ask your Coeymans town board members that question? After all, they’re in charge of supervising the operations of the Coeymans police department and approving its budget! No wonder Coeymans town payroll is more than $3.2 million a year! Everyone there gets a friend or family members jobs. But that’s another question for the Coeymans board candidates.

Voters! You need to stop this NOW! You, WE, need to get this under control. It’s Stupid and it’s Crazy!

And then there’s Mr Martin “Marty” Case, who has his four eyes on the town of Coeymans supervisor’s office. But that’s not very likely, Marty-boy. We won’t waste space here because we’ve dedicated an entire article to Martin “Marty” Case and his handlers in Ravena village hall. Dubbed the Tipsy-Teacher because of allegations that Case took to partying while chaperoning a group of RCS students to Washington DC, we’d like to get case in front of a community group and ask him a couple of questions. Wouldn’t you? By the way, Marty, the town supervisor position is a full-time position. We’d like to ask you how you’ll manage a full-time teaching position, the town supervisor position, and don’t you also sell real-estate with Josie Bruno at Prudential real estate? How ya gonna do it all, Marty?

If you haven’t had the opportunity to read the article on Martin “Marty” Case, click this link Marty Case to read it. Martin Case, Marty’s a Real Case!

A reader just commented on one of our recent articles: “Voters Need to Clean House; All New Tenants for Village and Town Halls” : “A new broom sweeps clean! How about some decent, smart, and honest citizens sitting on the board? Or am I just dreaming?”  YES! Reader. And Yes! you may be dreaming but some dreams are meant to come true!

The Editor

The Editor

Before it’s too late:

  • Let’s get all the candidates together in one place

  • Let’s get them to debate the issues one-on-one: Supervisor candidates, clerk candidates, board-member candidates

  • Let’s give the community the opportunity to ask them important questions

  • Let’s force them to commit to action and hold them accountable if they are elected

  • Let’s get the media, print and television to cover the debates and town-hall meetings (we’ll also see how committed the local rags and MidHudson are to our interests!)

  • Let’s put them on the spot and let them know they’re accountable to us, the voters

  • Let’s sweep village and town hall clean, finally and keep the insiders OUT!

  • Based on the answers and responses let’s vote with our heads!

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!


More than 3 Decades of Corruption! Throw Them Out!

Maybe You Like the Way the Duplicated and Frequently Contradicting Operations of the Ravena and Coeymans Local Government Wastes Your Tax Dollars. Some of Us Don’t.

And Maybe You Like Being Told in So Many Words You Don’t Count When Your Local Elected Officials (that is, the little Royal Court that Calls Itself the Ravena Village Council) Do as They Damned Please Without Asking Your Opinion…

You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

And What’s Up With the Town Supervisor and Village Mayor and your Village Council and Town Board Officials, Aren’t They At All Interested in What’s Going on In the RCS School District? I’ve yet to see them attend a BoE meeting or make a statement at the public meetings. Shouldn’t there be some sort of collaboration or cooperation between the school district and the local government, after all, the children attend the school do live in their administrative territories. Or are the local politicos too busy conspiring, stealing, and duplicating efforts at your expense? (Coeymans Town Supervisor did send a “proclamation” a couple of months ago, but didn’t appear to present it; instead  superintentent Smith read it to the meeting.)

You’ll never vote them out, they’ve got more relatives to vote them in than New York City has cockroaches and bedbugs combined! (Or, you could put your own people on the ballot and campaign for them…)

My Advice is: Throw Them Out! There are laws and procedures to help you do that:

N.Y. PBO. LAW § 36 : NY Code – Section 36: Removal of town, village, improvement district or fire district officer by court
Any town, village, improvement district or fire district officer,…, may be removed from office by the supreme court for any misconduct, maladministration, malfeasance or malversation in office. An application for such removal may be made by any citizen resident of such town, village, improvement district or fire district or by the district attorney of the county in which such town, village or district is located, and shall be made to the appellate division of the supreme court held within the judicial department embracing such town, village, improvement district or fire district. Such application shall be made upon notice to such officer of not less than eight days, and a copy of the charges upon which the application will be made must be served with such notice.

N.Y. NYC. LAW § 9 : NY Code – Section 9: Removal of mayor
The mayor may be removed from office by the governor upon charges and after service upon him of a copy of the charges and an opportunity to be heard in his defense. Pending the preparation and disposition of charges, the governor may suspend the mayor for a period not exceeding thirty days.

N.Y. VIL. LAW § 4-412 : NY Code – Section 4-412:

The board of trustees
3(12) An officer or person who assumes to create a liability or appropriate money or property of the village without authority of law, or assents thereto, is personally liable for such debt, or to the village for such money or property. Each member of a village board present at a meeting thereof when such unlawful action is taken is deemed to have assented thereto, unless he expressly dissents and requests such dissent to be entered upon the minutes of the meeting. If any person shall have heretofore appropriated or shall hereafter appropriate money or property of the village, contrary to law, and the facts in relation thereto are known to the board of trustees, and, after this section as amended takes effect, such board fail for thirty days to bring an action against such person to recover such money or property, each member of the board having such knowledge shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and liable to removal from office unless within such period of thirty days he shall file with the village clerk a written request, signed by him, requesting the bringing of, such action or shall cause to be entered upon the minutes of a meeting of the board a motion made by him for the bringing of such action, or his vote in favor of such a motion.

This article will be continued with examples and discussion. Check back later…

The Editor


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