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Coeymans Supervisor Flach Defends Laverne Conrad

 All This Blog Wants From Our Readers Is For Them To Think…Not the Way You Have Been Thinking…Just Differently

Think About This

Think About This

Ravena Mayor John Bruno Decides to Issue Share Certificates to Ravena Residents

Well, actually mayor John Bruno and the Ravena village council have not actually decided to issue share certificates to Ravena residents for their share in the initial investment of more than $40,000 in the mayor’s brain-fart Ravena Fitness Center. But we think that mayor John Bruno and wannabe mayor Nancy Warner, really should seriously consider issuing to each and every Ravena resident a certificate certifying the resident’s share in the investment and entitling that resident to a share in any profits, not that we feel that Bruno’s brain-fart idea will ever survive. Maybe Nancy Warner and Cathy Deluca, and the Ravena village council will underwrite any losses, too.Waddaya think, mayor? Ball’s in your court. You spent the money with the blessing of the village dodos, now make village residents feel good about it. Issue stock shares and guarantee a dividend out of your own pocket. You play pretty free and easy with public money; let’s see some of yours, Mayor Bruno!



FT Fitness Center Position.

The Village is seeking qualified applicants to oversee the day to day operations of the Fitness Center including, but not limited to: staffing, scheduling, budgeting, purchasing, development of promotional activities, ensure maintenance of equipment,educate and assist members and guests in the proper use of equipment, teach and coordinate group exercise classes and programs, conduct fitness evaluations, and other related duties. Qualifications:  Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, Recreation or related field OR a minimum of 10 years experience in fitness programming, including 5 years of management experience is required.  Prior experience in scheduling, creating and conducting fitness classes and personal training a must.  Certified Personal Trainer with acceptable organization also required. Applications are available at the Village Office, 15 Mountain Road, Ravena 8:30AM to 4:00PM, Monday through Friday.
[Source: Village of Ravena website] 

These positions pay from $36,000-$60,000 a year plus benefits [Source: Pay Scale]! Where’s the money going to come from, Mayor Bruno! Cathy Deluca! Nancy “Wannabe Mayor” Warner: Where is the $$$MONEY$$$ coming from? Are you still ravaging the public treasury for your brain-fart idea? 

Coeymanazi Bully BoBo-Cops Picking on Local Youth

coeymans squat team

Coeymans PD Squat Team

Piture this: It’s a heated competitive basketball game. And it’s close. Emotions are on the rise. A couple of fans get a bit rowdy. fat copIn rush the BoBo-Cop Squat Team from Coeymans. Yeah, it’s a clown act, but they have police power. And what the hell! The fans like a little blood and guts so they sit there and…watch. After all, it’s someone else’s brats. They must deserve it, right? (You just wait ’til it’s your turn!)

You probably can remember the days when school sports fans let off a little steam, don’t you? It’s part of growing up and testing the ice. So you got a little rowdy. Did they call in the swat teams? I never recalled anything like that. And you never heard of anyone getting felony charges thrown at them.Well, that was another RCS and another Coeymans back then. It was a time when the local constable drove around and knew every kid by name and knew where you lived. It was a time when people stuck together and let kids be kids, they’d be grown ups all too soon. Everyone had to learn and get his or her own knocks in the process.

Things have changed. There’s no more constable, only a Coeymans Police Department that is made up of local thugs and discards from other police departments, or part-timers from other departments here just for the money. And when the kids get a bit rambunctious, they call out the Coeymans Squat Team (the Coeymanazi version of the swat team) to subdue the dastardly criminal teens.

But there seems to be a very ominous tendency in Coeymans these days: A few of our Coeymanazis have been picking on our youth and hitting them with felony charges, dragging them and their parents into family court. We commented on this some time ago in another article on this blog.
Are the Coeymans cops such cowards, bullies that they have to prove their mojo by bullying young people and trailer trash? The real criminals are apparently too tough for them.

maniac-copOr is this a way of creating more sheeple, a behind-the-scenes way to intimidate and to retaliate? Is the plan to get back at mom and dad through the kids. We’ve already reported on similar tactics at the RCS schools where teachers like Matt Miller, also the teachers union rep, allegedly incited students to go after RCS board of education members’ children when the budget deliberations were not going the teachers’ way. We also had Miller allegedly urging students to misbehave on this blog. Then what about the alleged harassment of RCS athletes by certain athletic coaches because the parents were objecting to certain of the coaches’ behavior? There’s a pattern here.

Why would anyone, even a Coeymanazi, want to criminalize kids for a little boisterousness? Felony charges? That’s outrageous! What ever happened to bringing the kids home and putting them at the parents’ mercy? Or even putting the parents on notice: Control your kids or you’re going before the judge.

blingee wildeyes

Rare Photo of a Baby-BoBo
[Courtesy of Nat’l Goonographic]

Another point I’d like to make is that these two kids, described in the Blotter as “two juvenile males” (did two juvenile males actually require the four law enforcement bobos?), were charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and criminal trespass. What a show that must have been! Can you imagine the anger that the four bobos, Yes! Four BoBo-Cops: Klein, Rinaldi, Thompson, and DoDo Darlington,  incited in the kids and their friends at being bullied and maltreated, publicly humiliated?!? Now that they’re soured and angry with law enforcement, what do you think their attitude will be in future? And if they end up with a conviction record? Well, wouldn’t you be pissed? Now that’s great police work and great community building, guys. Thanks a lot!

I suppose when the Coeymanazis like Klein, Rinaldi, Thompson, and Dardiani have an audience, they want to get their 15 minutes of infamy and show everyone they’re real tough. Bravo for you, BoBos! Now the juveniles have to lose a day from school, the parent or parents must take a day off from work, and all have to travel from Hudson to Albany. Makes a lot of sense. BoBo sense, that is.
(Based on the Police Blotter, Ravena News Herald, February 28, 2013, page 9)

Community Roundtable: Interim Superintendant of Schools, Dr Alan R. McCartney Bemoans Poor Attendance

roundtable community discussions matterThe RCS central school district featured a community roundtable on February 12, 2013. Dr McCartney lamented the poor attendance and looked for better response from the community for the upcoming community roundtable. We seriously wonder how the word about these events gets out, or doesn’t. There are plenty of FaceBook gossip mills with the RCS moniker attached to them such as RCS Friends and More, RCS Athletic Association, Save the Arts at RCS, but they all require a computer and some computer savvy to find. And yes, the RCS CSD has a website, but ditto, you need a computer and have to navigate the site (which ain’t easy) to find what you need.Doesn’t the RCS CSD have robocalling ability? Why not use that to get maximum attendance, although only households with children in the RCS schools would receive the call.

round-table-discussion-But Hey! Didn’t we recently post an article about getting the word out on what’s going on in our schools. Sure we did! It was actually targeting Dr McCartney. Our article, The RCS Community Needs to Know…, suggested that Dr McCartney use the local rag, the Ravena News Herald, to publish a weekly report on what’s going on in RCS schools. That never happened. Wonder why?

Supervisor Stephen Flach Comes Out in Defense of Laverne “Larry” Conrad.

A Bit of Overkill, if you don’t mind my saying so…

Coeymans Supervisor Stephen Flach devotes two columns in the February 28, Ravena News Herald, to defense tactics. But Mr Flach doesn’t utter a single word in defense of the Coeymans town boards’ decision to betray the residents of Coeymans and sell them into slavery to MidHudson Cable with that nefarious 15-year exclusive contract. We need to hear from Mr Flach about why that was done and how he expects Coeymans residents and Coeymans business to benefit from that extraordinary gesture of favoritism. Maybe he could appoint councilman Thomas E. “Tom” Dolan to present that justification to town residents. We need to feel good about this, Steve.

So Supervisor Flach doesn’t say a word in defense of the MidHudson Cable  affair. But first of all, Mr Flach comes to the defense of the Flach name, after the article by Bryan Rowzee, quoting Laverne “Larry” Conrad, drew some comments from readers on the News Herald blog that “disturbed” Mr Flach. To be fair, I have a lot of respect for the Flach family. If it weren’t for the Flachs’ ambitions, Ravena-Coeymans would probably have slowly sunk into the polluted Hudson in terms of businesses. Without the Flach family all we’d be left with would be the vultures who would pick the area clean, and the Coeymanazis who would clear the way for them.

Stephen Flach, though in some respects stymied and other respects too gentle, makes a good Christian effort to clear the air, so-to-speak, and Mr Flach defends the Flach empire’s name and its “relationship” with good ol’ Laverne Conrad, Coeymans building inspector. We’d expect that but we also expect more, much more, Mr Flach.

Mr Flach also notes that he appointed Laverne to a position in the sewer department (in addition to Laverne’s position as Coeymans building inspector)  Well, we couldn’t think of a better place to put Larry Conrad, to be very honest, even if it is billing. But Mr Flach could say nothing more true than what he says about Conrad: “Mr Conrad has a vast amount of knowledge in regards to our sewer system.” Yes, Larry Conrad does know a great deal about sewerage, and has been in so much shit in recent years, he’s surely the best choice to monitor Coeymans waste treatment. Congrats, Laverne! You get the Golden Turn award!

This one's for you, Laverne!

This one’s for you, Laverne!

Mr Flach also acknowledges that the village of Ravena and the Hamlet of Coeymans haven’t always gotten along…well, we have to be a little more accurate here. It’s the village and town halls that don’t get along, Mr Flach, not the people. Our recommendation is that the town of Coeymans support any movement that proposes that the village of Ravena be dissolved and made part of the hamlet of Coeymans or put both administrative units under one roof. There’s really no need for two administrations bickering over the same population. It’s stupid and it’s wasteful.

By the way, speaking of stupid and wasteful, where are we on eliminating the Coeymans PD., Mr Flach? Or was that just another nocturnal emission?

Laverne “Larry” Conrad is a good ol’ boy and is a member of the log-rolling team of the Coeymans Good O’ Boys Club, and plays all sides of the fence…did I say fence? Does he have a permit for that fence (Oops! You need a permit for a fence only in the village of Ravena! Sorry.)?

Now Mr Flach, we’d like to hear the defense of the MidHudson deal. Can we hear that one, please?

My cup is always half full. But I still need a drink!The Editor

My cup is always half full.
But I still need a drink!

The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

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The RCS Community Needs to Know…

Editor’s Freak Out:

Freakin' Out!

Freakin’ Out!

How Frickin’Stupid! RCS Schools Announced Early Closing on February 8, Due to the Forecast Blizzard. Early closing at 10 a.m.! WTF?!?!?! What frickin’ sense does it make to inconvenience half the community to get the kids out the door and then they’re released at 10 a.m.?! What are the overheads involved in opening the school, transporting the students round-trip, etc. etc. Has someone lost his/her mind?

The Local Rag, the Ravena News Herald, Reports on Every Kind of Rubbish Conceivable, and Dedicates an Inordinate Amount of Space to Sports, Whatnot Wannabe Essayists, and Plenty of Legal Notices—But…

We Want More!

We Want More!

This RCS Central School District voted on a more than $42 million school budget for 2012-13 and is currently debating the next school budget for 2013-14. This is all money that comes in the form of school taxes paid by a minority of residents, the property owners. But a great many of the property owners in the RCS Central School District don’t have children going to the schools, and an even greater number of non-property owners, mostly lowere socio-economic class, don’t pay taxes much less school taxes.

Many persons own property but don’t live in the district and so they don’t get to vote on the school budget but they do have to pay the tax, and the non-property owners, non-school tax payers get to vote on the budget and benefit from the fund that they don’t contribute to. That’s real fair, don’t you think?

The information on what the RCS Central School District administration is doing and what the RCS board of education is deliberating usually appears only as the latest scandal in the Albany Times Union or in the local rag, the Ravena News Herald, neither of which can claim much fame for factual reporting. So how does anyone get the information on what the RCS school district is doing with all that money?

Well, the RCS Central School District has a website that publishes some material about what’s going on but the information is usually slanted and written by who-knows-who. Besides, the district for all its self-praise about the quality of its techology teaching and resources doesn’t even put the site up or organize it. That’s done by some character that comes in a couple of times a week from BOCES.

There is a significant problem in the area when it comes to news about what’s going on in the school district. There are a couple of ways to keep up with the events but you have to have time and computer savvy. They include:

  • The bi-weekly board of education meetings but do you know where to find the dates of those meetings? But there’s a problem here, too. There seems to be no coordination or communication between the village of Ravena, the town of Coeymans, and the board of education when meetings are to be held and whether they conflict. This means that you’ll very often find the RCS board of education meeting at the same time the village of Ravena or the town of Coeymans board is meeting. You’ll have to miss one to attend the other. Typical poor communications, though, for RCS. Now that the Coeymanazis have gone underground and can’t put on public displays of stupidity, they are not attending the board meetings. That’s a good thing. But the people they disgusted and intimidated, or scared away previously are only slowly returning.
  • The RCS CSD website but you need to know how to use a computer and how to navigate around the website to find what you want. I’m pretty good on the Internet but I find the RCS CSD web site a real mess when it comes to finding anything. So if you’re not addicted to your computer you’ll probably not be able to find the information you need.
  • The published RCS CSD board of education meeting agendas–totally useless. They tell you only in cryptic language what they intend to discuss and, again, you have to be a computer wizard to find any of the past meetings minutes. Forget it.
  • The public television broadcasts or replays of the meetings? When? Who knows? Not very often on the night of the meeting and certainly not a high priority item in terms of the cable service providers. It’s pot luck to get lucky and find the board of education meeting on a public access channel.
  • “But,” you might say, “what’s in the local newspapers? Isn’t that the place you’d find news about the schools and the board of education.” Any place else and I’d answer, “Yes!” But not in RCS. If it’s not a scandal or they can’t tear something or someone apart, the Times Union isn’t interested. The Ravena News Herald publishes pages of athetics, someone’s kid’s picayune accomplishment, and school lunch menus. The police blotter reports more about the Keystone antics of the Coeymans Bo-Bo cops than the Ravena News Herald does about the school district.

So, what do we recommend? You might well ask. We suggest that the superintendent of Schools, Dr Alan McCartney, publish a weekly report on what’s going on in the RCS schools. The report can be along the lines of the Supervisor’s Report that appears in the paper. Here are some possible topics:

  • How budget money is being spent
  • What new money has been found or reallocated

    Latest Fundraising Ideas (by Cathy Deluca)

    Latest Fundraising Ideas
    (by Cathy Deluca)

  • What new areas of savings are being examined
  • What the schools are doing in terms of safety issues, bullying, accidents, etc.

    School and Public Safety (by Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca and Do-Do Chief Gregory Darlington)

    School and Public Safety
    (by Bobo Cop “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca and Dodo Chief Gregory Darlington)

  • Evaluations of teachers and performances
  • What’s being done to ensure academic excellence

    Progress in RCS Grad Rates

    Progress (or Decline) in RCS Grad Rates
    (by Alice Whalen & Howard Engel)

  • Grievances and complaints and how to file and ensure they’re handled properly
How the Teachers Union (NYSUT) is Spending Your Money & Uniton Misconduct (by Matt Miller)

How the Teachers Union (NYSUT) is Spending Your Money & the RCS Union Rep’s Misconduct
(by Matt Miller)

  • Student and parent care initiatives along the lines of customer service models
  • Quality assurance in the schools
  • A report on the actions taken on the RCS CSD board of education
  • Other, relevant subjects

This column would then be published in the Ravena News Herald as a public service.

This is only a bare-bones suggestion but it would certainly better inform the taxpaying public about what’s going on in the school district because we believe more people with have access to the local weekly newspaper. The Ravena News Herald would certainly be able to cover the cost by the reasonably expectable increase in readership because of the availability of this important information and it may open new opportunities for new advertisers who want to target that new class of readers. Well managed and planned, it would be a win-win situation for everyone concerned and it would ensure that people with a definite interest would have access to information important to them. Word of mouth and gossip simply is not working.

The Editor

The Editor