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Threats of School Shooting at RCS High School!!!

As of March 29, 2018, we’re still waiting for the RCS District Superintendent Brian Bailey, RCS High School Principal Lisa Partierne, Coeymans Acting Police Chief Daniel Contento, Coeymans Supervisor Phil Crandall and others (see the list below) — anyone with real facts — to comment, provide a public statement, or provide the facts about the incident. No one seems to want to come out and make a statement on this important public safety, school safety issue. Why is that?

[Editor’s Note: The RCS Central School District issued a bland statement on the incident some three days after the incident, boilerplate, of course. The statement may be difficult to find because the main subject in the title is not “student safety” but “Dr Bailey”, narcissist! Read the say-nothing statement, CYA statement at “Message from Dr. Bailey – safe schools” last accessed on March 29, 2018) See our note about SNN at the end of this article.]

The Craziness Just Doesn’t Stop in Ravena-Coeymans!

What is RCS, Coeymans PD waiting for?

On Friday, March 23, 2018, three RCS high school  students were reported to be “joking” about coming into the highschool and shooting it up.

In our article “Drive-by Shooting Arrives in RCS” we were the first to break the story about the botched up investigation of a local drive-by shooting. Coeymans Police allowed the case to go cold; no real investigation, no suspects, no arrests, no prosecution. Criminals went free. Sheriff’s Department and State Police wouldn’t touch it without Coeymans Police requesting assistance. Request was never made.

If you recall, a high-school student at RCS high school was suspendid for wearing a T-shirt depicting a weapon (National Guard), and in another incident the school was locked down and a student arrested for having a rifle in his car trunk. Just recently students at Albany High School were terrorized and evacuated, and several students arrested for a school shooting incident. Why isn’t the RCS Central School District and the Coeymans Police Department reading the writing on the wall.

Three RCS highschool students Chandler L., Dylan A., and Cameran R. were apprehended and taken into the RCS high school principal’s, Lisa Patierne’s  office and suspended for five (5) days for allegedly “joking” about shooting up the high school.Five days should be just about enough time for them to plan their extracurricular criminal activities, obtain weapons and ammunition, and execute their plan for “shooting up” the high school.

RCS Central School District Superintendent Brian Bailey, RCS high school principal, Lisa Patierne, deputy principal, Joe Slichko, and Coeymans Police Department School Resource Officer, Schwebke and his boss, Coeymans Police Chief (acting) Daniel W. Contento have some questions to answer.

With the recent waves of gun violence in our schools, such “joking” must be taken to be real threats and the individuals not only taken into custody but subjected to intense psychological evaluation, surveillance and monitoring, and other controls. BUT NOT IN THE RCS CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT!!!

RCS is not the inner city, it’s not Albany Arbor Hill or Newark, NJ. And with a more than $43 million dollar budget — about 75% of which goes to salaries for personnel —, what are the teachers teaching these kids? What are the parents doing about teaching these kids correct behavior, morality, good judgment? How is it with the media coverage of the slaughter, murder, mayhem, trauma and suffering caused by students to students, to parents, to whole communities in recent shooting, that the RCS community doesn’t take “joking” about such incidents more seriously? Behind every joke is a real situation!

And with the recent scandal revolving around law enforcement misconduct and the international attention it got: Did anyone at any of the schools discuss the reasons why the conduct of two Coeymans Police personnel was reprehensible, scandalous, and outrageous? Is there anything, any room in the RCS curricula for discussions of morality, ethics, etc. or about the systemic social and political failure in the United States today that puts us at the top of the list for school shootings and other social disgraces?

Our guess is that none of this gets any discussion in the RCS Central School District and, furthermore, that most RCS parents don’t bother to discuss such things with their offspring. Judging from the response to the Coeymans Police misconduct on just one site — The Care2 Petition, which received more than 87,000 signatures (more than 10,000 in New York State alone), and the embarrassing attendance at the March 22, 2018, Coeymans Town Board meeting, at which less than 20 people showed up, three of which traveled from as far away as Queensbury to make a public statement at that meeting. That alone shows how uninterested locals are in their community. It’s a stinking shame, an embarrassment! Then you wonder why we live in such a, well, cesspool, with equally shitty elected officials, and pretty third-world services, if any? Pardon our language but there are no other words to accurately describe the situation — and you know it’s true!

We all know that our legal system will hold a host giving a party accountable for damage and injuries caused by a guest leaving the party drunk, and while under the influence, getting involved in an accident.  We say hold the teachers, the administrators, the school board members, the police department school resource officers responsible for injuries and deaths occurring on school property. PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE; the taxpayers are already being sucked dry paying for these parasites and getting nothing in return. PERSONAL LIABILITY will get these dumbasses thinking about taking their responsibilities seriously.

In the RCS Central School District, school officials and law enforcement don’t take such “joking” = “threats” too seriously. After all, the teachters, administrators, and RCS school board members are all too busy padding their pockets, planning their retirements, or budgeting school tax dollars to benefit their cronies. The Coeymans Police are too busy running over raccoons in shopping mall parking lots.

You should have a lot of questions. You should be demanding answers. Our questions are:

  • How are the three students’ parents being handled in this case?
  • Do the parents of these three students have guns, ammunition in their homes? How are they secured? Have they been seized by law enforcement during the investigation or the pending investigation?
  • Were the parents of RCS high school and middle school students informed of this threat?
  • Were students in the RCS Middle School and RCS High School, two schools on the same location, informed of the threats in a professional manner? Were they informed about ways to detect such threats and a procedure to follow? Were they educated as to what to do in such an situation? 
  • What actions, other than administrative suspension, were undertaken to investigate these students and the possibility that their “joking” was not real “threats”?
  • The RCS high school and middle school are in the jurisdiction of the Coeymans “Raccoon Killer” Police Department, what actions or plan of action do the Coeymans Police have for such threats?
  • Are these three students under supervision or surveillance?
  • What action did the RCS Central School District Superintendent, , and the RCS Central School Board of Education taken in this case?

There are some really serious questions that have to be answered in cases like this. Contact local officials to get the answers before you hear the sirens and learn about the local school shootings because nothing was done in cases like Chandler L, Dylan A. and Cameran R.


Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Brian Bailey
(518) 756-5200, ext. 6003

Philip A. Crandall
Supervisor, Town of Coeymans
18 Russell Avenue
Ravena, New York 12143
Phone: (518) 756-6006

Daniel W. Contento (SGT)
Acting Chief, Coeymans Police Department
18 Russell Avenue
Ravena, New York 12143
Phone: (518) 756-2059

RCS High School
2025 Route 9W
Ravena, NY 12143
Phone: (518) 756-5200, ext. 2003

Lisa Patierne, Principal
Joe Slichko, Assistant Principal

RCS Middle School
2025 Route 9W
Ravena, NY 12143
(518) 756-5200, ext. 3000

Pam Black, Principal
Cynthia Herron, Assistant Principal

Is the RCS Central School District, the Coeymans Police Department, the Albany County DA P. David Soares waiting for this to happen?

Click HERE to return to the OFFICER IDENTIFIED story.

Note: Superintendent Bailey uses a techy acronym “SNN” in his so-called message. For those of you not privy to Bailey’s cryptic lingo, here’s what SNN is: School News Notifier (SNN) is an opt-in e-news service designed to help keep parents and the community more in touch with what is happening at schools via e-mail and/or text message. With SNN, administrators have the power to send updates and reminders about school activities, information about school closings and delays, and notices and other news. Parents and residents can sign up to receive e-mail messages from any of the schools and/or the district. Subscribers can choose to receive any or all of the alerts listed and can unsubscribe at any time. Subscribers must provide personal information but that information will not be shared with outside organizations. Question: What about the many computer illiterate adults, parents and non-parents, or those who do not own computers in the RCS Central School District. How does the rest of the community find out about what’s going on. That is, when our public servants ignore our requests for information?


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Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Board of Education Disses 911 Remembrance!!!

All over the United States, in schools, churches, government offices, courtrooms the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, were being remembered by observing a moment of silence.

The Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Board of Education Disses 911 Remembrance

It’s all over the place in the RCS school district: The schools of the RCS Central School District refused to remember the victims of the 911 terror attacks with a moment of silence. Even the students are outraged as we receive reports of Facebook posts posted by RCS students and expressing their outrage that there was no moment of silence on Monday, September 11, 2017. We find this disgraceful but are very impressed that kids who weren’t even born yet or were infants at the time of the attacks express such compassion and sensitivity to be outraged by their adult handlers’ lack of compassion and sensitivity to a national tragedy that resulted in multiple wars that are still causing misery and suffering at home and abroad.

What’s next?
Will RCS start flying the Saudi flag?

What’s next parents, residents, taxpayers? Do we start pledging allegiance to the flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Will we next see the Saudi flag raised at the high school?

Most of us will remember 911 with a certain disbelief even today, years after the attack. We all know that the terrorists who planned and executed the attacks were from Saudi Arabia, a country with a long record of anti-West sentiments and whose human rights crimes are legendary. That’s Osama bin Laden’s home country and his family are affluent citizens of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia where Sharia or Islamic law requires women to be completely covered and still features public beheadings as their preferred capital punishment.

SABIC’s Flag Flies in Selkirk!

Right in our midst we have SABIC is a global leader in diversified chemicals and whose headquarters are in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian government owns 70 percent of SABIC shares, with the remainder held by private investors in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council countries.Check out their website and tell us it’s not scary! SABIC is located in Selkiirk/Feura Bush and has recently been granted substantial school tax incentives locally. The plot thickens!

According to a 2014 Times Union report by Brian Nearing, “Selkirk plastics plant hit with third environmental fine in three years,” the Saudi company was fined $16,000 for those violations but in 2011 and 2013 paid $241,000.00 in fines for environmental violations. But then that’s mere pocket change to the Saudis. More improtantly, apparently the Saudis are not happy just killing Americans and destroying American property, they aim to destroy American environment, too, starting right in our own backyards. The plot thickens even more!

So why are we so concerned about a Saudi chemicals company in Selkirk who, like so many American companies, is intent on destroying our environment and our health? After all, it’s just a country several thousands of miles away with terrorist ties and human rights violations. Not much unlike so many of America’s “friends”. So what you might be thinking.

So what? Here’s why:

The property owners in the RCS Central School District pay millions in taxes to support the now more than $46 million school budget for the district, while local towns are giving companies like Sabic and Selkirk Cogen tax breaks. The residents of the RCS Central School District vote for the members of the RCS Central School District Board of Education. According to the RCS CD Board of Education website, the board is:

“A local board of education is an agency of New York State that is governed by state law and the regulations of the commissioner of education.”

The BoE website also states the five main responsibilities of the RCS BoE to be:

  • to establish all school district policies;
  • to develop an annual budget for public approval;
  • to approve or disapprove the superintendent’s recommendations regarding personnel matters and the many contracts the district must enter;
  • to review courses of study and textbooks;
  • to act as a two-way communications link between residents and the superintendent

The site also states that: “The decisions of your elected board of education affect your child, your child’s future, your tax rate, and the well-being of your community.

RCS BoE President James Latter is a SABIC Employee; Jason Hyslop, a BoE member is a SABIC Employee!!!

In 2013, we published two articles on this blog with very serious warnings: James Latter: Why He’s A Bad Choice and Latter-Hyslop-Brown: The VERY WRONG Choice! but somehow Latter and Hyslop got elected to the board, and it’s been downhill ever since. You see, both James Latter, RCS BoE president, and Jason Hyslop are employees of SABIC. Where do you think their loyalties lie? In their paychecks or in the interests of the school district?

So now you have two RCS Central School District Board of Education members, its president, James Latter, and a sitting board member, Jason Hyslop, both employees of Saudi-owned SABIC, “establishing school district polices” and to “review courses of study and textbooks“, and keep in mind that, according to the Board’s own statement, “the decisions of your elected board of education affect your child, your child’s future, your tax rate, and the well-being of your community.

So now that we have informed you AGAIN that you have two SABIC lackies on your board of education and you put them there, we hope that at the next meeting you will propose that courses for conversational Arabic be offered the elementary, middle and high school curriculums, because you’re going to need it to pledge allegiance to the Saudi flag. After all, the RCS CD Board of Education does establish all school district policies and their decisions affect your children, your child’s future, and the well-being of your community.

So why do you think there was no moment of silence in RCS schools on September 11, 2017? Do we really have to answer that question?

Here you go, we’ll get you stared. Repeat after Mr Latter:

لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا الله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ الله
lā ʾilāha ʾillā-llāh, muhammadun rasūlu-llāh
“There is no god but God: Muhammad is the Messenger of God.”

Get the Saudi Companies off our Board of Education!!!

The Editor

Let your RCS Central School District Board of Ed members know what you think!
James Latter, President of the RCS-CD BoE and SABIC Employee
Teddy Reville
Bray Engel
Tina Furst-Hotaling
Kristin Hill-Burns
Jason Hyslop, BoE member and SABIC Employee
William McFerran
William McFerran
Peter Ross

Email all board members


$46 Million Dollar School Budget Passed – One Backwoods School District

Voters a.k.a. “residents” approved a local RCS Central School District school budget of almost $46 million dollars. That’s more than the total budgets of several surrounding townships combined! Voters a.k.a. “residents” who passed the budget are largely non-property owners but the property owners foot the bill. What’s more, local government has caved to demands that local corporations get their tax breaks and reduced assessments. Again, local tax burden falls on the shoulders of local property owners. The local area is falling apart and so is the quality of education because we’re educating those who don’t have an appreciation for education and who likely don’t even use it later; they just don’t come from a background that encourages working or learning. So why do we keep spending and spending and spending? We don’t make the necessary adjustments, we just tax more and spend more. Why is that?

You’re still doing it! So we’re here to tell you how…

$45,829,423 budget for the 2017-18 school year!?! That’s more than local town budgets combined! And you wonder why your roads suck? You wonder why your drinking water is toxic and brown? You wonder why crime is rampant and the police do little or nothing to bring in the criminals? You wonder why you can’t make ends meet? But don’t you wonder why your kids act like brain dead morons? Why they can’t read? Why they can’t spell? Why they can’t hold a discussion?

Has anyone ever asked the students — the one’s with the lights on and someone home in their heads — what they think of their education, of their teachers? Times Union, News Herald, Daily News, W10, W13? Has any of the media given a thought to ask students about what they think of their education? Well, it would have to be cleverly done — and that rules out Times Union, News Herald, Johnson Newspaper Group, Daily News, W10 and W13, practically all Capital District media — and it would ideally include past graduates, who would be more likely to be truthful and say where RCS education got them. Current students would be fearful of teacher or student retaliation if they were to be interviewed and identified. That’s the way it has been and continues to be in the RCS Central School District, and is very likely the same situation throughout this third-world, backwoods hole in the earth. (Great place for woodchucks, though.)

We did an informal survey and found that several past graduates agreed that “one in fifteen teachers was any good and cared for students.” Others simply hated RCS and refused to participate even in 10 year class reunions. One RCS teacher with 23 years teaching said that he couldn’t wait to retire, “They have millions for astroturf but no money for books for my AP students! I’m history as soon as I can retire.” A history of pitiful graduation rates, low student and teacher morale, and spending seem to characterize local schools, especially spendthrift RCS.

Why don’t we ask the one’s who know?

If past history is anything to judge by, we have a pattern of fewer property owners (those who pay) and a growing number of social service recipients, senior citizens (those who can’t afford to leave), and transients (those who don’t pay), as well as a decline in taxable businesses, and an increase in pandering to local large corporations (who get “corporate welfare”) who want and get tax breaks but don’t create jobs and don’t contribute to tax revenues. So the misinformation provided by propaganda machines like the Times Union, News Herald, and other local media, flash such titles as “School budgets sail to approval”(Times Union, May 19, 2016) reporting also that “districts were mostly able to avoid huge tax hikes in their 2016-17 budgets thanks to a large increase in state aid.” Really? If that’s last year’s situation, why the increase this year?

The previous year, the Times Union article, “Voters Happy With Budgets” (May 19, 2015) reports that “Voter turnout was typically slim with many school board candidates running unopposed. Albany saw 72 percent of voters who showed up to vote offer support for the school budget. In 2015 Albany passed a $234 million budget that carried no tax increase. Schenectady passed a $177 million budget that will actually decrease the tax levy 0.21 percent. The report goes on to say that “on average, Capital Region schools are prepared to spend and tax more than other districts around the state. Spending is poised to rise 2.87 percent at schools across the region next year (compared to 2.1 percent statewide), while tax levies will increase an average of 0.95 percent (compared to 0.7 percent statewide). That was 2015.

The pattern continues in RCS. 2017-18 budget passed by voters Residents of Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk took to the polls Tuesday, May 16, approving a $45.8 million budget for the 2017-18 school year, as well as the bus purchase proposition and community library vote. Voter turnout was typically slim (less than 1000 voters, down from previous years) with school board candidates running unopposed.

The local school district got approval to purchase school buses for the year ahead and create additional teaching positions. New technology purchases, like Chromebooks and iPads, were also high on the budgets, as well as a bigger investment in professional development for teachers. More technology, less learning, more cyberkids and sheeple. What a plan for Big Brother!

Local politicians, including the RCS School Board, are like maggots eating us alive.

Corporate Welfare. Lowered assessment for Selkirk Cogen to affect RCS homeowners (May 5, 2017). The RCS Central School District website reports: “One noticeable difference for taxpayers will be increased tax rates for the 2017-18 year, due to a lowered tax assessment for local business Selkirk Cogen. The district does not control home or business assessments, however, taxes collected from those [private] assessments act as revenue for the district.” This is purest propaganda. These businesses come to this area, destroy our historically beautiful landscapes, poison our air and our water, demand tax breaks at the expense of property owners and small business, drive out local residents and businesses, shift the tax burden to local property owners. They promise prosperity and jobs, which our local hillbilly elected officials gobble up like hungry hogs, and don’t deliver. In fact, the trend is to automate operations, leaving the really dirty jobs to low-paid black-collar workers. Now that’s a real vision for the future. Our economic geniuses hard at work for the corporations, while burying us!

According to a RCS school board member : “As a district, we have no control over assessments,” school board member James Latter said. “it’s unfortunate the reduced assessment has an effect on our resident taxpayers, we are thankful for businesses like Selkirk Cogen. It’s businesses like these that often pay large sums of school taxes, taking some of the burden off our residents.” Contradiction here, Mr Latter? Read that quote again! He’s double-talking. And that’s the kind of dumbass RCS voters put on the school board! 

That kind of pass-the-buck double talk is characteristic of weasel Jim Latter, who is an employee of a Saudi-owned corporation in Feura Bush, so we know where his loyalties lie. He’s not going to be honest and tell it like it is: He’s going to spend, spend, spend and then blame the tax hikes on the local town administrations! Of course he’s thankful to Cogen and to his Saudi keepers, they sign his checks.  But it’s his talking out of both sides of his mouth that irks us most. You see, they preach austerity and fiscal responsibility but they don’t practice what they preach.

We’d like to know where the money came from for the sports field refreshment stand that is not used for 6-8 months of the year? The RCS Sports Association was to have paid for it but they couldn’t raise the money. Anybody hear where the rest of the money came from? Anyone care to guess? We all know. But the question is still: If we have so many youth sports associations and groups in the area, why does the school district have to have million dollar playing fields. Is the RCS community that rich? We know it’s falling apart and dirty. We know that our elected swine are handing our community to killer trucks, heavy truck traffic, dust devils, and our roads are tuning into mini-Grand Canyons. We know our students are coming out of RCS schools stupid. We know that there’s money for jocks but no money for books and brain programs. We know the teachers are getting paid very well, get incredible benefits and get paid professional enhancements. We know that 75-80% of the budget goes to salaries and benefits. What else do you know but won’t admit?

Heres a contribution from one of our readers that should get you thinking:

I was working out at the Glenmont Planet Fitness when a group of about 4-6 boys gathered around one of the equipment. One was on the phone and talking to “his brother”. When he had finished he asked the others whether they knew anyone who would “buy” for them. As the conversation went on it became clear that they needed alcohol for a group or a party that was going to happen in connection with the prom. They brainstormed for a little and made some calls, and then, apparently the problem was solved. Someone, one of the boys brothers, would make the purchase. These guys were obviously still in school at RCS and planning a party after the senior prom. They needed booze and found it. I wanted to give them a good talking to but the way they were acting, it would only have caused a scene and embarassed me. They were too ignorant to care, and their language didn’t make me think they had any brains.

I thought about one of the blogs recent articles about the accident on 144 when Logan Penzabene was creamed and his buddy seriously injured. I remember the quotes from local law enforcement, and then there’s Cuomo’s campaign. I lthought how right you were in that article. Then I saw this one and everything got clear. It’s all smoke and mirrors around here.

Not two weeks after a fatal accident and these knuckleheads are looking for alcohol. What? Isn’t the prom enough? I guess they’re so insecure they have to drink. So where are the parents? Do these kids still have parents? Do they know it? What’s up with all this law enforcement effort to curb these teen morons and their childish behavior? Where’s the school district and the teachers on this one? Where’s Cuomo’s campaign. They’re at Planet Fitness arranging for a booze delivery! I couldn’t believe my ears!

Well, there you have it, “Not two weeks after a fatal accident and these knuckleheads are looking for alcohol. ” Maybe the RCS school district can get a discount on the grief counseling they provide after the fact. Is that in the budget? Plenty of money to spend but none to spend wisely.

Less than 1 in 5 persons in Coeymans eligible to vote actually voted in the budget vote! And they weren’t property owners voting for a tax increase, we know that for sure!

Coeymans has a population of about 7500 persons with 13% over 65 years of age. In 2010 there were approximately 3000 housing units in Coeymans, of which 70% were owner occupied (the tax base). 91% of residents 25 years old or older are high-school graduates but only 1 in 5 has a bachelor’s degree (they graduated high school but either couldn’t get into a 4-year college or didn’t try)! Of those employed, they travel an average of 26 minutes to work (Obviously they don’t work locally. Where would they work?) Half of the population earns less than $55,500 a year, and there’s a 10% poverty rate. About one quarter of Coeymans residents is under 18 years of age; 13% are over 65 years old. OK. Let’s do some old-fashioned math: 25% of Coeymans are under 18 so they can’t vote. That leaves 75% of Coeymans residents who can vote, or 5,675 eligible voters. Let’s say, just for argument’s sake, that only 5000 are legally registered and can actually vote. The numbers for the budget vote show only about 900 total votes were cast on May 16, 2017. that means that less than 1 in 5 eligible voters actually voted (This is probably less, considering that parts of New Baltimore in Greene County could participate in the voting!). This is even more alarming because if we can believe the US census data, 70% of the some 3000 housing units in the town of Coeymans are owner occupied, meaning that they are property owners and foot the tax bill. That’s about 2,100 voters, at least, who should have showed up to vote on the budget! How many property owners do you know who would vote for a tax increase? So you can guess who the majority of the about 600 votes were, who voted for the budget and the tax increase, can’t you? Piss poor performance in our opinion! Are you proud of yourselves, Coeymanites.

“The impact of the reduced assessment will be reflected in September 2017 tax bills when residents will likely see an estimated tax rate increase between 4.5 and 6.5 percent (based on 2016 tax assessment figures), depending on town of residency.

The RCS Graduate:
Can’t draw, can’t spell, can’t count, can’t write,, can’t drive.
Can drink, can fornicate, can finger-fondle any electronic device.
Can get a social services check.

Local Corporations Get Tax Breaks; Property Owners Get a Tax Increase; Teachers Get Increases in Perks and Benefits; Students look forward to a lousy education; We all Get Shoddy Government by Incompetent Ego-maniacs; Our Roads Get Worse (Our idiot highway departments fill in potholes with sand today, pothole’s back tomorrow). The budget calls for an increase in total spending of 2.6 percent from the 2016-17 school year and a tax levy increase of 1.25 percent, which equals the district’s limit based on the state’s tax levy cap calculation. Translation: for a home valued at $150,000 with no STAR exemption this would lead to a projected tax increase of $195 for Bethlehem residents, $116 for Coeymans residents, $117 for New Scotland residents, and $153 for New Baltimore residents. Here’s what you get for your tax increaase:

  • Local Corporations Get Tax Breaks
  • Tax burden shifts to property owners and small businesses
  • Property Owners Get a Tax Increase
  • Teachers Get Increases in Perks and Benefits
  • Students look forward to a lousy education
  • We all Get Shoddy Government by Incompetent Ego-maniacs
  • Our Roads Get Worse (Our idiot highway departments fill in potholes with sand today, pothole’s back tomorrow)
  • You get less in the package for more in the manufacturer’s pocket (Do you ever read the labels of your coffee containers?)
  • Welfare recipients get their cell phones, transportation, manicures, healthcare for free (Are you going to work today? Second job? Third job?)

Voters turned out in very low numbers, again. Even more alarming is that — even with the low turnout– there seems to be a bizarre pattern in the voting this year (similar to past years) With with the budget receiving 538 in favor and 294, the bus proposition 537 yes and 289 no; The RCS Community Library budget showed the same pattern of 593 in favor and 297. (RCS Central School District webpage, 2017-18 budget passed by voters, last accessed on May 17, 2017). Even more bizarre is that several of the local news reports repeat each other’s stories almost word for word!

The only good news coming out of this year’s budget vote was that the RCS Community Library vote passed with 593 in favor and 297 opposed. Residents also re-elected two candidates to the library board of trustees. Bravo! RCS Community Library! 

The only ones with half a brain appear to be the baby-boomers and they’re quickly disappearing from the area, leaving outright, or just dying. It appears anyone born after 1980 is a product of the materialist consumerism that haunts us today. Those born in and after the 1990’s are a total loss to their anxieties and greed. After 2000, they are either chemical or electronic addicts; orphans, really, and unable to articulate a sentence or even make change at the counter, even when the amount of change is displayed on a screen.

Your school tax dollars at work. Thank you.

Holy Scripture & Our Opinion
The Editor


Democrap Swindle: Dan McCoy, Craig Apple, Tom Dolan do the Democrap Thing.

Dan McCoy, Albany County Executive seeking re-election on the democrap ticket this November, has to be dumb as dirt if he thinks he’s going to get any political capital by playing a shell game AGAIN with the residents and taxpayers of the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk community. If the Ravena News Herald front-page story (September 10, 2015) on the democrap conspiracy to provide Ravena youth with a place to go to stay out of trouble is to be believed it’s UNBELIEVABLE.

scam scam scam

The Scams Victimizing Ravena-Coeymans Never Seem to Stop!
And they always seem to be “for the kids.”

Dan McCoy, Craig Apple Playing Democrap Joke on Ravena-Coeymans and Albany County Taxpayers!

Do you all have to be reminded that you are paying Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk school taxes to support a school budget of more than $40 million? Isn’t that where the kids are supposed to be provided (1) with education, (2) with supervised extracurricular and after-school activities such as sports and field trips, (3) with academic help like tutoring and homework assistance? If Mr McCoy, Mr Apple, Mr Dolan, and Mr John D’Antonio could put together a whole brain among their four empty heads, and if they had any clue as to what has been going on in the Ravena Coeymans-Selkirk community in the past 2-3 years, they’d stay far, far away from it, especially in an election year. But they’re too brainless, clueless to do that. They’re blinded by their uncontrollable egos and indifference to the real needs of their communities.

If you don’t remember what happened to two — count them TWO — previous youth and teen activity centers that were driven out of town by village trustee Nancy Warner, insider Cathy Deluca, Jerry “Dirty-Hands” Deluca (now executive director of the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs) after a [forced] retirement from the Coeymans Police Department, former Coeymans Police Chief Gregory “Dumpy-Dumplin” Darlington, former mummy mayor John Bruno, let us remind you how village of Ravena and town of Coeymans elected officials and corrupt police department employees (Deluca and Darlington), obstructed justice, violated protected civil rights, harassed and persecuted the teen center until kids and parents were driven away. Of course, the teen center was attracting teens and youth who would otherwise be on the street. The teen center also was potential competition for the now defunct and dismantled Ravena Health and Fitness Center that Nancy Warner and Cathy Deluca, with the collaboration and support of former mummy mayor John Bruno and the ex-Coeymans cops Jerry Dirty-Hands Deluca and Gregory “Dumpy-Dumplin” Darlington (former police chief now part-time school bus driver), unlawfully created and turned over to Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca’s partner, Cathy Deluca, whose fraudulent civil service application was unlawfully considered and approved by a now resigned director of Albany County Civil Service.

How is it possible?  and Who? is behind this new initiative to all of a sudden take care of Ravena’s youth and teens; the very youth and teens who are an almost extinct species in Ravena and Coeymans, thanks in part to misinformation, corruption, abuse of public office, and downright nastiness?

Why do all these corrupt schemes seem to land in Ravena?

Why do all these corrupt schemes seem to land in Ravena?

While Dan McCoy and Tom Dolan promise that the proposed youth center, which is to be housed in the same space as the former now defunct Ravena Health and Fitness Center (the third failure chalked up to Cathy Deluca’s corruption and mismanagement), now that all the junk equipment has been sold (Let’s see…Warner and Deluca paid Robert “Bob” Fisk, another Ravena insider, more than $40,000 for that equipment. Warner and Deluca kept the RHFC open for more than two years while it was hemorrhaging taxpayer dollars to the tune of more than $100,000 each year! So what’s the final cost of these brainiac ideas to local taxpayers? Why not ask Ravena Mayor William “Mouse” Misuraca, who strangely was unavailable (as a Republican) to appear among the shark mob of democrats McCoy, Apple, Dolan, etc.)

Do we really need to pay for duplications of effort AGAIN?

Look, RCS taxpayers are paying a bundle for the services that will be literally duplicated by this idiotic so-called “youth programming initiative” for Ravena and Coeymans. We have a school budget that is supposed to be doing most of what Moron McCoy, Rotten Apple, Dudley-Dolan and Dopey-D’Antonio are pushing! In fact, didn’t we recently vote on a capital improvement proposal for the athletic facilities for the RCS school district to the tune of several millions of dollars? We have an RCS Sports Association. What are they doing for youth? We have a Coeymans Police Youth Athletic organization. We have an almost competition swimming pool! Do we really need to pay for duplications of effort AGAIN?

Why Ravena-Coeymans? What’s the catch? There’s got to be a catch. Or is it just that the democraps are scared shiteless that their cronies are going to get the boot in November?

This sounds like another scam that’s taking the RCS community for another ride down Stupid Lane. If you fall for this one like you’ve fallen for all the other scams from Reubenville to the Ravena Health and Fitness failure, you really should be sent down the river for mental treatments.

If the county of Albany and Mr McCoy, Mr Apple and Mr D’Antonio have so much change jingling in their pockets, there are much more needy communities and organizations that need those taxpayer dollars. We intend to contact those organizations and let them know what kind of scandalous scam is going on in Ravena-Coeymans, and we’ll let them ask Mr McCoy, Mr Apple and Mr D’Antonio what is going on in their empty democrap heads.


McCoy, Apple, Dolan

As for Ravena-Coeymans we have this to say: Utilize your school facilities fully. Use your RCS Commuity Library fully. Use your churches fully. Use your extracurricular activities and after-school support activities fully. Use your local sports associations fully. And parents, spend some time with your kids for a change. Try being parents.

Mr McCoy, Mr Apple, Mr D’Antonio, Mr Dolan: We’re not finished with you slugs yet. We have more to say about you leeches in an upcoming article. This latest scam you’re trying to feed our friends and neighbors is a declaration of election year war. Let the games begin!

Local and Regional Politicians are using and abusing our children as fodder for their inflated egos; these politicians are using our children as tools to manipulate parents and adults into supporting their freakish games. STOP it!

The Ravena News Herald was once a family-owned, community newspaper; George McHugh, a local attorney who was rewarded for his politics with a judgeship, sold out to the Johnson Newspaper Group. The Ravena News Herald in now a corporate rag being used by its owners, John B. Johnson and the Johnson Newspaper Group, to promote their politics and their agendas. The Ravena News Herald is no longer YOUR community newspaper, it’s THEIRS to use to bait you with your local faces and then to force feed you THEIR politics. You are being manipulated to the max. WAKE UP RCS!

Stop using and abusing our kids for your political games!It's not for the kids, Jerky Boys, it's for YOU! The Editor

Stop using and abusing our kids for your political games!
It’s not for the kids, Jerky Boys, it’s for YOU!

The Editor


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RCS Communities Mourn a Special Son

On July 20, 2015, suddenly, unexpectedly a special son of the RCS community for more than 75 years was summoned home; a colorful, memorable, well-liked, loved and respected member of the RCS community, Rodney A. Krzykowski, died but he left an American legacy and true meaning for those of us who are still able to know the American pioneer spirit when we see it. Rodney will be truly missed by many of us. He should be missed by all of us.

In fact, you can thank Rodney Krzykowski for this Blog! This very blog owes its existence to Rodney Kryzkowski. Think back to 2012, when the crooks, conspirators and special-interest lackies (James Latter, Howard Engel, Alice Whalen, Joe Tracey, Josephine O’Connor, Matt Miller, the RCS Sports Association, and the nefarious Delucas, Cathy and Dirty-Hands Jerry) were ambushing and backstabbing, and lying their way into controlling the RCS school board and the $42,000,000+ budget. This blog was started to defend Rodney and to expose the crooks and conspirators for what they were. That was three years ago and we’re still going strong, thanks to Rodney and the raw deal the crooks were handing him.

RodneyK_FrameRodney Krzykowski was a man of few words but those words held incredible meaning. He was an honest man, a man who shot from the hip with deadly accuracy, as many of the members of the RCS board of education, like Mr James Latter, Mr Howard “Bray” Engel, Ms Alice Whalen and others too numerous to name, learned very quickly and have the scars to prove it. Rodney was intelligent and did the math before he opened his mouth, unlike the current Latter board, and when he spoke, he made sense; he never learned double-speak.

Rodney embodied a very rare pioneer spirit and didn’t have very much use for government or the crooks government seems to attract and feed. He was brilliant when it came to researching even arcane subjects and doing his homework. Unlike most of our elected officials and public employees, Rodney thrived on intellectual challenges;if it was out there, he’d find it, and when he did Watch out! Town of Coeymans. Most of the local sheeple tended to condemn him on unsubstantiated misinformation spread by the local incest clubs. Surprised? Unlike Rodney, everyone else had something to say about his politics but none of them really knew anything at all about him or his politics. We did, though, and we must admit that he was on to something, not a fanatic or an anarchist, but a true crusader, a man whose principles guided him, and a man who thumbed his nose to ass-kissers and clique-members. When you spoke to Rodney, you had an instinctual perception that the man was special, honest, had a pioneer integrity that is almost extinct these days.

dove with olive branch

Rodney was a mechanical genius. He loved his cars and he loved racing them. Yes, Rodney raced stock and modified his cars himself, frequently creating machinery to get a job done. If something needed customizing he could conjure up an apparatus to do it. Makes you wonder that he never went the patent route with his creations; the man could have been a millionaire.

Yes, he could have been very comfortable but he preferred to remain simple and work for what he had. If you knew Rodney, you would have to agree with us that you would find it very difficult to find anyone who was a harder worker than he. The man never stopped.

Whether with friends — he was always welcome in many local homes — hanging out in local automotive shops, or at the Medway Café, where you could find hm regularly, he was quiet, minded his own business, but was always available if you wanted to chat. In fact, there was no one still living who knew more about local property histories, businesses, families, and government than Rodney Krzykowski. If you needed to know anything about the property that is now the Port of Coeymans or Don Trickie’s escapades, you’d ask Rodney. He could tell you what was there, what’s still there, who put it there and, if it’s not there anymore, where it went.

tail between legs_looking rightRodney was also an avid history buff and could talk your ear off about the Constitution, the developmental history of taxation, property laws, and the list goes on. He scared the living bejeebers out of local officials, lawyers, judges, because they were ignorant of most of what Rodney had spent years researching. Most local officials rely on an ignorant community and they have their way with the poor bastards; Not with Rodney K! He’d send those dirty dogs packing with their cruddy tails between their legs. We need more Rodneys to keep things kosher in town and village halls.

Rodney owned a tavern and most recently RAK Tire Recovery and the former R.K. Winners Circle. He was not only a businessman and entrepreneur but active in community organizations, too. He was a member of the Ravena Grange and the County Grange and was elected to serve on the RCS board of education. He even raced stock cars at Lebanon Valley for many years.

Rodney was a self-made man, a good man, a generous friend. We are deeply saddened by the way his death was hushed by his family, and how his community was deprived of the opportunity to grieve his death, how Rodney’s friends and admirers were deprived of the opportunity to mourn the loss of a friend and model citizen. We were outraged by the pitifully scant obituary that was tucked away, almost invisible, in a Sunday Times Union. Rodney deserved better, much better. In fact, quite a number of Rodney’s friends and acquaintances were shocked and offended that he was disposed of like a box of old newspapers. A number of those friends and acquaintances even offered to chip in a couple of hundred dollars each to cover a proper viewing and funeral but Rodney’s daughters allegedly wanted to make quick work of it all — the Babcock Funeral Home of Ravena (NY) — a real monopoly in the Ravena area, big prices small productions — , known for its sloppy service, probably didn’t do much to help the general situation.

But the well-hidden, cheapo obituary did announce that Rodney’s memorial service was to be held on

Saturday, August 1, 2015
at 11:00 a.m. at the
Trinity United Methodist Church
Coeymans Hollow

We hope that everyone who knew Rodney will be there to show their support for this fine man, and to show that true American pioneer spirit still has a place in our decrepit culture. Let’s see how Trinity United Methodist will manage to appropriately and fittingly celebrate Rodney’s life; are they up to the task? (See Editor’s Note.)

Editor’s Note: The turnout at Trinity United Methodist Church for Rodney’s memorial service was standing room only. Rev. Meager rushed the actual service a bit and the hymns could have been a bit more energetic but overall the event was a fine tribute. The Grange did a beautiful tribute, and the eulogies spoke only well of Rodney and his contributions to the community. It was a proper tribute to a fine man, and we’d like to thank the community for showing up and doing Rodney proud.

You grew in wisdom, age, and grace and learned through suffering.
May the Lord bless and keep you.
May choirs of angels welcome you and lead you into paradise,
May the martyrs come to welcome you
and take you to the holy city,
the new and eternal Jerusalem,
where you may find respite in the bosom of Abraham;
where Lazarus is poor no longer,
where every tear is wiped away.

There may you find eternal peace.


We’ll remember you, Rodney.
The Editor


Ravena Village Board Admits It: Fitness Center Hemorrhaging $6000 a Month!

We’ve been writing about it for almost two years. Cathy Deluca’s playpen, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center is hemorraging taxpayer dollars to the tune of $6,000 a month, according to statements made by Ravena village board officials and published in the October 30, 2014, issue of the Ravena News Herald. We been telling you so for the past year! Now it’s official!

Well now it's official!

Well now it’s official!
The Ravena Village Board, Mayor Misuraca admit it; the Ravena News Herald publishes it!
Ravena Health and Fitness Center is on the Block!

Good for you, Mayor Misuraca! You really do have a pair!

Nice pair, Mayor Moose

Nice pair, Mayor Moose

According to the report published in the October 30, 2014, issue of the Ravena News Herald, in an article with the misleading title of “Fitness center members rally against rumored shutdown” by Bryan Rowzee, local kiss-ass sockpuppet wannabe reporter (any surprise), at their regular meeting on October 21, the village of Ravena mayor and village board met and discussed the closing of the Ravena Health and Fitness Center. The discussion of the closing was not the focal item but was only one of the items of business to be discussed at that meeting.

And it was no “rally” as Rowzee misleadingly reports. It was more of a gaggle of village idiots with their own small-world interests at heart and no common sense at all. Some people need to get a life and stop embarrassing themselves and this community. It seems the loudest ones at village and town meetings are the local lunatics shouting their stupidity. It’s no wonder the intelligent ones just sit there and shake their heads!

Actually, it really wan’t a “rally” and the place wasn’t packed, Mr Rowzee. It was more like 4-10 supporters, wasn’t it. Plus a paltry petition. Is that reason enough to continue “hemorraging more than $6,000 a month” of taxpayer dollars?

Brainless-animatedOne such village idiot, Alicia Nieves, seems to think that the Ravena Health and Fitness Center benefits the community. Yeah, a community of ONE, named Alicia Nieves? Nieves wants to stay local and doesn’t want to drive “up towards Albany.” So is that a reason why the village has to continue bleeding losses of $6,000 a month? So that Alicia Nieves and her kind don’t have to drive “up towards Albany”? Not a very good argument in our opinion so let’s move on to another genius.

Dorothy Rock, sharing a partial brain with Alicia Nieves, mentions “the camaraderie she has built at the facility,” and “that for your dollar you are getting a lot of good stuff here.” So Ms Rock has made some friends at the Fitness Center. Can’t be many because there are so few members at the Ravena Fitness Center. There’s no interest in the dump. But Dorothy might be right, “you are getting a lot of good stuff here” like cooties? Dermatitis? Again, it’s not much of an argument to support losing $6,000 a month of taxpayer money!

And another freak brought along a petition with 109 names on it, about half of the total members of the fitness flop. So it seems that the Ravena Health and Fitness Center can’t even get all of its members, all 200 of them to sign a petition to keep its doors open. By the way, in order to break even, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center has to have about 500-600 PAYING members. We’d say in the two years it’s been sucking down taxpayer dollars it hasn’t even come close to that figure!

Ethyl H. shoots herself in the foot.

Ethyl H. shoots herself in the foot.

Dear Ethyl Hotaling says it all when she tells the Ravena Village officials that between 2013 to 2014, the membership has grown (?) from 80 members in 2013 to 203 currently. But dear Ethyl then shoots herself in the foot when she says that 63 of those members are retirees using the Silver Sneakers program to cover their membership fees. Silver Sneakers may cover Ethyl’s membership fees but it’s not doing much for the bottom line! The fitness center, under Cathy Deluca’s incompetent management—she has already “managed” two previous fitness centers to failure, even before former mayor John Bruno and Nancy Warner appointed her to manage the Ravena fitness club—is still losing public money to the tune of $6,000 a month, according to Ravena officials. That’s more than many local residents make in a month working full time!

Craig Youmans, who claims to have battled cancer and lung disease for years, uses the Ravena Health and Fitness Center. Youmans says “it’s a place to go.” Well, Mr Youmans, in your fragile physical condition, perhaps you should keep to the Senior Citizens Center or the RCS Community Library. It seems you need to get some professional exercise and fitness assistance geared to your fragile condition. You can’t use the argument that the Ravena Health and Fitness Center can justify its losses just to provide local seniors with a hangout at community expense. That’s why there’s a Senior Center and a community library. Besides, why isn’t Silver Sneakers hosted by the Seniors Center? That would make more sense, wouldn’t it? But then, Ravena-Coeymans specializes in duplicated services at taxpayer expense, and double- even triple-dipping—we won’t mention the Coeymans dispatchers club or the RCS central school district and Matthew “Matt” Miller!

Then the Voice of Reason Chimes in…

Village trustee Kieth Mahler, a local business person and a member of the Misuraca majority on the village board countered, “I don’t want to see anything close, but if you owned a business that was losing $6000 a month, how long would you keep it open?” Now that’s a good question Mr Mahler. Can you tell us how long you’d keep it open? Can you tell us how long you’ll keep the Ravena Health and Fitness Center open now that it’s out that it’s losing $6000 a month?

Now here’s where it gets confusing. Nancy Warner, arch-hypocrite that she is, was one of the ones who created the fitness center in the first place—she and Cathy Deluca and a couple of others met behind closed doors to agree to pay insider Robert Fisk more than $40,000 for used fitness equipment and it was Nancy Warner who was relentless in running the RCS Community Library out of its former location (The library, at least, paying rent! The fitness center isn’t!)—now that two-faced witch is agreeing with Kieth Mahler: “if you owned a business that was losing $6000 a month, how long would you keep it open?” Or is she? Who knows? Who cares? Nancy Warner is can’t be trusted even to back her so-called friend, Cathy Deluca! When the water starts getting hot the worms start squirming, right Nancy?

ass is grass cup

Nancy Warner’s slitting her own pet project’s throat along with her bosom girlfriend’s, Cathy Deluca’s

It’s odd that Warner should mention a private gym that charged only $35.00 a month and went out of business. Why would residents pay more than $200.00 a month for a gym? And that gym, the Ravena fitness center, is hemorrhaging at the rate of $6000 a month. Sounds like a bunch of double-talk as usual from Nancy Warner. As usual, she’s not making any sense at all. And it sounds like she’s slitting her own pet project’s throat along with her bosom girlfriend’s, Cathy Deluca’s. It was only a matter of time. As the saying goes, “There’s no honor among thieves.” How true!

Annette Demitraszek, Ravena village clerk, seems to be jumping on the kill the fitness center bandwagon, too. She’s a Nancy-Warner-brand-sockpuppet and seems to be supporting the closure when she publicly states “the village population is about 3,200”. Do the math! The fitness center has tried to recruit members from around the region and from neighboring communities. Take a tour of the Glenmont Planet Fitness between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. and you’ll see where the majority of locals are going to get themselves in shape! It’s not the Ravena fitness center, you’ll see that! Ravena and the surrounding area can’t compete and aren’t competing! The Ravena fitness center was a very, very bad move and it’s now out there, straight from Ravena officials’ mouths.

turkey talkBravo for Ravena Mayor Bill “Moose” Misuraca who put it very clearly: “Is it morally or financially responsible for 100% of the taxpayers to support less than 3% of the population who use this [the Ravena Health and Fitness Center]?  Mayor Misuraca goes on to confirm, “Right now this gym is hemorrhaging over $6,000 a month. We can not make payroll.” And Misuraca goes even further by confirming what we’ve been saying for almost 2 years: “It’s a burden to taxpayers and…villages and towns should not be in the business of being in business.” We agree 200%, Mr Mayor!

Nancy Warner’s apparently thrown in the towel, and at the same time has thrown her bosom girlfriend, Cathy Deluca…

Annette Demitraszek and Kris Biernacki may be on the hot seat soon for their conspiracies with Nancy Warner.

But we didn’t know! Yes you did!

Well, there may be justice in the air in Ravena. Maybe the time has come where the crooks are going to have to eat their own feces and get their walking papers. The rats eventually jump ship. Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca, Cathy Deluca‘s partner, when he read the writing on the wall (the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs picked up that piece of garbage). Deluca’s buddy, former Coeymans police chief, Gregory “Dumplington” Darlington, abandoned his post and deserted his department and the community (destination: Albany DA David Soares’ office?). Nancy Warner’s apparently thrown in the towel, and at the same time has thrown her bosom girlfriend, Cathy Deluca in as well. Annette Demitraszek, kissing Warners broad butt as usual, adds her two cents. (But where are Demitraszek and Biernacki going to hide when they are charged with obstruction of justice and accessory after the fact, when they’re named in civil and criminal lawsuits in preparation as we write? Nancy Warner gonna take the bullet for ya, Demitraszek? How about for you, Biernacki? Bob Freeman’s going to deny he told you anything?)  And the Ravena village board has finally woken up. To paraphrase Cathy Deluca‘s statement made to a visitor at the Ravena Health and Fitness Center open house, before it even opened, “Time to go! You’re not welcome here!” Well Cathy, looks like what goes around comes around. Time to go, Cathy, and don’t let the slamming door jiggle your cellulite on your waddle out!

(And maybe the new Coeymans police chief, Peter J. McKenna, will be waiting outside with a warrant for your arrest for your lies to law enforcement and obstruction of justice! No more insiders at Coeymanazi p.d. to cover your ass, Cathy. Your bulbous butt is grass—Biatch!)

 R U Ready, Cathy? What goes around comes around!  The Editor

R U Ready, Cathy?
What goes around comes around!
The Editor


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A Weasel on the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Board of Education: William McFerran?!?!

 As if there weren’t already too many weasels in the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District administrative offices, employed by the RCS schools as teachers and non-instruction staff; as if the RCS board of education were not already overrun by ratlike weasels, now one of the arch-weasels, William “Bill” McFerran has his eye on a seat on the RCS board of education. Does it get any sleazier? Well, the answer to that question, dear readers is: Yes! It does get sleazier because the RCS school central district and its board of education are the sleaze champs of central New York State.

RCS: Home of the Weasel Board of Education!

Owned and Operated by the New York State United Teachers — A special-interest union!

McFerret a.k.a. McWeasel Bill McFerran Running for RCS BoE? No way, José!

McFerret a.k.a. McWeasel: Bill McFerran Running for RCS BoE? No way, José!

Not only did the Fiends of RCS wait until the 11th hour to announce the names of the sleaze candidates they are attempting to push on the public,  The fact that the three candidates supported by the teachers union, New York State United Teachers, Tina Furst-Hotaling, Michael Jones, and William “Bill” McFerret. Once again the Fiends of RCS, a loud-mouthed group of insiders, has put their candidates—Correction: the teachers union’s candidates—all on one ticket and plastering the entire district with the arrogant three stooges:Tina Furst-Hotaling, Michael Jones, and McFerret himself!

The ferret (Mustela putorius furo) is the domesticated form of the European Polecat, a mammal belonging to the weasel genus of the family Mustelidae.Ferrets are sexually dimorphic predators…[B]eing so closely related to polecats, ferrets are quite easily able to hybridize with them, and this has occasionally resulted in feral colonies of polecat-ferret hybrids that have caused damage to native fauna. (Source:

It’s a scandal that the candidates were publically announced not even a week before the scheduled school board and school budget elections. Meet the candidates was published only on May 25, 2014, in the Ravena News Herald for the elections to take place on May 20th!!!! Is that a joke or what?



We reported on McFerret’s shady and sleazy operations while he was associated with the RCS Sports Association. You remember, the sports association with the phony registrations and non-profit status? The same RCS Sports Association that when the water was getting a little too hot to handle, all of a sudden disappeared in a puff of ‘we’re outa here’ and then miraculously reappeared as the “new” RCS Sports Association will real status and a whole new board of crooks. Well, if you remember all that you’ll also remember that McFerran, yes, the very William McFerran who’s running for the board of education was behind all that and mixed up in the skullduggery, right up to his furry neck! And now he’s asking RCS voters to put him on the board that is already lousy with insiders.

Well, if you think the RCS board of education has been lousy with teachers and teachers’ spouses, and if you feel you’ve been left out in the cold by the Latter-Hyslop-Brown mob (all of their discussions take place behind closed doors, the BoE meetings are so insubstantial most people don’t even attend any more (except for those who have something to gain), and the public has been all but shut out of any serious decision-making process).

What’s even worse is that once the Latter-Hyslop-Brown gang got on the board, no one had a chance. But let’s face the truth, people. You made your beds and now you have to sleep in them. Good for you, RCS school district voters, you now have failing schools and are spending another $42 million to keep those responsible for the failure in the decision-making positions. Congratulate yourselves, RCS voters! You’re filling the pockets of RCS employees and their unions to the tune of 75% of the $42+ million they want you to approve on May 20th! Go ahead! Add McFerret, Jones and Furst-Hotaling to the BoE and shoot yourselves in the other foot.

Just do a search of this blog to learn about the ape that your BoE almost immediately put in the president’s chair: James Latter! He works for the Saudi-Arabian plastics manufacturer Sabic. Yeah, the same Sabic (formerly G.E. Plastics) who has so poisoned the environment in and around Feura Bush/Selkirk that the land is dead! And Latter’s the president of your board of education. Thanks, RCS voters! While you’re at it, search for McFerran and read about that scoundrel!

Mr Fozzie Jones

Mr Fozzie Jones

But the worst was still to come. Your very Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Teachers Association, led by your very own crook and double-dipper teacher, Matthew Miller a.k.a. Matt the Mutt Miller, who just about a year ago was told he was no longer going to get the $18,000 he was being paid on top of his full teacher’s salary and for what? For being “energy manager.” But Miller’s crimes against the school district didn’t stop there and still don’t. He’s the teacher’s union rep at RCS. Yes, he’s the union rep for New York State United Teachers, NYSUT, at RCS, and works a reduced teaching load so he can dedicate time to union work….And yes, he does get his full teacher’s salary, too.

predatorsBut as a teacher and as a union rep, representing the special interests of the teacher, he crosses many, too many boundaries. Not even considering his double- even triple dipping into your tax dollars, he uses his positions as teacher and union rep to unfairly influence the voting when it comes to the BoE and the school budget. His boss, Alan McCartney, has turned wimp when it comes to keeping Miller under control, and so Miller and his associates Elyse Loughlin, are improperly attempting to influence the elections.

We have acquired a letter dated April 25, 2014, signed by both Matthew J. Miller as Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Teachers Association “president”, and Elyse Loughlin, PAC (Political Action Committee) chairperson, in which Miller and Loughlin announce the union’s support of the budget passed by the teacher-loaded RCS board of education. But Miller and Loughlin mention cuts in that letter, cuts that never were made! Lie Number One!

Matt-the-Mutt Miller as NYSUT Rep

Matt-the-Mutt Miller as NYSUT Rep

In that same letter, Miller and Loughlin announce their support of Bill McFerran (the RCS Sports Association goon), Furst-Hotaling, another insider and former member of the notorious private club known as the Pieter B. Coeymans PTO, and Michael Jones, whose wife is a teacher. Need we say more? But there is more.

Miller and Loughlin AGAIN start a smear campaign against the only candidate who is not closely associated with the teachers or the teachers union, NYSUT, Rodney Krzykowski. Matt Miller and Elyse Loughlin continue their failed attempts to discredit Mr Krzykowski based on their misinformed and ignorant propaganda that Mr Krzykowski is somehow unfit to be on the board of education! Would that be because he’s the only one not a card-carrying member of the teachers clique and the only one who truly represents the working class of this district? It gets even worse when Miller and Loughlin accuse the State Education Department  and the Commissioner of Education as being “weak kneed” for not removing Mr Krzykowski from office. Miller and Loughlin seem to think they know better than the entire New York State Education Department!!!

Mr Beaker "Weasel" McFerran

Mr Beaker “Weasel” McFerran

Dear readers, that letter says it all. Here we have individuals receiving outlandish salaries and benefits, the very ones to whom you entrust your children’s’ education, defying an individual’s rights to political freedom and to challenge an unjust system. These people, Miller and Laughlin, represent the teachers union, NYSUT, not YOU! Yet they are asking you to deprive a fellow citizen, sovereign or not, of his rights to represent you. Miller, Laughlin and their friends Latter, Engel, Hyslop, Brown all attempted to VOID YOUR VOTES by using their trickery to remove a man elected by YOU from his seat on the BoE.

It’s really disgusting that Miller, Laughlin and their cronies not only wanted to VOID YOUR VOTES but they want also to deprive a citizen of his protected rights of free political speech and association. Now that’s a message you really want your kids getting in the schools you are paying for. That’s the equivalent of intellectual sabotage and abuse of trust!

What’s really disgusting is that Miller, Laughlin and the people they want on the RCS CSD school board like James Latter (accused several times of ethical violations and violation of student and family confidentiality, a violation of the FERPA law), Engel, Hyslop, Brown (husband of Mary Partridge-Brown, the woman who almost gives Matt Miller a lap dance at school board meetings, she’s so close), now want to foist more insiders to do their union’s bidding, like Tina Furst-Hotaling and Michael Jones and worse still, Bill McFerran.

At the very least in the last elections the Fiends of RCS supported Patrick Brown and Jason Hyslop on the same board as the unethical James Latter; now they’re putting Furst-Hotaling and Jones on the same board as the tax-avoider Bill McFerran of the “old” RCS Sports Association, while crying Wolf! and pointing the finger at Mr Krzkowski. Will the hypocrisy never end in this RCS school district?

Matt Miller and Elyse Laughlin and their kind are not only traitors to their community and to their students, they advocate different constitutional rights for different groups! That in itself is a violation of the United States Constitution! They are attacking the system of laws as well, saying that the laws do not work (after all, if Mr Krzkowski were guilty of any crime other than exercising his constitutional rights, would he still be free?). Hell Miller and Laughlin even attack their own New York State Department of Education and its Commissioner when they don’t get their way and the Department of Education and its Commissioner don’t break the law for them.

Those are the types of teachers you have in the RCS Central School District. Those are the types of teachers that you have teaching your kids. Those are the types of people your are throwing $42 million at and letting them have their way with it. YOUR SCHOOLS ARE STILL FAILING RCS AND YOUR TEACHERS UNION IS STILL RUNNING YOUR BOARD OF EDUCATION. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SMARTEN UP? WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO WAKE UP! (Did you know that in a recent official appraisal done in the town of Bethlehem couldn’t find any comparables in the RCS school district and wrote “the RCS schools are failing” and cannot be compared with the Bethlehem properties!)

Everybody Pays Failing SchoolsOne final word: Remember the RCS Sports Association’s big plan to “donate” a refreshment stand to the RCS school district? Well, that’s stagnated for some time now. Just watch the thermometer on the RCS high-school grounds: It’s not moving! The fundraising is all but dead! But here’s the plan you don’t know about: McFerret is running for a seat on the RCS board of education along with two other supporters. What would you think if once they’re on the board they don’t get together with the other insiders and divert budget funds to the refreshment stand fund? Another bit of trickery you can bitch about. Right?

Rodney Krzykowsky is the only person left on that RCS central school district board of education who is not infected. Rodney Krzykowski is one of the only ones in this entire RCS district who has the balls to say out loud what the rest of you only say under your breath. Rodney Krzykowski is the only one on the RCS BoE who has the guts to represent the blue collars in this community. Rodney Krzykowski stands alone but has the guts to do so; the rest of your lousy RCS BoE are hypocrites and cowards. It’s about time someone said that, and it’s about time you readers start doing something about it.

They're doing it down your leg and telling you it's ice-water! The Editor

They’re doing it down your leg and telling you it’s ice-water!
The Editor

New Baltimore Needs to Opt OUT of the Failing RCS CSD and Join the Thriving Coxsackie Team in Our Own Greene County Schools! New Baltimore has to wake up and realize that it has no representation in the RCS CSD; furthermore, the RCS CSD and the RCS board of education are so far gone, so corrupt, there’s no saving it! So save yourselves, New Baltimore!

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance.
Graphics and Images Disclosure: Unless otherwise noted and credited, all graphics used in this article are the result of a Google image search, and at the time the images were collected and used in this article, no conspicuous or visible copyright notice or other proprietary mark was shown. Please communicate any claim or corrections to All images are used in good faith for non-profit, public information and public service purposes.



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The Campaign Stupidity is Gearing Up: Ravena Mayor John T. Bruno and Latter-Brown-Hyslop at Odds

On the bright side, there seems to be no controversy regarding the 2013 – 2014 Ravena – Coeymans – Selkirk Central School District Budget, unlike last year.

good newsThe Vadney – Robbins – Krzykowski – Lukens – Sylvester team succeeded in defeating the Latter – Whalen – Engel – Reville – teachers union special interest faction and voted Dr Alan McCarney’s well – engineered 2 % tax levy budget through the misinformation and ignorance of the teachers group, who were pushing for a 3.5 %+ levy.

But back to business. The Latter – Whalen – Engel – Reville – teachers union clique have been putting out incorrect information about what’s in and what’s out of the 2013 – 14 RCS CSD budget. That’s because they didn’t get their 3.5 %+ and have to work with a 2 %  levy. In fact, the budget supported by the Vadney team retained many of the programs and services despite the ignorant lies and terror being spread by Latter – Whalen – Engel – Reville – teachers union.

Here are the facts, dear readers:

know the facts

Programs and Services Retained in the 2 % Tax – levy 2013 – 14 Budget
Proposed by Dr Alan R. McCarthy
and approved for public vote by the
Vadney – Robbins – Krzykoski – Lukens – Sylvester Team

 1.0 F.T.E. elementary school teacher (Reach program)
Additional funding for Security Systems and SRO(s)
Asbestos Project and Track

Maximum Funding of the Following Reserves:
Tax Certiorari $222,000
Unemployment Reserve $350,000
Retirement Reserve (ERS) $450,000
EBLAR Reserves $3,350,000
Funding for Field Trips
Salaries for Employees brought back from PEL Lists
Funding for 5 O’clock Bus Runs
Funding for the After School Education Program
Funding for the Summer Reading Program
Funding to allow the District to attain Compliance with PARC Regulations
Funding to allow the District to make needed repairs through Lease – Purchase SRO, Shared Services

Mowers, grass – catchers, 170 20te edge scrubber and other equipment
Track Resurfacing, Pool Repairs and a Capital Repair Fund will be on the ballot for Public Approval
Technology Budget $414,926,  $121,787
22 Computer Server Replacement $147,000
Transportation—Bus Proposition: $341,008
Small Capital Project: $260,000

 The property owners, business operators, parents, residents and taxpayers in this school district can thank the RCS BoE team under Mr John Vadney’s leadership and the professional know – how of Dr Alan R. McCartney for approving the lowest – possible tax levy, while keeping essential and additional programs and services.

The intentional disinformation by the Deluca – Latter conspirators was completely uninformed and deceitful, intended to overtax the district and pad the pockets of the vampire teachers and their union, New York State United Teachers, NYSUT!

Oh! Did we mention that the 2012 – 2013 budget approved by the teachers clique and loudly supported by the Deluca Coeymanazis and double – dipper Matt – the – Mutt Miller and their mob overtaxed this district to the tune of $1.6 MILLION; in other words, 5.9 % more than what was actually needed to cover the financial year! Continue to listen to Mr James Latter, the teachers clique, Matt Miller, the teachers union, and Jerry Deluca if you like but you’ll pay the price!

Are the Dirty Tricks, Libel, and Unethical Campaigning Starting Again?
Some Scoundrels Just Never Give it a Rest!

Mayor Bruno Gonna Gitcha!

Mayor Bruno Gonna Gitcha!

We have obtained a set of documents that point to some very bizarre behavior on the part of the mayor of the village of Ravena and the Latter – Brown – Hyslop group supported by the Coeymanazi – run Friends of RCS Facebook group.

One of the candidates running as a resident – parent candidate (the candidate was not Vadney or Sylvester) happened to be at the village offices on business, we are told, when village of Ravena mayor, John T. Bruno (in the presence of witnesses), hands the candidate a set of documents that included a more than 20 – year old letter written by a very disturbed local resident (who has since disappeared from the local radar), accusing the candidate and two now deceased town officials of some unsavory conduct. Attached to the documents was a copy of our blog article, “Bruno, Deluca, Warner Squirming to Cover it Up”.

Mayor John T. Bruno and James Latter, Patrick Brown, Jason Hyslop in a Dumbo Match

Mayor John T. Bruno
James Latter, Pat Brown, Jason Hyslop
in a Dumbo Match

But even more disturbing was the fact that mayor John T. Bruno attached a campaign card, “ELECT James Latter, Pat Brown, Jason Hyslop.”

Obviously, this raised a very relevant question: What is Ravena mayor John T. Bruno’s connection with the Latter – Brown – Hyslop campaign that would cause mayor Bruno to dig up a 20 – year old letter written by an apparent lunatic, and then attach the Latter – Brown – Hyslop campaign card to it, then hand it to an opponent candidate? It’s just weird. (You can read the documents by clicking here: friends of rcs bruno king redacted ) [Editor’s Note: the “Fori” mentioned in the letter is Bruno’s cousin. Surprised?]

Mayor Bruno opens another one!

Mayor Bruno opens another one!

So, in all fairness, we e – mailed Mr James Latter, attached the documents we received, and asked him what was going on. We gave Latter and his running mates Pat Brown and Jason Hyslop a deadline to respond so that we could publish his response, whatever that could possibly be.

As far as we are concerned, this matter is now between Latter, Brown and Hyslop, and Ravena mayor John T. Bruno. Let them battle it out and we’ll clean up the body parts later.

But the question we’d really like to ask James Latter, Pat Brown, and Jason Hyslop is this: You are running under the slogan, “Restore Respect and Integrity to the RCS Board of Education,” which is rather odd because if we voters are guided by that slogan we would immediately remove James Latter from the board, and absolutely avoid supporting Brown and Hyslop, given their relationships with the teachers clique and the Coeymanazis. But really, how does Ravena mayor John T. Bruno’s bizarre and stupid conduct in any way relate to restoring “respect and integrity” (both four – letter words to the Bruno administration) to anything? It seems that just the opposite is happening.

OOPS! Looks Like It Backfired, Latter, Brown, Hyslop!

OOPS! Looks Like It Backfired, Latter, Brown, Hyslop!
Better Get A New Slogan!
Thanks! Mayor Bruno!

Last year, at about this very time, we started this blog because the local campaigning for board of election members and the 2012 – 13 school budget was turning so incredibly ugly. We covered the polling place irregularities, we raised the questions of improper or misuse of students to promote the teachers’ and the teachers’ union interests, we attacked the lunatic 6.8 % tax – levy which at the time was pushed through by the teachers clique who had the majority on the board. Can you believe what was going on in this community last year at about this time? (If you’ve forgotten already, you can read about some of it at James Latter: Why Is He Still On the Board of Education? (May 21, 2012), What do the Signs Tell Us? (May 14, 2012), Sports Scandal Quiz: RCS Sports Association? (April 8, 2012), Teachers Unite in Greed…Matt Wrote the Contract… (April 18, 2012), Real Bullying at School is By the Teachers (April 19, 2012), Constructiveness, Collaboration, Cooperation, Consensus? (April 20, 2012), INCREDIBLE!!! (May 7, 2012),What Your Kids Were Doing in School at RCS Today… (May 3, 2012), Parents: Do You Know Where Your Children Are? (May 3, 2012), Topple the TeachersTower on the Board of Education (May 9, 2012), Can You Explain This, Jerry? (May 16, 2012) ).

Campaign Signs Out of Control

If The Coeymanazis are not Posting Illegal Signs, They’re Pulling their Opponents’ Signs
As Usual, the Town of Bethlehem Gets It Right…At Least on Paper

They're Outa Control!

They’re Outa Control!

Campaign signs are starting to obscure springtime again. Big ones, small ones, fat ones, skinny ones—they’re an eyesore and they’re all over the place. What can you do? It’s campaign time and the rabid campaigners have only one thing on their minds: flood the landscape with their egos! The love to see their names in print…we’ll most of the time.

As usual, the town of Coeymans trails everyone else in the region…except with bizarre behavior like renaming itself Reubenville for a month! (We’ll get back to that subject and the handling of the Arby’s coupons in an upcoming article.). But our neighbor to the north, Bethlehem, seems to have gotten it right…at least on paper. How? Well they’ve passed a sign law that reads:

Plain Language Rules for Temporary Signs
(covers all roads within the Town of Bethlehem)

1.         “Temporary’ signs” include political signs, signs advertising civic, religious, educational or non-profit events, and similar signs (this does not include for-profit business. signs).

2.         Temporary signs can only be placed on private non-commercial property by the owner, or with the owner’s permission (non-commercial includes residential property, schools, churches, civic and non-profit organizations).

3.         Temporary signs must be placed at least 5 feet from the edge of the roadway pavement, and should not obstruct sidewalks or otherwise cause a hazard.

4.         Temporary signs CANNOT simply be placed along the roadside where no one appears to live, this includes town, state, county and other streets, roads, or highways. They can only be placed on private non-commercial property with the owner’s permission.

5.         Temporary signs must be temporary, meaning they cannot be permanently affixed to the ground or a structure, and should not be displayed for more than three months a year; they must be less than six square feet· in size (per side) – for example 2 feet x 3 feet.

And enforcement is by removal of signs that violate the temporary sign law. Makes sense, right? Maybe that’s why the town of Coeymans hasn’t picked up on Bethlehem’s good example.

The problem is, as in the case of all laws, enforcement. Getting the lazy bastards in the town hall to move their arses and enforce the law. Perhaps if they get enough e – mails, telephone calls, and letters they might get off their asses and enforce the law.

Same applies to the town of Coeymans. We encourage the town supervisor, Stephen Flach, and his town board to enact a similar law regulating how many, how, and where temporary signs are placed, and defining the enforcement action in the event of violation.

But, if the “Trucks Entering” sign blocking the speed limit signs on Route 144 are anything to go by, the town of Coeymans doesn’t give a damned. Do you?

We Find The Facts For You The Editor

We Find The Facts For You
The Editor


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Patrick E. Brown, Candidate? The Ugly Truth Is….

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE!School NewsRCS board of education passes the 2% tax levy, the absolute minimum levy to avoid losing services, programs, and support,  proposed by superintendent Dr Alan R. McCartney, versus the 3.5+% demanded by the teachers union and the Deluca gang! Another defeat for Matt “the Mutt” Miller! Vote was 5-4 passing the budget almost at the 11th hour. You know who were not happy campers.

Thank you! Mr Vadney, Dr McCartney!

Peter E. Brown, NO!
Mary Partridge-Brown NO!
Matt Miller MAYBE!
Is Running for a Seat on the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Board of Education

Who's Really Going to be On the Board of Education?!?

Who’s Really Going to be On the Board of Education?!?

Are You Confused Enough Yet to Cast Your Vote?

Brown will be NYSUT's, Deluca's, and Matt Miller's Sockpuppet!

Brown will be NYSUT’s, Deluca’s, and Matt Miller’s Sockpuppet!

We really had to have a good laugh when we saw the post on RCS Friends and More, the Facebook Coeymanazi announcement page dominated by the Friends of Cathy and Jerry Deluca. We read there that Peter E. Brown, Mary Partridge-Brown’s lawyer husband, is running for a seat on the RCS board of education. You know, the Mary Partridge-Brown who is so very close” to NYSUT union rep and former double-dipper teacher, Matt-the-Mutt Miller. Sure, you know her, at BoE meetings she’s always sitting with Matt Miller in the front row. (Did you ever ask where her husband is? The one who never attends a BoE meeting but is “running”.) Yes. Looks like NYSUT is trying to get back on the RCS BoE through the back door again.

I’d also like to remind readers that these are the same people who vehemently and vociferously opposed hiring Dr Alan R. McCartney, a professional superintendent, who is pulling this district out of the sinkhole teacher-favorite Elizabeth “Betsy” Smith left this district in, before she jumped ship and deserted the district. Who can forget Matt Miller’s vicious attacks?

 Here are More of the Ugly facts And Why
Peter E. Brown is Unfit to Run for
the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk
Board of Education:

Mary Partridge-Brown writes on the RCS Friends and More Facebook page:

My husband Patrick is running for the school board. Here’s an excerpt of his bio. My wife, Mary, and I have made our life in Coeymans since 1996. [Editor’s Note: He actually lives in Feura Bush, in the Town of New Scotland! He doesn’t live in Coeymans! LIAR!] We have three daughters, two of whom graduated from RCS in 2011. Our youngest daughter is now a freshman at the high school. Mary is an educator by training and experience and for several years has been an active volunteer in the District. [Editor’s Note: If Mary is “an educator by training and experience,” does that mean she’s a teacher, an aerobics instructor? If she’s such a hot-shot “educator” why is she “volunteering”? Oh, those nasty questions!]
I am an attorney and a small business owner [Editor’s Note: No, he’s just an attorney. Stop the lies, Peter. Your starting to sound like Peter of “Family Man.” There’s a big difference between being a lawyer and a “small business owner!” Gee, you know that, don’t you?]. I started my legal career in public service with the State’s highest court and later served as Assistant Counsel to Governor Mario M. Cuomo. [Editor’s Note: OK. Now we’re on to something BIG: Peter E. Brown advises Governor Mario Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo’s father. Caution: Constitution-burning simians on the loose!] In 2001, with my partner David Weintraub, I founded and now own a law firm in Albany. Our principle [Editor’s Note: I think the lawyer had a brain fart and means “principal.”]  function is to provide our clients with strategies to effectively deal with government. In all of my professional capacities I am required to be a problem solver and a consensus builder. I believe those skills and experiences will make me an effective school board member. [Editor’s Note: No. It means you’ll jump directly into bed with your wife’s friend Matt Miller and the teacher’s clique. Period. We’ll be set back at least a decade in the RCS district with you on the board.]
My father was a steamfitter and we moved around a lot when I was a kid. I spent three great years of my childhood living on Pulver Ave in Ravena, playing Little League at Mosher Park and attending Pieter B.  [Editor’s Note:  OK. More than 50 years ago he played in Ravena. Now that’s a real attention-getter if there is one!] None of my school experiences could ever compare with 5th grade at Pieter B. Coeymans with Mrs. Nuite who quite literally changed my life by instilling discipline in me, by challenging me, and giving me confidence to think for myself. The Mrs. Nuite’s of the world are precious, and like all special things, they do not just happen- they must be cultivated, supported and appreciated. [Editor’s Note: Mr Peter E. Brown’s nostalgia just gave him away. He’s married to an educator, has fondest memories of a teacher in his life, and calls that teacher “precious.” Do you think he has a partiality for teachers? He writes that “[teachers] must be cultivated, supported and appreciated.” Can you guess where this is going?]  That can only happen in a community where education is cherished. [Editor’s Note: I think we need to probe a little deeper into this whole excerpt from the Collected Works of Bullshit. Does Mr Brown think we came down with the last shower? We see through you, Peter!] I want to represent that community on the RCS School Board. [Editor’s Note: There’s only two communities that Peter E. Brown wants to serve: the community of Peter E. Brown and the community of Matt Miller and NYSUT. Let’s be clear about that!]

Does it get any better? Endorsed by a public louse!

Does it get any better?
Endorsed by a public louse!

Jim Youmans writes: He has my vote. [Editor’s Note: Youman’s endorsement would sooner get him tarred and feathered than voted in!]

We Have Some Remarks about Mr Peter E. Brown, Esq.:

(Mary Partridge Brown keep quiet. We want hubby to respond. He’s the so-called strawman candidate.)

Peter E. Brown

Peter E. Brown

  • Mr Peter E. Brown lives in Feura Bush, town of New Scotland. How close in his heart and soul really, is Mr Peter E. Brown to Ravena, Coeymans, New Baltimore, even Selkirk?
  • Even if we turn a blind eye to his initial lies and b.s., Mr Peter E. Brown is quite a busy man with his law practice and the rest of his activities. How will he possibly find time to give adequate attention to his duties and responsibilities to the residents of the RCS CSD if he is elected to be a member of the board of education? We don’t think he’ll have the time nor do we think we’ll be getting a fair deal if he’s elected.
  • Mr Peter E. Brown resides in the Town of New Scotland, in the hamlet of Feura Bush. He is only part of the RCS CSD and votes in the town of Coeymans by some fluke of districting. Now, I ask all of you readers, do you think Mr Peter E. Brown, living in Feura Bush, in the Town of New Scotland, really cares what happens in Ravena, Coeymans, New Baltimore, or even Selkirk. Be real, now. His interests lie with his social equals in Albany and Feura Bush and we know damned well that we in Ravena, Coeymans, Selkirk aren’t his “social” types. Just look at his record for attending BoE meetings: ZERO! Has he personally ever appeared to make a statement about what’s going on in this RCS school district? NEVER! What makes you think that all of a sudden he’s passionately interested in what’s going on here?
  • In the Facebook plug, his name isn’t even mentioned. What’s his name, Mary Partridge-Brown? His wife, Mary Partridge Brown just refers to him as “my husband.” Or isn’t that important. You’re asking people to vote for your husband, Mary P-B, but he doesn’t have a name. Oh, we get it. His name is not important because YOUR name appears on the post. Do we have it right? He’s campaigning but YOU’RE the one who’s running, right? He’s just going to warm a chair seat at BoE meetings, like Edward Reville, and do what Mary says…and the Delucas, and Matt Miller. Why don’t you just endorse an Arby’s Reuben sandwich? At least you can eat it!
  • My question is how many times have you seen this character at a BoE meeting? How many times have you heard him get up and speak pro or con about an issue troubling this community? How many times have you read a letter to the editor from this guy? And now he pops out of a crack in the wall and writes up an installment for Love-Fest Journal begging for your votes! Isn’t that typical politics around here, though. You never hear anything about them until they are kissing ass for a vote!
  • And why is his wife putting out his bio if he’s so gung-ho about the community? Yes, that’s the kind of guy I want representing me…let’s his wife do his talking for him. Now that’s real interest in the community. What’s his recent record in the community NOW, not 30 years ago?
  • And Mary Partridge-Brown describes…excuse me…her husband describes her in the excerpt that Mary herself publishes on Facebook…as an “educator.” Why doesn’t he just come out and say, “She’s a freakin’ teacher!” or “She volunteers or works in the high-school library” or, more honestly, “She sits on Matt Miller’s lap during RCS board of education meetings.” Let’s ask where Mary Partridge-Brown works as an educator and drop all the smoke screen and lies!
  • But the facts are: Mary Partridge-Brown helps out at the high-school library (“educator”???), donates time and does book drives. According to our sources she is not gainfully employed. But reliable sources inform us that she is very close to Matt Miller (Anyone who attends the RCS BoE meetings or watches them would know that. But Mr Peter E. Brown doesn’t attend BoE meetings).
  • What this means is that Mr Peter E. Brown is the candidate but Mary Partridge-Brown is calling the shots and Matt the Mutt Miller of double-dipping renown, NYSUT teachers union rep will be doing the voting on the board. If you trust this toxic mix, why don’t you just drink some Draino and do yourself a favor.
  • And of course, the “louse-in-a-man-suit former Coeymans town supervisor Jim Youmans, may the hair on his back fall out in clumps, publicly writes, and several lusers “like” his comment (probably the Partridge-Brown tribe), “He has my vote!” So what’s that supposed to mean? Simply that Jerry Deluca doesn’t have to abuse and misuse confidential information to find out how Jim Younis votes?

Patrick E. Brown
DOB: October 8, 1956 (M)
Zabel Hill Road
Feura Bush 12067
Residence: Town of New Scotland
Town Voting District: Coeymans
Political Affiliation: Democrat

Mary Partridge-Brown
DOB: September 25, 1957 (F)
Zabel Hill Road
Feura Bush 12067
Residence: Town of New Scotland
Town Voting District: Coeymans
Political Affiliation: Democrat

[Source: Albany County Board of Elections Voter Lists]


Here’s Patrick E. Brown’s self-description on his law firm’s Internet site (the comments are our own):

Patrick E. Brown spent over a decade providing legal and public policy counsel to the judges of the state’s highest court and Governor Cuomo.

What this means is that he has experience in suppressing your rights and burning the Constitution. He has actually provided legal information and advice to the Cuomos. You know the rest of the story.

He has spent the last 12 years providing legal and strategic advice to companies of all sizes, unions, hospitals and other non-profit organizations, and associations.

So we know where his loyalties will be. Certainly not in a struggling community like Coeymans, Ravena, New Baltimore…unless we’ve got some companies, unions, hospitals and the like who need his “legal and strategic advice.” Judging by the economy and by the unions’ activities, Peter E. Brown’s legal advice isn’t doing them or us much good. Maybe Peter should go into selling used cars; I’m sure he’d do very well as a used car salesman. He’s just not cutting it here, though.

His expertise in the areas of ethics, election law, health care, economic development, gaming, and Indian law has proved invaluable to our clients since he began as a founding partner here in 2001.



This is the part that really gets me where it hurts. “ethics, election law…economic development.” Brown claims to be on the Coeymans zoning board of appeals. If he’s so damned interested in this community, where’s all this legal and strategic advice he’s handing out. I don’t see anything happening in Coeymans. If he’s such a specialist in “ethics” why are we having such problems in the RCS CSD with unethical practices à la Matt Miller and the teachers clique? If he’s so damned specialized in election law, how in hell did we get into the scandalous mess of the last budget and BoE elections? Doesn’t anyone notice that his wife Mary Partridge-Brown is in our faces all over the place, is a real girl-friend with Cathy Deluca, and we’ve already mentioned the conspicuous relationship with Matt Miller. Ethics? Election law? Are you crazy, Peter E. Brown? You must be even to show your face around here!

During his decade of public service, Mr. Brown was Chief Law Assistant to the New York State Court of Appeals, First Assistant Counsel to Governor Cuomo and Director of Industry and Community Relations at the Department of Economic Development.

We got your number with the court of appeals and the connection with abuse of power and undue influence probability in terms of attorney discipline (the Court of Appeals handles attorney discipline). We’ve also commented on your Cuomo-connection, and it ain’t pretty. And whatever you’ve been telling the Director of Industry and Community Relations and the Department of Economic Development isn’t working. So, really, I’m not quite ready to put my money on your horse, buddy. (Maybe you should open a used book shop, I understand Mary, you know, your wife, has a ton of them.)

He was also the state’s chief negotiator with Indian Tribes and Nations.

Now, I can go with this “Indian Tribes and Nations” because I think Indians are really cool. But the only problem is: The only Indians we have in this area are the RCS Indians, and even that moniker comes under fire for political correctness. Nah! That’s not going to work in RCS. You’ll have to find some other Indians, Petey-boy.

Mr. Brown is a member of the Town of Coeymans Zoning Board of Appeals.

Surprise! No comment.

dont-believe-the-liesSo that’s our findings on Mr Peter E. Brown, husband of Mary Partridge-Brown, who has some questionable connections with Matt Miller and the New York State United Teachers union, and the very questionable relationship with the teachers clique. I’m  not even going to mention the close relationships with Cathy and “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca.  Peter E. Brown is definitely one to keep out of the BoE and, if possible, out of the district. But he doesn’t seem to have spent very much time involved in the district or in the BoE in the past, and that should speak volumes about his motivation and purposes in seeking election to be a member of the RCS CSD board of education. We need to be very, very careful here.

As usual, if you find that you have any facts that contradict our information, we would be very grateful if you’d let us know so we can do the proper investigations and, if necessary, make the appropriate corrections.

Read More about Peter E. Brown and his Law Practice

We Hope You Do, Too! The Editor

We Hope You Do, Too!
The Editor


“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!


A Resident’s Letter

Protest Letter RCS CSD 2013-14 Budget

Some Local Residents Would Sell Their Souls Based on Dysinformation

Careful what you sign on for!

Careful what you sign on for!

Some Will Even Abuse their Privileges and Commit A Serious Violation of HIPAA and FERPA Laws Governing Privacy and Confidentiality of Information!

Parents are being flooded with emails urging them to contact the BoE for a higher tax levy! The e-mail campaign is selective—some parents and familes are being excluded from the mailing—and is spreading misinformation! So we’re asking where did the senders get all those specific, target e-mails? Are you wondering, too?

Electronic health-care transactions:

Since the Central New York Regional Information Center (CNYRIC) submits all Medicaid claim data to the electronic Medicaid system in New York State (eMedNY) for processing; it is a covered entity under this act. The electronic transmission of Medicaid data is now HIPAA compliant.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act-Buckley Amendment (FERPA a.k.a. Buckley Amendment) is more restrictive than HIPAA with respect to the protection of privacy and security of all health related services. Since all school districts /§4201 schools/counties (and any other educational entities that have access to student data) are obligated to be in compliance with FERPA, they are also HIPAA compliant.

That Excuse Won't Work!

That Excuse Won’t Work!

We call for an investigation by the Interim Superintendent Dr Alan McCartney and the RCS Central School District Board of Education! Is your privacy and household information being abused? Find out before it’s too late!

If Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca can make a public statement to the board of education that he is aware of how they voted in their private voting at the polls, are you safe from scoundrels like him? Deluca recently made a very disturbing remark at a school board meeting when he stated that he knew how people voted. (Board of Education Meeting of 3/26/13. Deluca: “Last year there was a number of people on the board that voted for the budget here at the meeting. I am concerned that some of those who voted for it at the meeting went out and voted against it.”) Now how and where would he have access to such information. Isn’t our vote supposed to be secret? Is Deluca misusing police information resources? Isn’t anything safe from these villains?

We posted the facts about the tax levy at More Dysinformation Misinformation by the Ignorant Pundits and we warned you all of the Deluca-Coeymanazi propaganda at Deluca, Miller, Teachers Clique Want More Money!!!!. You need to click those links and read those articles if you haven’t done so already.

A Resident’s Letter
To Superintendent MCartney and to the
RCS Board of Education

A resident has addressed a letter of protest to Dr McCartney and to the RCS Central School District Board of Education. We are reprinting it here.

Dr Alan R. McCartney, Interim Superintendent
RavenaCoeymansSelkirkCentralSchool District Office
15 Mountain Rd.
Ravena, NY12143
e – mail:

Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk CSD
Board of Education
P.O. Box 100
Ravena, NY12143
e – mail:

Dear Superintendent Dr McCartney, Board of Education Members:

First of all I and my family would like to thank you for your fine efforts at navigating the RCSCentralSchool District back on course. Your untiring study and analysis and your leadership together with a team spirit when working with the RCS board of education to arrive at some level of collaboration is truly appreciated.

The purpose of this letter is not to give you a big head nor to second – guess results, however.

I am sending you this letter to expressly state that I object to any tax levy that exceeds 2 % and urge you to even further reduce the tax levy to 0 % and make appropriate adjustments to the 2012 – 13 RCS Central School District budget.

The fat in the budget not only hurts the property owner and business base in this RCS district, it has far – reaching secondary effects on our local economy, including a negative effect on our property values. Those effects are not restricted to this community alone but adversely affect the entire region and beyond.

I am aware that such abuse and misuse is a criminal violation of both the HIPAA and the FERPA.

I realize that there are elements in this RCS community who are using or misusing resources, very likely RCS CSD resources, such as parents’ e – mail addresses, that should not be used for political purposes, to get their partisan message out to the community. Most of us do not have access to those resources and, even if we had such access, would probably not misuse or abuse them for the purpose of propagandizing the community. That having been said, we also urge you to investigate whether such RCS CSD resources are being abused and misused for such purposes.

Once again, I wish to make very clear that I do not support a tax levy in excess of 2 % and would urge you to reduce the levy to 0 %, if possible, and to make appropriate adjustments to the budget, and to further sanitize RCS CSD programs and services.

Thank you for your efforts!
 [Names Withheld by Request]
Concerned RCS Resident

We have processed the letter, which we feel is very good and says what it has to say clearly and briefly, and we are providing that processed letter for your use as a pdf and as a word document. All you have to do is click the links below print or download the letter, fill in the personal information at the top, sign it and mail it. Make your voice heard!

 And please don’t forget to read the facts about assessments, tax levies, and tax rates at our recent article: More Dysinformation Misinformation by the Ignorant Pundits and Deluca, Miller, Teachers Clique Want More Money!!!!

not for sale

And Tell Them So!
Invest a Stamp and Save Your Community!
The Editor


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