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Blacks and Wimins Can’t Drive; Black Wimins Can’t Park (Won’t Park Legally)

animated_update_smallon our exposé of corrupt local dentists (in Greene county, NY): We are informed that our efforts and support of a reader who was a victim of Coxsackie Dental Arts, “Dr” Kurt Froehlich, have paid off. The reader’s credit card company has found in favor of the patient and has denied CDA and Frohlich payment, crediting the amount back to the patient. CDA and Froehlich can appeal the credit card company’s decision within 45 days, but Froehlich still got to deal with possible court action and possible investigation by the insurance company and the Greene County DA and NYS Attorney General for possible fraud for double-billing, billing the insurance company for services never rendered, and trying to collect from the patient!

Back to our main story:

Yeah! It’s an awful statement of a stereotype because it’s not true everywhere and always; in other words, it can’t be generalized to the entire population. But if people don’t like stereotypes or don’t like being forced into a stereotype, why do they insist on acting out the stereotype and giving it new life?

It’s An Election Year, A Big One! Shouldn’t Our Politicians Be Answering These Questions?

Do your part to put an end to “Sanctuary Cities” that ignore the law. Sign the petition at “Senate Must Act on Sanctuary Cities“.

Here’s an example from one of our readers:

Why does (it shouldn’t) color allow you to be inconsiderate, unsafe, uncivil, violate the law?

“Dear editor,
“I thought you’d enjoy this.
I shop at the Glenmont Pricechopper and sometimes use the BankAmerica ATM next door. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen vehicles parked in front of the BankAmerica facing the wrong direction and forcing buses and other vehicles to go around them, risking a mishap in the oncoming lane.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the pleasure of noting that almost all of those lazy, inconsiderate scofflaws were “persons of color“, actually blacks.
“Today, I got a taste of “stereotype” behavior all of the PC correct whities are so careful to avoid noticing.
“I stopped and parked properly in the parking lot across from the ATM and noted a minivan type vehicle parked directly in front of the ATM on the wrong side of the street, facing oncoming traffic. A bus and a couple of cars had to maneuver around it to continue their trips. When I crossed the street I must have shot it a displeased look (no one was inside), but when I entered the ATM lobby, a black woman with alien locks was looking at me and says, “I saw that judgmental look at my car.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I responded, “It’s parked illegally and forcing people to go around it. Can’t you park properly?” She then launched into a tirade only a black could do to a white person, yelling that she saw my “judgmental look” at her car, and who did I think I was. I told I was the one obeying the law and parking properly and that she should save her paranoia for someone else. So she tells me to go “fuck” myself to which I responded, “Bitch! Get your money and leave so I don’t have to share this space with you.” She again told me to “fuck” myself.
Imagine if I, a whitie, started off on her like that and spoke to her like that. Or if I parked like that? Wonder if the Bethlehem Police would have ignored the white boy doing that?
Just thought you’d enjoy this after seeing “Black lives matter” until I want to puke!”
Thanks! You can print this if you want. It’s all true.
[Name withheld at author’s request.]

Before you get all self-righteous and politically correct, let us just agree on one point before you read on: This post is not about hate or racism or anything like either. This is a post that very clearly and honestly looks at a situation and how it came to be what it is. Very few of our readers will be able to deny having a similar experience. So let’s get on with it.

Another reader writes about his/her experience when attempting to get a price on a simple sewing job:

This is the place! Just look at those prices! Why is he charging those prices? Because he can!

“I read your blog about the dentists and I thought you’d be interested in this recent experience. [Editor’s Note: The reader is referring to our recent article, “Local Dentists. Are you being abused, taken for a ride in the chair?“, in which we discuss local dentists, especially Coxsackie Dental Arts (Kurt Frohlich) and Marvin Gertzberg (formerly of New Baltimore Family Dentistry), and their scams.]

“I had a small sewing job I needed done and figured I’d try a smallish place that had put up some signs at the four-corners in Glenmont, feeling it’s better to support a local small business than go to one of the larger establishments. It was a disappointing experience but taught me a great lesson in where we are in this country.

“I walked in and stood there watching a middle-aged man of color fussing with some garments. He didn’t say a word, or even look up at first but after a minute or two he came over and said, “What can I do for you.”

“I explained what I wanted done–seemed really simple since all I felt needed to be done was slip the thing under the sewing machine needle and stitch the material, that’s all I was asking for.

“The man started a mini-course in sewing and how this needed to be done and that had to be done. I clarified that all I wanted was for him to stitch the material. He continued, telling me that he charged for every 15 inches; there was a charge for every 15 inches of stitching. He continued by telling me that this length would be $45 and this another about $30, etc. until I was completely mindboggled that this job was already more than $100. I told him that if it was more than $25 I just was not going to have do it. I jokingly said I could get a surgeon to stitch for less money, and that he should be a doctor.

“Well, the little man then got downright insulted and told me that I was “rude and being smart,” for making such a comment. He told me that every profession has its rates of charge and that I was “ignorant” for not knowing that. I was shocked at his attitude and left saying, “Have a nice day and good luck, you’ll need it.”

“For your information if you want to print it, I’m talking about
Delmar Custom Tailor & Cleaners
365 Feura Bush Rd, Glenmont, NY 12077
(518) 475-0883.

“P.s. I’m white middle class, well educated, a decent person and well-liked, and I don’t feel I deserve this sort of treatment from anyone, white or of color.

“P.p.s. Several days after this experience, I was at Joanne’s in Northway Mall and they recommended a local seamstress, formerly a manager at David’s Bridal, who does wedding gowns and custom clothing. I called her and described what I needed done, she asked me to make and appointment to come to her shop to show her. We met. She did the work beautifully for $20.00!!! Less than 1/5th of what that nasty little man wanted to charge. I guess his customers from Elsmere and Delmar have more money than dignity or brains.”

We found it! Around the corner from Romo's Pizza!

After all, immigrants can come here and take advantage of the “market economy,” but oddly they’re not subject to our laws, or our customs, or our ethics. But they have rights.

We’re not singling out Delmar Custom Tailor & Cleaners but this guy is a good example of what we are talking about when we talk of retroracism and abuse of the white foundation of this country. Rather than be tolerant and tactful, this immigrant chose to be arrogant, abusive, and disrespectful. He seems to have forgotten that in his own native country he probably wouldn’t be earning in a month what he charges now to shorten a pair of trousers! But is the little troll grateful? No! He, like so many others, leaves the squalor and corruption of their native countries to take advantage of the let-me-kiss-your-colored-ass-please juicebags of this country. Why is it we’re such pushovers?

All of the great nations, empires of history, were very careful to secure their borders and to take care of their own.Why is it this country lets the homeland spiral into depravity and opens its borders to let every parasite imaginable cross over and infest this country? Forget about the crapola we’re being fed by the ass-kissing liberals that this country was founded on the contributions of immigrants; they were an immigrant of a vastly different kind, they had values, morals, and a work ethic. Anyone who has had great grandparents who come to the United States LEGALLY can attest to that fact. We now have immigrants who make a joke of our federal laws and cities and states that aid and abet their criminality.

“White lives count!”

Yes! They do!

We are all born into a native culture; some people have moral and civil values, others do not. Some people are born into a loving, caring and nurturing family others are born into a vicious cycle of abuse. Some people are poor but dignified others are trash. We have white trash, Black trash, Oriental trash, and just trash trash. You can decide for yourselves where you fit in. One thing is certain, though: each and every one of us has the freedom and the liberty to be better and not simply be lazy and go with the flow. It just happens that some people are born into ignorance and prefer to stay ignorant; same applies to trash.

So when we look at what’s going on in this country, it’s all about choices: What you choose to do and what you choose to be. Simple.

I have the freedom and the liberty to choose and I choose not to accept the behavior…

Here’s an example: Today, we made a rare trip to Walmart in Glenmont. There was quite a variety of types there ranging from trashy to middle-class, and you could see right then and there that you are born into a culture, you are raised in that culture and you’re likely to stay in that culture and raise your children in that culture. I thought about this when I passed a very loud group of 4 persons, including two small children. Yelling, banging, the boom box was blasting. One couldn’t help thinking “stereotypes.” There is a reason for stereotypes and the reason is that the stereotypes perpetuate the stereotype. Does that make us, the others, evil or unjust for admitting that they created the stereotype, and we are just acknowledging it. It wasn’t us that created the behavior that pegs them for what they are, and puts them in the box labeled “whatever.” So why get all in a huff when someone honestly admits that they’re what they are: stereotypical of their group. Why? Because they like it there; they have no desire to leave their place in the world. Does that make them bad people? Not at all. But I don’t need them setting the conditions for how I live, or for invading my space with their behavior. I have the freedom and the liberty to choose and I choose not to accept the behavior; I also choose to admit that it exists and not to live in denial.

We’re just plain sick and tired to the point of puking when we have to listen to all the talk of “racism” even by our racist president, Mr Obama, who is quick to play the race card when it comes to a white-on-black issue but is eerily silent when it comes to the execution-style shootings of our law enforcement people. We’d like to start a counter-movement, “White lives count!”

They use any excuse to destroy and to use racism as an excuse for criminality!

Anyone who watches the antics of the carjackers and the other urban criminals can form their own opinions. There was a video of a car-chase and then an on-foot pursuit of a [black] perp the other day just in the wake of the execution-style shooting of a law-enforcement officer, in the wake of the shooting of a state trooper, in the wake of the on-air execution of two talk-show hosts, in the wake of the shooting of two police officers, and the list goes on. Does anyone dare mention the color of the perps? The media doesn’t have the balls to say “black” but the majority–we say the majority because in a couple of the instances no arrest has been made and we haven’t seen the pix of the perps (the media tends to avoid mentioning color or, in some instances, even showing a picture of the perpetrator(s)–were, Guess what? blacks. Not Hispanic, not Chinese, not Asian, not Native American, not Irish; read our lips BLACK! And we don’t mean African black! We mean American Blacks; the product of American Black culture. The same ones that will use any excuse to destroy and to use racism as an excuse for criminality! How long do you think the self-deception, the denial, the blindness of mainstream America is going to go on before it reaches the flash point and a reaction occurs?

Racism? The American people are kept in the darkest of dark closets when it comes to the truth about racism, slavery. Anyone with any knowledge of American history cannot avoid the example of the indentured servant, or non-landed whites, or women in this country. Much of that discrimination didn’t change until the 20th century!

White people can’t save Black people from themselves!

At some point in time people have to choose to stop being victims and stop riding the same old hackneyed slogans to death. White people can’t save Black people from themselves. Black people have to take charge and clean up their own acts, clean up their own neighborhoods, create new, more positive stereotypes of themselves. It’s about time someone admitted that.

And has anyone done the history of the Italian, Irish, even Catholic Americans in this country. Did you know that plenty of Italians and Irish were LYNCHED because they were Italians or Irish! Look it up, you ignorant liberal asskissers. In the West, until the 20th Century, Chinese and Sikhs, for example, were discriminated against and their property confiscated violently. What about the Japanese and German concentration camps IN THIS COUNTRY? Anyone talk about racism in those contexts? Why not?

And so we have people up in arms about closing our borders to illegal penetrations. This country is sick, sick, sick and it is refusing treatment. If you talk about closing our borders and enforcing our laws, you’re un-American! If you talk about deporting illegals you’re un-American! If you say fix the problems in the United States, wash the shit off your own porch before you screw up other countries and cultures, you’re un-American.

The number of jurisdictions with sanctuary policies for illegal aliens have risen to an estimated 340 from 276 in July, according to an updated CIS study. The refusal of local authorities to give custody of deportable criminal aliens to ICE has resulted in the release of around 1,000 criminal aliens per month. (Excerpt from: Santuary Cities…Releasing Thousands of Criminals). Do your part to put an end to “Sanctuary Cities” that ignore the law. Sign the petition at “Senate Must Act on Sanctuary Cities“.

Tell them to go the hell home and save their countries rather than abandoning them!

We have a question we’d like you to think about: Say you go to Canada for the weekend. You get into Canada using your American passport, driving a vehicle legally registered in New York, you don’t speak with an accent. But when you want to get back into the United States from Canada, using your American passport, driving a vehicle legally registered in New York, and you haven’t picked up an accent in Canada, you a put thru a third degree? It’s almost like you’re being punished for going to Canada and then trying to get back into the United States? Makes you wonder how so many Mexicans get into the USA over the border, doesn’t it?

So doesn’t it come across like a little hypocritical, a lot really stupid when the United States is telling Hungary and other European nations to open up their borders and let the Syrian refugees flow in? Yeah! Misery likes company and if the US has it’s Mexicans why shouldn’t Europe have its Syrians? Our advice: Tell them to go the hell home and take responsibility for saving their countries rather than abandoning them, and playing the rest of the world for suckers!

The United States government is doing more spying on YOU than on ISIS!

We even hear people saying that they don’t travel anymore because of the hassle they get at the airports by goons in uniform. Is there a plan in the works here? If regular people are abused enough they will avoid moving around too much. If they’re abused by mindless monkeys, they feel violated and who wants to go through that? Do you see a plan here?

All of you blind bastards reading this diatribe had better open your eyes and recognize the fact that we don’t deport illegal aliens because they are VOTES for those in power. We don’t call a criminal black because they are VOTES for those in power. (We also don’t call them black because they behave like animals and everyone is scared shitless of what they might do. You asked for it America! You sure as hell got what you asked for!) And we don’t spend more time fixing the United States because the corporations see untapped wealth in the Middle East and elsewhere and the only way they can get to it is by using the United States Government = their paid lackeys to do it for them. Look, if the corporations are going to profit by the military actions the United States government gets bogged down in, and United States military personnel come back dead, maimed, or otherwise physically or mentally damaged, it’s the corporations that should pay for the damage, not the American people. Our military is not protecting our freedoms and liberties, people, WAKE UP! In fact, our own government is erasing our freedoms and liberties on a day-to-day basis and you don’t even realize it. The United States government is doing more spying on YOU than on ISIS!

Don’t you feel manipulated? Don’t you feel like it’s time to reclaim your brain, your mind, your soul?

We’d rather not get started on the media and prime time programming, but we have to say something about it just to be fairly complete. You are told what to think. You are told who to listen to. You are told what to eat and drink. You are told you are damaged goods and need this or that drug. You are told by your boss you can’t say “fuck” in the workplace but turn on the television or open a magazine like “Men’s Health” and you can hear and read the word or worse almost regularly. You’re a dog or a whore if you jump into bed with a different gal or guy every day but it seems afternoon soaps tell you it’s OK. Two men kissing and boinking are OK on the soaps, too. Don’t you feel manipulated? Don’t you feel like it’s time to reclaim your brain, your mind, your soul? The media are stealing your mind and your soul and you just let it happen! If someone did that with your wallet or your purse, what would you do to reclaim just a couple of bucks or credit cards? But you let media corporations steal something much more valuable and irreplaceable: your soul and your children’s souls, and you do nothing!

Shame on you, America! You’ve become homeless and have prostituted your values.

And YES! it would be a terrible stereotype if it weren’t TRUE and FACTUAL!

The Editor

The Editor

Stay tuned for our exposés of local politicians and their bids for election. We’ll be exposing Matt Miller (another corrupt crook for the Albany County Legislature?), Touchette, Youmans (hopefully with his arrest record), Dolan in Albany County, and of course Mr Flach opposed by Mr Crandall. And in Greene County Denis Jordan (Stupid, crooked, corrupt, and not a team-player but still seeking re-election to Highway Superintendent), Arthur Fullerton (He has already been exposed for lying and misinformation in his campaign! running for town of New Baltimore Supervisor. <GAG!>), Delisanti (No balls but what’s the alternative? He’s seeking re-election as town of New Baltimore Supervisor). We’re going to have some great fun with this bunch of monkeys!


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News in Briefs: What does this tell you?

This is a story where we’ll let the pictures do all the talking!

UPDATE: Since this article was posted, the Bruno group has attempted to paint over the “ASS H…” on the sign. I hasn’t worked. You can still read it. Sorry, Joe. Just like your ticket, usless!


Do We really have to fill in the blank for you?

Do We really have to fill in the blank for you?

While we do not condone campaign sign vandalism, one Ravena resident was very clear in his/her opinion of the Bruno-Persico-Case ticket! (Can you fill in the missing letters?)

Bruno-Case-Persico campaign signs peppering (just lightly, though) Ravena tell voters to “Vote Row A“. Any ideas what the “A” stands for? (Hint: Please refer to the sign on the left.)

Here’s the clincher: both of these signs, including the “annotated” one, are on the corner of Russell Avenue and Main Street in Ravena, within a couple of hundred feet of the Coeymans police station in Coeymans town hall! What does that tell you about the efficiency and attention level of Coeymans’ finest? Answer: DUH!!!!

Seems Ravena Mayor John Bruno and his flying monkeys can monitor and videotape everying going on in and around the Ravena village offices but can’t keep factual comments off of their campaign signs. Same is true of Coeymans police chief Gregory “DoDo Cop” Darlington, who has cameras everywhere in and around Coeymans town hall but can’t prevent vandalism a couple of feet down the street! What a bunch of clowns!



Well, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Friday, February 28, 2014 The Editor

Friday News
February 28, 2014

The Editor

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New Baltimore. Now Intimidation of the Elderly: Take Down Those Signs!

Please Support the Dellisanti/Ruso/VanEtten/Russo/Vadney Team and Send this Link to your e-mail contacts NOW!
Stop this kind of outrageous misconduct! Here’s the link:

New Baltimore Democrats Have Stooped to An All-Time Low:

Desperate Democrats

Desperate Democrats

Intimidation of the Elderly: Take Down Those Signs!

O’Rorke/Jordan/Angelis/Schrauf/Brooks Go Too Far!

It gets pretty bad in the Town of New Baltimore when an elderly widow, wife of a staunch Republican, is intimidated into removing Republican campaign signs from her property. But that’s what’s happened in the Hamlet of New Baltimore, along Route 144. Mrs Helga Baldwin, widow of William “Bill” Baldwin, a staunch Republican with a tradition of community service on the Volunteer Fire Brigade, agreed to have the Dellisanti, Ruso, Russo, VanEtten, Vadney campaign signs on her property along Route 144. The neighbor who asked Mrs Baldwin if she’d mind displaying the signs received her enthusiastic approval and placed the signs along the roadside.

Election Sabotage and Espionage. The signs were highly visible without being a nuissance and stayed up for several days, over the weekend, until the neighbor was driving by on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, and noticed that all the signs had disappeared.

Later that day, when returning home, the neighbor stopped by Mrs Baldwin’s just a few doors down to ask if she knew where the signs had gone. She didn’t come to the door and so the neighbor telephoned her and in the course of the chat, asked her about the signs. She attempted to avoid anwering with a cryptic, “Oh! Really?” But on the direct question of whether she was asked to take them down, she answered, “Yes!” but would not say who asked her to take the signs down. Since she sounded like she was uncomfortable talking about it, the neighbor thought it best to drop the subject.

According to the neighbor, who has requested anonymity:

“We are very good friends and have been for years. Since Bill [her husband] died about 8 years ago, we have always been there for Helga. We frequently invite her over to the house or to lunch out when we know she’s down or lonely. She’s also comfortable enough with us to just come over to talk or have a bite. We involve her in family events. Her children, who live some distance away in Buffalo, or in New Jersey feel comfortable enough to call us to look in on her if she doesn’t answer the phone. So it was a real shocker to have her admit that someone had told her to take down the signs. I asked who it was but she sounded uncomfortable and didn’t want to say. So I dropped the subject.

“I think it’s absolutely scandalous, totally immoral for anyone involved with the O’Rorke/Jordan/Angelis/Schrauf/Brooks campaign to put pressure on an elderly resident to the extent of compelling her to remove their opponents’ campaign signs. Is that the way O’Rorke and her cronies are conducting their campaign. We’ve heard about them stealing, removing and running over signs but this intimidation of elderly residents takes the cake! It really goes over the top.

“If it weren’t for my concern for Mrs Baldwin, I would have found out who the dirty rotten scoundrel was who went so far as to have contacted Mrs Baldwin and then intimidated her to remove the signs. That’s just not right. It’s just not American. She escaped Nazi Germany to find nazis right here in New Baltimore!”

One thing is certain: It wasn’t anyone on the Dellisanti team who made Mrs Baldwin remove the campaign signs. So what do O’Rorke/Jordan/Angelis/Schrauf/Brooks expect to have achieved by this outrageous bit of stupidity and campaign suicide. Frightening one old lady into removing your opponents’ campaign signs certainly isn’t going to get you elected in this town.

So, New Baltimore, are you proud of your O’Rorke/Jordan/Angelis/Schrauf/Brooks candidates? Do you like the way they run their loser campaign? Does your mother or your grandmother have any campaign signs on their property? If they do you’d better get her some security because the New Baltimore Nazis are probably on their way over there to tell mom or grandma to “Take those signs down!

Well O’Rorke/Jordan/Angelis/Schrauf/Brooks this one certainly backfired, didn’t it?

Appearing Throughout Coeymans and New Baltimore! This is the only way to clean house, Voters! The Editor

Clean House, New Baltimore!
Boot the Nazis!!!
The Editor

Read our Other Articles Covering the Town of New Baltimore Political Campaigns:
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O’Rorke, Angelis, Jordan, Schrauf, Benway, Norris: Fascist Enemies of Local Democracy

New Baltimore Democrat Town Board Candidate Janet ANGELIS Caught Moving, Stealing Opponents’ Campaign Sign!

If any reader has more information on this incident, please contact us at
Please Support the Dellisanti/Ruso/VanEtten/Russo/Vadney Team and Send this Link to your e-mail contacts NOW!
Stop this kind of outrageous misconduct! Here’s the link:


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O’Rorke, Angelis, Jordan, Schrauf, Benway, Norris: Fascist Enemies of Local Democracy

You Know the Tree by Its Fruits; You Know the Person by Actions

you cant fix stupid vote out 2

O'Rorke: 4 Votes?!?

4 Votes?!?

New Baltimore Town Hall Thinks We’re All Stupid!

Fool Us Once Shame On You! Fool Us Twice…NO WAY

For years the local democrat machine in New Baltimore grabbed the Independence Party endorsement; this year the Independence Party saw right through O’Rorke and her crowd and denied them their endorsement. Instead, the Independence Party handed its endorsement gratefully to Dellisanti, Ruso, VanEtten, Russo, and Vadney. Those candidates now have three lines! Republican, Conservative AND Independence. What’s more, if you drive through the town of New Baltimore, you’ll see Dellisanti, Ruso, VanEtten, Russo, and Vadney campaign signs (at least the ones that democrat Janet Angelis & Schrauf and their crowd have not removed, stolen, or run over) outnumbering their opponents’ signs about 3:1! That should tell you something about the overwhelming popular support of the Dellisanti, Ruso, VanEtten, Russo, and Vadney team.

Voters in the recent primaries voiced their preferences, too. O’Rorke got all of 4 (FOUR!) votes!!!! That’s got to tell you something about the confidence level this community has in the O’Rorke mob. Talk about a loser!!!

 Susan O'Rorke...Or is it Chris Norris? WTF? Gotta steal more signs?

Susan O’Rorke…
Or is it Chris Norris?

Gotta steal more signs?

 The Dellisanti team, Ruso, VanEtten, Russo, and Vadney, are outspoken about the need for residents to participate in the democracy they are a part of. At a recent meet-the-candidate event they emphasized the need for residents to come out, to participate in town board meetings, to speak up, to tell their elected officials what needs to be done, what residents want done. That’s quite a change from what it’s been like for the past decade or so, and now where the O’Rorke Gestapo have occupied New Baltimore Town Hall.

Here’s an example of the O’Rorke democracy and her idea of community participation. Gaveling! In fact, at a recent town board meeting O’Rorke gaveled (silenced) several community members who attempted to speak by telling them: “You have no right to speak!” But certain others, the O’Rorke crowd, a very small crowd indeed, get to say what they like when they like. It’s real cozy.

The O’Rorke majority recently cancelled the standing rules for board meetings that let everyone know the rules of procedure for participation in board meetings (it’s still on the New Baltimore website at the time of this writing but it’s no longer valid). New Baltimore democrat party committee chairperson Diane Lewis (wife of former New Baltimore town supervisor, David Lewis), praised the O’Rorke clique on the town board for depriving the residents and voters of New Baltimore of their constitutional, First Amendment rights to political expression and free speech. Now O’Rorke controls what you say at New Baltimore town meetings. How’s that feel?

Not only that, O’Rorke has connived to make certain the public is not involved in the decision-making process. Normally, when three (3) committee members meet to decide on spending or any other decision, a public meeting has to be held. But if less than three (3) meet to make the decision, no public meeting is required. So, what does O’Rorke and her monkeys do? Simple: They make their committees only two persons, O’Rorke being one of them. Here’s an example: O’Rorke’s highway committee recently purchased a truck for more than $100,000 without public inputs. HOW? Well, Susan O’Rorke and her close friend and supporter, town board member, Chris Norris, are the Highway Committee in New Baltimore. So, Denis Jordan wants a new toy, O’Rorke and Norris are more than happy to buy him one…illegally (well, almost)! And that was one of the points the Comptrollers office picked up on in the recent audit! Did you want to see O’Rorke and Norris crap their pants when they got found out?

We have the minutes of the New Baltimore meetings and the paperwork showing the unlawful purchases. The Comptroller’s audit has not yet been published but we have copies of O’Rorke’s groveling response to the lashing she and her cronies got from the State! We’ll the letter and the other documents as soon as we have them scanned.

You’d like to see some honesty and integrity in your local government, at least, wouldn’t you? Well, chew on this for a while: Susan O’Rorke has not declared a party. She’s not a democrat, not a Republican, she’s an NOP, no political party. Excuse us, she’s for O’Rorke. That’s her party: the O’Rorke party. She actually stands for nothing but herself. No platform, no principles. O’Rorke. It’s also deceiving the public, the voters of this town of New Baltimore, because most people think she’s a democrat. She’s not. Look at the voter registration records. Ask her!  O’Rorke is for O’Rorke.

How we feel in New Baltimore

How we feel or elected officials in New Baltimore have treated us.

And you’d think that once you register as a Republican or a democrat or something, you’d be loyal and support that party. Wouldn’t you? Well, let’s take a closer look at Chris Norris, a sitting O’Rorke supporter on the New Baltimore town board, and Diane Jordan, who is running for tax collector. Both are listed as registered Republicans (Jordan is a registered Republican but because she couldn’t get the Republican endorsement, is running with the democrats). We remind you, both are on the voter rolls as registered Republicans. So, Chris Norris and Diane Jordan, wouldn’t you like to explain WHY? you both contributed $100 to the New Baltimore democrat club? Why are you contributing money to the opposition if you are Republicans? Where we come from that’s called betrayal, disloyalty. But that shouldn’t be a surprise to New Baltimore residents, you’ve been betraying us all along!

So, dear readers, there you have this week’s exposé of the O’Rorke mob in New Baltimore Town Hall. Yes, it’s true that we didn’t mention the fairy tale of the town clerk and the Greene County Sheriff’s deputy but we’re waiting for details on that little fairy tale of bawdy romance (or the forbidden f$^&) in New Baltimore Town Hall. Could be a fairy tale, could be fact. But we aren’t going to say until we have confirmation from our sources.

Your New Baltimore Democrat Candidates at a Glance:

  • Angelis (and Schrauf) insiders who don’t play fair and like to remove their opponents’ campaign signs (criminal activity, violations of election law, and violations of civil rights);
  • Susan O’Rorke who has no party affiliation or political principles suppresses resident and voter participation in local government and suspends First Amendment free-speech rights (deception and civil rights violations), and spends your money without your input;
  • Diane Jordan, another insider, no qualifications, who is a pro-waffler, betrays her own party and is disloyal (just the kind of person you want collecting your tax checks!), and
  • the legend, maybe fairy tale of the New “Baltimore Town Clerk and the Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy“.  Is it fact or is it fiction? To be continued…
Appearing Throughout Coeymans and New Baltimore! This is the only way to clean house, Voters! The Editor

These Signs are Appearing
Throughout Coeymans and New Baltimore!

This is the only way to clean house, Voters!
The Editor

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!

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New Baltimore Democrat Town Board Candidate Janet ANGELIS Caught Moving, Stealing Opponents’ Campaign Sign!

“If a thief is found breaking in and is struck so that s/he perishes, there shall be no bloodguilt for her/him, but if the sun has risen on her/him, there shall be bloodguilt for her/him. S/He shall surely pay. If he has nothing, then s/he shall be sold for her/his theft.”  (Exodus 22:2-3)

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Like Coeymans, If New Baltimore Democrat Candidates Can’t Get Votes Honestly They Resort to Other Ways

Coeymans police lietenant Kerry Thompson’s son(s) and friends were caught on video vandalizing and stealing the political campaign signs of someone the Coeymans police or daddy Kerry Thompson don’t support. But that’s Coeymans business-as-usual. What do you think of New Baltimore town board candidate Angelis’ criminal conduct? (See What candidate Jeff Ruso (R) who has the Republican, Conservative and Independence party endorsements has to say about it, comment below.)

every crime every timeNew Baltimore Candidate Janet Angelis (Dem) Steals, Removes Opponents’ Campaign Signs

But it gets much worse when you consider the campaigning in the Town of New Baltimore, Coeymans’ evil twin to the south, in neighboring Greene County. There candidate Janet I. ANGELIS, a democrat and New Baltimore Conservancy elite-club-member, who is running for New Baltimore town board along with another New Baltimore insider, SCHRAUF.

It seems Ms ANGELIS takes it upon herself to decide where her opponents’ campaign signs should or should not be. In fact, if she doesn’t like where her opponents place their signs, Angelis simply steals or removes them. But that’s not all. Angelis, despite her criminal activity. Yes! Stealing or removing an opponent’s political signs is THEFT. In addition, it’s interfering or preventing the freedom of political expression guaranteed by the First Amendment freedom of speech rights. Not only that, it’s interfering with voter’s rights to make a choice of candidate.

What’s even stupider is that Angelis, after perpetrating her theft, vandalism and illegal removal of her opponents’ campaign signs has the gall to appear early in the morning at the home of Mr Jeff RUSO, one of her opponents, blocking Ruso’s in his driveway as he’s leaving for  work, and dumps the signs, telling Mr Ruso he shouldn’t have put them where he allegedly posted them. Now isn’t that richt: Angelis breaks the law and then has the balls to decide where the signs should have been placed (in a previous article we called Angelisgender ambiguous;” it seems our diagnosis is correct. She has BIG balls!).

Put yourself in ANGELIS’ and SCHRAUF’s shoes for a minute: Imagine that your opponent has decided they are getting their asses kicked and your campaign sucks,  so you resort to desperate measures and  violate election law and regulations, intentionally or not,  and by breaking the law — yes, theft is still a crime, even in New Baltimore — Angelis and her gang are trying to get an unfair advantage in the race. Moreover, that this issue isn’t just about campaigning but also trust. Why should voters trust someone like Angelis and her gange to create laws and to govern when they can’t even follow some of the simplest rules during their campaign?

loser game

We can all agree that stealing the signs is a crime under the law. And we don’t have to argue the fact that campaign signs come under the protection of First Amendment freedom of political speech and tht if you interfere with that right you are violating the candidate’s civil rights. But even New York State election law prohibits such stupid and illegal conduct. But Angelis is also breaking New York State Election law, which reads:

§ 6201.1 Fair Campaign Code

In order that all political campaigns be conducted under a climate promoting discussion of the issues and presentation of the records and policies of the various candidates, stimulating just debate with respect to the views and qualifications of the candidates and without inhibiting or interfering with the right of every qualified person and political party to full and equal participation in the electoral process, the following is hereby adopted by the New York State Board of Elections pursuant to section 3–106 of the Election Law as the fair campaign code for the State of New York. No person, political party or committee during the course of any campaign for nomination or election to public office or party position shall, directly or indirectly, whether by means of payment of money or any other consideration, or by means of campaign literature, media advertisements or broadcasts, public speeches, press releases, writings or otherwise, engage in or commit any of the following: (a) Practices of political espionage including, but not limited to, the theft of campaign materials or assets, placing one’s own employee or agent in the campaign organization of another candidate, bribery of members of another’s campaign staff, electronic or other methods of eavesdropping or wiretapping. Up to a $ 250 fine,

 And the NYS Election law states further:

 § 17–152. Conspiracy to promote or prevent election Any two or more persons who conspire to promote or prevent the election of any person to a public office by unlawful means and which conspiracy is acted upon by one or more of the parties thereto, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. (L.1976, c. 233, § 1.)

Our advice to her opponents, whose campaign signs Angelis removed and stole, and whose civil rights she violated, and by doing so violated the New York State election laws, is: File a report and complaint with the Greene County Sheriff or with the New York State Police. Let Angelis fight it out with the Greene County District Attorney in court. Send a clear message that political campaigns are part of the democratic process, even in New Baltimore, and that WE THE PEOPLE will not tolerate misconduct and criminal activity by the liks of ANGELIS and her gang. If we can’t trust candidates like ANGELIS to behave while campaigning, what can we expect if, God forbid, they should actually be elected?!?

New Baltimore Candidate for Town Board Janet ANGELIS is Guilty of Political Espionage, Theft, Civil Rights Violations, and Violations of New York State Election Law. She and her supporters should be prosecuted under the laws of this state to the fullest extent of the law. She and her supporters are LOSERS all the way!

WTF! Are They Still Loose?!? What has to happen before they're prosecuted?

WTF! Are You So Stupid?!?
Candidate Angelis You Need To Go To Jail Not to Town Hall?
The Editor and a Voter

 And Readers: What do you think of such behavior by a candidate?

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!