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Ravena Sports Association, Transparency? Nah!

We Realize That Local Residents Have Very Short Memories and 20-20 Hindsight… BUT….

Do Any of These Words Apply to the RCS Sports Association?

Do Any of These Words Apply to the
RCS Sports Association?

Does Anyone Remember the Problems This Community Experienced with the “Old” RCS Sports Association, Its Non-Existent Financial and Tax Records?  Its Total Refusal to Come Clean on Its Finances? (How about you, Mr James Latter, YOU Really Should Remember!) Maybe the Fact that It Disappeared Overnight and an “New” Poison Mushroom Sprouted up In The Night, the “New” RCS Sports Association Didn’t Raise any Eyebrows or Suspicion? That’s Bizarre.

Several weeks ago we published an article critical of the way the RCS Sports Association was going about running their “raffle.” In that article, “Cart before the Horse: RCS Sports Association Operating a Shell Game [Again]?” (click on this LINK   to read the article), we pointed out a number of scam – like features of the RCS Sports Association’s so – called opportunities to win.

Now we all have to understand that the RCS Sports Association is running the raffle to raise money for the construction of a new concession stand to be built on RCS school property. That’s the central theme why people are coughing up the $20 “donation” for each raffle ticket. So, because the RCS Sports Association is claiming that it is accepting “donations” and claims not to be selling “something,” the concession stand will be donated to the school district and then becomes the property of the school district. In other words, the concession stand, as a donation, is not the property of the RCS Sports Association and the RCS CentralSchool District will have sole discretion as to who uses it, for what, and when. In other words, the refreshment stand will be public property. That’s the good part but it’s not the whole story.

Questions and AnswersIn addition, because the RCS Sports Association is selling raffle tickets for a “donation” of $20 per ticket, and there is no disclaimer releasing the RCS Sports Association from claims resulting from their failure to raise enough money to keep the promise of building the concession stand, even though the architectural plans have been approved by an unidentified approver (the RCS Sports Association does not say who “approved” the plans). And what if they don’t raise enough money to fund the construction project with all of the other obligations like insurance, bonds, etc.? And let’s not forget the completion bond that the RCS Sports Association will have to come up with as a guarantee that the project will be completed, even if the RCS Sports Association can’t complete it themselves.

Did anyone think to ask or does anyone know What the proposed total cost of the project is going to be? all things considered?

All of that has to be answered satisfactorily but for now, let’s get back to the ongoing transparency problem

During the month of May the RCS Sports Association was publishing news about the raffle, handing out packets of raffle tickets, and selling tickets for a “donation,’ generally preparing for the launch of the drawing in June.

We’re now two weeks into the drawing and we haven’t seen any lists of winners or winning numbers published anywhere! (Correction: The RCS Sports Association does list winners and ticked numbers on the RCS Sports Association Facebook page but you’ll have to scroll through tons of other Facebook-type junk to find them.) Wouldn’t it be appropriate to use the official newspaper for this community, the Ravena News Herald to publish an announcement of weekly winning numbers, at least, if not the names of the winners? Maybe elsewhere but not here and certainly not with the RCS Sports Association.

Don't You Want to Know, Too?

Don’t You Want to Know, Too?

We’d Like to Know…And So We’re Asking:

  • What’s this concession stand supposed to look like? Doesn’t the RCS Sports Association have an architect’s conceptual drawing or model?
  • How many tickets were sold?
    How much money was collected from sales?
  • How many winners have there been so far?
  • How many numbers have been drawn that are for unsold tickets (and revert back to the RCS Sports Association?)
  • How much money was paid out to winners so far?
  • Where are the drawings being done?
  • Who is doing the drawing?
  • Are the drawings public or open to the public?
  • Who is the independent, non – partisan supervisor of the drawing (if they are using lottery standards, it’s usually a member of a CPA firm) to make sure there’s no funny stuff going on?
  • Who is managing the money?
  • Where is the money being deposited?
  • What excuses are being made up as we write why all of this public information is not or cannot be disclosed?
  • Who is in charge of making up the excuses?
  • Will the minutes of the board of directors meeting discussing and approving the raffle be published?scam alert

The RCS Sports Association is claims to be a non – profit or a not – for – profit organization, but none of that information appears on the RCS Sports Association web site. Neither does a statement disclosing its tax status or tax identification number or non – profit / not – for – profit registration number. Nothing. (Check it out yourself. Go to their web site at RCS Sports Association, )

Haven’t we seen this sort of behavior before? And didn’t the “old” RCS Sports Association suddenly disappear and a “new” RCS Sports Association all of a sudden popped up with a new board of directors, especially after the questions were raised and the heat got turned up demanding tax documents and disclosure. Transparency?

We see a repeat performance here. Maybe the visible faces have changed but the behind – the – scenes faces may still be the same. Remember the recent scandals and criminal investigations linking organized crime to sports associations and high – school sports?

We’ll send a request for investigation to the New York Secretary of State and the Office of the Attorney General. Maybe we can get some instant transparency.

In the meantime, all you sports fans, keep coughing up your money to the RCS Sports Association and watch it disappear! Now you can buy a brick with your name on it…and later hit yourself in the head with it for being so stupid!

You can also contact the officers of the RCS Sports Association and ask them these questions yourselves. Here is the list of officers. Or you can contact Jerry Perrine, who is not listed, but we’re told he’s behind the dog – and – pony – act calling itself the RCS Sports Association.

  • President: Doug Keyer
  • Vice President: Steve Vasto
  • Treasurer: Claudette Taylor
  • Secretary: Jena Misuraca

If anyone has any information regarding the questions listed above or any true facts relating to this article, please leave a comment!

The Editor

The Editor

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