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Let Him or Her…Cast the First Stone … (John 8:7)

You All Behaved Like Animals, Like A Lynch Mob, Including Partisan BoE Members Alice Whalen, Howard Engel, and Edward Reville, When Attacking the Board’s Majority Decision to Hire Mr Alan McCartney as the New Interim Superintendent.
(Democratic Process is OK…
As Long As It Goes Your Way.)

If You Live in a Glass House…

So Many of You Called Him Immoral, Unethical, etc. But I Know of Many of Your Own Personal Histories And You Live in Glass Houses and Shouldn’t Be Casting Stones.

Some of the gals shouting the loudest have some pretty unsavory pasts, so before you speak and before I let the pussy out of the bag, you’d better think about what you say. There are plenty of guys with stories about you (I just may be one of them).

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Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk [Very Personal] Musings

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this page NOW or get your parent to supervise your visit!

This Is Going to be a Plainer Posting than You’re Used To. The Reason May Be the Lackluster Subject or Because the Individuals Simply Defy Description, They’re So Bizarre and Scary.

This one’s for you, Cupcake!

They’re the Coeymanazis, the Women and Eunuchs of
Cathy Deluca’s Coeymanazi Cupcake Club a.k.a.
“Save the Arts at RCS”
(the Arts of Deception and Hypocrisy) and
“RCS Sports Association”
(Where Anything or Anyone is ‘Fair Game’!)

Whalen offers toxic apples!

RCS Board of Education Teachers Clique Deceit: And as for Alice Whalen’s big mouth: Alice, for all you have to say, didn’t YOU review all of the applications submitted for the business manager (you were all confusing the numbers at the meeting)? So wouldn’t you have also had the opportunity to have reviewed the applications for interim superintendent, too? If so, did you? That’s not what we heard from you, Alice. And unless the RCS board of education website is not up-to-date, Jeff Luckens chairs the personnel committee, and Howard Engel and Edward Reville are the other two members. So what’s the beef, people, you’re all bitching about the selection but YOU run the committee, Engel, Reville must have reviewed the applications or should have, and Whalen could have reviewed all of the applications! So SHUT UP you deceitful dregs!

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Where’s the Beef, Biatch?!? And Where’s the Money, too?

Like This Is Business 101:
Document, Document, Document!
But Cathy Deluca and the Bottle Blitz Biatches
Seem to Have Attended the Same RCS Business Curriculum as the
RCS Sports Association.
In that Curriculum, They Just Don’t Keep Records and When Any Records Are Demanded, They Just Don’t Come Up With Them.

(And where’s the paperwork & money?)

UPDATE:  Selkirk, October 9, 2012. Since our having published this outcry, the Bottle Blitz group finally turned over a check allegegly representing the proceeds of the bottle and can collection since May 2012. It wasn’t much, considering the time and effort, but at least Public Opinion forced them to hand over the cash. Thank you! Readers!

We’d also like to know WHY??? …

  • the RCS school district is allowing the Bottle Blitz Biatches to use RCS school premises for collecting the bottles and cans;
  • the RCS school district is not charging or has not announced charging the Bottle Blitz Biatches for the use of the school facilities;
  • the RCS school district has not demanded that the Bottle Blitz Biatches produce any paperwork or statistics on the bottles and cans collected or even a receipt from the bottle and can processing facility where they say the bottles and cans are being processed;

Let’s Call A Spade A Spade!
What are they hiding?

But even more urgent is the question WHY? does the RCS school district allow the Bottle Blitz Biatches to continue to use the RCS school facilities and then has to chase after the Bottle Blitz Biatches to get them to turn over the proceeds?!?!?

And while all of this is going on, aren’t we paying an attorney to advise the RCS school district about these things? What is he doing? We think its obvious: NOTHING! We need to ask some serious questions about that, too!

And you know that their heads are way beyond rectal  when one Coeymanazi senile biatch is more worried about whether the graphics on this site are violating some obscure  copyright than what’s happening right under her porcine snout, and what’s happening to the children in this district. Silly sow!

RCS Needs To Manage Its Risk

Our Advice to the RCS school district and to the RCS board of education: Don’t accept another penny until you have all  the documentation in hand. When the cat hits the fan, you’ll all be accessories to the Coeymanazis’ crimes! (And for those among you who need to be spoon-fed everything: This also means that the Bottle Blitz Biatches are not allowed to use school facilities, without having submitted the paperwork in full!)

And back to the ongoing saga of the so-called RCS” Sports Association and the RCS cannibal coaches: We haven’t yet heard that the RCS Sports Association has complied with the RCS Central School District’s policy that they submit complete paperwork documenting their organization, their tax status, their tax filings, their non-profit status, etc. If this has happened–and it’s not very likely that it has–why hasn’t it been publicized so that the chapter can finally be closed on the issue?

But the RCS school district is still allowing the “RCS” Sports Association to operate a refreshments concession on school property! What’s going on, people? We know that law enforcement in Coeymans is selective but is the law in  the entire Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk district selective now? Do we have selective policies and procedures, now? Applies to some but not to others?

Our Advice to all the other organizations who are complying with the law, policies, and procedures and who are getting slapped in the face by the Bottle Blitz Biatches and the Sports Association with their lacky perv athletics coaches: File a Formal Written Complaint against the RCS district and follow up with a nice fat lawsuit to find out what’s going on. It seems that’s the only way things get done in this district!

But we do hope that at the next RCS board of education meeting, the board will finally put its foot down squarely on the necks of those who refuse to comply with the law, policy, and procedure, and enforce a new compliance policy that applies to everyone equally. Vadney, Lukens, Robbins and Sylvester are trying to raise this community out of the pigpen it’s fallen into–you people need to help them instead of throwing yourselves into the swill!

No disclosure, no favors and no access to public facilities. And NO EXCEPTIONS!

We’re Watching You!
The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

Just To Lighten Up: Some Tongue in Cheek…Smile!

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this page NOW! Do not visit this site without a parent’s or guardian’s supervision!

We Don’t Actually Have to Look For Stuff to Publish on this Blog. Our Readers Send it To Us and We Just Go With the Flow. Well, A Reader Sent Us Some Text from Cathy Deluca’s Cathy’s Coeymanazi Clucks Club FaceBook Page. It’s Pathetic But We Can See The Bright Side of Even Cathy’s Pathetic Losers’ Club
Cathy’s Coeymanazi Clucks Club

Papa Bear
He’s much more convincing than
momma bear.

As usual, when we find something that’s interesting and eye-opening for our readers, no matter how deranged it might be, it’s not surprising that it comes from people associated with Cathy’s Coeymanazi Clucks Club.  It’s all very instructive, really. Using the examples of Cathy Deluca’s Clucks Club, we can all learn what it is like to be really stupid and, hopefully, we can avoid it ourselves…of course, not that any of our readers would ever descend to that level of decrepitude or delusion!

But really, we’d like to present this text taken directly from Cathy Deluca’s FaceBook pages but with a humorous edge to it, because when you read stuff like that, you need to laugh or you’d cry. So, here goes…

The pathetic aspect of the Coeymanazis and Cathy’s Coeymanazi Clucks Club a.k.a. the FaceBook Teletubbies a.k.a. the Trollettes, is that whatever happens you can be certain that their twisted minds will mutate the facts to fit their perverse agenda. Reality is no problem for them because they simply alter it to fit their viewpoints and so they live their lackluster lives.

For example, a recent critic of and short-lived commentator on this blog, big bear momma KRG [Editor’s Note: She’s very sensitive so we wont use her name.] writes:

Cluck Speaks!

” Apparently, the mad blogger stalks this site .” [Editor’s Note: KRG is referring to Cathy Deluca’s cesspool collection of cluck comments on FaceBook. Nothing could be farther removed from the truth. Rather than recognize and admit that there are people who are “members” their FaceBook group who simply find them to be idiots, they have to have a so-called “lurker.” Sorry, girls, you’re just not that interesting. But when one of your members sends me some of your psychotic rantings, I feel I should post it for the amusement of all.] Typically, they gloss over their own sociopathic personalities and identities and project their own deplorable characters on others in the attempt to blacken the world so that they can shine. The Mad Blogger.]

KRG continues:

“Maybe someone should look into the fact that he publishes copyrighted materials on his blog without any legal right to do so. Also, the content of some of those pictures come pretty close to pornography. Maybe someone should look into whether he should be on school grounds.”

I wasn’t aware that I was anywhere near school grounds, but Hey! it doesn’t have to be true to be on Cathy’s Clucks site. It’s that sort of rabid speculation and finger-pointing fantasy that makes Cathy’s Clucks Club so damned fascinating. Imagine if they actually were in touch with reality, the reality of the world outside of themselves, that is, and if they could actually compose an intelligible line of prose, they might actually be able to sell some of their fiction! But, alas, it proably would qualify as pornography.  Poor dears, they’ve aged very badly, mentally and physically, and their minds have become caricatures of the dullness that they have always been, but at least when they had their former dull glow of youth and fertility, they could at least babble their nonsense and some poor horny bastard would decide that she may not have been the smartest thing around but it could breed.

KRG does get it right in a rare moment of lucidness and awareness when she admits her real mental state:

“Of course, anything I state has no validity because apparently I am senile and I am in a coma induced by drugs.”

Nothing Personal!
But is that you?

And then, the typical moment of self-righteousness and judgment always surfaces. They always need to point out the real or imagined flaws in others and, even more pathetic, in others’ families, because in their own empty and sterile lives they have nothing by which to distinguish themselves. It’s like the ass calling the mule a long-ear. But here we have those whose sins and crimes are disgusting and scandalous but are so deeply buried that they themselves are unaware of them but their unconscious is and is so repulsed that it projects them on others. I won’t mention that some of these very people making the judgments were the local school whores, grew up to be the town adultresses, the royal hypocrites in town, whose own children do the very things that they claim others do (can we expect otherwise given the role models they have?). All that can be said is that a little powder and a little paint make a gal what she ain’t, right, Clucks? Scrape away the powder and the paint and you’ll find a lot of decay.

KRG continues her diatribe, and writes:

“I reminded him [Editor’s Note: Kathleen’s writing style is a bit confusing, reflecting the mind behind it, I suppose. But then, she’s writing on Cathy Deluca’s blog so nothing’s lost.] that unlike some of the school board members and their family [Editor’s Note: Apparently all the school board members are related, according to KRG they have one family. Ignorant wench!], I have not been arrested nor do I do illegal drugs [Editor’s Note: Well that’s a plus. You do everything else, don’t you. I suppose the list of “I don’ts” is much shorther than the list of “I do’s.”]

If you are using the statement that you’ve never been arrested or never done illegal drugs as a credential for your credibility, I’m afraid you are very likely still in the company of some very seedy characters, indeed. But it does show your rather bizarre view of the world, KRG, if you presume that the absence of those two items on your résumé of worthlessness make you ‘something.’

That statement reveals only your limitedness, your total lack of accessibility, your co-dependence. KRG  builds herself up to be a totem figure, a “momma bear.” Yes, she’s sort of like a bear (Don’t they call a female bear a “sow“?), I suppose, but the charade this past-middle aged woman attempts is more indicative of her schism with reality, her inability to recognize her mental and, despite her dimensions, physical frailty. So she growls loudly and calls herself something she feels has meaning and attributes of power. Sorry, but we see through the metaphor, KRG. It only makes you seem ridiculous.  Moreover, you invent a threat in order to embellish your fantasy. You may need some of those illegal drugs to calm you before you do get yourself arrested. Then your only two positive attributes will be lost forever!

But what you write certainly confirms my conclusions:

“He said he is not afraid of me and made fun of the fact that I said I was a momma bear. What he fails to realize is the power of woman and the power of a mother. He misses my intent. Do not interfere with my loved ones.”

This really brought a smile to my face: The Cluck calls the “mad blogger” a “chicken!” I’m a cock, madam, a very bright cock! My colors would be wasted if I degraded myself to meeting in person every lunatic Cluck that comments on this blog! Sorry, you’ll just have to fantacize about me because I am a very busy cock and wouldn’t have the time to waste on a Cluck. But her self-agrandizing qualifications are impressive…to the limited intellect:

I asked him to meet me in person but I am sure he will continue to hide behind his blog like the chicken that he is. I pay taxes, I pay an accountant to fill out my forms and I have been involved as a school district employee for 23 years. I put my name behind any statements I make and you can ask anyone I know about that. I am held in high esteem by my coworkers and friends. I wonder if Mr. Sicko can say the same. Come out come out wherever you are. If you feel so strongly about your convictions, show your face.”

Yes, indeed, “momma bear” you are indeed a person of “power” and you certainly have a very fine opinion of yourself, too! A pretty big ego, too! Just count the I‘s in the above text. No modesty in your cluck coop, right? Every hear of humility? Yes, KRG, you are very tough, very powerful, very accomplished, very honest, very much the model of virtue–in your own feeble mind. O.K. Feel better now? Now go put on some more powder and paint; your real self is starting to show through, and it ain’t pretty, girl.

Here’s where Kathleen’s hangups really come to light. She wrote previously in one of her comments that an image was “sexual” (that’s an antiquated word that was used to mean ‘sexually offensive.’ It dates you, KRG. It’s an infantile word. It indicates to me that you have some serious hang -ups.). But then you affirm your psychological fixation on seeing ugliness in sexuality:

KRG then writes:

“The woman in his family should be very proud of him. He degrades woman by remarking about their size? He posts pictures of naked morbidly obese woman? Wonder what he looks like? Hmmmm.”

KRG means womans or sumpthin’. We actually have more than one “woman” in the family.  Actually, I’m rather good looking. That’s one of the reasons why I would probably not want to be seen with you or any of the Clucks. I have a fine reputation and a very good image to uphold and I wouldn’t do anything to compromise them. You know that, Kathleen!

Since it’s Cathy’s Clucks Club, Cathy Deluca had to chime in at some point. She never did know when to keep her cake hole shut. So Queen Cluck utters her pseudo-wisdom:

Cathy DeLuca: Kathleen, he will NEVER come out in the light. He is a coward with serious mental and emotional problems. Unfortunately there are several people on this page that are “fans” and feed his hate filled blog. I’m sorry you’ve become one of his newest targets.”

Wrong again, Cathy. The real cowards are the ones that don’t come out, that visit the TU blog with multiple fake handles, the ones who don’t come up with the documentation when told to do so! And the people on your FaceBook site are not “fans”, they’re just disgusted with you and your clucks and don’t want you to get away with your backstabbing and lies! This blog is where they have an opportunity to expose you all.

“Target”?  My question is: Like Josephine Tracey O’Connor’s performance on May 15, 2012, dancing up and down the halls of the high school, in front of dozens of voters, chanting “He called me fat!” Well, if you fit the bill, why draw attention to the fact? You can’t call yourself a victim or a target if you self-inflict! Idiots!

And Cathy DeLuca gives her “best advise is to ignore him.” That’s profound, Cathy. Do you ever get beyond six-word incomplete sentences? (Sorry. We know you do.)

A relative unknown until now, a certain RT asks one of the few male clucks, ” Why post this again?”

And HAJU [full name is redacted] some species of high on toy soldier machismo chimes in with a cryptic comment, “wasn’t a re-post. Just a new comment on an old thread. RTFM.” And the literary skill of a Coeymanazi using the abbreviation,”RTFM” which means “Read the Fucking Manual,” which doesn’t seem to ruffle any of our ultra-moral Clucks. Real classy, HAJU.

HAJU. What’s he putting into his mouth? A neo-Freudian would have a picnic with this one!

This is the same guy who just before the May elections touted himself as an American “hero,” about to leave on deployment to Afghanistan, making the impression he was a real rifle-totin’ defender of American hypocrisy…was even called a “hero” by some of the Coeymanazis (God, being a hero these days is awfully easy!). In reality, he’s a desk-jockey guardsman, a pencil pusher. A real hero! HAJU makes a comment on his FaceBook page “I’m safer here than in DC! Head on a swivel.” Maybe he should be deployed to D.C.,then. (Real heros come back in bags or limbless, friends! Calling an Army national guardsman or an ROTC sergeant, a clerk, a hero is a slap in the face for the real heros!) One possible explanation for HAJU’s presence on Deluca’s FaceBook page is that he ran for a seat on the RCS CSD Board of Education in 2011 and lost, along with Cathy Deluca and William “Bill” McFerran, who also lost. It seems that these losers have all joined the Cathy’s Coeymanazi Clucks Club. (Sorry we couldn’t dig up much more on this character but we’ll have our contacts make some more inquiries (DoD, DoA, VA, FBI).)

The picture above shows HAJU doing what the Coeymanazis do best, blow smoke! (Oh, by the way, Hugito, the correct phrase is “Dulce et decorum est pro patri mori.” Before you try to be cute and use a foreign phrase you should either copy it correctly or know something about the language. Making a mistake like that isn’t cute, it’s ignorant.)

KRG In her fog of self-righteousness and fantasy image of her “momma bear” “power-woman” dilusions writes in a final comment in this Cathy Clucks Club:

Put some clothes on!

“I chose to ignore him. I did post a response on his blog but he erased it. His committee of one must of decided I hit too close to home.”

Wrong again, KRG, and a bit contradictory (not that that’s anything new with your coven of clucks): You no sooner say you “chose to ignore him,” than in your next sentence you admit responding to his blog! Sure he erased it! It was pure rubbish, the rant of an unfulfilled, frustrated matron, who imagines herself to be a post-menopausal WonderWoman in a bear suit, pontificating from within a fog of vaginal vapors, about images and texts she doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to understand. Kathleen, dear, this is not some frustrated frumps forum, it is a forum of truth, real truth, not yours, not the Coeymanazis with whom you keep company, and not the truth of Cathy’s Coeymanazi Clucks Club. It’s real truth, something alien to you and your co-clucks.

I’m A Cock!
How’s that grab ya, Cathy?
The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

Kathleen Ryan Gill Loves This Blog! Or is she a “Lurker”?


Kathleen Ryan Gill Loves This Blog So Much She Practically Spends Her Day Reading it!

Are You Stalking Me, Kathleen?

Some of our readers, well, are in love with this blog because it tells it like it is and keeps its readers truthfully informed. Some readers repay our efforts with the greatest of compliments: they return again, and again, and again!

But the true facts are:

Kathleen and the Clucks are Lurkers!

Kathleen Gill Ryan recently writes on RCS Friends and More, the Deluca Coeymanazi Cluck Club Corner, that “Apparently, the mad blogger stalks this site.” Not so, actually, because readers send me copies of Deluca’s and her clucks’ ravings. So, what? Well, the fact is, the very cluck Kathleen who claims the “mad blogger stalks” the RCS Friends and More site, is a “lurker” herself. The number of visits that Lurker Kathleen Gill Ryan made on October 3 alone, more than 40 visits, proves that Cathy’s Coeymanazi Clucks who call others “lurkers” are lurkers themselves! It’s their typical game; do something and say the other is guilty of it. It simply goes to prove that ‘clucks of a feather flock together” … in Cathy’s Coeymanazi Cluck Corner, at RCS Friends and More on FaceBook.

Kathleen Ryan Gill is one of those readers. Here’s the proof…she’s visited this blog today at least 40 times throughout the day on October 3. You GO! Girl!

Click on this link to see where Kathleen has been: KRG.

Thank you! Kathleen Ryan Gill! You make our work and effort worthwhile!

Kathleen Thinks
We’re More Addicting Than

The Editor


And Chicken Little Cried: “The Sky Is Falling!”

Cathy Deluca Is Going Ballistic on FaceBook and Her Mindless Dumb Clucks are Clucking In Agreement:
“Oh, My! They’re Going Legal On Us! How Dare They!”

Cathy Deluca and the
FaceBook Tubbies

Are in an Uproar!

Cathy Deluca and her FaceBook Tubbies have been in an uproar over the RCS Board of Education’s resolution to require everyone operating on school property to be accountable and to obey the law. Cathy is outraged! What? Obey the law?!? What? Be accountable?!?

Bravo, “Fabulous Five!” Make Policy Now! Clean House Now!
It’s For the Kids!

Cathy Deluca’s on the War Path!

Well someone said they saw Major Cluck a.k.a. Cathy Deluca on Main Street in Ravena, New York, and she was dressed for the fight! You GO! girl!

And all the commotion is about the RCS board of education proposing a resolution that requires anyone doing business on school property to do it legally. We realize that’s something really new and revolutionary in the RCS district but it had to come sooner or later.

Here’s the text of the resolution that has Cathy Deluca’s feathers in a tizzy: 

Cathy DeLuca
Here is the latest stunt from our “Fab Five” on the RCS BOE. Their new policy

2.13 BE IT RESOLVED that the Board hereby directs the Superintendent of Schools to implement the following procedures with respect to organizations that may lawfully use school district facilities for fund raising activities:
Prior to approving a use the not-for-profit organization must present the Superintendent with written documentation regarding the fee schedule for entrance fees, raffle prices and or goods to be sold on the school district premises; An estimate of the amount of proceeds must be presented to the Superintendent with written evidence of the actual cost of the goods or services that will be paid out of the gross fees and/or sales; The amount of money estimated to be gifted to a general educational or general charitable entity shall be set forth in writing, detailing how the monies will be paid over to such entity; The accounting of the gross sales shall be conducted in the presence of a school district official or employee; No use application shall be granted where the conditions set forth above have not been met, except for the accounting of the gross sales process that will be conducted at the end of the use period.

PLEASE NOTE: they are trying to not only control “who” can raise funds for the school but also “where” the funds are applied. They are UNBELIEVABLE!

Yes, Cathy, to the mind of a dumb cluck it probably is “UNBELIEVABLE!” It’s unbelievable that you’ll finally have to do things legally. But you can change, you’ve done it so many times before. When I listen to you I really believe that creatures the size of a dinosaur can actually live with a brain the size of a peanut. You’re living proof!

But Deluca is not the only dumb cluck in town, listen to Kathleen Ryan Gill’s come-back:

” This school board is more than ridiculous. They are so filled with self importance that they forget who they serve; the kids. It is more important to them to continue bickering and nitpicking and demean others that even a soda deposit bottle return needs to be regulated. My grandchildren attend Ravena schools and I am outraged by the negativity the school board is creating. I guess those running the soda bottle blitz were going to book a cruise with the money and not give it back to the kids? Those running the blitz are parents of students attending RCS. They PAY TAXES for their children to attend there. I think their paying school taxes makes them partners of the school and therefore, if they are running a not for profit fundraiser FOR THE SCHOOL, the school would be obliged to help them in order to help THEMSELVES. What egotistical idiots would bite the hand that feeds them? RCS school board, that’s who. By the way, I will take this time to thank the wonderful teachers who have given so much to my grandchildren in spite of the RCS leadership. Hurt my children and grandchildren and you will awaken momma bears who will not stand by and take it.”

I Think I’ve Been Insulted!

I guess if your name is Cathy or Kathy you must be sharing the same bird brain! Seems to me, Kathleen Ryan Gill, that the only “kids” you’ve served have been honey-roasted! The normally functioning intellect will not need me to point out the absolute idiocy of Kathleen Ryan Gill’s published stupidity. But I will…Gill seems to think that it’s  the school board who is creating “negativity” and that the “bickering and nitpicking” is from the “school board.” Well, when Kathleen Ryan Gill comes out of her senile dementia episodes and her drug-induced coma, she might actually realize that the board has been the model of cooperation and consensus and that the “bickering and nitpicking” has been coming from the Deluca FaceBook Teletubby bunch, who have done nothing but bellyache and point their fingers, and ambush the board at every turn, that is, when they’re not on Twinkie binges.

The Clucks Club
(How they work)

Other charter members of the Clucks Club: Cathy DeLuca (Chief Cluck), Jeanette Smith Borger, Tracey Traver, Mike Varney, Moose Misuraca (smh), don’t miss a beat in clucking idiotic opinions and misguided advice. Not one of them knows what she or he is talking about. It’s reads like a lonely hearts club, dear Abby mutation. It reeks of self-loathing and myopia! These people have a serious case of unrecovered children of dysfunctional families or serious co-dependence.

Cathy Deluca and her lackies, her clucks, function out of hate and envy, and apparently self-loathing. Nothing the present board of education majority would or could ever do would please them because the Coeymanazi Teletubbettes are a deeply unhappy, unfulfilled mob. The Delucas and their Coeymanazis are so envious and sour-grapes, they’ve lost so many times, they’re known as the Coeymans Losers Club, that they are blinded by their envy. Only misfits would join with them.

Kathleen Ryan Gill apparently comes from some still unmapped area of rural “Appalachia” that hasn’t yet heard that there are laws that regulate who operates what on school property. And Yes! Since about 1912, the government has been very interested in how people make money and what’s done with it. Maybe Kathleen Ryan Gill has never paid any income or sales taxes or never filled out a tax form. But that’s OK. We don’t think the RCS Sports Association or Cathy Deluca ever has, either. And they both claim to have some sense of business…Coeymanazi business. Crooks!

But the best of Kathleen Ryan Gill comes at the closing. GRRR! Momma Bears loose! Gimme a break! Grow up grandma! You’re starting to really scare me and I hope your neighbors know about you…do you get out much?

Momma Bear Scarwee!

And then there’s Brenda Biance Pommakoy, obviously a Teletubby of few words, who writes in response to grandma Ryan-Gill: “So sad what the district has resorted to!” Yes, it is sad, Brenda. So sad that the privilege of free speech can be used so frequently by the Deluca Teletubbies only to publish their despicable ignorance, and to continue to foster the apparently predominant impression, so frequently published in the Times Useless, that the people of this RCS district are a bunch of ignorant, illiterate, hypocritical cannibals.

Somebody say “Fitness Center?”
An RCS Beauty Ready to Pump Iron

Cathy Deluca has been involved in so many shadey deals in this community that the only one who’s probably shadier is her partner, Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca. If they aren’t getting the kudos for their corrupt practices then they’ll lynch anyone who tries to do good. Deluca’s behind the idiotic Bruno corruption that’s insanely trying to put a fitness center in the library space. And what’s worse, she tries to justify the idea on her FaceBook page. She stands to benefit (she’s supposed to manage the fitness center, you know), so screw the library! Well, looking at most of the residents they sure do need a fitness center more than a library: to drop a couple twinky tons. And judging by what I read in some of those FaceBook comments, they don’t need a library, they wouldn’t know what to do with a book. Maybe Bruno’s not so senile as I thought.

I Must Be Losin’ It!
The Editor

Un-Memorable Quotes
This one is from the RCS Friends and More FaceBook Site
(September 17, 2012)

Michelle Waldenmaier Koeppel: HERE WE GO AGAIN PEOPLE Ok listen up everyone I did this before and I will do it again and start deleting all this stuff…I have no problem deleting these posts or removing the people putting them up here. Grow up people. Thank you.

Maria Denton:  Just because people are discussing the issue?

[Editor: Yes, Maria. Are you surprised?]

P.s. What’s the deal with Albany Academy bringing their own refreshments concession to an RCS sports event? Anyone want to comment on that one?

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

Asskissers: No Answers, Just Censorship

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

It Seems That Getting Answers Or Even Getting To Speak In This So-Called Community Is Getting More And More Difficult

Asked Several Times About How $$$ Much the so-called RCS Bottle Blitz Made at the First Collection on July 10, Cathy Deluca Avoids Answering and Tells Her Following, “Just Ignore Him!” Why, Cathy, is it Such a Big Secret?

They just love the fresh taste
and keep comin’ back for
more of the same!

Then the poop really hits the fan when Cathy Deluca is asked why she and Chubby Chubby-Chaser Hubby, Dirty Hands Jerry, don’t use some of their political connections to get some fundraisers, like ARANY, Deluca Public Affairs, Main Street Small Business Coalition, any of the local businesses (if any are left in RCS)–Yeah, the same ones the Coeymanazies like to punish–might organize something. Then the cat fur really started flying! That was getting “political.” The Deluca herd of moos really got their bovine knickers in a twist!

Do The Belong To You?
Don’t get these big mommas in a twist!

It’s always the ones who are spewing the rhetoric about community and doing what’s good and what’s right. Actually, it’s a gaggle of ass kissers who are sucking up to their Coeymanazi leaders, or a bunch of sociopathic obese humanoids who don’t dare appear in public, and so spend their waking hours worshipping the Bottle Blitz and its big momma, Cathy Deluca, on another censored FaceBook site.

One of our regular contributors, following a lead, joined one of the many RCS happy-happy FaceBook groups, “RCS Friends and More,” and tried to contribute some sense and insight to the bunch there. Well, try to convince a herd of cows it’s not milking time and prepare to get trampled by the stupid moos! Here’s an exchange relating to the RCS Bottle Blitz, where the contributor simply asked, one week after the first collection efforts, how much money was collected:

On June 23, 2012, Cathy DeLuca posted an announcement about her RCS Bottle Blitz project on the RCS Friends and More Facebook Site:

RCS Bottle Blitz for Field Trips!
Please consider donating your REDEEMABLE bottles and cans
100% of the proceeds will go to Field Trips for RCS Students
Drop Off Dates:
July 10 (1pm – 8pm) & 11(10am – 4pm)
August 14 & 15, September 8 & 9
High School Cafeteria
Volunteers are needed to help sort. Large Group Pick-Ups may be arranged.
To Volunteer or for further information please email us at

Then, on July 11, the day after the first day of the Bottle Blitz, Deluca the announcement:

Now on a positive note. The turnout for the RCS Bottle Blitz was a great success! The community participation was awesome and we are looking forward to an even bigger truck load in August. We had 72 cases of glass bottles and 47 LARGE bags of plastic and cans. I will let everyone know what the final $$ is as soon as I’m notified. I Huge Thank you to EVERYONE that helped sort and to the Staff at RCS for all their help and encouragement. So save us your bottles and cans, the next dates are August 14 & 15. And again THANK YOU EVERYONE!!

Then the fun begings when our contributor, HWV, asks on July 17th:

HWV: OK, Cathy, it’s been almost a week. How much was realized by the first day of the Bottle Blitz? How much $$$, Cathy???

[Editor’s Note: You will recall that Cathy Deluca’s advice to members on the RCS Friends and More site was, “Just ignore him.” Well, she’s good at following her own advice, managed to avoid answering the question at all. Starting to sound like the RCS Athletic Association’s transparency under James Latters’ “leadership?” This community had better demand accountability if Deluca’s asking for public support! There are legalities, you know! Are you listening superintendant of schools Elizabeth Smith?]

Debbie Oatman:  What is your problem? No matter how much they raised, it will be more than they had. Geez…why not try to be a team player rather than attempt to “stir the pot”. It’s time to heal. Do you not see what’s happening in your district? Come on, grow up, be the role model your kids need to see. Don’t you see how all of this crap is affecting your students?

HWV: Ms Oatman, of course I see what’s happening around here! How can you be so naïve? I’ve been watching, listening, analyzing for some time now. What have you been doing?

Michelle Waldenmaier Koeppel: Mr [redacted] I am going to ask you one more time to stop this on this page or I will remove you.

Jamie Cabiati Guntert: Love this! If there is any other way we can help raise money for this cause, please keep us posted.

HWV: Yes. Ask the Delucas if they can use some of their “political” connections through ARANY, Deluca Public Affairs, the Main Street Small Business Coalition, the NYS Assembly, the DEC to get some support. May be more effective than picking up bottles.

Debbie Oatman: Great job Cathy! Sounds like a great way to try to build up some much needed morale and comradery in a district torn. One small step at a time…

HWV: We all have to use the resources at our disposal, don’t we? Even when we have to do it out of the limelight. Corporeal acts of mercy are most valuable when they are done unseen! Remember the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector?

Debbie Oatman: At least she’d doing something constructive and trying to take a small step at fixing a very broken district. You seem to want this mess to continue. Drama king maybe?

HWV: Look, as soon as we open our eyes and admit that there are not only good times but bad times, too, and admit that perhaps we may have something to learn even from the bad, there will be growth. If the name-calling continues, as you’re doing, suggestively rather than objectively, this area will continue to be broken. Look around you, read the blogs, synthesize, think, reflect (look within yourself) and we may get somewhere. As long as you’re focused externally, you’re missing what’s going on inside yourself. That can be a big mistake! Drama king? Not at all! Wounded healer, pastoral servant, perhaps. Interested observer, definitely.

Ashley Anne Irwin:  [Redacted], I thought you wanted these “discussions” to happen on your blog? So, why continue to start them in this group? If people want to see your opinion about things, they know where to look.

HWV: I don’t know what you’re talking about, Ms Irwin. Do you? The original question related to a community action inaugurated by Cathy Deluca, who, with her husband, Jerry Deluca, apparently have quite a number of “political” contacts, and are… involved in a number of business enterprises. Historically, such people are golden for fundraisers, and, if curried, may do a lot for a community or organization. Are you following this line of thought. One contributor can send a whole class on a field trip that might require tens of thousands of 5-cent deposit or 10-cent deposit bottles or cans. I would ask where the local businesses stand on this but there aren’t very many left, are there? I hope you can follow this train of thought. If not, I’ll explain it more simply by private e-mail, or on my own FaceBook account. Just request to be friended.

Ashley Anne Irwin: Her original post had nothing to do with anything political, you brought that up. And last night, one of the administrators asked that nothing “political” be brought to this group to respect the numerous members of this group that do not want to see it. So, stop.

HWV: Are you now deciding what’s political and not political? I mentioned “political” contacts nothing “political.” I’m wondering if you are reading challenged? The adjective “political” as used above has noting to do with making a “political” statement. You’re wasting my time; are you a product of the RCS schools?

Ashley Anne Irwin: Yes, sir, and I’m very proud of that. I’m proud to be part of an amazing community and district.

Debbie Oatman: If she’s wasting your time, then why bother to respond? Ashley…actions speak so much louder than words. So far, all we’ve seen/heard from Mr. [redacted] is alot of rhetoric. He seems to thrive on dysfuntion. I think we should not feed into him anymore. Let him go to his blog and spew his venom. He doesn’t seen to have much support anyway.

They’re at it again!
Got any gum, Michelle, Cathy, Ann?

HWV: I don’t know how much support I personally have, but when I visit the Smalbany blog I see they have more than 43,000 visitors and it seems to be growing by a couple of hundred each day. If you visit the blog, you can see for yourself. What are you afraid of? Anyway. You are boring me so you don’t have to read any more of my “rhetoric.”‘ Peace!

Michelle Waldenmaier Koeppel:  I really thought that this was going to be a site where we could share good news and catch up on old friends. Dan Gonyea set this site up for people to get together and share good times. I had the fortune of being an administrator of this page and I think that this is a disgrace and I am going to delete all the posts.

Jena Misuraca: Michelle I have been the PTO VP for the past 5 years and this year was forced to delete our entire PBC PTO page due to the arguing. It is sad. Good luck managing this page.

[Editor’s Note: Misuraca is probably referring to the Pieter B. Coeymans PTO  site that was dominated by Donna Leput-Hommel, and several other Coeymanazis, who, during the budget campaigning, tried to punish local businesses for not supporting the 2012-2013 school budget.]

 Michelle Waldenmaier Koeppel:  [Redacted] obviously you did not see my post below about the disgrace that is going on here. If you do not have anything nice to say please do not say a thing. As an administrator I will remove you from this site your drama continues when people are posting positive things. This site is for the “Friends and children of RCS” Please stop this non sense. Anne Irwin likes this.

HWV: I’m afraid this side is a bit too closed-minded to make any significant contribution to anything. You have made your statements rejecting every possible attempt I have made to offer alternative viewpoints and to foster some sort of openmindedness. Your subscribers appear to be dyslexic or aphasic, or lexically challenged; as a result, they continue to march off the cliff despite charitable warnings that the bridge is burning! It’s very difficult to communicate intelligently with a hoard of depressed lemmings hell-bent on suicide. So, dear censor, please “remove” me from this site. I am personally requesting that action for the above reasons. That way I won’t be disturbed in my important work by bored matrons’ pessimistic whining, and Mrs Deluca’s impoverished attempts to look clean. Thank you for complying with my request as soon as possible.
Unable to post comment. Try Again.

And so it went. Cathy Deluca ignores the question. Her bovine followers follow suit. The aphasia, dyslexia of the lexically challenged friends and graduates of the progressive RCS schools system continue with the status quoThey can’t read, and if they do they don’t understand what they’re reading. They retaliate by name-calling and ignorance. When that fails, their watchdogs come in with the censorship. We don’t understand what you’re saying so bye-bye! Nazis!

So, if you ever consider joining one of the so-called RCS “friends” groups, just be aware that you might have to memorize the very simple language script, to say just the right thing, to stock up on asskisser’s gum, and you’ll need to really like kissing cow-ass!

My Advice To
“RCS Friends And More”
The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

Public Information Notice: John M. Vadney Legal Defense Fund

Warning:If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

Shout NO! To the Coeymanazis!
John Vadney Defended Your Interests!

Now Defend Him!

UPDATE 25 June 2012: There will be plans made for a rally, lecture, and fundraiser buffet/picnic. Stay tuned for details. Organizers have asked persons interested in organizing, participating to send a short e-mail of interest to

UPDATE 24 June 2012: The Blogger has agreed give a talk on harassment, conflicts of interest, corruption, and citizens’ complaints against police. Details to be announced. Organizers have asked persons interested in attending to send a short e-mail of interest to (approximate donation is expected be $25 per person.).

We’ll Be Publishing Details On How To Make Your Donation/Charitable Gift!

You may want to let us know that you are interested in donating to the Legal Defense Fund (LDF).

  • You can click the Follow Me (automatic e-mail notification of new posts) button on the right side of this page.
  • You can leave a comment on this blog in the comment field below
  • Otherwise just contact the LDF Organizers at

Once you are confirmed and verified, you will receive a password to access the protected pages of a special controlled-access blog that will share information, publish updates and information on the fund and on the case, and where other more detailed information will be available to LDF subscribers.

We have information that the attorneys will set up the account initially to cover John’s legal fees; once the case has been disposed of, the fund will benefit the victims of bullying at RCS to help cover their legal fees.

We will keep you posted as information become available.

Freedom without Fear

Stay tuned!

And Remember in November how the Corrupt Law Enforcement and Court System can Destroy your Freedoms, your Life, your Reputation no matter how good you are!

All it Takes is the Lie of a Coeymanazi!

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

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Send that Dunce Dirty-Hands Jerry Back to School!

The Price of Listening to Dirty-Hands Jerry and Bottle-Gal Cathy!
The Price of Reading the Times Union or the News Herald!

It’s Really A Shame That The Good Residents of the RCS Central School District Have to Be Exposed to Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca’s and Bottle-Gal Cathy Long Deluca’s Abuse of the Privileges Associated with Freedom Of Speech!

They Just Dress Up the Old Lies In Different Outfits!

Freedom of Speech Does Not Mean You Can Say Anything, True or False, Or Pervert the Information or Misinform the Public, Something the Delucas and their Dwindling Gang of Coeymanazis Don’t Seem To Get. You Just Can’t Waddle Up to the Speakers Podium and Talk Any Trash You Like! You Have To Be Responsible, Deluca! You Have to be Responsible For the Trash You Talk, Jerry!

Is That You, Jerry?

I made my point in Part I: of this series that Jerry “Dirty-Hands” Deluca doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he attempts to interpret the law when reading Article 18 of the New York State General Municipal Law. “Dirty-Hands” Deluca has no background in law or apparently law enforcement but he seems to be claiming to be an expert in both, while being competent in neither. Or does your Plattsburg political science degree include a free coupon for a Harvard, Yale, or even Albany Law School degree, Jerry? Didn’t really think so.

Congratulations Jerry!
Master Baiter of Misinformation (M.B.M.)
Class of 2012

But old “Dirty-Hands” Deluca and his partner in dereliction Old “Bottle-Butt” Deluca are up to their old tricks again, trying to paint the world black so that they can appear white. They’ll never accept what they really are–neither will we. It’s too scary!

So, for our 34,000+ dear and loyal readers, and the Coeymanazi lurkers–we know you’re there–here are a couple of definitions that may help to understand what we’re talking about here:

Dirty-Hands” is our phrase for the legal doctrine of unclean hands, which means that in order to be taken seriously, anyone pointing the finger at another person and making accusations must him/herself be innocent of any wrongdoing. Well, we know that’s not true in the Delucas’ case.

Conflict of interest,” is where a person uses his or her public position or office to benefit or profit personally; it’s misusing your official position for personal gain. Again, this may also apply to the Delucas and their minions.

Contract” is an agreement with specific terms between two or more persons or entities in which there is a promise to do something in return for a valuable benefit known as consideration. The law of contracts is at the heart of most business dealings. The existence of a contract requires finding the following factual elements:

  1. an offer
  2. an acceptance of that offer which results in a meeting of the minds
  3. a promise to do something
  4. compensation or payment in some form)
  5. a time or event when the agreed service must be provided (an agreement to meet commitments)
  6. terms and conditions for meeting the commitments, including fulfilling promises
  7. providing the service or meeting the commitments.

A lawsuit a common term for a legal action by one person or entity against another person or entity, to be decided in a court of law, sometimes just called a “suit.” The legal claims within a lawsuit are called “causes of action.” To exist, a  lawsuit does not involve a meeting of the minds or any of the essential ingredients for a contract; a lawsuit is not a contract!

Notice is also critical when suing a state or local government. Many states and municipalities have “notice of claim” provisions in their statutes and ordinances that state that, before a lawsuit is started, a notice of claim must be filed within a reasonable time, usually three to six months after the injury occurs. The notice must contain the date of injury, how it occurred, and other facts that establish that the prospective plaintiff has a viable Cause of Action against the government. A “notice of claim” is not a lawsuit nor is it a contract.

So, for Dirty-Hands Deluca and Bottle-Butt to say that filing a notice of claim is a conflict of interest because it is a contract is completely off-base! Deluca simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about (like that’s something new?).

In addition, because Deluca doesn’t understand what he’s reading from his script, he’s trying to make people believe something that is false: that is, he’s trying to make you believe what the Coeymans Police Department and the Coeymanazis believe: that seeking the protection of the law to be compensated for a wrong or for an injury is a conflict of interest if you are a public official (or anyone else, for that matter)!

Deluca and the Coeymanazis are Burning it Again!

The United States Constitution guarantees equal protection under the law; it does not say that you lose that protection if you’re a public official. (But that never mattered to the Coeymans Police or to the Coeymanazis!)  In fact, many states and municipalities have made provisions for defending public officials if they are sued, whether they are right or wrong!
What Deluca is trying to make people believe is that a notice of claim or a lawsuit is a conflict of interest. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Old Dirty-Hands Jerry is trying to misinform the public so that–he and the Coeymanazis hope–members of the board of education will be forced to resign and that will leave him and the Coeymanazis in full control. (I suppose if you can’t get re-elected Jerry and Cathy, the best next thing is to steal the power. Right?) But consider these examples, and think about them…

  • An off-duty  fireman is entering a school building and a piece of concrete falls and injures him; she sues the town to compensate him for his injury and losses.
  • A voter and member of the town council is walking into the polling place to vote, he trips on a damaged piece of sidewalk and breaks his hip; he sues the municipality for the injury and liability associated with the lack of maintenance of the sidewalk.
  • A teacher’s daughter is bullied in school and suffers physical injury as well as psychological trauma due to the lack of supervision at the school; the teacher sues the school administration.
  • A doctor is entering the emergency room and slips on a wet floor, breaking his arm; he sues the hospital.
  • A person serving on a public committee is falsely accused of misconduct by another member and is arrested; his reputation is damaged and his chances of re-election are put into jeopardy. The committeeman takes legal action against the person making the false accusation and defamation.

Do you honestly feel that any of these people have to resign from their positions in order to get justice for the loss, damage, injury they suffered? Or in each of the examples, what if it wasn’t the fireman, the teacher,  member of the town council, the doctor but their spouse or their child who is suing? Does that mean that the parent or the spouse has to resign his or her position? Of course not! There’s no conflict of interest at all.

In fact, that would be depriving the individuals of their constitutional rights! But we are not saying that the person suing should have the power or authority to decide for him or herself how much money should be awarded for the injury. That’s silly! The court will decide that or a jury will determine the award. The point is: someone was hurt or suffered losses because the other party was negligent or criminal. That means that for justice to be done, the injured party must be compensated. Do you disagree?

Now, put yourself in the positions in the example. What do you think would be fair and just?

We’re not talking about what the Biscones, the Brunos, and a couple of other RCS ruling tribes (the P…o, and A…o tribes), the Delucas, and the rest of the Coeymans gang do, like: My son has a construction company and he’ll do the job (…and I’ll get a cut). Or, the town attorney will take your case and for $50,000 make your felony disappear and you get to do public service for 80 hours. Or, my daughter works for your real estate company so I’ll let you sell the town property and she can get the commission. And this real-life RCS  list goes on. I think you understand what the point is. And you’ll see the conflict of interest we’re talking about.

The way things work is that if someone or a group injures you or causes you losses, you have every right to go after them. As a parent you must defend your children and if they are hurt by the negligence of others, you have every right to be made whole again. And it shouldn’t mean that the community loses a dedicated and valuable person in the process.

Guess who?

And it doesn’t mean that good people have to suffer because the evil ones have the podium and their three minutes to spread lies! A law suit against the municipality. Note: A person in litigation against a municipality over a contract claim is not thereby disqualified from running for elected office. (see N.Y. Op. (Inf.) Atty. Gen. 1975 -272) so why would a sitting public official be prohibited by the law or any mishapen attempt by Coeymanazis to invoke some obscure  local ethics code, apparently written by ignoramuses? An important elment in the consideration of “conflict of interest” is the question of control over the so-called contract. We must ask whether the public official has “control” over the contract contract…?

That you, Cathy?

In other words, does the public official have the power or duty to negotiate, prepare, authorize or approve the contract or authorize or approve payment under the contract, or to audit bills or claims under the contract, or appoint an officer or employee who has any of the powers or duties set forth above (see Gen. Mun. Law. §801)? Clearly the answer to this question when speaking of a member of the board of education, even if Dirty-Hands Jerry and his FaceBook addict Bottle-Gal Cathy Deluca knew what they were talking about when referring to a “contract.” If what Dirty-Hands Jerry and Bottle-Gal Cathy were true, it would be saying is that no teacher or spouse of a teacher sitting on the board of education could vote on anything, especially approval of a budget, from which they would derive benefit directly or through a spouse or a child!

So here are some examples of conflict of interest to make this clearer:

  • An attorney who is town or village attorney should not represent an applicant before the local zoning department;
  • The chair of the planning board who is employed by a real estate company should not participate in the consideration of a subdivision application made by that real estate company;
  • A town planning board member who is also a geologist in the private sector may not be compensated or enter into an agreement to be compensated for soil borings on a project before the planning board.

In each of these instances, there might be the appearance that the public official might be using his position for personal gain or benefit. The simple solution is to remove one’s self from the situation, to recuse one’s self from the process, and avoid the appearance of influencing the outcome. It does not mean that you have to resign! Nor does it mean that you have to make all sorts of disclosures! This safeguarding  process also involves the administration and the other board members policing their own; in other words, if the administration or the other board members feel that one of their own is potentially exposed to a conflict of interest allegation, it is their responsibility to alert their colleague to the fact and to request that s/he not participate in the deliberations or decision in the matter. Simple, right?

What the toilet-stall genius Dirty-Hands Jerry doesn’t seem to get is that the law is referring to a business arrangement that is made by an agreement, oral or written, called a contract, and concerns compensation or payment for services rendered, and comprising the elements I listed above.

What’s Up, Jerry?

Business law 101, Dirty-Hands, stick to your own conflicts of interest (Deluca Public Affairs, Department of Environmental Conservation, ARANY, Main Street Small Business Coalition, Coeymans Police Department, the New York State Assembly, and that’s just for starters, if and only if Dirty-Hands is not lying on his published résumé) and stick to your intimidation and retaliation agendas; you’re much better at them than real law. Dorkus maximus!

(Hey! Jerry. What’s with the neurotic cud-chewing? You getting nervous or something? You were driving some people nuts with that obscene nervous cud- or gum- chewing at the meeting!)

Now, dear 34,000+ visitors, if you’re really interested in the inbreeding and conflicts of interest old Dirty-Hands Jerry knows best about, we suggest you have a look at the operations of the Village of Ravena, all departments, the Town of Coeymans, all departments but especially the Coeymans Police Department, the RCS central school district and its school staff (instructional and non-instructional) and there you’ll find plenty to squeal about! Talk about incest and inbreeding! And when you’re done there, follow the turd tracks to the Albany County Sheriff’s department, the Albany Police Department, and the Albany County District Attorney’s office. Have fun!

Please don’t forget to cast your vote in the new polls! Just click on the Poll link at the top of this page or click here to go directly to the polls.


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Coeymanazis Doing Their Worst…Aided by the Times Useless

 Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

If the Coeymanazis under the Leadership of Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca and his paramour Cathy “Bottle-Gal” Deluca Don’t Do Enough Damage in the Community, There’s Always Dayelin Roman or Scott Waldman to Misreport Something or Misrepresent Some Facts in the Times Useless!

FaceBook Journalism
Cathy Deluca, R.J. D’Esposito, and Dayelin Roman Put Their Heads Together and Come Up With One Whole Brain!
(Well, Almost. Some Minor Parts Still Missing)

And so, there was Ms Times Useless herself, Dayelin Roman, seated idiotically between some key speakers at the June 19th RCS board of education meeting, and, despite the pundits around her, still managed to misreport what was going on. But if there’s one thing we can count on the pulp-head journalists of the Times Useless to deliver, it’s their typical negativity and inaccuracy. They never disappoint.

[One Times Useless reporter reported the 29 seniors’ of the class of 2012 to be vandalism, today Roman calls it a harmless prank. Hope everyone having an opinion caught the downgrade.]

And then there’s the typical Times Useless cheap shots at the board members who are not part of the teachers clique or the Coeymanazi gang! You’d almost get the impression little miss Floridian Dayelin Roman, star reporter for the “hill towns,” is in bed with them…figuratively, of course?

The best stuff though is what we get from FaceBook and the Coeymanazis there; you know, Cathy “Bottle-Gal” Deluca and her screwball sidekick R.J. D’Esposito. Here’s just a sampling of highlights from the blather of misinformation they spend their worthless lives chattering about:

Bob Fonz Williams represents the “kill them all” camp, and lumps the whole board of education in the same litter box. Bob apparently isn’t a thinking type and sees everything in an all-or-nothing or strictly black-and-white field. He writes:

“and that should START with the BOE !!!!! never happen,too much shit in the pot ! it is a shame for the kids.”

No, Bob Fonz, it’s a shame for the adults, who are acting like such asses! I really am a bit sick and tired of hearing “about the kids.” First of all, it’s not the kids that allowed this putrid mess to develop, it was the complacent sheeple, the all-or-nothings, the black-or-whiters, and the Coeymanazis  that got us into this mess. And it’s them that handed the power to the Coeymanazis but forgot the accountability! Bob, Fonz, whatever your moniker is, read some of the comments! And Wake UP! It’s attitudes like yours that is empowering the Coeymanazis!

C’mon Bob Fonz!
Stop Talkin’ Shite!

Bob represents one group of mentally challenged residents who seem to think that if you get rid of the entire board of education, that you’ll possibly get a functional one. That’s idiotic. The first step would be to get the teachers and the retired teachers and the spouses of teachers off the board! That’s where the conflict of interest problem lies. Another problem is that people like Bob fail to break down the whole picture. You need to ask yourself: Who on the board is making all the accusations, demanding resignations, attacking other board members? Who’s been recruited by the Deluca Losers Club that got booted last time and now are sour grapes, rallying behind the Delucas and the Hommels of the community?

Dorothy Dutton addressing R.J. Esposito’s stupid remarks, intelligently and prudently asks D’Esposito:

“First of all I would like to know where you are getting your information from, and if it is true or just more rumors about the BOE. Second….I do not think what Mr. Vadney said to Ms Connors (?) [O’Connor] called for such a reaction from her father. She is a big girl and can stand up for herself. To me this whole thing is just nonsense that got blown up out of preportion!!!”

Thank you, Dorothy! Takes guts to demand truth instead of rumors and gossip. It takes guts to call a nut case a nut case, especially when the nut case is a close relative of one of the Ravena ruling tribes, the Persicos, and a close friend of arch-Coeymanazi Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca! It’s people like Dorothy and AT who are going to ultimately save this community!

AT (I’m using her initials because she has in the past asked that she not be identified), A fairly regular commenter writes the a real sparkle of sanity that appears on the fascist FaceBook page:

“What is shameful is all the gossip. What is shameful is that teachers and students are bullying and attacking (literally, ATTACKING…watch the video!) a young man because of the budget hype and differences of opinion. What is shameful is a public post on seeing if everyone is going to the BoE meeting tonight for sensationalism and more gossip. Why don’t you try going to a BoE meeting for educational issues sometime. It is people like you [meaning Bob Fonz Williams] who continually stir the pot that leads to the shameful behavior. Grow up! Don’t you have kids?? Try being a role model.”

BRAVA AT! No, most of the Coeymanazis have been sterilized by their own venom! Why have kids? The Coeymanazis never bothered to grow up and act like adults!

Debbie Oatman captures that same thought when she writes:

 “What??? I hope, for the sake of the students, this nonsense stops! The “grown ups” really need to grow up!! It’s shameful, to say the least.”

It was Cathy “Bottle-Gal” Deluca who started the entire discussion, when she wrote:

“[Cathy DeLuca] It would seem that indeed Mrs. V has filed a notice of claim/intent with the distict. This constitutes a “contract” according to the district code of conduct and Mr. V would have an “interest” in said contract. It is required by law that it be publicly disclosed in writing and made part of the official record. It is prohibited by both the RCS Code of Ethics and Article 18 of the General Municipal Law for a board member to have an “interest in a contract with the school district where a board member has the power or may appoint someone who has the power to negotiate, authorize of make payment…..” See section 1340(pg 52) of the RCS BOE Policy Manual. As for a VIDEO, where is this available for viewing?”

Now, Cathy, Let’s Put On Our Thinking Cap!

But Cathy “Bottle-Gal” Deluca  is as ignorant as her misinformation-monger [c]hubby Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca when she calls a “notice of claim” a “contract.” Who cares what the RCS Code of Ethics says? It was probably written by Deluca who seems to know little or nothing about law or law enforcement. They totally misunderstand the Article 18 text and then go on to exhibit their ignorance publicly by misinforming the public about its meaning! But admittedly, if anyone knows anything about conflict of interest and misuse of one’s public office, it has to be the Delucas! But ya gotta let them make absolute asses of themselves; they’re so deluded they actually think people are taking them seriously. Them days is gone, Jerry.

R.J. D’Esposito, another Coeymanazi who, like Donna Leput-Hommel, is constantly sucking up to Cathy “Bottle-Gal” Deluca, leaves little to the imagination when it comes to the depravity of the Deluca Losers Club:

“[Rj DEsposito] As far as I know the lawsuit has nothing to do with Josie [Josephine O’Connor of “He Called Me Fat!” fame]……I not really sure why you think it does. As far as what he said to her it was wrong and deliberately hurtful. That being said it did get out of hand.”

We really need to note that R.J. (Really Jerky?) D’Esposito doen’t have a clue what is going on. She’s a bloated gossip! We’d like to know how she knows that anything was said and how, in fact, it was “wrong and deliberately hurtful.” This is a perfect example of how these cows don’t think! But, to R.J.’s credit (and I mean this sincerely), she does admit that “it did get out of hand.” At this point, there’s still some glimmer of hope for R.J. until she manages to screw up a beautiful moment and writes:

“[Rj DEsposito] Are you kidding me!!!!….it was the police (state not local) that said he started it all. And now his father is suing. Does it not concern you that the lawyer has to consult the board on how to proceed? You think his vote won’t be to settle. Do you really believe he will not use his inside influence to make things go his way. I would love to have a BoE meeting that is just about education but the constant negative action of some board members will not allow this to happen. If you choose to bury your head in the sand and not see that the actions of some board members are down right disgraceful that is your choice but it is not mine. As for how i raise my kids I want them to stand up for themselves and if something does not seem right I want them to ask questions and stay informed not follow like mindless sheep. Believe it or not people can disagree completely and still be respectful. So please do not bring my kids into this mess.”

We the Sheeple
The D’Esposito Motto

R.J., confirmed “Really Jerky” now, has really confused all the facts and has created a pornographic fantasy of her own. She expresses the wish “to have a BoE meeting that is just about education” and goes on about standing up for one’s self, asking questions, stay informed, avoiding becoming sheeple. I read this and ask: Where is this woman? From which alternative universe is she viewing these events? She’s in the very group she’s condemning and apparently is unaware of it! She’s starting to make Josephine O’Connor look sane!

Well, there you have it. Straight from the cows’ udders. We hope you have a clearer picture of the finer side of the Coeymanazis.

Stay tuned! We have Part II of the conflict of interest series coming up.

Please participate in our polls! Go to the link at the top of this page or click here.

Thanks for your Visit!
The Editor

 P.s. I’ve just been informed that R.J. D’Esposito may be a male gendered type (it’s sometimes difficult to tell with these Coeymanazi types; I mean with all the facial and body hair, and the sheer bulk). I have assumed all along that the banter on FaceBook was a girls’ club PMS outburst. Could still be…but if you are male, R.J., it really doesn’t change my opinion of you 😉

The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!
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