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Martin Case, Marty’s a Real Case!

Pre-Elections Editorial

DUH! The RCS Social Studies Teacher and Mayor John Bruno’s Personal Choice for Coeymans Town Supervisor


Martin "Marty" Case's X-ray Results are In! Ravena Mayor John Bruno Wants to Appoint Case to Be Coeymans Town Supervisor! Are you going to let that happen?!?

Martin “Marty” Case’s X-ray Results are In!
Ravena Mayor John Bruno Wants to Appoint Case to Be Coeymans Town Supervisor! Are you going to let that happen?!?

At a Recent Ravena village board meeting, board member Rocco Persico, a school psychologist with the RCS school district, had to tell fellow board member, Martin “Marty” Case, about an essay contest for high-school students for scholarships. Has to Be Told By A School Psychologist that there is An National Essay Contest Going On for High-school Students on Guess what? Patriotism. Why was Marty Case so surprised, you’d like to ask? Don’t they both work in the same school district, Persico and Case, even in the same school? Go figure…but they’re making local government decisions that affect our lives and that’s the scarey part of all of this!

  • What’s worse is that here you have Martin “Marty” Case and Rocco Persico, two employees of the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District, both on the village board of the village of Ravena, the same village of Ravena that opted to evict the Ravena-Coeymans Community Library in order to put in a fitness center. Now that’s good government, right?
  • Martin “Marty” Case and Rocco Persico, two employees of the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District, both on the village board of the village of Ravena, the same village of Ravena that opted to spend more than $40,000 of taxpayer money on used fitness equipment from Bob Fisk, a Ravena insider.
  • Martin “Marty” Case and Rocco Persico, the same Martin “Marty” Case and Rocco Persico, two employees of the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District, both on the village board of the village of Ravena, the same village of Ravena that opted to allocate more than $105,000 of taxpayer money to fund the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, a bare-bones fitness center that you are paying twice to use since you have to purchase a membership to the tune of about $250.00 a year.
  • Martin “Marty” Case and Rocco Persico the same Martin “Marty” Case and Rocco Persico, two employees of the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District, both on the village board of the village of Ravena, the same village of Ravena that opted to support the appointment of local fiend of RCS, Cathy Deluca, wife of Coeymans cop Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca and  friend of sitting village of Ravena boardmember Nancy Warner, wife of village justice Harold “Hal” Warner, to be the director of the Ravena Health and Fitness Center and to pay her a salary of $30,000 plus benefits. By the way, she managed two fitness centers before the RHFC and both failed. Does that tell you something about Case’s and Persico’s intelligence level?

Catherine M. a.k.a. Cathy Deluca’s already landed the village of Ravena in dangerous water when she got a little too heavy-handed or more accurately, big-mouthed to a local resident and then lied to the Coeymans Police by falsely reporting an incident. Two Notices of Claim and multimillion dollar demands in compensation. You put a dumbass in a position of authority and that’s what you get. But that’s the way the village of Ravena has been run for decades under mayor  John Bruno. But it’s a shame to think that two RCS CSD employees, Martin “Marty” Case, a social studies teacher, and Rocco Persico, a school psychologist, have allowed it to happen.

Worse still…

  • Martin “Marty” Case, teacher and sitting Ravena village board member voted to do all of the above BUT: Martin “Marty” Case hasn’t lifted a finger to prevent Ravena mayor John Bruno and his hatchet woman Nancy Warner, or the Coeymans police from harassing local teens when they’re around the gazebo in the center of village.
  • Nor has teacher Marty Case stepped weighed in on Ravena mayor  John Bruno’s and his hatchet woman Nancy Warner’s backstabbing and digs at the only place in town where village and hamlet youth have a safe place to hang out while under adult supervision, the Ravena-Coeymans Teen and Youth Activities Center.
  • And we haven’t heard a peep from Marty Case or Rocco Persico about allocating any support money to the Ravena-Coeymans Teen and Youth Activities Center but they did vote to create and fund the Ravena Health and Fitness Center that has a minimum age of 18 to use the place, effectively barring any of the kids served by the Ravena-Coeymans Teen and Youth Activities Center.

But Hey! Didn’t we already say that Marty Case is a social studies teacher at the RCS high school? Shouldn’t the welfare of local kids be a top priority on his list? And isn’t Marty Case a social studies teacher? He teaches about the US Constitution and civil rights, good government but on the outside he violates the Bill of Rights and violates the civil rights of the kids parents are paying him to teach! That’s hypocrisy in its vilest, most toxic form.

Here’s another question: Why is the RCS CSD superintendent Dr Allen R. McCartney so silent on the multiple instances of RCS teacher misconduct? Matthew “Matt” J. Miller is the biggest problem. Then there are others like Martin “Marty” Caese. Don’t the taxpayers in this RCS CSD pay McCartney enough to notice the stupidity under his own nose? And what about the RCS board of special interests, also known as the RCS board of education? Why are they so silent? Well one reason is that they stick together like shit to a shoe; why would the teachers clique go after one of their own?

Rocco Persico can’t get off the hook so easily, either. Rocco Persico is being paid very handsomely by this RCS school district to be a school psychologist. You’d think he’d know something about how teens behave and understand something about how to deal with them and what their specific needs are. You’d think that given mayor John Bruno’s and Nancy Warner’s ignorant attitude towards the teens and the Teen Center that Rocco Persico would step in and make a statement in support of providing the village and hamlet young people with a safe, supervised place to go. You’d think Rocco Persico with his “credentials” would be a voice of reason in support of the local youth. Wouldn’t you think that? Wouldn’t you?


They haven’t.
Marty Case and Rocco Persico are pee-pants on the village board.
Who or what are they scared of?

So we have two RCS central school district employees on the Ravena village board and neither of them have let out a peep in favor of local youth.

Now Martin “Marty” Case, the social studies teacher who doesn’t know about the social studies essay competition, an the social studies teacher who lets the village of Ravena burn the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights and violate our civil rights but worse than that, stays mum when it comes to harassing local youth and violating their civil rights. Doesn’t say a word when the Coeymans Police violate civil rights in the village of Ravena when they enforce an unconstitutional loitering law.  Now, Ravena mayor John Bruno’s personal pick to be appointed, not elected, to be Coeymans town supervisor, wants your vote.

The Diagnosis is In: Martin “Marty” Case has shit for brains. He’s been a coward on the Ravena village board and is a hypocrite when it comes to what he teaches RCS students and what he does on the village board. He’s just what Ravena mayor John Bruno needs in the town of Coeymans supervisor’s office to make the entire town of Coeymans a suburb of mummy-mayor John Bruno’s office, and to transform the entire town into a Police State and a Ghost Town, just what they’ve managed to do to the village of Ravena!

Effects of Psychological and Biomechanical Trauma on Brain and Behavior…

Maybe Marty Case or Rocco Persico can tell us whay the Coeymans Police have made it a habit of parking at or near the Teen Center? Is this part of the Bruno Police State in Ravena with the complicity and collaboration of DoDo Darlington’s Coeymans bullies? Huge drug raids for a handful of pot plants. Now that takes a crack police force and a budget of more than a million dollars a year. Or does it take a cracked town board, a senile village mayor, and a band of Coeymanazis on parade? Think about it. Is it worth your peace of mind, your kids’ rights and a bunch of pothead to have those yahoos racing up and down your streets at the cost of $1,000,000 a year? Well, that’s what was going on on Saturday, October 4, 2013, around New Street in Ravena. Sure beats cable TV.

You’ll recall that several months ago Marty Case was chaperoning a group of RCS students to Washington D.C. There was an unconfirmed report that Case took off one evening to party and came back a bit impaired. The report originated from students, later parents voiced concerns. The RCS school district was called upon to investigate. So far no statement has been issued as to the results. As far as we’re concerned, the report is true until the RCS CSD comes forward to clear Case, or Case makes a statement denying the report. We do want to emphasize that the report was unconfirmed but we also emphasize that neither the RCS Central School District nor Case have come forward with any results of an investigation or a denial!

If we can’t get Marty Case out of the schools or off the Ravena village council this election day we sure as hell can keep him out of the Coeymans town supervisor’s office!

This one's for you, Marty Case The Editor

This one’s for you, Marty Case
The Editor


Matt Miller: “I Seen The BLOGGER!!!!”

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

One Reader Describes the RCS CSD as “Scorched Earth,” A Place Where No One Wants to Work Unless the Pay Is Extraordinary–Or They Can’t Get In Anywhere Else. Seems That’s The Story of Several of the RCS High School Teachers…
But Here’s Another Teacher Story…

I’m Gonna Git You, Matt!

This entertaining  little story should make your weekend more cheery, it’s hilarious: One RCS High School Teacher is Really Having A Difficult Time…He Seems to Be Hallucinating, Having Visions of the Boogeyman…”I Just Seen the BLOGGER!”

On Tuesday, during the voting, around 10 a.m. a resident was walking down the corridor leading to the boys’ gym, on his way to vote, and Matt Miller, the bully atheist teacher and president of the RCS teachers association, almost crapped himself on the spot. Their eyes locked and Matt knew in his spooky little heart, That’s the BLOGGER!

Despite having been warned not to discuss the blogger around students, Matt had to tell someone, anyone that he had Seen the BLOGGER! Whom could he tell, where could he go?!? Well, Yes! The lunch aids…they’ll listen…besides they won’t tell; I’m a teacher and they’re lunch aids! They wouldn’t dare! Well, Matt, the responsible professional, would risk anything to  share this terror with someone and so  he does it, he races to the cafeteria where he finds an audience (God! Does Matt like an audience!) and there he tells his story…but the idiot does it in front of all present and so we get this charming story of Matt Miller and His Boogeyman Experience! He probably checks under his bed at night to make certain the Blogger isn’t under there hiding, waiting to grab him!

Miller: “Me pee pants!”

Then, the next day, at the high school, Matt was reliving the previous day’s horror and the experience of seeing the BLOGGER; as Matt approached the top of the stairs, the apparition, the vision appeard again, the BLOGGER was standing at the foot of the stairs, what was poor Matt going to do now? A silent scream was rising in his chickenlike neck, his beady eyes bulged, he again felt that warm sensation in his pants, a noxious smell rose to his nostrils. The decision was simple, rather than fall prey to the BLOGGER, Matt would commit suicide by throwing himself down the stairs; he wouldn’t let himself be taken alive by the BLOGGER…at least not before he changed his underwear.  (Actually the clumsy mutt just fell down the stairs but our story is much more interesting!)

Matt’s high school days of being bullied have taken a toll on him. He’s seeing the BLOGGER everywhere now; before the blogger it was those guys in high school but now it’s the BLOGGER! And the BLOGGER could be anyone, anywhere, any time!

Yes! You are!

Matt, don’t let the BLOGGER get to you! You really don’t know if you saw the BLOGGER! You really don’t know who or what the BLOGGER is, do you! But you know the BLOGGER’s there, don’t you!  You’ll feel better as soon as you find a student to bully! But beware, the student might just be…the BLOGGER! BOOOOOOO!

Read a companion article on another gem of the RCS CSD, Josephine O’Connor at Josephine O’Connor: A Role Model of Maturity and Mental Stability…NOT!

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