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A New Baltimore Resident’s Letter to the Editor: Benway, Norris Obstructing the Board?

New Baltimore Boardmembers Benway and Norris Obstructing Efficient Town Business Policies, Town Clerk Brooks Opposes Set Office Hours and Misinforms the Board, the Public, and Wants More Money; New Baltimore Highway Superintendent Denis Jordan Can’t Keep Accurate Figures or Records!

A New Baltimore Resident’s Concern Expressed in a Letter to the Editor


New Baltimore Residents need to read this letter and start taking more responsibility in participating in their town’s government! They’ve been screwed royally in the past and some in town hall—not to mention any names but specifically Lisa Benway and Christopher Norris, town clerk Janet Brooks, and highway superintendent Denis Jordan, and others (like Diane Lewis)—want to continue the misinformation, indifference, lies, and unlawful practices!

February 22, 2014

To my fellow taxpayers and residents in the Town of New Baltimore:

I would like to update you on recent activities in our Town Hall and encourage all members of our community to attend the Town Board Meetings.  The meetings are on the second and fourth Monday of each month and the next meeting is scheduled for March 10, 2014.

As you know, the newly elected Supervisor (Mr. Dellisanti) and board members (Ms. Van Ettan, Mr. Ruso) since January 2014 have been actively working to address many outstanding issues left by the previous administration such as purchasing practices, transparency, and issues affecting taxpayers.

I would like to address several issues that have been brought to the Board for action but have been delayed by the boardmembers, Ms Benway and Mr Norris, carry – overs – in – office from the previous administration. Members of the community can only assume, based on Ms Benway’s and Mr Norris’ conduct, that their allegiance is not to the taxpayers and our community. Therefore your participation is needed.

The previous administration may have had policies on the books (procurement/F.O.I.L.) but Ms. O’Rourke, Ms. Benway, Mr. Norris, Ms. Brooks, Mr. Jordan all  chose not follow that law – based policy,  which is in part required by New York state law. The newly elected officials, supervisor Dellisanti, boardmembers Ruso and vanEtten, propose policy to carry out state and federal mandates that all elected/appointed local government officials must comply with.

Procurement Policy

In January Mr. Dellisanti presented to the Board a Resolution to implement a revised Procurement Policy that includes a purchase requisition process, which when implemented should prevent future misuse of funds by the officials and employees of the Town of New Baltimore.  Mr Delisanti, Ms Van Ettan, and Mr Ruso voted in favor of this resolution.  Mr Norris and Ms Benway voted AGAINST the resolution to adopt that Procurement Policy.  Under the O’Rorke regime, these two board members with the collaboration of the O’Rorke Majority (O’Rorke, Benway, Norris)  of the previous administration spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer money illegally, this is a fact based on the New York State Comptroller’s Audit Report. One would think they would jump at the opportunity to protect the taxpayers’ dollars as well as protect themselves from allegations of unlawful or even criminal activity. 

At the February 10, 2014, meeting town attorney Tal Rappleyea provided a synopsis of the Policy and  further clarification.  The Revised Procurement Policy requires the use of purchase orders/requisitions that would include details such as bids and prices of proposed products and services, in order to justify that purchase. Ms Benway and Mr Norris consistently to question the need for such practices.  In fact at the February 10th meeting, Mrs. Benway again expressed her concern for their use! [Editor’s Note: The use of purchase orders / requisitions and justification of need, plus documentation of competitive bidding is just plain good business practice, ensuring that the interests of the public are safeguarded, and public monies are spent responsibly! It’s part of transparency and accountability, something apparently alien to Benway and Norris!]

At that same February 10th town board meeting Mr Dellisanti proposed a resolution- to Adopt Minor Corrections to the Procurement Policy to correct the typographical errors in the previously approved Procurement Policy Resolution; both Mr Norris and Ms Benway voted against the corrections!  [Editor’s Note: It sounds to us that Norris and Benway are just being difficult, wasting the board’s time, and ignoring the real needs of the town. They’re abusing their public office!]

Resolution to Adopt FOIL Policy

Based on the many complaints from the community, the previous Administration, former supervisor O’Rourke, and town clerk Janet Brooks had a very distorted and perverse view of compliance with NYS Freedom of Information Law.  At the February 10, 2014 town board meeting, Ms Diane Lewis, chair of the New Baltimore Democratic Committee and wife/confidential secretary to former town supervisor David Lewis,  voiced  from the audience that a F.O.I.L. policy already existed. [Editor’s Note: To be honest, Lewis has no standing to comment on what policies exist, don’t exist or exist and must be amended; Diane Lewis, despite her arrogance, is not on the board and is just one of us now. So cool your jets, Diane!]  Based on the many complaints from the public, town clerk – Mrs. Janet Brooks, seems to be unaware of this existing policy, or does not understand it, or just doesn’t follow it!

 The FOIL policy during the previous administration was ignored as was the procurement policy.

Based on information from the February 10th meeting, the purpose of the revised FOIL policy is to provide a more comprehensive and detailed description of the Town’s responsibility to provide information in a timely and comprehensive manner when demands for disclosure under the provisions of the New York State Freedom of Information Act are received by the town clerk.  Among other things, the policy also re-identifies that it is the Town Clerk’s responsibility to respond to these requests based on timeframes established by the law, to keep a record of each request, and report to the Board on F.O.I.L. requests received.

At the February 10, 2014 meeting Mr. Norris and Mrs. Benway questioned the purpose of the Resolution and were very concerned as to whether or not Mrs. Brooks, the Town Clerk was involved in the preparation of the Resolution.  [Editor’s Note: There is no requirement or necessity for the Town Clerk to be involved in such a resolution. The resolution is a governing activity and is under the sole authority of the town board. The town clerk’s obligation and duty is to comply with the town board’s legislation and the law of New York! Besides, the board would have to catch her when she’s in, and that could be a problem, given her hours.] We the community must remind Ms Benway and Mr Norris that under Town Law the BOARD has the authority to prepare and adopt policy. We further remind Ms Benway and Mr Norris, and if necessary, Ms Brooks, that the CLERK has the obligation to comply with resolutions duly passed by the board. If the clerk has a question it should be presented like anyone else during public session and in the time allowed.  It should also be noted that  Mrs. Brooks’ known previous performance clearly demonstrates that not only did she not follow the simplistic policy of the O’Rorke Administration, she never took the initiative to ensure the taxpayers obtained requested information based on New York state law.  Under the NYS Town Law and as an elected official, Ms Brooks has the duty and responsibility to understand her duties and role as town clerk, to be responsive to the public no matter what directive she may have received from others, particularly if such directive was contrary to policy or law!

 It should be noted that Ms Brooks, at the December 2013 Board Meeting, expressed on the record how she could not keep up with the high volume of FOIL requests and recommended that the public be charged more money for their requests.  [Editor’s Note: Why more money, Ms Brooks? Should we dock you for the hours you don’t show up for work and apply that to offset the cost of fulfilling F.O.I.L. requests?] Ms O’Rorke, Mr Norris and David Wukitsch (then town attorney, since fired) supported her dilemma.  Individuals attending that meeting asked how many F.O.I.L. request Mrs. Brooks had received – she DID NOT KNOW!  Mrs. Brooks advised “that it was difficult to know” and  O’Rorke, Norris, Benway, Wukitsch supported her confusion and ignored residents’ questions!  This discussion was approximately 30 + minutes and Ms. Brooks had no factual information to support her claim nor did the O’Rorke board request it. Surprising?

At the meeting of February 10, 2014, Mr Norris advised that he had not had time to read the four – page F.O.I.L. policy so he requested vote be postponed.   No time to read 4 pages, Mr Norris? Incredible! Mr Dellisanti tabled (put it on the agenda for vote at a later date) the vote on the F.O.I.L. Resolution until the February 24, 2014 Town Board Meeting  to provide Mr. Norris ample time to read four pages.  [Editor’s Note: We do admit that Mr Norris has in the past allegedly suffered some psychiatric or psychological problems but let’s hope Mr Norris managed to get through that incredible volume of reading before the vote! Just what we needed: another Denis Jordan!]

Please note:  board member Van Etten identified that in 2013 ONLY NINE FOILS WERE SUBMITTED TO THE TOWN. [Editor’s Note: Geez, Ms Brooks, that’s mindboggling! How do you ever manage such a volume? Maybe you need another deputy clerk? Maybe more money? Nine F.O.I.L. requests in 2013 and you couldn’t manage. Poor kitten!]

RESOLUTION TO ESTABLISH HOURS OF THE TOWN CLERK’S OFFICE was presented to the Board by Supervisor Dellisanti on February 10, 2014

Although the newly hired town legal advisor confirmed the legality of the Resolution, boardmembers Benway, Norris, and town clerk Brooks disagreed that the town Board could require the office of the town clerk to be opened five days a week. The residents of this community have asked that the town clerk’s office be open for business five days a week.  Benway, Norris, Brooks then advised that they had documentation that the town’s lawyer was incorrect.  [Editor’s Note: Now Benway, Norris and Brooks are experts in the law? Our recent inquiries with the New York State Comptroller’s Office, the state agency that oversees town official operations, citing NYS Town Law, seem to disagree with their New Baltimore experts Benway, Norris and Brooks. What doe the New Baltimore Three Stooges know that the Comptroller’s examiners and lawyers don’t know?] They did not share this information with the lawyer or the supervisor prior to the meeting  even though both were available. [Editor’s Note: Imagine that! They didn’t share the information! If they had shared it they would have been told to take a hike and take their foolishness with them!]  Ms Brooks then advised that she would need MORE MONEY IN HER BUDGET TO DO THIS!  Mrs. Brooks is the second highest paid elected official in the Town of New Baltimore. (Dennis Jordan is the highest paid town official making more than $52,000 and can’t even keep accurate figures or do a purchase order!)  She is paid a salary of approximately $29,000+ a year, add on approximately $l0,000 in benefits and that comes to a cool $40,000 in taxpayer dollars.   Mrs. Brooks has the authority to appoint one first deputy clerk and two deputies (currently Marjorie Loux and Diane Jordan) but the town board has the authority to approve any compensation of deputy clerks.  [Editor’s Note: See this blog’s report on the NYS Town Law on this subject. Ms Brooks and her cronies have it all screwed up. They’re very confused.]. So why can’t the office be open to the public five days a week?   It should also be noted that Ms. Brooks was present in the clerk’s office at New Baltimore Town Hall only eight days in January 2014! [Editor’s Note: Does anyone smell the stench of corruption and misuse of public office here? We do!]


The newly elected board members, Dellisanti, VanEttan, Ruso discussed best practices with the Office of the State Comptroller, who recommended that passage of resolution in this matter was the best way to protect the financial interests of the community and the town.   Mr Jordan, Town of New Baltimore Highway Superintendent, an elected public servant, provided his version of the usage numbers to be used in the Resolution.  At the February 10, 2014 board meeting when Resolution was read and about to be voted on, Mr. Jordan DISAGREED WITH HIS OWN NUMBERS and did not want the board to vote on the resolution!!!!  

Although the board should have proceeded, Mr. Dellisanti acknowledged Mr. Jordan’s confusion/concern about the numbers he previously provided, and tabled the resolution for the  February 24, 2014, board meeting, thus providing Mr. Jordan more time to figure out how much fuel he used last year during the O’Rorke regime. [Editor’s Note: Now, dear readers, isn’t this all the evidence we need to show why it’s so important that purchase orders / requisitions, justifications for purchases, competitive bidding, and clear recordkeeping be made policy in Town Hall, just as Dellisanti, Ruso, and vanEtten are proposing?]

I have provided this information as a brief synopsis of the situation and as a report on the facts; this in no way should be interpreted to be a personal attack against any individual; it also does not reflect my personal opinion of our town’s public officials or employees.  This information is provided for the sole purpose of identifying current and past actions or lack of action by elected officials, that was not and continues not to be in the best interest of this community, and in some cases is outright untruthful or even illegal.

It is time for all of our elected officials to work as a team, and those who refuse should go!  It is their duty to negotiate, propose, resolve, implement, and adhere to policy legislated by the New Baltimore Town Board, while providing oversight and management, transparency and accountability that is fiscally sound and complies with the law.

Equally important is that each community member, young and old, regardless of political persuasion, play an integral part in this process of representative democratic governing.  It is the community who must ensure that officials hear and correctly understand our needs and expectations, and are reminded that good government is for and by the people; this can be achieved only by continued open and honest inputs from the community and  conscientious teamwork by our elected officials.

I hope that this letter has been informative and that at future New Baltimore town board meetings there is standing room only. You need to participate in all of our town board meetings.

Your neighbor,

A Resident of Town of New Baltimore

Seriously, people, Benway, Norris, Brooks, Jordan really need to be put in their places (that may be a state or federal corrections facility), because they are really taking this town of New Baltimore for a joy ride to hell! Leave a comment and let us know what you think or, better yet, get off your asses and attend New Baltimore town board meetings and find out for yourself what’s going on.

The Editor

The Editor

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance.
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Double-Talk, Double-Standards, Double-Jeopardy: An Editorial

Casting A Glance Over Our Recent Articles We Have to Wonder…

Burning Questions for Residents

Ravena: Change is in the Air

Freshness in the Air</big?

Freshness in the Air

The air is getting fresher and fresher in Ravena. You can almost breathe without Ravena Mayor Bruno or Nancy Warner breathing down your back. Any ideas why that is, Ravena residents? Ravena is facing an historic election, one that, according to our polls and the word on the street, is going to turn the village right around: The incumbent, very unpopular, abysmally low in the polls John Bruno is on the road to a well-earned boot-in-the-ass, and a popular local figure, Bill “Moose” Misuraca, local tavern owner and community leader, is wearing the boot. The same is true for the guys competing for the 2 Ravena trustee seats on the Village Council. Here are the figures as of February 25, 2014:

Ravena Mayoral Race
Bill “Moose” Misuraca, 76%
John T. Bruno, 3%

Ravena Village Trustees
Kieth Mahler, 36%
Laszlo Polyak (write-in), 26%
Joel Coye, 9.6%
R. Persico (incumbent Bruno-boy), 3.8%
Martin Case (incumbent Bruno-boy), 2%

Participate in our Ravena Election polls: Vote Now! Click on this link: Ravena Votes Right: Polls

According to these figures, it doesn’t look good for Bruno, Persico and Case. With those figures, you even wonder why they’re bothering and don’t just throw in the towel, instead of suffering extreme embarrassment at the polls. But they’ve never shown any good sense; why would they start now?

Coeymans: The World’s Dumping Ground

Instead of Senior Housing, Teen Centers, Nature Preserves Coeymans Vision in Your Back Yard Just Keep Sitting Back Quiet

Instead of Senior Housing, Teen Centers, Nature Preserves
Coeymans Vision in Your Back Yard
Just Keep Sitting Back Quiet

We’re having some trouble with figuring out just where Coeymans wants to be in the next ten years or so. We’re having difficulty understanding whether, what, or even if Coeymans town hall has vision or is still blind as a bat and being led around by the nose by self-serving insiders and governed by backroom deals. Here’s why:

When Arby’s needed a slapstick comedy town to rename itself—that is, prostitute itself for a sandwich and be the world’s fool—Coeyman’s stood tall screaming “We’ll do it!”  And they did it: they renamed the Town of Coeymans “Reubenville” for an entire month and in return got a box of sandwich coupons. What Tom Dolan and the rest of the cockroaches in Town Hall, like Tom Dolan,  didn’t steal, Coeymans residents lined up like round rodents to claim what was left. When poorTown Clerk Diane Millious was asked who was accounting for the coupons (each was worth about $6) the otherwise cool and collected clerk just shook her head and said, “Nobody. They just come and take what they want.” [paraphrased]

When Albany wants a dump: They go to Coeymans. When TCI want to relocate their poison plant (just PCBs): They go to Coeymans. When someone wants to create a port complex or build a bridge: The build a high dirt wall to hide the Hudson River (and what’s going on at their port) from our view (Yes, Mabel! Some say it was an NSA requirement to have the wall to prevent terrorism but it still hides the River and, really, how many terrorists do you think it will stop?), or they tear up our roads and choke us with dust, or they simply tear up the environment to build a bridge and possibly compromise a protected waterway. (And, YES! Mabel, they did put in a Gazebo so you can sit and watch the river! Thank you!)  But the slogan is: “Just come to Coeymans and we’ll roll over for you!”

We know who’s getting paid off for all of this and who’s getting really rich BUT how many jobs did they create?

And what about local media? The Albany Times Useless and News 10, 13, and 6 have a heyday trashing everything and everyone in the Coeymans community and Coeymans just…rolls over. Just think about the misleading and devastating reporting that went on News 10 ABC recently about a new business in Glenmont! (see our article: Thank You! All You Can Eat Buffet Discount). Isn’t Albany, Ravena-Coeymans, the Capital Region, New York State, the Country depressed enough? Do we need local “news” media’s help in killing new business and jobs in the area? Let’s all thank Channel 10 “news” and the Albany Times Union for plunging a knife deep into our backs!

Talking about trash and dumping, and rolling over to be screwed: We still have the Coeymans Police Department, too. But rumor is that’s not for long.

But let’s ask these questions: Have any ot these carpetbaggers done anything for the residents of Coeymans besides unload on them and make fools of them?

Please read Pundit’s comments below. They’re particularly good and on target!

Town Government and School Governance

culture-of-corruption Victorina

We’ve recently posted a number of articles discussing the goings on in our town halls in Coeymans and in New Baltimore. One of our articles relates again to the Coeymans police department and the retirement of one of its employees, Gerald “Dirty Hands Jerry” Deluca, who claims to have 32 years on the Coeymans police force (Ravena News Herald picked up on this in and article by Bryan Rowzee. See our revealing article at: Making Shite Shine). We pointed out some very glaring questions about Deluca’s claims and demanded an investigation. Do you think that’s going to happen? Do you think the Town of Coeymans board is going to pass a resolution to investigate Deluca’s claims and publish the results for all to see?

Do you think for a moment that the Town of Coeymans has ordered an investigation or brought in outside authorities to investigate the many claims of obstruction of justice, misprision of felony, harassment, misuse of public office, etc.? Nothing has been done but to shake the criminals’ hands and give them fat pensions! This is NOT going away, Coeymans, so you’d better do something about it.

The recent stupid comments made by the Coeymans official and picked up by the Albany Times Union can’t be overlooked and have not been overlooked by us or our readers. In fact, we won’t even comment but will quote one of our readers who left a comment on the issue:

And our schools? More than $42 million budget. That’s more than the entire budget of the town of Coeymans and the Town of New Baltimore combined! And for what? The Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk central school district board of education is owned by the teachers and the teachers union, NYSUT. The budget is getting more and more bloated at the expense of a dwindling tax base in the RCS school district but the quality of education as evidenced in graduation rates and recent reports on the quality of education in the schools is dropping: RCS property owners are being clobbered with every higher taxes, the non-property owners are reaping the benefits, and we are still at the bottom of the list as far as quality of education goes.

But where there’s that much money available you can bet there’s corruption! But the teachers are getting pretty hefty salaries and their benefits and fringes are certainly not going down! They demand MORE and deliver LESS! Why do RCS CSD residents stand for that? Better question: Why do RCS school district property owners and taxpayers stand for that? Any good answers?

Plenty of money and no transparency, no accountability. That spells abuse of public trust, corruption, and crime!

Speaking of abuse of public trust, corruption and crime—and NO! we’re not back on the Village of Ravena’s case nor are we launching another exposé on the Coeymans p.d. or Cathy Deluca and her Ravena playpen, the failing money pit a.k.a. the Ravena Health and Fitness Center—we’re looking at how tax assessments are done in Coeymans but will let one of our readers pour the salt into your wounds on this one, Coeymans (see below in comments).

New Baltimore Town Clerk's Office Hours Board Wants Change

New Baltimore Town Clerk’s Office Hours
Board Wants Change

We’re also looking at the situation of the New Baltimore Town Clerk who doesn’t think she needs to keep regular office hours. We’ve run a story on New Baltimore Town Clerk, Janet Brooks (click here: “If you want me to do my job, you’ll have to pay me more…”), who staunchly opposed the New Baltimore Town board’s attempt to establish regular hours for the Town Clerk’s office. We have also learned that in addition to her very generous salary of about $29,000/year PLUS benefits (healthcare etc.) PLUS state pension, she tends to keep very unusual hours. In fact, a reliable report alleges that in January 2014 she put in all of 8 days! And it appears that previous democrat administrations (David Lewis/Diane Lewis, O’Rorke) never bothered to establish office hours nor to publish even whether the official position of Town Clerk is full- or part-time. Does that really surprise you?

Well, the newly elected New Baltimore town board has uncovered mountains of irregularities in New Baltimore town government and is taken decisive steps to kill the corruption and criminality that has been going on there.

Here’s a comparison for you, New Baltimore residents: The Town of Coeymans is has about twice the population of New Baltimore and the Coeymans town clerk does about twice the number of things the New Baltimore town clerk does. The Coeymans town clerk is full-time PLUS. The Coeymans town clerk receives about $42,000 a year in salary as full-time clerk. The New Baltimore town clerk, Janet Brooks, receives more than $30,000 (total estimate for 2014) but appears to think her job is part-time. Can anyone in New Baltimore explain this? How long has this been going on?

From where we are standing this looks like abuse of public trust, misuse of public office, corruption, and even embezzlement of public funds by stealing salary and benefits! Has anyone tried this in their jobs? Does it work as well for you as it apparently works for Ms Brooks?

The newly-elected  New Baltimore supervisor and his team are working hard to uncover the dirt that’s been swept under the carpets, to get the skeletons out of the closets in New Baltimore town hall, to put things in some order. But they’re getting a lot of opposition from Ms Brooks, her ally New Baltimore Dem Committee chair Dianne Lewis (wife of former supervisor David Lewis), and sock puppet town board members Lisa Benway and Christopher “Chris” Norris, who apparently have a lot to hide. Denis Jordan, whose wife is deputy clerk to Janet Brooks and now New Baltimore tax collector, is tripping over himself on a day-to-day basis.

It’s a mess but given time and energy, newly elected New Baltimore supervisor Nick Dellisanti and his able team of Jeff Ruso and Sally vanEtten, with the support of honest New Baltimore residents, will eventually clean things up and maybe send a couple of criminals down the river.

Ironically, we just received an announcement from the FBI, FBI Announces Campaign to Seek Public Assistance Identifying Acts of Public Corruption (Feb. 18, 2014). Does this mean there’s still hope? Or is it a smoke screen? Maybe you should participate in this FBI campaign.

That all said, now is a time to put basic American values and solid tradition back in our town halls, people. We’ve gotten very lax in our churches and town halls, in our politics and our spirituality. We need to rediscover our values and stop this stupidity we call political correctness and all of the dehumanizing secularity we wallow in because we are so damned confused the only place to go is back into our shell and make-believe there’s nothing out there but US!

Please read Pundit’s comments below. They’re particularly good and on target!

Rebuild My House We Need to Rediscover Values and Belief

Rebuild My House
We Need to Rediscover Values and Belief

Local media has turned into propaganda mills, schools are crap, kids brains  are turning to mush and getting sucked into their electronic toys, mummy mayors and witches on sticks close our youth centers but reward insiders with fitness centers, property owners are being sucked dry by incompetent vampire school systems, police keep everyone properly intimidated and provide the necessary harassment and retaliation, churches are empty or populated by ministers who preach political agendas and hypocrites reading the Scriptures, town halls are meeting places for crooks and backroom deals, roads are full of potholes, Main Street is a ghost town, they’re turning our meadows and forests into transfer stations or dumps, and they’re building walls to hide our river. That’s America in our little community. Does it get any worse?

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And You Wonder Why Lady Liberty is Weeping? Or is she covering her eyes because she can't bear to witness what's going on? The Editor

And You Wonder Why Lady Liberty is Weeping?
Or is she covering her eyes because she can’t bear to witness what’s going on?
The Editor

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

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New Baltimore Reformed Church: Slow Agonizing Death

What has happened to the New Baltimore Reformed Church?!?

Is this the fate of the NB Reformed Church after almost 180 years of history?

Is this the fate of the NB Reformed Church after almost 180 years of history?

What do you get when you take a 175-year old church and a solid core-congregation when the Reformed Church of America Regional Synod of Albany, Classis, made a poor decision to put a freshly baked female pastor in the pulpit. Inexperienced, ambitious, feminist, and stone-deaf when it came to hearing what the congregation leaders were saying, she just had to make changes. The New Baltimore Reformed Church went to hell in a handbasket and deteriorated from a vibrant local community to an emaciated skeleton of what it was.

The investment portfolio of the New Baltimore Reformed Church was remarkably healthy; that is, until the new pastor went on a remodeling and spending spree. It was pure shock when driving by the church to see a sign: “Save our church!” in front of the historic building. Save it from what? The damage was already done.

PUHLEEZ! Gimme a break! Stop the pseudo-Christian rhetoric and start thinking Gospel!

PUHLEEZ! Gimme a break!
Stop the pseudo-Christian rhetoric and start thinking Gospel!

But there was plenty of time for pursuing politics and ambition. While the congregation that unwittingly gave her a contract to be pastor was hemorrhaging members there was plenty of time for Albany activities.

And you think that politics should stay out of the pulpit? Well think again, friends, it’s post-menopausal women in collars now! And they all have a feminist agenda. Forget Genesis 1:27  So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. God created female and she was going to “have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth” (starting with New Baltimore Reformed Church). It was her way or the highway; most of the old congregation took the highway.

For months now, driving by the New Baltimore Reformed Chuch, it looks like no one cares to even change the sign…Yes, the opulent sign that is/was intended to announce to the public the events at the church has stagnated in pre-Christmas announcements, giving the impression to anyone driving by that the church might be closed. What would you think if you drove by on February 20, 2014 and saw the announcements for pre-Christmas events of 2013.

No One Seems To Care to Change the Sign You'd think the pastor would take the time!

No One Seems To Care to Change the Sign
You’d think the pastor would take the time!

Almost two months later and the sign has not been changed. Not even to wish passers by a simple “Happy New Year 2014! Come on in!” No one in the New Baltimore Reformed Church congregation is left who cares enough even to update the sign. It’s obvious that the pastor has better things to do. What would they be, one wonders?

That sign sends a very resounding and clear message to everyone passing it on Route 144: Ghost Church!

Even the Christmas Nativity figures and crêche have been left out in the February snow drifts. No one seems to care that the Lenten season and Easter is just around the corner and the Nativity scene and its figures are rotting away in the February weather. It’s just money. But there’s plenty of time for Farmers Markets, and hanging out at Albany Medical Center, and playing pompous in Albany.

Read our response to a local resident’s comment on another local church gone satanic, Saint Patrick Roman Catholic in Ravena, New York. Read a specialist blog’s response to the resident at: Smoke of Satan…Again…Still!

Nativity Scene and Figures in Drifts An Indifference and Carelessness that wouldn't have happened a mere 10 years ago!

Nativity Scene and Figures in Drifts
An Indifference and Carelessness that wouldn’t have happened a mere 10 years ago!

The New Baltimore Reformed Church announcement board and the Nativity scene speak volumes about what has happened to the historic church and its congregation: Total Wanton Neglect! And no one in the Reformed Church of America hierarchy seems to notice, know or care. Shame on you! Shame on you Regional Synod of Albany, Albany Classis! But even greater shame on you, Susan Kerr, for neglecting your duties to the church and to the community.

But there’s plenty of time and money to leave stacks of fliers in the Post Office and elsewhere announcing a

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
March 4, 2014
4:30 p.m.– 7:00 p.m.
All You Can Eat

Donations will benefit the roof repair fund.

But still nothing on the announcements board in front of the church! Go figure!

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What's next, Pastor Susan, male strippers? The Editor

What’s next, Pastor Susan, male strippers?
The Editor

Editor’s Postscript

Is this what we've become, as Christians?

Is this what we’ve become, as Christians?

This article is in no way intended to bash a small treasure of a church that has suffered under the effects of poor leadership at the Regional Synod and local level, combined with unconventional and insensitive pastoring, if pastoring it can be called. Some individuals placed in such influential positions have other agendas and, if they are not closely monitored and regularly observed, they can be churchicidal. New Baltimore Reformed is just one of many examples that can be named.

Ravena’s Roman Catholic Church of St Patrick is another local casualty, although many might say it has a healthy congregation. Numbers don’t necessarily indicate health in a church congregation, nor does the fact of good attendance indicate anything close to a faith community. All it means is that something might be going on that speaks to the locals, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be spirituality or faith. Tony’s recent comment on Ravena’s St Pat’s and his impression of Fr James Kane there is right on target, and situation, as in our reply, is much, much worse than Tony has experienced. Kane and his various deacons are an absolute disaster. But this is endemic in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany and has been for decades. It has only gotten worse as bishop Howard Hubbard has gotten more and more tired, sicker and older. Hubbard was inexperienced when he was ordained bishop of Albany. Vatican II had just reached stateside. The Church was in a whirlwind of flux and all hell was breaking loose. The result was that Albany became notorious as one if not the most liberal RC dioceses in the country, and Hubbard achieved that dubious distinction, along with his long-time friend bishop Matthew H. Clark , in Rochester, now succeeded by bishop Salvatore R. Matano (who is hopefully of a more traditional, conservative spirit). Add to that the volatile mix of “liberated rabid nuns” who were leaving the schools and convents in droves, dropping the religious habits and getting some really bad habits to replace spirituality, and plunk a population of castrati priests who like being “friendly” and you get what we have today: hemorrhaging churches and disgruntled faithful.

Hubbard’s RC Diocese of Albany’s Pastoral Center, home of the diocesan administration and a cluster of small defensive fiefdoms catering to the various interests of the diocese, is jam-packed with female lay religious (nuns and wannabe nuns), misfit lay officers, and a bunch of ailing aging priests who are hanging on like barnacles on a ship. Jim Kane is one of them and there are plenty like him. What’s worse is that the former director of the deaconate, Frank Berning, went a step further by handpicking company boys to ordain as deacons. It’s an ignorant, arrogant men’s club. There are many examples of damaging decisions in the church and  Jim Kane is only one. A very competent parish administrative officer at Ravena St Pat’s found she couldn’t work with Kane because he was so out of touch and demanding; she left to take a position at Athens’ St Pats. Another example at Ravena is a former catechist (instructed youth in the RC catechism) who had so much unresolved grief at the death of his wife, a father of two adolescent girls, and with loads of  psychological baggage, guilt, etc. that he wanted to become a priest in later midlife. A successful veterinarian and company man, and general bishop’s asskisser, he was promised ordination. I know this man rather well and was shocked to learn that he was to be ordained, given his character and psychological flaws, but that’s the way it worked under former bishop Hubbard. But what can you expect when a parish is “led” by a “pastor” the likes of Jim Kane, who has the indifference to place a known adulterer, the scandalous “Dirty-hands Jerry” Deluca and Cathy Deluca in the position of lay liturgical readers, reading from the sacred Lectionary at Divine Liturgy?!?! And yet the congregation of St Pat’s don’t utter a squeak of outrage or protest!

Putting persons like angry, male-hating nuns  in charge of many offices, placing “priests” like Kane and my vet friend in pastoral positions, not ensuring that these people have the skills to be good pastors, good preachers, good sounding boards for the community, and erecting rabid gatekeepers while losing control of the diocese is how it happened in Albany

We can only hope that Albany’s bishop-elect Edward B. Scharfenberger will pick up on the cues and clues and have the balls to take the bull by the horns and make the necesary course corrections for the Albany Diocese. It’s going to take extreme courage and perseverance given the opposition and rage that will almost certainly result but the diocese needs to be cleaned up completely in order to heal to health! Leave one malignant cell and your dead.

Another example, this one in Troy, is an example of how carelessness or downright desperation kills a vital parish. St Ann Maronite pariish in Watervliet (formerly in Troy), an Eastern rite parish in full communion with Rome, received a young Lebanese monk, recently ordained, hardly any parish experience, hardly any English proficiency, as pastor. He was left on his own and quickly assumed the role of spiritual tyrant and dictator. Little Fr George Bouchaya, appointed to St Ann’s as pastor by Brooklyn bishop Gregory Mansour, quickly polarized the parish, dividing the faithful into disgruntled groups. It was a time ripe for those petty power-grabbers under the surface to now surface and take over. The parish hemorrhaged important members, attracted disgruntled members from surrounding RC parishes that were being merged or closed, and who were not being spiritually fed by their Hubbardesque pastors. It was a disaster and continues to be a shadow of what it was simply because a bishop didn’t have the foresight or the awareness of what was going on, and was unwilling to accept the truth when informed by persons of good will.

So, who’s killing the church and creating the church of the living dead? You know already, so why ask?

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