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It Shouldn’t Be a One-Man Show…Where are the Rest of You?

One single resident of Ravena steps out and creates a place for the kids 

A One-Man-Show Won't Work

A One-Man-Show Won’t Work

To Get the Best Out of It We Have to Team Up

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

In the meantime one single Ravena resident takes his savings and his time, gets a second job to do something for the kids. Something the kids really need: a place to go other than the street! And they get rides home after the club closes…in his care, not in a Coeymans police vehicle. While the village of Ravena is shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars for a handful of special friends, and the town of Coeymans is busy looking the other way while leaving youth services to the Coeymans Police Department, one single resident of Ravena steps out and creates a place for the kids: the Ravena-Coeymans Youth and Teen Activities Center (RCYTAC).

Parents and residents of Ravena-Coeymans: When’s the last time you visited the RCYTAC? I visited just the other day and I was floored to see how nice it is. I was floored to see a lot of teens who I know personally enjoying the place. Those kids actually stopped, greeted me and were happy to see me there. They actually looked, well, happy! The disk jockey’s a teen, the food service staff are teens, the teens learning how to take charge and socialize. As I was visiting, kids were strolling in but none were coming out so I assumed that they were involved in one of the many available activities…all of them monitored and supervised, mind you!

While I was standing outside with Mr Michael Fisher, creater of the RCYTAC, I was amazed when a parent came up and asked if she could donate the refreshments from her son’s grad party, because he decided that he didn’t want a party and that the RCYTAC should have it. The parent also made a fairly generous cash contribution for the kids. That same parent, a psychologist and author of children’s books, is planning to do poetry and literature workshops at the RCYTAC! Question: What are YOU doing?

I have one single question, parents, residents: Where the hell are the rest of you????

Why is it you’d risk leaving your kids unsupervised, in their rooms, on Facebook, being evil? Why wouldn’t you give them a ride to the RCYTAC where they can socialize in a healthy environment?

Why is it you’d risk your teen’s wandering around dark streets and parks at risk of life and limb? Why wouldn’t you give them a ride to the RCYTAC where they can socialize safely?

Why is it you don’t enjoy some personal time to recuperate without the unnecessary stress of either knowing where your kids are or, worse still, not knowing?!? Why wouldn’t you give them a ride to the RCYTAC where they can socialize in a healthy environment?

Why is it you’d risk having the Coeymans Police, the Albany County Sheriff, or the State Police bringing your kid home or bringing your the news of his or her arrest, bail, court appearances—or worse, news of a tragedy— when you could have supported the RCYTAC with some time and a couple of bucks donation?

Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars are being spent on worthless projects like a village fitness center

Why is it you sit back oblivious to the fact that tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars are being spent on worthless projects like a village fitness center that is exclusive and unwelcoming to many in the community, while youth programs and services are ignored? Why aren’t you demanding that some of that money be donated no strings attached to the RCYTAC?!? No strings attached! We don’t want it to become a Coeymanazi brainwashing camp, do we? Why aren’t you parents and residents appearing at village and town board meetings screaming bloody murder that nothing is being done for youth…well almost nothing, the Coeymans police seem to like arresting them. Don’t you realize that if the kids are off the streets and not looking for something to do, they’ll likely stay out of mischief?prison kid

Ravena Coeymans Selkirk teens and youth are tomorrow’s consumers and voters; If you mobilze NOW and get your parents to support your projects, you can move on local government and get those geezers to support your RCYTAC. BE YOUR OWN RCS CHAMPIONS!!!

Teen Work is Team Work

Teen Work is Team Work


Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk teens: Why would you stick with street friends who will only get you into a mess of trouble? Why don’t you get smart and mobilize for your own good? Michael Fisher is handing you the opportunity to do something really good, important, responsible, independent for you and your generation at the Teen Center. Mr Fischer is handing you the opportunity to show that you can become a part of something great, you can be your own leaders, you can create a community you can be proud of, and you can empower yourselves and your friends to get the attention of local residents and government to take an interest in your welfare, in your RCYTAC, to support Mr Michael Fisher’s vision for RC youth. Ravena Coeymans Selkirk teens and youth are tomorrow’s consumers and voters; If you mobilze NOW and get your parents to support your projects, you can move on local government and get those geezers to support your RCYTAC. Be fair! Don’t make Mr Fisher do it all on his dime…he just can’t do it without your help and support.

Really Bad Move!

Really Bad Move!

As scary as the girls’ Facebook exchanges were, some good points were made such as: Being bad is not cool because it will come back to bite you in future, when you’ll really need to prove who and what you are. Beating someone up is not cool, it’s criminal, and it’s not going to get you a job or an education; it’s going to get you a reputation and a bad one at that and one that’s likely to follow you wherever you go. But if you are a leader now and to take the initiative to work for community, that’s going to serve you well for the rest of your lives. Be smart…be leadership…be champions!

Why is it you are sitting there thinking that your kids are getting the most out of the school district budget? Are you in denial or just plain stupid? Have you examined the school budget to see just how much of it is “for the kids”? You might want to do that one day. And don’t be misled by the dumbing down of the curriculum or the fancy-sounding names they give to programs that are there just to enrich the staff with extra pay. Ask yourself why an athletics coach or a teacher is being paid 4-6 times the per capita income of RC residents or 2-3x the average household income of a RC household? Then ask yourself why you haven’t made a substantial donation to the RCYTAC for the valuable service of keeping your kids safe (the school system doesn’t seem to be able to do that), saving you bail money, and even possibly saving you funeral expenses. Blunt, but real.

Empowered Youth

Empowered Youth

We support what is good for this community and most especially what is good for our greatest hope and asset: our teens and youth. We adults who have the good sense and vision realize that some day we are going to have to depend on today’s youth when they are making the decisions and running things. And the kind of people I want to see running things for me when I need them are the kind of teens and youth I saw at the Ravena-Coeymans Youth and Teen Activity Center.

Support the Teen Center The Editor

Support the Teen Center
The Editor


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Three Out of Four: Not Bad At All. Kudos for Coeymans Police Officer

The Fourth and Quite Unexpected Experience in A Week Was with the
Coeymans Police Department

good cop great cop

Actually, this is the third out of four reports from the Ravena-Coeymans community that is POSTIVE. Yes! POSITIVE!

A Pleasant Change of Pace A Story About A Good Apple

A Pleasant Change of Pace
A Story About A Good Apple

Our readers are well aware that we are supportive of eliminating the Coeymans Police Department and placing it under the supervision and control of a highly professional, highly trained, and well-equipped law enforcement entity. We supported and continue to support the proposal of placing the Coeymans Police Department under the supervision and control of the Albany County Sheriff’s Department. We do not advocate, however, taking the decent and professional career law enforcement professions out of our community but we do advocate getting rid of the ethically and morally corrupt or deficient individuals who do not know measures or boundaries. Of the entire Coeymans police force, the bad apples number about two or three individuals who really should not be in law enforcement—anywhere.

Some of you may also recall that last year on May 16, 2012, we published an article to our local law enforcement on how much we appreciate them and that we do know who the good ones are and who the rogues are, and how to tell the difference. If you don’t remember the article you can find it at: For the Sake of Decency and Respect… We still feel the same way and want our good law enforcement officers to know that we appreciate you for the fine men and women you are and for the sacrifices you make for us.

But, again, as we have in the past, we would like to share a very impressive and positive experience we have had with a member of the Coeymans Police Department that gives us hope.

Hope RisingWe experienced a regrettable incident last week and today served the village of Ravena with a Notice of Claim charging the village of Ravena and one of its employees with some serious violations of state and federal laws. No, it’s not surprising, we know. But if you don’t use your rights and defend them, you’ll soon lose them. So we served the village of Ravena with the Notice of Claim telling them that they have some big problems and will have to face the music.

As expected, the village of Ravena was rather dour and as defensive as one could reasonably expect with what goes on in that place. When you have so much to hide you get defensive, as in Ravena’s case.

The second trip today, after having served the village of Ravena with the legal papers was a trip to the Coeymans Police Department, which, to be honest, we dreaded.

On entering we were greeted very nicely by the dispatcher on duty. Courteous, helpful, responsive. First good sign!

We had a deposition to files but the dispatcher couldn’t date-time stamp it into the record for us so we had to go to the Clerk’s office, upstairs. The clerk there was a gem of courtesy, friendliness, and helpfulness. I really started to ask myself if I were in the right place!

The clerk logged the deposition into the record and promised to get it downstairs to the police department. A lovely conversation ensued until I had to excuse myself; I was already late for a haircut appointment.  (Yes. It was local.)

After my appointment I returned to the Coeymans Police Department and the dispatcher was just as friendly as before…Lookin’ good!

When the officer came in to take my complaint I was a bit concerned how it would go, since I’ve received so many complaints and stories about the Coeymans police (usually the stories are about the bad ones, hardly anyone mentions the good ones). So this is a report on a good one, a very good one.

good example good adviceI’d rather not mention names but I will: Officer Jason Alberts. There is nothing better than a police officer who has character, respect for his dialogue partner, and is a listener and not a barking nuisance. Officer Jason Alberts’ conduct—his conduct not his words— persuaded me that it is time to give credit where the credit is due: to the good apples on the Coeymans law enforcement team. It goes far beyond that, though, and means that the men and women who provide best positive image maker the Coeymans Police Department and the community need to become more visible and need to be recognized by us, the citizens and residents whom they serve. can hope to have. There are others, P. McKenna, for example, who do their job but do it respecting the dignity of the people they are serving.

The purpose of this blog has never been to beat anyone up but to get people to think. When we do mention names we hope that the names will stop for a minute and ask themselves the important question, “Why am I making that impression on the blogger?” “What am I doing to make him see me that way?” and “I may need to change my act if that’s how anyone perceives me!” But some people just never get it. You can rub their noses in it but it still smells like roses to them. They never see beyond the words to read the message. Too bad!

We ask nothing more of our law enforcement personnel but to be fair, have integrity, be respectful, and realize that everyone has personal dignity.  If our law enforcement personnel achieve those objectives then, when they are doing their jobs, the jobs we pay them to do and the jobs we expect them to do, when we do get caught, it’s not the law officer’s fault, it’s our own fault. Self-awareness and a sense of fairness will help us to put the blame in the right place.

Just Take Responsibility

Just Take Responsibility

So, we’d like to ask our readers to share with us their good experiences with our law enforcement men and women. We’ll publish the good as happily as we publish the bad but we need to hear from YOU!

In the meantime…

Thank You!Officer Jason Albert A Grateful Citizen

Thank You! Officer Jason Alberts
A Grateful Citizen


Stupidity or Entrapment?

As Often as We Try to Give the Coeymans Cuckoos the Benefit of Doubt; As Often as We Try to Think of Them as Competent, They Manage to Pull the Rug from Under Us!

Is this Stupidity or Entrapment?

Is this Stupidity or Entrapment?

For several weeks now I’ve been driving down Rt 144 entering the Hamlet of Coeymans and I’ve been seeing this sign while driving in the southbound lane. The sign reads “Trucks Entering” and, as you can see, is equipped with red flags, so you are on the alert for trucks. So while you’re looking for the trucks, you may miss the 30 mph sign that is completely hidden by the warning sign.

Is this Just Stupidity or Is It Entrapment?

But if you leave your car, walk to the other side of the road, this is what it looks like.

It's Stupidity!

It’s Stupidity!

How many times do you think the Coeymans Police cruise past this sign and can’t help but notice that  it’s completely blocking a 30 mph speed limit sign? The speed limit before the sign is 55 mph so if you don’t know the sign is there, you’re doing 55 mph in a 30 mph zone—25 miles over the “posted” speed limit. What do you think that will cost you? But the warning sign blocks the “posted” speed limit from view!

Now, I’ll ask again: In the several weeks that I’ve been noting the blocked speed limit sign, how many times do you think a Coeymans patrol car drives past it? At least once a shift? More? It would take only once for a cop with a pair of eyes and half a brain to notice the problem. But that’s giving the Coeymans police too much credit.

So, your coming down 144, see the “trucks entering” warning and you’re looking for trucks. Right? Then you see the second 30 mph speed limit sign farther down the road BUT TOO LATE!

Too Late! DoDo Cop is Hiding and Has Already Clocked You! You're Cooked!

Too Late! DoDo Cop is Hiding and Has Already Clocked You! You’re Cooked!

So, I have to ask you readers, residents, visitors, victims: Is this simple stupidity or is it calculated entrapment?

Any reasonably thinking person would expect law enforcement to ensure that posted permanent speed limit signs are not obscured by temporary warning signs. In fact, if the “trucks entering” signs belong to a private company, the fact that they are so placed that they obscure a lawfully posted speed limit would subject the owner of the sign to a violation citation, you’d think. But maybe Coeymans just doesn’t care!

The sign is there, you should have seen it. It doesn’t matter if there’s another sign blocking it and you’re looking for the killer trucks that are entering. But too late, you’re cooked.

Yeah, Sucka! You Been Had!

Yeah, Sucka! You Been Had!

The Coeymans Police have again disappointed us with their conspicuous stupidity and their indifference to the safety of residents, citizens and visitors. Common sense would demand that if a Coeymans cop sees that the speed limit sign is blocked that he take steps to correct the situation for everyone’s safety. The “trucks entering” sign would be just as effective behind the speed limit sign. But that would require a brain, wouldn’t it?

We think that this might be an instance of entrapment. They don’t expose the speed limit, you’re supposed to have x-ray vision, you’re doing 25 mph over the speed limit, DoDo cop’s hiding just beyond the second 30 mph speed limit sign, zapps you and you get to plead sucker before jingle-judge George Dardiani or Phil Crandall. They downgrade the offense, you pay a steep fine but count yourself lucky, and everybody’s happy! NOT!

We’d like to ask someone to FOIL the speeding tickets issued by the Coeymans Police Department over the past month, but if you do, make certain you specify that you want the location where the ticket was issued and the speed. You don’t need names or personal details, just the location and the speed. We’ll do the rest.

And the American Idiot Award Goes to The Coeymans Police Department The Editor

And the American Idiot Award Goes

The Coeymans Police Department
The Editor


Don’t Be Stupid: Eliminate the Coeymans Police Department!

News Flash: We’ve received a report that a male student at the RCS Junior High School attempted suicide today, and tried to hang himself. The information we received is that he was bullied. Another student, the son of the harassed busdriver who was fired in retaliation for filing a complaint against a pervert RCS high-school athletics coach, is now being harassed and bullied at the RCS high-school and the lunch room attendants (they’re paid $25.00 an hour!) are standing by doing nothing! Is there another huge lawsuit in the making? Caught on video: An RCS bus aide caught slapping a physically challenged student! (The bus driver has responsibility for everything but didn’t intervene nor did the driver report the incident as per the law!) The mandatory training required by the anti-bullying Dignity Act has not yet been completed in the RCS schools and Superintendent Elizabeth R. Smith is taking her “vacation” and nowhere around for the start of the school year! She don’t care…she’s a short-timer!

Albany County Sherif Craig Apple estimates that taking over the Coeymans P.D. would save residents about $500,000.

Craig Apple, ACS
Professional Law Enforcement
Community Leader, Family Man
Learn More About Him at Craig

Craig Apple, who grew up in this area and graduated from RCS, assured residents:
“There is no job loss…All you will get is a different color uniform and a different car.”

The New Look for Coeymans

Coeymans Population according to the 2010 census was 7418 down from 8151 in 2000. The Average number of household members was 2.85. But the Coeymans Police Department has bloated out of proportion to the shrinking community.

Turn it Over and Save!

We were suspicious of Dirty Hands Deluca’s math so we did our own calculations of the savings to Coeymans residents if the Coeymans P.D. were eliminated. So, if a total of about $500,000 is saved by turning the Coeymans P.D. over to the Albany County Sheriff’s Department, the savings per resident in the would amount to $0.674 cents per person or $1.92 per day per person ($500,000 / 7418 residents x 2.85 persons per household = $1.92). This represents a savings per average household of about $700.00 per year ($1.92 x 365) per household! (Note that Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca, speaking on behalf of the Police Benevolent Association based his low figure on persons with a $200,000 house! But what else would you expect from Dirty-Hands Jerry. An honest figure, maybe? No way, José!).

A savings of about $700 a year per household! Imagine that! Now why didn’t Dirty-Hands Jerry mention that?

So the president of the Coeymans Police Benevolent Association couldn’t even be bothered to address the Coeymans town board meeting and so Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca a member of the Coeymanazi HQ, a.k.a. the Coeymans Police Department,  presented the misinformation and the screwed up math for him. Why would the PBA even bother? There’s nothing in it for them.

So, here are the FACTS
(the TRUE facts, not the “Deluca factoids”):

If a highly trained, accountable, and professional law enforcement organization like the Albany County Sheriff’s Department were to take over the Coeymans Police Department, what do you think would happen to Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca? Well, here’s what would happen:

As most of the Town of Coeymans knows,Coeymans police chief  Dimwit Darlington’s predecessor had the good sense to have gotten rid of Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca but Dimmy Darlington hired most of pervs back who were dumped by the previous professional police chief. That’s what Coeymans has to work with today, the Perv Patrol.

First of all, if Gerald Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca were kept on in any form, he’d be supervised by no-nonsense supervisors and be held accountable to well-established policies and procedures. That would probably kill him outright.

Secondly, Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca would be supervised and would not have the influence he now has as far as influencing the police work in the Coeymans P.D. or continuing the coercion and retaliation that goes on there.

But the reality is this: He’d probably be out of a job on day one of the takeover because he’s useless and has no training. The highly-trained, professional, and respectable Albany County Sheriff’s Department wouldn’t give Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca a job passing out Easter eggs in the men’s room. (He just might get a job as Big Bubba’s bitch in the county jail, though, where he belongs!) So Dirty-Hands Jerry is probably scared shiteless even thinking that the ACSD would take over the Coeymanazi H.Q.! He’d be out of a job for sure.

I’ll be waiting for you, Jerry!
Big Bubba, P.O. Box Albany County Jail

Gregory “Dimwit” Darlington is an even worse widget. Darlington has such a high opinion of himself and such a low opinion of the town of Coeymans that pays his exhorbitant salary  that he’s quoted in the Times Useless as having said:

“Without us, I feel this town will collapse.”

Is that so? The Town of Coeymans would simply collapse without Dimwit Darlington to hold it up? Seriously, is that what all those supporters think,too? That’s a very serious statement Dimmy Darlington is making, especially considering that it took him at least three tries to pass the police chief examination! Now, where do you think Dimmy Darlington would end up once the ACSD took over the Coeymanazi H.Q. You guessed it, he’d take Dirty-Hands Deluca’s job handing out Easter eggs in the men’s room (Dirty-Hands Jerry would be kept busy by Big Bubba.)

Coeymans Police Chief
Gregory “Dimmy” Darlington
Gets a New Uniform
(And a Job he’s Qualified For)

Do you even have to wonder why the Coeymans town supervisor Stephen Flach and the Albany County Sheriff didn’t consult with Dimmy Darlington before moving on the plan to eliminate the Coeymans P.D.? Here’s why: He’s useless. It’s the biggest slap in the face when even your town supervisor doesn’t have enough respect for you to ask you about your own department. Same applies for the Sheriff. And what about the rest of the Coeymans town board, didn’t the latest loser in town, Tom Dolan, the so-called town board liaison officer to the Coeymans P.D. even share the news with Dimmy Darlington? Now there’s a real friend for ya, Dimmy! Tom “No-Fracking-Loser” Dolan left you high and dry, too.

So, Coeymans residents, what are you losing if a professional police force takes over the local police department? You lose at most  two Dimmies. And in addition to an accountable, well-trained, professional police force, each household stands to save about $700 a year!

And Coeymans town residents can certainly find a use for another $500,000 a year, I’m sure. Like rehabing Main Street, maybe, and attracting some business? Or perhaps updating the sewer system to keep the feces off the lawn furniture? Or helping out with the RCS Community Library?

Mr Flach has a great idea and he should be supported. The Coeymans Police Department must go and the professionals at the ACSD are ready to provide professional law enforcement with practically no change except it will be for a half-million less than what you’re now paying. Don’t be misled by the self-interests of the Dimmies and the misinformation of the PBA, or the lies that Dirty-Hands Jerry feeds you so that he can stay head honcho of the Coeymanazi H.Q. and you have to live with business as usual!

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

Supervisor Flach: On Eliminating the Coeymans P.D.

Finally, Someone in the Double-wide a.k.a. the Coeymans Town Hall Is Waking Up and Listening to Reason and Proposing Sound Economics!

Supervisor Flach: “I want to ensure personal safety while saving taxpayer dollars.”

In Early July 2012 We Published Two Articles on The Cost of the Coeymans P.D. and the Good Sense in Eliminating it Outright. After All, Our Tax Dollars Are Paying for Two Other Law Enforcement Organizations That Regularly Serve Coeymans: The Albany County Sheriff’s Department and the New York State Police. Why Pay and Additional Estimated More Than $2 Million a Year to Have A Local Band of Thugs Who So Far Have Served Mainly As a Long Arm of the Local Coeymanazis, Have Raised Numerous Questions of Corruption, and Have Been the Cause of Innumerable Complaints and Lawsuits, Costing The Taxpayers Dearly!

Coeymans Town Supervisor announced in the Supervisor’s Report printed in the September 7, 2012, Ravena News Herald newspaper, that he has been studying the possibility of eliminating the Coeymans Police Department and asking the Albany County Sheriff’s Department and the New York State Police to take over law enforcement in the Town of Coeymans. (Read the entire Supervisor’s Report: Supervisor Report-Eliminating the Coeymans Police Department)

We advocated that move back in July in our article Eliminating the Coeymans Police Department, where we argue that more than $2 million could be saved by getting rid of the Coeymans P.D. We also expressed our outrage when the Coeymans town board approved the appointment of officer Kerry Thompson to be police chief Gregory Darlington’s admin assistant at more than $30.00 per hour! We published that gem in our article, One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward: Kerry Thompson gets $30+/hour!

According to Supervisor Flach’s report in the News Herald his “job as…elected official is to manage the town budget, while improving and maintaining services.” It’s nice to hear someone in office talking like that and actually someone having the cojones to actually say it out loud.

Supevisor Flach goes on to say that many local communities are downsizing or eliminating their law enforcement departments to save money and that he wants to “ensure personal safety for our community members while saving taxpayer dollars.” Flach has guts and integrity by even entertaining such a sensible plan and we should stand behind him because he’s really trying to make improvements and do the best for the community.

Surpervisor Flach closes his article with an appeal to the community to let him know what it wants. He asks residents to e-mail him or board members to voice their opinions. Supervisor Flach gives his e-mail as and asks to hear from you.

We would also suggest as many residents as possible attend the Coeymans town board meeting on Monday, September 10, at 7:00 p.m. at the Coeymans town hall. You can probably expect to see a lot of Coeymans P.D. people there protesting the proposed elimination of the department. That’s why it’s important to have the rest of the community show up in support of Flach’s plan.

Good Things Happen Only If You Support Them!

Please note that even if there are some thugs on the Coeymans force, there are also some very good people on the Coeymans P.D. and every effort should be made to make the transition smoothly and to ensure that there are outplacement efforts made to place qualified people in positions where they can continue supporting themselves…preferably not at Coeymans taxpayer expense.

You should support Supervisor Flach’s plan because there is no real or reasonable need to pay for three law enforcement organizations to serve Coeymans. You already are paying for the Sheriff’s department and State Police services so save yourself at least $2 million a year, and support Flach’s plan.



Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!