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Tragedy or Failure? Watch what you do; take personal responsibility for things like this!

A truly sad event occurred in the morning hours of April 25, 2017, when a young man died as the result of an unfortunate vehicular traffic accident. The event has been called “tragic” but we’d like to call it instructive and meaningful. Logan Penzabene’s death on April 25 was not just the loss of a son, a friend, a young man whose life would have been full of promise; it was a wake-up call to every single politician, law enforcement person, and every member of this bereft community and beyond. The roadside memorials will disintegrate, the tears will dry up, the body will be buried but will the problems and failures persist?

Watch what you do; take personal responsibility for things like this!

The media reports that “The tragic crash took place in the midst of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s teen safe driving campaign, and law enforcement babbles, and as Bethlehem Police Commander Adam Hornick babbles, “It’s even more unfortunate that we had this crash urging a campaign like this where we have such a concentrated effort by law enforcement to cut down on incidents like this.” Hornick hopes others will take the crash as a reminder to drive safe on the roads. Don’t we all?

Regardless of what Gov. Mario Cuomo puts out there politically or what Hornick makes as a public statement on behalf of law enforcement, the fact remains, that many reports and complaints have been made to local law enforcement and to the New York State Police regarding the safety of vehicular traffic on Route 144, where this accident occurred, claiming the life of another young person and severely injuring another.

We made a direct complaint to New York State Police at the toll plaza 22 of the New York State Thruway…

In fact, several weeks ago, we made a direct complaint to New York State Police at the toll plaza 22 of the New York State Thruway regarding the very real and present problem of operators, including passenger vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles, running the stop signs at Rt 144. Details were provided to responding State Troopers but to date we have not been able to observe any police presence at the times we reported such activity nor at any other time.

The New York State Police seem to have plenty of money, personnel and time to escort oversized vehicles down Rt 144, even when commericial escort should be available and doing that service, but the NYS Police don’t seem to have time to enforce the vehicular laws of this state. People are endangered, injured and killed as a result. Why is that?

Know what this means?

We have repeatedly reported on the careless and dangerous operation of vehicles entering and exiting the Port of Coeymans and adjacent Coeymans Industrial Park properties but we have seen no enforcement action taken at that location. Illegal and dangerous passing by motorists when a slow-moving truck pulls out in front of them. Decoy cars parked unlawfully and dangerously on the roadside but no visible control of the heavy truck traffic. Why is that?

On Aprll 25, 2017, Logan Penzabene was killed when he crossed into the on coming lane of traffic. Why was that? What caused him to migrate into that other lane and strike the oncoming vehicle? Texting, using a phone, horsing around in the car? Didn’t take more than a second and it happened! Where are we, people? In LA-LA Land?

The Penzabene Accident Scene

On the one hand we can speak of our unrealistic notion that we are in control of events and that such things are preventable. That’s part of our LA-LA Land arrogance and is somehow believing in magic. Something that is preventable reasonbably leads to the conclusion that if it happened and was not prevented that some mistake was made, and if a mistake was made, someone obviously made it, barring any notion or proof of mechanical failure. In Logan’s case, complete failure of his steering wheel. So if the accident was due to human error, what was it?

Signs pointing in the direction of failure of programs…

While we, as human beings, are blasted into reality when such an event occurs, that reality regrettably lasts only until the memorial shrine disintegrates or a couple of days after the funeral. Then it’s back to business as usual. Here’s the stupid-rule: the more stupidity, more so-called tragedies. But the real tragedy is still the stupidity. The stupidity of educators, parents, law enforcement and policy makers. These events are not just deaths, they are evidence of failures but no one seems to think of these events as signs pointing in the direction of failure of programs. So the so-called tragedies continue.

It’s half-arsed damage control…

Quite frankly, it’s half-arsed damage control when the RCS school district plays the caring and compassionate student-centered educators by announcing that “grief counselors are being made available to students and staff in the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk school district. This follows the death of RCS grad, Logan Penzabene. He was killed in a car crash Tuesday in Selkirk.” Too little, too late  And if RCS Superintendent of Schools Robert Libby sent a letter home with each student in the district informing families about the fatal accident Wednesday, he’s going to have to do a hell of a lot more than just sending students home with letters. But does he have any clue what to do?

Cuomo’ s public announcement of a so-called “teen safe driving campaign” isn’t going to do it. Hornick’s wishful thinking and so-called efforts to cut down on inicidents” like the Penzabene incident isn’t going to come to any fruition. Why? Because they are smoke and mirror shows, empty!

If efforts and programs worked, why is it, as Hornick reports, that “[T]he community has already been through this; the town has,” Hornick said. “This is the second fatal in town in six months.” Second “fatal” but what about the others, the non-fatal ones. If Hornick’s efforts were as colorful as his title,  Bethlehem Police Commander, maybe we’d see some change.

In our May 3 article “Enuf already! Freaks and Scofflaws” we  reported on a local business vehicle apparently operated by an employee of Eagle Tools in West Coxsackie. That report was provided on the very day of Penzabene’s funeral, on May 3! That truck ran a stop sign, was traveling at a low speed, was crossing over into the oncoming lane numerous times, never used a turn signal. And that’s someone allegedly with a commercial driver’s license!

And what about the rest of you? You’re all just as guilty! Just open your eyes while you’re driving and observe what’s happening around you, and the hazards and dangers being created randomly by your fellow vehicle operators. Better still, just count the hazardous and dangerous habits you have behind the wheel. Precious cargo on board signs merely obstruct visibility even if you were using your rear view mirrors; programs and efforts don’t work unless the community actively commits to the program and actively participates in the efforts.

What are you doing to ensure you don’t get that knock at the door or that telephone call starting,
“I’m afraid I have some bad news…”

This is not the time to start thinking…

It would also help if law enforcement did less talking and responded more proactively to real complaints and reports of vehicular misconduct and careless operation.

Cuomo is a politician and spends most of his time in a very secure environment, most of the time in New York City. We have to live in the community. We have to use the roads. We have to try to stay alive despite the stupidity of those around us. What to we do about stupidity? Well, you could start by being less stupid yourselves.

So forget all the empty “You’re in our prayers” crapola. Forget the roadside memorials. Forget the sentimental expressions of superficial sympathy. Forget Cuomo and his idiotic empty programs. And forget law enforcement efforts that are practically non-existent if we can judge by their response to real complaints and ongoing problems. Do something that is really effective: Mind your manners!

While human compassion blots out reason in the acute moments of such loss, and loss it is in myriad ways, and our heartfelt sympathy goes out to Logan’s devastated family and friends, we have to look at this event as having an incredible meaning for everyone: Logan’s death has become an icon, an icon that demands that we take responsibility for our own actions and accept accountability. If Logan’s death is to have any meaning at all, it’s up to his young friends, his community, and all of us to be responsible and obey our laws, take our time, be mindful of the moment, and to realize our duties and obligations not only to ourselves but to those around us as well. Period.

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Thank you, Logan!
The Editor


Thanatology Café at the RCS Community Library: Registration Form

Please Note: We have just been informed by the RCS Community library that the Thanatology Café sign-up sheets at the RCS Community Library are kept in a binder behind the check-out desk. You must ask a staff member for the book to sign up. 

register-nowWe recently announced an exciting new program coming to the RCS Community Library. The program, which plans to meet regularly monthly and will be supplemented by extraordinary meetings for smaller groups to discuss special topics focusing on death, dying, coping, grief, and death-related topics, has published its Initial Registration Form that can be completed before the Saturday, April 9, 2016, session at the RCS Community Library, from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

The organizers encourage interested participants to download and printout the form and to bring it the the April 9 session; that will save time and will leave more time for the conversations.

Sign-up sheets are also available at the RCS Community library, but interested persons can also R.S.V.P. their intention to attend by sending an e-mail to

We are informed that local churches, fire and rescue departments, police departments, EMS, schools and local funeral directors have been contacted and urged to send representatives.

It’s an important program and will deal with a subject that really needs to be talked about more. It promises to be an outstanding opportunity for sharing, learning and information. Don’t miss it.

register now_red

Initial Registration Form

Of course, if you have any questions, please e-mail the organizers at They will get right back to you with an answer.

Please click the Register Now image to display and download or print out the Initial Registration from, fill it out as completely as possible, and bring it with you to the Thanatology Cafe session on April 9, 2016, at the RCS Community Library, 95 Main Street, Ravena, New York. The session starts promptly at 2 p.m. so please be on time.

And in the meantime, visit the Thanatolgy Café blog.

Well be there and we hope you will be too; we are looking forward to meeting and chatting with you on April 9th!

The Editor

The Editor



Contact Animal Rights Groups

Life is life, human or animal, and is a gift to be respected and cherished; it’s not a choice to respect it, it’s a duty, an obligation!

runningBoundaries change or should change as we evolve through creation history. After the fact we act horrified, scandalized, disbelieving when we recall– or are reminded — of the abuse inflicted on others considered to be different from humankind: the attempted extermination of European and East-European Jews by the Nazis, the enslavement of African people by European, Arab and American entrepreneurs, and the slaughter of Christian people for for their religious beliefs. Let us not forget the Armenian holocaust and the killing fields of Cambodia, or the Palestinian scandal that has left millions without a true home for more than 50 years. Laws now forbid discrimination based on gender, race, religion, physical or cognitive challenges, age, and sexual orientation. Yet just a century ago, human beings, women and people of color, Chinese, Italians, Irish, Sikhs, Catholics, Jews in the United States, who were seen as different by those with power faced discrimination, imprisonment, lynching, torture, exploitation, and death. Life is life, human or animal, and is a gift to be respected and cherished; it’s not a choice to respect it, it’s a duty, an obligation!

Gem Farms in Castleton, New York, the people who owned the buffalo, have taken down their webside for “mainenance”. Yeah! Right! Here’s their address and contact numbers, let them know what you think!
Gem Farms
1333 Van Hoesen Rd
Castleton-On-Hudson, NY 12033
(518) 732-7452
They’re also on FaceBook.

We feel that this entire event is the epitome of irresponsibility not only on the part of Gem Farms but also on the parts of the county, state, and local law enforcement. Not only were 15 magnificent animals senselessly and wantonly massacred, a bunch of gun-tottin’ yahoos were allowed to play “buffalo hunter” in the most cowardly way imaginable while our taxpayer dollars were wasted on law enforcement helicopters and equipment, and law enforcement personnel who stood by and watched.

For those of you with any conscience, sensitivity or sense of humanity or civic responsibility, we urge you to contact the following animal rights organizations to lodge your protest of how Gem Farms conducted their business, how they dispatched the yahoos and their guns, and how the animals were senselessly slaughtered when there were clearly other avenues to manage the problem. Here are the details:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
Email Notification Form
Report Cruelty to Animals
Contact PETA’s Media Department

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
424 E. 92nd St
New York, NY 10128-6804
(888) 666-2279

Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)
10101 Ashburton Ln
Bethesda, MD 20817

Mercy for Animals
8033 Sunset Blvd, Ste. 864
Los Angeles, CA  90046

Friendship Animal Protective League
8303 Murray Ridge Road
Elyria, Ohio 44035
(440) 322-4321

North Shore Animal League America
25 Davis Avenue
Port Washington, NY 11050
(516) 883.7575

You may also want to contact your local government and state legislators and let them know what you think of the situation:

Albany County Executive: Daniel P. McCoy, County Executive, Harold L. Joyce Albany County Office Building, 112 State Street, Room 900, Albany, NY 12207 Phone: (518) 447-7040, email: you’ll have to use the contact form at Contact Us!

Town of Coeymans: Stephen D. Flach, Supervisor, email: or his admin assisant, Lisa M. Cirillo, email:

Town of Bethlehem: John Clarkson, Supervisor, email:

George A. Amadore
Senate District 46
Legislative Office Building, Room 802
Albany, NY 12247
United States
Phone: (518) 455-2350

Peter D. Lopez
Assembly District 102
LOB 402
Albany, NY 12248

Call your Greene County Aministrator to find out who your state and federal legislators are (the Greene County website doesn’t seem to think that information is important to us). The Greene County Administrator’s telephone number is: Shaun S. Groden – Administrator, Telephone: (518) 719-3270, e-mail:

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Gun-happy Hicks Teach A Lesson in Respect for Life: Shoot’em!

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Final Results of the “Tell Us What You Think” Poll

After running the “Tell Us What You Think” Poll for 6 Weeks
The Responses Don’t Look Good for the Coeymans Police Department
Or for Mayor John T. Bruno and His Mafia Mob in Ravena Village Hall!

Yer History! Bruno Bunch and Coeymans PD Given Thumbs Down in Poll

Yer History!
Bruno-Bunch and Coeymans PD Given Thumbs Down in Poll.
Cathy Deluca’s Playpen, the Ravena Fitness Center, Also Gets a Bashing.

Residents Give Thumbs Down for Coeymans P.D. and Ravena Mayor John T. Bruno!!!

Because of the holidays we left the “Tell Us What You Think” poll up for an additional 2 weeks, a total of 6 weeks, during which residents could share what they thought on a number of local issues. In the first 24 hours of the poll residents were very energetic in responding and we received 278 responses in those first 24 hours. At 72 hours we already had 417 responses, and by the third week the poll had received 517 responses. The holidays distracted many people and the final two weeks of the poll yielded a final total of 656 responses. That’s about 10% of the entire population of Coeymans and about 20% of the entire population of New Baltimore in rough comparison. According to the locations reported by responders, though, 80% of responses came from the Ravena-Coeymans area and about 14% came from New Baltimore area. The remaining approximately 6% of responses were likely from the town of Bethlehem, Selkirk, Feura Bush, etc. Because the responses were anonymous there’s no way to tell for sure.

Eliminate the Coeymans Police Department and Leave Law enforcement to the Albany County Sheriff and the NYS Police…

Large Majority of Residents Say: Get Rid of the Coeymans P.D.!

Large Majority (76%) of Residents Say: Get Rid of the Coeymans P.D.!

The majority (76%) of Ravena-Coeymans residents responding to the poll questions about the Coeymans police department think that law enforcement in Coeymans should be provided by the Albany County Sheriff and the New York State Police. A very similar majority (75%) say that the Coeymans police department should be eliminated outright. The RCS CSD superintendent Alan R. McCartney and his teacher-loaded board of education put Coeymans police in our RCS schools but 67% of residents responding to the poll want the police out of our schools. and less than 1-out-of-five respondents think we need the police in our schools. The message that residents are sending is clear: a high majority of residents responding to the poll do not want the Coeymans police department in our communities and would rather have the Albany County Sheriff’s deputies and the NYS police handling law enforcement in our communities. (This is a no-brainer for residents in the Town of New Baltimore who are already being served perfectly well by the Greene County Sheriff’s Department and the New York State Police!)

The Majority of Respondents Say NO! to Mayor John T. Bruno and His Crew of Critters

biz-woman-thumbs-down Ravena-Coeymans residents who responded on the survey clearly have had enough of the Bruno-machine in Ravena and the surrounding area. 66% of residents want “No more Bruno, Warner, Case, Bailey, Persico in Ravena.” That’s a very encouraging figure because if Ravena mayor John T. Bruno were to run today, he’d lose by a crushing landslide. Marty Case was the warning of Bruno’s unpopularity (but Case won his seat on the Ravena village council only by a margin, so he’s not an undisputed good example of popularity. That’s for certain!) Besides, there’s the unhealthy partnership between John Bruno and Nancy Warner that is like a cancer in Ravena. And then there’s the rift between Bill Bailey, Bruno’s whipping-boy-clown, and mayor John Bruno (But then, mayor John Bruno has no self-respect, how can he respect anyone else?).

A majority of residents (54%) think that Ravena mayor John Bruno should take a hike…a long hike. Those residents feel that Ravena mayor John Bruno should resign and apply for assisted living—in Alaska. But then, even Alaska might be too close for some residents. Only 6% (less than 1 resident in 10) think that mayor John Bruno is doing a good job. That’s really pitiful but those of us who have eyes to see and ears to hear know exactly why so few residents are Bruno supporters. That’s why he has to rely on the incest club and the crooks on the Ravena village payroll to get elected.

Now that we’re on the subject of why mayor John Bruno and his hatchet woman Nancy Warner are so hated, let’s look at two examples in the survey: the Ravena Health and Fitness Center and the Ravena-Coeymans Youth and Teen Activity Center. These two examples clearly show the character or lack of character of the occupants of Village Hall and their crooked croneys.

And YES! The Ravena-Coeymans Youth and Teen Activity Center is now closed, barely after a year of operation, only because Ravena mayor John Bruno, Ravena councilwoman Nancy Warner, and elements of the Coeymans police department made it their personal agenda to make certain it didn’t work. But what they failed to consider in their evil plan was the fact that although the Teen Center is now closed, it remains a living symbol of the Bruno era of negativity and destructiveness, and indifference to the interests of the community. The Teen Center continues alive and well as a symbol, even more powerful than when it was fighting for its life and for local teens and youth! The symbol of the Teen Center and the maltreatment of the RCS Community Library join the long list of Bruno-Warner failures and corruption in Ravena.

$105,000 of Taxpayer Dollars for the Cathy Deluca Playpen, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center
$30,000 + benefits for Cathy Deluca to Play in Her Playpen
$0 in Support of Ravena Youth and Teens

Even the Fat Lady Gives a Thumbs Down to the Ailing Ravena Health and Fitness Center. Thanks! Cathy Deluca: Another Faiure!

Even the Fat Lady Gives a Thumbs Down to the Ailing Ravena Health and Fitness Center.
Thanks! Cathy Deluca: Another Faiure!

We’ve already published volumes of truth on the misuse of public funds by the Bruno-Warner-Deluca conspiracy, and how the public was kept out of the discussions. We’ve already pointed out the incestuous relationships between the Bruno village hall and the Coeymans police department, where fatness queen Cathy Deluca’s husband, the corpulent cop Dirty-Hands Jerry parks his double-wide butt (but he’s now allegedly parking buses in the RCS central school district transportation department as a part-time bus driver! How in hell did he finagle that one?) How many jobs are the Ravena-Coeymans insiders going to hog and deprive residents of the opportunity to work? We’ve already reported how Cathy Deluca already closed two privately owned fitness centers and how the Village of Ravena has tried to get her special treatment with the Civil Service Commission so that she gets non-competitive status in a civil service job created for her! But the fact that more than $105,000.00 of Ravena taxpayer dollars were budgeted for the Ravena Health and Fitness Center for insider reasons we all know well does not explain Why? $0 dollars and 0 support was allocated to the youth and teens of Ravena-Coeymans. Nor does it explain why Josephine Biscone-Bruno (Prudential Real Estate) and Robert Fisk, both Ravena village hall insiders, sucked a local philanthropist, Mr Michael Fisher, into taking over the now ugly and empty building at 170 Main Street, Ravena. Nor does it explain Why? after approving the Ravena-Coeymans Youth and Teen Activity Center Bruno and Warner went on a relentless campaign to bad-mouth the Center and to persecute Ravena youth. It’s all history now because Bruno and Warner and the cowards around them, indirectly assisted by the dolts in Coeymans town hall at the time, with no support from the Coeymanazis in the Coeymans police department (Was it because the kids were going to the Teen Center rather than kissing cop ass on the athletic club? Or was there a murkier, more sinister reason?)

Neglected Teens and Youth

Neglected Teens and Youth

down youth silhouetteIn our survey, 68% of residents responding wanted to “Save the Ravena-Coeymans Youth and Teen Activities Center” and only 15% felt that Ravena-Coeymans didn’t need the Teen Center. That’s a pretty big difference and when you really think about it, what kind of people would deny the teens a safe and supervised place to go and stay off the streets!?! Another question would be: Where were the 68% when mayor John Bruno, Nancy Warner, and the Coeymans Police were harassing and intimidating the kids when they were at the Teen Center?

It’s heartbreaking but true that Ravena village hall and Coeymans town hall, together with the persecution by the Coeymans police department brought down a great idea but invested absolutely nothing in it. Neither the village of Ravena nor the town of Coeymans invested a single cent in the Teen Center. But Ravena village hall invested an awful lot of time farting around and backstabbing to make sure it disappeared. What did they provide to fill the void? What did they do to give the kids a place to go in the village of Ravena, the hamlet of Coeymans? You know the answer, parents, grandparents. Why don’t you tell the kids why you didn’t open your mouths or your wallets? Shame on you all. But more shame on the 68% who thought that the Teen Center should be saved and didn’t do anything to save it. You could have done that easily with at least 68%. You could have kicked Bruno’s and Warner’s butts but instead you threw the kids in, and got real low to kiss butt. Proud of yourselves?

As for the Ravena Health and Fitness Center residents of Ravena, at least, proved again that all sheep don’t go to slaughter on four legs, some actually walk on two legs. All of Ravena-Coeymans bent over again for another Bruno-Warner quickie and let Cathy Deluca and the Coeymanazis stick it to them, while Bruno, Warner and the Delucas sang all the way to the bank. Why is that? How did that happen, we ask you? How could that have happened when 68% of poll responses think that “the Ravena Health and Fitness Center is an illegal joke”?

thumbs-down young biz guyHow is it possible that (1) the village of Ravena created the Ravena Health and Fitness Center without public inputs and without a feasibility study of the need for such a facility, (2) hired an insider, Cathy Deluca, and friends to run the place, (3) allocated more than $105,000 to run the place, (4) approved $30,000 plus benefits to pay Cathy Deluca, (5) set rules for using the “public place” to exclude anyone under 18 years of age (the very kids who were going to the Teen Center), (6) made the Ravena Health and Fitness Center a “political/private” club by making it very clear that some local residents were unwelcome there, and the list goes on and on! How is that possible when such a large majority, 68% of residents responding to the poll think the Ravena Health and Fitness Club is an “illegal joke”? How is that possible when only 8% of residents responding to the poll think that Ravena needs the Fitness Center. And if 8% of the residents responding think that they need the illegal joke of a so-called Fitness Center, why is it that 0%—YES! You read right: ZERO—are members of the Fitness Center or have a family member who is a member of the Fitness Center.?!?! (That’s about right because whenever we check the parking lot at the Fitness Center it’s pretty empty. And what are the local churches doing with the Fitness Center possibly stealing people away from the church-sponsored programs, like zumba etc.?)

We repeat: 68% of responders think the Ravena Fitness Center is an “illegal joke”; only 8% think we need the Ravena Fitness Center, and 0% of responders are members or have a family member who is a member of the Ravena Fitness Center. So does it really make sense that the village of Ravena gave the RCS Community Library such a hard time and evicted the library for the space for the Fitness Center? Does it really make sense to have paid more than $40,000 of taxpayer money to purchase the used fitness center equipment from insider Robert “Bob” Fisk? Does it really make sense to have allocated more than $105,000 of taxpayer money to fund the Fitness Center? Is it really fair that a local insider, Cathy Deluca, should have been appointed to run the place after already running two fitness centers to failure? And does it make sense to appoint Cathy Deluca, an insider and close friend of Bruno and Warner, to be director to the tune of more than $30,000 plus benefits? Apparently the majority of aware readers, 68% percent of you don’t think so! So what did you or are you going to do about it?

That brings us to a very revealing part of this report: In the local general elections this past November 5, 2013, voters finally took a firm stand on bad government and crooked elected officials. In Coeymans voters gave Tom “Bigmouth” Boehm and Dawn “Dizzy” Rogers their walking papers. They affirmed their trust in Supervisor Stephen Flach and rejected Ravena mayor John Bruno’s puppet, Martin “Marty” Case. Coeymans is safe.

In addition, by a huge margin—not unexpected, of course—voters rejected the idiotic candidacy of Dawn Maddage, who was totally unknown and unqualified for the Coeymans Town Clerk position. As expected, the popular, experienced, respected Diane Millious was re-elected. That must have been a crushing disappointment for sitting town democrat councilman Thomas E. “Tom” Dolan, who really screwed up the democratic tickets, after having suffered a pitiful defeat in his own bid for a NYS senate seat. Dolan chairs the local democrat committee—The question is: How much longer is the dork going to be allowed to corrupt local politics and get away with it. Even a penile implant wouldn’t keep his approval ratings up!

New Arrival Baby 2014 Gives a Thumbs Down to Ravena Regime!

New Arrival Baby 2014 Gives a Thumbs Down to Ravena Regime!

2014 is an election year for the village of Ravena. The writing on the wall indicates that there’s going to be a big change in Ravena, too. That is, only if voters don’t allow the corruption and favoritism to take the vote away from the voters.

Think of it this way: 85% of residents responding to the poll reside in the village of Ravena or Coeymans. 80% of respondents report that they voted in the November 2013 elections. Do the math. Look at the trends in the respondents’ responses. Now figure out what direction the village of Ravena and other local communities are going to go.

Say what you will about this blog, the numbers and the responses speak for themselves. 82% (with a high of 97%) of responders say that they “get more information from this blog than from local news media.” We’d take that one step further and say that local residents get more true information on this blog than they’ll ever get from local news media. That’s common knowledge., but 72% of responders say that they rely on this blog for truthful information about the community. 79% of responders say that this blog is an important community resource. 75% of responders say that they would “gladly do business with a business that supports this blog.” That’s good to know because although we have never asked for financial support of our work, and work it is, we may need to offer advertising slots to cover expenses. After all, we still have to pay $0.25 a page for documents FOILED from local government and $10.00 for every CD containing recorded minutes, police interviews, or public meetings. It all adds up to a tidy sum. Our time and gas is also not subsidized by any additional income.

All good has a negative side to it and to be complete we have to report at a whopping 17% of responders think this blog is useless. Makes you wonder why they even bother reading it, let alone take the time to respond to one of its polls. Go figure!

100% of residents responding in the poll said that they answered the poll questions honestly and seriously. We believe that and thank all 656 responses for taking the time to answer our questions and to let the community know what such a large number of residents representative of our community are thinking.

Simon Sez: Thumbs DOWN The Editor

Simon Sez:
Thumbs DOWN
The Editor

 Click on this link to read or download a complete tally of the Poll Responses: Poll Reponses.

 The Good News

As of January 1st, both the Town of Coeymans (Albany County) and the Town of New Baltimore (Greene County) now have new leadership and new majorities. It looks very good for those two towns, and our hope is that they will put their heads together, and perhaps even involve the Town of Coxsackie (Greene County), to stop the bickering and stalemates and get things done in the interest of the residents and taxpayers of those communities. We hope that the voters in the Village of Ravena (Town of Coxsackie, Albany County) will see the light at the end of the long dark tunnel that the former town councils and the present village government has painted very, very dark, indeed. We hope that the voters in the Village of Ravena, supported by their neighbors in the Hamlet of Coeymans will fumigate village hall on Election Day 2014, get rid of the cockroach infestation there now, and finally install a village team that will not badmouth and fingerpoint but will foster and nurture inter-community cooperation. Once that is done, intercommunity groups and action can step in and take the Bruno-Warner ghost town and resucitate it to become a colorful, inviting,vibrant community with a real heartbeat. The new administration in New Baltimore can now take charge and put New Baltimore on the map not as a community that digs up its natural treasures and buries its traditions, but one that truly serves its residents, fosters neighborliness, and preserves the traditional values of work, faith, fairness, family and loyalty. The Town of Coeymans can come a long way by cleaning up its own corruption now that some of the vermin have been removed from the community pantry. But there’s much work ahead and real smart governing and negotiation that has to be done soon before the enthusiasm wanes, and support for major change recedes. There’s excitement in the air…and true hope in hearts. Don’t disappoint us. After all, this blog is not really about “Thumbs Down” but about “Handshakes” and we and our readers are on the spot to make sure those gestures of friendship, community, and cooperation happen. Please do your part to make 2014 a year of prosperity and positive change!

Make it happen!

Make it happen!


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Albany DA Soares Continues Retaliation, Persecution

Since the Office of the Albany District Attorney is a Regular Reader on this Blog, Mr Soares, We Would Strongly Suggest You Also Check Out the Comments Section, If You Don’t Already!

Since About May 31, 2012, the Albany District Attorney, P.[udenda] David Soares, Has been Persecuting Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Board of Education President John M. Vadney

on the Grounds of a Facially and Factually Fraudulent  Harassment Complaint made by Former School Board Member Josephine (Tracey) O’Connor’s Father, Joseph Tracey

P. [Pudenda] David Soares

P. [Pudenda] David Soares
Albany County District Attorney
Has Plenty of Ethical Problems of His Own

What the Albany Times Union (a.k.a. Albany Times Useless) and the local rags don’t tell you…and the RCnaziS (Coeymanazis) don’t want you to know:

Yes! It’s our hypocritical Albany District Attorney, reliable cog in the wheels of the eternal political corruption of the Albany Democrat machine so deeply imbedded in Albany politics, who is persecuting the RCS board of education president, John M. Vadney, on a cooked-up charge of harassment. On January 8, 2013, our Albany DA P.[udenda] David Soares’ special prosecutor–Yes! You read correctly, a Special Prosecutor, Paul Webb, appeared in Bethlehem court to AGAIN postpone resolution of the trumped up frame-up of the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk school board president, Mr John Vadney. Can you imagine the stupidity of pursuing this fraudulent, politically motivated persecution at taxpayers’ expense!

Who-is-your-JudgeWe’ve seen and read the illiterate so-called Witness Deposition sworn to by Joseph Tracey, under the inept supervision of Coeymans police bobos Thomson and Crosier (see below), and it’s beyond comprehension that any judge with even a half a brain wouldn’t have looked at it and thrown it and Tracey, together with the idiot Coeyman’s cops who took it, Crosier and Thompson out the nearest window! (Yes! that’s Kerry Thompson,  who is married to Coeymans police chief Darlington’s sister, the same corrupt Coeymanazi who refused to take a local businesswoman’s complaint that that same Joseph Tracey harassed her and threatened her family!). The deposition is a mass of confused statements and contradictions. Moreover, it was taken by the Coeymans police the day after Tracey had been arrested by the Bethlehem Police and released. It’s obviously a halfwit’s attempt at getting back at Mr Vadney. Lest we forget, Joe Tracey, Josephine O’Connor’s ‘til then estranged father, who is a very good friend of Gerald “Dirty-Hands Deluca of Coeymans police department and Coeymanazi fame, claims to have been called a “homosexual” (I can hardly believe that that word would be in Joe Tracey’s vocabulary!) and that he was insulted. Poor pussy cat!


Joe Tracey, the Poor Kitten!

Now that’s fact.  Joe Tracey says he asked Mr Vadney to call him about some statement made 10 days earlier to Josephine O’Connor. All of a sudden, 10 days later, Tracey needs to talk to Mr Vadney about something said to Tracey’s adult daughter, married, wannabe teacher, at the time a member of the RCS board of education. We’d like to remind you that Josephine O’Connor’s statement is not supported by any witnesses and, in fact, several people present at the time say the incident never happened. In his deposition, Tracey actually admits in so many words he was not there but he’s got to talk to Mr Vadney about the incident. Well, Tracey does talk; in fact he talks his way to jail on a charge of aggravated harassment, a misdemeanor.

So, Tracey gets out. Mr Vadney gets an order of protection to keep Tracey, who threatened Mr Vadney and his family, away. Next day, the Coeymans police show up at Mr Vadney’s home, cuff him, and cart him down to Coeymans. The charge: You guessed it, aggravated harassment.

But Mr Vadney’s due process rights are violated multiple times. He isn’t read his rights at the time of arrest, he isn’t arraigned after his arrest, in fact he doesn’t even know Why? he’s been arrested!

In fact, the Coeymans police had to make several attempts at writing up the Appearance Ticket issued to Mr Vadney. Get this: The Coeymans police, Thompson and Crosier, had to generate no less than five, FIVE, appearance tickets, each one correcting the one before. Yes, they couldn’t even get the appearance ticket right without having to redo it five, FIVE different times!!!!

Both town of Coeymans judges didn’t want to touch the case and they recused themselves! Local BoBo judges were scared shiteless to touch the case! So Bethlehem town court had to take the case. And that’s where it’s stuck for the past almost 7 months. Does anyone smell the nasty retaliation rat here?




I Have Gotta A Deal You Can’ta Refuse!

Our buck is on the bet that the local Mafiosi and Coeymanazis, all Democrat tools, in RCS are behind the persecution and retaliation to coerce a resignation–they’ve been trying forever to oust the non-teachers from the RCS board of education. You see, once they get enough non-teachers to resign from the board, the teachers clique and the teachers union, Matt Miller and NYSUT, will have free reign on the budget and programs. And you all know damned well where that’s going. This persecution thing has been going on forever: first they tried like hell to get Rodney Krzykowski to leave by calling him a terrorist, a scofflaw, a tax-evader. Of course, none of that was true. Then they went after Jeff Lukens, even allegedly using his son in retaliation, but Lukens stood firm. Then back in May 2012, right after the preliminary results of the 2012-13 school budget vote–those same results are under investigation by the New York State Education Department because of allegations of irregularities and even fraud by the supporters of the more than $42 million school budget supported by the teachers and the teachers union, NYSUT, and a group of Coeymanazi-brainwashed residents–they set the board of education up with a performance by sociopath Josephine (Tracey) O’Connor, who did the “He called me fat” performance at the RCS High School in front of voters. (She’s not exactly “petite,” let’s say.) But numerous voters and officials present and with Mr Vadney claim nothing of the sort happened!Then, Josephine O’Connor’s father, Joseph “Joe” Tracey, a man with a very colorful past involving, let’s just say “self-medication”, appears at a local business owned by a relative of the board president and then creates a threatening scene, intimidating the board president’s sister and threatening the board president’s family.

[Editor’s Note: We are indebted to a reader who points out that we shouldn’t foget that Coeymans police chief Gregory Darlington’s wife is secretary to moron Albany County DA P. David Soares! There is a clear trail leading from the Coeymanazi nest of iniquity to Soares’ office!]

Read the rest of this entry »


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Court Update: Joe Tracey Appears in Court

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

Alone, Abandoned, Pitiful!

Abandoned Like An Old Truck Carcass

Josephine O’Connor’s father, Joseph “Joe” Tracey, appeared today in Bethlehem Town Court, before the same judge who arraigned Tracey on May 25, 2012, Judge Mark S. Jordan, Bethlehem Town Justice, and the same judge who imposed the Order of Protection on Tracey, ordering him to stay away from John Vadney and Vadney’s family, and that same court order that Tracey had the Coeymans Police violate, and which Tracey himself violated the very next day.

Say what you will, but it does cut a pitiful picture to have sat with a small contingent of supporters of John Vadney, and to have had to see the scapegoat lumber up to the bench with just his lawyer as support. Even his own daughter, Josephine Tracey-O’Connor, didn’t have the decency to show up to be at her father’s side, the very man who got sucked into defending her idiotic ego. There he was, a hulk of a man looking pretty ragged even in a suit, a big guy, but his sheer size makes his whole story incredible. No Coeymanazies, no daughter, just the scapegoat. It really tugged at the heart strings, even if you are disgusted by the things he’s done and the company he keeps, there was something noble in what he thought he was doing, something even parental. I had to try very hard to keep justice in mind when pastoral compassion was threatening to get the upper hand.

Keeping this relatively short, Tracey’s attorney–you have to wonder who’s paying for her! Do you think Josephine is helping out with the bill? Or the Coeymanazies? Better check the Coeymans Police petty cash, it might come up short this month! Well, Tracey’s attorney stated her own version of the facts, which were naturally very strange, especially so, since Judge Jordan is familiar with the facts of June 25th. Didn’t do much for Tracey, though.

Judge Jordan, listened patiently, asked a couple of questions, and agreed to postpone Tracey’s trial. Judge Jordan also extended the Order of Protection until at least September 18, 2012.

Thank you Judge Jordan!

[Editor’s Note: It was refreshing to observe the Jordan court move through the cases with efficiency, respect, and compassion. Jordan greeted each party with respect, explained to each one appearing before him what the charges meant. Judge Jordan has finesse and people skills. I personally was impressed.]

It’s Always Saddening to See A Man
Hung Out To Dry!
The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!