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Coeymans: They’ve Been Rejected, Rebuked, Rebuffed but Take Revenge on the Community

Voters ousted the majority of the scoundrels on the Coeymans town council (Tom Dolan’s still around but very alone; he’s out next time) and on the New Baltimore town council, while rejecting their cronies. Almost cleaned house. But those left in power for the next two months are taking their revenge before they have to hand over their house keys!

YOU VOTED THEM OUT!! But they're Mad and Mean, and they're going to punish you before they leave!
But they’re Mad and Mean, and they’re going to punish you before they leave!

You’d think they’d have some dignity, and accept the voters’ decision. Voters simply didn’t want their kind any more. So do you think they’d accept the message and leave with dignity, or show some good will in their last two months in office. Hell NO! They’re going to do all the damage they can before they handover the keys to town hall. They’re going to punish voters for giving them the boot!

Revenge of the Rejects

The Coeymans dems under the misguidance of loser Tom Dolan ran Coeymans police chief Gregory Darlington’s babe, Michelle Maddage, for town clerk. They played Maddage for a circus clown, and she played right along with Dolan, Boehm, and Darlington and danced like their cute little monkey, and ran for a town office for which she had absolutely no qualifications. She lost pitifully! But Maddage was just a tool. You see, Coeymans police chief Gregory Darlington had cut a deal that would place his wife, now a secretary in that racist, pandering, incompetent Albany County DA David Soares’ office, in the Coeymans town clerk’s office as a part-time employee. Imaging if the plan had succeeded: If Maddage had by some stroke of misfortune, won and became Coeymans town clerk, she would hire Darlington’s wife in the town clerk’s office. That would put dodo-cop Gregory Darlington in charge of the clerk’s office and in control of any information leaving town hall, because Maddage would be taking orders from Darlington, his wife, and from Tom Boehm and Tom Dolan! Talk about a police state! Talk about turning town government into a family business!!! Voters by the grace of a merciful God put a quick stop to those diabolical plans.

But just because Maddage and the Darlingtons lost the bid to control the Coeymans town clerk’s office. And just because Tom Boehm and Dawn Rogers got booted from their playpens on the Coeymans town council doesn’t mean that they’re finished screwing the citizens of the town of Coeymans. They still have 2 months to do a hell of a lot of damage and they’re mad and mean. They’re going to pull all the stops now that they have nothing to lose. They’re going to punish voters for making the right choices.

Psycho-Cop Ryan Johnson, as inept as he was and continues to be, has botched up so many investigations and probably holds the record for complaints against the Coeymans police department has been promoted to the rank of sergeant in the Coeymans p.d.!

What? You Promoted Psycho-Cop Ryan Johnson?!?

What? You Promoted Psycho-Cop Ryan Johnson?!?

In the town of Coeymans they’ve already started. We all know what friends Boehm and Darlington are, and Dawn Rogers had a special fondness for the Coeymans police department. Craig Apple, Albany County Sheriff saw the writing on the wall and pulled his sockpuppet Kerry Thompson out of the Coeymans p.d. with the cleverly disguised “promotion” of Thompson to “deputy chief deputy.” Thompson then resigned his position with the Coeymans p.d. (Nice move, Craig, get out of harm’s way while you can.) So what do the dregs on the Coeymans town council do? Rather than accept their fate, they promote psycho cop Ryan Johnson, a reject from the Cairo p.d., and such a psycho that they had to get him out-of-the-way in the Coeymans p.d. so they got on a drug task force. Well Johnson, as inept as he was and continues to be, has botched up so many investigations and probably holds the record for complaints against the Coeymans police department has been promoted to the rank of sergeant in the Coeymans p.d.! They promoted Coeymans’ own Psycho-Cop! Thanks Tom Boehm, Tom Dolan, Dawn Rogers!!!

Previous to the so-called “promotion” Psycho-cop Ryan F. Johnson was collecting more than $58,000 in town of Coeymans taxpayer dollars! For what?

That is poor government, escalating spending in this way in times when the majority on the Coeymans town council should be looking for ways to save money and to avoid excess spending. No doubt this is a part of the Boehm, Rogers, Dolan Revenge Plan. Ryan F. Johnson was already cashing in to the tune of more than $58,000 a year from the Coeymans taxpayer pockets!

Even Tom Boehm’s lies couldn’t keep him or Dawn Rogers in office. The two town officials Boehm and Darlington, and Rogers were constantly tripping up and abusing got re-elected, and Boehm and Rogers, two of Darlington’s supporters, are no more. Now where does that leave Darlington? Where does that leave that money-pit of the Coeymans police department? Here’s where: in very dangerous waters. The Coeymans police department is useless, corrupt, and simply a playpen for a bunch of thugs who can’t go anywhere else. They thought they had it made until their friends on the Coeymans town council got the boot. Now the way is clear to break up the party going on in the basement of Coeymans town hall and turn law enforcement over to the profession law enforcement professionals you’re paying for already: The Albany County Sheriff and the New York State Police.  There are better ways to spend the $1,000,000 (one million) that the Coeymans p.d. is costing taxpayers every year!

Have our readers heard about the suspension of two Coeymans police officers for misconduct or criminal activities? We’ve heard it’s been discussed in town council Executive Session but not a peep has been heard in the media. It’s been a very well-kept secret. Do we owe the secrecy to Tom Boehm, Dawn Rogers and Tom Dolan? How about it, Coeymans police-chief-whose-job-is-in-jeopardy Gregory Darlington: Come clean if you can. Who are the officers and what’s the story?

We say: As soon as the new Coeymans town council takes over in January, we say RESCIND Johnson’s promotion. Set the wheels in motion to save Coeymans taxpayers $1,000,000 and eliminate the Coeymans Police Department. Stop the lies they tell to misinform residents that they need the Coeymans p.d.!

In the meantime, keep a close eye on what is going on on the Coeymans town council, and watch Tom Boehm, Dawn Rogers, and Tom Dolan very closely. They’re going to try to push quite a few things through before they leave that you’re going to be saddled with afterwards. Get to the town council meetings and make your wishes known. Coeymans residents must demand a moratorium on any major decisions until the new Coeymans town council takes over. And keep a very close eye on what’s going on with the town of Coeymans 2014 budget! It hasn’t been approved yet. Don’t let them spend any more of your dollars on a police department that’s almost out the door! Coeymans voters have the momentum, now use it to good advantage: Anything Boehm, Dolan, Rogers or Darlington want, SAY NO!

Town of New Baltimore

Like the town of Coeymans, the voters in the Town of New Baltimore finally got smart and kicked supervisor Susan O’Rorke out and put in some community-minded people like Nick Dellisanti, Jeff Ruso, Sally van Etten on the board and sent a clear message to the local elitist clubs represented by Janet Angelis (of sign-stealing fame) and Hilary Schrauf (of no fame at all).  That doesn’t mean that Dellisanti, Ruso, and van Etten have a ticket for free lunch; in fact, we’re going to be watching them very, very closely and any indication of deviating from the straight and narrow and we’ll be on them tighter than the skin on a frog’s back.

Read more about the NYS Comptroller’s audit findings of financial mismanagement and give-your-friend-a-raise practices in the Town of New Baltimore at
After the Elections in New Baltimore: O’Rorke, Benway, Norris Laying Landmines for New Administration

Tit for Tat! What would they do to you? What have they done to you/ The Editor

Tit for Tat! What would they do to you?
What have they done to you

The Editor

We’re Not Going to Forget

We’d like your support to get action!

The Hudson-Catskill Newspapers (Ravena News Herald, Greene County News, Daily Mail) refused to publish the personal profiles of the New Baltimore’s Republican, Conservative and Independence party-endorsed candidates. Don’t you think that might have had a very big effect on the election results in New Baltimore, or anywhere else where such media misconduct could happen? We’d like you to  John B. Johnson, chairman, and Mark Vinciguerra, publisher, what you think of their discriminatory, unfair, unbalanced coverage of the candidates and their unfairly influencing the elections. The publishers of those newspapers abused their privileges. Here are their emails:

John B. Johnson
Chairman, Johnson Newspaper Corp.

Mark Vinciguerra
Publisher, Hudson-Catskill Newspapers

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!


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Resignation or Termination: Matt Miller’s Choice


The Buzz Is That There is a Letter Out and Circulating that Demands that the Commissioner of the NYS Education Department Accept Matthew J. Miller’s Voluntary Resignation or, in the alternative, Proceed with a Termination Process.

Is Matt Miller Almost Out the Door>

Is Matt Miller Almost Out the Door?

We have received a final copy of the letter that is allegedly intended to go first to the New York State Education Department Commissioner, with copies to the RCS CSD interim superintendent of schools, to the RCS CSD board of education, and to the New York State Attorney General, with a request for investigation.

To read a copy of the letter to the NYSED Commissioner, click on this link: NYSED Commissioner Letter re Matthew J Miller_redacted We will adapt the letter so that it can be personalized and sent by anyone in the district who would like to join in the effort to remove Matthew J. Miller from this district. We will publish the template letter on this blog over the next couple of days.

It seems that a considerable volume of incriminating evidence has been assembled and is ready to go out that is likely to put our favorite mutt, Matt Miller, in the hot seat.

Whatcha Gonna Do Now, Matt?

Whatcha Gonna Do Now, Matt?

We have received disclosure of documents demanded under New York’s Freedom of Information Law that shows that Matt Miller collected far more than we had originally expected during his profitable stint as double-dipping Energy Educator/Manager in the RCS school district. We’ll publish that information, too, as soon as we can verify it.

Citizen residents are really taking the reins on these issues, we’re pleased to say and we urge them to continue the good fight. Well done, so far.

It’ll be interesting to see just what the New York State United Teachers, NYSUT,  is made of and how far they’ll go to support one of their membership and who is a local teachers union rep,  and who appears to have no morals or ethics at all. Not that unions are the role model for honesty or ethical conduct, but they do tend to be survivors and, as we all know, there’s no honor among thieves.

We’ll also see, if the letter actually does go out to the Commissioner of NYSED, the NYS Attorney General, and to state and federal lawmakers, what the ripple effect  might uncover.

Support your RCS CSD board of education non-teacher citizen-resident members.

Flex Those Muscles, People!

Flex Those Muscles, People!

Sorry, but it’s getting late and I have to head off the the RCS CSD board of education meeting to do some investigative reporting. We’ll continue this later. Thanks for your patience!

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!



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James Latter: ‘The Superintendent Does Not Have to Answer Resident’s Questions.’

Board of Education Member James Latter Says in an E-Mail to RCS Superintendent Elizabeth E. Smith that She Works for the Board of Education, Not for the Community. She Doesn’t Have to Run Around Responding to Community Requests!

Mr James Latter Never Learns!
He Should Keep His Cake Hole Shut!

Ever Wonder What Secret Messages Your Elected Officials Send to Each other? Here’s An Example! Straight from RCS Board of Education Member (You Elected Him!) James Latter’s Dirty Little Fingers to Your Screen!

We recently published an exchange of emails between a resident and Ms Elizabeth Smith regarding the unlawful and illicit involvement of RCS athletics coaches in the sale by RCS students of unauthorized raffle tickets distributed unlawfully by the RCS Sports Association, in violation of policies, procedures, and the law. We published the emails in our article Raffle, Anyone? In that same article, we raise the question of whether or not the RCS Bottle Blitz has requested permission to use school property and whether the Bottle Blitz is required to pay for that use like other organizations. As usual, Superintendent “Betsy” Smith avoided most of the questions.  It appears Mr Latter doesn’t like the fact that the resident contacted the District offices directly. Too bad!

Seems every time you open your fat cakehole, Latter, it gets you in hotter water! So, you think the Superentendent works for YOU? Is that so, Mr James latter? Is that why she’s such a puppet? Is that why so little information gets out in response to the community, Mr Latter, because Ms Smith works for YOU? Mr Latter, if Ms Smith works for you, can we assume YOU are writing out checks to her? If Ms Smith works for you, Mr Latter, and you are elected by the community, doesn’t that mean that you both work for and are accountable to the community? Sounds like you are a bit confused, Mr Latter. So, tell us, Mr Latter, when’s the last time YOU wrote a check to fund your position and for Ms Smith’s excessive salary? Mr Latter, how dare you write a letter like this (we’re assuming this went to Smith):

Community Emails
James Latter []
Sent: Friday, September 07, 2012 8:04 AM

I am concerned about community emails that are demanding information from our Superintendent with deadlines and promises of escalation of [Editors Note: Does Latter mean “if”?] those deadlines are not met. The superintendent works for us not the community and only has an obligation to get back to the community as time permits. School started this week and I would rather the superintendent focus on that than running around gathering detailed info for a community member. I have not seen a response from you [Editor’s Note: meaning Smith?] to this community member, but I think it is the presidents job to remind community members of how things work. If you do not feel comfortable with this task then maybe you could have Mr Robbins help out. Either way I think a response from the BOE needs to go out today addressing this community members email.
Thank you,

Thank you,
James Latter II
SABIC Innovative Plastics
Engineering Resins
Americas Operations Finance Analyst
T (518) 475-5501
D *233-5501

1 Noryl Ave.
Selkirk, NNY 12158
Admin Building

If you can get past the poor grammar and spelling errors in Latter’s letter, it looks like Mr Latter did this letter on company time. Anyone wonder if he did it during lunch or charged personal or vacation time to do it? Or is it his habit to take care of personal business on company time. Wonder if his manager is aware of Mr Latter’s theft of company time.

Poor, overworked superintendent! Did you eliminate her staff, Mr Latter? Doesn’t she know how to delegate, Mr Latter? What planet are you on, Mr Latter? Furthermore, if Madam Superintendent does not have to respond to residents, she’s got a mouth, let her use it, and tell residents she does not have to answer their questions, that she works for you!  Say it publicly so we all know.

Mr Latter, we feel very strongly that you need to make this statement at a Board of Education meeting, in public, to the public. The public needs to know what you think, Mr Latter. The public needs YOU to tell THEM that they are paying Ms Elizabeth Smith more than $140,000 a year to work for YOU, that she doen’t have time to answer the community’s questions! Will you do that, Mr Latter? Do you have the balls to make that public statement directly to the public?

How about you, Ms Smith? Did you really have to run around getting detailed information for that community member? Didn’t you have that information immediately available? (You should have, it was current and relevant to a burning issue, Ms Smith!) Do you feel you don’t have to answer the community’s questions? Did YOU know you work for James Latter? Would you like to make that statement publicly? That would save us a lot of money in November, when you retire and start collecting a pension based on the $140,000 you’re collecting from the community to work for James Latter. Save us that money, Ms Smith. Save us that money, Mr Latter!

By the way, is that why the community has to ask the same questions over and over again and still get no answer, despite the fact that Ms Smith repeats her canned response, “I’ll get back to you on that?”

Mr Latter, Ms Smith: If that’s what you actually believe, that you don’t need to respond to the community, you both really need some education and some discipline. Better still, you need to GO! And go without a pension!

Latter expresses the very attitude that needs to be eliminated in this community: the in-crowd, string-pullers have all the say and the community can take a leap. You, good people, loyal readers, must take steps to change their attitude. The place to start is at the next Board of Education meeting!

James Latter Is In The Wrong Place. He doesn’t know it but we do!
The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

Hidden Costs of Corruption…Can Ravena-Coeymans Afford Them?

We Published Parts of this Article in a Previous Article But it Wasn’t Very Visible, We’re Told. It’s Important, So We’re Giving it Space of Its Own

In a previous article we discussed a case of a resident trying to get the Coeymans police department to enforce the law rather than having the law perversely applied as usually occurs. In that article we describe a current case where  the Coeymans police, in conspiracy with the Coeymanazis around the Coeymans justice court, are actually obstructing justice (that’s a federal crime under where I come from; see US Code – Chapter 73: Obstruction of justice.) by employing conspicuous retaliation (delaying) tactics and likely other criminal activities to avoid prosecuting alleged felonies. The problem is, the Coeymans police and the Coeymans justice court actually thought they’d get away with it again this time again, sillies that they are!

Obstruction of Justice is a Serious Crime

Obstruction of justice is a serious federal and state  crime where someone tries to impede or interfere with the operation of the justice process. Anyone, even a police investigator or officer, a judge or other public official can be guilty of this crime. This can include actions that impede or prevent the criminal process during the investigation stage or during the prosecution stage. There are many different ways that someone can be charged with obstructing justice such as:

  • Attempting to influence a judge, court employee or a jury member
  • Threatening, harassing, coercing, assaulting, blackmailing, retaliating against or taking other actions against someone for participating in a criminal investigation or prosecution
  • Lying to law enforcement officials about important information such as knowingly altering, concealing, or destroying evidence or potential evidence
  • Otherwise obstructing or impairing the operation of state or federal laws, obstructing or impairing a criminal investigation.

The law takes a particularly dim view of public officials (elected officials, judges, public employees, police officers and employees) who obstructing the justice system, because society holds such people to a higher standard of conduct. Where an obstruction of justice charge might be sketchy, most prosecutors also make use of statutes protecting the citizen’s civil rights; so there are provisions that can be used in prosecuting for civil rights violations, too. Even a mediocre attorney would have a picnic here in Coeymans, and probably will…a qualified civil rights lawyer will make a killing!

The civil suits will be filed, of course, or follow the criminal prosecutions, or they may even be filed at the same time and run simultaneously. Where the criminal prosecutions don’t get the dirtbags, the civil lawsuits will (Do you remember OJ Simpson?). Pay us now or pay us later, as the old Midas muffler commercial used to chant.

Coming Soon to Someone
You Know!

You’re gonna be served!

Note also that Coeymans will have to diligently investigate and disposition each and every Formal Written Complaint submitted by citizens and residents, and those investigations must be properly documented. That’s great for future civil lawsuits and criminal prosecutions because the documentation of those complaint investigations will be available in discovery or when subpoenaed and what a mess that will be for Coeymans! Furthermore, every Notice of Claim will have to be investigated, documented, and those records of investigation will be available, too. Everyone involved at any stage of the process will be a possible witness and can ge examined before trial or at trial. Positively delicious!

And do you realize, citzens and residents of Ravena-Coeymans, that you will  have to foot the bill for the criminal misconduct of your elected officials, the police, the judges. So, go ahead and ignore what’s going on in the Coeymans Police Department and in the Coeymans Town Court and in your town boards and village councils.

Keep on ignoring the corruption and criminal activity but don’t complain later that the lawsuits are sending the town into bankruptcy or that services are discontinued in order to pay the judgments! And don’t scandalize the citizens who stand up for their rights when they’re abused and mistreated; if the majority in the community didn’t sit back and let the criminals have their way with the community, the criminal prosecutions and the administrative law actions and civil lawsuits wouldn’t be happening.

  • Do you residents realize that every complaint has to be investigated and that costs money?
  • Do you realize that every time a complaint is made against a judge, like the ones against George Dardiani, or against one of your public officials, the community, YOU, have to foot the bill for his lawyers?
  • Do you residents realize that when a complaint is made against a police officer, whether the complaint is justified no not, and that officer is disciplined or terminated, it could cost upwards of $250,000 in the battle with the police union to get the creep off the force? This is about what it costs to battle the teachers union, too, when you want to fire a teacher. Do you wonder why you have so many pervs on the police force or as teachers?

Are you listening, Darlington, Dardiani, Deluca, Biscone, David Soares, Coeymans town board members! Your outright misconduct and indifference is going to cost a bundle…both you and the community. Fines, jail, loss of pension…not pretty.

So, Citizens and Residents of Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk, You Can Wake Up Now or Pay Up Later…Those Who Are Still Left in Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk; The Smart Ones Will Have Already Left, Probably With Their Non-Polluting Businesses and Skills (All that Coeymans can attract these days is ther communities rejects and garbage dumps, it seems! But you all have raw sewerage on your lawns or in your basements, don’t you? Now, that’s a plus!)

Enjoy the Show…And Pay the Price
(We Warned You!)
The Editor

Special Notice & Legal Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer. This web site is designed for general information only. The information presented at this site should not be construed to be formal legal advice nor the formation of a lawyer/client relationship. Persons accessing this site are encouraged to seek independent counsel for advice regarding their individual legal issues. For specific technical or legal advice on the information provided and related topics, please contact the author.

Just A Theory….And A Caution…

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

Most Theories Are Based on Real Factual Observations and then The Conclusions Drawn are Applied to the General Situation. We Have a Theory …

Getting to the core of the corruption…

The whole process is like peeling an onion. As we remove each successive layer we’re getting to the core. But as we approach the core the air gets thicker and thicker while those at the center of the RCS corruption try to ward off the onslaught of questions, investigations, audits; you can actually smell their anxiety. And if you’ve ever peeled an onion, you know that the longer you’re at it, the nastier it gets.

Well, that’s what the situation is like in our exposé of the RCS multilayered corruption. As we expose, government agencies are monitoring and preparing. When the time is right, they’ll raid the place and clean up the bodies themselves.

But picture this: The power brokers at the core of the onion, the worms who have been eating way at the core of the community, won’t let themselves be taken alive. We all know that. But they have their lackies who will have to carry the bag for them.

Betrayal’s around the corner!

Imagine this scenario: You’ve been playing the game for 25-30 years, faithfully not asking questions, taking your orders, thinking you’re back is protected and you’ll be able to retire soon and enjoy the fruits of your criminal loyalty. You’ve kept your political friends and their families out of jail and their records clean. You’ve provided a safe haven for the thugs and the bullies. In a couple of years you’d be able to retire and get out of the cesspool you’ve been wading in for decades. But wait, here come the investigations, the audits, the indictments and you’re on the list for complicency, accessoriship, conspiracy, racketeering, public corruption. You’re likely to face a felony conviction…there goes your pension, buddy! Now what?

Our advice to you, GD: Clean up your act, cooperate, throw them in before they throw you to the sharks. You may not be the sharpest tack in the box but you’ll be one of the first to go downriver. You know they’ll do it.

In the meantime, we’ll continue sifting through the evidence, listening to the reports, watching. As the multimillion dollar complaints and lawsuits start rolling in somebody’s gonna snap, and when he or she does….

You Know They’ll Cut Your Throat!
The Editor

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