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How long do we have to wait? Official or Unofficial?

It’s 12:00 noon on Friday the 13th, ten (10) days after the Greene County Elections, and the morons at the Greene County Board of Elections STILL HAVEN’T POSTED THE FINAL RESULTS OF THE NOVEMBER 3RD ELECTIONS. THE LINK TO THE “OFFICIAL” RESULTS STILL SHOWS “UNOFFICIAL” RESULTS. WAKE UP GUYS!


So far, SILENCE!

So far, SILENCE!

Today, on Veterans Day, we claim to be celebrating the men and women still among us who served to preserve our dignity, rights, and freedoms. What “dignity”? What “rights”? What “freedoms”? Today, on Veterans Day, we slap our veterans in the face and kick them in the ass! Let’s ask our elected officials and politicians Why? that is!

A “Commander-in-Chief” who talks big about “We’ll keep fighting” but who has never served. Politicians who collect the money and get the benefits but can’t stick to the real issues. Media that sells ratings rather than inform us. We’ve forgotten what it is to be a real hero because we get fed a “hero-a-day”!

She Weeps for Us!

She Weeps for Us!

A week after the elections and we still don’t know the final results! Absentee ballots are not yet counted!!!

If the craziness and nastiness of election campaigns and the anxiety centering on the questionable results of local elections were not enough, our paid officials can’t even get their announcements right. It’s no wonder people don’t vote. But how can this country criticize other nations’ voting practices when our own is in such a sorry state?

For example, It’s now a week after the November 3, elections, and the final results are not posted (absentee ballots are STILL not counted).

The Greene County Board of Elections, Marie Metzler  ( and Brent Bogardus (, commissioners, can’t even decide whether the results on the Greene County Board of Elections website are “Official” or “Unofficial”. Who would think to look on the Green County Employee Info page for the November 3, 2015, “Official”/”Unofficial” election results, anyway. And they don’t tell us when the results, official or unofficial, will be final.

The Greene County Board of Elections page link reads: “Official Election Results/November 3, 2015” but the link goes to “Unofficial” results and those unofficial results are on the “greeneemployeeinfo” page. Go figure! And we trust those guys with running our elections?

When will they decide? Official or Unofficial?

When will they decide? Official or Unofficial?

And we mentioned last week that we expected the Albany County Board of Elections to be dragging their feet. Commissioners Matthew J. Clyne (D) and Rachel L. Bledi (R) don’t bother to provide their e-mail addresses. Do you think they’re interested in hearing from you about the outrageous delay in getting absentee ballots counted and the final results out? Coeymans will have to wait until after November 13, 2015, to learn the results. (Well, the good news is you still have time to leave town!) By the way, that’s Friday the 13th. Does that give the results away?

Albany will Count the Coeymans Absentee Ballots on Friday the 13th!

Albany will Count the Coeymans Absentee Ballots on Friday the 13th!

What’s the delay?!?!

We know Albany County is a Democrap sumphole and is run by a bunch of political machine backroom cronies, but really, do they actually need 10 days to count and tally absentee ballots? Where are we anyway? In Afghanistan?

Our Board of Elections will Let Us Know our Fate on Friday the 13th.

Our Board of Elections will Let Us Know our Fate
on Friday the 13th.

Be Afraid. Be VERY Afraid!
But there’s still time to leave town, people!

The Editor


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2013 Election Results: Overall We’re Very, Very Pleased


The Voters of Coeymans Saved the Day for the Town and its Residents! Voters stood up and let their voices be heard! Boehm & Rogers get the boot. Now Supervisor Flach can get the important things done, like clean up the Coeymans police department? Boehm is out. The next one should be Darlington and with him his little clique of thugs.


Stephen D. Flach 1,070
Martin R. Case 805

Coeymans Town Council

Kenneth A. Burns, Sr. 1,250
George E. Langdon IV 945
Dawn L. Rogers 781
Thomas A. Boehm: 669

Town Clerk Coeymans

Diane L. Millious 1,446
Michelle L. Maddage   445

Highway Superintendent Coeymans

Scott D. Searles 1,113
George J. LaMountain, Jr. 750


But you could have and should have done better!

Do you think that the fact that the Hudson-Catskill Newspapers (Ravena News Herald, Greene County News, Daily Mail) refused to publish your Republican, Conservative and Independence party-endorsed candidates might have screwed up the election in New Baltimore? Why else would two very qualified candidates, Russo and Vadney, have lost to two very unqualified insiders? Think about that. You should tell John B. Johnson, chairman, and Mark Vinciguerra, publisher, what you think of their discriminatory, unfair, unbalanced coverage of the candidates and their unfairly influencing the elections. Here are their emails:

John B. Johnson
Chairman, Johnson Newspaper Corp.

Mark Vinciguerra
Publisher, Hudson-Catskill Newspapers

We have a big bone to pick with the Greene County Board of Elections, too, and will demand some action from the Office of the Attorney General and from the Secretary of State. We think the Republican, Conservative, and Independence party-endorsed candidates, no matter whether they were successful or not, should join together and demand an explanation Why? the Greene County Board of Elections did nothing in response to the unbalanced coverage of the candidates. You can read on the Greene County BoE website: “The right to vote in the United States is one of our most important constitutional guarantees and we make every effort to insure that the election process in Greene County is administered in a fair, efficient, and professional manner.” OK. It’s not! In fact, we feel that the residents and voters of the Town of New Baltimore, no matter what their persuasion, should demand that Greene County Election Commissioners Thomas J. Burke and Brent Bogardus both tender their resignations! They’ve both proved themselves to be useless, impotent, and irrelevant! If you agree, tell them so! Here are their e-mails:

Thomas J. Burke

Brent Bogardus

But all things considered, New Baltimore gave O’Rorke the boot and send a definite message to her control-freak minions, Angelis and Schrauf. By doing that the Town of New Baltimore saved its ass and opened the way to government by the people, and very possibly to some really positive developments in the Town of New Baltimore itself as well as in cooperative undertakings with its neighbors to the North and to the South, the towns of Coeymans and Coxsackie. Now is the time for peacemaking and collaborative efforts to ensure mutual growth and sustainability!


Nicholas A. Dellisanti (REP, CON, IND) 555
Susan K. O’Rorke (NOP, OUR)¿ 536

Town Council

Shelly A. VanEtten (REP, CON, IND) 629
Jeffry R. Ruso (REP, CON, IND) 585
Hilary A. Schrauf (OUR)¿ 488
Janet I. Angelis (DEM) 434

Town Clerk Coeymans

Janet A. Brooks (NOP, OUR)¿ 685
Ann Marie Vadney (REP, CON, IND) 413

Highway Superintendent Coeymans

Diane A. Jordan (REP running as DEM, RTP) 640
Sally-Anne Russo (REP, IND) 434

These candidates had the endorsements of the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties. Three lines on the ballot!
¿ These candidates were not registered in any party nor were they endorsed by any mainstream political party whatsoever and had to resort to local ragtag parties like the “Our Town” or “Responsible to the People” parties, totally invented parties.
Dianne Jordan was the biggest scam artist in the running. She wasn’t endorsed by her own party, the Republican party, so she ran as a democrat, endorsed by the obscure invented party, the “Responsible to the People” (Diane Jordan) party. If you feel scammed, you ought to.

Mr Supervisor Dellisanti and Councilpersons Ruso and van Etten: Our recommendation would be to include Ms Vadney and Ms Russo on your committees as ex officio consultants or as permanent member with special credentials (for a reasonable stipend, of course, with the approval of the town council). We thought they’d have been wasted in the dead-end, dead-head positions of clerk and tax collector. It would be a shame to waste such talents and gifts, particularly given the fact that as a campaigning team you worked well as a team but each spoke his or her mind and didn’t get bullied. That’s something we need in local government: thinking team members!

Best of Luck and Success to Both Coeymans and New Baltimore! You did GOOD!

Best of Luck and Success to Both Coeymans and New Baltimore! You did GOOD!