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Definite Rejects: Town of Coeymans

In the Town of Coeymans

Just Little Lies...But Lots of Them! Case, Boehm, Rogers, Maddage

Just Little Lies…But Lots of Them!
Case, Boehm, Rogers, Maddage

martin case_2x3

Martin “Marty” Case

no_smallMartin Case running for Coeymans Town Supervisor
In General, we feel that Martin Case will do to Coeymans what he and the mayor John Bruno have done to Ravena: They’ve made Ravena a ghost town, a slum and a dictatorship. We can just imagine Marty Case reaching over to kiss mayor Bruno’s hairy butt from Coeymans town hall. God forbid! Marty Case has closed his eyes to civil rights abuses in Ravena, has allowed the town to misuse taxpayer money to fund an illegal health and fitness center, has supported favoritism of every kind, including appointing Cathy Deluca to be the director of the illegal fitness center without giving other more qualified people a chance to apply. Marty Case is a full-time social studies teacher but has done nothing for youth in Ravena. In fact, Case has not spoken out against Nancy Warner’s and John Bruno’s harassing of the local kids and has done nothing to support the Ravena-Coeymans Youth and Teen Activities Center. Case touts his many jobs in Ravena but doesn’t explain his plan to get Ravena out of the ugly condition it’s in. Instead, he claims he can work for Coeymans. Case is unrealistic, insincere, and a phoney. If you want Coeymans to turn into a big Ravena over night, he’s your man. If you want to get the crooks and the favoritism out of local government, VOTE NO! on Marty Case. (One question that we do have is this: Is Marty Case going to quit his teacher’s job to do the Coeymans supervisor’s job? Both are full-time positions, you know. Or which one is going to get short-changed? The kids or the town? Marty hasn’t answered that question yet, has he?)
And while we’re talking about deceit, Case is running on the promise to improve relations between Ravena and Coeymans. He’s had plenty of time to do that while on the Ravena village council but there he only backed mummy mayor John “Black Mamba” Bruno and hatchet-woman Nancy Warner in badmouthing the Town of Coeymans. How’s he propose to improve relations as supervisor? By handing the town over to his godfather Ravena mayor John Bruno?
Case “supporters” , a couple of dozen or so, mostly from the village of Ravena, most all from the same family and right from the families of village employees, and all typewritten, no signatures, sent out an illiterate letter begging for votes. Read the deceptive, phoney pack of lies at Case Begs for Votes.

Marty Case is a Phoney!

no_smallThomas “Tom” Boehm running for Coeymans town council

VOTE NO! Thomas "Tom" Boehm

Thomas “Tom” Boehm

Tom Boehm is another blow-hard. He’s done nothing for Coeymans that can be called positive. He works for the Albany Chamber of Commerce but has not used that connection to do anything for Coeymans at all. Boehm is a nasty backstabber, as anyone in Coeymans town hall can tell you. He’s in tight with Coeymans dodo cop Darlington and his nest of thugs. Boehm is a saboteur, an obstacle creator, a wedge in the gears of good, clean, honest government in Coeymans. Boehm hooked up with Darlington recently to put on a dog and pony act to deceive the public into thinking that Coeymans is a drug hell and that recent drug busts are a credit to the Coeymans police department. It was all a smoke and mirrors act and the press gobbled it up because it was yet another scandal, another stain on Coeymans. We don’t need our elected officials to make fools of this community; we need people in elected office who will point out the good points of a community of hard working and honest citizens. We don’t need another elected official who is a liar and a member of the croney-club. We don’t need another politician in local government who does favors in return for favors (which is what he’s doing with Darlington). We won’t go on and on about Tom Boehm because we have already reported on Boehm the Bum on this blog several times. Just search “Boehm” for relevant articles. We certainly don’t need another blow-hard do-nothing in local government. Get rid of Boehm the Bum and get someone who will do something positive for the town of Coeymans! You have a choice, you know.

Tom Boehm is a Blowhard Phoney!

no_smallDawn Rogers running for Coeymans town council

VOTE NO! Dawn Rogers

Dawn Rogers

Dawn Rogers may be a lack-luster non-achiever on the Coeymans town board. But we think we know why. We think Tom Boehm has bullied her like he likes to bully the other women in Coeymans town hall. We think that Tom Boehm and Tom Dolan have pushed her and Peter Masti into a corner and have intimidated them to the point that they appear to be chair-warmers and nothing else. Don’t get us wrong, we can’t point out anything that Dawn Rogers has done that would credit her with anything worth mentioning but if voters get rid of Boehm and eventually Dolan, Rogers, if re-elected may be able to take a deep breath and actually do something. Given the opportunity, we’d replace her in a New-York-minute but if there’s no other alternative to Rogers, she’d be the lesser of evils to keep on the board. She’ll continue to be useless if Boehm stays but if Boehm stays the whole game is lost, anyway. Boehm is poison to public officials like Rogers and Masti. We say if Boehm goes, keep Rogers and let her prove herself. If there’s a candidate with some guts to replace Rogers, once Boehm is gone, we’d replace her.

Dawn Rogers is a … What is she, anyway?

no_smallMichelle Maddage running for Coeymans town clerk

VOTE NO! Michelle Maddage

Michelle Maddage

Michelle Maddage is the biggest joke on the ballott! The poor nitwit hasn’t a clue what her so-called friends, like Gregory Darlington, have done to her. If she’s that stupid, we certainly don’t need her anywhere near public office! But the biggest joke is this: Maddage has nothing to offer, no experience, no education, no record of public service, no résumé of management experience. The simple fact that she has allowed herself to be manipulated into becoming a public mockery is enough to disqualify her immediately. The main point, however, is that she is running against a very popular, very professional, very loved incumbent Town Clerk! Diane Millious has more than 24 years of experience in the clerk’s office. Yes, voters, that’s how much experience Diane Millious has! In fact, before she even ran for town clerk, she had already 10 years of experience as deputy town clerk. Maddage has allowed herself to become a twit; she’s too friendly with too many of the Coeymanazis to do the rest of us any good anyway. The fact that she has allowed herself to be made into a pathetic clown, not knowing her limitations, is clear proof she’s not the stuff we need in any public office, unless she continues to be an administrative assistant or a secretary.

Michelle Maddage is a Clown (thanks to her “friends”)!

Well, there you have it. Our reasons for recommending that town of Coeymans and  voters VOTE NO! on the above candidates. If our readers want to know more about many of these candidates, we have published quite a few articles about them in the past, and you can easily search this blog for those articles.

We are not telling our readers how to vote but only to be sure to vote and when voting, to know something about the people you are voting for. We publish stuff they don’t want you to know and you won’t find in their newspaper profiles. That’s for certain.

It is our policy to ask our readers to please comment on our articles. We also want to hear from the candidates themselves with any information or clarification that might make our comments less severe, or which will shed some light on some of the points we have made. All comments are welcome and, if on topic and civil, will be published.

VOTE YES for Dellisanti, Ruso, vanEtten, Russo, and Vadney

VOTE NO! for  Case, Boehm, Rogers, Maddage
The Editor

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!

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Coeymans: Tom Boehm Tries to Save His Political Ass, Holds “Press Conference”

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This just in: Capital District news media have expressed an interest in the recent Notice of Claims served on the Village of Ravena and the Town of Coeymans. We have agreed to provide them with the documents, recordings, videos, etc. Things are moving fast!
The Albany County District Attorney, P. David Soares or his office spends an incredible amount of time on this blog! An upcoming article will discuss Albany County DA P. David Soares’ obsession with this blog and the question of what are the taxpayers of Albany County him to do? Read this blog?
Doesn’t he sleep? Well, fear, anxiety, bad conscience does keep him awake at night.
Are you wondering how Tom Boehm and Gregory Darlington are sleeping lately?

Normally a “Conference” Includes All of the Media Available to Cover an Important Breaking Story. There was no story but there was deception. Tom Boehm’s Press Conference* Drew Only His Moles at the Times Useless a.k.a. Albany Times Union and the Backwoods Albany Media; A Minute of Airtime. Not Quite a Press Conference Tommy and It Won’t Help the Dying Democrats in Coeymans, Either. But Nice Try, Tommy! Even Channel 13 News Couldn’t Put a Convincing Spin on the Amateurish Attempt to Garner Support by Destroying a Working Family!!!

*According to TV 13 News, Boehm and Darlington connived to call the press to come out to the so-called “conference.”

A Handful of Pot Plants and A Made-up Display of Guns Don't Make A Case for $1,000,000 Money-pit Police Department Get Smart Coeymans!

A Handful of Pot Plants and A Made-up Display of Guns
Don’t Make A Case for $1,000,000 Money-pit Police Department
Get Smart Coeymans!

 Well, if you have a weak stomach and wanted to up-chuck your breakfast, you could have been at the Coeymans Town Hall at 11:00 a.m., on Thursday, October 24, when Thomas “Tom” Boehm, Thomas “Tom” Dolan, and the Coeymans police thugs did a song-and-dance for invited press only—NO! Wait a minute, for the only press interested, the Albany Times Useless and TV 13. Of course the local “official” rag was there to do some propaganda work, the News Herald. All said and done, the Times Useless and TV 13 were presented with the accumulated drugs and weapons seized by the Coeymans police in recent “raids.” What they didn’t mention is that most of the crapola on display was seized on illegal search warrants and probably was what was left after the Coeymans police picked thru it to see what they could sniff, inject, smoke, or shoot.

So Why? Out of the blue, does Tom BOEHM (pronounced “Bum”), running on the Democrat ticket for election to the Coeymans town council, and Tom DOLAN, also a Dem on the Coeymans town council, who lost his bid for state senate in a crushing defeat last year, and now the Coeymans democrats are sucking in the upcoming town elections, want a “press conference” attended only by the failing democrats in Coeymans, Boehm and Dolan? And why the big [snigger] “press conference” about the “drug busts” in Coeymans, of all places. Coeymans when the TU and TV13 have Albany, Rensslaer, and Troy with their drug houses. The Answer, if you haven’t already guessed: Boehm is LOSING! The Coeymans police are scared shitless! Darlington can almost taste his pension (unless he’s charged soon). They’ve gotten so much negative attention in recent months the whole Coeymans police department has advance reservations for cells in Federal Prison! Rumor is that Coeymans police chief Darlington has already gotten a visit from the feds. Another rumor is that Darlington and Deluca are on their way out.loser game

Darlington is A Parasite Fraud!
What’s Worse is He’s a Liar and Liars are Worse than Pot Growers!

Kerry Thompson and his criminal kids have been outed but not by the Times Union or the Ravena Herald. Wonder why?

Tom Dolan’s kid’s drugs  and Dawn Rogers’ daughter, a three-time loser on DWI’s, recently helped out of ditch by town of Coeymans workers, but no report no charges made for Ms Rogers—the third strike would likely mean she’d go to jail to sober up.  How’d those crimes just evaporate you’d like to ask? Ask the Coeymans police department why the Times Useless or the News Herald didn’t pick up on them. Ask why there’s no report or charges. Isn’t that news? Coeymans town board members’ kids picked up on crimal charges.

And how about the deals made with the Albany DA P. David Soares, another useless democrat,  to get local druggies, friends of the Coeymans cops, off the hook. No jail time just rehab; that’s so they’re in really good shape to jump right back into business in lower Coeymans Hamlet.  Deluca, Prokrym, Johnson, Darlington know where the dealers are in Coeymans, they know who’s doing the selling, they know when they bring in the weekend shipment of prostitutes. So why doesn’t the Times Useless and the News Herald do those stories? Why doesn’t TV 13 and News Channel 6 or WTEN News or the Times Useless ask to be shown the notorious Coeymans Hamlet drug ghetto, talk to some of the dealers, etc.? Wonder why?

The Darlinton Media Snow Job Tom BOEHM, Tom DOLAN, DARLINGTON taking Coeymans down with them.Only 3 Albany News Media Show UpObviously Big News

The Darlington Media Snow Job
Tom BOEHM, Tom DOLAN, DARLINGTON taking Coeymans down on their knees with them, pleasuring the media.
News Media Can’t Even Put A Postive Spin on It!Obviously Big News…NOT!

It Was Nothing Less Than a Piece of Political Sabotage to Distract Attention from Tom Boehm’s Failing Campaign, and Darlington’s darling Michelle Maddage’s Totally Unqualified Inexperienced and Ridiculous Bid for Town Clerk. It Was also a Poorly Organized Attempt to Assasinate Supervisor Flach, Who Makes a Good Case for Eliminating the Coeymans Police Department.  A Handful of Pot Plants and A Made-up Gun Display Can’t Justify $1,000,000 being Spent on a Small-town Police Department! This isn’t the Bronx, Mr Darlington!

Why did the Coeymans police desperately try to get the security for Carver’s port/marina in Coeymans?  We have our theories: You know all those ships and boats coming up from the City? Do you ever wonder what they’re bringing up? And who’s making sure the deliveries are made? Has anyone thought to ask Mr Darlington, Mr Deluca, Mr Johnson? We’re asking now.

So, Tom Boehm, your press conference was a complete flop, a failure. Just like your compaign to get back on the Coeymans town board to do another 4 years of nothing, except to harass the ladies in the Clerk’s office, who are just about the only ones with any integrity and honesty in the whole doublewide.

you cant fix stupid vote out 2

Coeymans Supervisor Stephen Flach, a good and honest man, who truly wants to do the best for Coeymans but, like so many well-intentioned public servants in Coeymans town hall, has been tripped up at every step by the likes of the democrats-in-name-only, the DINOs, like Tom BOEHM and Tom DOLAN, and the silent ones, Peter MASTI and Dawn ROGERS (not the drunk, that’s her daughter). But then, maybe if the BOEHMS and the DOLANS were not around, the FLACHS, MASTIS, and ROGERS would actually be able to get something done. Think about that, won’t you?

And once BOEHM and DOLAN are gone or outnumbered, what chance do you think that money-pit, the Coeymans police department would have? A snowflake in hell would have a better chance. And while you’re thinking about how much money you’d be saving if the money-pit Coeymans police department were eliminated, think about what you could do with the more than $million$ in taxpayer dollars  now being spent on the Delucas and the Darlingtons, who drive around in top-of-the-line vehicles paid for by Coeymans taxpayers, who are saving their lunch money to buy gas!

What could Coeymans accomplish with the more than $1,000,000 (that’s every year and increasing!) being spent on a useless, money-pit, self-serving, corrupt Coeymans police department? Street lights, upgraded sewer systems, rejuventated slum area, recreation?

One last thought: BOEHM and DOLAN have the local media in Coeymans town hall to show off Coeymans’ drug problem. Now that’s a great bit of news for property values in Coeymans, isn’t it? Come to Coeymans and experience our drug problem, live with the drug dealers and junkies!  What a great message from Mr BOEHM and Mr DOLAN! And to think that Tom BOEHM works for the Albany County Chamber of Commerce! No wonder Albany’s such a dumpt!

If they really had the best interests of Coeymans in mind, wouldn’t Mr BOEHM and Mr DOLAN be showing off economic development and progress in Coeymans and leave the drug enforcement to the Sheriff and the feds, who are much better at getting legal search warrants than the Coeymans cops are?

Is that all that BOEHM and DOLAN can get the Times Useless, TV 13 and Channel 6 to show up for? A handful of pot and a couple of guns (thanks to Cuomo’s violation of the Second Amendment and his unconstitutional SAFE Act). Mr BOEHM and MR DOLAN want to paint Coeymans as the drug capital of the Northeast, apparently. In the meantime, kids are being beaten up and traumatized in the RCS CSD schools. Isn’t the Times Useless, TV 13 and Channel 6 interested in that news? Apparently, the News Herald isn’t either.

No, thank you! Mr Thomas BOEHM, Mr Thomas DOLAN, Mr Gregory DARLINGTON. Your silly smoke-and-mirrors show is a dud. You failed. You lose!

We smell a coupleof skunks, don't you? The Editor

We smell a couple of skunks, don’t you?
The Editor

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Police State in Ravena-Coeymans? You’re kidding. Right?


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Scornful, Scary, Scorned, Very Scary: Pre-Halloween Special Report.

Pathological Personalities are Frequently Successful in Providing a Convincingly Deceptive Impression

Pre-Halloween Special Report: Joan Ross and Bitter Bob Ross Make New Baltimore A Scary Place to Be

(And Then There’s soon-to-be-ex-supervisor, the failed Susan O’Rourke and Her Flying-Monkeys on the New Baltimore Town Board!)

Every Community Has Them…Or Something Like Them

WTF! Are They Still Loose?!? What has to happen before they're prosecuted?

WTF! Are They Still Loose?!?
What has to happen before they’re prosecuted?

We All Know that Every Community or Aggregate of Human Forms Has at Least One Lunatic Pair and New Baltimore Has Been Suffering under the Ross Pair for a Number of Years Now.

With the Elections Just Around the Corner, We Thought You Should Know About this Pair, and Be Wary

animated witch and flying monkey

Joan Ross and Susan O’Rourke Planning the New Baltimore Democrat Campaign Fix!
Electioneering at its worst! New Baltimore Conservancy Elitists, Local Suck-ups, Democrat Puppets Unite to Kill a Community!

Pudenda’s Poison Pen is probably already churning out hate letters-to-the editor and email-hate campaigns against candidates of any pursuasion. But beware of the malice and misinformation.  And editors be very wary: the last time Joan Ross’ poison pen letters were published landed her and the Ravena News Herald and Dick Bleezarde (now dead) in New York Supreme Court! Ross is news, very bad news.

They live at the end of a long driveway and emerge from their lair at high-speed to barrel down the narrow streets of the New Baltimore National Historic District as if pursued by Furies. But we know that’s not true because the two furies are in the vehicle.

Not Joan Ross. But a near-perfect likeness.

Not Joan Ross.
But a near-perfect likeness.

Robert “Robbie” Ross and his haridan partner Joan Ross infected the New Baltimore National Historic District about a decade ago and have been a malignancy in the community ever since. Two balls of raw hate and self-loathing pursuing their toxic activism-for-activism-sake only because they have nothing else to do, apparently. Out of one side of their drawn cadaverlike faces they dribble syrupy clichés while out of the other drips bitter venom. You may already have experienced the Ross deception; we know of quite a few who have already.

We had our first doubts about the Ross pair when they first moved into their lair back in about 2002 when Joan had already formed an opinion of the New Baltimore community and had coined the name “New Baltimorons” for her new neighbors. No one quite reached the Ross’ level. We can thank a merciful God for that, at least.

But their real malevolence peaked during the debate centering on the creation of a New Baltimore public water supply, and Joan and “Bitter Bob” came out in full gale force, maligning anything and everything in sight, doing what they, but especially Joan Ross, do best: spread rumor, gossip, misinformation (they’re poster beasts for the democrats in the area). They created an orgy of hatred that split an old, cohesive, traditional community into warring factions. Joan was in an orgasmic state seeing the turmoil she had authored. Bitter Bob obediently kept his mouth shut and licked stamps. Seems Bitter Bob is a cross between a pussy-whipped wimp and a downright cowardly dog.

For all of the appearance of sophistication there’s an underlying dark side that emerges every so often, especially when Joan Ross feels she’s been slighted. Here are some examples of how she treated some “friends” in the hamlet:

Referring to John Luckacovic, a former “friend” and partner in aggression, Joan Ross writes:

  • “F**k you, f**k you, you f**king asshole!” and she goes on to criticize that neighbor for “hurling obscenities, and “escalation of aggression.”
  • Leaving a voicemail message on a neighbor’s telephone answering machine, Joan Ross hurls: “You piece of shit!…I’m coming down to your house right now. I’m dealing with you. You piece of shit. ” And spews a number of irrational threats. This event would have gotten her arrested for misdemeanor harassment under New York Penal Law § 240.30, aggravated Harassment, and when the tape was submitted at a later deposition, Joan’s attorney had to have Joan invoke the 5th to save her foul-mouthed ass.
  • Best of all, though, is when Joan writes to a neighbor: “You have better manners, and he [referring to then “friend” John Luckacovic”] and he has a real problem with anger.” Joan then goes on to describe her own problem, “Buuuuuuut, you are falling into the Joan trap of ripping apart every aspect of a person with whom you have a gripe.” Now that, dear readers, says it ALL! Straight from the nag’s own pen, as it were. She knows how she is and actually writes it in an e-mail, while trashing her “friend.” (It bears mentioning that she probably caught hell from Bitter Bob for writing that bit because she writes later clarifying that Bitter Bob didn’t write the message (she was using Bitter Bob’s email at the time).

    Not "Bitter-Bob" Ross But a pretty good likeness.

    Not” Bitter-Bob” Ross
    But a pretty good likeness.

Bitter Bob is no saint, either. In fact, he usually stands by like a coward and let’s Joan do their dirty work. But here are some examples of Bitter Bob at work:

When locals were raging about heavy metal pollution emitted by LaFarge, Bob Ross, who came to New Baltimore with a number of physical defects, including a neurological “twitch”, all of a sudden was attributing his ailments to Guess whom? You got it right, the LaFarge pollution! The News Herald actually published his (most likely penned by Jekyl-Hyde Joan) letter to the editor.

Joan Ross and Robbie, her pet, are not beneath enlisting the colaboration of out-of-country low-lives to do some of their dirty work. In the past they’ve enlisted the lunatic, Richard Benham, now dead, of “anywhere he could lie about”. And then there’s the American-expatriate-now-Canadian, Scott Horne, who has befriended the Rosses and operates on command out of Canada. When the Rosses feel the legal heat or it gets too hot locally, they recruit some low-life to put up a webpage to give the impression of consensus. (Sounds a bit like Cathy Deluca and Fiends of RCS, doesn’t it?) It’s all a lunatic smokescreen.

The Ross pair are constantly courting the local State Police or the Greene County Sheriff. It seems they are fatally attracted to litigation and criminal summons.
One peculiar and very nutty idiosyncrasy is their attraction to everything misdemeanor. We mentioned the close call Joan Ross had with misdemeanor harassment above, but consider Bitter Bob’s nasty habit of harassing pedestrians with his jeep. Seems Bitter Bob likes to race up to local residents on the narrow streets of the National Historic District, especially when the unfortunate resident might be walking the dog and is confined between hedges and guardrails, with nowhere to go, and beep his horn, shouting in his jeep. Bitter Bob was cited in a New York State Police incident report and ticketed to appear in court for that misbehavior and had to appear with his lawyer several times in Catskill court to answer the charges. The Greene County assistant district attorney prosecuting the case at the time, Ann Marie Rabin, after several appearances, let him off with an A.C.O.D. (adjournment in contemplation of dismissal) which meant that Bitter Bob had to keep his nose clean for several months or be prosecuted. Must have cost him a pretty penny dragging his lawyer down to Catskill for every appearance. This second incident—which allegedly occurred this past September 20, almost exactly the same place and almost the exact same criminal misconduct— was reported to the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, a deputy took the report, and the incident is getting the attention of the Greene County Sheriff’s Department and is allegedly being investigated.

We’re curious how the Greene County Sheriff’s Department is going to perform in this little skit. Will they have some balls and go after the Ross pair as they play hide-and-seek and catch-me-if-you can? Or will our law enforcement investment fall flat on their arses with lame excuses. We’re watching this one very closely. Remember everyone, it’s grassroots performances and politics, and our votes that will determine whether Sheriff Greg Sealy and Greene County DA Terry Wilhelm have a future. Are they willing to risk it?

But it appears old dogs don’t change. Bitter Bob was recently (September 20, 2013) the subject of another police incident report when he again used his jeep as a threat and harassed a neighbor with it. As if that wouldn’t be enough—but we know from past history that it’s never enough for psychos like Joan and Bitter Bob Ross—they had to stop and taunt the resident. Ross community spirit and sophistication at its very best. But maybe it’s that they’re just getting old and senile. Or is it the LaFarge pollution taking a particularly heavy toll on their brains? Who knows…or cares?

In the Hamlet of New Baltimore the standing joke is how Joan Ross is addicted to cut-and-paste email campaigns. Seems she has a contact list to whom she emails just about anything she can spice up and edit. Hate-mongering knows no limits, it seems.

The saying always proves true, though, “If you lie with dogs, you wake up with fleas.” That’s true in New Baltimore and in Ravena-Coeymans, where the Ross pair have their cliques of like-minded individuals, most of them in the New Baltimore town hall or the New Baltimore Conservancy. All desperately trying to appear sophisticated and legitimate, even credible but their venom has burned deep scars in their faces. The face tells the truer story of what’s going on inside; it ain’t pretty.

So, dear readers, if you think you’ve got the monopoly on nasty neighbors, you may find some comfort in this: They’re all over; we all have them. The good news is that they’re no secret.

The Editor

The Editor

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!


Miscellaneous Manias…More than 100,000 Readers & Matt Miller Petition

We’ve Topped 100,000 Readers! Thank you!


That’s a clean accounting of one-count readers. That means that a reader is counted only once, no matter how many times he or she logs on, so we have a very reliable and accurate idea of how many readers have enjoyed this site.

 Thank you all!

Community is Fed Up with Constant Rehashing of Krzykowski Story

Coeymans Town Board Member Peter Masti Comments “Privately” in Ravena News Herald

fed up pissed off express

The abuse of freedom of expression has reached a high point in this district when a Coeymans town board member, Mr Peter E. Masti, an elected official in this town, has to come out publicly and remind this community that the voters, when they speak through their votes, speak in one voice.

Jackass Journalism

Jackass Journalism
News Herald Trademark

In the Ravena News Herald (January 17, 2013, page 3) writer Melanie Lekocevic rehashes the already stale news of Mr Rodney Krzykowski and his exercise of his Constitutional rights. The story, already almost a year since the Albany Times Union picked up on it through the local Coeymanazis, is ancient history–ironically it appeared alongside the column, “News from the Past“. But apparently the News Herald found it newsworthy and printed it. Well, we all know that the Ravena News Herald, like the Albany Times Union specializes in Jackass Journalism, but we did expect that the News Herald would be a bit more sensitive and less indifferent to the community it allegedly serves!

Well, in that same rag, the Ravena News Herald (January 24, 2013, page 10), Coeymans town board member Peter E. Masti, comes out in a letter to the editor saying, “It is sad to see the matter being brought up again.” Yes, Mr Masti, it is “sad.”

Mr Masti correctly observes that the rehashing over and over again of this issue “gives the town of Coeymans another black eye.” And notes further that “[t]he fact of the matter had to have been known…before he was elected, if anyone sought to find out.” Again, Mr Masti, you are right on target.

Mr Masti raises the point that this has gone far beyone “a personal feud,” and although Matt Miller is taking advantage of his right, Mr Masti questions whether it is “helping out the school and the town?” Mr Masti writes that it is not and is adversely affecting this community and adds: “All the publicity only hurts a lot of innocent people.

Mr Masti, himself and elected official on the town board of Coeymans, he correctly observes that “with with every election good or bad results are due to the people who vote or fail to vote…that is how America works.”

We agree 101% with Mr Masti’s reasoning and wisdom. We, too, feel that Mr Matthew J. Miller’s ill-thought scheme to pursue his personal agenda and ignite a personal feud brought ridicule and scandal to this community. Miller’s feud and personal vendetta’s were open and undisguised; they couldn’t possibly be mistaken for community spirited action.

Come Up for Air, Matt

Come Up for Air, Matt

We would go further to say that far from Mr Masti’s words of wisdom, Matthew Miller’s example is very poor indeed and reflects only his lack of character and his ulterior motives of self-enrichment, egomania, and his clear loyalty to New York State Teachers United, his union, and his disregard, insensitivity and indifference to what matters in this community. Matthew Miller’s message to this community is clear: Miller, Tavia Rauch, and the so-called “Unidentified Resident” a.k.a. “Cowardly Rat Turd”, don’t give a rat’s butt about the voice of the community, the democratic process, the voters. Miller’s conduct is purely selfish and motivated by a damaged ego and loss of an ill-gotten paid position that was eliminated in the community’s best interests.

Matthew Miller, although he does claim to be an atheist, as a biology teacher, even an atheistic one, can and should be aware that community, whether human or otherwise, means interrelatedness. As Martin Luther King, Jr. famously and prophetically argued, “We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.”  Those are wise words that we should all heed and heed well!

Mr Krzykowski was elected by the RCS district and community, he was not appointed by Matthew Miller. Mr Krzykowski should be allowed to complete his term of office and to do the work he was elected to do without these stupid distractions. If and when Mr Krzykowski decides to run again in this outrageously ungrateful district, the voters will decide, not Matthew Miller, NYSUT’s local lackey.

The Editor

The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!
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Our Zombification & Now Even God Comes in 29 Designer Flavors!

 We Are Being Dumbed Down and Turned into A Nation of Zombies.

The Zombies are Eating Our Tax Dollars!

The y’re Turning Us Into Zombies
And We’re Eating Each Other!

Technology, the Promoters of the Technology, the Lobbies and Unions Shoving Technology Down Our Throats, the Public Officials Who are Slaves to the Unions and Lobbies, and our Already Zombified Teachers and Administrators are Hell-bent to Zombify our Entire Culture!

Just Shoot Us! Why Doncha!?!

You’re Boring Us to Death!
Just Shoot Us! Why Doncha!?!

I was going to continue the reports on the RC Teen Activity Center and on the Unending Persecution of the RCS CSD BoE President by the Hypocrite Albany DA P.[udenda] David Soares, until I Experienced the Most Recent RCS school board public meeting on January 7, 2012. I simply had to comment on it!

The point is, however, that the specific RCS situation is not unique; in fact, it’s as common as…well, the metaphors I could offer may not be very pleasant so I’ll stop while I still have your attention. The problem is endemic, and I hope to convince you that it is as serious as I expect it is.

PowerPoint Masturbation. I reviewed the RCS Central School District board of education meeting of January 7th, and I was initially amazed that it was so…quiet. Fact is: It was barely attended by the public. Then came the reason: Another one of those idiotic digital slide show presentations where the presenter self-pleasures him or herself by vomiting onto a wall or screen a mass of numbers, charts and graphs that no one but the presenter understands. Only a death squad of mercenaries could kill the audience quicker! Is that the plan? Kill attendance by presenting idiotic garbage? Is that the purpose of the public sessions of the board of education meetings? Well, it does show one thing: If these presenters, who are teachers and administrators in the schools, are that self-absorbed and mentally zombified that they don’t give a damn how intensely boring they are and how disrespectful they are of their audience, what on earth are they doing in the classrooms? Is this an indicator of how they communicate information in the classroom, too? Then, of course, I started to think…

zombies ahead run

Education is all about communication. If teachers and administrators are not capable of communicating appropriately with their audience, what in hell are we spending all this money on paying teachers extreme salaries? If, from what we see and hear in these PowerPoint slide presentations by teachers and administrators is: What in hell are we spending all of the “professional development” money on for teachers? (Please don’t tell me, “It’s in their contract.”) The PowerPoint presentations are much too long, too many slides, too poorly designed, too poorly presented, not presented in a language the audience can fully understand, and present too much information for anyone of normal intelligence to digest! The time, effort, money would be better spent on a simple one-page executive summary, and an essential facts sheet followed with a Q/A session.

Dr Alan McCartney did an excellent job by jumping in and summarizing a very confused and muttered presentation point by clearly distilling the facts: “When she says [the increase in] online testing, the state has essentially told us that Within two years they expect that all state tests will be taken online at the same time by every student in the state.” Bingo. Stop the convoluted explanations and miscommunications, cross-referencing and pointing to other people. You’re supposed to be informing everyone!

But the fact remains: So much money being spent on technology, updates, new computers, etc. doesn’t do very much to improve socialization, reading, writing, development of self. Those are the problems that are being created by over-technologization of our schools and digitizing our learning environments. Out-of-control and excessive dependence on technology is a key factor in zombification.

Big Brother's Zombies

Big Brother’s Zombies
Orwell, “1984”
(See our P.s. at the end of this article!)

Zombification of America. Imagine all of those futuristic low-budget films where masses of human beings are mindlessly gazing at Fearless Leader, who appears demonically proselytizing on a huge flat-screen. Imagine all of those low-budget walking-dead films depicting zombified undead human beings walking around aimlessly, mindlessly trying to find a brain to eat (apparently they’re brain-starved, the product of our education system). Imagine all of the newsreel, archival, and documentary images of the Nazi era, of Stalin’s Russia, of the China of the cultural revolution, and the propaganda machine that deprived whole populations of freedom of thought, speech, movement, and controlled every atom of information served to the public. Have you ever thought about how all of that was accomplished? Have you ever thought about the underlying message these films of protest, of warning they are sending?

Are these your kids>

Are these your kids

Isolation of Children. In all of the totalitarian regimes, the family unit was a prime target. First you isolate parents from children, and then you get all the children in one place and brainwash them. Sound familiar? Here, let me help you to understand. In the Nazi, Stalinist, China during the cultural revolution, the family was always made sacrosanct because the propagandists knew at the time that it was central and a core value to the population. But what they then proceded to do is to gradually dissolve the traditional family to form a new-age type of family. Breeders would produce perfect offspring, who would be herded into education camps, and who then would become a generation of perfect zombies, and the cycle would continue. Are you getting it now? Maybe not? Let’s move on, then.

This isolation of children, young people from parents and the traditional family unit then went on to isolate families and children from the ethics and morality sources, the spiritual and faith communities, the churches and congregations. Once the sensitivity to the value of spirituality, faith and religion was erased in the family and in the youth, new gods, idols, could be set up to fill the void created by killing God. Once ethics and morality was taken out of the hands of the faith and spiritual communities, the now ethically and moraly sterile parents and youth could be filled with a popular, government, corporate morality and ethics.

zombie girlNow those newly indoctrinated, brainwashed young adults become teachers. Without the traditional family to instill a sense of culture and identity, and without the faith communities to inspire ethics and morality, the education system, the schools and liberal colleges and universities now disseminate faddish, dumbed-down learning at economically hobbling prices. The basic thought here is: control the spirit and the mind through zombified education, the spirit through corporate ethics and morality, and vertical and horizontal movement by shackling the population with the propaganda that the ultimate goal is a college education even if you end up with a lifetime of debt and no job.

The control logic is ingenious. Don’t you think? No, you don’t think. That’s the fundamental problem!

Undead - The Zombie Teacher

Mr Undead
The Zombie Teacher

Here’s an example: The other day I was having a breakfast meeting with a contributor. The waitress, always ready to add her two cents, starts bitching about what her daughter is [not] learning in middle school. Seems she’s falling behind and the mother hasn’t a clue how to help her. “She just doesn’t get the math they’re teaching! It’s all dashes and dots and numbers. I just don’t get it. I don’t understand what it is!” ISOLATION OF THE PARENT FROM THE CHILD’S EDUCATION! The government sets up systems that eliminate parental participation in their childrens’ education (except to pay dearly for it). If the parent doesn’t get it and can’t help the child, the parent loses esteem in the child’s eyes (“Gee, mom, you’re a dumbass!”), the child feels helpless and vulnerable, has low self-esteem (“I’m stupid.”), the modern morality, ethics, and economics force the single mother to work long hours to support the child (“Gee, mom, you’re never around when I need you!”), the father’s probably a victim of the legal system and in jail for peeing in public or desperation drinking (think alcoholism in soviet Russia), and the child has a no-parent family unit (Our law enforcement dunces and idiot judges at work reinforcing the zombification process!).

eat more brainsEnter the A.S.A.P. programs and the Teen  Activity Centers of the world! Parents are already technically isolated from their children and the ethical and moral foundations have been eroded to such an extent that any sense of guilt is radically lessened, so now parents, in the squeeze by the financial environment and the corporate brainwashing that they MUST HAVE, MUST RUSH OUT and GET, MUST GIVE, now make the excuse that to make ends meet, they both, mother and father, must have jobs.

(No one seems to catch on that they’re being satanically manipulated by the corporations, the educators, the service providers. Nope! They’re zombies now, they don’t have to think. No brain left, you see! That’s why the movie zombies have to eat brains…they have to replace their own brain they sacrificed to the government, unions and corporations!). But now we have “After School Activities Programs” and Community Teen Centers, Youth Centers, etc. that gather the young people together, away from home, family, parents, and become the surrogate home, family, parents to the children. All they are are Nazi, Stalinist, revolutionary Chinese youth camps, and they have the same effect: Separate the children from the home, family, parents; gather them into one place; make them feel good and liked there; replace the home, family, parents with a new home, family, and new “parents.” Get it yet? Sure, you rationalize the whole thing and think you “need to work to make ends meet,” that “you need to give the kids the latest brain-dissolving handheld toys,” that you need “to rush out and buy that product,” that everyone in the family “needs their own vehicle” (so that they can rush out and leave the home, family, parents and get to the youth or teen center, indoctrination camp.). No guilt anymore! Everyone has his or her addiction. Everyone’s a zombie.

Nobody needs to care. Everyone needs an assault weapon (to finish off all the other zombies). Do your hear the evil Lord [In]Sidious sniggering in the confusion of your life, now?


Zombie Teachers

Zombie Teachers

Zombification of Education. Well, I started out talking about PowerPoint masturbation and presenter self-pleasuring. I raised the question if what we are seeing, the total alienation of the audience by the presenter, total unawareness of the audience, is that what’s happening in the classrooms? I then provided you, dear readers, with a tour of what I see is going on right under unseeing eyes: the zombification of the people. Yes, we are so blind that we sheeple along to the drumbeat of the propagandists, our richly lobby-bribed elected officials, the corporations, and a federal government too big to care and money-making-bailout-sponges the propagandists tell us are too big to fail. But what we are really missing, so tragically missing is the true tragedy right here, in our own communities, right in your own home: the zombification of the family! We used to hear that “education starts in the home, formation in the churches, training in the schools.” Where has all that wisdom gone? We are becoming a nation of digitized, electronic junkies. We are becoming a society of ethically cleansed, amoral, brainless, starving zombies. Why? Because it’s so easy. That’s why.

But we like easy. But when you actually think about it it’s catastrophic! Take, for example, electronic communications. Before the birth of the transistor radio way back in the 1960’s, people sat home and listened to the radio together; with the transistor radio, the migration genes were facilitated, and you could listen on your own, while on the move! Then came the computer and e-mail and online searches. No more sitting down and writing a nice card or going to the library, seeing friends, socializing, browsing the stacks. Now you could sit in a dark cubicle or in a corner of your bedroom and get it all! But even then you still had to go out, face the world, shop, negotiate, pay bills.

No more, my little zombies! Just isolate yourself in your dark little corner and Bingo! It’s all done…digitally. Eating out in a restaurant or a diner used to be a social ritual. Forget about that, too! Just look around you: couples sitting at the same table, each one looking blankly down at their lap. It used to be that when you saw something like that you yelled: “Hands on the table!” No more, my little zombies! All the self-pleasuring now is done…digitally!

So the universities came up with another rain-making, revenue generating, cost-saving strategy: online degrees. No more physical interpersonal social learning experiences. Just sit in your dusty, smelly, infested corner and “earn a degree.” It’s that simple, simpletons!

Worse still, our educators and the boards of education are caving to an idiotic decree, now law, that mandates that our schools go digital! Now if this isn’t a conspiracy by the information technology lobbies, the computer and software lobbies, I must have come down with the last shower!

Freud, Piaget, Ainsworth, Watson, Bandura, Kohlberg and others all have theories of human development, of stages of human moral and character evelopment and all of them take into consideration the importance of human physical interaction.

One Instructor, One Lesson for All

One Instructor, One Lesson for All

Almost every mainstream magazine and journal has recently published articles on the importance of human contact in healthy human development and the consequences of “isolation.” The studies and research on which these articles are based is done by scholars and academics, scientists. Why is it all lost on our educators? The Answer: Unions and Lobbies! MONEY. And our federal and state education pundits are all in the union and lobby pockets! That’s why the New York State Education Department has told schools to start planning for the flatscreen teacher–all of education will be cleansed of the personal role model in the classroom, the adored teacher (what’s left of any real role models in the classroom). One standardized model will present one standardized presentation over fiberoptic delivery or satellite hookup. All zombies will get one standardized program of instruction. All little zombies will be uniform in their thinking. All parent zombies will be eliminated from the picture (until tax time comes). The entire world will be ZOMBIFIED!

Which Way Is God?!?

Which Way Is God?!?

Nowadays Even God Comes in 29 Different Flavors. Religion and faith, too, has been zombified by the media and by the courts. People are spiritually lost, impoverished. They know there’s something more than the new idols of cars, money, handhelds, digital friends. The human spirit feels drawn to something else! And the free market economy, atheist capitalism is right there to meet the need! My question is :  Why? if so many people are searching that someone doesn’t get the message that they’re not finding what they need. Just driving around the area we see more different churches than Heinz has soups! What is it that all these churches are attempting to answer but don’t seem to be doing? An interesting fact is that Episcopalians are defecting to Roman Catholicism; Roman Catholics, fundamentalists, Evangelicals, and others are flocking to the Eastern Orthodox Church! The reasons? Here are just a couple of the reasons given in the literature:

  • the reductionism, barreness, and minimalism in most faddish, modern faith communities
  • a search for a sense of mystery and majesty in worship
  • a search for a joyful and confident, credible celebration of the gospel liturgy
  • a commitment to the role of tradition as a supplement/complement to the Bible as a source for theology
  • an experience of a well-defined sense of identity in faith tradition rooted in a historical consciousness of the early church
  • a heritage of Christian perseverance tested by modern challenges, even persecutions.

The Powers had to Make God Politically Incorrect in our Schools and Public Institutions.

Why? Because a belief in God and freedom to speak about God could possibly remind us that we have the freedom,  the chutzpah (Hebrew: audacity) to Argue with God. In fact, this  would create a dangerous situation in which the citizen could challenge the Powers. Hell, if Abraham and Job could argue with God, why shouldn’t we challenge the Powers?

One possible explanation is that the general zombification we are witnessing is expressing itself in confusion and derailment relating to spirituality and the search for Ultimate Truth, a search for our own identity. The causes of the general zombification include those discussed above. The solutions don’t need to be discovered, they’re already under our noses, we need only to see and acknowledge them.

Believe!Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

The Editor

P.s. If you’ve gotten this far, you deserve a little gift! I’ve found an interesting article, very short, that goes through seven technologies that George Orwell describes in his novel, 1984, and that have become reality in 2013! The man was a seer, a prophet! Read the short article with my best wishes. Click 7 sinister technologies from Orwell 1984.

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Throw the Jew Down the Well…

Update: We Scooped the Times Union AGAIN! After we published this article the Times Union published “Reply made in RCS tussle. School board member says claims in petition for removal are off-base.” (Kristen V. Brown) Read their follow-up article at RCS Tussle. Looks like the Times Union can’t even get something published on the Internet before we do! And the Times Union is still twisting the facts beyond recognition!

Borat Sings “Throw the Jew down the well so my country can be free…” Bigotry is Alive And Well in the USA and In Our Own Communities, and We Need A Brit To Tell Us!

You all have your own jews!

You all have your own jews!

Matt Miller, Activist-Atheist Teacher & NYSUT union rep at RCS, Submitted 107 pages of Total Nonsense to the NYSED Commissioner, Dr John B. King, Jr., and Makes Us All Look Ridiculous!

I’m not writing this blog to malign anyone or to defend anyone. I’m writing this blog because I’m so disgusted with what people like the Coeymanazis, the Unionazis, the corporations, and our crooks in government are doing to solidly good citizens. And I’m totally disgusted that those same solidly good citizens are letting themselves be victimized and submit to the abuse, misuse and lies. I’m further disgusted by the fact that when another solidly good citizen stands up and screams, “I’ve had enough of this shite!” that scoundrels like the Millers, Delucas, Biscones, BrunosDarlingtonsDolans, Ross’, Luckacovics, Coeymanazis, Unionazis, RCnaziS, and others come out and slander and libel him, and willfully misinform the public! In other words:



“Throw the Jew down the well!
So my country can be free.
You must grab him by his horns,
Then we have a big party.”

(Click throw the jew down the well for the entire lyrics!)

"Throw the Jew Down the Well!"

“Throw the Jew Down the Well!”

(I’m also asking myself who the next Jew will be to go down the well? Will it be you, your neighbor, me?)

Well, Unionazi Matt “the Mutt” Miller has found some other bigots to join him and Selkirk resident Tavia Rauch, and some cowardly unidentified Cow-eymanazi, calling itself A.B.,  to join in Miller’s campaign of libel and retaliation against the RCS school board!

We see at least three obvious  reasons for his cowardly campaign:

  1. Revenge for having been given the boot as energy manager and losing his $18,000 dollars a year extra plus travel expenses paid by YOU taxpayers in addition to his $80,000 plus teacher salary. Greed is alive and well in RCS!the boot
  2. A desperate attempt by recruiting all the Coeymanazis and local lunatic RCnaziS to oust a duely elected board member so that the teachers clique and the teachers union, New York State United Teachers, can have a majority on the board and control your tax dollars and the school budget.
  3. An ego trip to get brownie points with his union and to keep stirring dissent and scandal in the RCS community. That’s the kind of person your darling teacher and union rep Matt Miller is! If things are peaceful, Matt’s right there to stir things up and keep your blood pressure up there!
  4. Actually, but he hasn’t caught on yet, stupid mutt that he is, he’s giving the district more rope to hang him…no one’s happy with him, he’s turned into a lone wolf, and the district will be very happy when he goes…one way or another but simply that he goes!

    Miller, Now.

    Miller, Now.

So, Matthew J. Miller a.k.a Matt “the Mutt”, official Unionazi of the RCS school district, has mad an ass of himself twice with his failed petition with Selkirk resident Tavia Rauch, which has sputtered out, and his complaint filed with the New York State Education Commissioner, Dr John B. King, Jr.

So the Brit tells us to throw the Jew down the well and our local Twit wants us to throw his “Jew” down the well!

Unionazi Matt Miller

Unionazi Matt Miller

Has Mr Miller a different set of standards that apply to himself and his friends and another that apply to people not in Mr Miller’s clique? For example, where was Matthew J. Miller when:

  • the polling and voting irregularities were happening?
  • the athletics coaches were abusing the athletes?
  • the bus drivers were refusing to transport students home?
  • all the bullying was happening (Oops! We know one of the answers to this one, don’t we? Matt Miller was inciting the bullying naming children of board of education members who opposed the school budget!)
  • students were being attacked by other students in the high school?
  • parents complain about teachers and athletics coaches’ misconduct? (We know the answer to this one, too! Matt Miller, as NYSUT teachers union rep, must protect the interests of the teachers and other members of his union, not students or students parents!)
  • multiple instances of overpayment in the tens of thousands of dollars to RCS CSD employees were discovered by auditors, in addition to other discrepancies? Did Miller step up to make a statement about that? (No, of course not! He actually was a double-dipper until the board of education canned him!)
  • And where was Miller when the wrestling team had to forfeit a match because of the foul mouthed comments of the coach?

Yup! We have some real classy role models in the RCS schools and Miller’s right on top of keeping the worst of the worst, including himself, sitting pretty.

Matt Miller and NYSUT at Work

Matt Miller and NYSUT at Work

Is being a so-called “sovereign citizen” worse than

  • Matt Miller, when he declares himself to be an atheist in the presence of students?
  • Matt Miller, when he incites students to abuse other students?
  • Matt Miller, when he abuses his position and violates sound ethical principles that apply to polling places and voting?
  • Matt Miller, when he unethically collects untold thousands of taxpayer dollars, in addition to his teacher salary, during the same time he’s supposed to be teaching? (That’s called double-dipping! The rest is triple-dipping (see next bullet)!)
  • Matt Miller, when he accepts a full teachers salary while doing only part-time teaching, and taxpayers are paying for his time to do NYSUT union work?

Is the fact that a citizen-resident is appealing and aggrieving your tax assesments in the courts, exercising a right we all have (or should have), and doing something we can (or should be able to) do under the Constition. Is that worse than:

  • What’s going on in the village of Ravena and the scandalous abuse of public interests in the matter of the Ravena Fitness Center?
  • What’s going on in the village of Ravena and the scandalous abuse of the public good in the matter of the RCS Community Library relocation?

    triad of terror

    The Terror Triad

  • What’s been going on in the town of Coeymans police department and the Coeymanazis’ abuse of residents’civil rights?
  • What’s going on in the village and town courts with the unethical conduct of the village and town justices, constantly under investigation for ethics violations?
  • What’s going on with the Biscone and Teresi law practices in the village of Ravena and the town of Coeymans? Conflicts of interest and billings as private attorneys doubling as village and town attorneys?
  • The favoritism and nepotism that has been going on for decades in the village of Ravena village government?
  • The bizarre financial mismanagement in the village of Ravena and the glaring silence that followed the audit scandals, when mayor John T. Bruno’s response was, “I didn’t know that!“? Good Lord! John T Bruno has been on the Ravena village board since 1976 and has been mayor for the past 20 years! And he “doesn’t know” what’s going on in village finances? Has he been braindead or in a coma for the past 20-30 years?!?
  • The fact that Sabic, a Saudi Arabian corporation is deeply entrenched in the RCS district and is on the RCS school board! Sabic! SABIC (Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation) (Arabic: الشركة السعودية للصناعات الأساسية ، سابك‎ ) is a manufacturing company, active in chemicals and intermediates, industrial polymers, fertilizers and metals. It is the largest public company in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi government still owns 70% of its shares. SABIC is the largest company in the Middle East. By the way, Saudi Arabia is Osama bin Laden’s country of origin and where his family still lives! But where money is concerned people seem to go blind unless it’s a “sovereign citizen”! (Editor’s Note, this fact is not important to Matt Miller or to NYSUT because James Latter is married to teacher Amanda Latter; in order for Miller to go after you, apparently  you have to be a non-teacher, a kid, or black!)
  • The fact that another RCS CSD board of education member, James Latter is a financial analyst at SABIC? That’s what I meant when I said Sabic is on the RCS board of education! Does that mean James Latter has terrorist connections, too, Mr Miller?
  • What about when one of Matt Millers co-Coeymanazis Donna Leput-Hommel made the statement on Facebook that residents should punish businesses with their checkbooks if they don’t support the Yes! vote in the last school budget elections. So, with the economic situation the way it is in this country, with the district hemorrhaging jobs, residents, and businesses, Matt Miller’s gang and the Coeymanazis want to punish the businesses that are left! Nice agenda! (P.s. Anybody punishing Sabic? Or is it just the American small businesses and residents that Donna Leput-Hommel and the Coeymanazis want to “punish”? ) And you’re worried sick about some self-declared “sovereign citizen” who’s fighting his tax bill?!? Asshats!

    The Real Terrorists

    The Real Terrorists
    at our board of education meetings

Matt Miller’s petition to the NYSED commissioner includes a large  number of Internet pages in which we get to read the word “terrorist.” Matt Miller is trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to use unverified, lunatic, propaganda sources to support his petition. This is nothing new, though. Miller and the Albany Times Union have been calling a peaceful, quite, unassuming citizen a “terrorist,” since day one.  (By the way, according to a National Safety Council report you are 8x more likely to be killed by a policeman than by a terrorist attack!)

The bulk of the petition recites tax claims and tax codes. Tell us, Matt Miller, since when have you started working for the IRS, the Department of Taxation and Finance, or the local tax collector? Have you earned a CPA no one yet knows about. Fact is, you, Matt Miller,  have absolutely no standing whatsoever to argue tax questions or issues in your complaint. None, Mr Miller. You’re totally out of order! Not that that is news to anyone. But you seem to insist on pointing out your stupidity and ignorance to the world. Why is that, Mr Miller? (SearchAdult Children of Dysfunctional Families” for the answer.)

The term “terrorism” has become highly emotionally  charged.  Government and government agencies take advantage of that fact when they want to manipulate public opinion; so do Matt Miller and NYSUT! Furthermore, its indiscriminate and careless use misinforms the public and creates an unnecessary state of anxiety, rouses suspicion and incites hate mongers. That’s exactly what Matt Miller, Unionazi, and his mob want to do when they play up the fictional association between “sovereign citizen” and “terrorist”! Totally misleading, totally misinforming, and totally w-r-o-n-g!

By definition, a terrorist is not peaceful, does not act on his own behalf, does not support the community in which he lives. A terrorist incites and attempts to change entire groups and countries to political change and revolution. A terrorist incites his followers and others to violence to bring about change and to spread his ideologies. A terrorist uses any means possible to manipulate public opinion in favor of his group or movement.

Don’t these methods sound an awful lot like the methods being used by Matt Miller and the Coeymanazis? Well, most common definitions of terrorism refer only to:

  •  violent acts or inciting violent acts
  • acts that are intended to create anxiety or fear (“terror”)
  • acts that are perpetrated for a religious, political or, ideological goal
  • acts that deliberately target or disregard the physical or psychological sense of  safety or security, well-being of  civilians.

Sounds an awful lot like what Matt Miller and the Coeymanazis are doing. But it doesn’t sound much like what Mr Rodney Krzykowski is doing. So, given the above points, who are the terrorists?

In November 2004, a United Nations Secretary General report described terrorism as any act “intended to cause … serious … harm to civilians … with the purpose of intimidating a population or compelling a government or … an organization to do or abstain from doing any act.” The serious harm does not have to be physical injury or death; it can be psychological or economic, it can be intended to cause anxiety or distrust in a community, it can be intended to intimidate citizens or residents, or for wrongful reasons to compel a government or organization to act or not to act.

Moreover, since 1994, the United Nations General Assembly has repeatedly condemned terrorist acts using the following political description of terrorism (paraphrased):  “Malicious acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of fear and anxiety in the general public, a group of persons, or particular ersons for political purpose are under any circumstances unjustifiable, no matter what the considerations of a political, philosophical, ideological, racial, ethnic, religious or any other nature that may be invoked to justify them.”

Terrorist or terrorism as a word can be summed up in the saying, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.Imagine, Martin Luther King or Malcolm X, Mahatma Ghandi, Jesus Christ could all be called terrorists by Matt Miller’s definition.

Matt Miller doesn’t seem to have much use for the democratic process, especially the process of democratic voting by residents. His latest shenanigans and attempts to deprive voters of their rights by attempting to libel a sitting board member out of office is not the only time Miller thought the majority of local voters were dumbasses and didn’t know what they were doing. Miller and his RCnaziS and Coeymanazi friends seem to think that if it isn’t their way or their mob’s way, it’s the wrong way. (Editor’s Note: We’ve already written about Matt Miller’s comments on FaceBook criticizing the democratic voting process when the candidates he and his NYSUT teachers union lost the board of elections in 2011!)

And wasn’t it Matt Miller who was quoted by the Times Union, “Matthew Miller, president of the RCS Teachers Association, said the hiring of McCartney would bring ridicule to the district.” The only thing that brings ridicule to this district is asshat teachers like Matt Miller. In fact, hiring Dr Alan R. McCartney looks like the best thing to have happened to this RCS school district in decades! Really, how many of you readers would now agree with Miller’s statement?

Racist-Dog-Granny-CartoonAnd wasn’t it Matt Miller who was involved in the retaliatory, racist, and scandalous conspiracy to harrass and remove principal Hakim Jones, an African American, and to get the job for Miller’s wife, Karen Miller? Only after Jones filed a complaint and grievance was that plan foiled! Nice role model, Miller. I wonder, how does a racist, atheist, union rep stack up against a so-called “sovereign citizen” who minds his own business and volunteers his time to improve the school district?

We’ve demanded the petition that Matt Miller sent to Dr John B. King, Jr., New York State Commissioner of Education. The petition was filed by Miller and an unidentified party, A.B., and the New York State United Teachers union, the union that Miller represents in the RCS district. The fizzled out idiots’ petition signed by a handful of local loonies and a number of people outside the district, including multiple signatures, and even a dog signed it, is yet another example of the kind of crap this moron Matt Miller is cramming down peoples’ throats.

The Miller petition to Dr King is 107 pages long and consists of 83 numbered statements or allegations. It’s Miller’s idea but was drawn up by the NYSUT teachers union lawyers. Now, do you think the NYSUT teachers union is pursuing this for YOUR benefit? If you do, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you!

ignoranceThe petition is totally nonsense! And, guess what: Miller and his co-conspirators includes about 92 pages of “exhibits,” mostly printouts of tax receipts and a number of Internet downloads that are obviously included to convince some half-wit that there’s a terrorist loose and serving on the RCS school board! All the Miller complaint to Dr King says is: “I agreed with my tax bill and I paid my taxes. Mr K. didn’t agree with his tax bill and so went to court.” The name-calling in the petitions and the rest of the lunatic documents are simply distractions from the fact that there is no case or legal basis for Miller wasting time and money on all of this. Miller is being paid by this district to teach and he’s just being a union nuisance. Is this why you’re paying him more almost $90,000 a year? Is this why he’s given a reduced teaching load at the RCS high school? He’s the terrorist by definition and we’re paying him! What does that make us?????

cryng libertyYes, I read the whole thing, I’m sorry to say. All I can say is this: Lady Liberty, after tossing her cookies, is still weeping bitterly. Lady Liberty is weeping because people like Miller and his Coeymanazis, and the NYSUT teachers union, have thrown the United States Constitution on a garbage pile and have set it aflame! Miller and his Coeymanazis and the NYSUT teachers union are misusing and abusing the grievance and complaint process for wrongful purposes, for purposes for which it was not intended. What’s worse is the fact that we have a person, Matt Miller, who is playing both sides of the fence from a trusted position, and has consistently abused that trust. That, people, is common knowledge in this district. We also have a union doing the same thing. Unions were once the champions of the working class; now they’re self-centered, lobbying, power brokers with multi-million dollar budgets, who trample the working class! And NYSUT is one of the worst because it represents the interests of a group that considers itself to be superior, to be an elite class; to hell with working parents and the underclasses, in other words. Yes, Lady Liberty is crying her eyes out right now, watching her children suffer abuse and lies at the hands of the elite!

From where I’m watching, dear readers, it’s not the so-called “sovereign citizen” who is the terrorist in this community, in this school district, its Matt Miller, his Coeymanazi supporters, and the NYSUT teachers union! That bunch of terrorists have to GO! not the “sovereign citizen!” 

You can watch the Borat “Throw the Jew Down the Well” clip here. We’d like to note, however, that the irony is that Borat is a Jew and he’s actually poking fun at all the bigots of the world who are singing the same tune but for their own “jews”. Just look at the audience’s faces in the beginning and at the end. The change is diabolical! Now, think about who your “Jew” is!

Update: Some readers have asked to see the documents filed by Matthew J. Miller and the RCS CSD answer. You can view them at the links below:


Ali G. Say:
“Dat Matt da Mutt Gotta Go, Baby!”
Bling, Bling! The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

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Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk [Very Personal] Musings

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this page NOW or get your parent to supervise your visit!

This Is Going to be a Plainer Posting than You’re Used To. The Reason May Be the Lackluster Subject or Because the Individuals Simply Defy Description, They’re So Bizarre and Scary.

This one’s for you, Cupcake!

They’re the Coeymanazis, the Women and Eunuchs of
Cathy Deluca’s Coeymanazi Cupcake Club a.k.a.
“Save the Arts at RCS”
(the Arts of Deception and Hypocrisy) and
“RCS Sports Association”
(Where Anything or Anyone is ‘Fair Game’!)

Whalen offers toxic apples!

RCS Board of Education Teachers Clique Deceit: And as for Alice Whalen’s big mouth: Alice, for all you have to say, didn’t YOU review all of the applications submitted for the business manager (you were all confusing the numbers at the meeting)? So wouldn’t you have also had the opportunity to have reviewed the applications for interim superintendent, too? If so, did you? That’s not what we heard from you, Alice. And unless the RCS board of education website is not up-to-date, Jeff Luckens chairs the personnel committee, and Howard Engel and Edward Reville are the other two members. So what’s the beef, people, you’re all bitching about the selection but YOU run the committee, Engel, Reville must have reviewed the applications or should have, and Whalen could have reviewed all of the applications! So SHUT UP you deceitful dregs!

Read the rest of this entry »

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Kathleen Ryan Gill Loves This Blog! Or is she a “Lurker”?


Kathleen Ryan Gill Loves This Blog So Much She Practically Spends Her Day Reading it!

Are You Stalking Me, Kathleen?

Some of our readers, well, are in love with this blog because it tells it like it is and keeps its readers truthfully informed. Some readers repay our efforts with the greatest of compliments: they return again, and again, and again!

But the true facts are:

Kathleen and the Clucks are Lurkers!

Kathleen Gill Ryan recently writes on RCS Friends and More, the Deluca Coeymanazi Cluck Club Corner, that “Apparently, the mad blogger stalks this site.” Not so, actually, because readers send me copies of Deluca’s and her clucks’ ravings. So, what? Well, the fact is, the very cluck Kathleen who claims the “mad blogger stalks” the RCS Friends and More site, is a “lurker” herself. The number of visits that Lurker Kathleen Gill Ryan made on October 3 alone, more than 40 visits, proves that Cathy’s Coeymanazi Clucks who call others “lurkers” are lurkers themselves! It’s their typical game; do something and say the other is guilty of it. It simply goes to prove that ‘clucks of a feather flock together” … in Cathy’s Coeymanazi Cluck Corner, at RCS Friends and More on FaceBook.

Kathleen Ryan Gill is one of those readers. Here’s the proof…she’s visited this blog today at least 40 times throughout the day on October 3. You GO! Girl!

Click on this link to see where Kathleen has been: KRG.

Thank you! Kathleen Ryan Gill! You make our work and effort worthwhile!

Kathleen Thinks
We’re More Addicting Than

The Editor


Gee! Was it something I said?

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

 The Times Union, Including Its Blogs, Continues to be the Scatological Source in the Capital Region. It’s now the home to about 15-20 Sadomasochists Who Banter and Batter Each Other in About 105 Lunatic Comments.

And You Do, Times Union!

The majority of the Times Useless RCS School Budget blog appear to be schizophrenics, each part of their schizoid brains using a different pseudonum and talking to the other part; they’re literally talking to the voices in their heads. And what’s even more hilarious is that these same looney toons have assumed oxymoronic names like “Sanity,” “Positivity,” and “RCSLady.” It’s a really popular blog (NOT!)and they have all of about 100 comments since May 2nd!  Being a care-provider by nature and training, I tried to engage them in conversation but the Times Useless blog moderator keeps deleting my comments. Was it something I said? Should I feel hurt about this? Here’s my most recent comment that, like the others (see my article: Times Union Doesn’t Like My Comments…) it disappeared while in moderation:

Let’s do some math. OK? There are about 12-15 commentors on this [the Times Useless] blog; some of you with multiple handles to make the impression that there are more of you. We’ve seen it all before; that lunatic Joan Ross in New Baltimore has found a new sandbox to litter in, and that psycho-delinquent-lurker comment-troll Tim Houghtaling (he’s still ignoring the warnings) does the same thing on the Smalbany blog. The Smalbany blog has almost 21,000 readers in about 1-1/2 months. We’d say that that’s not all that paltry for a blog of very local intererst, wouldn’t you? And the comments are all very positive; sure there are a few negatives but this blog seems to have the monopoly on bellyaching and negativity. Mostly because it’s all unsubstantiated gossip and rumor, something that would be unconditionally disallowed on the Smalbany blog. Most of you would have been banned long ago because you don’t make any sense! All speculation, accusation, rumor-mongering. At least most of the Smalbany blog people use their own names!

When you can’t handle abstracts and you are confused by the concepts, the ignorant automatically attack the person–ad hominem is what it’s called–it’s the lowest form of debate, and that’s what’s going on here. You’re not functioning with intellect, your flooding each other with infantile emotions. Grow up! Grow a pair! Wake up or shut up! Deal with the facts; offer some documentation, cite some sources (besides your lunatic pen pals). If you’re so worried about who the blogger is and are so concerned about his/her using his/her real name, don’t you think it a bit incredible that you all are doing exactly what you complain the blogger is doing: you’re all hiding behind fake names! Why is that, we wonder? You call the blogger a “coward” but what does that make you?

Furthermore, if you think you have such strong arguments, why don’t you just make a good argument in a comment for the Smalbany blog…not a rant…an intelligent comment. Try using your real name and let some of the 20000+ readers take a stab at it. That’s a challenge, everyone, go for it!

If you don’t have the URL for the blog, here it is: Smalbany.

Write a sensible, cogent, factual comment and handle the feedback. That’s something new for you! Use your real name, for once, and show the blogger that you can put your “principles” where your mouths are. Try it and we’ll hope it becomes habit.

My bet is that you’ll avoid the challenge–especially because the blog is restricted to adults and warns students and minors to leave immediately. I suspect many of you are the RCS students who have been banned from the blog.


P.s. The Smalbany blog is really quite well done and well written. Several of the local television anchors have commented positively about it. It counts among its visitors the NYSED, the Albany County DA’s office, the FBI, BOCES, many local residents, and a growing number of international visitors. It’s putting RCS on the map! Isn’t that great, people!


We did manage to go to the Times Useless archives and find a group photo of the Times Useless blog commentors. You may recognize one or two of them from the RCS teachers association or the general area.

Times Useless Commentors.
Do you recognize any of them?

Well, there is a positive side to this: At least those crazies have  found a place where they can really feel at home, and the Times Useless has a readership of its own. We can be grateful they’re not here!

The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

Josephine O’Connor: A Role Model of Maturity and Mental Stability…NOT!

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog now.

This Post Published By So-called School “Teacher” Josephine O’Connor Is A Testimony To The Addled And Confused State Of Some Of The RCS CSD Teachers To Whom School Children Are Exposed On A Daily Basis.

THIS is FAT, Josephine! So Shut Up, Already!

This so-called “teacher’s” idea of a “teachable moment” is protesting her lack of self-esteem, her “weight problem” and “yelling the insult up and down” a “hot hallway full of people waiting for election results.” This is a real RCS role model at work!

If this is representative of the mental coherence and level of self-esteem of even one teacher in the cohort at RCS it is pitiful This post is being published only because Ms O’Connor actually invited it’s publication! [Editor’s Note: We avoided fixing any of the grammar or editing any of the content so that the reader can appreciate the contradictions, the confusion, the perverse irrationality of the post. We’d also ask you to note below those who are responding and to compare the names on the list of Pieter B. Coeymanazis on the PTO who feel that bullying children and local businesses are also “teaching moments.”]

Before you read O’Connor’s post and our comments, we would like to inform you that we have received information that Ms O’Connor is not entirely truthful in her posting; she is not a teacher in the RCS CSD or anywhere else (In her posting she states “Since I am a teacher…Where do you teach, Josephine?!?!)! In fact, she is not a teacher but the RCS BoE board member who arrived late (“Not in attendance at the start of the meeting… O’Connor, it turned out, would later make the meeting and turn the tide on a crucial vote….Just before nine p.m., board member Josephine O’Connor arrived and apologized for not being in attendance for the bulk of the meeting due to other obligations and asked that the board go into executive session so she could be brought up to speed on what had occurred.” See this link Daily Mail, April 26, 2012. O’Connor had the unenviable reputation for being absent or late for BoE meetings.) with some display to break the tie vote on the most recent exhorbitant RCS CSD 2012-13 school budget; furthermore, Ms O’Connor, as a sitting board member voted to give her husband, a teacher in the RCS district, tenure–an act that is somewhat questionable, ethically speaking, since her vote to give her husband tenure was tainted by personal gain and vested, conflicted  interest; ethically, she should have abstained from that vote O’Connor didn’t run in May 2012; apparently she was satisfied with the damage she had already done, and she got her husband tenure so why stay?

Now let’s move on to Ms O’Connor’s posting…we comment in green:

“I am so proud of everyone that worked so hard on the budget. You made a huge difference in people’s lives. [Editor’s Note: Yeah! Can’t wait to see the difference it makes!]

“On another note…

“I want to talk about what was said to me tonight while waiting for the results. A fellow board member asked me why I hadn’t called him back on the telephone. Frankly, after being verbally abused and berated at a board meeting, I don’t feel comfortable calling him. I only want to talk to him with others present because of how I have been treated in the past month. [Editor’s Note: Do you have the date of that BoE meeting? We’d like to review it in order to confirm your statements. You’ve lied already once in this posting.]

“So I replied that I wouldn’t be calling him, that emailing would suffice. [Editor’s Note: Now that’s mature; and real leadership behavior. It’s called avoidance and is a type of denial behavior; very common in the RCS district. Probably why nothing constructive gets done.]
He looked at me and said “it looks like you’ve put on some weight” and turned away.  [Editor’s Note: Any witnesses to the actual statement? That would lend some credibility to this report.] Now, if you think I’m posting this because the specific insult bothered me, you’d be wrong. [Editor’s Note: Really? Well that’s not what we get from the rest of your rant below.] Instead of being reduced to tears or standing shamefully [Editor’s Note: We hope you don’t teach English!]  in the corner, which is what I gather he expected me to do, I did something that I have never done before. [Editor’s Note: As an adult, we would hope not but you do something even more childish, immature, and absolutely SILLY!]

“In that hot hallway full of people waiting for election results, I raised my voice and said “hey everyone: Member of the Board X just said I look like I put on weight, anyone else want to chime in?” I yelled the insult up and down the hallway. I invited anyone who wanted to agree with his judgement of me to jump right in. Simply calling the insult on the carpet gave me a sense of liberation that was amazing. I did it because what was said to me shows what a kind of person that HE is, not me. [Editor’s Note: No, Ms O’Connor, you just made a DumbAss out of yourself, an histrionic spectacle, which is why this post was sent to us: You made yourself laughable with your clownlike display!]

“Since I’m a teacher, I just had to write this; it’s a teachable moment. [Editor’s Note: OMIGOD! She claims to be  an RCS teacher doing this! Am I really surprised? And this is what RCS calls a “teachable moment.” Puhleez! More like a lunatic moment!]

“To even think that I would be embarrassed by being called fat in 2012 is the joke here. [Editor’s Note: But you obviously did, on fair assessment of what you’re writing in this post!] I thought: “that’s all ya got?” My weight? I would laugh if it weren’t such a tragic commentary on the nature of misogyny, which is alive and well I might add. [Editor’s Note: But what about your own self-esteem problem? Even if there were “mysogyny,” wouldn’t a competent, mature adult, a teacher no less, come up with a better public statement than “yell[ing] the insult up and down the hallway”? Most of us would agree that there are more adult ways of expressing one’s self.]

“That’s right, a fellow board member couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say so he insulted my physical appearance. That’s all he had to try and hurt me with. [Editor’s Note: We don’t know you but are you overweight? Is that your own body image? It seems you have an unhealthy fixation on your physical appearance as representing your self or your essence to the detriment of any other qualities. is that so? Sounds like a really big problem, Josephine. How will you manage in a high school with all those slim divas around you?]

“To all of the little girls, young women, middle-aged women, old women who have been verbally pummeled and made to feel less-than for any reason: try yelling the insults from the rooftops. [Editor’s Note: No. Please don’t try that. It’s likely to get you arrested and comitted for psychiatric observation. Have more dignity and you’ll be taken more seriously. And Ms Josephine O’Connor, please don’t teach that sort of behavior to students, they have enough problems finding positive role models as it is!] Because those words have nothing to do with you and everything to do with the awful, twisted, weak-minded and hateful person spewing them. [Editor’s Note: Well, Josephine, that’s not the message you shared in this post! You seem to have thought it had a lot to do with YOU, and the fact you’re sharing it seems to reinforce that observation.] I hope that you find sense of exhilaration that comes from knowing that only your own opinion of yourself counts.” [Editor’s Note: That’s exactly the problem with society today: teachers encourage students not to live, work, and associate as members of community but to isolate themselves as being self-important. The very basics of ethics is missing in that statement! Josephine O’Connor, you are an endangerment to the youth of this community! You obviously never took an ethics course!]

Ms O’Connor concludes her post with the words, “Feel free to pass this along.” We have done that. Thank you, Josephine!

Of course, the usual Coeymanazis chimed in with their usual bovine mooing of chagrin and disgust: Cathy [Long] DeLuca (of all people! and with her history!), Sarah Berchtold Engel, and a couple of others commented, though not on the substance of the post from what we could read. But if you know any of the main commenters named above, you’d wonder why they would want to direct attention to themselves! Especially when weight is the subject!

This is no joke; Josephine O’Connor is a not a real-life teacher (she lied in her posting), but she really did post the message on FaceBook, on an account called “Save the Arts at RCS.”

Read a companion article on another crown dingleberry of the RCS CSD, Matt Miller, self-proclaimed atheist teacher and president of the teachers association (just a nice way of saying teachers union!) at Matt Miller: “I Seen The BLOGGER!!!!”

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