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Times Union Editorial: “We’re glad, finally, to report that there seems to be more discontent than ever in Ravena, Coeymans and Selkirk…”

“We’re glad, finally, to report that there seems to be more discontent than ever in Ravena, Coeymans and Selkirk”*

(*Statement in a recent Albany Times Union editorial)

Filthy Rags
Another Times Union Editorial

A recent Times Useless (a.k.a. Albany Times Union, a newspaper owned by the Hearst Corporation) editorial sounds like it’s dictated by Alice Whalen or Howard Engel: “We’re glad, finally, to report that there seems to be more discontent than ever in Ravena, Coeymans and Selkirk…” But to cover its ass legally, the editorial expressly uses the word “opinion” to protect itself from possible liability and lawsuits.

Or, maybe the Times Useless knows what’s best for the RCS community and district. Maybe the Times Useless should vote for all of us and maybe that will save our useless butts. Yeah! Let’s all ask the Times Useless editor to vote for all of us. That will solve all of our problems and we’ll finally get some positive press out of that useless rag! (I don’t really think that’s a great idea.)

Now, think, good readers: When can you remember the Times Useless ever writing something fair, balanced, decent about the RCS community or the RCS school district? The Times Useless enjoys what is called Schadenfreude (pronounced: shadenfroyde), the delight in another’s bad luck or suffering. Is that the best the Times Useless can serve up about our community? There are two possibilities that come to mind when I read something as slanted and biased as the Times Useless editorial:

  1. Either the editorial was written by someone who has no knowledge of the community and the district, an outsider in other words. If that is the case, the editorial in the TU rag is totally unreliable, is the product of ignorance and simplemindedness, calculated only to victimize a suffering community and to make money by scandalizing us.
  2. Or the editorial was written by someone being fed the false facts and what to write. Someone or some group in our RCS community is providing the TU rag with misinformation about the community. In that case, the rag is totally unreliable and is a mere tool of some shadowy crook using it to manipulate public opinion against the RCS community and district. But what’s to gain by destroying the dignity of our community and embarrassing the good, hard-working majority by writing such garbage? Who knows? Christ Jesus was innocent but was sold for 30 pieces of silver…what’s the price of selling out the RCS community and blaming the innocent?  Evil does work in bizarre ways to accomplish its purposes, though.

The bottom line is: There are traitors in our midst and there are sheeple who believe them (including the Times Useless). But isn’t it great to know we have the support and the compassion of the Times Union to encourage us in our moments of challenge and in the negotiation and decision-making process? Isn’t it great to know that the local rag is so happy at what it seems to think is our continuing descent to despair? Thank you! Times Union for your kind observations. It’s good to know you’re there for your neighbors! Scumbag rag!

The unsigned editorial then continues to describe the RCS school district’s operation as “school district’s follies.”

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