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Coeymans not Reubenville, Just Ridiculous!

Late–as–Usual the Ravena News Herald’s Bryan Rowzee Manages to Continue the Now Habitual Media Pastime: Make Coeymans Ridiculous!

Coeymans Sold for a Sandwich

Coeymans Sold for a Sandwich

In a first–page top very late report on the town of Coeymans’ most recent success at making itself the clown of local municipalities by passing a resolution renaming the town to Reubenville. Coeyman’s most recently became an Arby’s whore for 5000 coupons allegedly redeemable for the new Arby’s menu item, the Reuben sandwich, more than 600 calories of non-nutrition (see our report Coeymans: Can It Get Any Worse Than This? (March 19, 2013)). Well it can get worse, as we read in Rowzee’s article, which is not news, but an encore performance of our earlier (by more than a week, 10 days, in fact) report.

Coeymans puts the "C" in Cheap as in Sell Out Cheap!Coeymans Town Board Sells Out for A Sandwich. Now that's Cheap!

Coeymans puts the “C” in Cheap as in Sell Out Cheap!
Coeymans Town Board Sells Out for A Sandwich. Now that’s Cheap!

Rowzee announces that Reubenville residents can pick up coupons for their artery stopper fat ball sandwich at the “Coeymans” town hall…where’s that? Didn’t he just say the place is now Reubenville? As usual, total confusion in Coeymans compounded by misinformation in the Ravena News Herald à la Bryan Lousy…or is it Rowzee?

In the News Herald item, Lousy or Rowzee, whatever his name is reports that residents must bring proof of residency in the town of Coeymans…Reubenville or, in lieu of proof of residency, certification of complete stupidity to receive a coupon from the hands of one of the bozo clowns at Coeymans or Reubenville town hall on April 6.

But Mr Lousy Rowzee fails to ask the burning question: So we’d like to ask the town of Coeymans directly: With only 5000 Arby’s coupons to go around and more than 7,300 residents in the town of Coeymans, how is the town board going to ensure equitable and fair distribution to all residents? First–come–first–serve is hardly a solution. After all, the entire town of Coeymans was affected by the name change and the town of Coeymans board acted on behalf of the entire town of Coeymans by making the name–change proclamation. It stands to reason that the entire town of Coeymans, that is, all residents should benefit without conditions attached. Right?

As I mentioned in my previous article, perhaps supervisor Stephen Flach, being a preacher and all that, could do the loaves and fishes trick with Mr Peter Masti’s venerable assistance. After all, supervisor Flach is a graduate of the obscure Zion Bible College and should have the scriptural knowledge to get the job done. Nah! That’s not likely to work. Better find another way, Steve, Peter.

Coeymans Board Members Pose for Group Photo

Coeymans Board Members Pose for Group Photo

Question: Will the CEO of Arby’s be there to witness this historic event or will Reubenville town supervisor Stevey the Clown Flach or Bozo “Tommy Boom-Boom” Boehm be handing the coupons out to the salivating porkers that will degrade themselves by showing up to collect their porky prizes? Have your cameras ready…and make sure you have the wide-angle lens or setting ready. Something tells me you’re going to have to catch some double wide shots on April 6.


Why are there condoms over their heads?

Dork-reporter Rowzee even gives Arby’s on Wolf Road, Colonie, three (THREE!) paragraphs full of plug for Arby’s and quotes the manager, Michael Pitt, as being “excited” to welcome Rebenville stupids next month…on Wolf Road, in the town of Colonie, 30 minutes north of the Reubenville town hall, that’s 22 miles one way (44 miles round-trip), and $3.88 in gas (one–way; based on 22 m.p.g.; round–trip cost: $7.76)  just to pick up your “free” gift  (. And that’s not counting the time, travel, and gas you’ll need to get the coupon in the first place!  Now that’s really exciting, simpletons of Reubenville!

Question: Did Reubenville town supervisor Stephen Flach or board member Thomas Boehm, Thomas Dolan, Dawn Rogers, or Peter Masti ask Arby’s manager Micheal Pitt when he was going to come to Reubenville to choose a location for an Arby’s? Or do Reubenville residents have to spend at least $7.76 + the price of the sandwich to drive to the town of Colonie every time they get a hankering for an Arby’s Reuben? That’s an example of  Steven Flach’s, Thomas Boehm’s, Thomas Dolan’s, Dawn Rogers’ and Peter Masti’s idea of cost-effectiveness in government!

Another question: Did the town board of Colonie, the town in which the Wolf Road Arby’s is located, also offer to rename Colonie, Reubenville?  Or did they have the dignity to opt out of the childishness.

Bryan “Bozo” Rowzee reports that the town board member Thomas Boehm “discovered that Arby’s was offering 5,000 coupons to the first city to issue an official proclamation,’ and that the then town of Coeymans (now Reubenville) board, “in a timely move” (how impressive! how strategic!), “issued the proclamation.”

Duh, yup!We're on the map!

Duh, yup!
We’re on the map!

Coeymans town Supervisor Stephen Flach said he was pleased that Coeymans, Reubenville, had won the contest, and Flach applauded Boehm’s initiative and good humor.” “Applauded?” Flach should have pressed criminal charges for misuse of public office! Abuse of public trust!Applauded” the dumbass’s “initiative and good humor?” Airheaded fool! Flach and Boehm and the rest of the Coeymans Clowns made a proclamation on February 5, 2013, that the world is right: Coeymans is the Clown Community.

Thomas Dolan

Thomas Dolan

That other idiot Tom Dolan called “the Reubenville Challenge a fun way to put the town on the map.” Mr Dolan has many fun ways of doing that, as we’ve seen in the past. Yes, Tommy, that sure put Coeymans on the map. Duh, yup! Yeah, Tom Dolan even promised to put an original song on Facebook celebrating the “victory.” “Victory?” Is that what we now call it when elected officials  make total asses out of their entire community? Victory takes on a whole new meaning now. Really cheap victory.

Oddly enough, shady-shadowy town board member Tom Dolan calls the “Reuben Challenge” a “fun way” to put Coeymmans on the map. Isn’t it ominous that Dolan’s band is called “Shadowland“? Is that the map where we’ll find Coeymans/Reubenville after this “victory” Mr Dolan? A bit late, Mr Dolan, the Coeymans/Reubenville town board and the Ravena village council, under mayor John T. Bruno and his band of pinheads, Bill Bailey, Martin Case, Rocco Persico, and Nancy Warner, have already made this a Shadowland. Look around, Mr Dolan, this is Shadowland.

This IS Shadowland!

This IS Shadowland!

My advice when you get the munchies: Save yourself the trip and spend your $8-10 at a local shop or diner; that’s what it would cost you to redeem an Arby’s coupon on Wolf Road, Colonie.

Coeymans/Reubenville town board and Supervisor Stephen Flach: Rather than waste residents’ time passing out silly coupons and wasting their money sending them to Wolf Road in Colonie to spend their money, why not just donate the coupons to a food pantry or to a homeless shelter! Wouldn’t that be a nobler, more charitable, more positive gesture that would get Coeymans at least some positive press despite the stupidity of its leaders?

If you agree, dear readers, e-mail Supervisor Stephen Flach or the Coeymans/Reubenville town bard and tell them what you think! Here are their contact e-mails:

Coeymans/Reubenville Town Supervisor
Stephen D. Flach

Coeymans/Reubenville Town Council
Thomas A. Boehm
Thomas E. Dolan
Peter E. Masti
Dawn Rogers

Before I sign off to do better things today, I would be remiss if I were not to give due recognition to a community-spirited individual, Dallas Trombley, who managed to get a very articulate and honest letter to the editor published in the March 28, 2012,  Ravena News Herald. Of course, Bryan “Lousy” Rowzee got the top of page 1 with his rubbish and Mr Trombley got hidden away on page 16, just before the public notices. (For those readers who do not have access to the Ravena News Herald, I am providing a scan of the letter to the editor at: Dallas Trombly on Reubenville. Now it’s out for the world to read.)

Mr Trombley starts out appropriately with : “I hate Reubenville.” So do most people in Coeymans who are endowed with half a brain (obviously that does exclude Mr Stephen Flach, Mr Thomas Boehm, Mr Thomas Dolan, Mr Peter Masti, and Ms Dawn Rogers).

We have no Main Street Plan
but we do have

Mr Trombley writes that he designed a “Main Street Plan” to stimulate activity to make Coeymans more attractive to homeowners and businesses. His plan makes a great deal of sense and does not include the Reuben Challenge, which Mr Trombley calls the “Reubenville farce,”  and points out that the “Town has named itself after a cheap product” and sold itself out for “coupons.” Mr Trombley accurately writes that “It is hard to imagine something more degrading.” We agree, Mr Trombley. Well written!

Mr Trombley very pointedly cites the many instances where, instead of adopting healthy alternatives and attractive options, Coeymans, Ravena, New Baltimore tend to opt to become the regions dump or court jester. Mr Trombley cites the plans for cement plants (with their toxic emissions), garbage dumps. He cites the many reports in local media about unhealthy conditions, criminality, villages (Ravena) evicting community libraries.

Very accurately, Mr Trombley notes that all of the negative press and the resulting negative image has real and lasting effects on the community: drop in population (Coeymans has lost 10% of its population, according to the last census!), property values drop, people are unwilling to move to the area, businesses avoid the area. Trombley gives the examples of Athens, Bethlehem,  and Coxsackie and how they’ve experienced an economic boom in recent years.

Property values are affected by perception of the community by outsiders, when population drops so do opportunities for businesses, when businesses fail, the tax burden shifts to those who are left.

I’ll close with a quote from Mr Trombley’s letter:

“I’m saying that it is in your economic interest to avoid negative perceptions of this town. For everyone else, who for reasons not just economic, but perhaps nostalgic-or perhaps because you’d like to. have more things to do around here, or because you would like your kids. to stick around – you,too,should be angry that our elected officials do nothing to improve this community,but name the town after a sandwich.”

I agree! (You can read the full text of Mr Trombley’s letter to the editor by clicking this link: Dallas Trombly on Reubenville)

[Mr Trombley, please send us your Main Street Plan to RCS Confidential.]

Continue like you are doing now....This is Your Future

Continue like you are doing now….
This is Your Future
The Editor

From the Editor: Our Next Article Will Discuss Suggestions for Economic Development and Accountable Business Practices in Local Government. Stay Tuned!


Justice in Name Only: Town and Village Courts

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

 Basically, All The Town And Village Courts Are–Or Have Been–Is A Money Mill For Local Municipalities And Nothing Much More Than That!
To Even Call Them “Justice” Courts Is Scandalous; To Call Them Law Courts Is Even Worse Because Of The Ignorance Of The Law That Prevails In Those Courts.

Town and Village Justice are Real Clowns!
But the damage they do is’t a joke!

But you don’t have to take my word for it, the New York Times has recently published a number of articles about New York state’s town and village courts and what the Times has to say about them ain’t pretty. Here are some titles: How a Reviled Court System Has Outlasted Critics, In Tiny Courts of N.Y., Abuses of Law and Power, Money Trail Often Murky in Small-Town Courts, Justice Courts for Small New York Towns to Be Overhauled, and many more! (If you’d like copies of the articles, just request them at

You’d Be Surprised Where Your Case Might be Heard!

And don’t be surprised that your case may be decided by a mechanic, a highway department laborer, or the village idiot! And court may be held in a garage, as in the Town of Colchester, New York (photo), or in a double-wide trailer, as in Coeymans, New York.

Town and village “justice” courts play a local role in the New York State Unified Court System. Town and village courts have broad jurisdiction and they can hear both civil and minor criminal matters.

On the civil side, the town and village courts can hear actions seeking monetary awards up to $3,000 and small claims proceedings for awards up to $3,000. The court also handles landlord/tenant matters that may result in an eviction as well as a money judgment for back rent that is claimed due.

The Town Court also hears small claims proceedings intended to provide a low-cost, simplified and informal procedure for individuals to resolve disputes involving limited monetary claims. Often individual litigants do not use an attorney in these matters and are not required to do so, so they’re at the mercy of the brainless!

The police love them because they suck up anything the police feed them and accept anything as true that the police tell them; the attorney’s love them because they know how to let them have their power trips while manipulating them and stringing them along (they don’t have a clue about what the attorney’s are telling them but Who cares? It’s your dime! Pay the court or pay the attorney! All the justice money can buy!)

Town and Village Justices’ Ignorance Can and Do Actually Damage Lives and Reputations!

On the criminal side, the Town Court is authorized to handle matters involving the prosecution of violations and misdemeanors that are committed within the town’s geographic boundaries. The Town Court also conducts arraignments and preliminary hearings in felony matters. Town and village courts also hear Vehicle and Traffic Law infractions and misdemeanors. Now isn’t that a case of setting the foxes to guard the chickens?

By far the bulk of the town and village justice court’s load is traffic tickets; they have become collection agents for the municipalities and for the state and in some court’s the justices have become simply revenue collectors for the town or village…and that’s just about all they’re good for in most areas.

That would make sense, because like most town and village officials, they don’t have to be qualified for much at all and most have no education in law or court procedures, apart from a course designed for morons given by the New York State Unified Court System. Under current law, a justice need only be 18 years old and a resident of a town or village to be eligible to run for judicial office in that locality.

Not only do most town and village justices have no legal training, most have barely a high-school diploma, which is all they need to qualify to be a town or village justice. So our advice is: if you ever have to appear in town or village court, use really short words and don’t appear too smart, because you ain’t dealin’ with a rocket scientist!

I’m Justice Fat Bastard.
How Do You Plead?

Lawyers are pretty good to watch in town and village court because attorneys have little or no respect for most of the town or village justices; would you if you had to spend three years in law school, take a bar exam, then do several years at a law firm as a scud monkey? How would you feel if you had to kowtow to some barely literate dorkus who still smells of the shit he just finished shoveling before putting on the black robes to preside over the witch trials? Most of the town and village justices can hardly read, for chrisake!

While it is true that most judges, real judges, that is, must be trained as lawyers, it is also true that most are psychos or on power trips. That’s why in 1978 the state of New York created the Commission on Judicial Conduct and the Rules of Judicial Conduct, making it possible for citizens to make complaints against justices and judges, because many of those lunatics in black robes are really, I mean REALLY, out of order!

Another important difference between town and village “justice” Courts and all other courts in NYS is that justice courts are not “courts of record.” This means that proceedings that take place in these courts have not been typically  transcribed, word-for-word, by a court reporter. This can create problems if an appellate court is asked to review a decision made by a justice court judge. To some extent this issue is being addressed by the program that the state government is implementing to create digital recordings of all proceedings. As of early 2008 only a limited number of justice courts have been provided with the digital recording devices. My advice: Make certain your case is being recorded! You might need it if you find you want to make a complaint about the judge, the court staff, or the way the proceedings went.

According to testimony by Corey Stoughton, Staff Attorney at the New York Civil Liberties Union testifying before the Judiciary Committee of the New York State Assembly:

“Ironically, the horror stories do not convey the true extent of the problem. The real story is that every day, across the state, the Town and Village Court system is failing to meet basic constitutional standards of justice. A year-long investigation by the New York Times uncovered not merely isolated examples of bad judging, but “overwhelming evidence that decade after decade and up to this day, people have often been denied fundamental legal rights. Defendants have been jailed illegally … . People have been denied the right to a trial, an impartial judge and the presumption of innocence.”

Perhaps most alarming is the apparently widespread notion among Town and Village Court justices that they are there to make the law, not to adjudicate and apply it. News reports have quoted justices as describing their decisions as “down-to-earth solutions” and explaining that they have to use their own judgment because “the law is not always right.” The Spangenberg Report, created at the behest of the Kaye Commission on the Future of Indigent Defense, quotes another justice as saying that he “is concerned about good attitude regardless of what the law requires. Some people are given a break and some people with a bad attitude do not get a break.” This kind of misunderstanding of the role of a judge poses a fundamental threat to due process and equal protection of law.”

If you find testimony like that scary, you really ought to. It gets even scarier when you read some of the insanity that some of these judges and courts engage in! All you have to do is take a few minutes to go to the Commission on Judicial Conduct website and visit  to read about some of the whackos the Commission has had to discipline. (It goes all the way back to 1978.)

Finally, our advice is: If you feel you have been abused in town or village court, if the court staff were disrespectful, if the judge was not respectful and courteous, if you felt the proceedings were conducted in an undignified manner or improperly, file a complaint! Even if you feel the court staff were rude or discourteous, they are the judge’s responsibility! Complain! If you know a judge who has behaved below the high standard we expect of public officials, especially police and judges, file a complaint! If you don’t know how, ask us by leaving a confidential comment below!

Good Question!
The Editor

We’re giving particular attention to justices and judges in southern Albany county and northern Greene county, though any judge, court employee, or court is fair game.

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!