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“Friends of Coeymans” a.k.a. “Fiends of Coeymans”: McHugh’s Thugs

Coeymans has always been fertile ground for a bumper crop of bullies but the so-called “Friends of Coeymans,” popularly known by many Coeymans residents as “Fiends of Coeymans,” is a real special brand of domestic terrorist, the George McHugh campaign’s answer to Nazi Germany’s roaming fascist bands of thugs.

Thanks to a number of tips received from a number of Coeymans residents, who appear to be concerned about a new bully group in the Town of Coeymans — as if Coeymans didn’t have enough bullies as it is —, a local group calling themselves “Friends of Coeymans. ” The group’s bully tactics and brutish conduct in public meetings has earned them the dubious epithet of “Fiends of Coeymans.” So, in response to residents’ requests to investigate and to publish our findings, we’d like to respond in this initial post, pending our more in-depth investigations.

First of all, we note that these so-called “Friends of Coeymans” are a very small group consisting of three local clowns — for now let’s just be kind and call them the “Coeymans Clowns” —, with all the charm of a John Wayne Gacy clown, are closely associated with the McHugh campaign for Town Supervisor.[1] We’ll get to McHugh in a very revealing and troubling report on his past and present activities.

The Fiends of Coeymans appear to have an agenda of disrupt, disorder, and confuse the issues of the elections, the candidates, and to create general confusion and conflict in the Coeymans community. Far from being anything you could possibly define as a friend, these Coeymans Clowns are destructive and damaging. Of course, being on Facebook, they have collected a gaggle of Facebook freaks, addicts who spend their waking hours scrolling through illiterate comments posted by their fake friends.

If a group wants to be acknowledged as “friends” of any community, they should first state their goal as being for the public good and acting in the interests of the public, not a partisan political campaign. These Coeymans Clowns are interested in nothing but their Neanderthal sadistic pleasure, something that appears to be their perverse notion of masculinity or good citizenship. Maybe in Stalin’s Russia or Hitler’s Germany, but not here in the United States.

Unfortunately, some of the more ignorant and misguided souls (read: Mary Driscoll and her ilk) seem to have adopted this contemporary re-casting of the Three Stooges — and we believe they are actually stooges, stooges of George McHugh and his keepers [2]

Of course, the Fiends of Coeymans have a Facebook page, the Clowns practice their own brand of censorship, propaganda, and abuse on that page, which has also been a problem, say residents.

Creatures from the Shadows: Fiends of Coeymans.
[From left to right, Jeff LaQuire, Nate Boomer and Chris Hagen.]

This is a Fair Use site. One of our contributors received a threatening email from a woman called Kate Lisa, who is working for the rag, the Ravena News Herald, demanding that the Smalbany blog take done the photo of the Fiends of Coeymans. George McHugh is apparently still running the Ravena News Herald, despite the fact that Mark Vinciguerra has purchased it and his misnamed Capital Region Independent Media is mismanaging it. McHugh isn’t going to let his lackeys take any punches. At the contributor’s request, not Kate Lisa’s, we have removed the photo not because we had to, but out of courtesy. Our contributor asked Kate Lisa to give permission to use the photo, just to be friendly, but she refused. No problem, we got our mileage from it. But we do recommend that the RNH watermark their images or at least place a clear and conspicuous © on their images, like anyone else would have the good sense to do. Provincial is as provincial does. Do you smell pork belly burning?

The three clowns behind the Friends of Coeymans, and the operators of the Facebook Friends of Fascism page, have been identified as Jeff LaQuire (is that really pronounced “la queer”?), Nate Boomer (Boomer?!? Is he booming Jeff?)  and Chris Hagen. It may be worth knowing that one of the Clowns, Chris Hagen, is the brother of controversial Travis Hagen, the individual involved in the tragic death of 19-year old Riley Kern last year. It seems the Hagens have a tendency to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. As we mentioned above, the Clowns are associated with the McHugh campaign, and are garnering support from the News Herald, George McHugh’s pet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Coeymans Clowns are a very good example of the worst in abuse of free speech. They are using not only the local opportunities for signage to mislead Coeymans residents — the Clowns can’t possibly afford to rent the billboard space they have on 9W, so our question is: Who is paying for it? Marc Vinciguerra of the Ravena News Herald? George McHugh? Carver Laraway? —  they’re all in bed together — and they have the willing ear of McHugh’s pet newspaper, the Ravena News Herald, the local media whore. What’s worse is that they have a Facebook page that most social media addicts can find with no problem,  and, if they say what the Fiends of Coeymans, rather, the Clowns of Coeymans want to hear, and if it supports their special interest agenda, it gets posted for all to read. But if you question any of the propaganda or disagree, look forward to being banned, and then after being banned and deprived of the opportunity to respond, they’ll proceed to trash you. Friends of Coeymans, Clowns of Coeymans, at their democratic best.

Lequire, Boomer, and Hagen are three very scary clowns!

Here’s the hypocrisy of the whole Fiends of Coeymans Facebook scam: They invite free and open discussion and even tout freedom of speech but, as in most dictatorships and fascist regimes, your freedom of speech goes only as far as the narrow limits of what the Clowns want to hear, and what they want their “friends” to see. In my book and by my definition, that’s called censorship and propaganda. It has no place in a free and democratic society.

But when the thugs get some computer skills, that’s the place where things go. Fascist thugs and computer skills are a toxic mix.

Problem is, there are so many gullible, ignorant, even downright stupid residents in Coeymans, who are such pitifully lonely creatures, they’ll do anything to get a friend. Hell, they’ll swallow anything — and I mean anything — if you’ll just say Hi! to them. So it’s that bunch that are really attracted to the Clowns’ group. The burning question is: Are you one of them?

If anyone has seen the movies about dictatorships like Nazi Germany or any place where fear ruled, you always have the scene where the thugs enter a public meeting, a gathering, or even a church service and intimidate or brutalize those present to the extent that no one goes to the public meeting because they’re afraid of meeting up with the thugs. Well, that’s exactly what we’re seeing now in Coeymans: the Clowns, the Fiends of Coeymans, are appearing at town government meetings ranging from regular town board meetings to planning board meetings and making unpleasant and embarrassing scenes. Just like in Fascist Germany. Their main purpose: to embarrass our elected officials and to intimidate citizens. Some of their Facebook freak friends actually congratulate them on “the good work they’re doing in the community.” Pure insanity! You can’t make this stuff up!

This sort of bullyism has to stop. Only YOU can stop it. Some of Coeymans misguided residents are urging these freaks on; others are encouraging them by giving them attention on Facebook; others are supporting them indirectly by staying away from important democratic institutions like town board meetings, planning board meetings, and public gatherings. Why? Because fascist thugs work that way: they work with lies, threats, bullyism, and intimidation.

Next time you express support for our military and our servicemen, just remember one thing: Our fathers and grandfathers fought against Fascism. Their sons and our brothers and sisters fought against totalitarianism in Korea and Vietnam. Our brothers and sisters fought terrorism in the Middle East. How can Coeymans residents support those sacrifices and still support a group like the Fiends of Coeymans, who are creating their own special brand of domestic terrorism?

Open your eyes! Open your ears! Open your mouths! Say NO! to the fascist thugs in your own front yard! You owe it to him or her who made the ultimate sacrifice so you can talk freely, assemble without intimidation, and exercise your free right to vote!!!

Editor’s Note: Mr George McHugh has recently published some misleading statements relating to his military service, if you can call National Guard service “military” and a cushy office job in the Staff Judge Advocate’s office (That’s where all the attorney’s hang out, far from any bullets or landmines!). We think he has no clue about what it is to be a real soldier. We’ve invited him to be interviewed to clarify those and other questions about his past but he has so far ignored two of our follow-ups. A third one will go out this week and, if he doesn’t have the guts to interview and answer the questions, we’ll publish the facts that we have. No one can say we didn’t give him the chance to clear the air.

[1] John Wayne Gacy was an American serial killer who raped, tortured and murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978 in Cook County, Illinois. All of Gacy’s known murders were committed inside his Norwood Park ranch house.

[2] The dictionary definition of “stooge” is “a person who serves merely to support or assist others, particularly in doing unpleasant work; perform a role that involves being the butt of a comedian’s jokes; move around aimlessly; drift or cruise.” Aptly applies to the Coeymans Clowns in all aspects.


How Morally Depraved Can Cathy Deluca, Misuraca’s Village Board, Be?

deadhorseWill Misuraca and his Mooselets on the Ravena village council ever wake up? At the November 18, 2014, public meeting that had all of six people attending (at least 3 of them village employees) here’s what you would have heard: No one seems to have gotten a monthly report from Cathy Deluca on the Fitness Center. Misuraca, Warner looking stupid and having to admit no one got a report (while village council member Joel Coye sits chewing and picking his nose on camera! What’s he chewing? Yuck!). But Nancy Warner announced that the Fitness Center is planning to send out brochures to attempt to get members! IDIOTS! It’s almost two years and the Ravena Health and Fitness Center is still FAILING! Wake up! Smell the coffee (or the bullshit, which is getting pretty strong)! But you’re still beating the dead horse! How long is Misuraca and his crew going to let this thing go on? Late November, just before the Winter holidays is no time to be sending out brochures for a fitness club! Go figure! They put the “R” in RETARDS!

Several weeks have passed since the Ravena News Herald printed their article on the fact that Cathy Deluca’s playpen, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, has been hemorrhaging more than $6,000 a month of Ravena taxpayers’, property-owners’ dollars. But that’s where it all stopped, it seems. Our question is:

How Morally Depraved is Cathy Deluca and Ravena Mayor William Misuraca’s Village Board?


And it sits on the Ravena village council and runs the Ravena Health and Fitness Center

This blog has been exposing the corruption and criminality surrounding the creation of the Ravena Health and Fitness Center and the corrupt and criminal way that the Bruno-Warner village board lied their way into creating a non-competitive civil service position for Cathy Deluca. The fact that Bruno and Warner did everything they could to ensure that their appointee, Deluca, got the position and no one else even had a chance at it was no big deal to expose. We did it right here and we embarrassed the Albany Department of Civil Service and Albany County into giving the director of the Albany Department the boot. But Ravena has no pride and no morals so Cathy Deluca got the position, got the exempt non-competitive classification, she even “Interneted” her credentials (unqualified but receiving her salary at YOUR expense), still bamboozling the Civil Service morons into allowing her to keep the position. If you or I tried even half of that sort of criminal lying and fraudulent misrepresentation, we’d be in Albany County jail — or worse — but Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca and Gregory Darlington go Scott free and can collect fat pensions at our expense while Cathy Deluca pockets more than $30,000 a year in salary plus full benefits to waste $6,000 a month of Ravena taxpayers’ dollars! Doesn’t anyone see what’s wrong with this picture?!?

Cathy Deluca even lied her way out of criminal proceedings when here husband, Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca, then still with the Coeymans police department, bullied Coeymans police officer Jason Albert, with the blessing of then police chief Gregory “Dumplington” Darlington, into burying the investigation of Cathy Deluca’s misdemeanor lying to a police officer, when she tried to fraudulently incriminate a local resident! That was a misdemeanor on Cathy Deluca’s part, and obstruction of justice by Darlington and his sockpuppet Jason Albert but Darlington got to “retire” (in lieu of prosecution? Will Darlington’s wife, Leah Darlington, a secretary in race-card-player Albany County DA David Soares‘ office type out the warrant?) and Albert got an “attaboy” promotion to detective! So much for respect for the laws of this state and nation: The biggest criminals are the law enforcement officers and their spouses! But with a new police chief and pressure from the community, not to mention literally dozens of unresolved complaints and pending lawsuits against the Coeymans p.d. and individual officers, justice may still be served. Let’s see what happens in the coming weeks, months.

Our stats show that Leah Darlington or someone in the Albany County District Attorney’s office is spending taxpayer dollars wisely: between November 16 and November 19, that person visited this blog 68 times, spending several hours total here! Thank you! Albany County DA P. David Soares, for hiring a Darlington to misuse taxpayer money!

But even if you don’t take the time to search this blog and re-read the many articles we’ve written for you exposing the Delucas, the Warners, the Darlingtons, the Coeymans police department’s obstruction of justice and other civil violations and criminal acts and negligence, you can’t overlook the fact that at least SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS are being wasted every month, and neither Cathy Deluca nor the Ravena Village Board have the decency to put a stop to it.

Who can deny the glaring facts that:

Mayor "Moose" Misuraca thought he was getting this...

Mayor “Moose” Misuraca thought he was getting this...

  • Cathy Deluca to Nancy Warner: Do this! The Moose loves it!

    BUT he got this, instead!
    (Cathy Deluca to Nancy Warner: Do this! The “Moose” loves it!)

    Cathy Deluca was personally selected by former mayor John Bruno and his sidekick Nancy Warner to have the Ravena Health and Fitness Center. Hasn’t anyone asked what favors were being repaid by Bruno and Warner? Why no one else, maybe someone qualified, was given the opportunity to apply — even if it would be hopeless?

  • Why did former mayor John Bruno and village trustee Nancy Warner conspire to not only hand Cathy Deluca the position as manager of the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, but went to extraordinary trouble to fabricate an application made to the Albany County Civil Service Department — the application was incomplete, inaccurate, fraudulent — to get her a non-competitive classification, exempt from any examination, full benefits, etc.
  • Cathy Deluca knew then and still knows that she’s killed two private health and fitness clubs before she was handed the Ravena Health and Fitness Center but she still took the opportunity to prove she could kill yet another one. Don’t any of you think that that is morally depraved? Criminal on Deluca’s part, to knowingly take a position she knew she couldn’t handle and now, after two years of screwing around, is proving she can kill yet another business, this time one belonging to the public.
  • Don’t you think it’s morally depraved of Ravena Mayor William “Moose” Misuraca, and his Ravena village council, to allow this to go on without finally putting a stop to it? They even admitted publicly that if a business were losing that kind of money that any sensible and responsible manager would shut it down. Why hasn’t Mayor William Misuraca and his village council morons locked the doors on the Ravena Health and Fitness Center?

And Why Haven’t Any of these Crooks and Frauds been Charged, Prosecuted, Punished?

Maybe Ravena Mayor William “Moose” Misuraca, the director of the Albany County Department of Civil Service John Marsolais, Coeymans police chief Peter J. McKenna, or Albany County DA P. David Soares can offer a satisfactory explanation for that burning question!

But the worst shame and blame still falls on Cathy Deluca’s head! She knows shes stealing taxpayer money. She knows she’s unqualified to make the Ravena playpen work. She knows that Ravena can’t sustain a business that can’t compete. She knows that the village of Ravena should not be running a business that can’t compete. But she has no morals! She has no ethics! She has only her sow’s belly full of greed! Her only objective is to take as much as she can suck out of this community and then…STOP HER IN HER DIRTY TRACKS!

And do you wonder for a second why Annette Demitraszek and Kristine Biernacki, Bruno appointees and Warner sock-puppets, who are supposed to be village clerks and public servants, refuse to respond to any demand under the New York State Freedom of Information Law by refusing to provide public access information, information that the public has a right to know, about the Ravena Health and Fitness Center? If they let the information out they feel they’ll all land in jail! Unless they disclose the information, there’s a Notice of Claim waiting to be served, and a lawsuit waiting to be filed. They may all have a date with the corrections system before this is over!

Ravena needs a Health and Fitness Center like a Bull Needs Tits!

The Ravena Health and Fitness Center

The Ravena Health and Fitness Center





Emperor Has New Clothes! Cathy Deluca on her way to the bank; Ravena residents stand by, idly watching! The Editor.

Emperor Has New Clothes!
Cathy Deluca on Her Way to the Bank;
Ravena residents stand by, idly watching!
The Editor

 It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Fat Lady Sings — or is in Jail!


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Conrad to Bailey: “You’re telling this board a load of crap!”

“You’re telling this board a load of crap!” was Town of Coeymans Code Enforcement Officer Laverne “Larry” Conrad’s response to the blather that Village of Ravena council member William “Bill” Bailey was dribbling at a joint Village of Ravena—Town of Coeymans workshop that was held with just three members of the public (one of whom was a reporter for the Ravena Nose Herald) in attendance—on Tuesday, June 24, 2014, at 7 p.m. in the Ravena village hall. Having witnessed the night of the living brain-dead that evening, we tend to agree with Mr Conrad’s assessment of Mr Bailey’s drivel.

Joint Village of Ravena-Town of Coeymans Water-Sewerage Workshop Night of the Living Brain-Dead!

Joint Village of Ravena-Town of Coeymans Water-Sewerage Workshop
Night of the Living Brain-Dead!

Let’s start with some basic information before we give you a quick summary of the dog-and-pony act that the Ravena-Coeymans clowns performed for an empty house on this past Tuesday: It was supposed to have been a constructive dialogue between the two elected bodies, the Ravena village council and the Town of Coeymans Board, to resolve the long-standing problems of water and sewerage management between the two adjacent communities. After all, isn’t that what a workshop is supposed to be? An orderly dialogue dealing with specific questions with the goal of arriving at answers. Well, not in Ravena, not in Coeymans, and not when Ravena and Coeymans sit in the same room to have a joint piss-down-each-other’s-leg session. It was the Night of the Living Brain-Dead!

Ravena trustee Bill Bailey: “we’re better off paying the DEC fines…”

Fact: Ravena wants Coeymans residents to pay 40% of the bills. Fact: Ravena has approximately 1600 users compared to about 400 in the Hamlet of Coeymans. In other words, Ravena should be paying at least 75% of the bill if we want to be fair and look at usage. But according to Ravena’s Bill Bailey, ‘We have the infrastructure so that’s why you [Coeymans] have to pay more than your fair share.’ But what Mr Bailey fails to admit is that Ravena’s infrastructure is stone-age, it’s falling apart, it’s failing! What Mr Bailey doesn’t admit is that Ravena is under the gun and is facing the DEC because of the van Hoesen street disaster. Ravena is under the gun of a DEC Consent Order and is paying fines to the DEC for its mismanagement of the water/sewerage problems in the village. According to Bailey’s assessment of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s requirements for managing the runoff is that “The DEC’s requirements are too stringent.” What’s Bill Bailey’s response? It’s incredible but here’s what Bailey responded: “We’re better off paying the fines…” That’s one of Ravena’s elected official’s response to the question of compromise!  So, Mr Bill Bailey, a leftover from the notorious Bruno quarter-century of mismanagement has no problems paying the DEC fines with your tax money.

stop stop stop
 Conrad to Bailey: 

“Stop talking that crap !”

What irked us to the point of puking is that Bill Bailey was given the floor for almost the entire meeting. Mr Mayor Moose Misuraca was eerily silent throughout and the only sign of life coming from him was when he got up to apparently relieve himself. To his credit, Keith Mahler opened his mouth with some fairly decent comments and questions but Mr Mayor Moose just sat with his eyes glazed over! Of course, Nancy Warner, another leftover from the Bruno debacle stepped up with nonsense comments that simply aligned her with her goomba Bailey.

Bailey: “We’re throwing in $1,000,000.” Who is? Where’s it coming from, Bailey?

Bailey repeatedly sung the refrain, “We’re throwing in one million dollars…” Our question is, Mr Bailey, who is “we” and where are you getting the $1,000,000 you are “throwing in”?  Bailey, you’re an idiot! And what’s worse, you’re a freaking monkey on a string, a driveling Chatty Cathy: Just pull your string and something stupid comes out of your mouth!

Apparently the past contracts that cover the approximately 30 years of water and sewerage mismanagement between Ravena and Coeymans are the basis of some contention and are up for re-writing. We will have the contracts foiled so that we can review them and report on how the Coeymans community has been and continues to be getting screwed by Ravena. But it’s scary, very scary.

According to Mr Conrad (Code Enforcement Officer for the Town of Coeymans) “camera studies” done on the connections between sewer system users in Ravena-Coeymans have shown that “every connection” has a leak. Does anyone know that the public health ramifications are of these “leaks”?  Do our elected officials care?  Time that some pretty heavy-duty public inquiry is made. We need some answers and quick!

Apparently, the arbitrary figures of 60-40 coverage of costs is just that: arbitrary. You see, there have been meters installed to monitor the flows—and that’s a great idea if you want to get the real story on usage—but the meters are broken, they don’t work most of the time. They’re useless!  Again, Mr Conrad responds to Mr Bailey, Ms Warner, and Mr Misuraca (who still hasn’t said a word): “Let’s give residents a chance; let’s let the meters determine the usage.” Well, Mr Conrad, that’s all fine and dandy, but you first have to either fix the meters or get ones that work!

It seems Mr Bailey and the village of Ravena want to give residents a chance; a chance to have another hike in their sewer rates! A couple of years ago the rates for Coeymans hamlet residents DOUBLED from about $250 to about $525 a year; Mr Bailey estimates that the cost even to Ravena residents may go up to $550 or as high as $600 a year. One town attendee mentioned that such a hike in rates will send residents over the edge; that the Hamlet of Coeymans will have nothing left but empty buildings. What do you think? Does Ravena-Coeymans have to drive the remaining residents from their homes?

We haven’t even addressed the Oakbrook Manor situation. That’s another story all together. You see, Oakbrook is in the territory of Ravena and has about 400 units, each one of those units pays separate rates for infrastructure. A couple of years ago, the owners of Oakbrook spent millions updating their infrastructure but got no relief from the village. Oakbrook is pretty much a community in and of itself but is being taken for a ride by the village of Ravena. But that’s another story. We’d like to hear from the absentee owners of Oakbrook, though. How do they feel about what’s going on in these almost “private” workshop meetings where “Dud-ley Do-Littlles” like Bill Bailey are talking crap and spending taxpayers’ millions irresponsibly.

Tell me you love me! What's Right or what's Legal?

Tell me you love me!
What’s Right or what’s Legal?

Coeymans: “Do we want to do what’s legal or what’s right?”

Look, years ago Ravena and Coeymans were one community, Ravena-Coeymans, under one roof. Some moron decided to split the village of Ravena from the Hamlet of Coeymans and we all know the rest of the story. There’s no reason why two separate communities whose boundaries no one seems to know—that’s how intermingled they are, should have two governments who traditionally have never been able to see eye-to-eye. There’s no reason why idiotic contracts and unreliable hearsay and undocumented statistics should be deciding what’s fair for residents! During the discussion of the cryptic contracts, one of the town board attendees asked the interesting question: “Do we want to do what’s legal or what’s right?” What is legal is not necessarily “right”. For example, slavery was “legal” but we can all agree that it was  not “right.” Stoning someone for adultery is “legal” in some countries but we can all agree it is not “right.” Ignoring the United States Constitution and telling people who it’s illegal to have firearms is not only constitutionally “illegal” but the law, it’s not “right.” Our position is this: we elect our local officials to represent our best interests. In other words, to do what’s fair and right. We don’t expect them to do what’s “legal” if what’s “legal” is not fair, right, and in the public’s interest or for the common good. That’s a no-brainer but it appears to us after having witnessed the joint Ravena-Coeymans workshop that where there’s no brains, even a no-brainer is a problem.

 You don’t have to take our word for all of this. The entire dog-and-pony act was recorded by the Coeymans town clerk. It’s public information and anyone who wants to review the recording can request it from the Coeymans town clerk. We will be reviewing the recording and a number of relevant contracts and documents in the coming days and will be reporting on the facts on this blog. So stay tuned.

Misuraca's Performance Is he up to tackling the real issues? Answering the big questions?

Misuraca’s Performance
Is he up to tackling the real issues? Answering the big questions?

 In conclusion, we were very disappointed with Mr Misuraca’s silence. We were very disappointed that he let Warner and Bailey take control of the meeting. We were gratified that Mr Mahler spoke up when he did with some very good questions and suggestions. Maybe the wrong “M” was elected to be mayor of Ravena. It seems Mr Mahler has a hell of a lot more on the ball than Mr Mayor Moose. It was, in total, a disgrace and an embarrassment to have allowed Warner and Bailey to represent the village of Ravena as they did. To have a town official say outright to Mr Bailey, “You’re telling this board a load of crap.” Says it all.

Finally, before the workshop started up, we walking in on what was apparently a working meeting and Ravena Health and Fitness Center “director”, Cathy Deluca, was pitching the village board for more support. That came as a real surprise given the fact that the Ravena Health and Fitness Center should have been eliminated and purged from the current budget completely. Worse still, it was during Deluca’s blather that Mr Misuraca woke up and actually showed some signs of life. It seems that Deluca wants to attend more training seminars and wants to do more advertising. It seems that she is touting Silver Sneakers as a big accomplishment. It seems she wants access to the school pool and to the village pool. Even Nancy Warner had to admit that the Ravena Health and Fitness Center has only about 200 members (it needs more than 400 to break even). Deluca and Warner noted that under the village and town insurance plans, employees can join a health club and get reimbursed for part of the membership fees. That’s all nice and dandy, but our question is, of course, “Why would anyone put more than $200 in cold hard cash up front to join a dump like the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, and then wait to be reimbursed for part of that from the insurer?” Here’s another one for ya: “Why wouldn’t you pony up less for more by joining Planet Fitness or Bally’s?” (If you have an answer to those two questions, we’d be very glad to hear from you. Please leave a comment.)

It seems that Cathy Deluca’s only “major” accomplishment is really nothing big at all—unless you think that stealing programs from other organizations is a big deal—is the Silver Sneakers senior fitness program, which the Ravena Senior Center is quite capable of running but Deluca needed to grab it in her desperate attempt to make it look like she’s actually doing something. The bottle-blond-bimbo simply applied on the Internet to be a location for Silver Sneakers, just like she bought her certifications on the Internet. Not really what we’d call qualifications or even an honest (OOPS! Did we say “honest” in the same breath as “Deliuca”?  Shame on us!) day’s work!

we’ve recently published a report on the expected miserable failure of Cathy Deluca’s THIRD failed fitness center. If you haven’t read that report, please click this link: Ravena Health and Fitness Center: Year One = Miserable Failure!!! After you read that article and considering Nancy Warner’s comment that the Ravena Health and Fitness Center has only about 200 members (mostly non-village, apparently) you may want to recall that Misuraca, Mahler and Coye ran on  promises of transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility. After having heard the village’s statements and having noted the conspicuous silence of mayor Mr Moose, we’d like to ask Mr Misuraca, Mr Mahler and Mr Coye how they can account for the crazy allocation of another more than $100,000 to the failing Ravena Health and Fitness Center, when the village of Ravena needs so many other vital programs. How does the Ravena Health and Fitness Center measure up to Misuraca’s, Mahler’s and Coye’s promises of transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility?

 And here’s an even better question for Mr Mayor Moose “Misuraca” and his village of Ravena council majority: “What in hell is Cathy Deluca and her illegal, money-pit playpen, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, still doing there, sucking up more than $100,000 in taxpayer dollars again this year?”

The Clock's Ticking Time for Action The Editor

The Clock’s Ticking
Time for Action
The Editor

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance.
Graphics and Images Disclosure: Unless otherwise noted and credited, all graphics used in this article are the result of a Google image search, and at the time the images were collected and used in this article, no conspicuous or visible copyright notice or other proprietary mark was shown. Please communicate any claim or corrections to All images are used in good faith for non-profit, public information and public service purposes.

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Criminal Obstruction of Justice & Official Misconduct: Gregory Darlington, Coeymans PD

Most Citizens Are Unaware of Laws that Can Be Used in Self-Defense Against Rogue Public Servants and to Bring Public Servants to Justice.


Obstruction of Justice, Official Misconduct, Personal Injury, Violations of Protected Rights BRING THEM TO JUSTICE!!!

Obstruction of Justice, Official Misconduct, Personal Injury, Violations of Protected Rights

That Includes Police Chiefs and Police Officers, Government Elected Officials, Other Public Employees, Too!

New York Penal Law (hereinafter called NYP) § 195.00 Official misconduct. A public servant is guilty of official misconduct when, with intent to obtain a benefit or deprive another person of a benefit…he knowingly refrains from performing a duty which is imposed upon him by law or is clearly inherent in the nature of his office. Official misconduct is a class A misdemeanor.

§195.05 Obstructing governmental administration in the second degree. A person is guilty of obstructing governmental administration when he intentionally obstructs, impairs or perverts the administration of law or other governmental function or prevents or attempts to prevent a public servant from performing an official function, by means of intimidation, physical force or interference. Official misconduct is a class A misdemeanor.

US Code – Chapter 73: Obstruction of justice. Obstruction of justice is a serious federal offense where someone tries to impede the interfere with the legal process. This can include actions that impede the criminal process during the investigation stage or during the trial. There are many different ways that someone can be charged with obstructing justice such as: Attempting to influence a judge, court employee or a jury member; threatening, assaulting, blackmailing, retaliating against or taking other actions against someone for participating in a criminal investigation or prosecution; Lying to law enforcement officials about important information such as Knowingly altering, concealing, or destroying evidence or potential evidence.

Ways to Commit Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of justice is a crime which can be charged in a number of scenarios. It can be committed by a judicial official, an elected official, attorneys and people obstructing the justice system. The following are ways that the crime of obstruction of justice can be committed:

  • Interfering with the work of prosecutors, government officials, other officials, police, investigators or other professionals doing work to promote or ensure justice can constitute obstruction of justice.
  • When a person who is questioned during an investigation lies to the police, this can result in obstruction of justice charges when the truth is discovered. The right to remain silent protects individuals who do not wish to cooperate with an investigation if it may incriminate them.
  • Altering or destroying physical evidence can bring about obstruction of justice charges. 
  • As a government official, a police chief or district attorney has an increased duty to uphold justice and enforce the laws, and his failure to do so can result in charges of obstruction of justice.
  • Perjury can bring about obstruction of justice charges whether it is committed by an official or anyone in an official investigation.

In new york obstruction of justice is a class “a” misdeamenor.  maximum punishment is up to a year in jail.

So, What Do You Think of When You Think of the Coeymans Police Department? Official Misconduct? Obstruction of Justice? Violation of Protected Constitutional Rights? Personal Injurty (Physical, Reputation, Loss of Income, Property Damage, Medical Expenses, etc.)?

Can You Describe Coeymans Police Department Misconduct?
Can You Describe How has Gregory Darlington Contributed to the Misconduct of Coeymans PD Personnel?
Do You Know How has Gregory Darlington Failed Law Enforcement in this Town?
How has Gregory Darlington and the Coeymans PD Failed YOU?

Abused by Clowns?

Abused by Clowns?

Have you been waiting for local, state, or federal officials to come to your aid? Frustrated?

Please examine the list below and think about the items. Can you provide us with your information by SPECIFIC case, event, incident, dates, times, names of persons directly involved (perp, victim, investigating law enforcement officers’ names), witnesses, any damage or injury you sustained as a result (e.g., physical, social (defamation, public shame, etc.), economic (medical costs, loss of income, additional expenses, etc.), any other details you feel might be important.

Criminal federal and state obstruction of justice charges, state criminal official misconduct charges, and civil violation of protected rights and personal injury (tort) claims against Darlington, the Coeymans PD, the town of Coeymans, the members of the town board of Coeymans, Gregory Darlington, and P. David Soares are supported by the items listed below and, include at least those listed below. Do you have any knowledge of any incident in which Darlington or any employee of the Coeymans Police Department has failed in his performance or by his failure, empowered or facilitated misconduct by employees of the Coeymans Police Department? Be specific and provide the particulars indicated in the previous paragraph.

We, as claimant, allege the following specific instances of Mr Gregory Darlington’s ongoing patterns of obstruction of justice in his capacity as chief of police in the town of Coeymans Police Department, including but not by limitation, the following allegations, which will be described in detail in a further Notice of Claim and lawsuit being prepared as we write. Do any of the following look familiar to you?

  1. Failure to diligently  investigate or to supervise, or interfering with the progress of an on – going investigation of a complaint taken by the town of Coeymans Police Department;
  2. Delaying or otherwise interfering with the timely processing of a good faith complaint, interfering with the inauguration or prosecution of the investigation of such complaint, or otherwise obstructing the reasonable investigative processes involved in the disposition of a complaint made with the Coeymans Police Department;
  3. By indifference, ignorance, or negligence failing to ensure the proper handling, recording, tracking, access to, and security of evidence taken or provided for the purpose of law enforcement, criminal investigation, or other law enforcement activity;
  4. Failing or refusing to respond to a citizen’s or complainant’s diligent inquiry regarding the status or progress of a complaint or investigation;
  5. Obstructing or impairing a citizen’s or complainant’s rights under the law;
  6. Indifference or injury to citizen’s or complainant’s confidence in his or her constitutionally guaranteed protected and guaranteed rights under the United States Constitution and the laws of the United States and the State of New York, to wit: freedom of expression and assembly, equal protection under the law, protection from unlawful search and seizure, discrimination based on sex, age, gender, orientation, faith tradition; profiling by person, vehicle, etc.
  7. Failure to enforce discipline in the case of on- or off – duty misconduct of members of the Coeymans Police Department upon good faith, substantiated, and factual citizen complaint;
  8. Indifference or injury to a citizen’s or complainant’s confidence in the impartiality of the law, and law enforcement, in equal protection under the law;
  9. Creation of the impression by word, conduct, silence, commission, omission of a double – standard system of favoritism or nepotism or simonism or other such pernicious practice based on personal, social, professional, political or economic relationships or associations;
  10. The conditioning of support of the public service resources of the Coeymans Police Department or resources accessible or at the disposal of the Coeymans Police Department upon favor or other conditional consideration or benefit to the staff, organization, image, operations of the Coeymans Police Department;
  11. Indifference to or refusal to respond to citizen’s or complainant’s telephone, e – mail, letter or written communications and inquiries relating to the business and operations of the Coeymans Police Department;
  12. Indifference to or refusal to respond or to comply with the affirmative obligations imposed upon the Coeymans Police Department under the provisions of New York State Public Officers Law Article 6 §§84 – 90, also known as the New York State Freedom of Information Law or the F.O.I.L.;
  13. Refusal to collaborate or to cooperate with other intra – municipal public service personnel, public servants, public employees, agencies, offices or officials to facilitate timely and productive response to citizen or complainant complaints, inquiries, concerns;
  14. Indifference to or refusal to create, implement, update, or observe quality, disciplinary, complaint processing, administrative procedures and policies required or already in place in the Coeymans Police Department or in the town of Coeymans government system to ensure an acceptable and efficacious performance of the Coeymans Police Department as a unit of the government of the town of Coeymans and the intra – departmental operations of the Coeymans Police Department;
  15. Have you been or felt you have been intimidated or subjected to retaliation by Coeymans law enforcement, complained, and have been frustrated by their indifference or non-response? Did you feel abused?
  16. Indifference to or refusal to create or to enhance a positive image of law enforcement in the town of Coeymans.

This list is considered ongoing and may be augmented at any time without notice upon receipt of information not already contained or included in the above list.

Read another document that describes specifically what Gregory Darlington is expected to be doing in his official civil service job description. Do you feel he’s doing his job? Do you know of specific instances to show that he is not competent or qualified ever to have been or to continue to be the chief administrative officer  of the town of Coeymans Police Department? Click here to read/download that document: Where has the Coeymans Police Chief Failed

Send us any information you have to support your contentions to and we’ll include it in our Notice of Claim against the Coeymans Police Department, Town of Coeymans, the members of the town board of the Town of Coeymans, the Coeymans Town Attorney, the Coeymans Police Department, Gregory Darlington, P. David Soares and provide you with fill – in boilerplate forms for your personal Notice of Claim against the Town of Coeymans, the town board of the Town of Coeymans, the Coeymans Town Attorney, the Coeymans Police Department, Gregory Darlington, P. David Soares on charges of federal and state criminal obstruction of justice, state criminal official misconduct charges, and civil charges violation of protected rights, and personal injury (tort).

If you don’t have your own computer or don’t know how to send an e – mail, visit the RCS Community Library on Main Street in Ravena or any community library and ask one of the library employees to help you. Use your community library; it’s good for you and it’s good for the library!

Time for Real Justice Bring Them to Justice The Editor

Time for Real Justice
Bring Them to Justice
The Editor
Ego sum qui sum…


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 Albany District Attorney P. David Soares Got Another Faceful of Rotten Egg Today When a Town of Bethlehem Judge Dismissed All Charges Against Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District Board of Ed President

Mr John M. Vadney


All Charges were Dismissed for Lack of Evidence as there was “No Truth to the Charges.” Not Only Does Mr John Vadney Deserve this Commuity’s Hearfelt Congratulations for Having Stood His Ground Like a True Hero and Holding Out Against the Forces of Evil in His Community, He Should Demand a Public Apology for the Harassment He Received at the Hands of  Arch-Corrupt Albany County District Attorney P.[udenda] David Soares, the Albany Times Union a.k.a. Albany Times Useless, the Local Rags (the Official Newspaper of the Coeymanazis, the Ravena News Herald) and News Channels 6, 10, and 13!

rat-poisonFurthermore, Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares Should Be Drummed of Public Office and Barred from Practicing Law in New York State or Anywhere Else for the Outrageous Travesty of Justice and the Shameful Waste of Public Money in His Relentless and Malicious Attempt at Prosecuting an Innocent Man. If Soares and his lackeys had a set of rat’s balls among them they would have been honest and ethical in view of the total lack of facts and the circumstances and refused to get involved. But NO! Faithful to their Albany Democrat Politics they had to join in the Coeymanazi retaliation. In other words, Albany DA obviously was involved in the Coeymanazi conspiracy!


Soares Sucks

fat bastard traceyThe case has been dragging on and on since May 2012, when Mr Joseph “Joe” Tracey, father of sociopath Josephine ‘Tracey-O’Connor, famed former RCS board of education clown and wannabe teacher, filed trumped up charges against Mr Vadney, alleging Mr Vadney called him names. The more than 200 pound lump of wuss-flesh was allegedly part of a conspiracy to embarass Mr Vadney and a feeble-minded attempt to force him to resign from his position as board president. The idiotic circus program was hatched by the Coeymanazis nesting in the Coeymans Police Department and in the RCS high-school where New York State United Teachers local rep, Matthew “Matt-the-Mutt” Miller, is the inside man for the teachers clique on the RCS board of education.

The so-called teachers clique made up of Alice Whalen, Howard “Bray” Engel, James “Jimmy” Latter, and Edward “Teddy” Reville, at the time of the fraudulent charges also included whacko-woman Josephine O’Connor and Tracey Traver, both of the teachers clique. The clique was actively supported by the likes of Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca and his bottle-blond partner, Cathy Deluca, and a ragtag bunch of psycho victims who were capable of just about anything, judging by the likes of Joe Tracey and his daughter Josephine Tracey-O’Connor.

It seems that after the 2012 budget vote was passed under suspicious circumstances under the guidance of Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca and his mob of Coeymanazis, and with the backing of the NYSUT nuggie Matt-the-Mutt Miller, the Coeymanazis and the teachers union’s  only way to deliver on their empty promises was to control the board of education.

Congratulations Mr Vadney & Supporters!

Congratulations Mr Vadney & Supporters!

But Mr Vadney’s group was voted in and took the majority, grabbing the prize and the board out of the teachers and Coeymanazi’s greedy kleptomaniac hands. Mr Vadney was confirmed as president of the board and Mr Michael Robbins was elected to be vice-president.

Readers will recall that we covered the events extensively on this blog and you can search the blog to read all of the real facts.

Readers will also recall how the teachers clique and the Coeymanazis made every attempt to oust Mr Rodney Krzykowski and to defame Mr Jeff Lukens. Neither conspiracy worked.

Judge Judy:WTF!?!

Judge Judy:
She can’t believe what goes on in RCS!

Mr Joe Tracey was allegedly put up to first harass and to threaten the board president’s family when Tracey, gutless coward that he is, appeared at the offices of the family business and verbally abused Mr Vadney’s sister. Of course, there were witnesses, but when Ms Vadney attempted to file a complaint with the Coeymans Police, Kerry Thompson refused to take the complaint. A female police officer who asked not to be identified later informed Ms Vadney that what Thompson had done was wrong and that she, the officer, would make sure it got into the file. (You’ll also recall how we broke the story about Coeymans police chief Gregory Darlington’s hiring of Thompson to be his personal assistant at mre than $31/h!) Coeymanazis take care of their own!

So there is evidence that the Coeymans Police Department was involved in the conspiracy not only with Thompson’s refusal to take the complaint against Tracey but also the fact that Gerald “Dirty-Hands-Jerry” Deluca is a close friend of Josephine Tracey-O’Connor, the one who claimed that Mr Vadney called her “fat” (well, actually, she’s not what you would really call petite).  Witnesses to the entire scene testify that no such thing ever happened. It was a bare face lie.

So, dear readers, Truth and Justice won in the end, and that doesn’t happen often in this RCS community or in Albany County so we are all witnesses to a truly historic moment.


It’s Time to Change Back
To What We Once Had
The Editor

The case against Mr Vadney is DISMISSED and Joe Tracey gets 6 MONTHS PROBATION!

The Court has done the right thing in terms of Justice; now let’s see if the local media has the guts to do the right thing and publish the truth! 


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Coeymans not Reubenville, Just Ridiculous!

Late–as–Usual the Ravena News Herald’s Bryan Rowzee Manages to Continue the Now Habitual Media Pastime: Make Coeymans Ridiculous!

Coeymans Sold for a Sandwich

Coeymans Sold for a Sandwich

In a first–page top very late report on the town of Coeymans’ most recent success at making itself the clown of local municipalities by passing a resolution renaming the town to Reubenville. Coeyman’s most recently became an Arby’s whore for 5000 coupons allegedly redeemable for the new Arby’s menu item, the Reuben sandwich, more than 600 calories of non-nutrition (see our report Coeymans: Can It Get Any Worse Than This? (March 19, 2013)). Well it can get worse, as we read in Rowzee’s article, which is not news, but an encore performance of our earlier (by more than a week, 10 days, in fact) report.

Coeymans puts the "C" in Cheap as in Sell Out Cheap!Coeymans Town Board Sells Out for A Sandwich. Now that's Cheap!

Coeymans puts the “C” in Cheap as in Sell Out Cheap!
Coeymans Town Board Sells Out for A Sandwich. Now that’s Cheap!

Rowzee announces that Reubenville residents can pick up coupons for their artery stopper fat ball sandwich at the “Coeymans” town hall…where’s that? Didn’t he just say the place is now Reubenville? As usual, total confusion in Coeymans compounded by misinformation in the Ravena News Herald à la Bryan Lousy…or is it Rowzee?

In the News Herald item, Lousy or Rowzee, whatever his name is reports that residents must bring proof of residency in the town of Coeymans…Reubenville or, in lieu of proof of residency, certification of complete stupidity to receive a coupon from the hands of one of the bozo clowns at Coeymans or Reubenville town hall on April 6.

But Mr Lousy Rowzee fails to ask the burning question: So we’d like to ask the town of Coeymans directly: With only 5000 Arby’s coupons to go around and more than 7,300 residents in the town of Coeymans, how is the town board going to ensure equitable and fair distribution to all residents? First–come–first–serve is hardly a solution. After all, the entire town of Coeymans was affected by the name change and the town of Coeymans board acted on behalf of the entire town of Coeymans by making the name–change proclamation. It stands to reason that the entire town of Coeymans, that is, all residents should benefit without conditions attached. Right?

As I mentioned in my previous article, perhaps supervisor Stephen Flach, being a preacher and all that, could do the loaves and fishes trick with Mr Peter Masti’s venerable assistance. After all, supervisor Flach is a graduate of the obscure Zion Bible College and should have the scriptural knowledge to get the job done. Nah! That’s not likely to work. Better find another way, Steve, Peter.

Coeymans Board Members Pose for Group Photo

Coeymans Board Members Pose for Group Photo

Question: Will the CEO of Arby’s be there to witness this historic event or will Reubenville town supervisor Stevey the Clown Flach or Bozo “Tommy Boom-Boom” Boehm be handing the coupons out to the salivating porkers that will degrade themselves by showing up to collect their porky prizes? Have your cameras ready…and make sure you have the wide-angle lens or setting ready. Something tells me you’re going to have to catch some double wide shots on April 6.


Why are there condoms over their heads?

Dork-reporter Rowzee even gives Arby’s on Wolf Road, Colonie, three (THREE!) paragraphs full of plug for Arby’s and quotes the manager, Michael Pitt, as being “excited” to welcome Rebenville stupids next month…on Wolf Road, in the town of Colonie, 30 minutes north of the Reubenville town hall, that’s 22 miles one way (44 miles round-trip), and $3.88 in gas (one–way; based on 22 m.p.g.; round–trip cost: $7.76)  just to pick up your “free” gift  (. And that’s not counting the time, travel, and gas you’ll need to get the coupon in the first place!  Now that’s really exciting, simpletons of Reubenville!

Question: Did Reubenville town supervisor Stephen Flach or board member Thomas Boehm, Thomas Dolan, Dawn Rogers, or Peter Masti ask Arby’s manager Micheal Pitt when he was going to come to Reubenville to choose a location for an Arby’s? Or do Reubenville residents have to spend at least $7.76 + the price of the sandwich to drive to the town of Colonie every time they get a hankering for an Arby’s Reuben? That’s an example of  Steven Flach’s, Thomas Boehm’s, Thomas Dolan’s, Dawn Rogers’ and Peter Masti’s idea of cost-effectiveness in government!

Another question: Did the town board of Colonie, the town in which the Wolf Road Arby’s is located, also offer to rename Colonie, Reubenville?  Or did they have the dignity to opt out of the childishness.

Bryan “Bozo” Rowzee reports that the town board member Thomas Boehm “discovered that Arby’s was offering 5,000 coupons to the first city to issue an official proclamation,’ and that the then town of Coeymans (now Reubenville) board, “in a timely move” (how impressive! how strategic!), “issued the proclamation.”

Duh, yup!We're on the map!

Duh, yup!
We’re on the map!

Coeymans town Supervisor Stephen Flach said he was pleased that Coeymans, Reubenville, had won the contest, and Flach applauded Boehm’s initiative and good humor.” “Applauded?” Flach should have pressed criminal charges for misuse of public office! Abuse of public trust!Applauded” the dumbass’s “initiative and good humor?” Airheaded fool! Flach and Boehm and the rest of the Coeymans Clowns made a proclamation on February 5, 2013, that the world is right: Coeymans is the Clown Community.

Thomas Dolan

Thomas Dolan

That other idiot Tom Dolan called “the Reubenville Challenge a fun way to put the town on the map.” Mr Dolan has many fun ways of doing that, as we’ve seen in the past. Yes, Tommy, that sure put Coeymans on the map. Duh, yup! Yeah, Tom Dolan even promised to put an original song on Facebook celebrating the “victory.” “Victory?” Is that what we now call it when elected officials  make total asses out of their entire community? Victory takes on a whole new meaning now. Really cheap victory.

Oddly enough, shady-shadowy town board member Tom Dolan calls the “Reuben Challenge” a “fun way” to put Coeymmans on the map. Isn’t it ominous that Dolan’s band is called “Shadowland“? Is that the map where we’ll find Coeymans/Reubenville after this “victory” Mr Dolan? A bit late, Mr Dolan, the Coeymans/Reubenville town board and the Ravena village council, under mayor John T. Bruno and his band of pinheads, Bill Bailey, Martin Case, Rocco Persico, and Nancy Warner, have already made this a Shadowland. Look around, Mr Dolan, this is Shadowland.

This IS Shadowland!

This IS Shadowland!

My advice when you get the munchies: Save yourself the trip and spend your $8-10 at a local shop or diner; that’s what it would cost you to redeem an Arby’s coupon on Wolf Road, Colonie.

Coeymans/Reubenville town board and Supervisor Stephen Flach: Rather than waste residents’ time passing out silly coupons and wasting their money sending them to Wolf Road in Colonie to spend their money, why not just donate the coupons to a food pantry or to a homeless shelter! Wouldn’t that be a nobler, more charitable, more positive gesture that would get Coeymans at least some positive press despite the stupidity of its leaders?

If you agree, dear readers, e-mail Supervisor Stephen Flach or the Coeymans/Reubenville town bard and tell them what you think! Here are their contact e-mails:

Coeymans/Reubenville Town Supervisor
Stephen D. Flach

Coeymans/Reubenville Town Council
Thomas A. Boehm
Thomas E. Dolan
Peter E. Masti
Dawn Rogers

Before I sign off to do better things today, I would be remiss if I were not to give due recognition to a community-spirited individual, Dallas Trombley, who managed to get a very articulate and honest letter to the editor published in the March 28, 2012,  Ravena News Herald. Of course, Bryan “Lousy” Rowzee got the top of page 1 with his rubbish and Mr Trombley got hidden away on page 16, just before the public notices. (For those readers who do not have access to the Ravena News Herald, I am providing a scan of the letter to the editor at: Dallas Trombly on Reubenville. Now it’s out for the world to read.)

Mr Trombley starts out appropriately with : “I hate Reubenville.” So do most people in Coeymans who are endowed with half a brain (obviously that does exclude Mr Stephen Flach, Mr Thomas Boehm, Mr Thomas Dolan, Mr Peter Masti, and Ms Dawn Rogers).

We have no Main Street Plan
but we do have

Mr Trombley writes that he designed a “Main Street Plan” to stimulate activity to make Coeymans more attractive to homeowners and businesses. His plan makes a great deal of sense and does not include the Reuben Challenge, which Mr Trombley calls the “Reubenville farce,”  and points out that the “Town has named itself after a cheap product” and sold itself out for “coupons.” Mr Trombley accurately writes that “It is hard to imagine something more degrading.” We agree, Mr Trombley. Well written!

Mr Trombley very pointedly cites the many instances where, instead of adopting healthy alternatives and attractive options, Coeymans, Ravena, New Baltimore tend to opt to become the regions dump or court jester. Mr Trombley cites the plans for cement plants (with their toxic emissions), garbage dumps. He cites the many reports in local media about unhealthy conditions, criminality, villages (Ravena) evicting community libraries.

Very accurately, Mr Trombley notes that all of the negative press and the resulting negative image has real and lasting effects on the community: drop in population (Coeymans has lost 10% of its population, according to the last census!), property values drop, people are unwilling to move to the area, businesses avoid the area. Trombley gives the examples of Athens, Bethlehem,  and Coxsackie and how they’ve experienced an economic boom in recent years.

Property values are affected by perception of the community by outsiders, when population drops so do opportunities for businesses, when businesses fail, the tax burden shifts to those who are left.

I’ll close with a quote from Mr Trombley’s letter:

“I’m saying that it is in your economic interest to avoid negative perceptions of this town. For everyone else, who for reasons not just economic, but perhaps nostalgic-or perhaps because you’d like to. have more things to do around here, or because you would like your kids. to stick around – you,too,should be angry that our elected officials do nothing to improve this community,but name the town after a sandwich.”

I agree! (You can read the full text of Mr Trombley’s letter to the editor by clicking this link: Dallas Trombly on Reubenville)

[Mr Trombley, please send us your Main Street Plan to RCS Confidential.]

Continue like you are doing now....This is Your Future

Continue like you are doing now….
This is Your Future
The Editor

From the Editor: Our Next Article Will Discuss Suggestions for Economic Development and Accountable Business Practices in Local Government. Stay Tuned!


Albany Times Union Publishes Sequel to Our Articles!

We’ve Said It So Many Times Before! And It’s Still True As It Ever Was!

Well, Maybe Not New News...Just Old News.

Well, Maybe Not New News…Just Old News.

 We Scoop the Albany Times Union (owned by the Hearst Corportation) and Local Comatose Rags by Publishing Solid Facts Way Before the Times Useless and the Hudson Catskill Newspapers (a division of Johnson Newspapers Corp.)

The Albany Times Union’s Fred Lebron Follows Our Lead And Writes on Public Corruption and Schools! But it’s the Times Useless’ undisguised usual finger-pointing, doom-and-gloom, anxiety- and fear-mongering. Factoids. Why do they even bother?

You're Burning Down Your Own Houses.

You’re Burning Down Your Own Houses.

In our recent articles on this blog we pointed out the major obstacles to making life livable in this community and in the bigger picture.  This blog actually started back in May 2012, when we had to come out and draw the public’s attention to the corruption that was going on in the schools, especially what was going on in the RCS central school district budget voting and the deception that was created by the RCS CSD teachers association, its president, double-dipping, bully-mongering, loose-lipped teacher Matt “the Mutt” Miller, the idiot interim superintendent Elizabeth “Betsy” Smith, a teachers union lackey, and the teachers clique on the RCS CSD board of education, Alice Whalen, Howard “Bray” Engel, James Latter,  former member Josephine Tracey-O’Connor of “He Called Me Fat” fame, and former member Tracey Traver, together with the Coeymanazi mob under the direction of Gerald “Dirty Hands Jerry” Deluca, assisted by his partner, Cathy Deluca, and their minions.

Dumb-as-Dirt David Soares

Dumb-as-Dirt David Soares

And we’ve courageously gone after that scandal-looking-for-a-place-to-happen,  P[udenda] David Soares, the renegade Albany County District Attorney, the disgrace of a chief county law enforcement officer, Soares, when he’s not getting a reprimand by federal judges, or hes not dipping his pen[is] into company ink[wells], he’s getting his inkwells special appointments, or simply maliciously prosecuting local residents. Pundenda-obsessed Dave is merely a tool of the machine; he’s to stupid for anything else and too corrupt and immoral (read: amoral) for any other place. A graduate of the boys’ club called Albany Law School, he’s ethnic, and a West African immigrant, he’s in like flint as the “token” in the in-appearance-only ultra-liberal Albany political machine (when it comes to pandering for votes) as long as he kisses his handler’s mechanically conservative asses (the spirit of Erastus Corning delights). Soares has no self-esteem and no morals so he’ll do just about anything…or anyone. He’s gotten his share of space on this blog, too.

We followed the harassment and conspiracy that was hatched to malign board of education members by the Coeymanazis, no doubt with the assistance of the teachers association and the backing of the New York State United Teachers union, NYSUT.

Gerald "Dirty-Hands Jerry" Delucaa.k.a. Bobo Cop

Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca
a.k.a. Bobo Cop

As residents and citizens started to see the light and the writing on the wall, we moved on to uncovering corruption and the crooks in the RCS communities, most conspicuously the village of Ravena and the town of Coeymans, especially the Coeymans Police Department. There was plenty of scandal to go a long way, and it kept us busy for a year reporting on the truth while the Albany Times Union and its junk journalists concentrated on partisan (read Coeymanazi) low-life scandal reporting, obviously fed rubbish by the local Coeymanazis and their keepers in Albany.

His Honor, the Mayor.John Bruno is Mayor of Ravena, NY.

His Honor, the Mayor.
John Bruno is Mayor of Ravena, NY.

And then there’s Ravena. What would Ravena be without a nest of corruption housed in the village hall. What would Ravena be without a senile ill-tempered godfather in Depend®, mayor John Bruno,  presiding over his court of blathering inbred Bruno, Persico, Biscone, Albano dwarves, the Delucas and the Warrens cowing and bowing to get their carrion-toxic talons into anything of value. We covered their latest larceny: the Bruno-Deluca-Warren Memorial Fitness Center and their feeble and misguided attempts to oust the RCS Community Library so that Cathy Deluca and Nancy Warren could prance and pose in their “own” fitness club–or is it a dairy farm–they “purchased” with Ravena taxpayer money to the tune of $40 grand!

eat-more-brainsYes! We were then and continue to be the bastions of Truth in this community while the Albany Times Union (a.k.a. Times Useless), the Ravena News Herald, and other local rags, including the local television sharks on  News Channel 10, News Channel 6, and News Channel 13 continued their tabloid journalism licking at the stale blood drawn by the Coeymanazi ambushes, and writing award-winning pornographic fiction based (almost) on slightly true facts creatively altered and embellished, but a final version of “facts” a.k.a. factoids. When they weren’t doing the Coeymanazi’s dirty work in print, they were days, even weeks late on the so-called stone-dead-cold “stories”, and stories they were, most of the time following on the heels of articles already posted on this blog. And you pay for the stale pulp fiction reported in that mass of advertising called  the Albany Times Union or that major collection of public notices called the Ravena News Herald. I just don’t get it.

Those of you who have been regular readers and who have signed up for e-mail notification of new articles and comments (You can follow this blog by clicking on FOLLOW ME in the upper right margin and entering your e-mail.)  Are very well-informed about the goings-on beneath the surface on the board of education, in the schools, and in the village and town boards.

More recently we published our observations about the Coeymans town board’s outrageous decision to award MidHudson Cablevision a 15-year exclusive contract for cable and Internet services (read Ravena-Coeymans: The Land of Goofy!) and followed that article with a sequel and update on that shameful betrayal by the Coeymans town board of residents in the town of Coeymans (read Sequel to “Land of Goofy”).

We drew attention to the fanatical and villainous presentation by John Anthony in the recent presentation that totally distorted the doctrine of “sustainable development,” striking fear and anxiety in an already paranoid local population. We tore that stupid propaganda a part in our article, Need More Unconstructive Anxiety?, and cast shame and disgrace on the organizers for having imposed such arrogant and misinformation propaganda on local citizens and voters!

Again, in an idiotic article degrading the pages of the already base Ravena News Herald by Bryan Rowzee that centered on local Coeymanazi building inspector Laverne “Larry” Conrad, while misquoting American poet laureate, Robert Frost, and quoting Laverne Conrad.

Thomas E. "Tom" DolanChampion of MidHudson Cablevision Deals

Thomas E. “Tom” Dolan
Champion of MidHudson Cablevision Deals

You may remember Laverne “Larry” Conrad as  part of the comedy duo, “Laverne and Surly“, who appear regularly on the Coeymans Comedy Channel (MidHudson Cablevision’s public access channel 11), featuring cameos by Tarty Tom Dolan, BoboCop Jerry Deluca, DodoCop Gregory Darlington, Bobo and Dodo doing their ” Wild West Keystone Cops” clown act, the Surly Siblings (Stephen Flack, Thomas “Tom” Dolan of MidHudson Cable fame, Peter Masti, Thomas Boehm, Dawn Rogers) as well as the Juggling Justices Gregory Dardiani and Harold “Hal” Warren who dress up as judges and make a mockery of the law (assisted by evil shyster clowns Gregory Teresi and Michael J. Biscone).

Well, in that News Herald article, Rowzee quotes Frost incorrectly and makes the mistake of quoting Laverne “Larry” Conrad. Read our article at Coeymanazi Building Inspector Conrad and you’ll get a good laugh…or a good cry.

Our article on the reverse Robin Hood shell game being played by Washington with taxpayer money focused on the reality of the misuse of the American taxpayer and how the feds take the food from your mouths to pay for the foor placed in the mouths of dictators and revolutionaries (covertely, of course) private jets of foreign government officials.
Waxing Whimsical: Why the US and You Have no $$$ ! tells the true story of why our communities, businesses, schools, and communities are in such dire straits.

And now Democrat Sec’ty of State Kerry and King Obama bin Ladin are prepping us to get involved in the Syrian conflict! More taxpayer $$$BILLIONS$$$ hemorrhaging out of the country to support causes of little or no interest to the Coeymans or Selkirk resident–or to anyone with any serious interest in day-to-day survival! When are you going to say STOP! In the meantime, you can continue collecting empty beer cans à la Cathy Deluca to send your kids on school field trips, while she’s posing for mayor Bruno in their “community” fitness center with Nancy Warner–at a cost of more than $40 grand of your tax money, plus their salaries! Disgusting!


Claim your prize. It’s yours!

Now back to the Albany Times Union, Fred Lebrun, and the Sequel to Articles on this blog…

A reader drew our attention to an article that appeared in the Albany Times Union on Sunday, February 24, 2013, and written by Fred Lebrun, a fossil writer for the Albany Times Useless who occasionally pops up with an opinion. The article is entitled: LeBrun: Tax cap denies a ‘sound, basic’ education system and is basically a commentary (now you know how much fact it contains).

We’ll just post a couple of quotes from the article with some short comments, and you can make the rest of the connections and draw your own conclusions.

The governor’s beloved 2 percent tax cap was challenged in a lawsuit filed by the New York State United Teachers union in state Supreme Court in Albany. The suit offers multiple arguments why the tax cap is unconstitutional, asserting that it locks in unequal funding between have- and have-not school districts across the state, ”while pushing many school districts to the brink of educational and financial insolvency,” in the words of NYSUT President Dick Iannuzzi. [my emphasis]nysut

Matthew J. "Matt-the-Mutt" MillerNYSUT Union Rep at RCS

Matthew J. Miller

NYSUT Union Rep at RCS

 Right away, you should see red: our beloved special interest, rape the taxpayer organization, the New York State United Teachers, NYSUT, godparents of our very own teachers union lackey, Matt “the Mutt” Miller, is bringing the suit. Now you know it’s not good news for the taxpayer no matter what Lebrun says. But you must already know what’s coming next: doom, gloom, suspicion, dark days ahead, you’re losing your schools, your children are going to be eaten by aliens, etc. You know, the same-old-same-old whenever NYSUT raises its double-dealing-double-dipping head.

It is irrefutable that the effect of the incomplete tax cap passed in June 2011, while politically popular and a contributor to the governor’s high standing, has been disastrous for school districts and local governments.

Your tax dollars at work.

Your tax dollars at work.

That self-destructive attitude and the greed of the teachers union and its members, the teachers, are what’s killing the districts. Millions are being spent on the mismanaged, wasteful money pits we call schools that are turning out idiots at graduation. Why? Because the majority of parents and taxpayers are indifferent and don’t get involved with how their districts are managed or how their elected officials in Albany and Washington are turning their backs on their communities.

Just read some of the articles on this blog and you’ll know too well why our schools and local governments are turning into liquid waste.

Sadly, we are watching a catastrophe unfold that will deeply affect many of our children at their most vulnerable ages, and which will have consequences for the rest of their lives.

The State Education Department has warned that between 100 and 200 school districts will be insolvent within two years.

Mr "Fred-in-a-Funk" LebrunWrites on Our Schools. DUH!

Mr “Fred-in-a-Funk” Lebrun
Writes on Our Schools.

Lebrun must have been asleep for the last several years! The catastrophe has been unfolding for some time now, Mr Lebrun. We’re right in the epicenter of it. DUH! Yes, Mr Lebrun, we are all aware of that fact but not many of our readers, sadly, have the guts or the balls to open their eyes, tighten their belts, and turn on the lights to see the writing on the wall. Again, read our articles and learn why the schools suck, why the kids are idiots, why the board of education is stymied in getting anything really effective done with the teachers special interests working against them, and why the local communities are drowning in their own raw sewerage with Coeymanazis like the town of Coeymans board, the local Coeymanazi police force, and the Coeymanazis on the street doing everything they can to have it their way or no way. Do you really think that business want to operate in a backwoods, Neanderthal community that is so business-unfriendly, corrupt, or that families want to live like that. Look around you and watch the exodus!

The multi-year highway to insolvency for many of them will be already littered with discarded teachers and administrators, dropped programs and advanced placement courses required for college admission, and cuts, cuts and more cuts impacting the core teaching mission.

Look, this didn’t happen over night, people! And it’s not going to get cured over night, either. What Lebrun is writing is crap, to be very honest. He, like so many others, are doing your bloody thinking for your and framing your life according to their views! YOU NEED TO DO YOUR OWN THINKING. BUT FIRST YOU HAVE TO GET BACK TO REALITY!



Look, you bunch of lemmings: You can’t keep taking without putting back in, people!

  • Do you drive your car without replacing the fuel used? Of course not. You’d be stuck in nowhere in no time!
  • Do you drive your car with a flat tire? Of course not, you’d cause more and more damage to the car the longer you drive! What was a small repair now is a major disaster!
  • Do you keep driving at 55 mph when you enter a 30 mph speed zone, even when warned that speed is checked by radar? Of course you don’t. If you did you’d lose your driving privileges in a very short time and be taking a mortgage to pay your fines and super-fines!So why do you drive the economy by taking away without replacing or not making necessary repairs and adjustments? Why do you damage the environment without repairing the damage you cause?

Why do you keep taking from the cookie jar without replacing the cookies and then complain that there are no more cookies? That’s the simplified state of facts. It all starts with Y-O-U!

Yes, the fast track to damnation will be littered with teachers, programs, administrators, advance placement programs. Why? Because they are not working and are costing an arm and a leg. They are NOT WORKING and are killing what does work: You and Me!

Look teachers are nice but they’re out for themselves. To think differently means you have your head in a fog. What the teachers don’t grab to make their lives easier the teachers union will grab for them. Guess who’s going to foot the bill for the $80-120 thousand plus salaries plus enhancements, plus benefits, plus summers off, and some very hefty pensions (after they move out of the district, like former interim superintendent Elizabeth “Betsy” Smith has done after padding her pension!). You and Me!

You’ve been paying for programs and administrators that have been substandard and that’s not only in this district. Sure they have to go! You’d have to go if you did on your job what they manage to do and stay employed! Abusing students. Indifference to student welfare. Bullying students. Having students bully other students. Just being jerks.

And “advance placement programs?” What a load of purest propagandist rubbish! Why isn’t “advanced” the standard like it is in Germany, Japan, Russia? I’ll give you a little hint: because parents like to delude themselves into thinking that little Johnny or Ginny is something special. WAKE UP! They’re far from special and in comparison to students in other countries they’re far below average! Our colleges are crap, too, because they attempt to educate the average who come to the colleges with below average abilities. Why? Because our colleges are not in the business of education…they’re more in the business of doing research for corporations or are in the real estate business! Our kids get advance placement on the international stupids list!

There are plenty of statistics and studies to document just how poorly the American student is doing in comparison with Europe and Asia. It ain’t pretty. Here are just two: Alliance for Excellent Education-Fact Sheet (March 2008), USA Today: In ranking, U.S. students trail global leaders. It’s downright embarrassing! And to think that with a graduation rate in a mid-70% range at the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk  Central School District  our per student expenditure is more than $21,000, we should be asking some very hard questions, indeed!

Why is that, parents? Don’t blame it all on the self-serving teachers. The teachers want the same thing you do: cars, houses, money, vacations, time off, etc. Blame it on yourselves for your own greed and indifference to the welfare of your offspring! Try parenting instead of getting more stuff. Try socializing your asocial cave creatures. Try teaching them respect (for others and themselves). Try teaching them how to be members of a community. Try teaching them how to love and be loved (and I don’t mean loving their own stuff or someone else’s–translate “stuff” any way you please). Give them a home not a car to live in. They don’t need A.S.A.P. programs or Teen Centers, they need parents. Real moms and dads!  Need I go on or are you finally catching on.

Or what's left of it.

Or what’s left of it.

As for the so-called adults among us: You had a brain at birth but through chronic misuse or unuse it’s gotten a bit screwed up. Maybe you’re reading the Times Union pulp fiction too much, or watching your MidHudson Cable ripoff too long. But you really need to make some corrections in your own lives, in the community, and then you can start on the bigger picture. But first you have to relearn how to use what gray matter might still be left after exposure to the fiction you have been fed by the media, by your leaders, by yourselves.

And the Times Union and the other media can start with themselves or suffer the consequences. The local elected officials who have been screwing you for years have to go. What we need is an ethical print and electronic media system that publishes true facts and less mistake, error and fear. The media and the government is misusing you and misinforming you, controlling you by making you suspicious of others and keeping you anxious and fearful. You actually have control if you’d only take it.

You need to get involved, though. You have to stop leaving it to someone else. That’s not how it works. Or you can stay stuck where you are. It’s your choice.

It's Your Choice.But Only if you want it.The Editor

It’s Your Choice.
But Only if you want it.
The Editor


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