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Terrific Passionate Appeal from Supervisor Crandall

Before you vote, you must experience this short appeal from Coeymans Supervisor Crandall!

A Coeymans Vision

Mr Crandall Says so much in three minutes. More than the Comeback Team has been able to say in months!!!



Comeback Team’s Fake Promises and Misinformation

Smalbany’s Summary of why George McHugh and his Comeback Losers would be really bad news for Coeymans will be posted on Sunday, November 3, 2019. The key to understanding . Stay tuned!

Nearly everyone in Coeymans received the Comeback Team’s misinformation card shown below. We’d like to tell you a little about the so-called Comeback Team’s 5-Point Plan for Coeymans.

But when you actually think about it, the only wannabe “comeback” is George McHugh, who wants to come back and finish killing Coeymans, something he nearly did in 2000-2001, when he last left his stench in Coeymans Town Hall.

Up until about January 2019, George McHugh spoke to Coeymans Town Supervisor Phil Crandall by phone sometimes twice a week. It now appears that McHugh was mining information for his upcoming hoodlum campaign. Once McHugh announced his candidacy, it was a bit difficult to play false-friend — Judas of Coeymans — and chat with Mr Crandall and get the information he wanted but he had Daniel “Dan” Baker, a mole and confederate, on the Town Board, who would be passing information from Town Board discussions to McHugh. Didn’t work very well because we discovered and exposed Baker!

The McHugh Backpedal.

What McHugh could not know while he was hatching his plans was that Smalbany would be interviewing Mr Crandall, and would offer the same opportunity to George McHugh in September 2019, But by that time McHugh was deeply committed to his lies, as were his goons, the Friends of Coeymans. This situation created a humongous problem for McHugh and his puppets, because they could back-peddle but not fast enough to get out of their own way. Then, when Smalbany decided to not only publish the excerpts but the entire transcription of the complete interview, McHugh’s butt was grass and Smalbany was the lawnmower.

Still, McHugh hoped he could garner at least some poor fools who might not have read the Crandall Interview, and who could still be duped. So the Backpedal Team formerly known as the Comeback Team went ahead and mailed their misinformation cards (see above). And now we can shed some light on those lies, too.

We have already published an article on McHugh’s most recent misinformation and delusions that appeared on October 24, 2019, in the News Herald. Here’s the link if you have not yet read that post: News Herald My View: Comeback Team = Space Cadets!

Comeback Team Fake Campaign Claim & Misinformation:
1. Revitalize Coeymans
by reducing regulations and taxes to attract new business and investment.

Hogwash! What this actually means is getting rid of the existing Town laws such regulations and laws as the Article II Prohibition Against Waste Generated Outside Town Law, the Clean Air Law, and any other local laws that would stand in the way of the waste-burning plans of LaFarge, and the storage of contaminated waste by Carver Companies and Billy Biers. It would also override environmental provisions for our natural environment.

As for reducing taxes, Carver Laraway is already paying ridiculously low property taxes on his properties, as are other large businesses in the area. Carver Laraway has received numerous P.I.L.O.T. tax abatements for new business in the Port of Coeymans and Coeymans Industrial Park. By providing corporate welfare and tax reductions for large businesses, and reduced assessments for those businesses, the Town reduces its revenues from them and the tax burden falls on the residential and small property owners of the Town. Supervisor Crandall and his Board have promised a revaluation which will take some of the burden off of Coeymans homeowners and small property owners and make the big businesses carry their fair share. Bad news for McHugh and his crew.

In the Crandall Interview, Mr. Crandall promises a revaluation. His reasoning is that local business have been subsidized by homeowners because of the fact that businesses have not been carrying their fair share of assessments and taxes. Up to now, businesses have been assessed at 85% + receiving various abatements, while homeowners have been assessed at about 90%. Crandall wants to revaluate so that business carries it’s fare share, taking some of the burden off of the homeowner.

Comeback Team Fake Campaign Claim & Misinformation:
2. Redirect Heavy Trucks from Main Street, and expand parks and services to improve quality of life.

Taken almost directly from the Crandall Interview. If you have read the Crandall Interview, you will see throughout that document that the Crandall Board has accomplished many projects and some are being implemented as we write, others are in solid plans awaiting the budget, responses to grant applications, or finalizing grants.

Mr. Crandall has already said he wants to work with LaFarge and with Carver Companies (Coeymans Industrial Park) to find a way to re-route traffic away from the Village and the Hamlet, and through the industrial areas, where it should be.

Up until recently (about mid-2018), McHugh was in contact with Mr. Crandall a couple of times a week. We have not asked what they talked about but you can be sure that before McHugh announced his plans to run for Supervisor, he did his very best to get as much out of Crandall as he could. Once he spoiled that communication by announcing his plans to run for Supervisor, he gave marching orders to Daniel Baker, a sitting Town Board member, to be his mole on the Board, and to stymie anything worth stymieing, and report the rest to McHugh.

Working on re-routing traffic off of Main Street Ravena is NOT McHugh’s idea; it’s Phil Crandall’s and the Crandall Board’s (Tom Dolan) idea.

Comeback Team Fake Campaign Claim& Misinformation:
3. Improve Town Operations and Make Town Government Less Expensive
through consolidation, update, comprehensive plan to allow for new investment, and strengthen ethics law.

All foreign words to McHugh and the Comebacks!

Again, some vague indistinct claim to do something that has already been done and is continuing very successfully under Phil Crandall’s leadership and the work of the Crandall Town Board.

Again, all this has been done and is continuing under Phil Crandall! Crandall, when during his very first term put his foot down and stopped wanton spending, insisting that the debt be eliminated and the borrowing stop, until the Town was again in the black. He succeeded beyond any expectations and against all odds, given that his measures made enemies both within Town Hall as well as outside. But he did it!

Read the Crandall Interview for the details and how much he saved the Town and is still doing so. The Interview tells it all in detail, so we won’t duplicate it here.

The biggest joke is McHugh’s reference to ethics. Ethics of all things coming from McHugh or anyone on the McHugh A-List is a very bad joke.

Can McHugh even spell the word e*t*h*i*c*s, if it’s not in the caption of a Summons and Complaint served on him to appear to answer for his own ethics violations? McHugh was the defendant in ethics violations when he was serving a counsel to the State Racing and Wagering Commission, when he represented a client before that same board. Conflict of Interest. He was investigation on ethics charges by the New York State Attorney General in that same case. McHugh was investigated by his own Republican Board when he was last Supervisor, that is, in 2000-2001, for having Town land surveyed and including his own properties in that survey, with the Town paying for the surveying of his private property. What about the annexation of his property to Ravena so he could access water and sewerage. And now he wants to strengthen ethics law? He’d be putting himself out of business, and out on the street if he did that.

George McHugh’s lips must char when the word “ethics” passes over them. The man’s entire history is populated with charges of ethics violations and now he has the nerve to propose “strengthening ethics laws?” He must really think Coeymans voters are complete a**holes!

Comeback Team Fake Campaign Claim & Misinformation:
4. Oppose an Unfair Reassessment of Property
that will result in higher taxes.

Up to now, homeowners have taken up the slack for businesses.
Crandall: Everyone has to pay their fair share.
No more free ride for businesses.

Again, read the Crandall Interview. Mr. Crandall explains exactly what the revaluation will do: reduce the burden on homeowners while making businesses pay their fair share. We’re certain McHugh and his clients Carver Laraway, Billy Biers, and Lafarge, and his supporters like the RCS Community Business Association and Aaron Flach are running themselves ragged, in a panic now! What? Businesses pay their fair share of taxes? Not while McHugh’s around!

The only ones who will think the reassessments will be unfair are those who have been getting breaks all along. Ridiculously low assessments on properties (all reported in the Albany Times Union for Carver Laraway and Carver Companies), property tax abatements (for example, a $450,000 reduction in property tax to Aaron Flach for Faith Plaza), P.I.L.O.T. (payment in lieu of taxes) for Carver Laraway and his tenants at the Port and the Industrial Park. And the list goes on.

Read the Crandall Interview! Mr. Crandall raises his hands in desperation. “How much money can one man want? How many tax reductions does he want? How greedy can he be?” (Referring to Carver Laraway) We think we all know the answer to those questions. Whatever Coeymans has left, they want.

McHugh and his puppets are referring to McHugh’s keepers and handlers, his clients, when he mouths the words, “unfair reassessment,” the assessment is unfair only to those, who might have to start paying their fair share.

Comeback Team Campaign Claim& Misinformation:
5. Allow for residents to vote on any new important town laws or the repeal of existing laws.

McHugh and his Comeback Goons don’t “allow” anything. The LAW allows us to decide!


ALLOW?!? They’re going to ALLOW residents to vote? Who in hell do they think they are?!? THEY’RE going to ALLOW us to vote on our laws??? The Law of the Land allows us to vote on our laws in what is called the referendum!!! We don’t need George McHugh or his neonazi goons or his phony Comeback Team to allow us to do anything…except to make sure they don’t get anywhere near Coeymans Town Hall!!! We have provisions in Municipal and Town Law for referendums, and home rule provisions. Voters have the right to repeal or to allow any laws, not the Town Board without the approval of the people!

Well, we all know where this one is going, don’t we? McHugh came out with big guns and LaFarge and Laraway bucks to fight agains the passage of the Clean Air Law. They want to get rid of any obstacle to LaFarge’s or Carver Companies’ plans to “Take Back Coeymans” from residents.

Here’s how it works: McHugh packs the Town Board with his puppets, who are trained to do what they are told. McHugh stands in the background deciding which laws go and which laws come in. Of course, McHugh recuses himself from the deliberation and the voting, but just for appearances.

The new laws and the old laws for deletion are put out for public hearing and comment but guess who is in the middle of the public gallery? Friends of Coeymans, who will make certain no one is opposed. Anyone who even looks like he’s or she’s not one of them will have Jeff LaQuire or another Clown in his or her face with the smartphone. Any private side discussions will have one of the Clowns standing there with his smartphone recording the discussion. It’s happening already and you think it’s going to get better if McHugh’s running the show?’Better think again.

Now, the law come up for a vote, a referendum if the public is to vote on it. Who do you think will show up to vote?

And when there’s a public outcry when the results are announced in, Guess where? the Ravena News Herald, of course, McHugh and his puppets will smugly point out that “You had your chance to come to public hearing, to make public comment. Where were you?” and the Friends of Coeymans will be touching up their Clown makeup, smirking, “How’d we do, Daddy McHugh?

You don’t have to have the gift of prophesy to read the writing on the wall.

Once again, we have to emphasize that the Crandall Interview explains all of this and debunks everything McHugh has to say. The Crandall Interview is a must-read before you vote!

In addition, here are the links to the Smalbany investigative articles on McHugh and other related subjects. If you haven’t read them, please read them. Most of his corrupt and crooked operations have been reported in the media, and are out there for all to read on sources like the Times Union and other news media. We provide the links to those articles just to show that we are not investigating and reporting false facts. That’s not how Smalbany operates.


Read the Excerpts from Segments 1, 2, and 3 of the Crandall Interview:
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Plus the Featured Resident Comment:
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George McHugh: His campaign is up in flames.




Crandall Interview: Segment 3 (Final Installment)

Editor’s Follow-up

Carver Laraway is the incarnation of greed. He gets it all and wants more and more. Mr Crandall is right: Enough is enough!

In 2015, his business received $2 million as part of the New York State Regional Economic Development Council award to support a commercial rail line.

In March 2019, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) officials ordered Laraway to stop using potentially tainted construction and demolition debris to shore up and expand the sprawling facility. Carver Laraway agreed to a $10,000 fine from the state DEC for taking in thousands of tons of so-called C&D (construction and demolition) debris last fall, even after DEC had warned the company in writing to stop.

According to Albany County real estate records, a Laraway-affiliated company — Coeymans Recycling Center LLC — bought two parcels of land earlier this decade that are being used in the expansion. The first 26-acre parcel sold for $75,000 in 2013, while the second, a 40-acre parcel, sold in April 2018 for $50,000. While the land was zoned for residential use, the Village of Ravena changed it to an industrial zone (thanks to  Village  mayor “Mouse” Misuraca (R)) last summer at Laraway’s request. The land is currently assessed at $92,000, or $33,000 less than its sale price.

And you’re whining for more, Laraway? Take a walk!!!

Segment 3 of the Crandall Interview covers Questions 20 to 25 of the Crandall Interview Questions.

We at Smalbany think differently from the McHugh camp: we believe in openness, ethics, and responsibility. That’s why we put the time and energy into this interview series. We want our readers to know the truth. So let’s get started on Segment 3 of the Crandall Interview. The complete text of Segment 3 of the Crandall Interview is available for viewing Crandall Interview-Segment 3.

Smalbany:- In a recent op-ed/letter to the editor, in the News Herald of August 1, 2019, Mr. McHugh mentions that the present Town administration may have lost 800 jobs connected with the wind projects; yet in a July 25, 2019, article in the News Herald, you greet the project as “good news,” while stating that the Port of Coeymans will be undergoing upgrades for the project. Is the project a GO! or not?

Phil Crandall: The Wind Project is a GO!

Mr. Crandall:-    As far as I know, it’s a GO! What I found out about it is that those jobs are going to be spread out between the Port of Albany, Port of Coeymans, and a few other stops along the way down to New York City. All of those jobs are not going to be coming in to the Port of Coeymans. They don’t know how many jobs are going to be coming but those jobs will be spread out. Will they come? As far as I know there will be jobs there, and they will be assembling these windmills there; they will build a warehouse and they will be assembling them there.

Smalbany:-  McHugh claims that Coeymans has lost 800 jobs.

Mr. Crandall:-    I don’t know how he knows that. Is he a soothsayer or something? Does he have a crystal ball? I don’t know how he could possibly say that as a fact.

Smalbany:- Just as an aside here, I’ve contacted Ms Sarah [read: Sylvia] Lawler, the chair of the Coeymans Conservation Advisory Board chair, and the entire board, asking if they would comment on some of these issues. They both declined. They know that they’re going to be fresh meat if these guys get in, because they’re going to be one of the first things, after the Clean Air Law, that are going to be dismissed.

Mr. Crandall:-    The Friends of Coeymans have used such thuggery, and they’re a front for George McHugh; he’s using them. But they’re such thugs and bullies that they’ve got people scared in this town. And many members of the Conservation Committee have talked about resigning, and I’ve had had to talk to them, “Don’t do that.” After the elections are over, this will all go away. But it’s just wrong the way that they’re bullying people.

Yes. At the first meeting where they appeared, and Mr. LaQuire started to get out-of-line, I stopped it right away. It was probably the first time you heard me yell at a meeting, right? I let him have it. I told him that I was running the Town Board Meeting and, if he was going to act that way, “I am going to have the police officer escort you out.” And he sat down. And then we had a police presence at a couple of more meetings after that, and then we thought we didn’t need it, and so we discontinued it. But I had to set him straight, or else…he’s a bully.”

Smalbany:- Mr. Aaron Flach addressed the Board recently about allocating money for grants to benefit economic development and business development in Coeymans. To what extent can the Town legally allocate funds to benefit Mr. Flach’s projects or organization? What exactly is Mr. Flach asking for?

Mr. Crandall:-    I don’t know if we can. I don’t know. I don’t know the answer to that. He’s asking for the Town and the Village to hire, jointly, an economic developer, and pay his salary, to hire him or her as an economic developer, who will search out grants and write them, and do the things that an economic developer would do. Develop a plan for businesses in Town.

Smalbany:- Is that something the Town should be doing?

Mr. Crandall:-    To me, that’s something…a government shouldn’t be making jobs. A government shouldn’t be paying for stuff like that… Don’t give anyone down on their luck anything to feed their family but give the corporations and the businesses in Town all the corporate welfare they want. I’m not for that.

Mr. Dolan: Just to be clear: He was asking for two different things. One, he was asking for an economic developer, and the last time he was at the Board, he said he was there, that he had talked to some grant writers and often a match is required (75-25), and asked if we would be open to that.

Mr. Crandall:-    A grant match is something I would be open to. But as far as putting taxpayer money into a full-time salary for the businesses, I don’t think I would be for that.

I’m going to insert a factoid in here. Back when Steve Flach (R)– he’s his [Aaron Flach’s] first cousin – back when he was Town Supervisor, Laura vanValkenberg in the first year was our Town Assessor. Well, they pressured her so – and she was sick at the time – and she was pressured by the Town Board at the time, mainly by Flach, to give Aaron a reduction in his assessment over there. And for the next year, it was either 2014 or 2015, he was given a $450,000 cut in his assessment for Faith Plaza. And you can check that out; that’s on the record. You can call Dawn DeRose, and check that out.

Smalbany:- It’s kind of interesting how our Christians are so Christian.

Mr. Crandall:-    Yeah. So he’s given a $450,000 cut in his assessment, why couldn’t he use that money or a part of it to hire a developer? That’s what kills me about these guys. They never have enough. And he never earned his money. John…I know his father John. John gave them all the seed money to start everything they have. So I don’t want to hear that they are self-made people, because none of them really are. The old man is. John is. I’ve been around a while. I know a few people.

Smalbany:- You have been criticized for not having updated the Comprehensive Master Plan for the Town. How do you respond to that statement?

Mr. Crandall:-    Well. What I’ve done for the Town is that I’ve looked at this Master Plan, the Comprehensive Plan, and we’re doing what we can. We have paved more roads, we have laid more infrastructure for pipe for the main water line, for the sewer line, and the storm sewer line. We’ve put more upgrades in the sewer plant than any Town Board in the last 100 years in this Town. We have…really, and I hate to brag, but we have done a lot to help with the infrastructure in this Town, and following the Comprehensive Plan, we’ve been doing that, we have been working on our parks; we have plans to put bathrooms into the parks. We have ideas on how to help this Town. So, YES, we have been following the Comprehensive Plan.

“What do they really mean by “updating” it? If they mean by “updating” it making it more business friendly so they can rape the taxpayers, well, NO! I’m not for that…I’m not against the businessman but I’m not going to be for the business man and not for the taxpayer. There has to be a balance here. Everyone has to pay their fair share.”

“Now one thing we have done for the comprehensive plan is to ensure a fair tax plan by having a re-evaluation done.”

Smalbany:- The same question applies to the Town’s Zoning Ordinance. I think that was one of the criticisms that it wasn’t updated. Is this a real issue and what is your response?

Mr. Dolan:- Yeah. And you probably remember the last time. That when everything North of the bridge here, going out of Town, was zoned industrial. With all the people that lived in North Coeymans, and that was challenged in court, and that was thrown out by a state Supreme Court judge, who said that the Town Board did not take a hard look at the fact report. The judge said that performing an adequate SEQR is no small part of changing the law. Now, after that happened the Town did a re-zone for the nine properties associated with Carver [Carver Laraway], so they re-zoned. And so they decided there goes the big mess of doing a town-wide rezoning project, so they did just the rezoning of the properties for Mr. Laraway.

Smalbany:- Another red herring, in other words.

Mr. Crandall:-    It was like this guy [Carver Laraway] comes into town – and I don’t begrudge him his business; he’s trying to make the port good and bring jobs into town – but all of a sudden he wants to be king! He wants total control of the Town. And it’s very obvious that he does want it because his main man, George McHugh, is his ex-chief counsel [read: lawyer] is running for Supervisor with plenty of connections to Carver Laraway. His first wife married him [Laraway]; his son is running the show in Charlotte. Hey, what the hell! We can get all the family in here. Then you have Zach Collins, Little Boy Blue, who’s never really done anything in his life, and another guy with a silver spoon in his mouth from his grandfather, Ziggy Collins, starting the businesses out there. He (Zach Collins) doesn’t even own property in the Town. They don’t even pay property taxes, and now he wants to run for office and has all this experience. But he doesn’t. He doesn’t. He’s got the name “Collins” and he’s hoping to capitalize on that, because as we all know, it’s a popularity contest.

And then you have of course Albert Collins in the Port of Coeymans. You have Albert Collins down there kissing butt all the time; he does business with him with gravel, and salt, and he’s with is dumpsters down there all the time. He uses those with Carver [Laraway]; he does a lot of business

And now Brandon Lefevre, he might be a nice kid, but I don’t really know him. But I do know this: He’s lived in Albany up to about a year ago, and now he’s back home, living in his father’s basement, and he’s running for office. His father works for Carver Laraway. So, the Carver connection is there. Nobody can tell me Carver Laraway’s not trying to take over the Town, because he is.

“C’mon. It’s getting to the point where it’s absolutely ridiculous: One lie after another. If they could prove it. Hard facts. Show me your documentation and prove it.”

Smalbany:- That’s why we’re sitting here now. That’s why Mr. McHugh, after three requests, didn’t have the courtesy to respond, let alone subject himself to answering the hard questions.

Mr. Crandall:-    All three of us on the Democratic side agreed to a debate. On the first date, they changed the debate because George McHugh didn’t like it. The second date they gave him, he agreed, and all Republicans agreed. So, everyone was agreeing, and all of a sudden, because of the “empty chair rule,” we’re [McHugh and his people] withdrawing, we’re pulling out?[1] The “empty chair rule” was there when you agreed to debate, you knew it was there. He really didn’t want a debate; he was hoping that I wouldn’t agree to a debate. But I did. I did agree, because there was a lot of things I wanted to bring out. There’s a lot of stuff here.

Another thing I wanted to bring out was his federal judgeship.[2] I wanted to ask him about that. Now I was a town judge. It’s on my résumé, it’s on everything I pass out. A former town judge, and you know how many people ask me about it? One. One person asked me about it out in the Hollow: “What happened?” And I told him. I told him what happened.

Mr. Crandall:-    That’s OK. He was a federal judge. What happened to that judgeship?!? Why isn’t he claiming that on his résumé?[3] Listen. He had a judgeship.

Smalbany:- I know that but he’d never be able to practice law while he was doing that, he’d never be able to take private clients, he would be losing gazillions.

Mr. Crandall:-    I understand that. But why doesn’t he list it on his résumé?

Smalbany:- Yes. Why doesn’t he? That’s a question we’d ask. And what’s his motivation in giving that up? What was in it for you?

Community Observer’s Comment:-   [Addressing question to Mr. Crandall] Better question: What are you making right now?

Mr. Crandall:-    $35,000.

Community Observer’s Comment:-   So why would you go from $175K to $35K?

Mr. Crandall:-    It’s obvious: there’s big money to be made for LaFarge and for Carver Laraway. Huge money. Were talking huge.

Community Observer’s Comment:-   I’m asking as a naïve voter.

Mr. Crandall:-    Even so. Why isn’t there even anything said about this? And why …

Smalbany:- But he hasn’t answered any of the questions, so I have to go with what I’ve got. He’s been given three chances to sit down and clarify them. He has answered nothing.

“One more question: Regarding Mr. Daniel D. Baker’s attendance at the Boat House meeting with McHugh and Collins: Is he trustworthy on the board or is he a confederate of the McHugh group and the Friends of Coeymans mob? Is he passing information to them? That was on May 2, with [name redacted] and her husband [name redacted]. McHugh brought Collins, who was acting as hand-puppet for McHugh, and Daniel Baker showed up at that same meeting, and he refused to stay if the meeting were recorded, because, in his words, according to the [name redacted], he “had too much at stake.””

Mr. Crandall:-    Baker said that? Hmmm.

Smalbany:- Apparently you didn’t know about the meeting.

Mr. Crandall:-    No I did not.

Smalbany:- My question is: Given that information, is he trustworthy on the board, or is Baker a confederate of the McHugh group and the Friends of Coeymans mob, and is it possible that he’s [Baker] passing on information about what’s going on on the Town Board?

Mr. Crandall:–    Up until January, I’ll say, of this year, Dan Baker was, I thought he was a team player. He didn’t do a lot but he didn’t hinder me in all the progressive things we wanted to do, and he voted for everything. We always had a 5-0 vote on everything. Starting in January 2019 something changed; all I can think is that McHugh gave him his marching orders: “I’m running. Here’s what you’re going to do: You’re going to cause chaos, you’re going to cause questions, you’re going to vote against the Clean Air Law, you’re going to get me any information on Crandall. That’s my speculation, and that’s the impression I’m getting from Dan Baker right up until now.

Smalbany:- Why would he show up at a meeting with McHugh and Collins, a meeting that was supposed to be a defusing meeting between McHugh-Collins and [names redacted] to discuss the Friends of Coeymans? And when he did show up, why did he insist that it [the meeting] not be recorded, because “he  [Baker[ had too much at stake”?

Mr. Crandall:-    I don’t know. Except, maybe he [Baker] was offered a piece of the pie, too, if George McHugh wins. That’s all I can tell you. I don’t know.

“I always thought he was pretty sincere, and that he was a go-along guy up until January. After that, it’s all been downhill. He’s been riding roughshod over us, or trying to.”

“I thought I’d offer him an olive leaf [read: branch]; I didn’t have to do this but I said, when we were interviewing the Planing Board members, I said, “Dan, would you like to sit in on the interviews with me?” He said, “Yes. I’d like that.” So, we both interviewed the Planning Board members [read: applicants; Mr. Crandall corrects himself]. After we were done with the applicants, he raved about Rick Batagglia: “That guy is sharp, he’s got to be the chairman.” We agreed. So, I said that at the next meeting, we’ll appoint him to be chair. He agreed with me. He calls me two days before the meeting, ‘I’ve had a change of heart. I don’t want Batagglia, I want these other two people.'”

“It was very clear to any intelligent person that Nick Batagglia should be on the Planning Board; he should be the chair. He’s a lawyer, he handles Article 78 all the time in Federal Court, the guy is really sharp. You sit down and talk to him and you’ll find out. He knows his stuff. When he [Baker] did that, that was it. I was done with him. I was not nice to him but then he calls me up and says, “I want to put up my own resolution. How can I get Heather to do this for me?” And I said very nicely, “Dan, she’s the secretary to the Supervisor. She doesn’t work for you. Go see George McHugh. He’ll write it for you.” That’s exactly what I said. I was nice. “Go see George McHugh. He’ll write it for you.” Baker: “Oh, oh! I can write them up myself.”

Smalbany:- Good for you.

Mr. Dolan:-  Then, after we voted as the full Board for the two open seats, then he [Baker] offers a resolution to fill a vacant seat where there was none.

Smalbany:- That’s where it came from. It came from Baker?

Mr. Crandall:-    Baker.

Mr. Dolan:-       Yeah!

Smalbany:- Tanner and that idiot-child Mary Driscoll are tearing you guys apart about this, and it came from him [Baker]?

Mr. Crandall:-    Yeah. And against the advice of our attorney. Our attorney stopped him and said, “You shouldn’t do this.”

Smalbany:- And they’re tagging you with that?

Mr. Crandall:-    Of course! It’s right in the minutes.

Mr. Dolan:-  Our attorney said: “Councilman Baker: You are asking this Board to do something that is physically impossible, to appoint someone to a vacant seat that doesn’t exist.” He [Baker] says, “I want to do it anyway.” The lawyer cautioned him, “You might be setting a bad precedent for the board, because anytime the Town…”

Mr. Crandall:-    Your not dealing with guys with the most brains here.

Mr. Dolan:-  So Baker says, “So I want to pass it without setting precedent.” And the lawyer said, “You can’t do that.” And then the attorney cautions him again, “I’m going to caution you again not to do it. It’s a physical impossibility.” And Baker says, “I’ll take full responsibility.”

Mr. Crandall:-    He did say that. He said, “I’ll take full responsibility for this.”

Mr. Dolan:-  And then he did it again for the other person he wanted to appoint, Nate Boomer.

Smalbany:- Nate Boomer?

Mr. Dolan:-  Yeah.

Smalbany:- From the Friends of Coeymans?

Mr. Dolan:-  Yes.

Smalbany:- These people can’t even stay under cover. He wanted to put Nate Boomer, the assistant grounds, not even a full grounds keeper, on the Planning Board. Seriously. He [Nate Boomer] makes Ms Piggy look smart.

Mr. Crandall:-    They fill Ms Tanner and Ms Driscoll with all kinds of lies and they just go up there, and repeat everything they’ve been told.

Smalbany:- Mr. Crandall, Mr. Dolan, this is the final opportunity in this Marathon for you to make any comments, to make any additions, which you think would round this out.

Mr. Dolan:-  I don’t. I think we’ve covered it, and I that’s the most important thing.

Mr. Crandall:-    I have one final statement to make: I implore the people to vote for me, for my board, myself and my candidates. We have to keep clean air, clean soil, clean water in our Town. If we don’t the Town is going to die. Nobody will come here; if they do, they’ll die. We have to keep the Clean Air Law intact. If you don’t care about anything else in this Town; if you don’t care about your own life, think about the lives of your kids, and your grandkids, and the kids in a 10-mile radius. Because that’s the kids who are dying from what’s coming out of that smokestack at LaFarge. If you allow them to start burning tires, and garbage, and municipal and hospital waste, and whatever else they want. They don’t care about us. These people don’t live here. We live here. And I want to live. And I want everyone to live.

***** END OF INTERVIEW *****

Between October 28 and November 4th, we’ll be publishing more about corrupt candidate George McHugh, Carver Laraway, Billy Biers,and others. Stay tuned!

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Plus the Featured Resident Comment:
The Coeymans Clowns, the FoC, Are True to Their Reputation: Thugs


[1] The “[no] empty chair rule” is a rule that states that if all candidates are present, the debate can go forward; if any candidate is absent, the “empty chair,” the process cannot go forward.

[2] In 2015, George McHugh was appointed to be an Administrative Law Judge for the Social Security’s Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (SSODAR), a lifetime appointment. It is a federal position but McHugh is silent on what happened and the SSODAR does not respond to questions regarding his judgeship.

[3] The judgeship is not mentioned on the main McHugh Law Firm site page (  but is mentioned on the “about” webpage but does not provide details. (Source:, last accessed on October 18, 2019).


Government Should Not Subsidize Private Business

A Local Resident Read a RCS Community Business Association Member’s Comments into the Record during the Public Comment of the October 24, 2019, Coeymans Town Board Meeting.The Remarks were Requested by a Member of the RCS Community Business Association, who was-out-of-town.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I understand that this evening some discussion will be dedicated to economic development and comprehensive master planning. I have been asked by a resident, who is out of town, to appear to comment.

I do not believe that government’s role is to subsidize in any way whatsoever specific business development without a credible showing of how that business is going to serve or benefit some clear public interest.

In many instances, that showing is achieved through the competitive grant application process, or through other processes that are designed to assess the merit of an application, and award funding based on merit.

While it is true that local government has limited discretion within the constraints of the law to grant incentives upon good faith application and showing of merit together with a reasonably certain benefit to the public, that discretion must be used prudently and fairly. One such incentive, that comes to mind is the P.I.L.O.T. (payment in lieu of tax) tax abatement program. The Port of Coeymans and the Coeymans Industrial Park have received a number of tax abatements under the P.I.L.O.T. program, and some of the biggest business complainers have received the most under the program.

Whatever government does comes out of the public treasure, that is, from taxpayer dollars, and so, theoretically, any government concession should either immediately or over the short or medium term, directly or indirectly, benefit the general public, or at least the local public. No government participation should benefit a small special-interest sector, regardless of what it may claim to be its mission; government is not established to benefit the few at the expense of the many. The public servant serves the public, not any individual.

I understand the acting chair of the RCS Community Business Association (RCS CBA), Mr. Aaron Flach, is here to address the Board. Mr. Flach is a local business owner who can vouch for what I have to say about local government discretionary grant; Mr. Flach, during his cousin’s, Steven Flach’s (R) tenure as Coeymans Town Supervisor, received a $450,000 reduction in his property tax assessment for the Faith Plaza properties. Did he reinvest that into local economic development?

In 2015, Mr. Carver Laraway’s Carver Companies (Port of Coeymans/Coeymans Industrial Park) received a $2 million award from the New York State Economic Development Council, and the Times Union has reported on a number of occasions that he is paying a ridiculous fraction of the property taxes he should be paying, and still, more recently, he appeared before the Coeymans Town Board and complained that he wasn’t getting tax breaks, while at the same time. Greed, as is well known, knows no bounds or limits. It also has no shame.

There are many ways private enterprise can support its own development, and plenty of programs — more commonly known as corporate welfare —, to take the burden of doing business off their shoulders. If business is unaware of such opportunities, or unwilling to do the necessary homework they should be doing, or in the alternative, perhaps they should not be in business. It is not for government to use dig into the public treasury to bail out businesses or to give them more than their fair share.

Several of the grant awarding agencies include the Capital Region Industrial Development Agency, Center for Economic Growth (CEG), and of course, the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan (L.W.R.P.), administered by the New York State Department of State. Without a doubt, no plan is comprehensive nor is it master unless it comprises an indexed relationship with other cooperative plans. For example, the Comprehensive Master Plan should be drafted and read together with the Revitalization Plan and any Re-Zoning Plan, and these must be intimately enmeshed with any funding applications, including the L.W.R.P. To do otherwise is to waste considerable amounts of public treasure while frustrating any good faith efforts to obtain grant and available funding for local development projects.

The laborer or the minimum wage earner, or even the skilled laborer who finds employment with these businesses is not being paid because his employer is losing money on him, his employer, like Laraway, sees him as an investment, an investment from which he expects earnings, dividends. Let’s not be mistaken or blind to the fact that business, small or large, doesn’t stay in business long if it gives away what it could possibly flog for a profit.

My response to Mr. Flach, Mr. Laraway, Mr. Biers and their ilk is: Stop whining and be grateful for what you’ve been given. Stop demanding breaks the rest of us don’t get. If you want to defray the costs of doing business, operate more efficiently. If you want to reduce your tax burden, contribute more to charity and public projects that are at least in part deductible. Stop leeching off the public treasury and off the taxpayer little guy; carry your fair share of the load.

My response to the Coeymans-Ravena community leaders: Stop the infighting. Start the dialogue. Stop the finger-pointing. Start the planning.

Thank you!

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Plus the Featured Resident Comment:
The Coeymans Clowns, the FoC, Are True to Their Reputation: Thugs


George McHugh: Conspiracy, Misrepresentation, Possible Fraud?

Please Note: Segment 3 of the Crandall Interview will be posted on October 25, 2019. Stay tuned!

Where does George McHugh REALLY Reside?

We believe George McHugh may have fraudulently misrepresented his residency to get on the Republican Ballot as Candidate for Town of Coeymans Supervisor. Given the evidence we provide below, we believe McHugh must provide voters with proof of his residency.

If there is reasonable suspicion that the residency claims of the candidate is bogus, a claim to invalidate the candidate’s petition, and thus his candidacy, or in his claims to residents and voters concerning his residency in their community, and dishonestly obtaining their support of his candidacy  will be brought, and the candidate will have to testify.. The candidate is subject to being thrown off the ballot, as well as criminal prosecution for perjury and filing a false instrument. If the candidate is a lawyer, he can be disbarred, and, in any event, civil fines, public opprobrium and a criminal record are all real possibilities. It is one thing to legitimately create a second residence for the purpose of qualifying for the ballot and an elected office. It is quite another to commit a fraud. Running for office puts a candidate under the kind of scrutiny that compels honesty — for its own sake of course, and to avoid the dire consequences that might result if deceit occurs. George McHugh is deceitful and dishonest, which makes his case even more suspect.

We do not believe that someone, as in George McHugh’s case, living in Delmar (Town of Bethlehem) or somewhere between Delmar and Feura Bush (apparently part of which is in the Town of Coeymans), or spending extended time in Ohio or in North Carolina can claim he is familiar enough with the state of affairs and the situations in the Town of Coeymans and its various communities to assume the duties and responsibilities of Town Supervisor. McHugh is a Delmartian, he’s not Coeymans.

It really makes no difference whatsoever if McHugh is shuttling between his residence in Delmar and his place in Feura Bush, the fact is that the Lawson Lake Road property (a Feura Bush address but in the Town of Coeymans) is a sham!!! He’s claiming it only to get a sham foothold in the Town of Coeymans, something he needs to run! He’s clinging to his posh Delmar address so that when he loses the election, he still has his Delmar digs.

Nor do we feel that, as in the case of Mr Brendon LeFevre, who only recently returned to Coeymans, and now allegedly living in his father’s basement qualifies him to represent the needs and concerns of the various demographics of the Town of Coeymans.

The Come-back Team had Better Come Up with Some Convincing Evidence!

Langdon, McHugh, Collins, LeFevre
Coeymans Comeback Team May Include Conspirators & Frauds

We Demand that the Albany County Democratic Party File Papers in New York State Supreme Court to Remove McHugh from the Ballot

We Demand that the Albany County Republican Party Launch an Investigation and Publish an Explanation as to How McHugh got their Endorsement and their Ballot.

We Demand that the New York State Board of Elections Launch an Independent Investigation regarding the Albany County Republican Party and the Local Republican Committee, and their Endorsement of George McHugh and How McHugh Got on the Ballot.

We Demand that the Albany County District Attorney, P. David Soares, Launch a Criminal Investigation and Inquiry based on Verifiable Facts Indicating George McHugh’s possible Fraud and Misrepresentation, as well as his relationships with LaFarge and Carver Companies.

We Demand that the New York State Attorney General, Letitia James, launch a State Attorney General Investigation into the Albany County Republican Party and Its Support of George McHugh & His apparent Conspiracy with Carver Laraway, Billy Biers, LaFarge, Daniel D. Baker, and others to Commit possible Fraud in the Town of Coeymans Elections.

We base these demands on the following preliminary fact-finding:

In a March 7, 2019, article by Melanie Lekocevic, appearing in the Ravena News Herald, “McHugh at top of Coeymans Republican Ticket,McHugh closed his law practice in Ravena in 2015. Keep that date in mind, it’s important. There are other glaring lies in that article but right now we’re interested in where McHugh was between 2015 and March 2019.

We read in the Albany Law School’s publication “Albany Law Summer 2015 Magazine” (July 10, 2015) that George D. McHugh was appointed to be an administrative law judge, a lifetime appointment, for the Social Security’s Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (SSODAR), where he would decide disability claims cases. We also read in that same article that “He [McHugh] also has had a private practice since 1998, located in Ravena, N.Y., which has been turned over to Paul Sherr because McHugh will be unable to practice privately while holding a federal court position.” So the Ravena News Herald reports that “after his business partner left in 2015, the law practice was closed” is incorrect or a bare-faced lie.

As we all know by now, George McHugh has several different versions of everything, depending on what works in his favor at any particular moment, so this certainly doesn’t come as a big surprise. McHugh is a psychopathic liar.

Let’s just recap so far where the stories appear to be consistent: McHugh closed his Ravena law practice in 2015. In that same year, he received an administrative judge appointment with Social Security, a position that prohibited his private law practice. The Albany Law article also reports that McHugh would be receiving training in Ohio for the judgeship. The last report we can find on McHugh as a disability administrative law judge is in Ohio, in 2015. The drops off the radar screen after that.

The Ravena News Herald article doesn’t mention the judgeship or what happened. Do ya wonder? All it says in a McHugh quote is that he wanted “to dedicate his time to the practice of law and to his family.” Didn’t we hear that tune before, like in 2001, when he announced he wasn’t going to seek re-election? And then in 2019, his reasons changed completely.

So here we are in about 2016, when McHugh apparently deserts the judgeship to return to private law practice. Guess where? Carver Companies. So, since about 2016, to about 2018, McHugh was working as Carver Laraway’s general counsel.

In an Albany Times Union Article by Brian Nearing (April 3, 2019), “Coeymans port eyes major expansion,” Mr. Nearing writes: “Laraway’s general counsel, George McHugh, recently announced he was leaving the company to challenge Crandall in the fall town elections.”

In another Albany Times Union Article by Lauren Stanforth (May 13, 2019), in which Ms Stanforth interviews George McHugh, Ms Stanforth reports that McHugh “resigned” from his position as Carver Companies’ general counsel on “March 1” 2019.

So, now we know where George McHugh was hiding between 2016 and March 1, 2019: at Carver Companies.

In a September 15, 2017, article by Amanda Fries, “Exclusive: Albany may sell Coeymans land once eyed for landfill,” we first learn that Carver Companies wanted to purchase 353 acres of property owned by the City of Albany. Fries reports, “CM Recycling LLC, a subsidiary of Carver Companies owned by Carver Laraway, wants to buy the property for future expansion of the Coeymans Industrial Park, said George McHugh, general counsel to Carver Companies.” On November 8, 2018, Amanda Fries, in an article entitled, “Sale of Albany’s land in Coeymans moves forward,” Fries writes: “George Mchugh, general counsel to Carver Companies, said a contract is expected to be signed soon, and then CM Recycling will have 45 days to assess the property ‘to make sure it’s suitable for the future needs of the company.’”

Amanda Fries was very busy following the Albany land deal and, on March 12, 2018, reports in her article, “Coeymans property sale for Albany scuttled. Problems with vehicle access, abundance of wetlands were roadblocks to deal.” Property in Coeymans that the City of Albany has been trying to get rid of will continue to remain in its hands, leaving the capital city in the lurch to cover $620,000 that was anticipated this year from the sale.” George McHugh dropped the ball, didn’t do his homework, and left Carver Laraway with big egg on his face and “leaving the capital city in the lurch to cover $620,000 that was anticipated this year from the sale.” Hot-shot McHugh didn’t make any friends on that failed deal.

So now you have one very pissed off Carver Laraway, one very pissed off Democratic administration in Albany, and it’s all George McHugh’s fault. What’s he gonna do now? How’s he going to be back in Carver Laraway’s lap, the position of general counsel he left a federal judgeship for to make his huge money. All seemed lost for Georgie Boy until his conniving, conspiratorial, crooked mind came up with a plan: Run for public office, get control of the Town of Coeymans, take over and hand over the town to Carver Companies and LaFarge. Brilliant! Pat yourself on the back, Georgie! You’re back in the saddle, almost

So, between March 12, 2018 and about January 2019, McHugh is hard at work putting together his master plan to “Take Back Our Town, “ the same town, Coeymans, he abandoned after he got the annexation that ensured his property’s access to water and sewer services, and after having his property surveyed at taxpayer expense (just one of the ethics violations he was charged with). Now he want’s to take back the town so he can hand it over to Carver Companies and LaFarge.

But there’s the election laws that have to be bent a little. Like where exactly does George McHugh live, and where was he actually “residing” per the definition set by the NY State Election Laws? We know for a fact that he wasn’t “residing” in Coeymans in May 2019, because Laurin Stanforth reports in her May 13, 2019, article “Is Coeymans candidate too close to port owner?” reports that “He quit Carver Companies’ employ so he could reopen his private law practice on Main Street in Ravena.” Truth is, he didn’t quit Carver Companies, Carver Companies quit him!

But back to the residency question. In that same article, McHugh says he “lives in a house in Bethlehem (Delmar, to be exact. See below.) that is on the market for $699,00. He [McHugh] said he is living between his Delmar Home and another home he recently purchased that he is renovating on Lawson Lake Road in Coeymans.” Big problem, Georgie: We caught you in another glaring lie!!!

Extract from the Town of Bethlehem Real Property Assessment Roles for 2019

You see, readers, McHugh says he “lives in a house in the Town of Bethlehem, in Delmar, to be precise, 5 Ruxton Road, Delmar, NY 12054 (owned by George D. McHugh and Rosemary McHugh). And McHugh lives between “his Delmar home “ and one on Lawson Lake Road, in Feura Bush, NOT Coeymans!!! “Residency” is where you “live” and where you call “home.” According to McHugh’s own statements as of May  13, 2019, and well beyond his announcement of his candidacy for the office of Town of Coeymans Supervisor, his “residence” is in Delmar and in Feura Bush!!!

Extract from the Real Property Assessment Rolls

Editor’s Note: To his credit, Michael McGuire, Assessor, Town of New Scotland, reached out to confirm with us that the Feura Bush property owned by McHugh is, in fact, in the territory of the municipal corporation of the Town of Coeymans, as confusing as that might seem. At this writing we are awaiting confirmation from Ms Dawn DeRose, Assessor, Town of Coeymans, confirming that the McHugh property is on the Town of Coeymans Tax Rolls. Wherever the Lawson Lake property is located, as late as May 2019 McHugh gives his home address as being in Delmar. According to most authorities, including the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, regarding an individual’s primary residence “there is no one single factor that determines whether a property is [an individual’s] primary residence, but factors such as voting, vehicle registrations, and length of time spent each year on the property may be relevant.” It is the responsibility of the candidate or for the courts to determine primary residency, if there is any question. Do you think George McHugh will produce the necessary credible and honest proofs —  OOPS! Did we actually say “George McHugh” and “honest” in the same breath?

We say: Georgie: First sell the property where you say you live in Delmar, move your primary residence to somewhere in Coeymans, make the necessary changes to your voter registration and your driver’s licence, as well as your tax returns, and then run for Supervisor! We say this because we are convinced that any of McHugh’s  misrepresentation of his “residency” is a conspiracy to take over Coeymans: He and his team say it themselves in their very slogan: “Take Back Our Town,” the “Come Back Team.” Once he’s in office, McHugh and his boys, Collins and Lefevre, — we really can’t believe Zach Collins and Brandon LeFevre can be that immature, gullible, near-sighted, and  naïve — will have control of the Town Board and the Town Operations, and Carver Laraway, Billy Biers, and LaFarge will be eagerly waiting for their piece of the pie. McHugh will be back in their good graces and hauling in the big bucks again. King Carver will have his kingdom and the former residents of Coeymans will be his serfs and vassals. Great plan, right?

WRONG! It’s criminal. It’s fraudulent. It’s conspiracy. It’s conspicuous to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear. These are facts from the criminals’ own mouths. These are facts reported by established media. No one can claim that Smalbany or anyone else made them up. The so-called Friends of Coeymans, McHugh’s propaganda thugs, can’t put a spin on these facts because they are already well established.

You have our permission to VOMIT every time you see a McHugh campaign sign, and to weep for those two immature, wet-behind-the-ears sockpuppets, Collins and Lefevre, who got sucked into McHugh’s treachery and scandal.

Now be good puppets, boys.


But it’s their own fault. To the man, each and every one of the “Take Back Team” has a connection with McHugh AND LaFarge, and Carver Companies. It’s common knowledge. Just ask. Ask Daniel D. Baker, sitting Coeymans Town Councilman about his connections with LaFarge and his connection with McHugh.

McHugh belongs behind bars, not behind the Supervisor’s desk.

Read the Excerpts from Segments 1, 2, and 3 of the Crandall Interview:
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Crandall Interview: Segment 2
Crandall Interview: Segment 3

Plus the Featured Resident Comment:
The Coeymans Clowns, the FoC, Are True to Their Reputation: Thugs


Crandall Interview: Segment 2

We published Segment 1 of the Crandall Interview special feature on Tuesday, October 22, 2019. As our readers could see for themselves, the Crandall team has either accomplished or is accomplishing everything McHugh’s mob promises the people in their campaign material. We have to seriously ask the questions: (1) Is McHugh that ignorant of what’s going on in Coeymans to be promising what’s already been done by the Crandall team, or (2) Is McHugh that stupid to believe that the people and voters of Coeymans are that in the dark to believe his many disgusting lies? Segment 2 goes even further to show that McHugh is a fraud, a crook, and worse, a liar.

In Segment 1 of the Crandall Interview feature (Segment 1), we asked Mr Crandall about his accomplishments, significant benefits created by his administration for the people of Coeymans, his vision for the next 2 years, his plans for small business in Coeymans, and the incentives his administration is offering to small businesses in Coeymans and coming to Coeymans. It is clear that Mr Crandall and his team, despite the adversity of powerful opponents in Coeymans, has done much for the people of Coeymans.

Editor’s Comment: We may have had harsh words but we call the shots as we see them. Mr Crandall has proved himself to be honest, caring, and very, very competent as a leader. We can’t allow ourselves to be misled by those who were for Mr Crandall when he was dancing to their tune, and now that they are finding he’s not a pushover, they [McHugh, Carver Laraway, Biers, and Lafarge] are trying to get in through the backdoor, call it anal entry, through George McHugh (we’re not calling George McHugh an a**hole even if he is one). For Crandall, as we all know, it was never about him or about money in his pocket; it’s a different story when we’re talking about McHugh, Carver Laraway, and their bunch. With them it’s all about money and what they can soak Coeymans for.

The comment by the Community Observer about McHugh, LaFarge, and Carver Laraway not wanting clean air, and the money involved set the theme for Segment 2.

Mr Crandall:- “Oh, yeah. There’s big money to be made between Carver [LaFarge and McHugh]…They’re going to make money. But how much money does a person need? How greedy do you have to be? And at what expense? At the expense of our children’s and our grandchildren’s lungs?”

McHugh, Carver, Biers didn’t get their way. Too bad!

In Segment 2 of the Crandall Interview, we asked Mr Crandall how he will work with the Village of Ravena to beautify Main Street, his plans for building up tourism and hospitality venues in Coeymans, his relationship with George McHugh, why George McHugh would be bad for Coeymans, the McHugh-Carver Laraway-Vinciguerra connection, the Billy Biers warehouse project, Carver Laraway’s whining, how many new businesses Crandall has brought to Coeymans, and turncoat Daniel Baker’s backstabbing. These are some real eye-openers so after you read these excerpts, you may want to read the complete segment for the details at: Crandall Interview-Segment 2.

Click here to read the entire Segment 2 Transcript: Crandall Interview-Segment 2.

Here are the highlight excerpts from Segment 2 of the Crandall Interview:

Smalbany:- How do you intend to work with the Village of Ravena to beautify Main Street, and make it welcoming to small businesses like arts and crafts, specialty shops, etc?

This could be Main Street, Ravena, New York, if Mr Crandall has his way.

Mr. Crandall:-    OK. The main way we can help with that is by keeping the roads paved, by keeping the potholes filled. Making sure things like the water runs right, making sure the sewers are repaired. Making sure the tax rate is kept low. Make sure that we offer these incentives for businesses. Now, one thing I want to mention is that we are working with three solar [energy] companies right now. One is a pretty large one, Hecate. And they want to build a solar farm behind the school, over by the old Stalker farm, and they’re going to be using about 380 acres…once they get their plant built, that will be on the assessment rolls, and help to lower taxes…We’re trying to get them to offer the Town people a deal that they can tap into their electric, and possibly lower their electrical bill…There are two smaller companies trying to build in the Hollow, and Hecate is also looking at our old land fill site. It’s possible that they may also be able to put part of a solar farm there, also, on top of the old landfill site that we kept, and which will help make use of that property because you really can’t use it for anything else. So, that’s another thing we’re working on.

“Out in the Hollow…I want to keep it centralized around the Highway Department, we’re talking about starting a small recycling center. Much like what Westerlo has…opening it up maybe two or three days a week…and it would provide another service for the townspeople.”

Mr. Crandall:- The devil’s in the details. The idea’s there right now.

Smalbany:- Back to Mr. McHugh’s relationship with you and the Town: In 2017-18, your relationship with George McHugh was cooperative, if not friendly. What happened to change that relationship, that attitude of cooperation?

Mr. Crandall:-    What do I think changed that? Money! Money. There’s somehow, I can’t prove it, but with all that we went through with LaFarge and stopping the garbage coming in there, and with Mr. Laraway coming up so hard against us, against the Clean Air Law, and with LaFarge and Mr. Laraway putting up so much money against us…he spent $13,000 just on the primaries…that’s a vast amount of money for a small town…to be spent on politics. So there’s money to be made here. And there’s a lot of it.

“And they’re really opposed to the Clean Air Law. The main reason I think they’re running is because of the Clean Air Law.

“And I think Mr. Laraway feels that we haven’t given him enough tax breaks down there. But we have given him P.I.L.O.T.s[1] How many P.I.L.O.T.s does the man need? How many tax breaks does he need?

“Like I say: You gotta pay your fair share.”

Smalbany:- Apart from that, why would George Mchugh be bad for Coeymans? As if what you’ve said were not enough!

Mr. Crandall:-    George McHugh would be bad for Coeymans just because of, mainly because of his character. I’m no saint. I’ve had my own problems with the Court system. But with the Courts system, you’re held to such a high standard, it’s absolutely ridiculous. And I’m not an attorney, so I did make mistakes. I’ll grant you that. But he’s an attorney! And he [McHugh] was under two ethics investigations involving money. Mine never involved money; his involved money. He was under an ethics investigation for having his [personal] property surveyed along with Town property, and the Town paying for it. And his own Town Board, which was controlled by Republicans, had him under an ethics investigation for that. And then, he was attorney for the state Wagering Board, and he went before them, he had a private client, and he represented him before the state Racing and Wagering Board, while he was their [the Racing and Wagering Board’s] attorney! He was under another ethics investigation by the state Attorney General for that. They kind of eased him out the door after that. Now, there’s two reasons: ethics.

George McHugh = Ethics Violations = Corruption.

How many times…I know I shouldn’t say this, but I’m gonna…How many times can a man be married? I mean, twice, maybe? But four times? I mean, there’s something wrong with character here. And character matters.

And another thing: He didn’t run for office again. OK, there are probably a lot of reasons…But then, he comes up and he outright lies, and uses the deaths of over 3,000 people who died instantly in a horrible, horrible thing that happened on 9/11 in New York City. He tries to use that for political gain! That tells me about a man’s character, and I feel he has no character.

I just feel he [George McHugh] lies with impunity to get whatever…to get his way, whatever he wants. And I don’t understand people like that. I just don’t. Because I’m not a liar.

Community Observer’s Comment:-   You have Lincoln’s quote on the wall.

[Editor’s Note: The Observer is referring to the quote: “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”]

Mr. Crandall:-    Yes. I have Lincoln’s quote on the wall.

Smalbany:- Without speculating, what is your opinion about the McHugh, Laraway, Vinciguerra connection?

Mr. Crandall:-    It’s common knowledge that Vinciguerra has been George McHugh’s friend for years. They’ve worked together in business dealings for years…I just feel that they are way too cozy. And he’s [referring to Vinciguerra] supposed to be the editor [read: publisher] of an independent, unbiased newspaper [referring to the Ravena News Herald]? I don’t feel that the News Herald is unbiased at all. How can they be? Carver Laraway is buying all kinds of ads in it, George McHugh’s buying ads in it. He [Vinciguerra, publisher of the RNH] is renting the building from George McHugh.

Vinciguerra of Capital Region Independent Media LLC, and publisher of the Ravena News Herald. Anything but “Independent” and a perversion of what the News Herald once was. Vinciguerra is McHugh’s and Carver Laraway’s media sock puppet.

“He [George McHugh] has so many business connections how can he possibly serve as Supervisor of this Town? He’ll have to recuse himself from every other meeting, if not every meeting of the Town Board.

Smalbany:- What are the reasons for withdrawal of the warehouse application by Billy Biers?

Mr. Crandall:-    “The real reason that Billy Bier’s application went down the tubes is because the [New York State] Department of Environmental Conservation [DEC] denied it for many, many reasons. Mr. Biers contacted me. He asked me if there’s any way I can help? Would I write a letter in support, so that they would reopen it and look at it again? I wrote a letter to DEC asking them to please give Mr. Biers’ project another look; we would really appreciate it if they would; we would really like this business to come into the Town.

Billy Biers’ Warehouse Project REJECTED by DEC, not by Town!
Biers’ lies publicly at Town Board meeting.

I sent that letter. For Mr. Biers to get up and say anything other than what we really did for him is an outright lie.

I’ve never called a Planning Board member in my life and asked for anything from them for anybody. I’ve never approached them. The Zoning Board, either. Or the Assessment Board. And I never will. Those are unethical things. Would Mr. McHugh violate that? I don’t know.

[Editor’s Note: We have copies of the DEC letter to Mr. Biers, Mr. Bier’s letter withdrawing the application, and Mr. Crandall’s letter of support to the DEC. We will publish those later this week.]

Smalbany:- In a recent video posted by the group calling itself Friends of Coeymans, Mr. Carver Laraway addressed the board saying that he asked for the board’s support and got none. What is he talking about?

Mr. Crandall:-    I have no idea. He might be talking about the last P.I.L.O.T. he wanted for a company… They refurbish old parts and metal pieces, mainly parts that connect sewer systems, they refurbish stuff like that. But we have a negotiator, a Mr. Larry Farbstein. He worked for the [New York State] Real Property Tax Services for 32 years. He’s a former lawyer; he doesn’t practice law any more, he just negotiates contracts for P.I.L.O.T.s, full time, from Long Island to Saint Lawrence County. Throughout the whole state. He does it for municipalities. We hired that man. He did our P.I.L.O.T. for LaFarge with the Town. He handles all of our P.I.L.O.T.s, and I told him [Laraway], “Mr. Farbstein will be calling you.” Well, Mr. Farbstein called him and asked him for certain information he needed by law in order to fairly do a P.I.L.O.T., and they wouldn’t give it to him. It was financial. They have to tell, they have to give him all the financial information, the financial records, that he needs. They refused to give it to him. And that’s where it left off.

P.I.L.O.T. Denied because of unwillingness to disclose financial information.

“I can only assume that because we didn’t just carte blanche roll over for him and sign off on Mr. Laraway’s P.I.L.O.T., that that’s what he’s talking about.

“Why didn’t he talk about the 11 new businesses that have come in in the last three-and-a-half years since I’ve been Supervisor? Would those businesses have come here if the Town Board was hostile to business? I don’t think so.

[Editor’s Note: Click New Businesses Brought to Coeymans to see the list of new businesses during Crandall’s term. 11 of those businesses are in the Port of Coeymans or the Coeymans Industrial Park. New Businesses Brought to Coeymans]

“He [Laraway] had other P.I.L.O.T.s that were negotiated by the Town. I mean, how many tax breaks does one man need? How greedy to you have to be? It’s time to pay your fair share.

“Now you look at all the business he’s gotten…for the Tappan Zee Bridge, that was Cuomo’s baby, and all the other business he’s gotten, nobody can tell me…and the small fines that he paid. Anybody see a bridge go over a river, a creek so fast? As that bridge went across. So, he’s got a hook in DEC or in the state departments somewhere, with Cuomo. But these companies like the Port of Coeymans and LaFarge, they figure it into their…to do business, how much it will cost them for a certain fine. And he’s [Carver Laraway] paid relatively small fines. I think he paid $55,000 for one fine, which was a major violation, which the Town got back, and we were able to use that money to stop…There were three three, four houses on Stone House Hill that were running raw sewerage into the [Coeymans] Creek. That was going on when George McHugh was supervisor.

“There were four houses there, ever since they were built, and he [McHugh] never did anything to stop that. Well, I’m not having that! So, we used that $55,000 – and I think we put another $15,000 to it – too hook them in to the sewer system, to stop that raw sewerage from going into the Creek. So, Mr. Laraway can thank me for that, because now he owns the property down there where the boats are, the Marina, and now they won’t be smelling human feces coming into the Creek.

“But did he mention that? No!

“Everything he said at the meeting was just a show, trying to get people to not vote for Mr. Crandall.

Smalbany:- But he was being videoed by the Friends of Coeymans…

Mr. Crandall:-    Right. They were hoping that I would go off and start yelling and…but that’s not me…I’m not doing that…But if they expect to get a rise out of me out there, they’re not getting it. Public comment is public comment. I don’t care who you are or what you say…I don’t care who you are, it’s public comment: Say it! It’s a free country.

Mr. Crandall:-    Can I go back to the Clean Air Law?

Smalbany:- Sure. I wish you would.

Mr. Crandall:-    While we were working on this Clean Air Law, Dan Baker and Kenny Burns, sat right here, and Baker worked for LaFarge for 15-20 years, and he told us that they’re fudging the numbers on their, on the numbers when they’re being checked. When the monitors are being checked by DEC. He told us that DEC calls them, and then immediately the plant stops burning coal and goes right on natural gas so they can doctor the numbers, so the emissions numbers come down. What the hell kind of emissions control is that? And this is when Mr. Baker also, when someone sent him a picture when there was a blow-off up there, and all this black smoke came out, right across from the school. It was awful. I remember seeing the picture. He sent that to us on his cellphone. This was when he was for the Clean Air Law. He spoke for it, he was [for it], everything was going fine. And then, all of a sudden, Mr. McHugh, decides, announces he’s running for office in March, and that’s when Dan Baker changed.

Mr. Crandall:-    But Mr. Baker, all of a sudden…we would sit here and talk about our kids and grandkids, and how we don’t want them breathing this stuff…And he was all set to vote for the Clean Air Act [read: Law]. I know he was. He told us he was. And then some time in January-February, that must be when he got word that McHugh was running, he started marching, my speculation is McHugh was calling the shots then, and he was marching to the McHugh beat.

And another thing: Kenny Burns, he told us he interviewed over 300 people not one person was against the Clean Air Law, yet when it came to the vote, he voted against it.

Smalbany:- Now this one is what I read to you before. Do you recall? Mr. McHugh’s accomplishments with the Village Sewer and Water project just before he left office (2001). Between leaving office (2001) and 2003, he all of a sudden has a project over on the Blaisdell farm, and now he’s got water and sewerage there. [Referring to Mr. Dolan] You were actually mentioned in one of those …

Mr. Dolan:  I was at some point..the town and village got together and started a sewer and a water commission, two separate entities…I recall that there was talk of annexation, and there was a lawsuit after that, and I know the Coeymans Fire Department was upset about it, because they would lose that portion of territory.

Smalbany:- So this was – I’m not asking you to speculate – what was going on behind the scenes but at this time was the annexation being discussed?

Community Observer’s Comment:-   It was being discussed. Because he used my famous letter to Sol Greenberg to get on the good side of the Mayor (former Ravena Mayor, John Bruno), to get the mayor to say OK, so what do you have property in, to get the water. He always used people. [inaudible comments]

[Editor’s Notes: The annexation was in the works during McHugh’s single term as Coeymans Town Supervisor. The annexation was finalized some time in 2003, and McHugh’s properties were hooked into Village water and sewerage. McHugh then proceeded with development of single family homes and their sale, apparently through one of his wives, who was handling the real estate sales at the time.

Remember this honey of a land deal. McHugh took good care of himself.

***** END OF SEGMENT TWO *****

Segment 3 of the Crandall Interview will appear on Thursday, October 24, 2019. Stay tuned!

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[1] Manufacturing, industrial, and not-for-profit companies may receive property tax incentives through agreements with government agencies. Through these agreements, properties are exempt from property taxes and instead make a Payment in Lieu of Taxes (P.I.L.O.T.).