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Save Coeymans from the Comeback Team!

“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good People Do Nothing!”

Edmund Burke/John F. Kennedy

This just in (November 4, 2019): Jeff LaQuire has been identified as Jay Faith, a fake profile he has been using to post on various Facebook pages! Just another example of the dishonesty and sleaziness of the Comeback Team and their supporters, the Friends of Coeymans a.k.a. Coeymans Clowns, a.k.a. Fiends of Coeymans! Something about Jeff LaQuire…maybe it’s the ‘quire” part…but his fake profile features a woman with two children. We find that a bit odd for a man to be posing as a woman. But then, it’s the FOC and they’re supporting the Comeback Team…It’s just so unnatural.

mchugh liar disgrace

George McHugh – Liar and Evil Puppetmaster
Any man who associates lies with a national tragedy and the uniform is a disgrace!

The Comeback Team is Evil. They will triumph if good people sit back and do nothing.

lost in mchugh fog

Collins & Lefevre: Perhaps not entirely evil…YET
No experience, no independence, McHugh’s puppets.

As can be expected, the Ravena News Herald wasted good deal of ink repeating George McHugh’s weasel-words in an 11th hour effort to distract from his scandalous lies. They’re still offering him air-time to backpedal and save himself. How many more lies can he manage to tell be for the polls open. Let’s start counting, shall we? He’s still as devious and dishonest as ever. It’s just that his previous lies were discovered and made public that he’s now softened them at the last minute. Smalbany published two articles on the Interview that wasn’t, the interview, which, had McHugh had the courage and integrity to accept, would have forced him to admit his lies. Period. The image adorning those articles is one of a pig wallowing in mud and cites Proverbs and 2 Peter 2, scriptural passages, that refer to the fool’s folly, in other words, the fool never changes. McHugh is what McHugh is and McHugh does what McHugh has always done: taken very good care of McHugh at the expense of everyone else. 4 wives and how many other women has he used. He’s going to use, abuse, and then leave Coeymans as soon as he’s gotten what he’s after. Mark these words.

He’s got plenty of weasel-words to weasel around his ethics violations. Yeah, the check is in the mail, Georgie. All we have to say is that so many charges of ethics violations just don’t drop out the sky like snowflakes. Where there’s smoke, Georgie, there’s reason to believe there’s fire. Don’t treat this community and its voters like fools. We’re not…well at least some of us still have our marbles, no thanks to George McHugh!

Liar, liar! Your tail’s on fire, Georgie!

Get out and VOTE!



Follow the $$$$: Contributors to the Comeback Team. Is it believable?

Here’s a list of the blind and the deaf in and around Coeymans.
These are the people who have no respect for Truth, Integrity, Honesty, Ethics, and Fair Play.
Note their names well and remember!

Just a couple of comments:

The list below shows only those people who don’t care about Truth, Integrity, Fair-play, Community, and are willing to pay to support their hidden agendas. Some of them are just ignorant, impressionable people who may not be mentally competent, and are easy prey for the scoundrels. You decide.

We find it interesting that Brendan Lefevre is so committed to his own campaign that he managed to cough up a mere $100 to contribute to his own campaign! Pretty sorry, if you ask us. It also looks like Brendan is still living in his dad’s basement at 350 Bushendorf Road, Ravena. Maybe he’ll be moving into the basement at Coeymans Town Hall if he’s ever elected. NOT!

Billy Biers is so committed he donated a whopping $100.00 (at least that’s what’s publicly reported). How is it that Mary Driscoll, living in a trailer park, can donate more than 4x more than Billy Biers?

Yup! It’s really astounding that Mary Driscoll contributed $450.00 to the McHugh Comebacks! Where does a woman like that get that kind of play money? That must be more than half her social security check! Somebody better take the old woman’s checkbook away before she gives away the entire trailer park!

Poor, poor Mary! She’s now $450 poorer, thanks to the Comeback Team!

The McHugh Backpedalers have received a total of almost $20,000 in campaign contributions as of October 31, 2019. (New York State Board of Elections, Campaign Financial Disclosure). (For a similar list for the Coeymans Democrats, click here: Democrats.) Names and amounts are all public information. To see the details, just click the link. But we’re concerned that this disclosure doesn’t tell the whole story. The Comeback Team is spending money like water. How far do you think the $20,000 would go with all the full-page ads, the campaign signs, the advertising, the bilboards? There’s more to this than meets the public’s eye. And it’s not on the up-an-up.

As of October 31, 2019, $19,435 was collected, of which $17,770 was contributed by the named donors below. $1,735 was contributed by so-called “unitemized”. “Unitemized” are total contribution(s) of less than $99. For the definition of “unitemized” as it appears in the NYS Board of Elections manual on contributions, see the Note below. Actually, this definition doesn’t make much sense, because some of the “unitemized” contributions do exceed $1000!

You really have to wonder why so many out-of-towners (indicated in brown bold) made such substantial contributions. What is their interest in the ComebackTeam? We find the out-of-town interest a bit revealing, since the Friends of Coeymans were so loud in announcing that Touchette supporters (a bit of an inaccurate observation on the FOC’s part) came to Coeymans in support  of Rick Touchette for County Legislator. The Friends of Coeymans and the brainless who support them made it look like it was Carver Laraway’s Russian Invasion. Look, people, Rick Touchette is an Albany County Legislator, representing the Town of Coeymans voters and residents, COUNTY-WIDE! As a county official, he’s entitled to bring in his campaign workers. Who’s to say he’s not? The neonazi  FOCs?

We say FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL! Let’s ask who all of these out-of-town campaign contributors are and what their interest is in Coeymans!

An awful lot of out-of-town money, and some big bucks at stake. Ever wonder?

Note that several of the contributors have made multiple contributions and are listed more than once in the list below.

CONTRIBUTOR                                                          Amount ($)
SLINGERLANDS, NY 12159                                      100.00
P.O. BOX 907
CAIRO, NY 12413                                                       500.00
COLLINS & SONS, INC (Comeback Candidate Family Business, Close to Carver Laraway)
RAVENA, NY 12143                                                   600.00
ALBANY, NY 12210                                                   250.00
2154 RT 9W
RAVENA, NY 12143                                                   200.00
LAW OFICE OF GEORGE D. MCHUGH, P.C (Comeback Candidate)
RAVENA, NY 12143                                                  250.00
MCHUGH GROUP (Comeback Candidate)
P.O. BOX 417
RAVENA, NY 12143                                                  250.00
SELKIRK, NY 12158                                                 500.00
SELKIRK, NY 12158                                                 500.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                                 100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                                 100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                                 100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                                 100.00
ALBANY, NY 12205                                                 100.00
RT 32
COEYMAN HOLLOW, NY 12046                            100.00
BLEDI, RACHAEL (This is the Albany County Republican Party Commissioner)
ALBANY, NY 12200                                                 100.00
RT 143
RAVENA, NY 12143                                                100.00
WEST COXSACKIE, NY 12192                              250.00
WEST COXSACKIE, NY 12192                             250.00
COXSACKIE, NY 20511                                         450.00
1327 US RT 1443
COEYMANS HOLLOW, NY 12046                         100.00
1327 RT 143
COEYMANS HOLLOW, NY 12046                         450.00
ALCOVE, NY 12007                                               100.00
COLLINS, ALBERT (Father of Comeback Candidate)
RT 143
COEYMANS HOLLOW, NY 12046                        100.00
COLLINS, ZACHARY (Comeback Candidate)
RT 143
COEYMANS HOLLOW, NY 12046                        600.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                               250.00
DELMAR, NY 12054                                              100.00
RENSSELAER, NY 12144                                     100.00
RENSSELAER, NY 12144                                     100.00
1737 US RT 9W LOT #22
SELKIRK, NY 12158                                450.00  !!!
20 PARK ST. APT 1-5
ALBANY, NY 12207                                              100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                              100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                              250.00
RT 143
COEYMANS HOLLOW, NY 12046                        100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                             100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                             100.00
COEYMANS, NY 12045                                    1,000.00
COEYMANS, NY 12045                                      250.00
RT 101
SELKIRK, NY 12158                                           250.00
LEFEVRE, BRANDON (Comeback Candidate)
RAVENA, NY 12143                                            100.00
LEFEVRE, LOU (Father of Comeback Team Candidate)
RAVENA, NY 12143                                            100.00
LEFEVRE, LOUIS (Father of Comeback Team Candidate)
RAVENA, NY 12143                                            200.00
COEYMANS, NY 12046                                      250.00
MCHUGH, GEORGE (Comeback Candidate)
RAVENA, NY 12143                                           100.00
MCHUGH, GEORGE (Comeback Candidate)
RAVENA, NY 12143                                        5,000.00
RT 101
SELKIRK, NY 12158                                         100.00
ALCOVE, NY 12007                                          100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                            50.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                          100.00
SELKIRK, NY 12158                                         500.00
SELKIRK, NY 12158                                        100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                         100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                         100.00
SCHOHARIE, NY 12043                                 150.00
QUEENSBURY, NY 12804                              200.00
QUEENSBURY, NY 12804                              100.00
CLIFTON PARK, NY 12065                            500.00
CLIFTON PARK, NY 12063                            250.00
CLIFTON PARK, NY 12065                            100.00

Remember: These people are the ones to watch but the really dangerous ones are the ones NOT listed in the public disclosure documents!

Who are the closet donors, the BIG donors? Russian Businessman Boris Jordan (Curaleaf)? Carver Laraway? LaFarge Holcim? Do you really think they’re not supporting their General Counsel, McHugh? Odd they’re not listed as supporting the Comeback Team, isn’t it?


This definition actually doesn’t make much sense if you look at the reported contributions appearing as “unitemized”, since some are more than $1000 and yet still appear as “unitemized.” If anyone can explain this, we’d be very interested in sharing what you find.

[Source: New York State Board of Elections Campaign Finance Handbook 2019, p 51, 97, 98, 99, 154-155.]


Collins and Lefevre: Looking for a Daddy?

Smalbany’s Summary of on why George McHugh and his Comeback Losers would be really bad news for Coeymans will be posted on Sunday, November 3, 2019.  Stay tuned!

You wonder where Collins’and Lefevre’s parents are on all of this. If you were their parents, wouldn’t you feel that this alliance would likely destroy their futures? Being associated with a conspiratorial and crooked schemer like McHugh, that is. Wouldn’t you try to talk to them and try to save them? Well, any normal parent would but Zach Collin’s father works for Carver Laraway. There’s a connection there. And maybe there’s a piece of the Carver Companies pie in it for Zach, too. He’s young and probably very impressionable or very greedy. Perhaps dear ol’ dad has his own plans for sonny boy, Zach.

Lookin’ for a Dog-Daddy?

Lie Down with a Dog and You Wake Up with Fleas, Boys!

Benjamin Franklin’s quote above raises further questions about what is in store for Zach Collins and Brendan Lefevre. How did two young men like them get involved with George McHugh and his goons?

This one’s for Zach Collins and Brendan Lefevre.

We really have to wonder, because the two young pups really haven’t done anything that would indicate they have any life experience at all, at least none that would justify their being on a ballot with the likes of McHugh. Are they really that starved for a daddy-figure?

Perhaps, perhaps not. But what we have learned on good authority is that Brendan Lefevre is a real schizoid. In fact, the rumor — all rumors have some basis in fact — he’s the author of all or most of the slurs and insults on the FOC Facebook site. So Golden Boy is not so golden; he’s more of a little turd.

Even McHugh’s News Herald couldn’t fabricate some lie to make Lefevre or Collins look more tempting

Lefevre is a nobody, lived in Albany for some time before returning to Coeymans just about the time McHugh decided he was going to run again, that is, in late 2018. Word is that Brendan Lefevre is now living in his father’s basement.

The only information that we have to go on is what appeared in the Ravena News Herald in March 2019, which says next-to-noting, unless a couple vague statements about Collins simply says that it’s time for him to “grow,” and so he joined the McHugh goon-squad. No clue what that means. Pretty bad when even McHugh’s News Herald couldn’t fabricate some lie to make Lefevre look more tempting.

Lefevre says he’s going to work with the Coeymans business community. Like that’s news. Nothing about anything but the business community. That should give us all hope, right?

In a joint letter to the editor in August 2019, they simply parroted the script that we’ve been hearing all along. It’s all been exposed since then, so it’s really unnecessary to beat that dead horse. If that’s how much they care about what they call “openness” and “transparency,” they have a VERY big problem. I hope Coeymans voters don’t make Collins and Lefevre’s problems Coeymans’ problems.

Neither Collins nor Lefevre own any property in Coeymans so there are quite a few questions we could ask them about why they are here. Collins does mention that his wife is a teacher at “the school,” which raises the question: Which one? Zach. Don’t you know we have like four schools in the RCS Central School District? Don’t you even know the name of the school where your wife works?

Our take on this whole McHugh-Collins-Lefevre is that McHugh has some sinister plans for the two young pups. It wouldn’t be a bit surprising if they had their own sinister plans, like currying favor with Carver Laraway, just like daddy-McHugh has. Is it an opportunity for a job with Carver Companies? Are they, too, despite the smiles, greedy devils like their running mate, McHugh. Will Collins and Lefevre be tainted, infected with the character deficits of their mentor, McHugh? Probably, unless something’s done to prevent such a tragedy from happening.

If you’ve read the Crandall Interview (links below), you will have some insights and an idea of who and what Daniel “Dan” Baker is. The first impression is that Baker doesn’t have a loyal bone in his body. He’s a weasel and is out to make a weasel-deal with anyone he thinks he can do. He threw in his long-time employer, LaFarge, by whistleblowing about their cheating on DEC air-quality inspections. He shared damning photos of a LaFarge blow-out that released huge clouds of black smoke and soot into the air across from the middle school and the high school. He bailed on the Clean Air Law vote once he started marching to McHugh’s drumbeat. And he bailed on the vote for the Coeymans Planning Board after he had committed to approving Battaglia to be chairman. Dan Baker is not to be trusted by you, me, the Board, his employee, NO ONE! But he thinks McHugh is going to do something for him, after all, he stated at a meeting with several residents, McHugh, and the FOC thugs, at which he appeared unannounced and refused to be recorded because, he “had too much at stake.” Sure. Baker’s playing all sides. Like George McHugh, he’s a rat doesn’t want to lose no matter who wins.

Surprisingly, George McHugh and his running mates include four phrases on their campaign cards, and we’d like to spend some time talking about the phrases:

“More Open * More Ethical * More Affordable * More Effective” HOGWASH!

More Open? Our discussion of the obvious answers to the questions we had planned for the McHugh interview-that-never-happened should be more than convincing to anyone who thinks that McHugh is open. McHugh is an attorney and is trained to be only as transparent as benefits his case. He is trained on how to manipulate and to spin facts. But open he is definitely NOT.

If George McHugh or anyone on his Backpedal Team were open, he’d be willing, as Mr. Crandall was, to answer questions that would clarify the public’s doubts and concerns about his past, his present, and the future he claims to offer Coeymans. He has either refused to respond or responds with vague and ambiguous statements, or he sends his henchmen, the Friends of Coeymans, Jeff LaQuire, Nate Boomer, and Chris Hagen out to answer for him. And we know all too well how that’s done: Bullyism and Thuggery!

More ethical? If George McHugh’s ethics history is anything to judge by, George McHugh can’t even spell the word. If his use of the antics of the Coeymans Clowns, the Friends of Coeymans, is anything to judge by, his view of “ethics” is about as democratic as the Neo-Nazi Code of Conduct. The fact that McHugh’s campaign even has the nerve to mention ethical in their campaign materials is a slap in the face of all Coeymans voters.

The real message being sent by Friends of Coeymans, George McHugh’s thugs.

More Affordable? We’re not clear on where the question of “affordability” came in. Are we buying a car? A health insurance plan? What’s all this about affordability? Isn’t affordability related to affordable. If something is affordable, it’s priced reasonably, and you have enough money to buy it. … The adjective affordable can either mean “cheap,” or it can imply that even if it’s expensive, you have enough money to easily buy it. So how does that apply to the McHugh “Comeback Team?” Does it mean that they’re “cheap?” We can see that. When you consider the money they’re spending on a local political campaign, you really have to wonder where it’s coming from and what they expect to get back, these so-called business-friendly candidates. What are the dividends they expect to receive on their campaign investment?

George McHugh = Ethics Violations = Corruption.

Does affordable mean that the Comeback Team Is priced reasonably, and that you have enough money to buy them? We can see that, too. We know that George McHugh can be had for a price but we wouldn’t agree that he’s affordable, unless you’re Carver Laraway.

But even if they are cheap and you can buy them, we don’t see how that is something voters really want, or how being cheap and buyable is anything I’d like to see in our Town’s leadership. We do know that you can buy George McHugh but he’s certainly not “affordable.” Only the likes of LaFarge or Carver Laraway can afford that kind of corruption.

Maybe Collins, Lefevre, Baker, Langton are cheaper, more affordable. Maybe we can afford to buy them more affordably. What do you think?

More Effective? Effective at what? Lies? Sure, just look at McHugh’s reasons for not running for re-election he gave in 2001, and the reasons he gives in 2019.

Effective at being secretive, obscure, uninformative? Sure, that’s affordable. We can afford to admit that’s a certainty.

But really, what are they effective at? More effective at getting LaFarge and Carver Laraway to pay for their outrageous campaign? Looks like that’s pretty effective.

More effective at recruiting a gaggle of goons to engage in neonazi tactics, and to disseminate propaganda, while the candidates can sit back and watch their henchmen do their dirty work, while keeping their own hands clean? If we’re talking about being more effective at being villains, scoundrels, liars, deceivers, at being scandalous and hypocritical? Then YES, they are more effective than most.

Our question is: How is any of that good for Coeymans? Collins and Lefevre have no record of effectiveness, so what are they talking about? How can they refer to themselves as the “Comeback Team?” They don’t have anywhere to “come back” from.

But being more effective at anything else? They haven’t done anything else. Collins and Lefevre are new on the scene. George Langdon was a dud on the Town Board; completely ineffective; that’s why we’ve had so little to say about George Langdon. Langdon is simply irrelevant; so unimportant, we don’t want to waste words on him.

So where’s this “More Effective” coming from, anyway. Your guess is as good as ours. I think it’s a smoke and mirrors game. Don’t you.

They just say anything. Just say anything, nobody will remember. They might think that but that would be a very big mistake, boys.

The facts speak for themselves. None of the so-called comeback team can claim to be “open.” George McHugh refused to be interviewed and to answer some very important questions. Maybe that’s what he means by open? His running mates are just as obscure as he is. We can understand that from Collins and Lefevre because they simply haven’t done anything in life to be open about.

But then nothing about George McHugh makes sense, it just makes one sick.

The “more ethical” is the real punch line, and if that doesn’t get McHugh lots of laughter, nothing will. With the public record of his ethics violations, we’d like to ask, “More ethical than what?” Again, Collins and Lefevre have done nothing in life to give them any reason to claim that they are “more ethical” than anything.

More Affordable? We don’t get it. Try as we may, we just don’t get that one. It makes no sense. But then nothing about McHugh makes sense, it just makes one sick.

More Effective? Sorry but we’ve discussed what you’re more effective at, Comeback Team, and we really don’t think Coeymans needs any of it. You have done nothing to prove effectiveness, and we’re certain McHugh doesn’t want to revisit his record of effectiveness back in 2000-2001. He’s just lucky his effectiveness didn’t land his ass in jail or at least get him disbarred. That may yet happen, though.

Read the Excerpts from Segments 1, 2, and 3 of the Crandall Interview:
Crandall Interview: Segment 1
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Plus the Featured Resident Comment:
The Coeymans Clowns, the FoC, Are True to Their Reputation: Thugs

Specifically about George McHugh’s Misinformation Campaign and Lack of Character
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George McHugh: His campaign is up in flames.




Comeback Team’s Fake Promises and Misinformation

Smalbany’s Summary of why George McHugh and his Comeback Losers would be really bad news for Coeymans will be posted on Sunday, November 3, 2019. The key to understanding . Stay tuned!

Nearly everyone in Coeymans received the Comeback Team’s misinformation card shown below. We’d like to tell you a little about the so-called Comeback Team’s 5-Point Plan for Coeymans.

But when you actually think about it, the only wannabe “comeback” is George McHugh, who wants to come back and finish killing Coeymans, something he nearly did in 2000-2001, when he last left his stench in Coeymans Town Hall.

Up until about January 2019, George McHugh spoke to Coeymans Town Supervisor Phil Crandall by phone sometimes twice a week. It now appears that McHugh was mining information for his upcoming hoodlum campaign. Once McHugh announced his candidacy, it was a bit difficult to play false-friend — Judas of Coeymans — and chat with Mr Crandall and get the information he wanted but he had Daniel “Dan” Baker, a mole and confederate, on the Town Board, who would be passing information from Town Board discussions to McHugh. Didn’t work very well because we discovered and exposed Baker!

The McHugh Backpedal.

What McHugh could not know while he was hatching his plans was that Smalbany would be interviewing Mr Crandall, and would offer the same opportunity to George McHugh in September 2019, But by that time McHugh was deeply committed to his lies, as were his goons, the Friends of Coeymans. This situation created a humongous problem for McHugh and his puppets, because they could back-peddle but not fast enough to get out of their own way. Then, when Smalbany decided to not only publish the excerpts but the entire transcription of the complete interview, McHugh’s butt was grass and Smalbany was the lawnmower.

Still, McHugh hoped he could garner at least some poor fools who might not have read the Crandall Interview, and who could still be duped. So the Backpedal Team formerly known as the Comeback Team went ahead and mailed their misinformation cards (see above). And now we can shed some light on those lies, too.

We have already published an article on McHugh’s most recent misinformation and delusions that appeared on October 24, 2019, in the News Herald. Here’s the link if you have not yet read that post: News Herald My View: Comeback Team = Space Cadets!

Comeback Team Fake Campaign Claim & Misinformation:
1. Revitalize Coeymans
by reducing regulations and taxes to attract new business and investment.

Hogwash! What this actually means is getting rid of the existing Town laws such regulations and laws as the Article II Prohibition Against Waste Generated Outside Town Law, the Clean Air Law, and any other local laws that would stand in the way of the waste-burning plans of LaFarge, and the storage of contaminated waste by Carver Companies and Billy Biers. It would also override environmental provisions for our natural environment.

As for reducing taxes, Carver Laraway is already paying ridiculously low property taxes on his properties, as are other large businesses in the area. Carver Laraway has received numerous P.I.L.O.T. tax abatements for new business in the Port of Coeymans and Coeymans Industrial Park. By providing corporate welfare and tax reductions for large businesses, and reduced assessments for those businesses, the Town reduces its revenues from them and the tax burden falls on the residential and small property owners of the Town. Supervisor Crandall and his Board have promised a revaluation which will take some of the burden off of Coeymans homeowners and small property owners and make the big businesses carry their fair share. Bad news for McHugh and his crew.

In the Crandall Interview, Mr. Crandall promises a revaluation. His reasoning is that local business have been subsidized by homeowners because of the fact that businesses have not been carrying their fair share of assessments and taxes. Up to now, businesses have been assessed at 85% + receiving various abatements, while homeowners have been assessed at about 90%. Crandall wants to revaluate so that business carries it’s fare share, taking some of the burden off of the homeowner.

Comeback Team Fake Campaign Claim & Misinformation:
2. Redirect Heavy Trucks from Main Street, and expand parks and services to improve quality of life.

Taken almost directly from the Crandall Interview. If you have read the Crandall Interview, you will see throughout that document that the Crandall Board has accomplished many projects and some are being implemented as we write, others are in solid plans awaiting the budget, responses to grant applications, or finalizing grants.

Mr. Crandall has already said he wants to work with LaFarge and with Carver Companies (Coeymans Industrial Park) to find a way to re-route traffic away from the Village and the Hamlet, and through the industrial areas, where it should be.

Up until recently (about mid-2018), McHugh was in contact with Mr. Crandall a couple of times a week. We have not asked what they talked about but you can be sure that before McHugh announced his plans to run for Supervisor, he did his very best to get as much out of Crandall as he could. Once he spoiled that communication by announcing his plans to run for Supervisor, he gave marching orders to Daniel Baker, a sitting Town Board member, to be his mole on the Board, and to stymie anything worth stymieing, and report the rest to McHugh.

Working on re-routing traffic off of Main Street Ravena is NOT McHugh’s idea; it’s Phil Crandall’s and the Crandall Board’s (Tom Dolan) idea.

Comeback Team Fake Campaign Claim& Misinformation:
3. Improve Town Operations and Make Town Government Less Expensive
through consolidation, update, comprehensive plan to allow for new investment, and strengthen ethics law.

All foreign words to McHugh and the Comebacks!

Again, some vague indistinct claim to do something that has already been done and is continuing very successfully under Phil Crandall’s leadership and the work of the Crandall Town Board.

Again, all this has been done and is continuing under Phil Crandall! Crandall, when during his very first term put his foot down and stopped wanton spending, insisting that the debt be eliminated and the borrowing stop, until the Town was again in the black. He succeeded beyond any expectations and against all odds, given that his measures made enemies both within Town Hall as well as outside. But he did it!

Read the Crandall Interview for the details and how much he saved the Town and is still doing so. The Interview tells it all in detail, so we won’t duplicate it here.

The biggest joke is McHugh’s reference to ethics. Ethics of all things coming from McHugh or anyone on the McHugh A-List is a very bad joke.

Can McHugh even spell the word e*t*h*i*c*s, if it’s not in the caption of a Summons and Complaint served on him to appear to answer for his own ethics violations? McHugh was the defendant in ethics violations when he was serving a counsel to the State Racing and Wagering Commission, when he represented a client before that same board. Conflict of Interest. He was investigation on ethics charges by the New York State Attorney General in that same case. McHugh was investigated by his own Republican Board when he was last Supervisor, that is, in 2000-2001, for having Town land surveyed and including his own properties in that survey, with the Town paying for the surveying of his private property. What about the annexation of his property to Ravena so he could access water and sewerage. And now he wants to strengthen ethics law? He’d be putting himself out of business, and out on the street if he did that.

George McHugh’s lips must char when the word “ethics” passes over them. The man’s entire history is populated with charges of ethics violations and now he has the nerve to propose “strengthening ethics laws?” He must really think Coeymans voters are complete a**holes!

Comeback Team Fake Campaign Claim & Misinformation:
4. Oppose an Unfair Reassessment of Property
that will result in higher taxes.

Up to now, homeowners have taken up the slack for businesses.
Crandall: Everyone has to pay their fair share.
No more free ride for businesses.

Again, read the Crandall Interview. Mr. Crandall explains exactly what the revaluation will do: reduce the burden on homeowners while making businesses pay their fair share. We’re certain McHugh and his clients Carver Laraway, Billy Biers, and Lafarge, and his supporters like the RCS Community Business Association and Aaron Flach are running themselves ragged, in a panic now! What? Businesses pay their fair share of taxes? Not while McHugh’s around!

The only ones who will think the reassessments will be unfair are those who have been getting breaks all along. Ridiculously low assessments on properties (all reported in the Albany Times Union for Carver Laraway and Carver Companies), property tax abatements (for example, a $450,000 reduction in property tax to Aaron Flach for Faith Plaza), P.I.L.O.T. (payment in lieu of taxes) for Carver Laraway and his tenants at the Port and the Industrial Park. And the list goes on.

Read the Crandall Interview! Mr. Crandall raises his hands in desperation. “How much money can one man want? How many tax reductions does he want? How greedy can he be?” (Referring to Carver Laraway) We think we all know the answer to those questions. Whatever Coeymans has left, they want.

McHugh and his puppets are referring to McHugh’s keepers and handlers, his clients, when he mouths the words, “unfair reassessment,” the assessment is unfair only to those, who might have to start paying their fair share.

Comeback Team Campaign Claim& Misinformation:
5. Allow for residents to vote on any new important town laws or the repeal of existing laws.

McHugh and his Comeback Goons don’t “allow” anything. The LAW allows us to decide!


ALLOW?!? They’re going to ALLOW residents to vote? Who in hell do they think they are?!? THEY’RE going to ALLOW us to vote on our laws??? The Law of the Land allows us to vote on our laws in what is called the referendum!!! We don’t need George McHugh or his neonazi goons or his phony Comeback Team to allow us to do anything…except to make sure they don’t get anywhere near Coeymans Town Hall!!! We have provisions in Municipal and Town Law for referendums, and home rule provisions. Voters have the right to repeal or to allow any laws, not the Town Board without the approval of the people!

Well, we all know where this one is going, don’t we? McHugh came out with big guns and LaFarge and Laraway bucks to fight agains the passage of the Clean Air Law. They want to get rid of any obstacle to LaFarge’s or Carver Companies’ plans to “Take Back Coeymans” from residents.

Here’s how it works: McHugh packs the Town Board with his puppets, who are trained to do what they are told. McHugh stands in the background deciding which laws go and which laws come in. Of course, McHugh recuses himself from the deliberation and the voting, but just for appearances.

The new laws and the old laws for deletion are put out for public hearing and comment but guess who is in the middle of the public gallery? Friends of Coeymans, who will make certain no one is opposed. Anyone who even looks like he’s or she’s not one of them will have Jeff LaQuire or another Clown in his or her face with the smartphone. Any private side discussions will have one of the Clowns standing there with his smartphone recording the discussion. It’s happening already and you think it’s going to get better if McHugh’s running the show?’Better think again.

Now, the law come up for a vote, a referendum if the public is to vote on it. Who do you think will show up to vote?

And when there’s a public outcry when the results are announced in, Guess where? the Ravena News Herald, of course, McHugh and his puppets will smugly point out that “You had your chance to come to public hearing, to make public comment. Where were you?” and the Friends of Coeymans will be touching up their Clown makeup, smirking, “How’d we do, Daddy McHugh?

You don’t have to have the gift of prophesy to read the writing on the wall.

Once again, we have to emphasize that the Crandall Interview explains all of this and debunks everything McHugh has to say. The Crandall Interview is a must-read before you vote!

In addition, here are the links to the Smalbany investigative articles on McHugh and other related subjects. If you haven’t read them, please read them. Most of his corrupt and crooked operations have been reported in the media, and are out there for all to read on sources like the Times Union and other news media. We provide the links to those articles just to show that we are not investigating and reporting false facts. That’s not how Smalbany operates.


Read the Excerpts from Segments 1, 2, and 3 of the Crandall Interview:
Crandall Interview: Segment 1
Crandall Interview: Segment 2
Crandall Interview: Segment 3

Plus the Featured Resident Comment:
The Coeymans Clowns, the FoC, Are True to Their Reputation: Thugs

Specifically about George McHugh’s Misinformation Campaign and Lack of Character
George McHugh: Dishonorable Scoundrel! How Dare You!!!
George McHugh: Conspiracy, Misrepresentation, Possible Fraud?
News Herald My View: Comeback Team = Space Cadets!

George McHugh’s Cowardice: Refusal to Interview, Refusal to Debate Mr Crandall
George McHugh: Wallowing Sows and Vomiting Dogs
George McHugh: The Interview That Wasn’t – Part II

George McHugh: His campaign is up in flames.




News Herald My View: Comeback Team = Space Cadets!

The Smalbany Summary of Why George McHugh and his Comeback Losers Team are Bad News for Coeymans will be published on Sunday, November 3, 2019. Stay tuned!

In a My View piece appearing in the Ravena News Herald on October 24, 2019, George McHugh and his Band of Merry Morons make absolute fools of themselves. It’s incredible how desperate the so-called “Comeback Team” is getting but it’s downright insulting how they think they can play Coeymans residents and voters for fools.

Did they really write that?
Did the News Herald really publish it?
Somebody please tell me it’s a joke.

Yes. We agree, George McHugh’s Comeback Team will bring “change” and it won’t be what you’re all expecting. It’ll be change, all right, but will you and your chlidren and grandchildren be able to live through it.

Sure, McHugh and his group will bring change, and after he’s done, he’ll go back to his $700,000 house in Delmar, while the rest of us are choking on black soot and smoke, courtesy of LaFarge and their garbage and tire burning, and while we’re choking on dust and dodging huge trucks on Main Street, Ravena, thanks to Carver Companies. Sure, McHugh and his puppet pups Collins, whose father is in with Carver Laraway and the Port of Coeymans, and Lefevre, who is looking to get a foot in the door by championing “business interests.” Sure, there’ll be change and plenty of it.

Crandall brought clean air, repaved roads, sidewalks, clean water, beautiful parks back to Coeymans. He’s also fully supported Coeymans businesses with tax abatements and improved infrastructure.

Just read what we had to say about McHugh’s record on your air and water quality. When McHugh was last in the Supervisor’s office he padding his own nest, while the raw sewerage was running into Coeymans Creek, the Marina, and the Hudson. Crandall brought clean air, paved roads, clean water, beautiful parks back to Coeymans. McHugh wants to change all that and make Carver Laraway King Carver, and reap the benefits from his Judas work.

We are at a loss how the likes of George McHugh with ethics violations involving money and corruption following him everywhere he goes, can possibly point a finger.

George McHugh and his band of merry morons must think the people and voters of Coeymans are a gaggle of village idiots! Why else would he start off a letter appearing in My View in the October 24, 2019, News Herald with a saying that flies right in his face!?!

McHugh and his band of merry morons start off the article with a “famous slogan” that goes like this:

“Before they tell you what they are going to do, ask them what they have done.”

Look, Georgie, if you;re going to throw a slogan around, make certain it doesn’t boomerang back and hit you in the face…

We agree. We agree! That’s why we published the Crandall Interview. That’s why George McHugh refused to interview or to debate.

It’s actually laughingly ironic: George McHugh and his Comeback Team, Collins and Lefevre, for the past several months have been telling everyone what they’re going to do, because the Comeback Team have done literally nothing. Look, Georgie, if you;re going to throw a slogan around, make certain it doesn’t boomerang back and hit you in the face, morons!

We say they are a band of merry morons because they wrote the piece, and the News Herald published the piece, immediately on the heels of our having published the Crandall Interview. The Crandall Interview smashed the McHugh campaign to bits! It provided a comprehensive history of exactly what Crandall and his Board has done for Coeymans, and if you haven’t read either our excerpts or the transcripts of the Interview, you really must do that before the elections. (Please use the links at the end of this article.)

We all know why George McHugh, Zach Collins and Lefevre are running as the Comback Team. It’s all about money.

Just follow the money to the McHugh’s Kremlin in Coeymans.

Now ask yourelf – better yet, ask George McHugh and his merry band of morons, Zach Collins, Brendan Lefevre, and George “Grinning” Langdon, why McHugh refused to be interviewed? We would have loved to have asked him what he has done but he’d probably have to claim the 5th in order not to incriminate himself. Yes! What has George McHugh done? Or Zach Collins? Or Brendan Lefevre? Please, someone tell us! We’re all ears!

Well, they make great lap dogs.

But the fact is: McHugh refused three times to be interviewed, and so we had to publish the facts we had without his defenses. McHugh also refused three times to debate Mr. Crandall. Why do you think that is? Here’s why: Cowards and criminals hide behind a wall of silence!

So it’s incredible that McHugh, Collins, Lefevre, and Langdon would choose a slogan like that to start off their blather. It just makes no sense to shoot yourself in the foot!!! And they want to run Coeymans?!?

Another fact Coeymans voters need to take to heart: The McHugh band of merry morons calls itself the “Comeback Team” but the only one trying to come back is George McHugh! George Langdon was a dud and no one really knows if he was ever really here or just a rumor; he did absolutely nothing while on the Coeymans Town Board. But back to George McHugh: He’s the only one on the so-called “Comeback Team” who’s coming back. And he’s coming back with a plan to pad his pockets.

Sorry, George, you can run but you can’t hide!

Given the fact that George McHugh refused to be interviewed and refused to debate Phil Crandall, isn’t it a bit nutz that McHugh and his merry band of morons should write something like this: “An unwillingness by an incumbent like Supervisor Crandall to discuss his own record…the Crandall team can only offer insults and innuendo rather than accomplishment, ambition and a vision of progress.”

That is proof positive that George McHugh and his merry band of morons have their heads totally up their butts. Phil Crandall just spent two hours being grilled by Smalbany in an interview that was more than 13,000 words long and made 50 pages of transcription!!! It’s all available for the public to read! Smalbany takes no prisoners but Crandall did beautifully, and made it quite clear that Crandall and his Board have done great things for Coeymans and for Coeymans business, and there’s more coming.

But really, what’s the point, McHugh? Mr Crandall has been in office for 2 terms, 4 years, and has been doing a great job!

What’s your point in bringing a long dead subject up now? Mr Crandall has been in office for 2 terms, 4 years, and has been doing a great job! Crandall has proved he is an effective leader and an ethical and competent Supervisor. Mr. Crandall has always been right up front with his having resigned from the position of Town Justice. Even we at Smalbany have said he was stabbed in the back by Hal Warner and Nancy Warner for political reasons. We said so and published our observations way before there was any threat of George McHugh and the Comeback conspiracy. Crandall, in all truth and justice, resigned, and he explained why he resigned. George McHugh is completely aware of the true facts but won’t admit them. Collins and Lefevre were nowhere around at the time so they can’t have anything to say about it. But really, what’s the point, McHugh? Mr Crandall has proved what he can do and has a great record to show for it. What do you have to show us McHugh, Collins, Lefevre?

Zip it! McHugh

With George McHugh’s record of ethics violations that were investigated not only by the NYS Racing and Wagering Board, the NYS Attorney General, and by McHugh’s own Republican Board back in 2000-2001, when he was misappropriating Town of Coeymans taxpayer dollars should put the lid on McHugh’s misplaced allegations of ethics violations.

We are unimpressed by petition signatures being thrown out in Court. Just look at what happened to Pete Kusminsky’s petitions in Greene County, when he submitted them to be on the Independence Party ballot. His unethical opponent, Diane Benoit, challenged the signatures and had them thrown out on a technicality: They weren’t properly bound!!! Unbelievable, but that’s what happens. There are many other examples, too, so don’t play that card, McHugh. Stupid!

McHugh and his merry band of morons claim that they got Conservative and Independence party endorsements by wide margins. First of all, the Conservative party is the stepchild of the Republican party, it’s a rubber-stamp party posing as an autonomous party. The Albany County Independence party is a third party that will endorse any candidate that comes along with a good lie/line (personal communication from one of our contributors, an Independence Party Committee member!). That’s changing rapidly, especially in Greene County, where the Independence party may just outpace the Republican and Democratic parties, who are becoming irrelevant both locally and beyond.

Be not mistaken, the Albany & State Independence Party is the same bunch that threw out Pete Kuzminsky’s signatures for the Independence Party ballot, and endorsed Diane Benoit, without consulting the Greene County Independence party where she was running for sheriff? Greene County Weasels published two articles on Benoit. Read them and get a better understanding:

Diana Benoit: Questionable Ethics
Playing the Gender Card is a Big Mistake
Diana Meets Amateur Radio

Pete Kuzminsky is kicking ass in Greene County.

Are we perhaps missing something important here? Does the democratic process, the system of open and free elections require that each municipality run at least one total idiot? Is this a test to see if voters have all their marbles? Coeymans has George McHugh, and Greene County has Diane Benoit. Is this a major joke?

And pigs have wings, too. Right George?

And pigs have wings, right George? To be honest, anyone who picks up the Ravena News Herald and believes what George McHugh or any of his band of merry morons write, has a real big problem, and we have a bridge to sell, if you’re interested.

We have published facts and everything that refutes, rebuffs, and contradicts what George McHugh and his band of merry morons write in that October 24, 2019, My View op-ed in the Ravena News Herald. The whole thing is pure rubbish and distorts well-known facts and common knowledge. It’s incredible that anything like that could have gotten into print, but then we’re talking about the Ravena News Herald, aren’t we? It’s common knowledge that George McHugh and Mark Vinciguerra (publisher and owner of the Ravena News Herald) are in bed together; the News Herald is making big bucks from the full-page ads being run by George McHugh in his desperate attempt to take over Coeymans. Lafarge and Carver Laraway are major advertisers in the Ravena News Herald, and George McHugh is their closet “general counsel.” No ethics violations three, right? No conflict of interest there, right? And you can’t see the corruption and weasel-dealing going on? And pigs have wings, right?

Please take a moment and convince yourselves. Read the Crandall Interview and you’ll clearly see McHugh’s deceptions.

George McHugh and his so-called Comeback Team are clearly very desperate, so desperate they can’t even distinguish between their delusions and common knowledge, reality the rest of us inhabit!

Read the Excerpts from Segments 1, 2, and 3 of the Crandall Interview:
Crandall Interview: Segment 1
Crandall Interview: Segment 2
Crandall Interview: Segment 3

Plus the Featured Resident Comment:
The Coeymans Clowns, the FoC, Are True to Their Reputation: Thugs

Specifically about George McHugh’s Lack of Character
George McHugh: Dishonorable Scoundrel! How Dare You!!!
George McHugh: Conspiracy, Misrepresentation, Possible Fraud?

George McHugh is Getting Desperate


George McHugh: The Interview That Wasn’t – Part II

Smalbany’s Summary of why George McHugh and his Comeback Losers would be really bad news for Coeymans will be posted on Sunday, November 3, 2019. Stay tuned!

“Are you listening, or are you busy forming opinions?”
Akiroq Brost

All persons discussed on this blog are public figures. A public figure is a person of public interest or familiarity such as a government official, politician, celebrity, business leader, social media personality, the leader of a group with a public presence, or a person who has chosen to conspicuously enter the public’s eye. Incorrect or harmful statements published about a public figure cannot be the basis of a lawsuit for defamation unless there is proof that the writer or publisher intentionally defamed the person with malice, that is, knew at the time of publishing the statement that the statement was false.

Proverbs 26:11 / 2 Peter 2;22
Pigs do what pigs do.

The Interview that Wasn’t – PART II

Don’t forget our guiding legal maxim that goes like this
“”Silence is admission of guilt when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.
George McHugh’s refusal to speak out and defend himself is an admission of his guilt!

  1. According to our information, you serve in several capacities as a paid consultant or employee of the Carver Companies. Will you be resigning those positions if you are elected?

McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

This has already been covered in Question #, above. McHugh doesn’t concern himself with details like conflict of interest. His opinion of Coeymans voters is so low, he doesn’t think anyone in Coeymans even gives it a though. His arrogant response to the Times Union reporter, was, after all: “The only people who have brought it up is the Times Union.” That’s clearly untrue.

  1. How will your cozy relationships with Carver Laraway and the Carver group of companies affect your fitness to be Supervisor of the Town of Coeymans?

According to McHugh, he sees no problem with continuing to do Carver Laraway’s legal work for him even if McHugh were to be elected to be Coeymans Town supervisor. That’s absolutely ridiculous!

McHugh is unfit to be Coeymans Town Supervisor for a great many reasons; his own admission that he would continue to do Carver Laraway’s legal work for Carver Companies should seal the question forever. McHugh is unfit to be Coeymans Town Supervisor, and his running mates would only be his puppets on the Coeymans Town Board, if they were to be elected. This is an all or none situation: None of the McHugh camp should be elected to Coeymans Town offices; with or without McHugh, they would still be McHugh’s tools in Coeymans Town Hall.

  1. You were outspoken in your opposition to the Town of Coeymans clean air law which purported to ensure good air and environmentally friendly air quality but you campaign on a promise to improve quality of life in Coeymans. How does opposition to clean air advocate quality of life for Coeymans residents?

    McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

McHugh came out big-time against the Clean Air Law both in public and behind the scenes. There’s a history behind his opposition, even if you choose to ignore the fact that at the time he was, and still is, deeply involved with LaFarge’s interests and in Carver Companies, both of whom are powerful opponents of the environment.

Back in 1995, the Coeymans Town Board passed Article II Prohibition Against Waste Generated Outside Town [Adopted 3-13-1995 by L.L. No. 1-1995], which reads in relevant part:

A clean, wholesome, attractive environment is declared to be of importance to the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the Town of Coeymans (“town”). It is further declared that the importation of solid waste generated within the State of New York and outside the town to any site within the town is a hazard to such health, safety and welfare, necessitating the elimination thereof.

The importation of solid waste generated outside the town to any site within the town is hereby prohibited. Said prohibition shall apply only to solid waste generated within the State of New York.

But if you read § 138-17 carefully, you will note the wording “Said prohibition shall apply only to solid waste generated within the State of New York.” We have to ask ourselves: “Why only solid waste generated within the State of New York”? The answer at first blush may be quite simple: because a landfill was in the works, and Coeymans did not want a landfill. The landfill plan was defeated. But the question remains: Do we want garbage and waste in our communities regardless of whether the business interests want to bury it or burn it?

Check out this video on how bringing in solid waste for burning has affected a community. Residents of Chester, Pennsylvania, are fearing an increase in pollution from the local Covanta incinerator, due to it becoming a destination for recyclable materials after China’s recent ban on their importation. (March 1, 2019, Contact:

Enter McHugh and LaFarge. They tried to sneak into Coeymans waste from Connecticut to be burned at the LaFarge plant. Those simple sevem words “generated within the State of New York “, at the time innocently made by Coeymans lawmakers, came to good use for McHugh and LaFarge: it mean they could bring Connecticut’s rubbish to Coeymans!. That is, until a vigilant Phil Crandall and his Board caught wind of the potential environmental disaster planned by McHugh and his clients.

We have advised the Town of Coeymans to fix that law to include solid or other waste from anywhere, not just from outside of New York State!

Crandall and his Board fought hard to keep waste not only from within the town, from within the state of New York, but now Connecticut’s rubbish, garbage, and waste from being transported to Coeymans to be burned at LaFarge. McHugh fought hard to kill the Law but failed.

The former law prohibiting dumping of solid waste in Coeymans was good in its time but with the new challenges to the health and wellbeing of Coeymans residents being brought by McHugh and his clients, Crandall and his Board had to act quickly, effectively, and decisively to avoid an environmental and health and well-being catastrophe. They passed the Clean Air Law.

  1. In terms of improvement of quality of life, and other than opposing clean air, what other proposals do you have for Quality of Life improvements?

    McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

The short answer: McHugh has NONE. He’s simply parroting what Crandall and the Crandall Board have already done or are currently working on. McHugh is not interested in Coeymans or in the health of Coeymans residents. He’s paid big bucks to represent the interests of Carver Laraway and LaFarge. Besides, McHugh claims a Coeymans residence only to get himself on the ballot; he actually lives in Delmar, and he’ll go back to Delmar when he’s done ruining Coeymans.

The only quality-of-life proposals that McHugh has are for his own benefit, not ours.

McHugh’s plan for Quality of Life in Coeymans.

  1. In you campaign ads you suggest that you will do a number of things if elected. But our investigations show that you would not have the authority to make good on those promises. What do you have to say about that?

McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt

McHugh knows he’s blowing smoke. He’s an attorney for heaven’s sake! He knows he can’t do most of what he’s promising. First of all, it’s not in the power or authority of a Town Supervisor to do things like that. Secondly, the Town Board must pass any resolution, even if the Supervisor introduces the motion. Thirdly, McHugh has no say in what the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation or the New York State Department of Transportation say, do, or decide! Telling the people of Coeymans or, worse, promising to do things he would have no power or authority to do is an outright deception, a lie! But that’s how McHugh works. Promise everything but don’t explain how it’s going to get done.

  1. As former owner of the Ravena News Herald, can you please comment on your relationship with Mark Vinciguerra and the Ravena News Herald, now owned by V. as part of his Capital Region Independent Media?

Anyone who knows the recent history of the Ravena News Herald and McHugh’s relationship with his long-time bro’, Mark Vinciguerra, owner of Capital Region Independent Media, Inc. (CRIMe), and publisher of the Ravena News Herald, would have to be blind not to notice the coziness. McHugh owned the News Herald before Vinciguerra. McHugh moved his law offices into the former News Herald building, moved Vinciguerra and his CRIM and the News Herald out, and into McHugh’s old offices on Main Street, Ravena.

A huge portion of the paid advertising in the Ravena News Herald is commercial propaganda for LaFarge and Carver Companies, including the Port of Coeymans and the Coeymans Industrial Park, clients of McHugh.

Need we say more???

  1. Do you currently hold an ownership or financial interest in the Ravena News Herald?

McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

Moot question. Does a bear sh*t in the woods? Did we come down with the last shower? Of course he has “financial” interest in the News Herald.

  1. What do you feel you can offer Coeymans that current Town Supervisor Crandall cannot?

    McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

McHugh can offer more corruption. More special consideration of special interests. Less citizen participation in local government? You can be sure that McHugh’s goons, the Clowns of Coeymans won’t be disappearing should McHugh by some stroke of bad luck be elected, do you? They’ll be his enforcers, and they’ll enjoy every minute of the harassment and abuse they’ll heap on anyone opposed to anything McHugh wants to do. Are we stupid?

Is this what you want for Coeymans?
This was going on during McHugh’s term as Supervisor!
Crandall stopped it!!

  1. What would be your major criticisms of Mr. Crandall and the current Coeymans Town Board?

    McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

One of the major criticisms McHugh would raise is that the Crandall and his Town Board (with the exception of McHugh’s mole-on-the-Board, Dan Baker) do everything by the book and not at the beck and call of Carver Larway or Billy Biers or LaFarge. That’s why Carver Laraway and Billy Biers appeared at the Coeymans Town Board meetings to whine. It was a staged performance produce and directed by George McHugh to make it look like the Crandall Board might be unfriendly to business. But the Smalbany blog did the research and the interview to show that Carver Laraway and Billy Biers are just as much Coeymans Clowns as Jeff LaQuire, Nate Boomer, and Chris Hagen are. But wouldn’t you expect better from so-called successful business? Normally, YES!. But this is not a normal situation.

We can honestly confirm, on the record, that Carver Laraway and Billy Biers were misinforming the public, if not lying outright, and concealing the facts that they had and were receiving numerous benefits and tax abatements promoting their business activities LEGALLY from the Crandall Board. Carver Laraway’s people refused to provide information necessary for processing a request; not the Board’s fault. Billy Biers just go fed up with the DEC’s requirements and withdrew his warehouse application; nothing whatsoever to do with the Crandall Board or with the Town. We have the letters and the documents to prove what we say.

  1. Given the questions regarding the role of the Coeymans Police Department in the death of 19-year old Riley Kern: What would your plan be for the Town of Coeymans Police Department.

    McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

McHugh is not going to mess with the Coeymans Police Department. First of all, most of them are just standing around until they can collect their pensions. That’s all. The Coeymans Police Department is incompetent and useless. Most of the younger ones will leave to go elsewhere once they have some experience. Contento and the seniors will just disappear into pension-land, to continue soaking the public.

Getting rid of the Coeymans Police Department would piss off a large number of locals, yes brainless ones, but nonetheless potential votes. McHugh would just let the Department whither away and die. It’s just easier that way.

  1. Hypothetically, if you were Town Supervisor, how would you show good faith in responding to the many questions in the Riley Kern wrongful death case?

First of all, George McHugh has no idea what the term “good faith” might mean. So should we stop here? McHugh has already stated his position. In an email to the dead boy’s mother in which she appeals to him for help, McHugh says he is too “conflicted” to help. In other words, he’s too busy to bother with the problems of a dead boy’s mother, who lives in Kansas. Case closed. Bye.

Do you think you could expect better treatment if it were your son who was killed by the brother of one of your henchmen? One of the Friends of Coeymans clowns who are working so hard for McHugh, Chris Hagen, is Travis Hagen’s brother. Travis Hagen was the driver of the pick-up truck that collided with Riley Kern’s motorcycle, causing the boy’s death. The Coeymans Police Department (Police Patrolman Ian Foard) screwed up the investigation and acting Coeymans PD chief at the time, now Police Sergeant, Daniel Contento reviewed and approved the botched Accident Investigation Report.

To be honest, Mr. Crandall could not answer questions regarding the incident, because the Town Attorney advised he decline to answer, since it appears a lawsuit is pending. Crandall’s hands are tied. McHugh’s are not; McHugh just refuses to do anything. There’s a big difference.

  1. There is evidence that acting Coeymans Police Chief Mr. Daniel Contento and Coeymans police officer Ian Foard had handled the Riley Kern investigation not only unprofessionally but professionally negligently. We are aware that you have been in contact and communicating with Mrs Kern about her son’s death. If elected, what would you as Town of Coeymans Supervisor, in cooperation with the Town Board controlled by your group, plan to do to support Emily Kern’s efforts to get recognition for her son, and to make amends for the circumstances of his death?

McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

Basically the same answer as for No. 17. No sense in beating a dead horse. McHugh blew the boy’s mother off, dissed her. Simple as that. We have a copy of the email and may yet publish it.

  1. What would be your five priority TO DO items for immediate action upon taking office, if you were elected Town of Coeymans Supervisor?

McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

Here’s our list, based on McHugh’s history and our research:

  • Kill the Clean Air Law, or at least change it so that it’s toothless; it’s bad for Lafarge’s garbage-burning business plans..
  • Review the 1995 Article II Prohibition Against Waste Generated Outside Town and delete it or amend it so that its more favorable to McHugh’s clients’interests.
  • Disband the Coeymans Conservation Advisory Committee; they’re too interested in clean air, clean soil, clean water. Bad for McHugh’s clients’ businesses.
  • Train Collins, Lefevre, Baker to be good little puppets and how to dance to McHugh’s tune..
  • See No. 18. The rest are just too numerous to list. Besides, we can’t see into McHugh’s devious mind, so anything we list would be pure speculation. We prefer to speak to facts and to report true facts.

This was going on during McHugh’s term as Supervisor!
Crandall stopped it!!

  1. Apart from any new industrial developments in the works, and given the small business situation in the Town of Coeymans, what would your plan be to encourage and to support small business creation and development in the Town of Coeymans, particularly in and around Ravena, the Hamlet of Coeymans, and the beautiful waterfront available to the Town and its residents and small businesses?

    McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

We honestly don’t see much in the McHugh agenda that addresses any plans for small businesses. First of all, McHugh is more interested in the dirty industry in Coeymans, because that’s where the real money is. Small businesses would be out of the question because small businesses rely on a population that would patronize them. The kind of population that would be left in Coeymans after McHugh and his clients’ finish destroying the environment, polluting the air, soil and water, and ruining the waterfront and other natural treasures, would not be the type to patronize any small business of any real worth.

McHugh will likely go back to living in Delmar after one term of destroying Coeymans. Carver Laraway doesn’t live in Coeymans and would probably retire far from Altamont, where he now claims to live. As for the executives and management of LaFarge, they don’t and wouldn’t live in Coeymans after they’re done with the Town.

No, McHugh is not what we would call a friend of the little man, not a friend of small business. Not be a long shot.

  1. Will you be continuing your law practice if elected to be Coeymans Town Supervisor? If so, would you continue to provide legal services to Carver Laraway and the Carver Companies?

    McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

George McHugh has already answered this question himself, in a Times Union Interview in May 2019. His answer was: YES. And he went further to say that if there’s a conflict of interest, no one in Coeymans cares; only the Times Union asked the question. So you think about that, and let us know what you think. Do YOU as a resident of Coeymans, YOU as a VOTER, DO YOU CARE if there’s a conflict of interest with George McHugh continuing to accept business from Carver Companies, LaFarge, etc. if McHugh or any of his people are elected to run Coeymans? Is George McHugh right is telling the Times Union no one in Coeymans Cares?

Besides, how would you ever know?

Read the Excerpts from Segments 1, 2, and 3 of the Crandall Interview:
Crandall Interview: Segment 1
Crandall Interview: Segment 2
Crandall Interview: Segment 3

Plus the Featured Resident Comment:
The Coeymans Clowns, the FoC, Are True to Their Reputation: Thugs

Specifically about George McHugh’s Misinformation Campaign and Lack of Character
George McHugh: Dishonorable Scoundrel! How Dare You!!!
George McHugh: Conspiracy, Misrepresentation, Possible Fraud?
News Herald My View: Comeback Team = Space Cadets!

George McHugh’s Cowardice: Refusal to Interview, Refusal to Debate Mr Crandall
George McHugh: Wallowing Sows and Vomiting Dogs
George McHugh: The Interview That Wasn’t – Part II




George McHugh: Wallowing Sows and Vomiting Dogs – Part I

Smalbany’s Summary of why George McHugh and his Comeback Losers would be really bad news for Coeymans will be posted on Sunday, November 3, 2019.  Stay tuned!

It’s Sunday so let’s talk Holy Scripture:
“As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly”
(Proverbs 26:11 / 2 Peter 2:22)

How Proverbs and 2 Peter apply to George McHugh.

2 Peter 2:22 concludes Peter’s teaching about those who had gone astray and fallen in the gutter by their deceits. He has in mind those who had come into contact with the community of the righteous, only to return to the sinfulness of the hypocrites and the world.  Similarly, those kind of men are like a pig who can be scrubbed clean, but soon returns to wallow in the muck again. In other words, these men never truly changed in their nature or their character. Dogs and pigs do what dogs and pigs do; there’s no changing them. Men like that show that they never changed, and it stands to reason that they are still exactly what they used to be. The verse describes George McHugh perfectly.

At this point, we believe that when George McHugh started his campaign, he thought it would be Coeymans-as-usual. Just go out there, tell them what they want to hear, trash your opponents, tell some lies, make some promises you’ll never keep, and they’ll repay you with their vote. Not this time, boys.

We don’t think that McHugh had a clue about how his campaign would draw such attention. He never planned on the inquiries, the investigation, the uncovering of so many unsavory and off-putting examples of his dishonesty, unethical conduct and professional ethics violations, his deceitfulness, and his disdain for transparency and answering the public’s questions. His arrogance is particularly troubling.

Sorry, Georgie, did we surprise you?

McHugh never expected the analysis and the scrutiny that his background and his conduct would elicit. But here it is, Georgie Boy.

That’s why we chose those Bible verses especially for you; the have particularly special meaning that applies beautifully to you, George McHugh.

Back in September, we invited both candidates for Coeymans Town Supervisor, incumbent Phil Crandall and challenger George McHugh, to be interviewed by an impartial, non-partisan, interviewer, in the presence of an observer for the interviewee and a community observer. Smalbany provided both candidates with a set of Proposed Interview Questions, so that the interviewees would have the opportunity to do their preparation and provide the best-possible answers. Smalbany’s interviewer would be expected to ask the set questions but also had the discretion to ask additional questions.

The current Coeymans Town Supervisor, Mr. Phillip Crandall, responded almost immediately to our invitation with a confirmation that he would be willing to be interviewed, and left it up to Smalbany to suggest [a] possible date[s]. Mr. Crandall was interviewed on October 16, 2019, for more than two hours. Smalbany published selected excerpts from the Crandall Interview in three Segments, and provided the full transcripts for readers to view or download.

We are providing the links below to those excerpts, where you will also find links to the complete transcripts of the interview.

George D. McHugh, candidate opposing Mr. Crandall, is running alongside Zach Collins and Brendan Lefevre, both running for seats on the Coeymans Town Board, and George Langdon, a former Coeymans Town Board member, now running for a seat on the County Legislature. The closest classical saying we can come up with is from Benjamin Franklin:

This one’s for Zach Collins and Brendan Lefevre.

Smalbany contacted George McHugh at the same time that we contacted Mr. Crandall. Mr. Crandall responded almost immediately; McHugh refused to respond. Smalbany contacted McHugh in two follow-ups but McHugh continued to refuse to respond.

McHugh refused to answer questions.

McHugh followed the same pattern when it came to the proposed debates between Mr. Crandall and McHugh: three opportunities and McHugh refused all three.

This raises important questions for the Coeymans community: First: If McHugh won’t respond to questions now, what can you expect if somehow he gets elected? Second: What is he hiding?

There is a legal maxim that goes like this
“”Silence is admission of guilt when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”
Mr. McHugh, being an attorney, must have applied that maxim many times; now we apply it to him.

We’ll start with the actual questions we sent to George McHugh with all three of our invitations to interview. We’ll then move on to questions that have been raised in the course of our research, questions that point to very serious character and professional defects in George McHugh that make him unfit for public office, and may even subject him to professional discipline as an attorney.

We will present the questions and our findings in two parts, the first of which we will publish today and Part II, on Tuesday.

PART I – The McHugh Interview that Wasn’t.

Questions that George McHugh has avoided answering

  1. You were elected to be Town of Coeymans Supervisor back in 2001, served one term, and then did not run for a second term. Why was that?

McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

We actually covered this question in two separate articles on the Smalbany blog, so we’ll just refer you to those articles for the details, and recap briefly here: In a Ravena News Herald Article back in 2001, and in a letter to the editor in May 2001, McHugh gave as his reasons for not running for re-election in 2001: his family and his law practice. In March 2019, he changes his story: In an article in the Ravena News Herald, and in his campaign pieces mailed to Coeymans residents, McHugh now claims it was his sense of duty and patriotism after the events of 9/11. George McHugh desecrates the memory and sacrifices of 9/11, and attempts to exploit the giref and emotions associated with the national tragedy of 9/11 to gain political benefit through an outright lie! We say that’s disgraceful and despicable. That alone should cost him your vote. A liar before election is likely to be a liar after the election. (See our Smalbany article: George McHugh: Dishonorable Scoundrel! How Dare You!!!)

  1. The question of the Blaisdell Farm property and your [McHugh’s] housing project on that property has been the subject of a number of inquiries, particularly the fact that the property was annexed by the Village of Ravena at about the time you were Coeymans Town Supervisor, or shortly after you left office. Would you please comment on the circumstances of that annexation and how you benefitted from it? (See our Smalbany article at To McHugh or Not to McHugh.)

McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

One of McHugh’s former wives — he’s gone through 3 and is on his 4th so far — was running Darby Real Estate back in 2001. McHugh was a one-term Coeymans Town Supervisor back then. McHugh acquired a number of properties in the Town of Coeymans and “the McHugh family” held real estate in the Town of Coeymans and the Village of Ravena. McHugh acquired the Blaisdell Farm property (now accessed along North Clement Street and Laura Lane) and planned to “develop” that property but the property did not have access to water or sewerage, which was an obstacle to development. Evidence points to McHugh’s possible abuse of his public office as Town Supervisor, and his Republican controlled Town Board, to get the McHugh property annexed by the Village of Ravena, and so to get access to water and sewer. Once McHugh hatched the plan and had the annexation plan rolling in the right direction, he was ready to leave public office, and get back to his real estate operations. After a lawsuit the property was annexed to the Village of Ravena, and McHugh built and sold several single-family residences. We reported on this egregious abuse of office in a Smalbany article.(See our Smalbany article at To McHugh or Not to McHugh.)

A crook before the election will be a crook after the election; if he abused public office before, he’ll probably do it again.

  1. You were appointed to a federal administrative law judgeship. It would appear that you are no longer serving in that capacity. Can you tell us what happened to the judgeship?

McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

In 2015, McHugh was appointed to be an administrative judge for the Social Security’s Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (SSODAR). That appointment was a federal position and was a lifetime appointment. McHugh lasted about a year in the position and then returned to be Carver Laraway’s  general counsel. For most attorney’s such an appointment would be a feather in their cap, a star in their career. But for McHugh, it was an obstacle, because he would not be able to practice law for private clients. In other words, he wouldn’t be Carver Laraway’s general counsel, and make the huge bucks he had his eye on.

McHugh is generally silent as to the reasons why he gave up the judgeship or lost it. True, he does have a history of significant and serious ethical problems. Were they the reason?

Given McHugh’s ethical problems, the ones he was caught with, that is, and his apparent abuse of the Supervisor’s Office in 2001, how can Coeymans residents and voters trust him in 2019, now that he has his eyes on a piece of the pie with Carver Laraway and Lafarge?

In a recent Times Union article and interview done in May 2019 by Laurin Stanworth, “Is Coeymans candidate too close to port owner?” quoting directly from the Stanworth article: “McHugh, who is running as a Republican for the town’s $35,000 part-time post, acknowledged his ongoing connection to Carver Companies. In an interview with the Times Union, he [McHugh] said he would continue to do legal work for Laraway if asked.”

Conflicts of interest before the election are conflicts of interest after the election.

  1. Your campaign slogan is “Take Back Our Town,” from whom do you expect to take it back?

McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

Our research and McHugh’s own statements answer this question: McHugh wants to take back HIS town from honest men and women, and hand it over to his keepers and clients, Carver Laraway and LaFarge. It’s clear from a Times Union interview done in May 2019 by Laurin Stanworth, “Is Coeymans candidate too close to port owner?

Quoting directly from the Stanworth article: “McHugh, who is running as a Republican for the town’s $35,000 part-time post, acknowledged his ongoing connection to Carver Companies. In an interview with the Times Union, he said he would continue to do legal work for Laraway if asked.” What about conflicts of interest? Stanworth asked the question and when “[a]sked about the appearance of conflict of interest in his running for supervisor, McHugh said, “The only people who have brought it up [the question of conflict of interest] is the Times Union.”

That’s not true, McHugh! The question is a glaring question already asked by many people, many times. You and your hoodlums are just ignoring the people.

McHugh would probably respond that if any issues about Carver or LaFarge were to come before the Coeymans Town Board, he would “recuse himself.” Not good enough, Georgie!

You see, McHugh is running with two young pups with no life experience to speak of and certainly no political experience. You might gloss over that by parroting McHugh’s line that the Board needs young people. Or that he wants to appeal to younger voters by having younger running mates. But the actual reason is much darker, much more sinister. You see, if by some catastrophic stroke of bad luck, McHugh were actually to be honestly and legally elected, which is a longshot, indeed, he would control the Coeymans Town Board with at least a 3-2 majority or a 3-1 majority, even if McHugh actually were to recuse himself. Given the characters and immaturity of Zach Collins and Brendan Lefevre, McHugh would have no problem controlling them to do whatever he told them to do. They are mere puppets. Then there’s Daniel “Dan” Baker, who’s already shown himself to be a member of the McHugh camp while being on the Crandall Board.

The point is this: with a Town Board packed with McHugh puppets, McHugh can still recuse himself and still give Carver Laraway or LaFarge exactly what they ask for.

It sure is a “Comeback Team” and they sure will “Take Back” the town, but not like you were thinking and not how they want you to think. McHugh wants a come-back so he can take back the town and get what he wants and what his keepers want. He wants it just like he had it in 2001, when he wanted water and sewer for his planned project.

  1. Who are the Friends of Coeymans? Do they have names?

McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

At this late date, nearly everyone in Coeymans and beyond know who the Friends of Coeymans are, and why they’re known by most residents as the Fiends of Coeymans or the epithet, Coeymans FOCs. We also know what, why, and for whom they are doing what they do. Jeff LaQuire (the Coeymans Clown following people around with his smartphone recorder going), Nate Boomer (Bacon Boy who off camera is a thug, on camera is a pathetic whiner), and Chris Hagen (brother of killer Travis Hagen. By the way, whatever did happen to that investigation.) are McHugh confederates and bullies posing as concerned citizens, but doing McHugh’s dirty work and propaganda for him. McHugh’s using them, advising them, and keeping his own hands clean. That’s how McHugh works: he uses anyone he can to get what he wants. Collins, Lefevre, Baker, 4 wives, anyone.

In general, the FOCs are just ignorant clowns attracting other ignorant clowns to support a self-interested, greedy Scoundrel.

Neonazis. If you have ever had the opportunity to observe their sillyness at a Coeymans Town Board meeting where they make animal noises (which come natural to them), call other residents names, follow attendees around with a smartphone recording or videoing them, interrupting private conversations, force people to leave the meeting and even the Town Hall, make it necessary to have police present at public meetings, you’ll know what we mean when we call them neonazi thugs. They use the same tactics. They are schizoid. One minute, for example, Nate Boomer is in the middle of the FOC pack spewing insults and abuse, and in the next moment, posing for Jeff LaQuire’s video, he’s standing at the mike making a passionate and pitiful appeal for cooperation. The live clown performance at the meeting is to send a message to residents; the video is for posting on their Facebook propaganda site. Reminds you of some third world dictator, doesn’t it?

Thugs before the election are certain to be worse thugs after the election.

Could this be out of the Friends of Coeymans highschool yearbook?

It makes you want to vomit when they then preach freedom of speech, truth, etc. That’s not the message their behavior sends. Ask Coeymans residents.

The real message being sent by Friends of Coeymans, George McHugh’s thugs.

Part II of the McHugh Interview that Wasn’t will be Published on Tuesday, October 29, 2019.
Stay tuned!

Read the Excerpts from Segments 1, 2, and 3 of the Crandall Interview:
Crandall Interview: Segment 1
Crandall Interview: Segment 2
Crandall Interview: Segment 3

Plus the Featured Resident Comment:
The Coeymans Clowns, the FoC, Are True to Their Reputation: Thugs

Specifically about George McHugh’s Lack of Character
George McHugh: Dishonorable Scoundrel! How Dare You!!!
George McHugh: Conspiracy, Misrepresentation, Possible Fraud?


Every village and small town has a Mary Driscoll.

Residents of Coeymans, especially those who always have something to complain about, like Ms Mary Driscoll, should be grateful to the Crandall Board. If you have read the Crandall Interview, you would be aware that Mr Crandall’s policy regarding public comment is extraordinarily democratic. We quote directly from Segment 2 of the Crandall Interview:

Mr Crandall:- Public comment is public comment. I don’t care who you are or what you say…I don’t care who you are, it’s public comment: Say it! It’s a free country.
[Crandall Interview (Transcript), Segment 2, p. 11, lines 4-6]

And those residents of Coeymans, particularly Nate Boomer of the FOCs, who seem to know what’s going on “in all the other towns,” [Boomer public comment on October 24, 2019], would or should know that other municipalities, New Baltimore, for example, LIMIT public comment to 3 minutes only! Mr Crandall’s Board apparently has no limit, a point taken advantage of by too many.

Another certaintly is this: Three things you can be certain of meeting up with at a Coeymans Town Board meeting these days: The bully-thug team of FOC, Barbara Tanner with some complaint whatever, and Mary Driscoll at the mike bitching about some nonsense or other (courtesy of FOC). Never fails. Count on them. But another certainty is that every village and small town has a Mary Driscoll, bless their simple little souls. They’re harmless to everyone but do themselves the biggest mischief.

The final certainty is mentioned above: Everyone appearing before the Coeymans Town Board in public session has access to the mike. No exceptions. The proof follows…because Mr Crandall believes, “I don’t care who you are, it’s public comment: Say it! It’s a free country.And so we have…

Mary Driscoll’s Irrelevant and Whacky Lecture:

Norman Rockwell’s “Four Freedoms”
and How they Apply to Life in the Town of Coeymans
OR Just Call Me Looney.

Along with the circus performance of the Coeymans Clowns a.k.a. FOC (“Friends of Coeymans), Ms Mary Driscoll, dowager harridan and resident lecturer at Coeymans Town Hall, gave a stellar — albeit irrelevant and confused — public lecture presentation on Norman Rockwell’s quartette of paintings, the Four Freedoms.

Ms Driscoll, at times muttering inaudibly into the microphone, while fumbling with her one supporting prop, an unrecognizable relic of some sort, a dusty framed picture, to which she referred to as Norman Rockwell’s “Four Freedoms.” While we doubt that Rockwell would have recognized his masterworks in the frame, we can be reasonably certain that he was rolling in his grave with Driscoll’s somewhat foggy interpretation of his works.

Here’s what Driscoll had to say to the delight and wonder of all those assembled at the October 24, 2019, Coeymans Town Board Meeting:

“Memories of my childhood keep cropping up [Inaudible. Ms Driscoll fumbling with a picture frame at microphone.]”

Smalbany:        OK. This is gonna be good. We can wait. Will somebody p-u-h-leez hold that g*d-damned picture for her, already!!!

“Especially when Norman Rockwell’s his latest pictures…uh…paintings, they weren’t pictures. His most famous paintings were called the Four Freedoms. And since their message is so much more important in this world, I’d like to explain them to you.”

Smalbany:        OMG, she’s going to “explain” them to us. Pictures, paintings? Who gives a sh*t? We’ll take your word for it: they are his most “famous paintings.” It’s good to know that their message is “important in this world,” because I doubt they would be of much use to us in the next world. Thank you!

“The first picture is called Freedom of Speech. [inaudible] I’m willing to bet … [inaudible] to ask their questions, not that we ever got answers, especially if you were a resident of this Town. I’m also confident [that] no Council member then … can ask any person who asks to speak,”How old are you?” or words to that effect. On top of all that, your so-called Rules — they’re not laws, rules — new rules pop up every meeting, such as, don’t stand up to take pictures — unless you’re the County Legislator.”

Smalbany:        Picture, painting? Didn’t we already do this? OK. We can understand a lady has a problem with questions about “age,” but really. What’s the problem you have with rules, Mary? Every meeting is governed by so-called “Rules of Order,” or aren’t you aware of that fact. Furthermore, when adults can’t act like civilized adults, then someone has to set the rules for decent behavior. If people behave, there’s no need for rules. Perhaps, instead of addressing the Board, who has had to have police present to control your FOC friends at meetings, you should discuss civilized and appropriate behavior with your FOC friends. You seem to think that it’s OK for them to overspeak others, to interrupt, to address the board disrespectfully. Or that it’s OK to stand in front of a resident and video record private conversations, invading not only their space but also their privacy. Even when asked to stop, they continue harassing people. But all that’s OK. You say Rockwell would approve of that and that’s the message in his “Freedom of Speech” painting. Different…

Rockwell’s “Freedom of Religion”

“The second picture is Freedom of Religion. I really didn’t have too much to say about that, until I read a piece of propaganda being circulated around Town, which attacks one of the most family-oriented and religious families in our community, who have always worked hard to make our community a great place to live. To insinuate that they would give up their principles, integrity, and honesty by making dishonest deals is ludicrous.”

Smalbany:        We’re not quite clear what you’re talking about, and are pretty damned certain you don’t either, Ms Driscoll. Is this something your FOC friends fed you before the meeting? What does it have to do with the Town Board? Are you insinuating they’re circulating the “propaganda”? More likely than not it’s your FOC friends doing that. Isn’t that how they work? And who is this saintly family? We are at a loss to identify such a family as you describe. Furthermore, I don’t think the issue has anything to do with one’s freedom of worship or conscience but more to do about how they pervert the teachings of religion or their hypocrisy. Wouldn’t that be more accurate. (Are you talking about the Flach-s by any chance?)

“Or, a member of your Town Council, being humiliated by another member of the Town Council, by embarrassing them because of a financial problem.”

Smalbany:        Another cryptic anecdote. But what does it have to do with Rockwell’s “Freedom of Religion.” Never mind. Let’s move this along.

Rockwell’s “Freedom from Want”

“The third picture is Freedom From Want. that’s simple. No job, no food. No food on the table. No job, no home to live in. No job, no money for [town?] taxes or school taxes. A lot of us have to work for a living.”

Smalbany:        OK. What’s your point. I don’t know anyone in the area who is starving, living under a bridge, etc. Perhaps you’re referring to your FOC friends’ bosses. Should they be free of “want” like “I Want more money” or “I want more tax breaks” or “I want more of more?” “We want your brain’ and “We want your soul!” Yeah! We in this community should be free of THEIR want; THEIR GREED!!!

Rockwell’s “Freedom from Fear”

“The fourth picture is Freedom of [sic, recte: from] Fear. What can our children look forward to? What will our Town workers have to worry about as to what benefits will be taken away next?  Less police protection? Less EMTs — less emergency medical technicians? Will we have to worry about the county ambulance to come from wherever? And then, will we have to prove that we have insurance before being treated? “

Smalbany:        Philosophically speaking all pleasure is accompanied by pain; all happiness by suffering. The greatest hold on human beings is the basic human being’s attachment to what he or she has right now, and the denial that someday, he or she will have to lose it all through death. In the meantime, the Town Board has ensured the security of Town workers by negotiation wage increases and longer contract terms. This step has improved the lives of the workers and has stabilize Town budget processes. The same has been done for the Coeymans Police Department. Are you saying that these measures, negotiated with the respective unions, voted on and approved by the concerned workers, is causing them “fear” or “worry.” Where are you getting your misinformation, Missy?

And what’s all this about ambulances? You might want to turn on your hearing aid, dearie, because it’s common knowledge that you have a Ravena Rescue Squad, Inc., a private company contracted by the Village and Town to provide emergency medical services, including ambulance transportation. The Town negotiates with them and pays a hefty fee for them to provide those services. In fact, in about 2016, the Town was overpaying them to the tune of an extra $70,000 a year (thanks to Aaron Flach’s cousin, then Town Supervisor Steven Flach; Is that the saintly family you’re referring to above?) because the Ravena Rescue Squad never informed the Town that New Baltimore was back on board; the Ravena Rescue Squad never though to return the Town’s, that is, the taxpayers’ money until Mr. Crandall investigated and demanded them to return the money. Did you know that at the time they had almost a million dollars (actually only about $700,000) stashed away at a bank? If you’re worried about ambulance services, maybe you should attend a Ravena Rescue Squat shareholders meeting or a meeting of their board of directors, and voice your concerns there.

Seriously, why are you addressing medical treatment and insurance at the Town Board meeting? Maybe you should call Medicare or Medicaid, or your health insurance provider. Whether a care provider requires proof of insurance or refuses to provide treatment isn’t something the Board controls. Maybe Norman Rockwell can help you out with this. But then, he’s dead, isn’t he. Oh well. Guess we have to live in fear then.

Speaking of fear, have you spoken to your FOC friends about intimidation, harassment, fear, bullying, thuggery. That might be a more appropriate place to start. Just a though, Mary.

“Oh, yes! We may have clean air but if we keep losing our freedoms as we have been for the last few years, we will end up with nothing.”

Smalbany:        Somewhere in the course of your diatribe we got lost. Are you arguing that our so-called freedoms as you’ve interpreted them, albeit confusedly, would be worth a bucket of stale urine if we can’t breathe? If we have to breath pollutants from burning rubbish, garbage, tires provided courtesy of LaFarge and George McHugh, and FOC friends, you may reasonably be concerned who will pay for out oxygen masks and oxygen, when our lungs are dissolving. Or who will pay for the dialysis when the toxins and poisons seep into our water from the tainted and contaminated C&D (construction and demolition debris) used by Carver Laraway and the Coeymans Port and Industrial Park as fill to expand the usable land. Yes. We think that the question of who will pay for the dialysis and therapy is a valid question. Maybe George McHugh will start up a special fund — while granting tax breaks to LaFarge and Carver Laraway, placing the burden for any programs squarely on the shoulders of the working taxpayer — for those afflicted and sickened by his clients’ criminal pollution and undermining of the state and federal environmental laws. (Right, Billy Biers? Isn’t the real reason your warehouse project was dumped because you failed to do the necessary traffic and impact studies? Tell the TRUTH now, finally. We have the documents, Bud.)

Quite frankly, when LaFarge poisons our air, and Carver Laraway poisons our soils and water, while destroying habitat and oxygen producing vegetation, and disturbs the natural flows of local waterways, we really won’t have to worry about “freedoms” Rockwell paintings or not. We’ll be more concerned with breathing!!!

Save your lectures for your FOC friends, George McHugh, Carver Laraway, Aaron Flach, and the rest of that camp. They need the lecture, not us.

“Norman Rockwell saw that years ago. Too bad we don’t see it now.”

Smalbany:        Norman Rockwell was a gifted artist who saw an idealized world through the eyes of the artist. You, my dear, are seeing a perverse world through the eyes of a different generation, and trying to identify the shadowy figures of devils telling you that the shadows you see through your glaucoma and cataracts are actually luminous angels. We can’t help you much if you choose to listen to what the devils are whispering into your furry little ears; they appear to be louder than the singing of the angels. Be afraid, very afraid. Pray hard, very hard.

A four-minute lecture took hours to finish. Mary’s oxygen did not run out the entire time. It finally stopped and so did the pain in our heads.

… Or did she put you to sleep, too?

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The Coeymans Clowns, the FoC, Are True to Their Reputation: Thugs


The Coeymans Clowns, the FoC, Are True to Their Reputation: Thugs

We have this in from one of our contributors who attended the Coeymans Town Board meeting on Thursday, October 24, 2019, at the Coeymans Town Hall. He wasn’t there on a Smalbany assignment but was there to address the board on behalf of a member of the Coeymans Business Association, because the member was out of town. He agreed and attended the meeting.

Coeymans Clowns’ Performance

He wrote to us with a description of what happened at that meeting. Keep in mind that he had never met the Friends of Coeymans, nor had he ever any interaction with them. He knew them only from media photographs. None of the FoCs ever met him personally. And as our almost 500,000 readers know, no one gets a by-line on Smalbany, and all articles are posted as if anonymous.

To avoid any further abuse and misuse of his name, he’s asked that we redact his identification but to print his message in its entirety, which we are pleased to do, unedited.

Resident attends Town Board Meeting. Meets Lequire, Boomer, and Hagen. Says they are three very childish clowns!

Dear Editor:

I was asked by a member of the Coeymans Business Association (CBA) to attend the meeting of the Coeymans Town Board on Thursday, October 24, 2019. I was asked to prepare some remarks on government support of business and economic development, emphasizing that it is not the role of government but a discretionary function.

I arrived about 15 minutes early at the Coeymans Town Hall, and greeted an old acquaintance, Ms D. Tanner, and others before finding a seat and going over my remarks.

I noted that the Friends of Coeymans, J. LaQuire, N. Boomer, and C. Hagen, were seated in the middle of the observer’s seating. I recognized them from media photos. I took a seat a row or two towards the front, in front of them.

Shortly after I sat down, I heard my name called out and associated with this blog. “Hey, that’s [name redacted]. He’s the Smalbany blog. He’s Smalbany.” I didn’t respond or turn around, thinking that if I didn’t take notice or response, they would get the hint I was not interested in their silly games.

I did think, though, “What are they going on about? What are they talking about? Where do they get their fake facts? Just let them go.”

Big mistake on my part. The name-calling and the derogatory comments only increased.

I finally stood up, acknowledged that I was aware of who they were and that I was not intimidate by them. I told them I wasn’t afraid of them or their bully tactics, and that I’m not impressed by thugs.

I told them that they were doing themselves no favors by acting the way they were doing, and that they were only confirming the general impression of themselves. They should show some respect.

They flung insults and appeared generally to want a flare up but I said what I had to say and sat down. They continued their childish nonsense but to no avail.

That was my first personal encounter with the FOC, as they call themselves, or as residents more aptly refer to them as the Fiends of Coeymans. They confirmed all of the rumors about their being bullies and thugs.

Enjoy the dance, clowns. Daddy McHugh will pull your strings.

What impressed me most is that they were denying everyone what they claim they are providing. They are intimidating people at public meetings, a violation of the Constitutionally guaranteed right of Freedom of Assembly; they are abusing people who want to enjoy the Constitutionally guaranteed right of Freedom of Expression. They disrupt the democratic process of public meetings and public comment. But worst of all, they appear to suck in the ignorant and the lonely, and use them. It’s heartbreaking to see two old women being used by those Clowns but I guess they’re OK with that. Free country, right? Well, not quite if you happen to be at a meeting with the Coeymans Clowns present. Neonazi convention is a more accurate description. Careful, you have no privacy. I was wondering if they stand at the urinal and video what’s going on. I get the impression they’re that kind.

They make complete asses of themselves and yet are apparently hurt like little children when they are accurately called “Clowns.”

One of the residents who addressed the Board during Public Comment picqued my interest and I approached her to learn more about what she had discussed. She would not talk where we were, indicating that they — gesturing in the direction of the FOC, LaQuire, Boomer, and Hagen — could hear, and suggested we go out into the lobby.

We went to the lobby and continued our conversation but then Jeff LaQuire was in our face with his cellphone, apparently video recording our private conversation. I asked him to stop because the conversation was private. He refused. I approached a Coeymans police officer, and asked him to have a talk with LaQuire, since we felt he was harassing us. The police officer looked at me as if I were from Uranus. He did nothing.

Finally, my conversation partner suggested we leave the building, the Town Hall, and go outside to continue our conversation “on private property.” Now isn’t that absolutely FASCIST, absolutely ridiculous?!? We had to leave our Town Hall because some thug, some bully would not stop harassing us and the Coeymans Police refused to intervene on my direct and specific request.

We had to leave the building to have a private conversation. Let’s try video recording an attorney and his client when they are discussing their case in the lobby on Court nite. Let’s see if the attorney can get a Coeymans Police officer to stop me. We have a doctrine of “equal protection,” in the United States Constitution. Apparently the Coeymans Police have not gotten that far in the required reading.

I am writing this and asking it to be posted because I can confirm that the Friends of Coeymans are everything people say they are: ignorant, childish, thugs, and bullies. How are they getting away with these public displays of fascist — that’s what we call neonazis, remember — behavior and animal conducts? Because other ignorant, childish, bullies enjoy the circus.

Barbara Tanner wrote a Letter to the Editor referring to the Coeymans Town Board meetings as a “circus.” I believe she was right. I personally experienced the center ring act, the Coeymans Clowns, they were seated behind me, followed me, and violated my civil rights. You can book them on the Friends of Coeymans Facebook page; I believe the head clown is Jeff LaQuire, the other two Nate Boomer and Chris Hagen, are just supporting clowns but clowns they are.

Thank you!

[Name Withheld on Request]

P.s. In order to avoid any tainting with emotions, I waited until the next morning to write this, hoping that my impression would be less severe than immediately after the incidents. No, I didn’t lose any sleep about it. They’re too silly, really, to take very seriously. After all, they are the Coeymans Clowns.

We hate to have to spill this to the author of the letter after all he has experienced, but our bet is that the Coeymans Clowns will have their videos posted all over their Friends of Coeymans Facebook page. That’s how they operate. We don’t visit their Facebook page because we get enough mail about it, complete with screenshots. It’s apparently the product of three sick minds attracting similar sick minds. We do know, however, that they LOVE the Smalbany blog and they spend many, many hours on this site. Apparently, they DO lose sleep over it, judging by the times they are on reading us.


The FoC Clowns are a bit “slow”, and they can’t dance.
(Left to Right: Jeff LaQuire, Nate Boomer, Chris Hagen)

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A Response to FOC’s Nate Boomer

It’s amazing how, since deinstitutionalization of the mentally deranged, how many schizophrenics manage to show up at Town Board meetings. In the past, you’d normally find the deinstitutionalized insane at railway stations or bus terminals, or, if they were lucky and non-disruptive, in a community shelter. That was then.

The Mentally Deranged in Our Midst

mentally insane

Now we have the mentally deranged forming literal institutions of their own, like the Friends of Coeymans a.k.a. FOC a.k.a. Fiends of Coeymans, and, instead of finding safe harbor under a bridge, at the bus station, or elsewhere — they’re too vile and disorderly to find acceptance in a homeless shelter — they tend to get out of the autumnal chill by attending Coeymans Town Board meetings, and putting on a three-clown act, embarrassing themselves, the Town Board, and any respectable citizens who still have the courage to attend, given the conduct and harassment offered by the FOC goons.

I used the term “schizophrenic,” above, not randomly but to good effect. Schizophrenic means, literally “split head,” and was coined to describe a psychiatric disorder characterized by paranoia, hallucinations, and alterations in personality, delusions, and extremely disordered thinking and behavior that impairs daily functioning, and can be disabling.

At a recent Coeymans Town Board Meeting, during the Public Comment portion, we were able to witness two textbook cases of what can be called schizoid: Nate Boomer of the Friends of Coeymans (FOC) group, and Mary Driscoll, a fixture at Town Board meetings, and a FOC sockpuppet.

pink sock puppet anim

Mary Driscoll Lecturing at a Recent Town of Coeymans Board Meeting

We have taken the time and trouble to record, transcribe, and to comment on their inane and totally confused public comments, if only to illustrate the fact that they are totally ignorant and misinformed, and a danger to anyone who might chance to be influenced by their bizarre delusions.

We will reproduce the two transcripts with our comments in separate articles to ensure our readers can focus on each of them and give them their full attention.

First, Mr. Nate Boomer:

Good evening, My name is Nate Boomer.”

Smalbany:  So far, so good. But hold on…

“I’m the third generation of Boomer-s that’s grown up in this town. I’m saying that not because I think that I have more of a right or stronger opinion than anyone who’s just moved here. I want you to realize that I have a vested interest in this community. I’ve grown up here and I’ve chosen to raise my family here.”

Smalbany:  Still sane, but wait a minute…Or is Mr Boomer calling our attention to a local genetic mutation known as the “freak gene?”

yes animation

“I’m also a member of the FOC [“Friends of Coeymans“]. And I’m saying that because I want people to know that I’m not ashamed, nor do I hide that fact. I’m very proud of what myself and what the other people involved in our group have done to try to get information out there.”

Smalbany:  Boomer puts in his de rigueur pitch for his, that is, George McHugh’s propaganda group. He really should be ashamed but he doesn’t have the moral fibre to handle that. He contradicts common knowledge of the community’s painful awareness of the disdain that FOC has for anyone coming into the Coeymans community; this is called xenophobia, fear of outsiders. The community is also aware of Boomer’s and FOC’s vested interest in this community,” and it has little or nothing to do with growing up here or with family. Boomer and his FOC group are openly and shamelessly supportive of everything on the McHugh agenda, and that does not include family.

pinnochio nose growing anim

“We’ve been called everything from bullies to you know…we’ve been accused of running people out of town…[snigger] we’ve been accused on one blog of assisting in blocking the investigation of a murder. [laughter] It’s all been out there.”

Smalbany:  One of our contributors has first-hand knowledge of the thugs and how they bully and harass attendees at Coeymans Town meetings. FOC has literally suggested people leave Coeymans. Boomer’s suggestion that some unnamed blog “accused [FOC] of assisting in blocking the investigation of a murder” is a total fabrication and delusion, classic characteristics of schizoid mental disorders, and characteristic of the rubbish FOC members and their supporters spread around. Show us the PROOF, FOC! What murder, what investigation, what statement that you and FOC are “blocking the investigation of a murder. [Editor’s Note: You can provide that information publicly by simply leaving a comment below. Looking forward with bated breath.]

“But I want to tell you this: The only reason why we started any of this months ago was because we came to a meeting and we tried to talk our piece, and we were drowned out by people who were not from this community. And we felt that’s wrong. And we decided right then and there that we were going to do everything we could to let everyone in this community know what’s going on.”

SmalbanyThat statement, as you and everyone else, know, is a total vile lie. It is common knowledge whom you are supporting and for whom you are spreading your vile propaganda. That’s no secret. So now, FOC has taken it upon themselves, supported by George McHugh and others, and in retaliation “to drown out” others who are trying to “talk their piece” [Editor’s note: This must be some sort of Coeymansism meaning to make a public comment or similar. Inventing language is another symptom of mental disorder.  [Source: Front Neurol Neurosci. 2018;42:96-105. doi: 10.1159/000475694. Epub 2017 Nov 17.] ]

“That being said, this is the fourth time that I’ve sat here and listened to Mr. Flach come in here and beg and plead for someone to please work with him and the business association [The RCS Community Business Association (RCS-CBA) (, is a private special interest corporation promoting the interests of local businesses], to try and hire a person, an economic adviser, to try and do what all the other towns are doing.”

Smalbany:  Mr. Boomer does not seem to understand (see below) the legal aspects of what he is addressing here. Aaron Flach is appearing before the Coeymans Town Board as the representative, the “acting chairman” of the RCS-CBA, a private corporation, asking the Board to earmark public money in support of private interests. The actual message is that Coeymans should allocate more than $15K+  and the Village of Ravena should allocate another $15K+, together, to support a project called a L.W.R.P. or Local Waterway Revitalization Plan, itself a great idea, and it’s a process, and much more complicated than Mr. Booper’s simplistic mind can grasp, or as he apparently thinks. By the way, Mr Boomer, could you share with us just who “all the other towns” are who are doing whatever it is you’re saying they’re doing?  We’re seriously concerned that this might be one of your mental delusions, your split from reality. But Boomer does pathetically admits that he doesn’t understand.


“I don’t know what the reasons are. I don’t know…I’m not going to get into the politics of it. I don’t understand. It’s almost like there’s an opposition. It’s like… almost like you’re purposely not…I don’t understand it.”

Smalbany:  Yes. Yes, Nate. Calm down now. Take your meds. We know you don’t understand. We know you don’t know. The only opposition Nate, is between the many voices in your head. Sit down, relax, and we’ll explain.

“So, I’m asking you, please take their words to heart. And whether win, lose, or draw, whatever the upcoming elections hold, whoever is still here when the smoke settles [sic, recte: when the dust settles], work with these people. These are the people that we need.”

SmalbanyCorrection: Those are not the people WE need; they are the people who need US. In the meantime, they are using FOC and you, Boomer; for the time being they need FOC, because they won’t come out in the open and do the dirty work FOC does for them. The Coeymans Town Board is, in fact, taking the community’s “words to heart,” and, Nate, if you’d shut your mouth and listen, you’d probably learn all that the Crandall Town Board has done and is doing. But FOC’s agenda is far from “listening”; rather it’s more like drowning out or silencing any other voices. We’re all listening but we are having a hard time hearing because of the snide remarks being made by FOC when people are trying to speak or hear.

“Forget about everyone’s hatred for Carver Laraway or for Billy Biers, or whatever anyone thinks they’re trying to do, these are the businesses everyone says they want.”

SmalbanyCorrection: No one hates anyone; that’s the fact. What we hate is stupidity and ignorance, and that’s spelled F-O-C. We may not agree on what their agendas are or whom they are benefitting, or what they are entitled to, but there’s no “hatred” involved. The only hatred that we can identify is coming from Jeff LaQuire, Nate Boomer, and Chris Hagen, F-O-C. spells bullyism and thuggery. That was quite clear when they attacked an attendee at the October 24, 2019, Town Board meeting, and tried to intimidate him with their accusations and factoids. To their surprise the attendee/speaker put them in their place immediately in no uncertain terms, sending them scurrying with their fat short tails between their legs. Nate Boomer then tried to save face with his schizoid public comment but failed miserably. Following FOCs viscious attack on the attendee/speaker, police had to be called to ensure order. That thanks to FOC. Now let’s talk about good use of public funds and resources, Nate.

“And we should be doing everything we can to…I mean, if you probably went around town people would probably each give uh a hundred bucks to try to hire somebody.”

hearing problems

SmalbanyYou may have missed something essential, Nate, but we are all doing everything we can, within the constraints of fiscal responsibility and the requirements of the law. You obviously have a reading and a hearing problem, or you wouldn’t be making such asinine  statements in public. Furthermore, if you really believe that you can get $100 bucks each from people in town, END OF CONVERSATION! Do it! Or get your millionaire friends like George McHugh or Carver Laraway to donate the money. $15,000 is just part of the many fines imposed but forgiven by the DEC. $15,000 is just part of the tax abatements received by Carver Laraway from the Town. $15,000 is a pittance compared to the low property tax assessments granted to Carver Laraway. $15,000 is a tiny fraction of the huge legal fees collected by George McHugh for legal services provided to Carver Laraway and his companies. Why do you feel hard-working taxpayers have to finance the RCS-Community Business Association’s projects?!?

“That’s how desperate we are.”

SmalbanyCorrection: WE are not desperate, Mr. Boomer, YOU are desperate. This is obvious by the way you and your FOC group behave. It’s obvious by the way you create fake facts to support your fake community interest. Your staged sincerity is the biggest fake.

“I’m asking you please, hear these people out, and take action.”

facebook harassment

Stop Facebook Harassment by Groups like FOC, Friends of Coeymans!

SmalbanyClean out your ears, Boomer, if you and FOC would shut up for a minute and stop harassing people, perhaps everyone would get a word in edgewise. We are taking action, in case you haven’t noticed. But when you spend the greater part of your life farting around on Facebook spreading fake facts and insulting community-minded citizens, you have little time for doing any real fact-finding or research about the issues. Why do that when you can, as most schizoids do, invent your own version of reality?

Smalbany’s Earnest Advice to FOC: Shut your FOC-ing mouths, clean out your ears and open your eyes, LaQuire, Boomer and Hagen, and perhaps you’ll see the light of day.

clean ears

This would be a good start for FOC-ers LaQuire, Boomer, and Hagen.
Their supporters could follow suite.

Coming Up Next

Our Analysis of Mary Driscoll’s Lecture on Norman Rockwell’s “Four Freedoms” will be published shortly. Stay tuned!

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The Coeymans Clowns, the FoC, Are True to Their Reputation: Thugs