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Saint Aaron Flach? NOT!

At a Recent Coeymans Town Board Meeting, We Heard Mary Driscoll Defend a Certain “Religious” Family, Who She Claims Has Done So Much for Coeymans. We Guess She’s Referring to the Flachs.

Aaron Flach (2016).
He’s since lost about 30 lbs.

Let’s not forget that Steven Flach, a Republican, while Coeymans Town Supervisor, was accused of ethics violations when he facilitated Carver Laraway’s acquisition of building(s) in Coeymans. “Pastor” Flach is Aaron Flach’s first cousin.

The Flach boys are not self-made men; they received their seed money for their businesses from John Flach, who made his own fortune on his own by hard work. Credit where credit’s due, boys.

Aaron Flach and his brother Steve are heavily invested in Coxsackie, where they transferred much of their wealth out of Coeymans, and establshed a real estate and development company, contributing substantially to Coxsackie’s revitalization.

In the meantime, the Flachs have managed the Faith Plaza wasteland as well as other properties in Ravena, including the Ravena Universal Laundry on Rte 9W. They also manage the Hope Plaza in Coxsackie, where the Coxsackie Universal Laundromat is located.

Flach also operates a Universal Laundromat in Coxsackie. Flach and his brother recently were reported in a local newspaper as having invested some $1.5 million in remodeling a former school in Coxsackie to accommodate downstaters who want to have a little hideaway in quaint Coxsackie. (NYC transplants find Greene County land and home prices appealing) Flach was named to the National Bank of Cosackie board of directors in 2016 (

What is ironic is Flach, after his family abandoned Ravena-Coeymans for Coxsackie (Greene County), is now acting chairman of the RCS Community Business Association (Albany County), and has appeared at least 4 times to address the Coeymans Town Board, asking that the Board appropriate money for grant writers and economic developers to assist businesses in the area. You may also want to know that under his cousin’s administration, that is, under Steven Flach (R), Aaron Flach received a $450,000 tax reduction on his Faith Plaza property. That’s your saintly Christian family Ms Driscoll is so ardently defending. We believe they were called hypocrites and Pharisees in the Gospels, weren’t they? And didn’t Christ preach you cannot serve two masters, God and Mamon (money)? OK.

Aaron Flach is deeply committed to his bankers, real estate agents, developers, and his own real estate empire, just like any good Christian community leader would be. Right? He’s appeared at least four times before the Coeymans Town Board asking that money be appropriated in the upcoming budget to support business and economic development. He’s all for making money but not very big on shaing the wealth, just like his cronies. What’s worse, he caters for the rich and exploits the poor!

But just to illustrate how Flach treats Ravena differently from Coxsackie, we took a close look at the Universal Laundromats, both owned by Aaron Flach.

We are using the Universal Laundromats as examples because they are literally symbols of the area. First of all, the people who use these laundromats are either poor and can’t afford to have home laundry equipment, or don’t have the space for the equipment, or live in an area where water is not available for laundry. In other words, the people using the laundromats experience one or several hardships. Let’s face it, you don’t haul baskets and bags of laundry to Flach’s laundromats if you have the wherewithal to do it at home.

So, Saint Aaron Flach is capitalizing on local families’ hardship. That’s a good Christian community leader for ya! You GO! Boy!

Here are some images for comparison:

On the left is the Ravena Bathroom, on the right the Coxsackie Bathroom.

You’ll note how clean the Coxsacki bathroom is, and how spacious. Note also that you’ll have to use a grimy unsanitary towel in Ravena, but in Coxasckie Flach provides two rolls of paper towels. The Coxsackie amenity is brighter and cleaner by far.

The Ravena Door is Falling apart, the Coxsackie door is new and top-shelf.

The doors for the bathrooms are worlds apart. The Ravena door is a cheap piece of junk and is falling apart. Note the message on the door. Classy. Right? Compare with the Coxsackie door on the right. What does that tell you?

Hera are the change machines. Ravena (l), Coxsackie (r).

Might seem silly, but these machines are important, especially when they don’t operate correctly. We found the Coxsackie machines to be newer and much cleaner.

The courtesy area. Ravena (l), Coxsackie (r).

It’s just the impression that these crass difference make. It betokens how Flach sees the residents of Ravena-Coeymans and how he sees his customers in Coxsackie. It’s like Third World vs. First World.

The service areas. Shabby Ravena (l), shiny Coxsackie (r).

There’s a big difference in the general service areas between Ravena and Coxsackie. Mr Flach appears to maintain the Third World decor for Ravena, while providing Coxsackie with an upscale facility.

And finally, we’d like to mention that in Ravena, you’ll probably never see an attendant at the Universal Laundromat but in Coxsackie there appeared to be at least one on duty. Furthermore, there’s a quite nice dry cleaning service at the Coxsackie Universal Laudromat. Flach removed that convenience from the Ravena Universal Laudromat several years ago.

The Coxsackie drycleaning service (l), the Ravena drycleaning service (r) (there is none).

So, if you’ve missed our point, let us clarify it for you. Mr Flach has invested millions, at least, in Coxsackie, while pinching pennies in Ravena-Coeymans. The comparison of the Laundromats is a good illustration of how he treats Ravena-Coeymans in contrast with how he favors Coxsackie. The photos don’t really show the real difference between the facilities; you should visit both to get a real idea of how different they are.

That’s why it’s a slap in the face to see him pandering to the Friends of Coeymans and their lot, when he, Flach, saunters in with his entourage of bank managers and real estate agents, crying poverty, and asking the Coeymans Town Board to allocate taxpayer money to support local businesses.

Please don’t misunderstand, we are pointing out a discrepancy here, one that is Mr Flach’s own making.

We do admit that there are opportunities that the Town of Coeymans can cooperate with the Village of Ravena on, but the Village has to stop playing their stupid game of dodge-ball, and Nancy Warner and Mayor “Mouse” Misuraca can finally start thinking of the community instead of themselves and their power games.

Supervisor Crandall and his Board are more than business friendly, they are doing everything they can to improve infrastructure, while being fiscally prudent. Instead of pointing the finger and harassing the Coeymans Town Board, Mr Flach might want to come with a solid plan. Flach might also want to show some fair play and start treating Ravena-Coeymans with some respect.



Terrific Passionate Appeal from Supervisor Crandall

Before you vote, you must experience this short appeal from Coeymans Supervisor Crandall!

A Coeymans Vision

Mr Crandall Says so much in three minutes. More than the Comeback Team has been able to say in months!!!



No McHugh, Comeback Team, Carver Connection? C’mon!

The huge illuminated flashing sign shown below is positioned at the entrance to the Port of Coeymans and Coeymans Industrial Park. You are hit with it when entering the Hamlet from the North. Now, people, is there someone out there who is going to tell me that there’s no McHugh-Comeback Team connection with Carver Laraway and Carver Companies? McHugh has already stated publicly that he will continue to accept legal work from Carver, even if elected to be Supervisor! Now doesn’t that tell you the real story behind McHugh’s desperate need to be Supervisor?

We apologize, but because of lighting the text on the sign is difficult to capture. But we don’t know how anyone can miss it when approaching the Hamlet. It reads “Vote for McHugh, Collins, Lefevre, Langdon tomorrow.”

How desperate can they get?


Save Coeymans from the Comeback Team!

“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good People Do Nothing!”

Edmund Burke/John F. Kennedy

This just in (November 4, 2019): Jeff LaQuire has been identified as Jay Faith, a fake profile he has been using to post on various Facebook pages! Just another example of the dishonesty and sleaziness of the Comeback Team and their supporters, the Friends of Coeymans a.k.a. Coeymans Clowns, a.k.a. Fiends of Coeymans! Something about Jeff LaQuire…maybe it’s the ‘quire” part…but his fake profile features a woman with two children. We find that a bit odd for a man to be posing as a woman. But then, it’s the FOC and they’re supporting the Comeback Team…It’s just so unnatural.

mchugh liar disgrace

George McHugh – Liar and Evil Puppetmaster
Any man who associates lies with a national tragedy and the uniform is a disgrace!

The Comeback Team is Evil. They will triumph if good people sit back and do nothing.

lost in mchugh fog

Collins & Lefevre: Perhaps not entirely evil…YET
No experience, no independence, McHugh’s puppets.

As can be expected, the Ravena News Herald wasted good deal of ink repeating George McHugh’s weasel-words in an 11th hour effort to distract from his scandalous lies. They’re still offering him air-time to backpedal and save himself. How many more lies can he manage to tell be for the polls open. Let’s start counting, shall we? He’s still as devious and dishonest as ever. It’s just that his previous lies were discovered and made public that he’s now softened them at the last minute. Smalbany published two articles on the Interview that wasn’t, the interview, which, had McHugh had the courage and integrity to accept, would have forced him to admit his lies. Period. The image adorning those articles is one of a pig wallowing in mud and cites Proverbs and 2 Peter 2, scriptural passages, that refer to the fool’s folly, in other words, the fool never changes. McHugh is what McHugh is and McHugh does what McHugh has always done: taken very good care of McHugh at the expense of everyone else. 4 wives and how many other women has he used. He’s going to use, abuse, and then leave Coeymans as soon as he’s gotten what he’s after. Mark these words.

He’s got plenty of weasel-words to weasel around his ethics violations. Yeah, the check is in the mail, Georgie. All we have to say is that so many charges of ethics violations just don’t drop out the sky like snowflakes. Where there’s smoke, Georgie, there’s reason to believe there’s fire. Don’t treat this community and its voters like fools. We’re not…well at least some of us still have our marbles, no thanks to George McHugh!

Liar, liar! Your tail’s on fire, Georgie!

Get out and VOTE!



Follow the $$$$: Contributors to the Comeback Team. Is it believable?

Here’s a list of the blind and the deaf in and around Coeymans.
These are the people who have no respect for Truth, Integrity, Honesty, Ethics, and Fair Play.
Note their names well and remember!

Just a couple of comments:

The list below shows only those people who don’t care about Truth, Integrity, Fair-play, Community, and are willing to pay to support their hidden agendas. Some of them are just ignorant, impressionable people who may not be mentally competent, and are easy prey for the scoundrels. You decide.

We find it interesting that Brendan Lefevre is so committed to his own campaign that he managed to cough up a mere $100 to contribute to his own campaign! Pretty sorry, if you ask us. It also looks like Brendan is still living in his dad’s basement at 350 Bushendorf Road, Ravena. Maybe he’ll be moving into the basement at Coeymans Town Hall if he’s ever elected. NOT!

Billy Biers is so committed he donated a whopping $100.00 (at least that’s what’s publicly reported). How is it that Mary Driscoll, living in a trailer park, can donate more than 4x more than Billy Biers?

Yup! It’s really astounding that Mary Driscoll contributed $450.00 to the McHugh Comebacks! Where does a woman like that get that kind of play money? That must be more than half her social security check! Somebody better take the old woman’s checkbook away before she gives away the entire trailer park!

Poor, poor Mary! She’s now $450 poorer, thanks to the Comeback Team!

The McHugh Backpedalers have received a total of almost $20,000 in campaign contributions as of October 31, 2019. (New York State Board of Elections, Campaign Financial Disclosure). (For a similar list for the Coeymans Democrats, click here: Democrats.) Names and amounts are all public information. To see the details, just click the link. But we’re concerned that this disclosure doesn’t tell the whole story. The Comeback Team is spending money like water. How far do you think the $20,000 would go with all the full-page ads, the campaign signs, the advertising, the bilboards? There’s more to this than meets the public’s eye. And it’s not on the up-an-up.

As of October 31, 2019, $19,435 was collected, of which $17,770 was contributed by the named donors below. $1,735 was contributed by so-called “unitemized”. “Unitemized” are total contribution(s) of less than $99. For the definition of “unitemized” as it appears in the NYS Board of Elections manual on contributions, see the Note below. Actually, this definition doesn’t make much sense, because some of the “unitemized” contributions do exceed $1000!

You really have to wonder why so many out-of-towners (indicated in brown bold) made such substantial contributions. What is their interest in the ComebackTeam? We find the out-of-town interest a bit revealing, since the Friends of Coeymans were so loud in announcing that Touchette supporters (a bit of an inaccurate observation on the FOC’s part) came to Coeymans in support  of Rick Touchette for County Legislator. The Friends of Coeymans and the brainless who support them made it look like it was Carver Laraway’s Russian Invasion. Look, people, Rick Touchette is an Albany County Legislator, representing the Town of Coeymans voters and residents, COUNTY-WIDE! As a county official, he’s entitled to bring in his campaign workers. Who’s to say he’s not? The neonazi  FOCs?

We say FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL! Let’s ask who all of these out-of-town campaign contributors are and what their interest is in Coeymans!

An awful lot of out-of-town money, and some big bucks at stake. Ever wonder?

Note that several of the contributors have made multiple contributions and are listed more than once in the list below.

CONTRIBUTOR                                                          Amount ($)
SLINGERLANDS, NY 12159                                      100.00
P.O. BOX 907
CAIRO, NY 12413                                                       500.00
COLLINS & SONS, INC (Comeback Candidate Family Business, Close to Carver Laraway)
RAVENA, NY 12143                                                   600.00
ALBANY, NY 12210                                                   250.00
2154 RT 9W
RAVENA, NY 12143                                                   200.00
LAW OFICE OF GEORGE D. MCHUGH, P.C (Comeback Candidate)
RAVENA, NY 12143                                                  250.00
MCHUGH GROUP (Comeback Candidate)
P.O. BOX 417
RAVENA, NY 12143                                                  250.00
SELKIRK, NY 12158                                                 500.00
SELKIRK, NY 12158                                                 500.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                                 100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                                 100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                                 100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                                 100.00
ALBANY, NY 12205                                                 100.00
RT 32
COEYMAN HOLLOW, NY 12046                            100.00
BLEDI, RACHAEL (This is the Albany County Republican Party Commissioner)
ALBANY, NY 12200                                                 100.00
RT 143
RAVENA, NY 12143                                                100.00
WEST COXSACKIE, NY 12192                              250.00
WEST COXSACKIE, NY 12192                             250.00
COXSACKIE, NY 20511                                         450.00
1327 US RT 1443
COEYMANS HOLLOW, NY 12046                         100.00
1327 RT 143
COEYMANS HOLLOW, NY 12046                         450.00
ALCOVE, NY 12007                                               100.00
COLLINS, ALBERT (Father of Comeback Candidate)
RT 143
COEYMANS HOLLOW, NY 12046                        100.00
COLLINS, ZACHARY (Comeback Candidate)
RT 143
COEYMANS HOLLOW, NY 12046                        600.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                               250.00
DELMAR, NY 12054                                              100.00
RENSSELAER, NY 12144                                     100.00
RENSSELAER, NY 12144                                     100.00
1737 US RT 9W LOT #22
SELKIRK, NY 12158                                450.00  !!!
20 PARK ST. APT 1-5
ALBANY, NY 12207                                              100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                              100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                              250.00
RT 143
COEYMANS HOLLOW, NY 12046                        100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                             100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                             100.00
COEYMANS, NY 12045                                    1,000.00
COEYMANS, NY 12045                                      250.00
RT 101
SELKIRK, NY 12158                                           250.00
LEFEVRE, BRANDON (Comeback Candidate)
RAVENA, NY 12143                                            100.00
LEFEVRE, LOU (Father of Comeback Team Candidate)
RAVENA, NY 12143                                            100.00
LEFEVRE, LOUIS (Father of Comeback Team Candidate)
RAVENA, NY 12143                                            200.00
COEYMANS, NY 12046                                      250.00
MCHUGH, GEORGE (Comeback Candidate)
RAVENA, NY 12143                                           100.00
MCHUGH, GEORGE (Comeback Candidate)
RAVENA, NY 12143                                        5,000.00
RT 101
SELKIRK, NY 12158                                         100.00
ALCOVE, NY 12007                                          100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                            50.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                          100.00
SELKIRK, NY 12158                                         500.00
SELKIRK, NY 12158                                        100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                         100.00
RAVENA, NY 12143                                         100.00
SCHOHARIE, NY 12043                                 150.00
QUEENSBURY, NY 12804                              200.00
QUEENSBURY, NY 12804                              100.00
CLIFTON PARK, NY 12065                            500.00
CLIFTON PARK, NY 12063                            250.00
CLIFTON PARK, NY 12065                            100.00

Remember: These people are the ones to watch but the really dangerous ones are the ones NOT listed in the public disclosure documents!

Who are the closet donors, the BIG donors? Russian Businessman Boris Jordan (Curaleaf)? Carver Laraway? LaFarge Holcim? Do you really think they’re not supporting their General Counsel, McHugh? Odd they’re not listed as supporting the Comeback Team, isn’t it?


This definition actually doesn’t make much sense if you look at the reported contributions appearing as “unitemized”, since some are more than $1000 and yet still appear as “unitemized.” If anyone can explain this, we’d be very interested in sharing what you find.

[Source: New York State Board of Elections Campaign Finance Handbook 2019, p 51, 97, 98, 99, 154-155.]


Comeback Team and More Misinformation about the Clean Air Law

Smalbany’s Summary of why George McHugh and his Comeback Losers would be really bad news for Coeymans will be posted on Sunday, November 3, 2019.  Stay tuned!

Aren’t You Getting Just a Little Bit Tired of the Comeback Losers Team Trying to Feed you More Misinformation, Disinformation, Malinformation, and Lies?

What’s the Comeback Team’s Point? Is there a real Intent to Harm?

Why Can’t the Comeback Losers Just Tell the Truth?

Because they’re pathological liars!
It’s gotten to the point that they are so desperate, you can’t believe anything they put out there.

Clean air, clean soil, clean water.

The most recent lies are in their campaign card received in the mail on Wednesday, in which they make the following false statements:

FIRST LIE on the Card at No. 1: The Coeymans Comeback Team has no plans to repeal the so-called Clean Air Law (CAL), which incidentally, allows for industries to burn up to 25 tons of tires a day.

This is nothing less than intentional disinformation and malinformation tantamount to an outright lie, intended to deceive and, confuse and mislead voters! The complete text of the Clean Air Law can be read at Clean Air.

We’ve carefully read the text of the law and can definitely say that what the Comeback Losers say on their campaign card is a lie.

The word-for-word “Intent” of the Clean Air Law is stated in the Law as:

It is the intent of this chapter to promote and protect the public health and welfare of the residents of the Town of Coeymans by regulating burning or related processing of wastes, and prohibiting the same on a large scale. [Smalbany Editor’s emphasis. Note the explicit distinction between “burning” and “processing”, that is, not “burning.”]

We also read in the “Definitions” (§ 80-4Definitions. section of the Law, what the Law defines as waste, and at the bottom it defines “tires” as

As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:

 WASTEAny of the following, or combination of the following: … waste tires as defined by New York Environmental Conservation Law § 27-1901(13)… Any material that falls under this definition shall not be considered fuel. [Smalbany Editor’s emphasis]

The important phrase that you should not misread is “any material that falls under this definition shall not be considered fuel,” because that’s what LaFarge Holcim was calling the tires and Connecticut garbage: “fuel”!

The Law defines a waste facility as:

Any facility which disposes of waste or uses waste to produce energy…[A] waste disposal facility does not include systems used exclusively for on-site space heating purposes at a residential home. [Smalbany Editor’s emphasis]

In other words, we have to read “uses waste to produce energy” as another way to say “fuel.”

Here’s the paragraph that the Comeback Losers are using to mislead their readers:

80-5 Prohibition. It is hereby prohibited for a waste disposal facility to process more than 25 tons of waste in any twenty-four-hour period. [Smalbany Editor’s emphasis. No mention of “burn” in this section. Process, as noted above, is other than “burning.”]

This section is actually called “Prohibition,” meaning that it forbids even the processing of a specific amount of waste! NOT as the Comeback Losers write, “allows” up to 25 tons. There’s a big difference! The Comeback Losers should sign up for some remedial reading comprehension lessons. But wait a minute, don’t they have a corrupt and crooked lawyer on their Comeback Team? George McHugh? Wouldn’t he be able to read the Clean Air Law and understand what it really says? Now Why? would George McHugh want to change his skin and start telling the truth?

Without reproducing the entire text, we need to emphasize the very strict monitoring requirements of the Clean Air Law:

Continuous emissions monitoring systems (“CEMS”) equipment shall be used to monitor, measure and disclose the smokestack emission of the following pollutants [Smalbany Editor’s emphasis. An extensive list of pollutants follows.]

A waste disposal facility shall disclose all data provided by CEMS required under this section in real time on a public website. Data shall also be provided in summary form…[D]ata shall be maintained until six months after the waste disposal facility closes or changes its activities such that it no longer qualifies as a waste disposal facility

A waste disposal facility with any air emissions point source shall not process more than one ton of waste in any twenty-four-hour period without complying with the clean air standards in this section.

Waste disposal facilities must meet the following pollution limits where they are more stringent than corresponding limits in an air permit issued by a state or federal environmental agency:

In other words, any emissions must be monitored, measured, and disclosed continuously. The emissions must be disclosed to the public in real time and in summary form on a public access website. No waste can be processed without complying with the CAL standards. The more stringent pollution limits must be met even if state or federal regulations allow for other limits.

The Comeback Losers do say that they don’t want to repeal the CAL but what they don’t say is that they don’t want to change the CAL to suit their scheming. The will attempt to change the CAL so that it is more favorable to the interests of LaFarge Holcim and others.

Finally, we contacted the Town of Coeymans, and received the following statement from a Town Board member:

The Clean Air Law is first and foremost emissions-based. It sets, perhaps, the strictest emissions standards in the US. You can burn tires if you meet the strict emissions standards; but in no instance can you burn more than 25 tons/day.

LaFarge, for example, said they would need to burn 100-150 tons/day in order to make it economically feasible. They still, by their own admission, would not be able to meet the emission standards.

LaFarge, or any other industry, would still need DEC approval to burn any tires in Coeymans for any standards that the town law is silent on.

If they are suggesting that we should ban burning all tires regardless of the compliance to the emissions standards, the Town of Coeymans will be happy to work on that with them.

That statement should put the matter to rest.

SECOND LIE on the Card at No. 2: The Clean Air law was passed despite previous state tests showing our air was clean, with information about the clean air kept from the pubic.

That statement is not true. First, the air quality for the region is public information, and anyone can access it. Second, we have been informed that local environmental organizations had the information and made it available to the public on a variety of sites. The information was available if anyone made the least effort to find it.

But the actual question we should be asking is this: Regardless of whether the air quality was good or even outstanding, LaFarge Holcim and McHugh wanted to being in tires and garbage to be burnt as “fuel” at the Ravena-Coeymans plant, just across from the middle school and high school. The purpose of the Clean Air Law was to keep the air in Coeymans clean. The very wording of the “Intent” of the CAL reads: “to promote and protect the public health and welfare of the residents of the Town of Coeymans.” The CAL prohibits the burning of tires and garbage as “fuel,” aims to keep the air clean, makes no claim whatsoever that the air in Coeymans is contaminated, substandard, or poor, and imposes strict emissions standards for monitoring, measuring and reporting to the public.

The Truth Is: Why would anyone want to keep information about good air quality from the public, anyway. It doesn’t make sense! What does make sense is that Supervisor Crandall and his Board wanted to ensure that the air breathed by Coeymans residents stayed clean, despite LaFarge Holcim and George McHugh.

THIRD INTENTIONAL DISINFORMATION / MALINFORMATION or LIE, on the Card at No. 4: Not one dime of the Coeymans Comeback Team’s campaign has bee funded by Lafarge Holcim and/or Carver Companies.

OK. Let’s assume for just one moment that the Coeymans Losers are being truthful, just for a change. Let them disclose where all the money is coming from for all of this incredible spending going into a local election campaign! Just make some financial disclosure, like we ask any other candidates for public office to do. We’d like to see your campaign contributors, the amounts they contributed, how the money was spent, on what, by whom, and where. It’s that simple. The Comeback Losers are spending huge amounts of money on this local campaign. WHERE’S THE MONEY COMING FROM AND WHERE’S IT GOING?

If the Comeback Team Losers are so business oriented and business-friendly, they won’t be spending those campaign dollars for nothing. No businessman spends money without expecting to make more by his investment. Do George McHugh, Zach Collins, and Brendan Lefevre expect us to believe that their business plan is to lose money or operate at a loss? Is that the business plan you want for Coeymans? Or are they concealing something?

FOURTH INTENTIONAL DISINFORMATION / MALINFORMATION, on the Card at No. 4: The Crandall administration has been involved in too many ethical conflicts, including his forced resignation as judge for numerous improprieties, and removal from the Conservative line in 2017 for fraudulently witnessing petitions.

This angle is getting old really fast. First of all, Smalbany grilled Mr Crandall for two hours but didn’t ask anything about Mr Crandall’s resignation from the position of town justice. Why? It just wasn’t relevant, it was old news, it just wasn’t important.

To Mr Crandall’s credit, though, even without being asked, he brought the subject up. He speaks very openly about what went on and why he resigned. Mr Crandall brought it up in the context of George McHugh’s record of ethical violations. Smalbany’s question was: Why would George McHugh be bad for Coeymans? Mr Crandall’s response can be read in the transcript of Segment 2 of the Crandall Interview. It’s there in black and white for everyone to read (Transcript, Segment 2, page 4, lines 12-22; page 5, lines 1-24; page 6, lines 1-6).

The Truth is: Mr Crandall has served the Town of Coeymans as the voter’s choice for two (2) consecutive terms, a total of four (4) years, during which he has turned the Town’s finances around and has done miracles putting the Town in good if not excellent fiscal health.

Mr Crandall has done this while making vast improvements in Town of Coeymans infrastructure, repaving road, installing sidewalks, improving parks, and all this while making reasonable concessions to businesses, while establishing fairness in taxation and overall government.

As for a court dumping a candidate’s petition and its signatures, this is common, and occurs for the most ridiculous reasons. Anyone seriously in politics doesn’t even give such a charge a second thought. Just recently a Greene County candidate’s Independence Party petition was disallowed because of an idiotic technicality: the candidate’s opponent claimed that the petition was not properly bound. The court had to interpret NYS election law and had to throw the petition and the signatures out. The candidate is doing remarkably well, though, because Greene County Voters saw through the ruse and the treachery, and his opponent has been sliding downhill fast.

That’s a lesson George McHugh, Zach Collins, and Brendan Lefevre should have learned earlier. Tell the truth and stop being liars and weasel-dealers speaking weasel-words. Your lies, disinformation, misinformation, and malinformation have caught up with you and you’re in a bad way now. It’s your own fault, boys. Deal with it.

Read the Excerpts from Segments 1, 2, and 3 of the Crandall Interview!
The complete transcripts of the Interview can be accessed from links in the following articles:
Crandall Interview: Segment 1
Crandall Interview: Segment 2
Crandall Interview: Segment 3

Plus the Featured Resident Comment:
The Coeymans Clowns, the FoC, Are True to Their Reputation: Thugs

Specifically about George McHugh’s Misinformation Campaign and Lack of Character
George McHugh: Dishonorable Scoundrel! How Dare You!!!
George McHugh: Conspiracy, Misrepresentation, Possible Fraud?
News Herald My View: Comeback Team = Space Cadets!

George McHugh’s Cowardice: Refusal to Interview, Refusal to Debate Mr Crandall
George McHugh: Wallowing Sows and Vomiting Dogs
George McHugh: The Interview That Wasn’t – Part II

George McHugh: His campaign is up in flames.




Comeback Team’s Fake Promises and Misinformation

Smalbany’s Summary of why George McHugh and his Comeback Losers would be really bad news for Coeymans will be posted on Sunday, November 3, 2019. The key to understanding . Stay tuned!

Nearly everyone in Coeymans received the Comeback Team’s misinformation card shown below. We’d like to tell you a little about the so-called Comeback Team’s 5-Point Plan for Coeymans.

But when you actually think about it, the only wannabe “comeback” is George McHugh, who wants to come back and finish killing Coeymans, something he nearly did in 2000-2001, when he last left his stench in Coeymans Town Hall.

Up until about January 2019, George McHugh spoke to Coeymans Town Supervisor Phil Crandall by phone sometimes twice a week. It now appears that McHugh was mining information for his upcoming hoodlum campaign. Once McHugh announced his candidacy, it was a bit difficult to play false-friend — Judas of Coeymans — and chat with Mr Crandall and get the information he wanted but he had Daniel “Dan” Baker, a mole and confederate, on the Town Board, who would be passing information from Town Board discussions to McHugh. Didn’t work very well because we discovered and exposed Baker!

The McHugh Backpedal.

What McHugh could not know while he was hatching his plans was that Smalbany would be interviewing Mr Crandall, and would offer the same opportunity to George McHugh in September 2019, But by that time McHugh was deeply committed to his lies, as were his goons, the Friends of Coeymans. This situation created a humongous problem for McHugh and his puppets, because they could back-peddle but not fast enough to get out of their own way. Then, when Smalbany decided to not only publish the excerpts but the entire transcription of the complete interview, McHugh’s butt was grass and Smalbany was the lawnmower.

Still, McHugh hoped he could garner at least some poor fools who might not have read the Crandall Interview, and who could still be duped. So the Backpedal Team formerly known as the Comeback Team went ahead and mailed their misinformation cards (see above). And now we can shed some light on those lies, too.

We have already published an article on McHugh’s most recent misinformation and delusions that appeared on October 24, 2019, in the News Herald. Here’s the link if you have not yet read that post: News Herald My View: Comeback Team = Space Cadets!

Comeback Team Fake Campaign Claim & Misinformation:
1. Revitalize Coeymans
by reducing regulations and taxes to attract new business and investment.

Hogwash! What this actually means is getting rid of the existing Town laws such regulations and laws as the Article II Prohibition Against Waste Generated Outside Town Law, the Clean Air Law, and any other local laws that would stand in the way of the waste-burning plans of LaFarge, and the storage of contaminated waste by Carver Companies and Billy Biers. It would also override environmental provisions for our natural environment.

As for reducing taxes, Carver Laraway is already paying ridiculously low property taxes on his properties, as are other large businesses in the area. Carver Laraway has received numerous P.I.L.O.T. tax abatements for new business in the Port of Coeymans and Coeymans Industrial Park. By providing corporate welfare and tax reductions for large businesses, and reduced assessments for those businesses, the Town reduces its revenues from them and the tax burden falls on the residential and small property owners of the Town. Supervisor Crandall and his Board have promised a revaluation which will take some of the burden off of Coeymans homeowners and small property owners and make the big businesses carry their fair share. Bad news for McHugh and his crew.

In the Crandall Interview, Mr. Crandall promises a revaluation. His reasoning is that local business have been subsidized by homeowners because of the fact that businesses have not been carrying their fair share of assessments and taxes. Up to now, businesses have been assessed at 85% + receiving various abatements, while homeowners have been assessed at about 90%. Crandall wants to revaluate so that business carries it’s fare share, taking some of the burden off of the homeowner.

Comeback Team Fake Campaign Claim & Misinformation:
2. Redirect Heavy Trucks from Main Street, and expand parks and services to improve quality of life.

Taken almost directly from the Crandall Interview. If you have read the Crandall Interview, you will see throughout that document that the Crandall Board has accomplished many projects and some are being implemented as we write, others are in solid plans awaiting the budget, responses to grant applications, or finalizing grants.

Mr. Crandall has already said he wants to work with LaFarge and with Carver Companies (Coeymans Industrial Park) to find a way to re-route traffic away from the Village and the Hamlet, and through the industrial areas, where it should be.

Up until recently (about mid-2018), McHugh was in contact with Mr. Crandall a couple of times a week. We have not asked what they talked about but you can be sure that before McHugh announced his plans to run for Supervisor, he did his very best to get as much out of Crandall as he could. Once he spoiled that communication by announcing his plans to run for Supervisor, he gave marching orders to Daniel Baker, a sitting Town Board member, to be his mole on the Board, and to stymie anything worth stymieing, and report the rest to McHugh.

Working on re-routing traffic off of Main Street Ravena is NOT McHugh’s idea; it’s Phil Crandall’s and the Crandall Board’s (Tom Dolan) idea.

Comeback Team Fake Campaign Claim& Misinformation:
3. Improve Town Operations and Make Town Government Less Expensive
through consolidation, update, comprehensive plan to allow for new investment, and strengthen ethics law.

All foreign words to McHugh and the Comebacks!

Again, some vague indistinct claim to do something that has already been done and is continuing very successfully under Phil Crandall’s leadership and the work of the Crandall Town Board.

Again, all this has been done and is continuing under Phil Crandall! Crandall, when during his very first term put his foot down and stopped wanton spending, insisting that the debt be eliminated and the borrowing stop, until the Town was again in the black. He succeeded beyond any expectations and against all odds, given that his measures made enemies both within Town Hall as well as outside. But he did it!

Read the Crandall Interview for the details and how much he saved the Town and is still doing so. The Interview tells it all in detail, so we won’t duplicate it here.

The biggest joke is McHugh’s reference to ethics. Ethics of all things coming from McHugh or anyone on the McHugh A-List is a very bad joke.

Can McHugh even spell the word e*t*h*i*c*s, if it’s not in the caption of a Summons and Complaint served on him to appear to answer for his own ethics violations? McHugh was the defendant in ethics violations when he was serving a counsel to the State Racing and Wagering Commission, when he represented a client before that same board. Conflict of Interest. He was investigation on ethics charges by the New York State Attorney General in that same case. McHugh was investigated by his own Republican Board when he was last Supervisor, that is, in 2000-2001, for having Town land surveyed and including his own properties in that survey, with the Town paying for the surveying of his private property. What about the annexation of his property to Ravena so he could access water and sewerage. And now he wants to strengthen ethics law? He’d be putting himself out of business, and out on the street if he did that.

George McHugh’s lips must char when the word “ethics” passes over them. The man’s entire history is populated with charges of ethics violations and now he has the nerve to propose “strengthening ethics laws?” He must really think Coeymans voters are complete a**holes!

Comeback Team Fake Campaign Claim & Misinformation:
4. Oppose an Unfair Reassessment of Property
that will result in higher taxes.

Up to now, homeowners have taken up the slack for businesses.
Crandall: Everyone has to pay their fair share.
No more free ride for businesses.

Again, read the Crandall Interview. Mr. Crandall explains exactly what the revaluation will do: reduce the burden on homeowners while making businesses pay their fair share. We’re certain McHugh and his clients Carver Laraway, Billy Biers, and Lafarge, and his supporters like the RCS Community Business Association and Aaron Flach are running themselves ragged, in a panic now! What? Businesses pay their fair share of taxes? Not while McHugh’s around!

The only ones who will think the reassessments will be unfair are those who have been getting breaks all along. Ridiculously low assessments on properties (all reported in the Albany Times Union for Carver Laraway and Carver Companies), property tax abatements (for example, a $450,000 reduction in property tax to Aaron Flach for Faith Plaza), P.I.L.O.T. (payment in lieu of taxes) for Carver Laraway and his tenants at the Port and the Industrial Park. And the list goes on.

Read the Crandall Interview! Mr. Crandall raises his hands in desperation. “How much money can one man want? How many tax reductions does he want? How greedy can he be?” (Referring to Carver Laraway) We think we all know the answer to those questions. Whatever Coeymans has left, they want.

McHugh and his puppets are referring to McHugh’s keepers and handlers, his clients, when he mouths the words, “unfair reassessment,” the assessment is unfair only to those, who might have to start paying their fair share.

Comeback Team Campaign Claim& Misinformation:
5. Allow for residents to vote on any new important town laws or the repeal of existing laws.

McHugh and his Comeback Goons don’t “allow” anything. The LAW allows us to decide!


ALLOW?!? They’re going to ALLOW residents to vote? Who in hell do they think they are?!? THEY’RE going to ALLOW us to vote on our laws??? The Law of the Land allows us to vote on our laws in what is called the referendum!!! We don’t need George McHugh or his neonazi goons or his phony Comeback Team to allow us to do anything…except to make sure they don’t get anywhere near Coeymans Town Hall!!! We have provisions in Municipal and Town Law for referendums, and home rule provisions. Voters have the right to repeal or to allow any laws, not the Town Board without the approval of the people!

Well, we all know where this one is going, don’t we? McHugh came out with big guns and LaFarge and Laraway bucks to fight agains the passage of the Clean Air Law. They want to get rid of any obstacle to LaFarge’s or Carver Companies’ plans to “Take Back Coeymans” from residents.

Here’s how it works: McHugh packs the Town Board with his puppets, who are trained to do what they are told. McHugh stands in the background deciding which laws go and which laws come in. Of course, McHugh recuses himself from the deliberation and the voting, but just for appearances.

The new laws and the old laws for deletion are put out for public hearing and comment but guess who is in the middle of the public gallery? Friends of Coeymans, who will make certain no one is opposed. Anyone who even looks like he’s or she’s not one of them will have Jeff LaQuire or another Clown in his or her face with the smartphone. Any private side discussions will have one of the Clowns standing there with his smartphone recording the discussion. It’s happening already and you think it’s going to get better if McHugh’s running the show?’Better think again.

Now, the law come up for a vote, a referendum if the public is to vote on it. Who do you think will show up to vote?

And when there’s a public outcry when the results are announced in, Guess where? the Ravena News Herald, of course, McHugh and his puppets will smugly point out that “You had your chance to come to public hearing, to make public comment. Where were you?” and the Friends of Coeymans will be touching up their Clown makeup, smirking, “How’d we do, Daddy McHugh?

You don’t have to have the gift of prophesy to read the writing on the wall.

Once again, we have to emphasize that the Crandall Interview explains all of this and debunks everything McHugh has to say. The Crandall Interview is a must-read before you vote!

In addition, here are the links to the Smalbany investigative articles on McHugh and other related subjects. If you haven’t read them, please read them. Most of his corrupt and crooked operations have been reported in the media, and are out there for all to read on sources like the Times Union and other news media. We provide the links to those articles just to show that we are not investigating and reporting false facts. That’s not how Smalbany operates.


Read the Excerpts from Segments 1, 2, and 3 of the Crandall Interview:
Crandall Interview: Segment 1
Crandall Interview: Segment 2
Crandall Interview: Segment 3

Plus the Featured Resident Comment:
The Coeymans Clowns, the FoC, Are True to Their Reputation: Thugs

Specifically about George McHugh’s Misinformation Campaign and Lack of Character
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George McHugh: Conspiracy, Misrepresentation, Possible Fraud?
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George McHugh’s Cowardice: Refusal to Interview, Refusal to Debate Mr Crandall
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George McHugh: His campaign is up in flames.