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The Problem with Alan VanWormer

The Problem with Alan Van Wormer

Actually, it’s a problem in New Baltimore with 5 years of the Dellisanti-Ruso Town Government. 5 years of dancing in the dark and producing smoke and mirrors carnival acts, but no real services to taxpayers and residents of New Baltimore. We just don’t understand that New Baltimore has to pick from the dirty leftovers of the Jordan era to find a Highway Supervisor. Why can’t the Republicans and Democrats at least work together to put someone new and qualified in the Highway Superintendent’s office. The situation of running a current employee of a corrupt and mismanaged Town Department, an individual with no qualifications or training is disgraceful, disrespectful to residents and taxpayers, unethical, and downright shameful.

Did you know that there are two VanWormers in the New Baltimore Highway Department? Yes, they’re brothers Scott and Alan VanWormer. After Denis Jordan was forced to resign, Town Supervisor Jeff Ruso, Deputy Supervisor Nick Dellisanti, and the New Baltimore Town Board appointed Scott vanWormer, Jordan’s former Deputy, to be Acting Highway Superintendent until the November elections (actually until January 2019, when the new Superintendent will take office). But here’s the dirty part: Scott VanWormer’s brother, Alan VanWormer, is running unopposed for the office of Highway Superintendent. He’s already got the job even without an election. Nothing like manipulating an election, is it? No corruption in New Baltimore. Right?

Alan van Wormer. Unopposed for New Baltimore Highway Superintendent. No Qualifications. As you can see he’s got a lot of baggage but it’s not the baggage you can see that’s the problem!
New Baltimore Voters Have No Choice!!!

The FIRST problem we have with Alan VanWormer is the fact that he is running unopposed.  He’s wearing that shit-eatin’ grin because he knows he doesn’t need your vote. He’s grinning because he knows he’s going to be “declared elected.” He’s grinning because he, VanWormer, the New Baltimore Republicans, and the New Baltimore Democrats have cheated you and are denying you your voice and your choice!

You might suggest that that circumstance is not his fault; the Democraps were free to run a candidate against him, and so were all the other political parties. But while that may be true, in the true spirit of honesty and integrity, Mr. VanWormer is aiding and abetting a situation that is benefiting him and disadvantaging the voters of New Baltimore. If Mr. VanWormer had any integrity he would refuse to run unopposed and demand that the voters be given the right to choose between him and another candidate, even if the opposition were hopeless. Voters are entitled to vote for a candidate or not to vote for a candidate but a vote implies an election and election means choice. There is no choice between candidate A and candidate A.

The legal definition of “election” is: The act of choosing or selecting one or more from a greater number of persons, things, courses, or rights. The choice of an alternative. [Slate v. Tucker, 54 Ala.210] The internal, free, and spontaneous separation of one thing from another, without compulsion, consisting in intention and will. [Dyer, 281] The selection of one man from among several candidates to discharge certain duties in a state, corporation, or society.[1] The verb elect goes even further, and means to select from one or more candidates.[2]

So where is Mr. VanWormer’s integrity? Good question but we don’t know. And if he has no integrity Why? would anyone in their right mind put him in a position of responsibility?

And Where? Is the election part of all this? Voters are offered Mr. VanWormer and no one else. That’s not a choice! That’s not an election! That’s North Korea!

The SECOND problem we have with Mr. VanWormer is the fact that he’s not bringing anything new to the table! He had been working almost his entire career under the thumb of corrupt ex-Superintendent of Highways Denis Jordan. Mr. VanWormer knows no different. VanWormer had to do it Jordan’s way or take the highway. Bottom line: VanWormer is merely Jordan’s Mini-me Yes! man. That means he’s just another dose of same-old-same-old.

THIRD, and this goes back to the question of honesty and integrity: while Jordan was doing his thing and raping this community in so many ways, Alan VanWormer and his brother, Scott VanWormer, who was Jordan’s Deputy Superintendent of Highways, as well as the entire bunch in the Highway Department, saw and knew what was going on but said nothing!!! Their silence has cost several residents thousands, tens of thousands of dollars in losses, heartache, and loss of trust in local government but Alan VanWormer and his brother Scott VanWormer kept their mouths shut!!! They aided and abetted everything that Denis Jordan did.

In other words, Alan van Wormer and bro’ Scott van Wormer put their personal interests ahead of the Town’s interest. That’s not the kind of person we want with the responsibility of public safety handling several millions of dollars in taxpayer money. He’s got no education, no training, and no integrity. How good can it get?

New Baltimore (Greene County, NY) Democrat and Republican Committees searching for candidates to run.

The word on the street is that once elected, VanWormer intends to retire and collect a pension after his election.

FOURTH, and AGAIN a question of integrity: Alan VanWormer allegedly is running for the office of Highway Superintendent to fill the vacancy resulting from Denis Jordan’s resignation and the rest of Jordan’s term of office. That’s one year until next November. After that, the word on the street is that VanWormer intends to retire and collect a pension. Now is that fair? He moves up to a higher-paid position only to pad his pockets for a higher pension at New Baltimore taxpayers’ expense.

Both the Supervisor and the Deputy Supervisor of the Town of New Baltimore were never democratically elected.

New Baltimore transplant “Cut-and-Paste” Joan Ross and hubby “Cryptkeeper” Bob Ross may have been right when they coined the term “New Baltimorons” when she described her local neighbors. You have to be an idiot to allow this sort of thing to happen, knowing all along what’s going on! While the world has little to thank the Joan Ross’s of the world for, the term “New Baltimoron” does seem to fit. After all, look at how incumbent New Baltimore Town Supervisor Jeff Ruso got into office: unopposed.  That is, he wasn’t elected democratically. hen he appointed his former boss, Nick Dellisanti to be his so-called deputy, Ruso’s very first official act on taking office, thus keeping the Dellisanti-Ruso mob at the controls. Dellisanti didn’t want to run again and he didn’t have to run again to get back into the Supervisor’s office! Unelected crony Jeff Ruso put him back in the Supervisor’s chair without a so-called election. Both the Supervisor and the Deputy Supervisor of the Town of New Baltimore were never democratically elected.

An unopposed candidate, an uncontested election is a totalitarian tactic, not a democratic process. It also tells us that the people putting these “unopposed” candidates in office are the one’s making the choices for us and depriving us of our protected right to be governed and served by the man or woman we choose, not the choice of the Democratic Party Committee or the Republican Party Committee. That’s how it was done in Nazi GermanyCommunist China, and is being done in North KoreaWashington D.C.,  and African and New Baltimore Third World dictatorships. Unfortunately, Yes! that’s how it’s done in the Town of New Baltimore, New York, USA, Third World U.S.A..

But in reality, it’s may not really be Alan van Wormer’s personal fault, he just doesn’t know any better; he’s a product of small town corrupt politics, and he’s a tool being used by the Republicans and the Democrats (who can’t get anyone to run anyway).

But for the real problem and its solution we have to look to the mainstream political parties locally. Why can’t they come up with a choice for voters? Why can’t New Baltimore comply with the Constitution of the United States and let the people make the choice of the people whom they must by right choose to govern them!

Best thing to do is don’t waste your vote; don’t give him or his corrupt party any numbers. Protest being denied your vote by not voting for the unopposed candidates like Alan van Wormer.

Read more about unopposed candidates and why an uncontested election is no election at all. Click this link, One Person, No Vote!


[1] Maynard v. District Canvassers, 84 Mich. 228, 47 N.W. 756, 11 L. R. A. 332; Brown v. Phillips, 71 Wis. 239. 36 N. W. 242; Wickersham v.Brittan, 93 Cal. 34. 28 Pac. 792, 15 L. R. A. 106.

[2] And to elect, (Latin ēlēctus, past participle of ēligō (“to pick out, choose, elect”), from ē- (“from”) + legō (“to pick out, pick from, gather, collect, etc.”): 1. To select a choice from among more than one. An example: choosing one proposal from many for action. 2. In politics, it means, to select someone to hold an office or position from more than 1 candidate. Example Electing a mayor, making a choice by voting. We use elect when a group of people vote. To elect is normally to select by means of voting. We use select to mean choose. Occasionally, in more formal or official situations, elect is used to mean select by vote.

In thirty-six states and the District of Columbia, state laws allow candidates running unopposed for certain offices to be “declared elected” without appearing on the ballot. These “unopposed candidate statutes” come in many varieties, but all deny people the ability to vote for the affected offices.  These unusual laws force us to reconsider our approach to the act of voting, stripped of its ability to affect the outcome of an election.



New Baltimore Highway Department Reacts: Installs Another Piece of Junk

First of all, it appears that there are a number of “New Baltimores” as reported by our readers. We want to clariify that the New Baltimore we are writing about is the Town of New Baltimore located in Greene County, New York. We apologize for any confusion or anxiety caused to some readers. We hope that this clarification exonerates the other New Baltimores and focuses on the culprit New Baltimore, Greene County, New York. Thank you, readers, for drawing our attention to this fact

A Halloween Nightmare Story

The Demonic Drain

It’s here now, it’s not going away! It’s going to hurt you, make you bleed, kill your car! Your pets and your children will be devoured by it! The ghouls of the Town of New Baltimore and the New Baltimore Highway Department care for it, minister to it, feed it! BEWARE!!!

Contributed by the Town of New Baltimore and the New Baltimore Highway Department
Jeff Ruso, Nick Dellisanti, Scott VanWormer, Alan VanWormer & Minions

This all may sound quite hilarious to some of our readers who don’t have personal experience with this “Demonic Drain,” and other sinister creations by the Town of New Baltimore and the New Baltimore Highway Department but those of us who live here and see what those evil ghouls are capable of doing , it isn’t funny at all. You can’t make this stuff up but even so, it’s unbelievable if you were to hear it told without some proof. That’s why we are so compulsive about documenting and publishing what we have to tell.

The Town of New Baltimore and the New Baltimore Highway Department got a proper Halloween fright when we published our recent article “New Baltimore’s Halloween “Kripple-a-Kid” Program” and our warning to parents and kids in our article “WARNING: New Street In The Hamlet Still A Hazardous Area For Trick-Or-Treaters!” because on October 31, 2018, at least 3 Highway Department employees, a couple of trucks, were hard at work digging, sawing, puttering. What were they doing? Good Question.

Well, for about two years now residents have been asking, pleading that the Highway Department fix damage and botched road work on New Street in the Hamlet. The Town and the Highway Department ignored every request, even though the so-called roadwork was causing more damage and actually created a number of dangerous hazards. The Town and the Highway Department under two supervisors, Town Supervisor Nick Dellisanti and Town Supervisor Jeff Ruso, and two highway superintendents (neither of whom had any education or training) Denis Jordan and Scott VanWormer (his brother, Alan VanWormer is running for Highway Superintendent unopposed this November 6th). But after our two articles the Town and the Highway Department almost woke up.

We also reported on the fact that the Town Board of the Town of New Baltimore voted to send acting Highway Superintendent to the Cornell Highway School in Ithaca, New York, a three-day conference for highway superintendents — real ones, that is — at a cost of about $500.00 plus VanWormer’s usual salary. All expense paid trip for Scott VanWormer in May 2018, at taxpayer expense, to sit through presentations that obviously didn’t sink in. We also questioned why the Town would send an employee in a temporary slot to Ithaca in the first place, since he’d be out of a job in November! But HEY! That’s how the New Baltimore Town Board serves residents and voters.

Back to the Demon Hole: Well, after we published our articles, they were out there making a mess out of things … AGAIN! Here’s some graphic history:

Pictoral History of the Demon Hole
a.k.a. New Baltimore Highway Department’s Idea of a Drain

A” in the illustration above shows the site of the drain in about May-June 2016, when residents demanded that the Highway Department and the Town Board visit the site to see the damage caused by the Highway Department’s failure to maintain the drainage and culvert installations. You can’t see the drain because it is buried under about three (3) inches of soil, and was that way at least since 2000. Scott VanWormer didn’t even know it was there.

B” shows the catchment that was installed under the supervision of disgraced former Highway Superintendent Denis Jordan. It was literally an 18-21″ deep hole, measuring about 30 inches across, and 30 inches long, and had a vertical grate in it with sharp edges. We called it the “Demon Drain” because it was so dangerous, diabolical, and it looked like it would just swallow you up. Actually, the Highway Department left the culvert wide open until residents demanded that they put a grate in it. Fact is, you could fit a child or a dog in the opening; that’s how wide it was. Everything is a fight in New Baltimore if you’re not a party member (this time it’s the Republicans).

Still, the drain was a real hazard after the Highway Department finally put in the grate. At night you couldn’t see it. If you didn’t know it was there during the day, you could destroy a tire and bend a rim. If you fell into it you’d be cut to pieces by the sharp grate edges. So residents asked for a traffic cone while waiting for a proper fix. Traffic cone never materialized; neither did a fix for about 2 years. They finally in a grate level with the road — well, as level as it gets in New Baltimore.

So, on October 31, 2018, more than two years after the Highway Department started to maintain the drains and culverts on New Street after at least 16 years, they finally got to giving the Demon Drain some attention.

C” in the illustration above shows what the New Baltimore Highway Department did with the Demon Drain. It’s still a bit “demonic,” don’t you think?

The Town sent VanWormer to Ithaca for three days to learn something about road and drainage maintenance. He came back just as stupid as when he left. That’s how Jeff Ruso and his “deputy” Nick Dellisanti, and their minions on the New Baltimore Town Board (Shelly VanEtten, Scott Briody, Chuck Irving, and Kelly Downes) serve the best interests of residents and taxpayers in New Baltimore: They don’t. They deserve the nickname the “Newbaltimorons.”

The Typical New Baltimore Town Board Meeting
Public Meeting or Executive Session?
(Left to right: Deputy Supervisor Nick Dellisanti, Supervisor Jeff Ruso, Board Members Shelly VanEtten, Chuck Irving, Kelly Downes, and Scott Briody)

The Six Ps of New Baltimore Town Hall

(Poor Planning Provides Piss Poor Performance)

The illustration below shows what the Town of New Baltimore and the Town of New Baltimore Highway Department are capable of now that Mr VanWormer has been “trained.”

We should note for our readers’ historical knowledge that we demanded production of documents showing the education and training of the Highway Superintendent and Highway Department employees. The Town couldn’t produce a single document showing any training for any of the Highway Department employees or the Superintendent. Mr VanWormer’s attendance at the Cornell conference in May 2018 was the first training ever for the employees of the New Baltimore Highway Department. Even so, State Senator George Amadore was handing over hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars under the CHIPS program to New Baltimore, Greene County Legislator Pat Linger was passing on taxpayer dollars to be wasted in New Baltimore by a bunch of untrained apes, Greene County District Attorney Joseph Stanzione cast a blind eye on the corruption, waste and incompetence in New Baltimore Town Hall and in the New Baltimore Highway Department. Even the employees who privately would admit that something seriously wrong was going on in the Highway Department, employees like Scott VanWormer and his brother, Alan VanWormer, just followed orders with their thumbs up their fat asses and didn’t say a word; Town Board members like Jeff Ruso, Nick Dellisanti, and Shelly VanEtten did nothing.  (See our article “Open Letter to County Legislator Patrick Linger and Greene County DA Joseph Stanzione” and our earlier article, “Open Letter to Greene County District Attorney Joseph Stanzione“)

The all knew what was going on but nobody had the balls to put a stop to it! They thought they could deny any knowledge of what was going on but Smalbany wouldn’t let them deny it and get away with it. We published our exposé in our article, “Open Letter Blasts New Baltimore Supervisor, Town Board over Jordan Affair.”

Now Pat Linger wants New Baltimore voters to re-elect him to the Greene County Legislature but he can’t come up with any good reasons whey they should do that. We can come up with plenty of good reasons why NOT!  Greene County District Attorney Joe Stanzione also want’s you to waste your vote on an unopposed candidate; he’s running unopposed and doesn’t need a single vote to stay in office. Same applies to Alan VanWormer who is running for New Baltimore Highway Superintendent unopposed, after he sat back and let Denis Jordan do as he pleased. (See our article, “The Problem with Alan VanWormer“)

Remember all this on Election Day!

Don’t waste your vote on unopposed candidates who deny you your voice and your choice!


New Baltimore’s Halloween “Kripple-a-Kid” Program


When trick-or-treating in the National Historic District of New Baltimore, both parents and kids have to move very carefully to prevent injury, thanks to the Town of New Baltimore and the New Baltimore Highway Department. They’re the real witches and goblins you have to watch out for, and they’re paid with taxpayer money. That’s the real evil curse.

Better watch your step! The New Baltimore Highway Department is out to catch you!
Be afraid! Very afraid!

Or so the greeting goes. Some towns and villages have library programs, others have community Halloween parties, others still have dunking for apples and cider and doughnuts.In New Baltimore the scene is much grimmer: The Town of New Baltimore and the New Baltimore Highway Department features an annual “Kripple-a-Kid” program. Here’s how it works: Each year during the Spring and Summer months, the New Baltimore Highway Department do what they call  “roadwork”, which in reality is a bunch of Neanderthals driving dump trucks and standing leaning on shovels watching the low-man-on-the-totem doing the shoveling, that is, digging holes. Part of the program is to create hazards which apparently are designed to catch adults, cause accidents, and ruin private property.

Resident on New Street in New Baltimore Hamlet had to cordon off their front entrance to prevent injuries to trick or treaters.

But each Halloween, when the trick-or-treaters are making their rounds, some of the New Baltimore Highway Department’s real masterpieces of grim lurk on the dark streets of the National Historic District. Sharp dropoffs at turns waiting to hang up an unwary driver’s vehicle. Roadside dropoffs waiting to gobble up anyone not watching his step. High built-up humps at the entrances of some residents homes waiting to trip up anyone unaware and breaking limbs. Even deep “catchments” ready to bend a rim or break a leg. Then there’s the deep ditch filled with innocent looking weeds and grass but concealing a deep drainage ditch disguised as a flat area of vegetation. Whether you’re a grown-up or a kid,  theyve set traps for you. And when residents ask the Town of New Baltimore and the New Baltimore Highway Department to fix the damage they do, their response is: “Let them sue us!” and they hand the complaints over to their lawyers, who then tell the residents to get a lawyer!

Treats had to be set up at the end of the front entrance sidewalk to prevent injuries.

They do their mischief and when the damage is tallied up, they admit that there’s damage but they refuse to fix it or to adjust the assessment. Then they go into “lawyer mode.”

So it was under Highway Superintendent Denis Jordan and so it continues under acting Highway Superintendent Scott VanWormer and so it will be when Alan VanWormer became, Yes! “became,” because he’s become the new New Baltimore HIghway Superintended without even a single vote being cast.

Sign Explaining Why the Treats are Roadside:
“This Hazard Provided with the Compliments of the New Baltimore Highway Department”

So this Halloween don’t forget to say:
Thank you! Mr VanWormer, Mr Jeff Ruso, Mr Nick Dellisanti, and Ms Shelly vanEtten. And Thank you! too, Mr Pat Linger, Mr Joe Stanzione for all your help and care! Thanks for nothing!

Remember this story on Election Day!

Both Mr Alan VanWormer and Mr Joe Stanzione are unopposed. You have been denied your voice and your vote. Don’t waste your vote and don’t cast a vote for any unopposed candidate!

Don’t waste your vote on

Alan VanWormer running unopposed for New Baltimore Highway Superintendent

Joe Stanzione running unopposed for Greene County District Attorney

Pat Linger (opposed by Jim Eckl) for Greene County Legislature representing New Baltimore

Not one of these ghouls didn’t care enough to keep residents and our kids safe. None of these walking dead deserve a single vote!




New Street is Dangerous
 Town of New Baltimore Doesn’t Care
VanWormer H’way Dept. Ignores Requests

This is a Public Service Announcement in the Interest of Your Safety and the Safety of Trick-or-Treaters on October 31, 2018, who will be on New Street in the Town of New Baltimore.


County Legislator Pat Linger (seeking re-election on November 6th) and Greene County DA Joe Stanzione (also seeking re-election on November 6th), were also notified and kept informed of the problems but did nothing.
They don’t care.

Dangerous Conditions on New Street in the Hamlet of New Baltimore!!!

Parents, Accompanying Adults, Trick-or-Treaters along New Street in the Hamlet (National Historic District) of New Baltimore are still at serious risk of injury and accident due to the continuing dangerous situations caused by substandard roadwork and paving done over a year ago by the Town of New Baltimore and the New Baltimore Highway Department on New Street and other streets in the National Historic District of New Baltimore. Despite numerous requests and notices, the Town of New Baltimore has done NOTHING to ensure YOUR SAFETY and the SAFETY of YOUR CHILDREN.

Please be aware of the following serious hazards along New Street, which will be particularly dangerous after sundown.

At the corner of Madison Avenue East and New Street, there is a dangerous UNMARKED DROP-OFF. The Town of New Baltimore Highway Department has been asked numerous times to mark this hazard but has refused to do so. Please, when making the turn onto New Street from Madison Avenue East, MAKE THE TURN TIGHT!

On the river-side (East) just past the end of the guardrails, there is a dangerous UNMARKED DROPOFF for about 100 feet. The drop-off is about 18-24 inches and poses a real danger if someone steps off the street and falls; there is a steep slope after the street drop-off. The paving operations done in 2017 by the New Baltimore Highway Department supervised by Scott vanWormer, brother of ALAN VANWORMER, who is running unopposed (Thank you, Democrats) for Highway Superintendent, raised the old roadbed about 18-24 inches at this point, creating this hazard. The Town of New Baltimore and the New Baltimore Highway Department have been asked several times to mark the hazard or to correct the defects but they have refused. There is also the possibility of a vehicle’s wheels going over the edge and tipping over! Please be careful and watch children very carefully in this area.

This hump in the road at the top of the stairs can cause tripping and falling injuries. Please be careful and step carefully over it. Small children may be especially at risk.

At the front entrance of No. 18 New Street, there is a raised hump of blacktop above the top step. The Town of New Baltimore Highway Department placed a 7-inch high raised hump of blacktop at the top of the steps leading into the main entrance of No. 18 New Street. The hump was created when the Town paved New Street in June 2017, and residents have asked that it be cut down level with the street to avoid accidents or injury. The Town Highway Department and the Town of New Baltimore have done nothing to fix this defect and now it is dangerous to the children and adults trick or treating. Please also be aware that beyond the steps there is a 8-12 inch drop-off created by the Town’s paving operations. This can be dangerous and may cause falls and injuries if you are not careful. There is no really safe way to get to the entrances of No 18 New Street so PLEASE BE CAREFUL and watch children very carefully in this area.

Please be aware of this hole; avoid stepping into it or driving into it!

Farther down New Street, opposite the Green House at No. 11 New Street, there is a deep hole approximately 30 inches across, 30 inches long and 15 inches deep. There is also a sharp-edged vertical grate installed in the hole. This hole was created by the New Baltimore Highway Department for totally unknown reasons (all other drains in the area are horizontal). This large hole presents a serious hazard to pedestrians and to vehicles. A person can break a leg and a vehicle can lose a wheel in this hole. The sharp edges of the grate pose another serious danger. Residents have repeatedly asked that the drain be redone so that it is flat with the road or at least that it be marked so that it is clearly visible. The Town of New Baltimore and the Town of New Baltimore Highway Department have refused to mark the hole and so it continues to be a serious danger to persons and vehicles. Please be careful and watch children very carefully in this area.

When driving down New Street this ditch will suddenly appear. Your vehicle’s wheels can end up in it and your vehicle left hanging.

As you approach the end of New Street there is a deep unmarked ditch on the right side of the street.  Because the ditch is invisible and filled with weeds and leaves (failure of the Highway Department to maintain it), it’s particularly hazardous. This ditch will come up on you suddenly if you are driving, and if you’re not real quick, your right wheels will be in the ditch and your vehicle hung up. On Halloween night after sundown, this ditch will be very difficult identify unless you know beforehand that it’s there. Again, the Town of New Baltimore and the Town of New Baltimore Highway Department created this hazard when paving the street in August 2016 and in June 2017. They have been asked a number of times to fix this defect or at least to mark it. They have ignored all requests. Please be careful and watch children very carefully in this area.

We are publishing this information at the request of residents who are seriously concerned about the safety of trick-or-treaters, parents and children, on New Street this Halloween. The Town of New Baltimore and the Town of New Baltimore Highway Department, Mr Scott VanWormer and Mr ALAN VANWORMER, have been made aware of these hazards a number of times, and have been asked to correct the defects or at least to mark them to ensure safety and to protect the public. They have refused and so now it’s necessary to provide this WARNING to motorists and pedestrians.  Please make your children and other adults aware of these serious hazards along New Street, which will be particularly dangerous after sundown, and be alert for similar hazards in other areas of the Hamlet of New Baltimore, especially in the National Historic District!

This situation has been ongoing for at least 2-3 years and the Town and the Highway Department have been notified numerous times and haven’t lifted a finger to fix the damage they have caused. Now they are asking voters to put the very people in office who created the damage in the first place. They are asking you to vote for ALAN VANWORMER as New Baltimore Highway Superintendent, the same guy who sat by and kept his mouth shut when they were creating the botched up roadwork, and now want to make him Superintendent. The think that’s a done deal because VANWORMER is running UNOPPOSED and you have no choice, no voice, no vote. VANWORMER has won by default! That’s WRONG. THAT’S DIRTY POLITICS

[Editor’s Note: At about 7:30 a.m. on October 30, 2017, the Town of New Baltimore, Supervisor Jeff Ruso and the Town of New Baltimore Highway Department, and the Town of New Baltimore Clerk were  AGAIN notified of these hazards and dangerous conditions on New Street, and were provided with the link to this posting.]

Please Watch Your Step on New Street in New Baltimore!!!
Happy Halloween!
The Editor & Friends of the Smalbany Blog

Editor’s Update

At about 10:45 a.m. on October 31, 2017, the following message was sent to New Baltimore Town Supervisor JEFF RUSO, New Baltimore Town Deputy Supervisor NICK DELLISANTI, Town Clerk BARBARA FINKE (for the purpose of records), and Town of New Baltimore Highway Superintendent SCOTT VANWORMER. Copies were sent also the Town Attorney Tal Rappela (Tal Rappelea Esq/RappeleaLaw) and to the attorney for the Town’s insurance company, Crystal R. Peck (Bailey, Johnson, DeLeonardis & Peck P.C., Albany, New York), Greene County Legislator for New Baltimore PATRICK LINGER (running for re-election this November), and Greene County District Attorney JOSEPH STANZIONE (running for re-election in November) to ensure that OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS and their ATTORNEYS are fully informed in the event of accident or injury.


The Town of New Baltimore and the Town of New Baltimore Highway Department have consistently and regularly been notified of the existing and continuing dangerous conditions created on New Street in the Town of New Baltimore, a roadway owned by the Town of New Baltimore. The Town of New Baltimore and the Town of New Baltimore Highway Department and its  acting superintendent, Mr SCOTT VANWORMER, have ignored all notifications and have refused to respond to all requests to correct the existing defects and hazards created by the Town’s operations or at least to mark them in the interest of the public’s safety, and the safety of parents and children on New Street.
Given the above circumstances and the Town’s indifference to the safety of residents and visitors, especially in view of the additonal upcoming Halloween traffic on the streets of the Hamlet, and the lighting conditions in the concerned area, and the approaching snow season, the Smalbany Blog has been considerate enough to publish a Public Safety Warning for Halloween Trick-or-Treaters and their accompanying adults.
You may inform yourselves as to the content of said Public Safety Warning at the blog site, WARNING: NEW STREET IN THE HAMLET STILL A HAZARDOUS AREA FOR TRICK-OR-TREATERS! (the link to the site is provided for your convenience).
Happy Halloween!
The Smalbany Blog and the New Street Community

Joe Vitollo Responds by Shooting Himself in Both Feet! Lousy Candidate but a great shot!

Mr. Joseph “Joe” Vitollo is running a second time on the Republican ticket for election to the United States Congress as representative of our area, the 20th Congressional District. Mr. Vitollo ran for the same seat in 2016 and lost. He ran against the same opponent in 2016, Paul Tonko (D), and lost. He thinks he can do better a second time around but we think that he’s delusional. We think the Republicans are running him knowing he’s a loser but running him anyway just to save face; they don’t have anyone who can beat Tonko. Why should they want to beat a man who’s done a good job? Why should voters want to replace someone who has demonstrated competence in government, hasn’t made an ass of himself, and doesn’t step all over himself when responding to questions?

We recently posted an article on Mr. Vitollo in which we publish some excerpts from his Facebook pages. We also publish some hard facts — they’re “hard facts” because they’re true facts and hard because Mr. Vitollo is finding it very hard to distance himself from them. In fact, Mr. Vitollo only digs himself deeper and deeper in the hole he’s already in and which is likely to become his political grave.

Vitollo has already revealed some very disturbing! aspects of his character but in two comments Mr. Vitollo himself made in response to the article, “Joe Vitollo for Congress? NOT!!! Never in this lifetime in this country!!!“, shoots himself in both feet. Here are his comments and our responses:

Joe Vitollo writes:

By the way the photograph of the foreigners making profane gestures are not my supporters which is a further mischaracterization it really discredits any credibility that you could possibly have.


2018/10/27 at 3:54 pm

Principal Editor responds:

In reply to Joe Vitollo.

Your comment further supports our observations. You call the individuals in the article “foreigners.” That is a profiling statement, a statement that reveals your deep-seated and dangerous prejudices. Those people, and that’s what and who they are, PEOPLE, may just as easily be a bunch of college students or dishwashers at the Congressional dining room. “Foreigners”?!?! How would you know that they are foreigners? What is a foreigner? Someone who is not American even non-American. You are making your decision about whether those people are Americans or not based on your prejudices and racist stereotypes. How can you judge who or what people are by their color, physical appearance, or even their gestures? Very, very bad statement, Mr Vitollo. It reveals your arrogance and your poor judgment. We don’t need arrogance and poor judgment in Congress!

Thank you for your comment and the further revelation of who you actually are. You do a better job than we could ever do of characterizing yourself!

The Editor


2018/10/28 at 10:12 am

Joe Vitollo writes:

This is a total mischaracterization of me if you want to know the truth why don’t you interview me but instead you use pictures and stories that are not true I have lived up here since 1977 most of my life and I’ve never had apart in Coeymans politics and the scandals have all occurred under democratic leadership so get your facts and your story straight before you start flinging accusations.


2018/10/27 at 3:34 pm

Principal Editor responds:

In reply to Joe Vitollo.

“Total mischaracterization”? That is certainly an inaccurate statement. Much of what we published is from your own mouth! And from the mouths of your supporters! How can that be mischaracterization? The facts are historical facts. How can they be mischaracterizations?

Why don’t you just say what’s true: You simply don’t like the fact that we have exposed a side or sides of you that you reaally don’t want to show. Isn’t that true, Mr Vitollo?

We have stated that you live in Coeymans and have lived in Coeymans, and you confirm that fact by revealing that you have lived in Coeymans since 1977. You also state that you “have never had apart [a part] in Coeymans politics and the scandals.” We say that, too, in the article. But we also ask the burning question WHY? if you have lived in Coeymans for so long and think you are some sort of leader, a leader capable of ushering in change at the national level, WHY HAVE YOU BEEN SO SILENT AND IN HIDING SO LONG IN COEYMANS? You impotentily and scurrilously point the finger at “democratic leadership” but we have to ask the question: Where was Republican leadership? Where was YOUR leadership? When all of the trouble and scandals were happening? Is it that you were unaware of what was going on right under your nose? Is it that you were hiding, not making a statement, not drawing attention to yourself? We don’t need a coward in Congress; we have enough of those already. Or, didn’t you care what was going on in Coeymans? You didn’t care until it was time to run for office. Right?

Seems to us that you have a severe case of lack of self-awareness. You don’t even know who you are, Mr Vitollo! You are self-deceptive. How can you tell voters who you are when you don’t even know who or what you are yourself?!?!

We’d be interested in knowing the answers to just a couple questions: First of all, if you have lived in Coeymans since 1977, what have you done to improve Coeymans? If you have never had a part in Coeymans politics, what would qualify you for a seat in Congress? If you can make the statement that all of the problems and scandals occurred under “democratic leadership,” you were aware of the problems and scandals, but did nothing. Why was that Mr Vitollo?

So, rather than just make blanket denials, give us some hard facts in your comments and answers. Enough of your dog-and-pony act, your smoke-and-mirrors politicking. Just some hard facts and straight answers. That’s all.

Thank you for your uninformative rant. It did nothing to help your case.

The Editor

Mr Vitollo has revealed himself to be tainted, tainted with prejudice, profiling, stereotypes, and poor judgment. He’s too quick on the trigger and doesn’t think before he opens his mouth. He condemns himself with his own words and then tries to wiggle out of the corner he’s painted himself into. Vitollo is a pitiable piece of work and really should withdraw from the race before he further embarasses himself and his party.

Vitollo has no experience or education related to government, not even local government. Here’s what we found about him:

Full Name: Francis ‘Joe’ Joseph Vitollo
Birth Date: 02/02/1956
Birth Place: East Orange, NJ (But he lists East Islip, Suffolk County, LI as his origin. Which is it going to be today, Joe?)
Home City: Coeymans, NY
Religion: Christian

Registered Nurse, Vassar Brothers Regional Medical Center, 2017-present
Emergency Room Registered Nurse, White Plains Hospital, 2009-present
Served, United States Air ForceCritical Care Nurse, Saint Peters Hospital, 2002-2008

No organizational membership information on file.

Reason for Seeking Public Office:

“To join with others who desire to Restore America by Reducing the size of Government, Passing a Balanced Budget Amendment, Eradicate the NEA, Restore the strength of the middle class, and protect personal property rights”

But what we find that is really interesting, well more disturbing than interesting is his political experience: Vitollo’s only experience is as a candidate and a losing candidate at that!

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, New York, District 20, 2016, 2018

Real original, right? Come on, Vitollo, if you can’t stop talking the stupid talk at least talk some stupid reality talk. You have no clue about what you’re spouting much less how to go about getting it done. But you’ll be a great tool for your keepers. If what you’ve done for your town, Coeymans, is any indicator of what you would do in Washington, we’d rather you just kept on emptying bedpans and wiping butts at wherever you’re working now.

(Source of Information: VoteSmart Facts Matter at, last accessed on October 27, 2018)

 Read the Original articleJoe Vitollo for Congress? NOT!!! Never in this lifetime in this country!!!


Joe Vitollo for Congress? NOT!!! Never in this lifetime in this country!!!

Why is it that so many downstaters move to upstate and then try to run for public office. We see this happen so often. These carpetbaggers seem to think that they can’t make it downstate so they move upstate to manage us upstate hicks because they know better. Nick Dellisanti’s, former Town of New Baltimore Supervisor, mother, put it like this, “Vote for him. We’re from New York [City]. We know how to get things done.” Well, he got himself elected for two terms and got nothing done. Now he’s Supervisor Jeff Ruso’s “deputy” Supervisor. Still getting nothing done.

  • Joe Vitollo is ignorant of the Constitution.
  • Joe Vitollo ignores the Establishment Clause (Separation of Church and State).
  • Joe Vitollo will bring too much of his “religion” into government.
  • Joe Vitollo Claims to be a Christian but Cherry-picks Holy Scripture; He’s a Pharisee hypocrite.
  • Joe Vitollo has a mean and nasty streak; he’s judgmental.
  • Joe Vitollo denies others their First Amendment rights to free expression.
  • Joe Vitollo ran in 2016 and LOST to Paul Tonko; Joe Vitollo is running again and will lose again to Paul Tonko because Tonko has experience and knows how to behave himself.
  • Joe Vitollo lives in Coyemans but hasn’t been able to clean up Coeymans. If he can’t bring change to Coeymans how does he expect to get anything done in Washington.
  • Joe Vitollo doesn’t recognize his limitations and that’s very dangerous in a wannabe politician.
  • Joe Vitollo is a loser and doesn’t belong in government.


What? Vote the Bible?
Separation of Church and State dead?
Vitollo Ignores the Constitution!

Joe Vitollo is ignorant of the Constitution. Now we have another downstater who has moved to Coeymans, and now is running for Congress. He’s a downstate Republican transplanted upstate and now wants locals in the 20th Congressional district to put him in a Washington DC office.

Now, anyone who has been reading the Smalbany blog will know that from Day 1, we have not backed any political party. We are not a political blog in the sense of partisan interests. We are a community blog and when we discuss any politician or candidate, we stress character and values. When we talk about character we emphasize honesty, integrity, intelligence, qualifications, competence, and compassion. That’s all. And YES! we do believe that we have to hold our elected officials and public servants to a higher standard than the average American.

This Joe Vitollo character is a bizarre bag of tricks: First of all, he’s not from this area or even from this part of the state. He’s from East Islip, an affluent suburban town of about 15,000 located in the Long Island county of Suffolk. He lives now in the town of Coeymans, which raises a number of questions on its own.

Is this Joe Vitollo on the inside?

Joe Vitollo appears to have a mean, nasty streak. We know this because a reader has referred us to Vitollo’s Facebook page where we read some very bizarre and nasty stuff from Vitollo. What Vitollo writes on his Facebook page is not what we want or expect to hear from a guy who’s running for public office, much less from a guy who claims to be Christian and who will have to represent all of us, not just his Bible-thumping friends.

Joe Vitollo’s Facebook post features an image of the American Flag and the Cross. Let us just repeat that Joe Vitollo is running for the United States Congress, 20th Congressional District, on the Republican ticket. We’d like to emphasize that we do not wish to make any statement on anyone’s religion or faith but we do have to emphasize that we find it grossly inappropriate for a public figure to make the impression that the Christian cross has any special relationship with the Flag of the United States of America!

Furthermore, Mr. Vitollo seems to want to make the impression that Christianity has a preferential place alongside the US Flag; otherwise, wouldn’t he have also featured the Star of David, a Muslim crescent, or one of the other major faith symbols making up the people of the United States? Is Mr. Vitollo discriminatory in his faith preferences? Will Christians be given preferential treatment over Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists? Mr. Vitollow, in that Facebook post is broadcasting a very ominous and dangerous message: He’s an exclusivist. But that’s probably because he’s from affluent East Islip, an exclusive community, better than the rest of us.

What’s even more disturbing about Joe Vitollo is the fact that he posts an image and makes a statement by the fact that the image shows the American flag alongside a cross. Mr. Vitollo is either ignorant of the provisions of the “Establishment Clause” in the Constitution of the United States that prohibits any coziness or overinvolvement of religion in government or vice versa. It’s the law of the land and most people know it as the “separation of church and state” doctrine. Wouldn’t you expect a man running for national office to be aware of that fact? After all, it’s not some hidden clause somewhere, it’s one of the best known provisions of the United States Constitution, perhaps second only to freedom of speech.

Image Posted by Joe Vitollo
Faith Discrimination
Intolerance of other Faiths

Religion and faith are private matters and should not be worn on one’s sleeve or used to promote one’s political ambitions. God is not a registered Republican nor a registered Democrat. God has not confessed to be a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim or a Buddhist or an adherent of any other faith or belief tradition. Worship, pray as you like but keep it private. Apparently Mr. Vitollo does not believe that this is the way, even if it is the law of the land.

Vitollo posts the image below with the statement: “God was good to America because America Honored God. In nearly 250 years America sent more Missionaries around the world then the rest of the world’s countries have sent since the Resurrection. Let us Honor God again and return to the tenants that the Founders held so dear.”

If Mr. Vitollo wants to “honor God” and talk about “missionaries” perhaps he should consider a job in ministry and leave the job of law-making to men and women who know something about the Constitution and the laws of this country.

What’s even more troubling when we read Vitollo’s responses to another subscriber. Vitollo’s responses are judgmental, nasty, and demeaning. That reveals something of his personality and character. We don’t need someone with a judgmental attitude, a nasty streak, and a demeaning arrogance in Congress. We have enough of that already and it’s killing the country.

The quote below appeared on Facebook in support of Joe Vitollo. Vitollo’s Facebook posts contradict the lies below:

: “Joe Vitollo is running for Congress in NY State. He’s a Christian that honors God and respects the US Constitution. He was at the prayer meeting we had for our State and Nation tonight. God bless you Joe! See you next week for our next prayer event for the nation! He also has a copy of “How to be Salt and Light; The Christian’s Guide to Voting.” 

If anyone has even a basic knowledge of the Gospels, you’ll probably have already thought of the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector (also known as the Pharisee and the Publican) [Luke 18:9-14] but let me just repeat it here:

To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everyone else, Jesus told this parable: 10 “Two men went up to the temple to pray,one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. 11 The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other people—robbers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector. 12 I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’

13 “But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’

14 “I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

The Pharisee, Joe Vitollo, is shown to be a hypocrite; the tax collector is shown to be the man of authenticity and true faith. Vitollo wants to broadcast his religiosity like a Pharisee, a hypocrite.

The one subscriber who really brought out the worst in Vitollo writes:

Seriously, have you read what the Founders had to say about religion? Obviously not!!! You might start with James Madison — you DO know who he was, don’t you? — and then the Federalist Papers. You will find that the Colonies, then the “states”, were established by a group of irreligious men. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were drafted by “enlightened” men with the vision of an irreligious republic in mind. While you may comment that the United States is, according to many credible polls, the most religious nation among the industrialized nations today, you cannot possibly want to persuade anyone, at least not in good faith, that the so-called “Founders” meant to honor “God” or that they espoused some kind of “religious” tenets. Get real and read some history!!!

Well, Vitollo obviously didn’t like that and responded, note the attitude of superiority and judgment! Shouldn’t a politician seeking voter approval and election be a little bit gentler, a bit more cautious? Is judgmentalism and arrogance what you want in your representative? Read what Joe Vitollo writes:

Joseph Vitollo: Evidently you have not read American history and you are a cynic and the typical antithesis of the patriot this country was founded for freedom of religion freedom of speech freedom of press because God created all men With and an alienable right To life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Although there were atheistic and godless men as it written in the Founding documents God in his sovereignty intervened in the affairs of men. And the fruit of that was born out with the gospel going to the four corners of the earth and spreading yet today.

Subscriber: Give me a break and stop your exclusionist proselytizing. You obviously know little history and less Scriptural scholarship.

Joseph Vitollo: Actually [name redacted] I have a degree in Biblical theology Greek and Hebrew so let’s be careful about wielding your Liberal haughty high comments of accusation

Joe Vitollo is nothing more than a snotty downstate privileged Long Island brat! If anyone thinks that Vitollo is non-judgmental and tolerant of others’ opinions and beliefs, his statements should persuade you otherwise. Apparently, Mr. Vitollo believes in the right to free speech – HIS OWN – but would curtail free speech in others. Again, Mr. Vitollo appears to be ignorant of some very basic American values.

But Vitollo claims that he has “a degree in Biblical theology Greek and Hebrew” [but not in English grammar]. If Vitollo is not the hypocrite or the buffoon we claim he is, wouldn’t you think he’d be aware of the parable of the Pharasee and the tax collector, and how it could apply to him.

So far, we have exposed Joe Vitollo as a hypocrite and a buffoon with little or no knowledge of the United States Constitution nor of the Bible, a book that he claims to have studied and in which he claims to have a degree. Yes, dear readers, and pigs have wings, too!

Joe Vitollo wants us to believe that pigs have wings., and that he belongs in the US Congress.

But let us remind you that Joe Vitollo is running for national office, for a seat in the United States Congress, one of the houses which in cooperation with the United States Senate makes our laws, presumably laws to serve and protect us. We would expect that Joe Vitollo wants to go to the United States Congress to improve our lives and lifestyles. Wouldn’t that be a fair statement?

Well, as we mentioned above, Mr. Joseph Vitollo, Republican candidate for Congress in the 20th Congressional District in New York state, moved to and lives in the Town of Coeymans. Yes, you heard right, Coeymans. For those of you who might not be familiar with the Town of Coeymans, Albany County, New York, let us just refresh your memories:

  • The Town of Coeymans is economically depressed and has been hemorrhaging businesses for years; there are more boarded up storefronts than there are operating business.
  • The Town of Coeymans has been losing population for decades, and the loss of residents has had a serious impact on the lifestyle and quality of life in Coeymans; it sucks.
  • The Town of Coeymans has had a number of loser Supervisors in the past and it’s not gotten any better: Henry Traver, a former supervisor, burned his own house down, allegedly to collect insurance money, and barely escaped felony charges (he’s now working for the Village of Ravena). The present Town Supervisor is a security guard at a local college and is a former town justice who was disgraced and forced to resign. He later ran for Town Supervisor and won, currently serving in a second term. Crandall is pulling more than $65,000/year in pension from his job with the NYS Dept of Corrections, he’s receiving a salary of $35,000 from the Town of Coeymans as Town Supervisor, and he finds he has to work as a security guard for the College of St Rose in Albany, New York. Talk about greedy!!! But that’s what we have in Coeymans.
  • The Town of Coeymans Police Department has been an embarrassment for years. Several recent law enforcement personnel were forced into retirement for undisclosed but well-known reasons of misconduct and abuse of power, including violation of civil and protected rights. A professional law enforcement officer took over as chief when the former chief, Gregory Darlington, was forced to resign, but got such a hard time from the Town Supervisor, former disgraced town justice, Phil Crandall, that he resigned. That left an acting chief of police who has invited nothing but scandal ever since, Daniel Contento.
  • The Town of Coeymans got negative press a couple of years ago when it renamed itself temporarily as Arbyville for the Arby’s beef sandwich. In return for this stupidity Arbys gave the town several hundred coupons for free sandwiches which disappeared without any record.

SGT Daniel Contento
Acting Chief of Police
Town of Coeymans Police Department

  • The Town of Coeymans got international attention when last year, two Coeymans police officers, one a police investigator, Steven Prokrym, the other a part-time patrolman, harassed, ran over and killed a raccoon in the parking lot of the local shopping mall. They did this while horrified onlookers, some children, witnessed the entire stupidity. Some witnesses videoed the whole gruesome thing and it went viral on YouTube and Facebook, prompting international outrage.
  • Just recently, the New York State Police stopped and ticketed a Coeymans Police Patrolman driving the Coeymans Police SUV. The Coeymans cop was ticketed for speeding and almost hitting a child.

But if we’re wrong about what Vitollo might have done for Coeymans, we’ll be happy to hear from Joe, and we’ll certainly correct any error.

But wait a minute: Doesn’t Joe Vitollo live in the Town of Coeymans? Wouldn’t you expect that living in Coeymans he’d likely have done something to improve the state of affairs there? Well, that would be a reasonable statement and it would be fair to expect that someone who thinks he can contribute to putting an entire country back on track would have at least been able, or at least have tried to do something to get his own town on track.

Well, Joe Vitollo hasn’t done a hell of a lot, in fact he’s done nothing, for the Town of Coeymans. Are we stupid enough to think that this arrogant, nasty, ignorant downstater is going to do much for the 20th Congressional District? Well, if you are gullible enough to believe that one, we have a bridge you might be interested in.

If you believe Vitollo, you might be interested in this bridge. It’s for sale.

Editor’s Note:

If you still think Vitollo is a worthwhile consideration, we really have to say that ‘birds of a feather flock together.” We say that because we were aghast not only at what we read from Vitollo himself but from some of his “friends,” too. Here are some examples from that same Facebook posting:

One friend of Vitollo who came to his defense in the Facebook post was a character calling himself Eric Voellm, who describes himself as employed in sales at GNH Lumber, a former corrections officer at New York State Department of Corrections, Retired. Voelm touts his education as having attended Averill Park High School, Hudson Valley Community College (a 2-year institution) and SUNY Empire State (a bottom-feeder college of the State University of New York). Voelm was particularly nasty and writes:

Eric Voellm; [To the Subscriber}: You suffer from an acute case of invincible ignorance. The prognosis is grim but not hopeless. ” With God all things are possible”. A quote of Jesus from scripture I am quite sure you are unfamiliar with. [The comment continues but isn’t worth repeating.]

Subscriber: [To Eric Voellm] Thank you! There’s not a lot to respond to in that comment, is there. It speaks for itself and its author. Spent time in prison have you? Using your two-year degree?

Eric Voellm; [To the Subscriber}: Your response here can serve as exhibit A in my efforts to confirm my diagnosis of your condition as invincible ignorance. Thank you for your continuing contributions. So I assume you have no familiarity with the scripture I quoted. [Continues idiotically…]

Subscriber:  Facebook is not where I prefer to comment on an ignorant pseudo politician’s silly rants. So you want to be a congressman? Writing such judgemental stupidity as yours is not going to get you far. Probably as far as losing yet another election. More on you later in another well-read forum, a higher level than Facebook.

Another brilliant friend of Joe Vitello who joins Mr. Voellm in “defending” Mr. Vitollo is Mr. Bill Dudek who claims to be from Waterford, NY, and to currently live in Schenectady. He’s obviously a retiree (born in 1949). What struck us as rather comical is Mr. Dudek;s apparent claim to fame is that he is “the author of a devotional Bible” and “teaches a Constitutional class.” He also touts himself to be an expert in English grammar but you’d never know it from his own posts or from his attention to Mr. Vitollo’s terrible English. But despite our extensive research on Mr. Dudek, “devotional Bibles” and “Constitutional classes,” we came up with nothing. Our guess is that Mr. Dudek is as phoney as his “devotional Bible” and his “Constitutional class.” Anyone who claims to be the author of a Bible, devotional or not, has to be a crackpot. As for his teaching a “Constitutional class,” we’re wondering if the class he gives on constitution might not be a class in bowel habits, after all, he doesn’t mention the United States Constution and, as a Bible author up there with Isaiah, Jeremiah, Luke and John, we’d expect him to be a bit more detail oriented.

The best one came from another Vitollo fan who gives Vitollo some advice on how to deal with the subscriber. This fan, Mr. Keith Wiggand, who is such a hero that he doesn’t post any details about himself at all on his Facebook page, suggests to Vitolo, “Joe, whack this troll from your page.”

So there you have it. All you need to know about Joe Vitollo to steer clear from that weirdo and his looney-tune friends. Vitollo has to be crazy to think he’d make it to Congress or at least someone has to be crazy to vote for the fool!

Vitollo supporters sending their candidate’s message to the American voters of 20th Congressional District.