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Joe Vitollo for Congress? NOT!!! Never in this lifetime in this country!!!

Why is it that so many downstaters move to upstate and then try to run for public office. We see this happen so often. These carpetbaggers seem to think that they can’t make it downstate so they move upstate to manage us upstate hicks because they know better. Nick Dellisanti’s, former Town of New Baltimore Supervisor, mother, put it like this, “Vote for him. We’re from New York [City]. We know how to get things done.” Well, he got himself elected for two terms and got nothing done. Now he’s Supervisor Jeff Ruso’s “deputy” Supervisor. Still getting nothing done.

  • Joe Vitollo is ignorant of the Constitution.
  • Joe Vitollo ignores the Establishment Clause (Separation of Church and State).
  • Joe Vitollo will bring too much of his “religion” into government.
  • Joe Vitollo Claims to be a Christian but Cherry-picks Holy Scripture; He’s a Pharisee hypocrite.
  • Joe Vitollo has a mean and nasty streak; he’s judgmental.
  • Joe Vitollo denies others their First Amendment rights to free expression.
  • Joe Vitollo ran in 2016 and LOST to Paul Tonko; Joe Vitollo is running again and will lose again to Paul Tonko because Tonko has experience and knows how to behave himself.
  • Joe Vitollo lives in Coyemans but hasn’t been able to clean up Coeymans. If he can’t bring change to Coeymans how does he expect to get anything done in Washington.
  • Joe Vitollo doesn’t recognize his limitations and that’s very dangerous in a wannabe politician.
  • Joe Vitollo is a loser and doesn’t belong in government.


What? Vote the Bible?
Separation of Church and State dead?
Vitollo Ignores the Constitution!

Joe Vitollo is ignorant of the Constitution. Now we have another downstater who has moved to Coeymans, and now is running for Congress. He’s a downstate Republican transplanted upstate and now wants locals in the 20th Congressional district to put him in a Washington DC office.

Now, anyone who has been reading the Smalbany blog will know that from Day 1, we have not backed any political party. We are not a political blog in the sense of partisan interests. We are a community blog and when we discuss any politician or candidate, we stress character and values. When we talk about character we emphasize honesty, integrity, intelligence, qualifications, competence, and compassion. That’s all. And YES! we do believe that we have to hold our elected officials and public servants to a higher standard than the average American.

This Joe Vitollo character is a bizarre bag of tricks: First of all, he’s not from this area or even from this part of the state. He’s from East Islip, an affluent suburban town of about 15,000 located in the Long Island county of Suffolk. He lives now in the town of Coeymans, which raises a number of questions on its own.

Is this Joe Vitollo on the inside?

Joe Vitollo appears to have a mean, nasty streak. We know this because a reader has referred us to Vitollo’s Facebook page where we read some very bizarre and nasty stuff from Vitollo. What Vitollo writes on his Facebook page is not what we want or expect to hear from a guy who’s running for public office, much less from a guy who claims to be Christian and who will have to represent all of us, not just his Bible-thumping friends.

Joe Vitollo’s Facebook post features an image of the American Flag and the Cross. Let us just repeat that Joe Vitollo is running for the United States Congress, 20th Congressional District, on the Republican ticket. We’d like to emphasize that we do not wish to make any statement on anyone’s religion or faith but we do have to emphasize that we find it grossly inappropriate for a public figure to make the impression that the Christian cross has any special relationship with the Flag of the United States of America!

Furthermore, Mr. Vitollo seems to want to make the impression that Christianity has a preferential place alongside the US Flag; otherwise, wouldn’t he have also featured the Star of David, a Muslim crescent, or one of the other major faith symbols making up the people of the United States? Is Mr. Vitollo discriminatory in his faith preferences? Will Christians be given preferential treatment over Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists? Mr. Vitollow, in that Facebook post is broadcasting a very ominous and dangerous message: He’s an exclusivist. But that’s probably because he’s from affluent East Islip, an exclusive community, better than the rest of us.

What’s even more disturbing about Joe Vitollo is the fact that he posts an image and makes a statement by the fact that the image shows the American flag alongside a cross. Mr. Vitollo is either ignorant of the provisions of the “Establishment Clause” in the Constitution of the United States that prohibits any coziness or overinvolvement of religion in government or vice versa. It’s the law of the land and most people know it as the “separation of church and state” doctrine. Wouldn’t you expect a man running for national office to be aware of that fact? After all, it’s not some hidden clause somewhere, it’s one of the best known provisions of the United States Constitution, perhaps second only to freedom of speech.

Image Posted by Joe Vitollo
Faith Discrimination
Intolerance of other Faiths

Religion and faith are private matters and should not be worn on one’s sleeve or used to promote one’s political ambitions. God is not a registered Republican nor a registered Democrat. God has not confessed to be a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim or a Buddhist or an adherent of any other faith or belief tradition. Worship, pray as you like but keep it private. Apparently Mr. Vitollo does not believe that this is the way, even if it is the law of the land.

Vitollo posts the image below with the statement: “God was good to America because America Honored God. In nearly 250 years America sent more Missionaries around the world then the rest of the world’s countries have sent since the Resurrection. Let us Honor God again and return to the tenants that the Founders held so dear.”

If Mr. Vitollo wants to “honor God” and talk about “missionaries” perhaps he should consider a job in ministry and leave the job of law-making to men and women who know something about the Constitution and the laws of this country.

What’s even more troubling when we read Vitollo’s responses to another subscriber. Vitollo’s responses are judgmental, nasty, and demeaning. That reveals something of his personality and character. We don’t need someone with a judgmental attitude, a nasty streak, and a demeaning arrogance in Congress. We have enough of that already and it’s killing the country.

The quote below appeared on Facebook in support of Joe Vitollo. Vitollo’s Facebook posts contradict the lies below:

: “Joe Vitollo is running for Congress in NY State. He’s a Christian that honors God and respects the US Constitution. He was at the prayer meeting we had for our State and Nation tonight. God bless you Joe! See you next week for our next prayer event for the nation! He also has a copy of “How to be Salt and Light; The Christian’s Guide to Voting.” 

If anyone has even a basic knowledge of the Gospels, you’ll probably have already thought of the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector (also known as the Pharisee and the Publican) [Luke 18:9-14] but let me just repeat it here:

To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everyone else, Jesus told this parable: 10 “Two men went up to the temple to pray,one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. 11 The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other people—robbers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector. 12 I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’

13 “But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’

14 “I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

The Pharisee, Joe Vitollo, is shown to be a hypocrite; the tax collector is shown to be the man of authenticity and true faith. Vitollo wants to broadcast his religiosity like a Pharisee, a hypocrite.

The one subscriber who really brought out the worst in Vitollo writes:

Seriously, have you read what the Founders had to say about religion? Obviously not!!! You might start with James Madison — you DO know who he was, don’t you? — and then the Federalist Papers. You will find that the Colonies, then the “states”, were established by a group of irreligious men. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were drafted by “enlightened” men with the vision of an irreligious republic in mind. While you may comment that the United States is, according to many credible polls, the most religious nation among the industrialized nations today, you cannot possibly want to persuade anyone, at least not in good faith, that the so-called “Founders” meant to honor “God” or that they espoused some kind of “religious” tenets. Get real and read some history!!!

Well, Vitollo obviously didn’t like that and responded, note the attitude of superiority and judgment! Shouldn’t a politician seeking voter approval and election be a little bit gentler, a bit more cautious? Is judgmentalism and arrogance what you want in your representative? Read what Joe Vitollo writes:

Joseph Vitollo: Evidently you have not read American history and you are a cynic and the typical antithesis of the patriot this country was founded for freedom of religion freedom of speech freedom of press because God created all men With and an alienable right To life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Although there were atheistic and godless men as it written in the Founding documents God in his sovereignty intervened in the affairs of men. And the fruit of that was born out with the gospel going to the four corners of the earth and spreading yet today.

Subscriber: Give me a break and stop your exclusionist proselytizing. You obviously know little history and less Scriptural scholarship.

Joseph Vitollo: Actually [name redacted] I have a degree in Biblical theology Greek and Hebrew so let’s be careful about wielding your Liberal haughty high comments of accusation

Joe Vitollo is nothing more than a snotty downstate privileged Long Island brat! If anyone thinks that Vitollo is non-judgmental and tolerant of others’ opinions and beliefs, his statements should persuade you otherwise. Apparently, Mr. Vitollo believes in the right to free speech – HIS OWN – but would curtail free speech in others. Again, Mr. Vitollo appears to be ignorant of some very basic American values.

But Vitollo claims that he has “a degree in Biblical theology Greek and Hebrew” [but not in English grammar]. If Vitollo is not the hypocrite or the buffoon we claim he is, wouldn’t you think he’d be aware of the parable of the Pharasee and the tax collector, and how it could apply to him.

So far, we have exposed Joe Vitollo as a hypocrite and a buffoon with little or no knowledge of the United States Constitution nor of the Bible, a book that he claims to have studied and in which he claims to have a degree. Yes, dear readers, and pigs have wings, too!

Joe Vitollo wants us to believe that pigs have wings., and that he belongs in the US Congress.

But let us remind you that Joe Vitollo is running for national office, for a seat in the United States Congress, one of the houses which in cooperation with the United States Senate makes our laws, presumably laws to serve and protect us. We would expect that Joe Vitollo wants to go to the United States Congress to improve our lives and lifestyles. Wouldn’t that be a fair statement?

Well, as we mentioned above, Mr. Joseph Vitollo, Republican candidate for Congress in the 20th Congressional District in New York state, moved to and lives in the Town of Coeymans. Yes, you heard right, Coeymans. For those of you who might not be familiar with the Town of Coeymans, Albany County, New York, let us just refresh your memories:

  • The Town of Coeymans is economically depressed and has been hemorrhaging businesses for years; there are more boarded up storefronts than there are operating business.
  • The Town of Coeymans has been losing population for decades, and the loss of residents has had a serious impact on the lifestyle and quality of life in Coeymans; it sucks.
  • The Town of Coeymans has had a number of loser Supervisors in the past and it’s not gotten any better: Henry Traver, a former supervisor, burned his own house down, allegedly to collect insurance money, and barely escaped felony charges (he’s now working for the Village of Ravena). The present Town Supervisor is a security guard at a local college and is a former town justice who was disgraced and forced to resign. He later ran for Town Supervisor and won, currently serving in a second term. Crandall is pulling more than $65,000/year in pension from his job with the NYS Dept of Corrections, he’s receiving a salary of $35,000 from the Town of Coeymans as Town Supervisor, and he finds he has to work as a security guard for the College of St Rose in Albany, New York. Talk about greedy!!! But that’s what we have in Coeymans.
  • The Town of Coeymans Police Department has been an embarrassment for years. Several recent law enforcement personnel were forced into retirement for undisclosed but well-known reasons of misconduct and abuse of power, including violation of civil and protected rights. A professional law enforcement officer took over as chief when the former chief, Gregory Darlington, was forced to resign, but got such a hard time from the Town Supervisor, former disgraced town justice, Phil Crandall, that he resigned. That left an acting chief of police who has invited nothing but scandal ever since, Daniel Contento.
  • The Town of Coeymans got negative press a couple of years ago when it renamed itself temporarily as Arbyville for the Arby’s beef sandwich. In return for this stupidity Arbys gave the town several hundred coupons for free sandwiches which disappeared without any record.

SGT Daniel Contento
Acting Chief of Police
Town of Coeymans Police Department

  • The Town of Coeymans got international attention when last year, two Coeymans police officers, one a police investigator, Steven Prokrym, the other a part-time patrolman, harassed, ran over and killed a raccoon in the parking lot of the local shopping mall. They did this while horrified onlookers, some children, witnessed the entire stupidity. Some witnesses videoed the whole gruesome thing and it went viral on YouTube and Facebook, prompting international outrage.
  • Just recently, the New York State Police stopped and ticketed a Coeymans Police Patrolman driving the Coeymans Police SUV. The Coeymans cop was ticketed for speeding and almost hitting a child.

But if we’re wrong about what Vitollo might have done for Coeymans, we’ll be happy to hear from Joe, and we’ll certainly correct any error.

But wait a minute: Doesn’t Joe Vitollo live in the Town of Coeymans? Wouldn’t you expect that living in Coeymans he’d likely have done something to improve the state of affairs there? Well, that would be a reasonable statement and it would be fair to expect that someone who thinks he can contribute to putting an entire country back on track would have at least been able, or at least have tried to do something to get his own town on track.

Well, Joe Vitollo hasn’t done a hell of a lot, in fact he’s done nothing, for the Town of Coeymans. Are we stupid enough to think that this arrogant, nasty, ignorant downstater is going to do much for the 20th Congressional District? Well, if you are gullible enough to believe that one, we have a bridge you might be interested in.

If you believe Vitollo, you might be interested in this bridge. It’s for sale.

Editor’s Note:

If you still think Vitollo is a worthwhile consideration, we really have to say that ‘birds of a feather flock together.” We say that because we were aghast not only at what we read from Vitollo himself but from some of his “friends,” too. Here are some examples from that same Facebook posting:

One friend of Vitollo who came to his defense in the Facebook post was a character calling himself Eric Voellm, who describes himself as employed in sales at GNH Lumber, a former corrections officer at New York State Department of Corrections, Retired. Voelm touts his education as having attended Averill Park High School, Hudson Valley Community College (a 2-year institution) and SUNY Empire State (a bottom-feeder college of the State University of New York). Voelm was particularly nasty and writes:

Eric Voellm; [To the Subscriber}: You suffer from an acute case of invincible ignorance. The prognosis is grim but not hopeless. ” With God all things are possible”. A quote of Jesus from scripture I am quite sure you are unfamiliar with. [The comment continues but isn’t worth repeating.]

Subscriber: [To Eric Voellm] Thank you! There’s not a lot to respond to in that comment, is there. It speaks for itself and its author. Spent time in prison have you? Using your two-year degree?

Eric Voellm; [To the Subscriber}: Your response here can serve as exhibit A in my efforts to confirm my diagnosis of your condition as invincible ignorance. Thank you for your continuing contributions. So I assume you have no familiarity with the scripture I quoted. [Continues idiotically…]

Subscriber:  Facebook is not where I prefer to comment on an ignorant pseudo politician’s silly rants. So you want to be a congressman? Writing such judgemental stupidity as yours is not going to get you far. Probably as far as losing yet another election. More on you later in another well-read forum, a higher level than Facebook.

Another brilliant friend of Joe Vitello who joins Mr. Voellm in “defending” Mr. Vitollo is Mr. Bill Dudek who claims to be from Waterford, NY, and to currently live in Schenectady. He’s obviously a retiree (born in 1949). What struck us as rather comical is Mr. Dudek;s apparent claim to fame is that he is “the author of a devotional Bible” and “teaches a Constitutional class.” He also touts himself to be an expert in English grammar but you’d never know it from his own posts or from his attention to Mr. Vitollo’s terrible English. But despite our extensive research on Mr. Dudek, “devotional Bibles” and “Constitutional classes,” we came up with nothing. Our guess is that Mr. Dudek is as phoney as his “devotional Bible” and his “Constitutional class.” Anyone who claims to be the author of a Bible, devotional or not, has to be a crackpot. As for his teaching a “Constitutional class,” we’re wondering if the class he gives on constitution might not be a class in bowel habits, after all, he doesn’t mention the United States Constution and, as a Bible author up there with Isaiah, Jeremiah, Luke and John, we’d expect him to be a bit more detail oriented.

The best one came from another Vitollo fan who gives Vitollo some advice on how to deal with the subscriber. This fan, Mr. Keith Wiggand, who is such a hero that he doesn’t post any details about himself at all on his Facebook page, suggests to Vitolo, “Joe, whack this troll from your page.”

So there you have it. All you need to know about Joe Vitollo to steer clear from that weirdo and his looney-tune friends. Vitollo has to be crazy to think he’d make it to Congress or at least someone has to be crazy to vote for the fool!

Vitollo supporters sending their candidate’s message to the American voters of 20th Congressional District.



Our 2018 Election Picks for the Town of New Baltimore and Greene County

Let’s be clear: You don’t “elect” an unopposed candidate! “Elect” in the campaign sign is a LIE!

When you see a campaign sign that asks you to “elect” an unopposed candidate in an uncontested election, think

The legal definition of election is a selection process: In an election voters are presented with at least 2 candidates and choose one of them. Candidates may be “endorsed” by one or more parties but for an election or a selection process to take place, you need at least two candidates. One candidate is not a choice and is not an “election.”

It is the duty of the so-called political parties to present voters with a choice. There has been a disturbing recent trend in our so-called American democratic process — a trend that is becoming very conspicuous in Greene County and the Town of New Baltimore — of presenting voters with a single, unopposed candidate in uncontested “elections.” This is not a new trend and has been concealed from voters in at least 38 states for decades and has been permitted by state election laws, laws that deprive voters of their right to choose who governs them.

As many of our readers know, each election year we study the candidates and make our picks. We share them with you because we have done the research and have asked the questions. When, IF the candidates respond, we let you know what they had to say. Here are our picks and recommendations for November 6, 2018:

First of all, we’d like to start our election choices with a positive:
Peter J. Markou
Greene County Treasurer.

Peter Markou is a Five-Star Choice for Greene County Treasurer.
Experience, Integrity, Committed

Peter Markou is a five-star candidate.

Mr Markou is intelligent, a gentleman, honest, and so different from the bottom-feeders that are left on the ballot. Mr Markou has been Greene County Treasurer for several terms and there’s no one who can say anything negative about the man. Vote for Peter Markou for Greene County Treasurer; he’s honest, competent and has proved he can do the job like a real professional, not like a politician.

Greene County Coroners

Bob Gaus (D) and Joshua Lipsman (D)

(Democrats endorsed by the Independence Party)
Richard Vigilio (R) and Paul Seney (R)

Gaus and Lipsman have kept their Democrat affiliation a bit under wraps, and have touted their endorsement by the Independence Party. That’s a bit sneaky in our opinion but HEY! we are reporting about much, much worse in this article.

Not many voters really understand what a county coroner does but many may at some time in their lives have to deal with one, so we’d like to make certain it’s the right one.

We have written several pieces on coroners in the past and our basic opinion is that it is an outdated office, political, and really should be made obsolete in favor of the medical examiner’s office. That having been said, and already having raised important questions about the ethics of funeral directors or physicians being involved with the politics of death investigations,we object only to the general ethics and the history of the office of coroner, and why it should be done away with and replaced by a competent, qualified and non-political medical examiner.

There are already two incumbent Greene County Coroners: Richard Vigilio has been Greene County Coroner for 24 years and a funeral director (Richards Funeral Home) for 63 years. We think it’s time for Vigilio to retire before he becomes a coroner’s case himself. Paul Seney is the second Greene County Coroner, and is a funeral director at Richards Funeral Home and Brady Funeral home.

As for the two individuals running for Greene County Coroner: Bob Gaus, a funeral director, and Joshua Lipsman, a physician/healthcare policy promoter, we can say but little about them in terms of competence or character. We’d lean more towards Gaus, given the necessary skills of a funeral director and his experience with death and deathcare on a daily basis. Lipsman? Well, he’s more qualified in the politics of healthcare and probably has much less experience with death and deathcare than Gaus. Could they do the job? Our bets would be on Gaus in terms of effectiveness. Given Lipsman’s history and training, we don’t think he’d be the best choice. Death is something physicians try to avoid (unless you’re a pathologist, which Lipsman is not)and you’ll have a tough time changing a physician’s attitude towards death and with it his attitude towards the survivors. Go with Gaus.


As for the second candidate, we’d go with Seney for a couple of reasons: First, he’s experienced and has had the benefit of Richard Vigilio, with whom he’s worked for several years. Second, he’s a funeral diretor and, although we still object to the ethics of a funeral director in the coroner’s position, if we must have a coroner, then the funeral director is intimately familiar not only with death but the paperwork and laws concerning death, and how to best deal compassionately with survivors. So, while we wish Richard Vigilio all the best in his retirement after this election, we think that Paul Seney would be a good man to partner up with Bob Gaus.

Gaus and Lipsman are both 61 years old; Lipsman is from downstate. Both are Democrats. It may seem odd putting a Democrat (Gaus) in office and running the risk of adding more corpses to the list of voters registered Democrat but dead, but Hey! Vigilio is getting close to being a corpse and is Republican; Gaus may have a few years of life left in him, and may be able to complete at least one term of office. What about Lipsman? Too political, too full of himself (he’s a Democrat, a doctor, into public health policy, etc. We all know what happens when a Democrat gets involved in health policy; even if only the dead are affected!) Let’s leave him to his interests in public health policy and his overly liberal politics; he’d be too much of a political prima donna in the coroner’s office. Head’s too big. Lipsman’s from downstate and doesn’t know local culture or people. Not a good choice.

Now we’d like to handle the
Real Scoundrels List

We’ll have to wait til next year to go after New Baltimore Town Supervisor Jeff Ruso, but we’ve got enough on him already to put someone else in the Supervisor’s office. He won’t be able to save himself with anything worth mentioning in the coming year. He’s dead in the water already.

But we’d like to concentrate on this year’s failures:

Alan VanWormer

Running UNOPPOSED (Denying Your Voice and Wasting Your Vote)

So Why?!?! did the Republicans spend so much money on so many campaign signs for a guy who is running unopposed. In an uncontested election ONE campaign sign and NO votes would hand the election over to him since he’s already legally considered “elected.” Seems that wasting taxpayers’ money is still the way to go in New Baltimore!

This time he’s running on the Republican ticket, Unqualified, Gutless, No Training, No Education. We’ve already published an article dedicated to the problems we have with Alan VanWormer and you can read that article at The Problem with Alan VanWormer. We also are solidly against giving away a vote to any unopposed candidate and not having a voice in who gets into office. We have written a very well-researched article on the problems of unopposed candidates and uncontested elections and Why! they are a violation of our rights. You can read the article at Unopposed Candidates: The Denial of Your Vote!

Alan VanWormer just stood by and kept his mouth shut while Denis Jordan did his tricks in the New Baltimore Highway Department. Alan VanWormer was part of the corruption and didn’t do a thing to stop it. No Integrity! Alan VanWormer’s brother, Scott VanWormer, was hand-picked by Denis Jordan to be his Deputy Superintendent. No one lifted a finger. Dellisanti, Ruso, vanEtten, no one said a word. But New Baltimore Town Supervisor Jeff Ruso, the chief financial officer of the Town, and the New Baltimore Town Board approved sending Scott VanWormer to Ithaca, New York, for a three-day meeting — the Cornell Local Roads Program — all expenses paid plus his salary. The money and the time was wasted since Scott VanWormer doesn’t have the background or education to have understood what was going on. Furthermore, Alan VanWormer (Scott’s brother!!! And also employed by the New Baltimore Highway Department) is the one who is running unopposed for New Baltimore Highway Superintendent. Unopposed means he’s already got the job, so Why? didn’t they send Alan VanWormer to the Highway Meeting, if anyone? That’s the way Jeff Ruso and the New Baltimore Town Board thinks: They DON’T!!!

Question: Why are we still electing unqualified, dumbasses, with no training to the position of Town Superintendent of Highways. Most of them can’t even read!!! Yet New Baltimore still keeps them in a job and hands them hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, perhaps even millions of taxpayer dollars to play with and squander and no one seems to care. The job should not be up for election in the first place. The position of Town Superintendent of Highways should be a non-political, professional position filled on a competitiive application basis, with the successful hiree having the right qualifications and subject to discipline and even termination! Putting a professional in the position would more than pay for itself because of proper fiscal and human resources management and administration. That’s the Town Board’s job that they’re not doing. They’re a bunch of dumbasses sitting there thinking of ways to keep our Town Hall packed with political dumbasses and friends.

The Alternative: You don’t have one!

Let’s move on…

Patrick “Pat” Linger (R)

Out of Touch (except in an election year), Doesn’t Care, a Political Fixture/Tool, No Accomplishments, a Wasted Vote.

We have already published an earlier article to Pat Linger and Greene County DA, Joe Stanzione. You can read what we had to say to them at Open Letter to County Legislator Patrick Linger and Greene County DA Joseph Stanzione.

Linger just didn’t think it important enough to tell voters what his accomplishments were during his last term — obviously he had none — but now he’s begging New Baltimore voters for another term. Take a hike, Patty! You ran and hid when residents needed you. You refused to respond to questions regarding your performance in office this past term. You handed New Baltimore Highway Superintendent Denis Jordan hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, and Jordan pissed them away, doing more damage than he was worth. Now the balless Republicans on the New Baltimore Town Board and New Baltimore Town Supervisor Jeff Ruso is following in the shite tracks of his mentor and now Deputy Supervisor Nick Dellisanti. We’re sick of the same old-same old and the dog and pony acts in Town Hall and in the County Legislature. Take a walk Patty. Your double-talking friends in Town Hall will be following you out the door!

The Alternative: Jim Eckl

Joseph “Joe” Stanzione (R)

Running for re-election to the Office of the Greene County District Attorney

Joseph “Joe” Stanzione.
Pantywaist or Panty-waste?

Unaccomplished, Avoids Commitment, Violates his Oath of Office

Just like Pat Linger, Joe Stanzione is a dud, a panty waist.  We have enough duds and panty-waists in Greene County and in New Baltimore. Stanzione goes into hiding when the real issues come up. Did he defend New Baltimore taxpayers and residents when they asked for his help to get compensated for damage done to property by former Highway Superintendent Jordan and his gaggle of monkeys? NOT! Did he go after the New Baltimore Town Supervisor Dellisanti or after Jeff Ruso and the Town Board when they ignored residents’ and taxpayers pleas for relief, compensation for damage to their property? NOT! Does Greene County need a panty-waist District Attorney like Stanzione? NOT! 

Back in we published an open letter to Joe Stanzione. It’s worth a read at Open Letter to Greene County District Attorney Joseph Stanzione. Since then he’s done zilch but now wants to continue doing zilch. No way, José Stanzione! It’s the highway for you, dude!

The county district attorney is the county’s chief law enforcement officer. So Why? is Greene County nicknamed “Cold Case?” Because so little is being done by the Greene County District Attorney in terms of keeping local government honest and criminals prosecuted. That’s Why!

The Alternative: ??? We had a tough time finding out who is opposing Stanzione. We’re waiting for a reply from the Greene County BOE.

George Amedore

Republican, Irresponsible, Indifferent, Bullshitter.
You know it’s an election year when you see or hear him.

A pink-eared jackass!

George Amedore shows up every election year to beg for the NYS Senate seat, 46th District, and to appear with his Republican cronies at the New Baltimore Republican Club rally to tell everyone fairy tales of what he’s done for New Baltimore and his district. Of course, the gullible back-woods politicians, committee people, and some misguided voters show up to listen to the mealy-mouthed promises never to be kept. In fact, Amedore was complacent and irresponsible when he was handing out state highway monies to Denis Jordan to burn up. We published an article about his legendary generosity with taxpayer dollars and his total lack of accountability. Denis Jordan is under investigation and had to resign; we think Amedore should do the same. He has some nerve asking for New Baltimore’s votes!

Read our article George Amedore, NY State Senator for 46th District, Needs to do Some Homework to learn more about what we told Amedore about New Baltimore and the New Baltimore Highway Department.

The Alternative: ??? Pat Courtney Strong, another woman-wanting-to-be-a-man from Kingston. OMG! That’s a choice??? (Note: Strong is from Kingston, like Amedore, a businesswoman. Problem: Strong knows about as much as Amedore about what New Baltimore and Greene County needs: both know nothing!)

Antonio Delgado

Democrat, Racist, ex-Rapper, Anti-American.

The Racist Rapper and the Democrat Candidate.
The same face, different outfit.

Is that the best the Democrats can do for Upstate voters? 

Delgado is filth, a racist, ex-rapper whose rapping celebrated sex with porn stars and anti-American, racist lyrics. He might be the hero of give-it-all-away Liberal Democrats. And he might be able to attract votes in mostly minority New York City, but he’s a big dirty ball of crappola to Central and Upstate NY. He might be popular with low-class, inner-city minorities and illegal immigrants with a name like Antonio Delgado, but he’s a clear reject when it comes to people with values and morals. His skin color would get him the downstate minority vote but among people who look deeper than skin color when we vote, he’s a total reject.

We’ve already wasted too many words on a loser like Antonio Delgado. If that’s the best the Democrats can offer New Yorkers, we don’t wonder that they are going to hell in barf bag.

You’ll need this when going to the polls and seeing what the Dems have picked for you.

The Alternative: John Faso

James “Jim” Eckl

A multiple-loser but our only alternative to Patrick “Pat” Linger, a loser and a scoundrel.

Well, the New Baltimore Democratic Committee made up of Janet KashEileen VosburghDoreen DavisBeth Schneck. and district committee members Janet Foley,  Richard GuthrieJudith FelstenAnne Walsh MitchellLee Davis (Yes. That’s the former loser town justice! Another Democrat loser scraped up by the New Baltimore and Greene County Dems!), Jim Eckl (Yes. That’s the same Jim Eckl the Dems are running against Patrick Linger). New Baltimore and Greene County Democrats have not only failed to give voters candidates, they can’t even get people to serve on their district committees! So they have to keep running losers from past elections.

James “Jim” Eckl, Democrat, Recycled Goods, Democrats’ Last Resort. Give him a chance to fly or fail. Anything’s better than Linger!

His party handlers, the New Baltimore Democratic Committee, Janet KashEileen VosburghDoreen DavisBeth Schneck., couldn’t tell us why he should get your vote. We found that a bit odd because normally the political party committee members would be over the moon to tell us why their candidate should be elected. Not the New Baltimore Democraps! They didn’t want to say a word about Jim Eckl. Well, there’s not much to say about Jim Eckl, we guess.

The Alternative: Voters in New Baltimore are in a real predicament. You can chose between the Louse (Linger) and the Loser (Eckl).

In the Town of New Baltimore and in Greene County, we don’t have much to work with. We residents, taxpayers and voters have so much garbage being handed to us You’d think we had a recycling plant or a transfer facility in the neighborhood; we get the dregs from the Republicans and the Democrats can’t even dig up a candidate from the many cemeteries in the area.

New Baltimore & Greene County Elections.
What we have to choose from.
Recycled Garbage.

None of the majority of candidates running are really worth a vote but where there’s at least a choice, that is, when the candidate on the ballot isn’t running unopposed, it would pay to cast a vote for either candidate. They’re garbage but at least you have a choice of which garbage.

When a candidate is running unopposed or in an uncontested race, New York Election Law has already “declared him elected,” and your vote is wasted; you have no voice in who gets the position. As in past elections we say don’t give them the numbers. Don’t cast a vote for that candidate (in New Baltimore, for example, that would be Alan VanWormer) because if you don’t cast a vote, you send the political party and the candidate an important message: You are offended by the fact that you were denied a voice in who to put in that office. If you vote for an unopposed candidate, you are wasting your vote; if you refuse to vote for that candidate, he’s already elected but at least he won’t get the numbers and you will have sent an important message to the parties.


If you’re trying to figure out who is running for what office, and you’re having a hard time getting the information, you’re not alone.

We are pretty good at getting information but when it comes to our fine Board of Elections and our Political Party Committees, you just can’t get anyone to say anything or cough up some names or information. If you are having the same problem, you might want to give your Greene County Board of Elections a call or send them an email. If you’re really lucky and they’re having a good day, you might actually get a response. Here’s the contact information:

Greene County Board of Elections

411 Main Street, Catskill NY, 12414
Telephone: 518-719-3550
Republican Commissioner: Brent Bogardus,
Democrat Commissioner: Marie Metzler,

The Golden Turd Award
For Political Excellence

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