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Shut Up and Listen Up!

Property Owners in Coeymans are being Railroaded!

There is a big problem happening in the Town of Coeymans, and if you don’t do something about it NOW, you stand to lose a hell of a lot, and you won’t be able to do a thing about it.

Real estate in the Town of Coeymans has been revalued but not the way it was planned to happen before the McHugh mob took over the Town of Coeymans and started reinventing Town government.

The revaluation was overdue but the way it has been done in Coeymans is downright criminal. There’s no rhyme or reason to it and the People have a lot of questions that need to be answered in a Town Hall Meeting with Coeymans Sole Assessor, Dawn DeRose. Just Dawn DeRose and any of the experts she consulted to help revalue Coeymans properties. We don’t mean the Town Board or Supervisor McHugh; they don’t have anything to say in the way the revaluation was done. But YOU DO!

There’s no excuse for some properties in the Town of Coeymans being assessed LOWER than they were 12 years ago, but that’s what’s happened in a number of cases. And those properties have been improved since the last valuation. There’s also no reason for some properties to be reassessed 300%!!! And then there are properties that have gone up but by pennies! Someone is responsible and someone has to answer these questions.

It seems very bizarre that all of this is happening during lockdown and quarantine. It seems also very bizarre that Town of Coeymans Sole Assessor Dawn DeRose is so difficult to contact! Has she gone into hiding? Self-quarantined? In jail (maybe she should be)?

Furthermore, the Town of Coeymans website is constantly changing, particularly the Assessor’s page, and it’s incredibly confusing to try to follow the developments there. Have you tried?

There have been no Town Board Meetings — at least no public meetings but you can bet there’ve been plenty of backroom meetings — at which residents and property owners can ask their questions. It’s been more than 3 months since there’s been a meeting, and Town offices have been all but locked.

You need to do something and do it NOW!

Call the Clerk’s Office, give Town Clerk Cindy Rowzee your message or request, and leave a message for Dawn DeRose; that way the Clerk will take the message and make sure DeRose gets it. You can trust the Clerk.

Send the so-called Town Supervisor, George McHugh, an email and hope that his secretary, actually his wife, hands it to him. Then wait hopelessly for a response. If you get one don’t fall for the mealy-mouthed smooth talkin’ shyster.

Every time McHugh opens his mouth ….

Send an email to each of the Coeymans Town Board members and demand a public meeting before the Grievances and before the tax rolls are finalized!

Contact the news channels in Albany County and the Times Union and let them know what’s going on in Coeymans.

There are petitions circulating in town, make certain to find them and sign them to ensure they don’t steal your voice and silence you.

Talk to your neighbors and make them aware of the underhanded way things are being done with this revaluation on George McHugh’s watch.

Find out what businesses like Carver Laraway, the Port of Coeymans, Trickeys, Collins Fuel and their Excavation businesses (Why are they operating from what appears to be agricultural property?), the Port of Coeymans are assessed for and whether they’re getting any special consideration like “Payment In Lieu of Taxes” (a.k.a. PILOT).









In the meantime, contact the scoundrels in Coeymans Town Hall:

Sole Assessor
Dawn DeRose
Phone (518)756-8927
E-mail –

George D. McHugh –

Secretary to the Supervisor (Isn’t this McHugh’s wife?!?)
Candace McHugh –

Daniel D. Baker – Council –
Current Term expires December 31, 2021

Kenneth A. Burns – Council –
Current Term expires December 31, 2021

Zachary S. Collins – Council –
Current Term expires December 31, 2023

Brandon L. LeFevre – Council –
Current Term expires December 31, 2023

Don’t let them have the last laugh!

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Lady Liberty Weeping AGAIN: Coeymans Reval & Property Tax Grievances

The current CoVID-19 “pandemic” has wrecked havoc in many areas of our formerly “normal” — if we can characterize anything in Coeymans as “normal” — lives and lifestyles. Schools have closed. Graduations have been cancelled. Businesses have closed, some permanently. Food and other products in short supply or not available at all. Government offices closed and services limited. Student loans suspended and income tax filing postponed. Unemployment benefits extended and expanded — some filers getting $600 per week in addition to what they would normally be entitled to. And the federal government is handing out so-called stimulus checks of $600-$1200 depending on the filer’s income.

But the present Coeymans administration under George McHugh and his puppets have closed local government to the public and has silenced the public; Coeymans residents have lost their voice in Town Hall. CoVID-19 mandated precautions have been with us for more than 100 days. The Town of Coeymans hasn’t had a public Town Boar Meeting for at least 3 months. The temporary assessments reflecting the revaluation was published on or about March 1, 2020, when the social distancing and isolation precautions were going into effect, making any public comment impossible. And you know the rest of the story.

According to New York State Real Property Law, from time to time it may become advisable to conduct a general reappraisal of all property in an assessing unit such as the Town of Coeymans. In such case the Real Property Tax Law, § 572, authorizes the governing body of a municipality, the Coeymans Town Board, to employ experts to assist assessors in the reappraisal program. However, the assessment roll which is prepared following a reappraisal still constitutes a record of the assessor’s judgment of value. The reappraisal is considered to be for the assessor’s “assistance”, and the assessor is required to make his/her independent determinations and to verify that s/he has estimated the assessed values as prescribed by law (Real Property Tax Law, § 514). So how did Coeymans Sole Assessor DeRose make her estimate of assessed values? Good question, and one that should have been asked during Public Comment during a Town Board meeting. But no board meeting, no public comment. No opportunity to ask questions. No answers. Business as usual in Coeymans.

The Town Board does not have authority to change or modify the determinations of the assessor; nor can the Town Board order the assessor to change the level of assessment which s/he has chosen for his assessment roll (see Drelich v. Kahn, 60 Misc.2d 227, 302 N.Y.S.2d 634).

So the problem of revaluation of Coeymans properties lies squarely in the lap of Ms Dawn DeRose, Town of Coeymans Sole Assessor, an appointee/hiree, and is based on the recommendations of any “experts” hired to provide the reassessment assistance. But who were those “experts?” And what were their recommendations? When were the recommendations actually made? How were they determined? Good questions, and ones that should have been asked during Public Comment during a Town Board meeting. But no board meeting, no public comment. No opportunity to ask questions. No answers. Business as usual in Coeymans.

Furthermore, § 558 provides for “reassessment”. This section was derived from section 57 of the NYS Tax Law, and it originally contained an introductory phrase “[w]henever by the judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction,” it appears to the governing body that any property liable to taxation was illegally or erroneously assessed, such body may “reassess” the property. But this provision usually applies only in the case of property that had escaped assessment in the first place.

Most assessment records are public records. Indeed, the Real Property Tax Law includes a number of provisions specifically identifying various assessment roll and tax roll records as public records (e.g., property inventory [RPTL, §§ 500(1), 501]; sales data [RPTL, § 574(5)] {2}; tentative assessment roll [RPTL, § 506(3)]; final assessment roll [RPTL, §§ 516(2), 1412]; final assessment roll with taxes extended [RPTL, § 900(3)]; tax roll [RPTL, §§ 946, 1330(3), 1332(4), 1436(3), 1588]). (Editor’s Note: RPTL = Real Property Tax Law). What this means is that anyone can demand production of these documents under the Freedom of Information Law (F.O.I.L.). But if Town Offices are closed or if access to town services is limited, have fun getting a response to your F.O.I.L. demand.

Section 306 of the Real Property Tax Law provides that all real property shall be assessed at the full value thereof. “Full value” has been construed by numerous judicial decisions to mean the amount which a willing buyer would pay a willing seller under normal circumstances. Although section 306 would appear to require assessors each year to assess each parcel of real property within their jurisdictions at the market value thereof, the courts have determined that the full value standard is satisfied so long as the assessor assesses each parcel at the same percentage of full value.

But that’s where our point lies: The law states that a full value assessment means the amount which a willing buyer would pay a willing seller under normal circumstances. Now, people, property owners int he Town of Coeymans, given the fact that the Temporary Assessment Rolls reflecting the revaluation of Coeymans properties was published on or about March 1, 2020, right in the heat of the CoVID-19 pandemic, and given the fact that there were no Town Board Meetings or public inputs or responses to the reassessment, and given the apparent fact that the Town of Coeymans and the Office of the Sole Assessor have presumed that the public is satisfied with the reassessed values but has not been heard,

Don’t you think that your rights are being swept under the carpet?

First of all, these are NOT normal circumstances. there are and have not been any “willing buyers”  who would pay a “willing seller” — meaning anyone owning property in the Town of Coeymans — the previously assessed full market value of any property in Coeymans, much less the new increased reassessment values of those properties. The whole economy is in a slump and real estate is one of the first sectors to suffer. These are not normal circumsances.

Really, you’d think the town supervisor, Mr George McHugh, his Town Board, the Sole Assessor would we aware of the dire situation this region, this state, this entire county and the world is in,and postpone the “reassessment” until businesses and people can get back on their feet! But NO! That would take a brain and common sense!

In an earlier article, we asked if this is what George McHugh and his puppets think is “business friendly?” We asked if it makes any sense to expect new businesses to relocate to Coeymans if Coeymans has just reassessed real estated and raised the market values for the purposes of raising assessments? Is this the way the McHugh mob expects to attract new families to purchase homes in Coeymans and to resettle in Coeymans with their families? WE THINK NOT!!!

The Coeymans revaluation plan has been too hastily implemented by an insensitive Sole Assessor, Dawn DeRose, and the Town Board has been mute on the subject. If you are lucky and can get through to Town offices, you’ll likely be told that you can file a grievance contesting your assessment. But here’s another hitch: Grievances will be heard by telephone and each will be limited to 10 minutes. You can file your documentation up to 1 day prior to the grievance hearing, but it’s unlikely anyone is going to look at it. Apparently, there have been so many grievances filed that the Assessment Review Board will hear grievances on May 26 and May 28/

There was no Coeymans Town Board meeting in May, and it’s unlikely there will be one in June. In other words, Coeymans Property Owners are cooked, thanks to the McHugh mob and Coeymans Sole Assessor, Dawn DeRose.

In our opinion, Sole Assessor Dawn DeRose should have kept the previous assessments this year and implemented the reassessed values next year, taking into consideration the problems caused by CoVID-19, and the fact that taxpayers have been deprived of due process and their voices because of the cancellation of Town Board Meetings in March, when property owners would have been informed of the temporary new assessments resulting from the revaluation, and no Town Board meetings in April, and May, and most likely no meeting in June.

Local concerned residents have set up a special email account to receive your complaints and stories. Let them know what you think about the revaluation and the increases in your assessments. You’ll get fair treatment only if you speak up and share!


You’ll get trampled by the McHugh mob if you try to go at them alone. You need to join the rest of Coeymans Concerned Citizens if you’re going to fight back and safeguard your rights.

Take a stand!





Well, Coeymans! You can’t say we didn’t warn you!

Here we are in the middle of a pandemic! Meetings, group assemblies, even church gatherings are forbidden. No public meetings. You’re made anonymous and invisible because you have to hide your faces! The supermarket shelves are bare. Government and utilities are forgiving or suspending payment obligations, and providing safety nets! But George McHugh and his puppets in Town Hall are sticking it to you when you’re down, hurting, and unable to gather to protest. Lousy sneaks!


Looks like Coeymans Sole Assessor, Dawn DeRose, has either joined the rat pack or has been bullied into supporting their plans.

Reactions: Scott Searles, Repubican Highway Superintendent, chimes in to defend his keepers saying that Smalbany is blaming and lying. Mr Searles was instructed in what an anus is: ” The anus has eyes to see but is blind to reality; ears to hear but is deaf to truth; a nose to smell but can’t find the rats under his own nose; a tongue to taste but has none; and fingers to feel but has no sense and so has no feeling.” We’re guessing Mr Searles doesn’t know what an anus is.

Trevor Walsick doesn’t address the assessment problem but rants that “the residents of the town Coeymans realized by aligning with someone sick as yourself that Crandall and Dolan were a lost cause! Record turnout sealed the deal… The residents have spoken and you again solidified the win!!” Record turnout? The only “turnout” was residents’ stomach contents when they found out what the few voters who went out did to the Town of Coeymans. Mr Walsick is true to the second half of his name: SICK! But that’s fine because Trevor Walsick is a fake and a coward. His Facebook page features a car photo as the profile picture and he doesn’t have the balls to provide profile information. What that means is that Trevor Walsick is probably a nobody being impersonated by one of the Fiends of Coeymans, McHugh’s neonazis. Even if Trevor Walsick actually existed, he doesn’t own any property in the Town of Coeymans, so he wouldn’t have much to say, would he? That’s if he were real.

Neither Searles nor the fake Walsick seem to recall their darling McHugh during his single term as supervisor in 2001, left Coeymans with a 16% tax increase. Most of the fools who voted for him probably weren’t even in the area at the time; those who were probably drink Ravena water, which would explain the brain liquefaction. 

But George McHugh, his puppet Coeymans Town Board, Zachary Collins, Brendon Lefevre, Daniel Baker, and Kenneth Burns,  and their town employees under their control are taking scandalous advantage of Town residents!


Property owners are being slammed with incredible increases in their property taxes! Have you gotten your property tax bill yet? Some assessments have tripled. All of this during a pandemic when you can’t even go to a town board meeting to complain. All of this being done behind closed doors by your Friends of Coeymans!

You need to protest in numbers! You need to hit the streets! You need to organize! You need to put signs on your over-assessed properties pointing the finger at McHugh and his Town Board puppets!

Phil Crandall and Tom Dolan WARNED you about these bastards! Now you’re seeing it happen. Get ready for mass rape!

Flood Town Hall with Grievances! Send letters to your tenants telling them that because of the massive increases in property taxes, you’re going to have to massively raise their rents! Those tenants who are leasing, give them notice that their leases are going to be massively increased because of the Town of Coeymans sneaky, villainous behind closed doors robbery during a pandemic!

NOW THEY WANT A NEW TOWN HALL!!! WHY??? WHO’S GOING TO PAY FOR IT??? WHO’S GOING TO GET THE CONTRACTS??? Anyone who benefits from the McHugh mob’s corruption should be shunned by the community. No one needs their money enough to have to sell his or her soul!!!

We warned you well in advance of the elections! You saw the Friends of Coeymans thugs in action at Town Board meetings! You knew all about McHugh’s lies and his puppets, Collins and Lefevre’, we warned you about Daniel Baker, sockpuppet and turncoat polecat!.

Maybe you should be asking if Carver Laraway’s properties have been massively reassessed. Or Lafarge’s. Or Aaron Flach’s? Perrine’s. Misuraca’s. How about Zachary Collin’s family’s business properties? Ask Questions. Get answers!

If you are outraged at the dishonesty and sneakiness in Coeymans Town Hall, we want to hear from you at We’re prepared to organize and coordinate protest actions against McHugh and his pack of thugs and liars. Contact us about your property, how much your assessment has increased, and what you think of this scandalous breach of trust!

Yeah! They’re business friendly all right! That’s how they attract new residents and businesses: raise property taxes 300%. That’s the McHugh plan! Then when people cant pay their taxes, McHugh, Carver Laraway, Michael Biscone, the Collins fuel and excavation business, and all their coneys will be there to get your property real cheap, after the tax sale!

You all need to get Phil Crandall and Tom Dolan on your team and advising your committees! They knew what was going on and what was going to happen! They tried to tell you but you listened to the thugs and liars instead. Nice going, dumbasses!

Contact us at and tell us your story. Then storm the News Herald and force them to print the truth for once!

And start writing to your fascist Coeymans Town Board and let them know what you think! And don’t forget your Coeymans Sole Assessor, Dawn DeRose. Ask her what she thinks she’s doing? Ask her why she’s jumped ship to join the McHugh mob? Ask her if she’s been bullied by McHugh and his mob or if she’s just one of them?

Now’s the time to get on Facebook and start getting the ball rolling for mass protests and flooding Town Offices with complaints!

  • You need to get the word out about what McHugh and his mob are doing in Coeymans!
  • You need to file your complaints and grievances with the Town; let them know how unhappy you are with them.
  • Let your tenants know their rents are going to way up, thanks to McHugh and his thugs raising your property taxes!
  • Ask McHugh and his mob if that’s what they call business friendly. You know, their slogan to get themselves re-elected. How does raising property taxes help small businesses and encourage people to settle in Coeymans? Wasn’t that what McHugh, Collins, Lefevre, and Baker promised to get elected.
  • Ask yourself who McHugh’s tax hike is most likely to hurt? You or Lafarge? You or Carver Laraway? You or Collins Fuel (Zachry Collin’s company)?
  • Ask yourself how McHugh’s backstabbing is going to encourage families to buy [overtaxed] property and settle in Coeymans. Wasn’t that one of their campaign promises?
  • Ask yourself how many Coeymans businesses McHugh’s, Collins’, Lefevre’s, Baker’s and Burns’ lies are going to benefit.


Here is their contact information:

George D. McHugh –
Current Term Expires December 31, 2021


Secretary to the Supervisor (Isn’t this McHugh’s wife?!?)
Candace McHugh –

Daniel D. Baker – Council –
Current Term expires December 31, 2021

Kenneth A. Burns – Council –
Current Term expires December 31, 2021

Zachary S. Collins – Council –
Current Term expires December 31, 2023

Brandon L. LeFevre – Council –
Current Term expires December 31, 2023


Sole Assessor
Dawn DeRose
Phone (518)756-8927
E-mail –



Editor’s Note:


As most of our readers know, we interviewed Mr Crandall and Mr Dolan several weeks before the elections, and we posted the full-text transcripts of the interviews. As for the reval of Coeymans properties, Mr Crandall had this to say:

“We, looked into a “reval” And it was due; it was overdue. It should be done every 10 years so now it’s 12 years. However, the businesses in Town were at approximately 85% of true market value (TMV) and home ownership was at 95% of TMV. That should all be at 100 percent. So, in essence the homeowners were partially subsidizing the businesses in the Town. So, with the reval coming through that will all be taken care of, there will be a fair tax rate for everyone. Some will go up a little bit, most will go down a little bit. But businesses will definitely have to come up with their fair share, where they should be.” [My underlining for emphasis]

For those of our readers who do not know what “reval” means, it’s short for revaluation. Revaluation rates are market rates from a specific point in time that are used as a base value to assess whether rates are too high or too low for certain categories of property, activities, etc. Revaluation rates are often referred to as “reval rates.”

Mr Crandall was up front in saying that the reval of town properties was overdue, and that businesses were going to carry their fair share. He also was honest when he said that some properties will increase “a little bit.” He emphasized fairness.

Mr Crandall also emphasized that larger businesses sucking the community dry and repeatedly asking for tax breaks and consideration under the PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) program were no longer going to get a free ride. Again, Mr Crandall emphasized fairness to property owners and small businesses.

This is all water under the bridge now but the complete interview transcripts are still available for anyone who wants to read them and learn what Mr Crandall and his Town Board planned to do. That was black letter commitment, and Mr Crandall knew that once he said something and it went on record, there was no turning back.

No one can say the same for Mr McHugh and his mob. McHugh refused to be interviewed and refused to debate. That should say it all. Now Coeymans residents and taxpayers have to deal with the reality of what’s happening in the town!

Our question would be to Mr McHugh: “How do you expect to attract more small businesses and new families to Coeymans when you have increased Full Market Values and Taxable Property Values?”

We will be watching the grievances and the final tax rolls very closely and we’ll compare 2018 and 2019 property values and assessments with the 2020 finalized tax rolls, and report on what we find.

The Editor


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We Have the Transcript: Capital District Y Breslin Makes an Ass of Herself AGAIN

We have obtained the actual transcript of the conversation between a Capital District YMCA member and Erin Breslin, the dyslexic Senior Director for Marketing and Membership of the CDYMCA, the woman who is nickel and diming Y members and slashing veterans benefits in order to “keep pace with wages and expenses,” for the local Y that holds more than $50 million in real-estate assets and pays no taxes, not a dime. They can afford to pay CEO C. David Brown more than $330,000 in salary, their association executives six-figure salaries, and their local directors up to 80,000 a year plus benes! The CDYMCA is part of the only-in-the-USA non-profit tax scam club of non-profits that includes everything from homeless shelters to gay sex camps! (If you haven’t read Capital District YMCA: Big Salaries, Big Assets, but Still Begging! yet, click the link! You won’t believe what non-profits like the Capital District YMCA get away with!)

BRESLIN: Good morning. This is Erin Breslin. May I help you?

MEMBER:    Yes. Hello, Ms Breslin. This is {Member Name Redacted] speaking; returning your call.

BRESLIN: Yes, Hi. How are you?

MEMBER:    Fine. Thank you.

BRESLIN: I just wanted to let you know I appreciate email that you sent, and my apologies. I just want to let you know we have sent out a couple of letters to members the first one letting them know that we asked members for the option to become a sustaining member if they are able,[1] and also we had one earlier this year regarding an increase.[2] I appreciate your email and we have returned your money for March and for April, and we have cancelled your membership, so you won’t be hearing from us again.[3]

MEMBER:    Ummmm…

BRESLIN: Thank you very much for your call.

MEMBER:    Let me just … excuse me…

BRESLIN: Sure. That’s alright.

MEMBER:    You canceled my membership?

BRESLIN: Correct.

MEMBER:    You said you cancelled my membership? On what basis?

BRESLIN: You said you didn’t want to be charged anymore so we went ahead…

MEMBER:    Excuse me. Excuse me. You might have…


MEMBER:    You might have some problem with the language but I did not say that. If you read my written correspondence and my emails — that’s why I rely solely on emails and written correspondence to avoid misunderstandings — My membership is not to be cancelled, unless you have some evidence or some claim that I violated any of the association’s rules, regulations, or if there is some substantial reason. I insist forthwith that you reinstate my membership, ah…unless, of course, you can produce some evidence to show that there is substantial reason …

BRESLIN: Listen, you sent an email; you asked us not to charge you anymore…as a result of that.

MEMBER:    I think that you misunderstood my email…

BRESLIN: [Overspeaking] No.

MEMBER:… you should have communicated with me forthwith for clarification. The email – I apologize if it were unclear

BRESLIN: [Overspeaking] No, it was not unclear.

MEMBER:    [The email] was meant to indicate that for the duration of this … of this crisis, I did not expect to be paying for services that I am not receiving.

BRESLIN: Sir, you’re very unhappy with us. I know you and I have spoken before as well. And I appreciate that, so when I received your email it was clear what you would like me to do.[4]

MEMBER:    Excuse me. It was unclear. Yes it was unclear because you did something that I did not ask you to do. And if I’m unhappy with you then it’s your job to ensure that your membership is happy and to explain or explore ways to keep them happy. Now, I’m going to repeat: You are to reinstate my membership; otherwise this will escalate, and it will not escalate pleasantly. Do you understand? I am clarifying my email to you, at this point saying: I did not ask you to do that. There is no way anyone could understand that email to have meant that … Are you there?

BRESLIN: Yes. I’m listening.

MEMBER:    OK. So I guess we’re clear now. Are we not? And, if someone’s unhappy with you you don’t simply discard them or censor them. If someone’s unhappy with you, you as an organization, you explore reasons why membership might be unhappy, especially those members, who have the guts to come forward and tell you that. That is what I would assume to be proper administration and complaint management.

BRESLIN: Yes, sir.

MEMBER: You’re just taking the easy and facile way out.

BRESLIN: Yes, sir.

MEMBER:    So, I expect that you’ll correct the misunderstanding, and that you’ll check your mailing list, because [laughing] it seems that in the past I’ve received undated letters; I’ve received letters that, really, are misleading, and … you know, to be quite frank, if you’re receiving the salaries that you are receiving, and you’re in the positions that you’re [supposed to be] in, I expect that you could be somewhat clearer in your communications. There was a recent Times Union article – I believe it was concerning the closure of the downtown Albany facility, ah and numerous complaints because the communication was unclear and ambiguous, downright vague…I saw the communication. A recent communication from Mr. Sean Dilbert-St John, I believe from the Bethlehem center, [brief pause] facility, came out regarding veterans benefits a couple of months ago or last year some time, and that, too, was misleading, vague, and ambiguous. If you’re going to be running a non-profit, and you’re going to be dealing with the public, I suggest you start working on some clarity of language. And you maybe do some reading remedials. Ah, because I think I express myself extremely clearly. Very few people have any difficulty understanding my language, written or spoken. But it seems that there is a chronic situation with the CDYMCA that my communications are somehow misunderstood, and I don’t understand this. I’m going to review my communications to see if they are, if there is any point that could be misunderstood or misconstrued. But at this point I think that we’re clear on what I meant in my communication, ummm, and it’s a very bona fide and good faith inquiry, and I don’t think there was anything abusive in it. All it required was … I think the communication was very clearly, “Will you be returning or will you be forgiving monthly membership fees for the duration that members are unable to use your facilities.” I think that’s clear.  I think that’s pretty decent, civil, and requires basically a Yes or a No answer. YES, we will be or NO, we won’t be. That’s quite clear.

BRESLIN: I have one question for you: If you are so unhappy with the Y, why do you want to be a member?

MEMBER:    Excuse me. I’m not unhappy with the Y. I’m unhappy with its administrators. OK? Now that’s quite clear. And that’s … I just enumerated several instances that could have been prevented that disadvantaged members. One even made the Times Union! Now, tell me I’m wrong. Tell me … Why do I have to ask you questions, of a non-profit … and I believe you guys are making some tremendous money as a non-profit. I think … what does your, your CEO make? Something like $300 a year? Now that’s ridiculous! If I have to, I’ll go to Congress, I’ll go to state legislators … you say I’m unhappy with the organization. Let me just tell you something. I was probably a member of the YMCA before you were even born. My parents sent me to the real YMCA when there was a YMCA and there was a YWCA. So don’t tell me about the YMCA; I’m talking about your YMCA! The YMCA that you people are running. And I’m not unhappy with the YMCA; I wouldn’t have joined, rejoined the YMCA if I were unhappy.

BRESLIN: You are very unhappy.

MEMBER:    No. I’m unhappy with you. I’m unhappy with you and how you’re running the YMCA. That’s what I’m unhappy with. OK? YOU are not the YMCA. You are an employee of YMCA, employed for the best interests of the YMCA and its membership. And I think you’ve failed. Is that clear? So don’t tell me I’m unhappy with the YMCA.

BRESLIN: Yes, sir. That’s very clear.

MEMBER:    So, I expect you to reinstate my membership as of immediately. And re-read my correspondence, and if you have any questions, to contact me immediately if you need any clarification of the English that I use, please also ask, “What do you mean by this?”

BRESLIN: Well, sir, you want us to start charging you again, is that what you want?

MEMBER:    I do not want you to start charging me again until I can use the facilities, the way I have been using the facilities. You have no right to be charging your membership for services you are not providing. OK? Now you figure the way you have to do that. This is not a request for cancellation and it never has been. It’s a request for fairness. It’s a request for you to follow suite with other organizations, who have the decency, the decency to forgive monthly dues for members while this pandemic is effective, while there is lockdown and recommendations for social distancing, etc. That’s what I’m asking for. I’m not asking for a cancellation of membership, I’m not asking you to stop charging me overall; I’m asking you to be fair, and to follow suite of other organizations who have forgiven their members’ membership fees, dues, student loans, the whole nine yards, for the duration of the of this crisis. Is that clear?

BRESLIN: Yes, sir. So, if we put all of our memberships on hold then when we’re opening back up, what will we use … what funds will we use to pay our employees returning?

MEMBER:    That’s not my problem. You take a pay cut. Other people…What are other businesses doing? What are other businesses doing with their employees? They’ve furloughed them! They’ve laid them off! They’ve given them work-at-home opportunities! That is not my problem. [If] you want to run an organization, you figure out how you have to run it. It’s quite simple. Don’t ask me how you’re supposed to pay your employees. Tell Mr. David Brown or whatever his name is to take a 50% pay cut, and use that money to pay your employees. You’ve got $55 thous … er … million in assets; pledge some of them! That’s up to you! You figure out how you’re gonna run your organization. Don’t ask me! That’s not my problem. I have to figure out how I run my life; you have to figure out how to run your life … and your organization. Now, if you can’t figure out how to run your organization with your executive directors, and your, your directors, your executives, your board, then I think you’d better find a different job, to be very honest with you. Because you’re in the position you’re in to figure out how to work things out, and if you’re faced with a crisis situation, I think that’s where good management, and training, and knowledge, and wisdom come into play. Not [by] telling members we can’t figure out how we’re going to do this, so we’re going to continue being unfair to you. I’m surprised that you would actually ask me a question like that. You can ask some dumbass on the street a question like that and perhaps get the answer you’re looking for but you’re dealing with a professional here.

BRESLIN: Yeah. Based on your conversation with me, I’m going to stand by my original decision, and we have cancelled your membership.

MEMBER:    Then you’re going to hear from Congress, you’re going to hear from state legislators, you’re going to hear from members, and you’re going to hear from the lawyers. OK?

BRESLIN: Understood.

MEMBER:    OK. I’ve got this on tape; I’ve got this recorded, so there’s no question of what I’ve said to you or what you’ve said to me.

BRESLIN: You understand that legally you’re required to let me know that you’re recording me.

MEMBER:    I am not! New York State is a one-party state, here. Check your law.

BRESLIN: Well, sir, I stand by what I said, and we have cancelled your membership and we have refunded your money for both March and for April. I thank you for your time.

[Parties hang up.]


Well, we were between laughing and crying by the time we got to the end of the transcript. We didn’t know if it would be too cruel to laugh at the silly cow and her idiotic responses, or to cry for her, because she came across as such a pathetic moron!

She obviously can’t read. We published the member’s email in a previous post (Capital District YMCA: Big Salaries, Big Assets, but Still Begging!), and we can’t see anything in there about cancelling membership or not wanting to be charged. All the member is saying is that he doesn’t find it fair to pay for services s/he’s not getting because of the lock-down, and that dues should be forgiven until the CDYMCA and open its doors and provide services again.

Breslin obviously doesn’t know about or doesn’t care about her boss’s March 25 letter to members that states, albeit a bit buried under his begging, “Naturally, if you cannot continue paying your membership dues until wee re-open, and wish to place your membership on hold, we certainly understand.”

Apparently, Breslin, as “Senior Director for Marketing and Membership,” wasn’t on CEO C. David Brown’s mailing list.

Rumor is that Erin Breslin is Crusty the Clown’s twin…or Crusty in an Erin-suit.

All things considered, Erin Breslin has a pathetic record and has demonstrated some very bad judgment and poor decisions over the past year or so. We think she might be in the wrong position and probably should be operating a pet grooming operation for dead pets; she’d be perfect for the job. She’d be unable to make any really bad decisions, she wouldn’t be harming anyone, and dead pets wouldn’t be a threat to her fragile ego. But then, on second thought, would she be a threat to herself or others if she were handling sharp instruments? Not a problem! We’ll just give her paper scissors; without sharp points, of course.

In the meantime, it looks like Ms Breslin is in for a fun time when her boss gets wind of her stupidity. The Capital District YMCA may have some problems with membership and sponsors, the tax authorities, and others. In fact, there is reason to believe that there may be a lawsuit in preparation against the YMCA for retaliation and breach of contract.

We’ll keep you updated!

We need a break for some real humor. Let’s finish up with Crusty the Clown and his antics!
Rumor is that Crusty is Erin Breslin’s twin.

NOTES included in the transcript:

[1] Breslin is apparently referring to the second “letter” that went out to members on or about March 25, 2016, which was more of a two-page flyer of more than 3000 words, purportedly sent out by CEO “Dave” Brown. That letter asks Y members to continue paying dues during the lockdown as “sustaining members.” In a very short blurb towards the end of the letter, hidden as it were in the middle of the page, we found the sentence, “…if you cannot continue paying your membership dues until we re-open, and wish to place your membership on hold, we certainly understand.” Either Breslin was unfamiliar with the letter, or missed that part, or chose to ignore it; since she mentions the letter and the fact that it offered “members the option to “to become a sustaining member if they are able,” indicates that she was at least aware of CEO Brown’s letter, but does not mention the “on-hold” option. Why?

[2] The letter to which Breslin is referring is actually the first letter, a letter dated “February 2020,” and showing Breslin’s signature block. In that letter, Breslin is telling members that “…beginning in April 2020, to help us afford to keep pace with increases in wages and expenses, we need to increase the cost of membership $2 a month.” In the past approximately 12 months there was an announcement of a $1 increase in monthly membership costs, then in about Augist 2019, Breslin announced the cut in veterans savings by 50%, and now she announces a $2 increase in the monthly membership cost to members. Will this nickel-and-diming of members never stop?!?

[3] The refund appeared in the online account activity report reflecting $39.00 for March and $40.50 for April, 2020; the latter amount reflecting the membership cost increase announced in Breslin’s February 2020 letter. Although Breslin acknowledges she is responding to an email by refunding the two months’ costs as suggested in the email, she does not and cannot substantiate where the request for cancellation appears; it is not in the email she is referring to nor in any other email whatsoever. See attached exhibit.

[4] The concerned email dated April 16, 2020, and addressed to Breslin, Brown, Oropallo, reads in pertinent part: “I’d like to know CDYMCA’s plans to either credit or reimburse the monthly dues collected from patron’s accounts and to suspend further deductions of dues until CDYMCA can open its doors and provide access to the services I have contracted to receive.” [Emphasis provided] Far from requesting or even suggesting cancellation of membership, the wording clearly states that the request is for suspension only “until CDYMCA can open its doors” again.


Capital District YMCA: Big Salaries, Big Assets, but Still Begging!

The Capital District YMCA, an organization operating as a so-called non-profit organization, but holding more than $50 million dollars in tax-exempt real-estate assets in the Capital District of New York (Albany-Schenectady-Rensselaer, and Greene counties in New York state) is a fraud.

The problem with all of this is that the Capital District YMCA  misleads the public, and nickel-and-dimes its membership!

Problem with the CDYMCA is that it’s a load of hogwash!

To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Nice words but they’re not backed by performance, conduct, or the facts!

Why do we write something like that? Well, an organization that pays its CEO, Mr. C. David Brown more than $335,000 a year plus benefits, and pays its numerous executive directors, directors, and managers in the high 5-figures and 6-figures salary ranges, certainly shouldn’t be considered a non-profit. Well, maybe it doesn’t operate in the black because its CEO, Mr. Brown, and its other executives hiding out at their corporate offices at 465 New Karner Road (Albany) are carrying off the major portion of any cash the organization might have.

The Capital District YMCA has amassed a fortune in real estate in the Capital District area but doesn’t pay a dime in property taxes. Imagine the taxes on properties valued at at least $55 million and what those tax dollars could do for the communities where the Y has its properties.

The Y’s executives send out all kinds of propaganda telling everyone how much they’re doing for the communities but anyone with half a brain has to ask the question: “What could we do for the community if the Y paid their taxes?” With those assets, we’d guess a good many communities could do a hell of a lot! And think of the money that could be saved by not having to pay some fat CEO almost a half-million in salary plus benefits! Add to that the fat salaries of the weasels hiding at 465 New Karner Road, and all of the 4 or 5 so-called “executive directors” pulling 6-figures, and the other “directors” running the local facilities. That’s one big pile of dough, people, yet they still cry poverty!!! Yet they still accumulate assets in the area. And they still are fully exempt on the tax rolls, and don’t pay a dime in taxes.

CDYMCA CEO C. David Brown collects more than $335,000 in salary.

We’ve already reported on how scandalous the Capital District YMCA has been but they have no shame and continue to laugh their way to the bank, while begging for more and more. Here are some examples from just last year and this year:

  • In 2019, the CDYMCA sent out a letter to all members informing them that there would be a $1 increase in monthly membership dues.
  • In 2019, the CDYMCA sent out a letter to all members informing them that the veterans savings would be changed to 25%; in other words, the CDYMCA cut veterans discount by 50%, a cut that increased some members’ dues by 50% (for example, one member’s monthly dues went from $26/month to $39/month!)
  • In February 2020, the CDYMCA sent out a letter to all members informing them that there would be a $2 increase in monthly membership dues starting in April 2020 (already in effect as of this writing).

Another great decision made by our little illiterate friend, Erin Breslin!

  • In March 2020 a form letter allegedly sent out by CDYMCA CEO C. David Brown – Yes. That’s the same scoundrel who’s taking over $335,000 in salary from the Y – asking members to become sustaining members, that is, to continue paying monthly dues while the Ys are closed.

Now. Think what would happen if a local business were to nickel-and-dime their customers the way the CDYMCA is doing. How long do you think theyd be in business? But the fact is, the local business has to pay its taxes in addition to having to pay its employees and maybe even benefits. The local business is not very likely to get any government handouts, but the so-called very profitable non-profit will carry off big-time government support, subsidies, and grants! We see something very, very wrong in this picture. Don’t you?

Here’s a test: The task is to read the message below and somehow twist it into meaning that the writer (1) doesn’t want to be charged any more, and (2) wants to cancel his/her membership:

Well, if you couldn’t find that in the message, neither could we. What the writer does say, and what Breslin seems to miss , is this part:

“I’d like to know the CDYMCA’s plans to either credit or reimburse the monthly dues collected from patron’s accounts and to suspend further deductions of dues until CDYMCA can open its doors and provide access to the services I have contracted to receive.”

We don’t see anything about “cancelling membership” in there or anywhere. What we do see is a fair question. But Ms Erin Breslin, Senior Director of Marketing and Membership at the CDYMCA did read in that message that the member didn’t want to pay dues anymore and wanted his/her membership cancelled. Go figure.

But Breslin is one of those CDYMCA executives who is probably pulling a 6-figure salary from the so-called non-profit, non-taxpaying organization. But Breslin can’t read!!! And that’s not the first instance of Breslin’s dyslexia! She played the same games when we inquired about the CDYMCA’s slashing of its membership discount offered to veterans! Sure, slash the veteran’s discounts and then nickel-and-dime members because you want to “keep pace with wages and benefits,” while offering freebies to parasites and non-dues paying members (their dues are covered by their insurance coverage)

We guess the message the CDYMCA is sending is that if you’re illiterate or just plain stupid, there is still a place where you can make a cool hundred grand and get away with it!


When the cat’s asleep, the rats play!
Who’s monitoring the non-profits, anyway?

Problem is: Breslin actually cancelled the member’s membership and, when contacted by the member, insisted that the member asked that his/her membership be cancelled!!! Unbelievable! Can this be a case of retaliation by a CDYMCA employee? Was Breslin acting out of personal emotion and not in her capacity as an organization officer?

Editor’s Note:

* In fact, the $2 per month increase announced in February became effective in April; with that $2/month increase in CDYMCA membership dues, the deduction from the member’s account for April was actually $40.50 as opposed to $39.00. The corrected total for the above would be $79.50. We have been informed that CDYMCA has since credited the member’s account in the amount of $79.50 but at the same time, cancelled the member’s membership! Is that what CEO C. David Brown meant in his begging letter (see below)? Ask for dues forgiveness during the lock-down and have your membership cancelled? This looks like another Capital District YMCA snow job to us! Or is it retaliation? A personal punishment for a particular member? Looks to us like this could blow up in CDYMCA’s face, and turn into some bad publicity and a lawsuit! Bad move AGAIN, Erin Breslin, very bad!  Breslin seems to be very good at making very bad membership decisions!

Now, remember, we noted above that early in 2019 the CDYMCA increased everyone’s monthly dues by $1/month. Then in about September or so, they slashed the veterans discount by 50%, and then in April 2020, increased member’s monthly dues by another $2/month.

Remember also, that CEO Brown sent out a letter in March 2020 asking members to continue paying monthly dues as “sustaining members,” while the Y was closed. That letter was more than 3600 words long and repeated over and again how great the Y is, and how great the love fest is thanks to the Y. It was a very cleverly written letter covering the front and the back of a page. But here’s the problem, and here’s why the member had to ask about whether dues would be forgiven during the lock-down: Brown dedicates only 23 words out of the 3600 words to say that a member who couldn’t afford to donate monthly dues could put his/her membership on hold. Here’s the text:

In a telephone conversation between a member and Erin Breslin, you know, the illiterate Senior Director for Marketing and Membership at the CDYMCA, Breslin asked the member:

Will the real Erin Breslin please step forward and take responsibility? Resign?

BRESLIN: Yes, sir. So, if we put all of our memberships on hold then when we’re opening back up, what will we use…what funds will we use to pay our employees returning?

And the member responds:

MEMBER:     That’s not my problem. You take a pay cut. Other people…What are other businesses doing? What are other businesses doing with their employees? They’ve furloughed them! They’ve laid them off! They’ve given them work-at-home opportunities! That is not my problem. If you want to run an organization, you figure out how you have to run it. It’s quite simple. Don’t ask me how you’re supposed to pay your employees. Tell Mr. David Brown or whatever his name is to take a 50% pay cut, and use that money to pay your employees. You’ve got $55 … million in assets; pledge some of them! That’s up to you! You figure out how you’re gonna run your organization. Don’t ask me! That’s not my problem. I have to figure out how I run my life; you have to figure out how to run your life … and your organization. Now, if you can’t figure out how to run your organization with your executive directors, and your, your directors, your executives, your board, then I think you’d better find a different job, to be very honest with you. Because you’re in the position you’re in figure out how to work things out, and if you’re faced with a crisis situation, I think that’s where good management, and training, and knowledge, and wisdom comes into play. Not [by] telling members we can’t figure out how we’re going to do this, so we’re going to continue being unfair to you. I’m surprised that you would actually ask me a question like that.

We are informed that CDYMCA CEO C.D. Brown and several other officers of the CDYMCA, Carl Oropallo, Mark Thurman, in addition to E. Breslin, were contacted regarding the veterans issue and the dues during closure, but only Breslin responded, albeit a bit stupidly. We are continuing to follow this Capital District YMCA story, and will be contacting legislators, the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance, the IRS, and members of Congress for answers and to demand an inquiry/investigation. We are in the process of contacting veterans organizations, including the county veterans affairs offices, in order to demand that they take some action regarding the cut in the veterans savings.

Good news is that it’s an election year and veterans are a brotherhood. Some of us still stand behind our veterans and will be watching how veterans organizations respond and what they do. We’ll also be following up with elected officials and hold their feet to the fire on what they do to fix these situations.

This is YOU, if you’re not holding the non-profits’ feet to the fire, and making them accountable and transparent!

What do you think about all of this stinking mess?

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Greene County NY Independence Party In Trouble?

Republished with the permission of the Greene County Weasel Wackers.

Since the death of George Acker, chairman of the Greene County Independence party several months ago, Weasel Whackers went on hold for several weeks. Then came Coronavirus (CoVID-19) and all hell broke loose; we decided that there was so much going on that it would be unfair to burden our readers with any more information on politics.

In addition, with the infection control measures put in place internationally, including social distancing and isolation, there wasn’t much at all going on in local politics.

Self-appointed County “Chairlady” May Kill the Greene County NY Independence Party!

That appears to have changed somehow behind the scenes, in what we’d have to call secrecy, and has only just come to light somewhat indirectly.

It appears that Ms Irene Beede, former administrative assistant to the late Chairman George Acker Sr., has made herself “Chairlady” (her terminology) of the Greene County Independence Party.

I use the phraseology “behind the scenes,” “secrecy,” and “made herself ‘Chairlady,” because I am a sitting Greene County Independence Party Committee Member — or was — and never heard a word about Ms Beede being appointed, not elected, to be chair of the county party. I find that somewhat bizarre and undemocratic; as such, it certainly does not speak well of the Independence Party operations nor of any democratic process within the county party roles.

This became even more evident in a recent exchange on FaceBook when a sitting party committeeperson responded to a post by another organization on the GCNYIP Facebook page. Ms Beede’s responses are egregious and unacceptable in my opinion, and do not reflect good leadership nor the principles of the Independence Party.

In response to a post on the Greene County NY Independence Party Facebook page, the Greene County Taxpayers Association shared a post about Gov. A. Cuomo’s decision “Cuomo rules construction work is not ‘essential’ – forcing most building to halt amid coronavirus,” (New York Daily News, March 27, 2020), in which the poster, an outspoken opponent of the new Greene County detention facility (“jail”), complained that construction was continuing on the facility, a sitting Greene County NY Independence Party committee member then in good standing responded.

This is not Independence Party Business. I have not commented on the several previous posts but if your Association has something to publish that runs along Association lines or is generally political but not Independence Party, please publish on your Association site. The business of building the new jail is a contentious issue, one that you and your members apparently do not support. That is YOUR business. The business of running the County and its projects resides with the County elected officials, not with the Independence Party. The matter of contractual penalties etc. for delays or stoppage is a matter for the County Attorney, not the Independence Party. It would be a shame if we were to have to start moderating posts but that will happen, I’m sure, if people do not police themselves.

Ms Beede responded calling herself “the Chairlady that I am now,” in the following somewhat troubling terms:

Irene Beede Acker Sr. “As the Chairlady that I am now. I oversee this page. And the GCIP is not for any one side.. If a person/ person choices to post on this page they are more than welcome.. Sorry [name redacted] if that bothers you. If we were one sided than that would make us either a Democrat or Republican.. no disrespect to either party just making a point. It not up you say what you think you can also. George and I built this page. AND I WILL SEE FIT TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG… I WILL MONITOR THIS PAGE… IF YOU DONT LIKE IT SEND ME A MESSAGE……”

The post is unedited and is exactly as written by Ms Beede. From what she has written, if we can decipher the language, she is now “Chairlady,” states that the GCNYIP does not have a stand on issues, that party members are not allowed an opinion (even worse, a sitting committee member cannot have an opinion), and that Ms Beede is the sole arbiter of “WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG” (her CAPS).

In a [continuation] message Beede writes:

“Our Greene County Independence will NOT tolerate any negativity in this page. My beloved husband whom passed whom was OUR GCIP Chair NEVER tolerated it NOR will I as the CHAIR LADY now..

Again, the CAPS are Ms Beede’s.

It appears Ms Beede is deciding unilaterally whether something is “negative” or not. I’m not certain how she got the power to “tolerate” anything, since a chairperson’s role is to guide not to decide. Beede then informs readers that she will exercise censorship authority on the Party Facebook site — at her sole discretion. She appears to be adopting a “my way or the highway” policy that is not democratic, not Independence Party, and totally inappropriate.

Beede may not yet know it, but she may be tolling the death bell for the Greene County Independence Party.

The committee member then responded:

Who appointed/elected you to be chairperson of the Greene County Independence Party? Careful, this is still a democracy and pick your political battles wisely; it wouldn’t be the first time a flash in the pan started a wildfire. I always advise caution. You appear to be assuming some sort of dictatorial or totalitarian authority on the Greene County Independence Party Facebook site which is NOT your role or prerogative. We govern by consensus in this country. Furthermore, what qualifications do you offer in usurping the Chair and determining what is right or wrong (those are ethics determinations by the way).

It is the opinion of this blog that Ms Beede is overstepping any authority she has or thinks she has. It is our further opinion that the party membership have been deprived a an opportunity to choose who will run the Greene County NY Independence Party, and further that it is totally inappropriate for any member, without the approval of the party membership, or at least the consent of the county committee, to take over the party and unilaterally call herself “Chairlady.”

Unless the questions raised in Ms Beede’s Facebook posts are clarified and substantiated by party hierarchy and by the Greene County Independence Party Committee, this blog will withdraw its support of the Greene County NY Independence Party and report on its activities as appropriate.

CPT Weasel-Whacker

Greene County NY Independence Party:
You’re sending a wrong message!

Time to Take Action Before It’s Too Late!



Congressional Bickering Costs American Lives

Months of worthless investigations and testimony, a failed impeachment investigation and proceeding, headed by a bunch of idiots elected to public office by another bunch of idiots, all while in Wuhan, China, the next killer pandemic was brewing. At the same time the US Congress was playing their backstabbing, witchhunting antics, and giving away American taxpayer’s medical equipment and supplies, while ignoring the basics for the homeland, like healthcare, the elderly, the working poor, and Congress and state legislatures were legislating abortion and pay hikes for themselves, the highly-paid executives of America’s so-called non-profits — like the Captial District YMCA and Easton Mountain sex camp — were abusing veterans or promoting promiscuous sex, while collecting six-figure salaries, WHERE WERE YOU?!?!

A body wrapped in plastic is unloaded from a refrigerated truck and handled by medical workers wearing personal protective equipment due to COVID-19 concerns, Tuesday, March 31, 2020, at Brooklyn Hospital Center in the Brooklyn borough of New York. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Meanwhile, the Pentagon will Provide 100,000 Body Bags.

Now that you have learned what self-isolation, quarantine, social-distancing, empty supermarket shelves, people roaming the aisles and streets with face masks all means, maybe you’d like to re-evaluate your status as a “free American,” who is free to die as the result of government and elected official’s negligence and stupidity.

Look, people, this situation doesn’t happen in a single administration; it takes multiple administrations to create a problem like this! This has been brewing in Washington for at least three presidencies: Bush (remember 911!), Obama, and now Trump. It’s not Trump’s fault, either, but he’s the face we glue to the administration. The fault lies in the Senate and the House of Representatives, in Albany, and in Washington, DC. If you look at what’s been going on in Congress over the past two years, you might want to find a barf bag. It’s sickening, so sickening that Americans are now dying, and the Pentagon will be donating 100,000 body bags, while Nancy Pelosi and the gangsters in Washington D.C., are still pointing fingers and wagging their tongues.

Medical staff move bodies from the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center to a refrigerated truck on April 2, 2020 in Brooklyn, New York. – The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has asked the US Defense Department for 100,000 body bags as the toll mounts from the novel coronavirus, the Pentagon said on April 2. White House experts have said that US deaths from the disease — currently at more than 5,100 — are expected to climb to between 100,000 and 240,000, even with mitigation efforts in force. (Photo by Angela Weiss / AFP)

Is this the new Fear Factor? Is the US government trying to cause a panic? It has!

The New World Order has begun, people! You know now how you can be so infected with fear and anxiety by your government that you hoard toilet paper and paper towels; you race to Walmart and your local supermarket to empty the shelves. FEAR!!! AVOIDABLE FEAR!!!!

Businesses and government offices are CLOSED! Restaurants are CLOSED! You are told to stay home!!! See how easy it is to control you? Now we know.

Schools have been closed for weeks. Even God is put on hold! Churches are open but not for public worship! No wakes, funerals, etc. No closure for the bereaved! Thanks to poor or absent government! Incompetent elected officials! More finger-pointing and accusations while Americans are dying!!!

But the United States Goverenment has a solution for its incompetence: SPENDING! What’s Inside The Senate’s $2 Trillion Coronavirus Aid Package, an emergency aid spending package that is spending money we don’t have, but will have to back up in tax dollars. Great planning, right? Poor planning costs us a bundle when a pandemic hits us and then, in order to take our attention off the poor planning and incompetent government, the same incompetent government passes an irresponsible aid package to cover their tracks!  Are you going to continue swallowing this shit? Are you still going to sleep on your stomach waiting for the …. ? Read what the package contains at What’s Inside The Senate’s $2 Trillion Coronavirus Aid Package. But once again, big business gets the lion’s share of the so-called aid: $500 billion compared with $377 billion to small businesses and a stinking paltry $153 billion to public health. We can see where Congress’ loyalties are.

You all have dumped your hard-wire landlines and now are addicted to Facebook and Twitter, where you get all your information and news! How convenient for the Controllers.

People are getting fired or relieved of their commands in the military for speaking out about the government’s denials of support in the crisis. That’s censorship. That’s propaganda. That’s authoritarianism, totalitarianism, the first step towards Big Brother becoming the next fascist dictator!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) on Capitol Hill after a meeting with fellow Democrats. (Susan Walsh/AP) (Susan Walsh/AP)

You are all addicted to your electronic devices, your smartphones but what will you do when some military genius or government officials ORDER THE CELL PHONE TOWERS deenergized? What will you do when they suspend communications by microwave transmission? You’ll race around in circles like a cornered rat, that’s what!!! You’re trapped in the booby trap set by your American freedoms, your greed, and your ignorance. Stupid sheeple!!!

OK. So you won’t believe us. Denial is very effective, isn’t it? But perhaps you’ll believe a well-respected physician, the editor-in-chief of a respected source for the medical profession. Here’s his recent editorial that appeared in the online medical journal for physicians, Medscape:

Pathology & Lab Medicine
Perspective > Medscape > Eric Topol on Medscape

Topol: US Betrays Healthcare Workers in Coronavirus Disaster
Eric Topol, MD

March 30, 2020

Find the latest COVID-19 news and guidance in Medscape’s Coronavirus Resource Center.

The year 2020 started with American physicians, nurses, and the whole healthcare workforce dispirited, in a deep state of burnout, with the worst rates of clinical depression and suicides that have been recorded. Indeed, this was not confined to the United States; a global epidemic of burnout had been diagnosed. But things were about to get considerably worse for the healthcare workforce.

In December 2019 an epidemic of pneumonia, with many fatalities, erupted in Wuhan, China. The pathogen was sequenced and determined to be a novel coronavirus on January 5, 2020, and was subsequently named SARS-CoV-2. The first patient in the United States with COVID-19, the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2, was diagnosed in Seattle on January 21, which was within 24 hours of the first patient diagnosed in South Korea, a key country for comparison (Figure, adapted from Our World in Data).

Figure 1. Testing for COVID-19 in the United States and South Korea

The First Phase: “Silent” US Spread

Unlike South Korea, which quickly started testing for COVID-19 using the World Health Organization (WHO) test, the United States refused the WHO test, opting to develop its own through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But the CDC test was ultimately found to be flawed and represents one of many government stumbles. Without an adequate test, there were nearly 50 days from the first patients in both countries before the United States started to ramp up testing. Why was this so critically important?

During this extended phase in the United States, there were countless numbers of patients presenting with pneumonia and respiratory tract symptoms to emergency rooms, urgent care centers, and doctors’ offices. Without the ability to make the diagnosis of COVID-19 or even suspect it, these patients unwittingly spread their infections to healthcare workers. Also, during this first phase of spread, there was likely — albeit still not yet validated — a high rate (approximately 30%) of asymptomatic carriers for COVID-19, which further amplified the chances for doctors and health professionals to be infected.

For the sake of comparison, during the month of February, South Korea performed more than 75,000 tests (versus just 352 in the United States) and adopted all of the WHO best practices, which includes massive testing, tracing every contact of a person infected and testing that person, quarantine of all known cases, and social distancing.

The United States did none of these. Instead, officials repeatedly made bad choices that put public health in jeopardy, along with the healthcare workers charged with caring for the public.

South Korea, meanwhile, got ahead of its outbreak and became a model in the world for how that was achieved. But it wasn’t just South Korea that reacted well. As Atul Gawande summarized, Singapore and Hong Kong also adopted all of the WHO practices, including providing protection for their healthcare workers. In both places, healthcare professionals were expected to wear surgical masks for all patient interactions. That practice turns out to foreshadow the second phase of failure in the United States.

The Second Phase: The War Without Ammo

Although Seattle is where the first cluster of cases occurred, it was the unchecked number of patients diagnosed in New York City in early March that led to the full realization of how ill-equipped the country is in terms of personal protective equipment (PPE), intensive care unit beds, and mechanical ventilators.

The dire, inexplicable lack of masks is well recapitulated by Farhad Manjoo in “How the World’s Richest Country Ran Out of a 75-Cent Face Mask”, and Megan Ranney, MD, MPH, and colleagues similarly describe the profound deficits in PPE and ventilators in a perspective published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Together, a situation was set up for healthcare workers to not have masks — or to reuse them for days on end — and lack other protective gear. And this is about plain 75 cent masks, not the N95s that are better for blocking aerosol droplets.

But the required sharing of equipment is not just among doctors and nurses; it even extends to patients sharing a ventilator in some intensive care units. To put some numbers on ventilators, we will need several hundred thousand to a million but have fewer than 160,000 throughout the country.

It’s bad enough that the United States was totally unprepared for a pandemic and has such an unimaginable shortage of requisite resources. But the situation still gets worse. On a widespread basis, doctors and nurses are being gagged and muzzled by administrators for expressing their concerns, and penalized or even fired when they do speak out.

Meanwhile, the unconscionable lack of COVID-19 testing has continued in this second phase. And with that, systematic testing of the workforce has yet to start, despite being desperately needed.

The Third Phase: Healthcare Professionals Broadly Infected and Dying

Back in Wuhan, Li Wenliang, a 33-year-old ophthalmologist, was one, if not the first, doctor to alert people in China of the outbreak. He died on February 7, 2020. But he certainly wasn’t the youngest doctor to die in China. Xia Sisi, a 29-year-old gastroenterologist, also died after a 35-day hospitalization.

Yet on March 11, from the Oval Office, President Trump stated, “Young and healthy people can expect to recover fully and quickly.”

By late March more than 54 doctors in Italy had already died, and in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, one of the worst hit regions in the world, 20% of the healthcare workforce have become confirmed cases. Now, in the United States, as large numbers of healthcare professionals are getting diagnosed with COVID-19 in Boston, New York, and other hotspot cities, young doctors are writing their wills and making provisional funeral plans.

COVID-19 was not supposed to kill young people, but young nurses and doctors are dying in the United States. There are many theories as to why this is happening, perhaps the best one is the viral load — the mass of COVID-19 inoculum.

Because healthcare workers are exposed to the sickest patients — often without access to the proper protective equipment — the heavy viral load may be overwhelming even young clinicians’ ability to mount a sufficient immune response to counter the infection.

That doctors and clinicians are succumbing to the virus is beyond a tragedy, as many of these dedicated individuals are dying unnecessarily, as a result of the no-testing and no-PPE fiascoes.

Yet a far greater toll in numbers is the temporary loss of clinicians to infections and sickness. This is the other poorly recognized exponential growth curve: As each doctor, nurse, respiratory therapist, paramedic, and patient-care person takes care of tens to hundreds of patients at any given time, the loss of even one of these individuals has a dramatic ripple effect on the shortage of professionals trained to care for affected patients, no less the non-COVID-19 usual patient mix. No number of accelerated medical school graduations (which are being announced) can compensate for these losses, not just by numbers but also by experience.

The handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States will go down as the worst public health disaster in the history of the country. The loss of lives will make 9/11 and so many other catastrophes appear much smaller in their scale of devastation. Perhaps what we in the medical community will remember most is how our country betrayed us at the moment when our efforts were needed most.

Eric J. Topol, MD, the editor-in-chief of Medscape, is one of the top 10 most cited researchers in medicine and frequently writes about technology in healthcare, including in his latest book, Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again.

Follow Medscape on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

Medscape © 2020 WebMD, LLC

Any views expressed above are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of WebMD or Medscape.

Cite this: Eric J. Topol. Topol: US Betrays Healthcare Workers in Coronavirus Disaster – Medscape – Mar 30, 2020.

We’ve kept the links in Dr Topol’s article so you can follow the facts.

Question: Why is it that the death toll in the United States now exceeds that in China, where the whole thing started? Why is it that South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, were able to keep things under control but the United States cannot? Good ol’ American snobbery, poor planning, greed, and stupidity.

Instead of acting like a herd of cattle with mad cow disease (remember that one?), perhaps you should just sit down, meditate for a minute, collect your thoughts, clear your mind, and consider where the real problem lies, and how you’re going to face tomorrow, when this all clears up.

Think about how different you will be and how different the world will be for you post-COVID-19; sort of like the conditioning you received post-911? Is this another way of training you, conditioning you like Pavlov did with his dogs? Is that what you have become, a pack of trainable dogs? Now that’s something to be proud of, isn’t it?

Think about all of this next time you pledge allegiance to a flag; think about what you’re saying. Or have you forgotten completely how to THINK?

Think of it this way: What if you were the next one to fill a body bag. How would your survivors or your Senator explain your death to your terrified children? Think about that, won’t you?

So, enjoy your stockpile of toilet paper and paper towels. They’ll go well with that case of ketchup you’re hoarding. And wait for the next wave of fear and anxiety while you huddle in some dark corner, denying what’s going on around you.

Local Residents at Shop’n Save buying up toilet paper! How typical!

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Capital District YMCA Continues its Begathon!

The Capital District YMCA has sent out yet another SPAM mailing asking members to contact their legislators, and to urge them to pass a bill that will release $60 billion to non-profits to offset their alleged losses due to COVID-19!

They have no shame, that’s how.
You’re not getting any handouts, are you?
They have no shame!

How can these greedy parasites ask for money to offset losses that are impossible to estimate this early in time? It’s a Perfect Scam!

Here’s an excerpt from the Capital District YMCA’s propaganda email:

YMCAs and our charitable organization partners are asking Congress to pass $60 billion in support for nonprofits and to pass key policy recommendations to support the efforts of nonprofits on the ground.

The previous SPAM mail from the CDYMCA read like this:

They [legislators] need to hear from you about the importance of significant funding to help YMCAs statewide cover the costs associated with full-time and part-time employees, as well as the loss of membership, programming and donation revenue.

The YMCAs statewide need to learn how to operate like other businesses across the state and the nation, who cannot SPAM their customers begging them to ask legislators to bail them out! Normal tax-paying businesses and homeowners are too busy trying to figure out how to meet their tax burdens NOW, since tax bills are out and the government has their hairy hands out for our checks! If they can’t keep their heads above water, then they have to learn how to swim like the rest of us.

Can you imagine going to a state or federal tax audit and claiming losses without hard figures to back you up? Can you imagine going to your legislators as a small or medium business and crying that you lost customers and donation revenue because of Coronavirus, but you don’t have any proof or documentation? They’d laugh you out the door into the parking lot!

Veterans, elderly, the chronically ill, the uninsured, people without healthcare need those $60 billion; most of them are veterans and taxpayers, and unlike CDYMCA CEO David Brown, are not pulling more than $330,000 in salary from the non-profit. By the way, how much is Erin Breslin making, the Sr. VP for Membership, now that she’s slashed the veterans discount in half? 

Shame on you, CDYMCA, and all your non-profit tax-avoiders with you!

No, NO, NO! Absolutely not!
No freebies for greedy non-profits, non-taxpayers!

We’ve contacted legislators and veterans agencies demanding that they take action.

  • Charles E. Schumer, US Senator
  • Kirsten Gillibrand, US Senator
  • Neil D. Breslin, State Legislator
  • John T. McDonald III, State Legislator
  • George A. Amedore, Jr., State Legislator
  • Chris Tague, State Legislator
  • Greene County Veterans Service Bureau
  • Albany County Veterans Service Bureau

Albany County alone has more than 20,000 veterans, who need to be informed and show their anger in the upcoming elections! Come November, use your vote to sanitize and exterminate all the snakes, rats, and cockroaches from our communities, government, everywhere!

The day after election day 2020!



Cap District YMCA: Shameless Arrogance … AGAIN!!!

Stop the Scams!

We recently reported on the Capital District YMCA’s shameless slashing of veterans discounts by 50%, increasing veterans’ memberships up to 50%; one member reported his monthly dues went from $26 to $39/month! We also reported that despite numerous complaints and follow-up, Erin Breslin, Sr. Director of Marketing and Membership, the CDYMCA executive responsible for the reduction in the veterans discount, refused to reconsider their shameful decision. (See our report at YMCA DISGRACE!!! Veterans targeted by YMCA action.)

Senior Director of Marketing and Membership at Capital District YMCA

Shameless and Arrogant!!!

Capital District YMCA Wants NY Legislators to Funnel More Taxpayer Dollars into the Non-profit. We say: Let their execs, who are making 6-figure salaries take a pay cut first!!! CEO C. David Brown pulls more than $330,000 a year, while other execs pull their 6-figures.

We also recently reported on the incredible fact that the CDYMCA has tens of millions of dollars in property assets in the Capital District but doen’t pay a dime in property tax! We further reported that CDYMCA president and CEO, C. David Brown pulls in more than $330,000 a year in salary, while other executives are pulling 6-figure salaries. Yet the CDYMCA is registered as a non-profit organization and doesn’t pay a dime in property taxes! (See our report at Capital District YMCA: Millions in Assets, Pays No Tax!.)

J.D. Brown Exec Dir CDYMCA, refused to respond.

We reported that the CDYMCA calls itself a charity but charges above-market rates for memberships while also charging market or above-market rates for some of their programs. Yet they don’t pay a dime in tax!

Today, on March 17, 2020, the Capital District YMCA sent out an Action Alert that reads:

Act to protect YMCAs during the COVID-19 crisis!
Dear Advocate,

The New York State Legislature plans to vote on legislation today to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Tell them that your Ys need a COVID-19 package that supports the YMCA. You can take part in this advocacy by sending this important letter to your legislators. They need to hear from you about the importance of significant funding to help YMCAs statewide cover the costs associated with full-time and part-time employees, as well as the loss of membership, programming and donation revenue.

Please write to your state legislators today!

Enough is enough, already!!! This is getting really sickening!!!

The CDYMCA’sexecutives, Erin Breslin (CDYMCA executive), David Brown (CDYMCA CEO/President), Carl Oropallo (Executive Director), Mark Thurman (Director, Operations, Bethlehem), received a communication this week, after David Brown, the guy pulling more than $330,000 in salary, broadcast a message to Y members that the CDYMCA facilities would be closed for one week for “deep cleaning.” Those executives were asked one simple question: Would members’ accounts be credited for that week that they could not use the facilities? No one from the CDYMCA has answered that question but we’re pretty certain what the answer is.

What is this “deep cleaning” thing, anyway. A facility like the CDYMCAshould have extraordinary hygiene and sanitary measures in place as routine! The cleaning agents and disinfectants they use in the pools, locker rooms, workout areas should all be sufficient to kill just about anything! Sick people don’t work out or take aerobic exercise classes. Normally, the rule of most gym etiquette is to wipe down equipment after use using disinfectants that should be provided. (We are informed that the disinfectant and paper towels are provided for this purpose at commercial fitness clubs and at the Y. The problem is, personnel don’t enforce the practice.)So what’s this deep cleaning that’s going on for a week?

Editor’s aside: According to our information based on research of the recommendations for what so-called “deep cleaning” involves, the CDYMCA is again playing with terms. There are a number of deep cleaning methods currently being employed to minimize the spread of COVID-19, and none of them, ranging from airlines to the New York Stock Exchange, involve shutting down for an entire week. In fact, the deep cleaning being done involves mainly high contact surfaces, which should be routine day-to-day cleaning practices in a place like a fitness center or a YMCA. First and foremost, the most effective preventive measure is to avoid contact with individuals who have clear symptoms of cough, sneeze, or fever of undermined origin. But that’s common sense! Social distancing, even if around asymptomatic persons, is also proving to be effective but Americans are already socially distanced, so that’s a no-brainer! Self-isoation or self-quarantine is the ultimate step for individuals who know they have been in contact with a symptomatic individual, or an area in which symptomatic individuals have been, or who have traveled to endemic areas, or have symptoms or have been diagnosed with a viral infection or infection with COVID-19. Persons-at-increased-risk, that is persons who are at increased risk of infection generally, are well-advised to stay clear of crowds. When in doubt, call your pubic health hot-line or consult your doctor. So what is the CDYMCA doing for a so-called deep clean that is over and above their normal sanitizing? We’ll ask them and see if they come up with anything. (Sources: “How Big Businesses Get a Deep Clean” (New York Times article; “Ships, Planes And Other Spots Are Getting A ‘Deep Clean.’ What’s That Mean?” (NPR article), both last accessed on March 17, 2020.)

The CDC and World Health Organization have reported that the virus doesn’t survive long on surfaces that have not been disinfected; isn’t it reasonable that the virus would survive for an even shorter time on disinfected surfaces, if at all? (See our report on COVID-19 at Smalbany Statement on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.)
But let’s get back to the shameless Action Alert broadcast today by the non-profit, non-taxpaying Capital District YMCA:
That message reads: “They (state legislators) need to hear from you about the importance of significant funding to help YMCAs statewide cover the costs associated with full-time and part-time employees, as well as the loss of membership, programming and donation revenue.” That’s absolutely ridiculous!
In 2018, the CDYMCAincreased every member’s monthly dues by $1, which adds up to a hefty amount each month. Then in 2019, they slashed veterans discounts by 50%, adding more to their pockets! Now the greedy bastards are asking members to write to legislators to ask that they now give taxpayer dollars to support a non-taxpaying glutton to help cover costs!!!
We say: Any legislator who votes to support this shameless expression of greed and unfairness in our tax system should be run out of the Legislature!!! We have a better idea: Mr C. David Brown, Ms Erin Breslin, Mr Marc Thurman, Mr Carl Oropallo, and their coworkers should take a pay cut!!! How’s that for an idea?
For an organization that contributes nothing to the pubic treasury by being wholly tax-exempt to ask taxpayers and legislators to provide more funds to them to cover costs is one of the most shameful and arrogant things to come from them yet!
The non-profit scam in New York and around the country needs to be reexamined, revised, and most of the scammers need to start paying their fair share of property taxes.

Easton Mountain, Cambridge, NY
A Gay Retreat Community
A Non-profit Organization

We contacted the Washington County District Attorney’s office some time ago with an inquiry about this place; we never got a response.
There’s a sex camp for gay men in Cambridge, NY, called Easton Mountain. They operate facilities on several acres of prime property with a number of newly renovated buildings and grounds. They claim to be the gay community’s gift to the world but Easton Mountain is the gay community’s gift to the organizers and staff of Easton Mountain. They claim their non-profit status on the basis of spiritual and charity-related work but when you look at their programs, which include neotantra (= so-called sacred sex), intimacy training, orgasm training, erotic massage, even a phony “diploma” course offered by the visiting Brit, etc., and the cost of those programs, upwards of $400 to more than $1000 for a week (5 nights) program!!!They even import some phony sex guru from the UK to facilitate some of their events! We’ll be looking at their filings and report on how much government support they receive in lieu of paying taxes. Did you know that your tax dollars are going to organizations like that? (The most published recent financials, the IRS 990 dates back to 2014!)  See our articles: Tantra or Sex Services? (5/2019), The Follow-up (6/2019), Sex for Sale: The Follow-up II (7/2019).

We will obtain the voting information and report who in the New York State Legislature votes to funnel more taxpayer money to the CDYMCA and non-profit scammers like them. We’ll publish the names of those legislators who voted to send your tax dollars to the scammers. And we’ll remind you of their freewheeling and dealing when elections roll around.
In the meantime, we urge you, our many readers to support us in our own Action Alert, and to contact your legislators and warn them if they give another dime away to tax scamming non-profits who can afford to pay their executives and directors six-figure salaries, the legislators are going to be looking for jobs!!!


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Venomous: The Shape of Things Happening

In 1939 H.G. Wells wrote the futuristic novel Shape of Things to Come, and that was followed by a spate of futuristic, almost prophetic novels written by the likes of Wells and Orwell. It was amazing what those guys were able to predict so accurately, and we’ve quoted and discussed those novels several times on this blog.

They described a situation similar to Coronavirus in 2001, in the film “Venomous!”

But the really scary film that relates very well to this newest pandemic, Coronavirus or as the public health authorities like to call it, COVID-19. The film is called Venomous (no, we’re not referring to Nancy Pelosi’s autobirgraphy and political career).

Several months ago, we viewed this 2001 film, Venomous, and thought, Wow! Something like this could really happen in this day and age. A whole town held hostage, their communications shut down, government lying to the media, who then repeat the lies. The town is doomed unless something happens. Here’s the actual synopsis of the plot:

The film starts out at a secret laboratory in the Mojave Desert. A renegade scientific unit of the U.S. military is working on a top-secret project that involves breeding poisonous rattlesnakes that develop a highly contagious virus. In 1991, a group of terrorists penetrates a secret American government lab, releasing the genetically modified rattlesnakes. Over the following years, the snakes breed and multiply. Years later, in the present days, an earthquake drives them from the underground to the surface, and unleashes hordes of aggressive, virus-infected rattlesnakes on a remote earthquake , and the snakes infect whomever they bite with a fatal virus. A small-town doctor, Henning, tries to confront the the situation but is stymied by the government-military schemers. As the viral epidemic begins killing friends and family in town, a local doctor and his team fights the media, the military, and the government in an effort to find a vaccine. The military lies to the government and reports the entire town’s population dead; the town is very much alive but the military has forced everyone into their homes, and the streets are deserted. The townspeople have no idea what the government is planning for them. The government wants to hide the traces of its wrongdoings; corrupt military officials plan to blow up the town with a massive firebomb to cover up the incriminating source of the diabolical disease. With the Stealth plane carrying the bomb headed Dr. Henning’s way, and with the town littered with dying citizens, Henning has to find a way to save the day — and perhaps the planet.

Now, seriously, the film was made in 2001! How many epidemics have we had since? And we’re not even counting the AIDS pandemic nor are we considering all the disinformation and lies that were circulated back then in the 1980s and 1990s!

Here’s the film. If your browser can handle the format, you can easily view it from this site by clicking the image below; otherwise you can go to YouTube and view it there. The real message that applies to today’s situation starts at about 40 minutes into the film (T = 40:00:00).

Again, we have to say that this film was made in 2001, it’s almost prophetic!

We have an infestation of venomous snakes right in our own midst: in our town halls (New Baltimore, Coeymans), in law enforcement (Coeymans Police Department, Albany County DA P. David Soares; in New York State (Most of our elected officials, the worst snake is Andrew Cuomo!), and our wonderful United States Congress, the biggest den of vipers! Even our so-called profitable non-profits like the Capital District YMCA, is reptilian.

Come November, use your vote to sanitize and exterminate all the snakes, rats, and cockroaches from our communities, government, everywhere!

The day after election day 2020!

Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

The Editor

This should be you!



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