We Have the Transcript: Capital District Y Breslin Makes an Ass of Herself AGAIN

24 Apr

We have obtained the actual transcript of the conversation between a Capital District YMCA member and Erin Breslin, the dyslexic Senior Director for Marketing and Membership of the CDYMCA, the woman who is nickel and diming Y members and slashing veterans benefits in order to “keep pace with wages and expenses,” for the local Y that holds more than $50 million in real-estate assets and pays no taxes, not a dime. They can afford to pay CEO C. David Brown more than $330,000 in salary, their association executives six-figure salaries, and their local directors up to 80,000 a year plus benes! The CDYMCA is part of the only-in-the-USA non-profit tax scam club of non-profits that includes everything from homeless shelters to gay sex camps! (If you haven’t read Capital District YMCA: Big Salaries, Big Assets, but Still Begging! yet, click the link! You won’t believe what non-profits like the Capital District YMCA get away with!)

BRESLIN: Good morning. This is Erin Breslin. May I help you?

MEMBER:    Yes. Hello, Ms Breslin. This is {Member Name Redacted] speaking; returning your call.

BRESLIN: Yes, Hi. How are you?

MEMBER:    Fine. Thank you.

BRESLIN: I just wanted to let you know I appreciate email that you sent, and my apologies. I just want to let you know we have sent out a couple of letters to members the first one letting them know that we asked members for the option to become a sustaining member if they are able,[1] and also we had one earlier this year regarding an increase.[2] I appreciate your email and we have returned your money for March and for April, and we have cancelled your membership, so you won’t be hearing from us again.[3]

MEMBER:    Ummmm…

BRESLIN: Thank you very much for your call.

MEMBER:    Let me just … excuse me…

BRESLIN: Sure. That’s alright.

MEMBER:    You canceled my membership?

BRESLIN: Correct.

MEMBER:    You said you cancelled my membership? On what basis?

BRESLIN: You said you didn’t want to be charged anymore so we went ahead…

MEMBER:    Excuse me. Excuse me. You might have…


MEMBER:    You might have some problem with the language but I did not say that. If you read my written correspondence and my emails — that’s why I rely solely on emails and written correspondence to avoid misunderstandings — My membership is not to be cancelled, unless you have some evidence or some claim that I violated any of the association’s rules, regulations, or if there is some substantial reason. I insist forthwith that you reinstate my membership, ah…unless, of course, you can produce some evidence to show that there is substantial reason …

BRESLIN: Listen, you sent an email; you asked us not to charge you anymore…as a result of that.

MEMBER:    I think that you misunderstood my email…

BRESLIN: [Overspeaking] No.

MEMBER:… you should have communicated with me forthwith for clarification. The email – I apologize if it were unclear

BRESLIN: [Overspeaking] No, it was not unclear.

MEMBER:    [The email] was meant to indicate that for the duration of this … of this crisis, I did not expect to be paying for services that I am not receiving.

BRESLIN: Sir, you’re very unhappy with us. I know you and I have spoken before as well. And I appreciate that, so when I received your email it was clear what you would like me to do.[4]

MEMBER:    Excuse me. It was unclear. Yes it was unclear because you did something that I did not ask you to do. And if I’m unhappy with you then it’s your job to ensure that your membership is happy and to explain or explore ways to keep them happy. Now, I’m going to repeat: You are to reinstate my membership; otherwise this will escalate, and it will not escalate pleasantly. Do you understand? I am clarifying my email to you, at this point saying: I did not ask you to do that. There is no way anyone could understand that email to have meant that … Are you there?

BRESLIN: Yes. I’m listening.

MEMBER:    OK. So I guess we’re clear now. Are we not? And, if someone’s unhappy with you you don’t simply discard them or censor them. If someone’s unhappy with you, you as an organization, you explore reasons why membership might be unhappy, especially those members, who have the guts to come forward and tell you that. That is what I would assume to be proper administration and complaint management.

BRESLIN: Yes, sir.

MEMBER: You’re just taking the easy and facile way out.

BRESLIN: Yes, sir.

MEMBER:    So, I expect that you’ll correct the misunderstanding, and that you’ll check your mailing list, because [laughing] it seems that in the past I’ve received undated letters; I’ve received letters that, really, are misleading, and … you know, to be quite frank, if you’re receiving the salaries that you are receiving, and you’re in the positions that you’re [supposed to be] in, I expect that you could be somewhat clearer in your communications. There was a recent Times Union article – I believe it was concerning the closure of the downtown Albany facility, ah and numerous complaints because the communication was unclear and ambiguous, downright vague…I saw the communication. A recent communication from Mr. Sean Dilbert-St John, I believe from the Bethlehem center, [brief pause] facility, came out regarding veterans benefits a couple of months ago or last year some time, and that, too, was misleading, vague, and ambiguous. If you’re going to be running a non-profit, and you’re going to be dealing with the public, I suggest you start working on some clarity of language. And you maybe do some reading remedials. Ah, because I think I express myself extremely clearly. Very few people have any difficulty understanding my language, written or spoken. But it seems that there is a chronic situation with the CDYMCA that my communications are somehow misunderstood, and I don’t understand this. I’m going to review my communications to see if they are, if there is any point that could be misunderstood or misconstrued. But at this point I think that we’re clear on what I meant in my communication, ummm, and it’s a very bona fide and good faith inquiry, and I don’t think there was anything abusive in it. All it required was … I think the communication was very clearly, “Will you be returning or will you be forgiving monthly membership fees for the duration that members are unable to use your facilities.” I think that’s clear.  I think that’s pretty decent, civil, and requires basically a Yes or a No answer. YES, we will be or NO, we won’t be. That’s quite clear.

BRESLIN: I have one question for you: If you are so unhappy with the Y, why do you want to be a member?

MEMBER:    Excuse me. I’m not unhappy with the Y. I’m unhappy with its administrators. OK? Now that’s quite clear. And that’s … I just enumerated several instances that could have been prevented that disadvantaged members. One even made the Times Union! Now, tell me I’m wrong. Tell me … Why do I have to ask you questions, of a non-profit … and I believe you guys are making some tremendous money as a non-profit. I think … what does your, your CEO make? Something like $300 a year? Now that’s ridiculous! If I have to, I’ll go to Congress, I’ll go to state legislators … you say I’m unhappy with the organization. Let me just tell you something. I was probably a member of the YMCA before you were even born. My parents sent me to the real YMCA when there was a YMCA and there was a YWCA. So don’t tell me about the YMCA; I’m talking about your YMCA! The YMCA that you people are running. And I’m not unhappy with the YMCA; I wouldn’t have joined, rejoined the YMCA if I were unhappy.

BRESLIN: You are very unhappy.

MEMBER:    No. I’m unhappy with you. I’m unhappy with you and how you’re running the YMCA. That’s what I’m unhappy with. OK? YOU are not the YMCA. You are an employee of YMCA, employed for the best interests of the YMCA and its membership. And I think you’ve failed. Is that clear? So don’t tell me I’m unhappy with the YMCA.

BRESLIN: Yes, sir. That’s very clear.

MEMBER:    So, I expect you to reinstate my membership as of immediately. And re-read my correspondence, and if you have any questions, to contact me immediately if you need any clarification of the English that I use, please also ask, “What do you mean by this?”

BRESLIN: Well, sir, you want us to start charging you again, is that what you want?

MEMBER:    I do not want you to start charging me again until I can use the facilities, the way I have been using the facilities. You have no right to be charging your membership for services you are not providing. OK? Now you figure the way you have to do that. This is not a request for cancellation and it never has been. It’s a request for fairness. It’s a request for you to follow suite with other organizations, who have the decency, the decency to forgive monthly dues for members while this pandemic is effective, while there is lockdown and recommendations for social distancing, etc. That’s what I’m asking for. I’m not asking for a cancellation of membership, I’m not asking you to stop charging me overall; I’m asking you to be fair, and to follow suite of other organizations who have forgiven their members’ membership fees, dues, student loans, the whole nine yards, for the duration of the of this crisis. Is that clear?

BRESLIN: Yes, sir. So, if we put all of our memberships on hold then when we’re opening back up, what will we use … what funds will we use to pay our employees returning?

MEMBER:    That’s not my problem. You take a pay cut. Other people…What are other businesses doing? What are other businesses doing with their employees? They’ve furloughed them! They’ve laid them off! They’ve given them work-at-home opportunities! That is not my problem. [If] you want to run an organization, you figure out how you have to run it. It’s quite simple. Don’t ask me how you’re supposed to pay your employees. Tell Mr. David Brown or whatever his name is to take a 50% pay cut, and use that money to pay your employees. You’ve got $55 thous … er … million in assets; pledge some of them! That’s up to you! You figure out how you’re gonna run your organization. Don’t ask me! That’s not my problem. I have to figure out how I run my life; you have to figure out how to run your life … and your organization. Now, if you can’t figure out how to run your organization with your executive directors, and your, your directors, your executives, your board, then I think you’d better find a different job, to be very honest with you. Because you’re in the position you’re in to figure out how to work things out, and if you’re faced with a crisis situation, I think that’s where good management, and training, and knowledge, and wisdom come into play. Not [by] telling members we can’t figure out how we’re going to do this, so we’re going to continue being unfair to you. I’m surprised that you would actually ask me a question like that. You can ask some dumbass on the street a question like that and perhaps get the answer you’re looking for but you’re dealing with a professional here.

BRESLIN: Yeah. Based on your conversation with me, I’m going to stand by my original decision, and we have cancelled your membership.

MEMBER:    Then you’re going to hear from Congress, you’re going to hear from state legislators, you’re going to hear from members, and you’re going to hear from the lawyers. OK?

BRESLIN: Understood.

MEMBER:    OK. I’ve got this on tape; I’ve got this recorded, so there’s no question of what I’ve said to you or what you’ve said to me.

BRESLIN: You understand that legally you’re required to let me know that you’re recording me.

MEMBER:    I am not! New York State is a one-party state, here. Check your law.

BRESLIN: Well, sir, I stand by what I said, and we have cancelled your membership and we have refunded your money for both March and for April. I thank you for your time.

[Parties hang up.]


Well, we were between laughing and crying by the time we got to the end of the transcript. We didn’t know if it would be too cruel to laugh at the silly cow and her idiotic responses, or to cry for her, because she came across as such a pathetic moron!

She obviously can’t read. We published the member’s email in a previous post (Capital District YMCA: Big Salaries, Big Assets, but Still Begging!), and we can’t see anything in there about cancelling membership or not wanting to be charged. All the member is saying is that he doesn’t find it fair to pay for services s/he’s not getting because of the lock-down, and that dues should be forgiven until the CDYMCA and open its doors and provide services again.

Breslin obviously doesn’t know about or doesn’t care about her boss’s March 25 letter to members that states, albeit a bit buried under his begging, “Naturally, if you cannot continue paying your membership dues until wee re-open, and wish to place your membership on hold, we certainly understand.”

Apparently, Breslin, as “Senior Director for Marketing and Membership,” wasn’t on CEO C. David Brown’s mailing list.

Rumor is that Erin Breslin is Crusty the Clown’s twin…or Crusty in an Erin-suit.

All things considered, Erin Breslin has a pathetic record and has demonstrated some very bad judgment and poor decisions over the past year or so. We think she might be in the wrong position and probably should be operating a pet grooming operation for dead pets; she’d be perfect for the job. She’d be unable to make any really bad decisions, she wouldn’t be harming anyone, and dead pets wouldn’t be a threat to her fragile ego. But then, on second thought, would she be a threat to herself or others if she were handling sharp instruments? Not a problem! We’ll just give her paper scissors; without sharp points, of course.

In the meantime, it looks like Ms Breslin is in for a fun time when her boss gets wind of her stupidity. The Capital District YMCA may have some problems with membership and sponsors, the tax authorities, and others. In fact, there is reason to believe that there may be a lawsuit in preparation against the YMCA for retaliation and breach of contract.

We’ll keep you updated!

We need a break for some real humor. Let’s finish up with Crusty the Clown and his antics!
Rumor is that Crusty is Erin Breslin’s twin.

NOTES included in the transcript:

[1] Breslin is apparently referring to the second “letter” that went out to members on or about March 25, 2016, which was more of a two-page flyer of more than 3000 words, purportedly sent out by CEO “Dave” Brown. That letter asks Y members to continue paying dues during the lockdown as “sustaining members.” In a very short blurb towards the end of the letter, hidden as it were in the middle of the page, we found the sentence, “…if you cannot continue paying your membership dues until we re-open, and wish to place your membership on hold, we certainly understand.” Either Breslin was unfamiliar with the letter, or missed that part, or chose to ignore it; since she mentions the letter and the fact that it offered “members the option to “to become a sustaining member if they are able,” indicates that she was at least aware of CEO Brown’s letter, but does not mention the “on-hold” option. Why?

[2] The letter to which Breslin is referring is actually the first letter, a letter dated “February 2020,” and showing Breslin’s signature block. In that letter, Breslin is telling members that “…beginning in April 2020, to help us afford to keep pace with increases in wages and expenses, we need to increase the cost of membership $2 a month.” In the past approximately 12 months there was an announcement of a $1 increase in monthly membership costs, then in about Augist 2019, Breslin announced the cut in veterans savings by 50%, and now she announces a $2 increase in the monthly membership cost to members. Will this nickel-and-diming of members never stop?!?

[3] The refund appeared in the online account activity report reflecting $39.00 for March and $40.50 for April, 2020; the latter amount reflecting the membership cost increase announced in Breslin’s February 2020 letter. Although Breslin acknowledges she is responding to an email by refunding the two months’ costs as suggested in the email, she does not and cannot substantiate where the request for cancellation appears; it is not in the email she is referring to nor in any other email whatsoever. See attached exhibit.

[4] The concerned email dated April 16, 2020, and addressed to Breslin, Brown, Oropallo, reads in pertinent part: “I’d like to know CDYMCA’s plans to either credit or reimburse the monthly dues collected from patron’s accounts and to suspend further deductions of dues until CDYMCA can open its doors and provide access to the services I have contracted to receive.” [Emphasis provided] Far from requesting or even suggesting cancellation of membership, the wording clearly states that the request is for suspension only “until CDYMCA can open its doors” again.


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