Venomous: The Shape of Things Happening

16 Mar

In 1939 H.G. Wells wrote the futuristic novel Shape of Things to Come, and that was followed by a spate of futuristic, almost prophetic novels written by the likes of Wells and Orwell. It was amazing what those guys were able to predict so accurately, and we’ve quoted and discussed those novels several times on this blog.

They described a situation similar to Coronavirus in 2001, in the film “Venomous!”

But the really scary film that relates very well to this newest pandemic, Coronavirus or as the public health authorities like to call it, COVID-19. The film is called Venomous (no, we’re not referring to Nancy Pelosi’s autobirgraphy and political career).

Several months ago, we viewed this 2001 film, Venomous, and thought, Wow! Something like this could really happen in this day and age. A whole town held hostage, their communications shut down, government lying to the media, who then repeat the lies. The town is doomed unless something happens. Here’s the actual synopsis of the plot:

The film starts out at a secret laboratory in the Mojave Desert. A renegade scientific unit of the U.S. military is working on a top-secret project that involves breeding poisonous rattlesnakes that develop a highly contagious virus. In 1991, a group of terrorists penetrates a secret American government lab, releasing the genetically modified rattlesnakes. Over the following years, the snakes breed and multiply. Years later, in the present days, an earthquake drives them from the underground to the surface, and unleashes hordes of aggressive, virus-infected rattlesnakes on a remote earthquake , and the snakes infect whomever they bite with a fatal virus. A small-town doctor, Henning, tries to confront the the situation but is stymied by the government-military schemers. As the viral epidemic begins killing friends and family in town, a local doctor and his team fights the media, the military, and the government in an effort to find a vaccine. The military lies to the government and reports the entire town’s population dead; the town is very much alive but the military has forced everyone into their homes, and the streets are deserted. The townspeople have no idea what the government is planning for them. The government wants to hide the traces of its wrongdoings; corrupt military officials plan to blow up the town with a massive firebomb to cover up the incriminating source of the diabolical disease. With the Stealth plane carrying the bomb headed Dr. Henning’s way, and with the town littered with dying citizens, Henning has to find a way to save the day — and perhaps the planet.

Now, seriously, the film was made in 2001! How many epidemics have we had since? And we’re not even counting the AIDS pandemic nor are we considering all the disinformation and lies that were circulated back then in the 1980s and 1990s!

Here’s the film. If your browser can handle the format, you can easily view it from this site by clicking the image below; otherwise you can go to YouTube and view it there. The real message that applies to today’s situation starts at about 40 minutes into the film (T = 40:00:00).

Again, we have to say that this film was made in 2001, it’s almost prophetic!

We have an infestation of venomous snakes right in our own midst: in our town halls (New Baltimore, Coeymans), in law enforcement (Coeymans Police Department, Albany County DA P. David Soares; in New York State (Most of our elected officials, the worst snake is Andrew Cuomo!), and our wonderful United States Congress, the biggest den of vipers! Even our so-called profitable non-profits like the Capital District YMCA, is reptilian.

Come November, use your vote to sanitize and exterminate all the snakes, rats, and cockroaches from our communities, government, everywhere!

The day after election day 2020!

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