National Grid Not Playing Nice: A Letter from a Reader

06 Jan

The Letter to the Editor below was provided to us with a request for publication by Mr Robert Conners of Community Advocates Sustainable Environment. We join with Mr Connors and with Mr Scanlon of Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline in their condemnation of the unfair practices and bullyism of National Grid.

We support all organizations whose objective is to sniff out and expose unfair practices in government, business, and community organizations. There is no room in our community for crooks, bullies, and extremists!

Not too big to be named and shamed!

National Grid Not Playing Nice

I must communicate my displeasure, at the very least, regarding the National Grid tactic of trying to shut people up who disagree with its expansive plans.  This has degenerated into a case of one of the biggest and most powerful companies in NYS basically attempting to push through its agenda for its E37/Albany Loop fracked gas pipeline proposal by any means it can.

National Grid does not have the right to try and invalidate our filed E37/Albany Loop testimony with the NYS Public Service Commission (PSC) or that of several others who are in opposition to this project, while it is being properly vetted.

Apparently, National Grid’s game plan at this point is to attempt to keep others who disagree with out of the formal deliberative process.

Based on past experience, we know that they also prefer to limit full discussion by having only one public hearing and then expect to go on their monopolistic way.

Those days are over – we are fed up with having environmental policy take place behind our backs simply because “we” don’t have the money and lawyers that they do.

We out here will continue to fight this and other battles like it.

We hope that the PSC will see fit to address the practice  of “bullying” by National Grid and set the record straight for all to see.

Written by:
Kenneth Scallon, Member
Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline Member
369 Malden Bridge Rd Nassau, NY 12123
(518) 766-4811

Submitted by:
Robert Connors, Founding Member
Community Advocates Sustainable Environment
1409 County Rte 5
Canaan, NY 12029

Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline (SNYFGP)
Community Advocates for a Sustainable Environment (CASE)
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