Coeymans Only Gets Sicker; Criminal Perps Being Investigated

22 Nov

Editor’s Note: Just an update: We’re on the trail and investigating this obscene incident, and are tracking the Coeymans Police Department’s handling of it. The Coeymans Police Department has proved itself incompetent and inept in a number of past cases, and has a reputation for being a troupe of clowns that have succeeded only in shaming Coeymans. Here’s a little challenge for them: Let’s see who solves this case sooner. Will it be Smalbany (very likely) or the Coeymans Police Department (very unlikely), who brings the criminals to justice? (Hint: Smalbany is already making progress in the case. Where’s First Sergeant Contento on this?)

Coeymans Police Investigator, Investigating.

It Appears that Some Coeymans Residents are Mailing Family Members to Other Coeymans Residents.

A Coeymans Resident is making a pubic statement about his family tree and is having a Pennsylvania-based company send examples of his family tree to other Coeymans residents. The problem is: All turds look alike and we can’t tell whether the turds in the mail are the sender’s mother, father, sister, brother, or a more distant cousin.

A Local Coeymans Resident Giving Birth.

Yes, dear readers, some mother in the Town of Coeymans has experienced the joy of motherhood and has asked us to post a picture of the bundle of joy that she’s sharing with some Coeymans residents.


Because we think that George McHugh and his “Comeback Team,” and the Friends of Coeymans (Laquire, Boomer, Hagen) know very well who’s behind this malicious mischief.

We call upon Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares and Allegheny Co. (PA) DA Stephen A. Zappala, Jr. to launch an immediate investigation into this incredible example of obscene harassment of at least 5 local Coeymans residents!!!

We call upon New York State Attorney General  Letitia James to join with Pennsylvania State Attorney General Josh Shapiro to investigate the illicit and criminal business activities of the perp company selling the crap!

We call upon the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, to investigate the perpetration of this interstate commercial crime.

The USPS Office of the Inspector General, Postal Inspectors, has been notified and Smalbany is awaiting contact with a local investigator. [Editor’s Note: There is already a file opened on this case with the USPS Postal Inspector, Boston Division (responsible for this area). If you have received a package or have information to share, you can call 1.207.871.8587, and speak to agent “Emily.”]

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What the happy and very relieved mother does not know is that Smalbany is now investigating her. You see, she’s been sharing little bits of herself, her own little product, via the United States Postal Service and First Class Mail. What she may not realize is she is committing a number of crimes and Smalbany will find her and her little bundle of joy and SHAME THEM.

Furthermore, Smalbany will urge the United States Postal Service Inspector to prosecute for abuse of the postal service. Smalbany will also demand that the United States Attorneys for the District of New York and the District of Pennsylvania investigate and prosecute the perps for violations of interstate trade and postal regulations.

Smalbany has already obtained the USPS tracking information and has verified the sender. That information is being used in our continuing investigation.

The idiots don’t realize that this package seals their fates.

And to be complete, Smalbany will assist the recipients of any packages in filing formal complaints of misdemeanor harassment against the persons ordering the packages. The misdemeanor complaints will be filed with state and local law enforcement, and, because of the nature of the interstate commerce offences, with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, given the fact that the shipper can be identified.

Since the shipper can be identified, and given the criminal nature of the offences, and given the shipper’s own claims for their product, which clearly support the harassment intent of the product, the shipper will be required under subpoena power or by court order to produce their order records and other business records, which will be used to identify the person ordering the product and providing the shipping information. Once that is done, well, somebody’s going to jail. Smalbany has already notified the owners of the business name A.S. Enterprises that their business name is being fraudulently misused.

State attorneys general in New York and Pennsylvania will be notified directly of the company’s activities and urged to investigate and prosecute.

We’d like to thank the Coeymans residents who brought this example of sick-community to our attention. We’d also like to thank the Coeymans resident, who has made this VERY BIG mistake for confirming all of our statements regarding Coeymans as a sick-community. Once again, you have played right into our hands. Congrats, stupids!

Sicko-s come in threes!





6 responses to “Coeymans Only Gets Sicker; Criminal Perps Being Investigated

  1. Anonymous

    November 23, 2019 at 4:41 pm

    The rumor mill is already churning ..and if that rumor can be believed, it won’t be that shocking to your readers. The culture and values need to change in Coeymans for any business or government to be taken seriously. Businesses and citizens should be speaking out against this crap – pun intended. These folks are not tolerant to anyone outside of Coeymans or anyone who does not fit their ideal of “normal”. This mindset cannot work when trying to create new businesses, income and residents in the town. The Friends of Coeymans social media page is only hurting themselves by posting videos mocking folks who spoke to the legislature etc. Why weren’t they there? Why aren’t they providing a rebuttal to these issues or supporting facts for their stance? The morons actually posted a video of the Owens Corning cooling tower with the tagline “Does Bethlehem really want this clean air law?” When one of their high school buddies corrected them, the retort was another pointless video of more steam. People will slowly come to realize what these folks represent, it’s happening. They will shoot themselves in the foot. The businesses, investors and citizens in the area will suffer as a result of intolerance, ignorance and bullying they supported during election time.


    • Principal Editor

      November 24, 2019 at 9:31 am

      Throughout history close-minded communities have survived on rumors, fear of outsiders, and fear of each other. We have only to think of the various inquisitions, witchhunts, persecutions, etc. that have happened as late as the mid-20th century right here in the United States. Coeymans is a backwards community and for generations has been “ruled” by a feudal few, until recently, but despite the decline of the feudal dynasties, the feudal mentality survives in present generations who, for one reason or another, claim to be rooted in the community for multiple generations.

      Now what does that tell anyone with any experience of the real world?

      Well, for one thing, it tells a sad story of being stuck and stagnant. Born, raised, educated (if I may misuse that term for a moment), and deeply rooted in a close-minded community is not a claim to fame nor something to be proud of, but we discussed ignorance in a previous reply to a comment from Anonymous, and we’d refer you to that explanation. The majority of the people of Coeymans are, indisputable and without contradiction, plainly and simply, IGNORANT. And they’re happy that way; they know no other way!

      They survive on their own fabricated facts and rumors, and they are mindless followers, so they thrive on what their keepers and masters feed them.

      Jeff Laquire, Nate Boomer, and Chris Hagen are perfect examples of the ignorance and animal mentality that is considered a virtue in backward, sick communities like Coeymans. The mindless morons who follow them, hear their message, support them are perfect examples of the kind of people we call hillbillies, simply because they populate the hills and never come out to see what’s going on outside their own little incestuous nests. Jeff Laquire, Nate Boomer, and Chirs Hagen are villains and scoundrels, worse than flesh-eating cannibals because they are eating the spirit of the community. After they eat the spirit of the community such monsters defecate hate and suspicion. And they keep consuming the good in the community to shit out their message of bullyism, intimidation, fear, and lies. They are perfect little small-town, fat slobs, playing like neonazis in a little fishbowl they and their masters seek to own.

      Like all evil, they will be discovered by the very ones who now support them and listen to their tripe. The rage will destroy them and brand them forever. That’s going to be a great moment for Coeymans.

      Thank you for your comment!


  2. Anonymous

    November 22, 2019 at 7:35 pm

    Yet the new administration wants to be taken seriously. The actual website has a legal disclaimer and TOS to save them liability. The whole thing is disgusting and the government in that town is an absolute joke.

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    • Principal Editor

      November 23, 2019 at 9:48 am

      Good morning, A:

      The new administration has already exhausted any notion of credibility it may have HOPED to have had. First of all, McHugh demonstrated consummate bad faith by (1) refusing to interview and debate, while promising transparency and accountability; (2) by directly and indirectly nurturing a program of misinformation, disinformation, malinformation, and bare-faced lies; (3) by making false claims about his background and then modifying his statements to the point of near credibility, but still lies; (4) by demonstrating a troubling tendency of vagueness and ambiguity about his business relationships; (5) by outright admitting that if Carver Companies offered him legal work, which they undoubtedly will do, he would accept it; (6) by publicly claiming that the people of Coeymans had no concerns about his conflicts of interest, which are many; (7) by misrepresenting facts relating to the accomplishments of the Crandall administration and board both concerning the community-at-large, and Crandall’s clear and conspicuous support of business, while keeping the interests of the community a priority; (8) by allowing a neonazi-like group of clowns, the so-called Friends of Coeymans, to perpetrate a program of disruption of public business, intimidation, harassment, bullying and thuggery, and condoning it, much less discouraging and condemning it.

      THE “NEW” ADMINISTRATION IS JUST A MINI-VERSION OF POL POT’S CAMBODIA, STALIN’S RUSSIA, AND HITLER’S GERMANY. While McHugh and his puppets may not parade around wearing white hoods and robes, their cross-burning and intimidation are conspicuous, and faintly coloured by a pseudo-democratic tint, more the color of blood (political cruelty; cruelty derives from the Latin word cruor, blood, bloody; bloodshed; gore).

      Yes. You are correct. The website does have a disclaimer but please don’t be mistaken: a disclaimer means nothing until tested. I have studied the site and find that its overall message is, in its own terminology, “revenge”. Its stated purpose is to annoy, intimidate, make a person angry, uncomfortable, or otherwise anxious. That is illegal, disclaimer or not. It’s called harassment and is at least a misdemeanor. Furthermore, the fact that they are facilitating harassment with what the law calls scienter, or knowledge, is further incriminating. The fact that anyone purchasing their product is doing so with clear or presumptive malice cannot be so simply discharged by posting a disclaimer.

      The company is misusing the postal service to perpetrate a program of harassment. Furthermore, the company is misusing the postal service to send hazardous or potentially hazardous material across state lines, potentially endangering USPS employees and the recipients of the packages. There is no statement of contents nor that the package may contain hazardous materials. That’s a crime.

      My point is this: their activity is criminal for a number of reasons. Now let’s consider their tax obligations. They encourage “cash” purchases claiming that that will help them to assure “anonymity.” Do you wonder how they may be accounting for their revenues with the Pennsylvania Department of Taxation, with the New York State Department of Taxation, with the IRS? The tax laws are very clear when it comes to Internet purchases, cash or otherwise.

      Why does the company use a fake name, worse still, why is the company misappropriating another company’s name?

      Yes, the whole affair is disgusting but has little or nothing to do with the “government” of the town, at least not with the outgoing group. This is not the sort of thing we have ever seen in this area until the McHugh Comeback Team and the Friends of Coeymans. True, we have had our share of shame, embarassment, and dissent, but isolated and out in the open. Nothing like the Comeback Team and the Friends of Coeymans tactics have ever been seen in the community before this.

      Check out the writing on the wall and ask how some Coeymans voters couldn’t make it out.

      Thanks for your comment. We appreciate the feedback.


  3. James A. Albano

    November 22, 2019 at 4:14 pm

    I sure hope we find this out. I sure hope there are repercussions to this juvenile reaction, of winning a bought election. This town has re Trumped itself. And like the Russian puppet, the Carver Puppets are going after the folks they beat. You know to justify and vile policies they are going to inflict on the town. The distraction will help them get the dirty business done. We’ve had stuff thrown at our house too. This is a very sick community. Filled will faux kindness. We need to be considerate of the families that have lived here for decades. But they have to make better choices.


    • Principal Editor

      November 23, 2019 at 9:56 am

      We have already initiated an investigation with the USPS Inspectors who will be contacting the recipients of the packages for the purposes of investigation. Law enforcement is informed and we are undertaking notification and demands for investigation with Attorneys General of New York and Pennsylvania, and the DAs in Albany (NY) and in Allegheny (PA) counties.

      There will be repercussions. But the fact remains that certain individuals in the Town of Coeymans are continuing their harassment with impunity, and we suspect that McHugh and his mob know exactly who is doing this. People like that are too ignorant to keep their mouths shut and someone will let the cat out of the bag, even without law enforcement involvement. But if the leaders do not step forward and take control; if they do not denounce the “juvenile” misconduct; if McHugh and his puppets do not take affirmative steps to assist in uncovering the criminals, McHugh and his puppets are, in anyone’s view, accessories!

      The Coeymans community has a great many good and compassionate people but as long as they remain silent, the only voices we’ll hear are those of the vile scoundrels. The Coeymans community has many caring and kind people but as long as they hide behind locked doors, and when they do appear in public they are bullied or otherwise intimidated, they’ll stay hidden, and the only acts we’ll witness are those done by the vile animals calling themselves Friends.

      You are very correct on two counts: Coeymans is a very sick community, and the people of Coeymans have to start making better choices.

      Thank you for your comment!



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