Coeymans: Poster-Child of the “Sick Community Syndrome.” Part III

17 Nov

Societal Obstacles that Impair Movement Away from Sick-Community Violence and Abuse.

Individual obstacles may be complicated by societal hurdles, further impairing the victim’s ability to confront, distance themselves, or even leaving the sick-community abuse. Some societal barriers include:

  1. The victim’s concern about being called a coward or not defending his or her rights, or avoiding responsibilities.
  2. Concern about a decline in quality of life for themselves and their children.
  3. Reinforcement of counselors of “saving” the community relationships at all costs, rather than pursuing the goal of stopping the violence and abuse.
  4. Indifference of law enforcement who may treat violence and abuse as a “personal dispute,” instead of a crime where one person is harassing or another person. All too often, it is the victim of abuse who is reprimanded, even arrested and charged by law enforcement, even if they are only defending themselves against the abuser.
  5. Frequently law enforcement personnel discourage or make it unnecessarily difficult for the victim to make a complaint or file charges against the abuser. Some law enforcement personnel may dismiss or downplay the abuse, side with the abuser, or may not take the victims report of the violence or abuse seriously.
  6. Reluctance or outright refusal by prosecutors to prosecute cases. Some may advise the abuser to plead guilty to a lesser charge, depriving the victim of the full protection of the law, and possibly placing the victim at increased risk of retaliation.
  7. The situation may be even worse in small communities, where local non-professional judges have personal, political, or financial reasons not to impose appropriate sentences on convicted abusers. Probation or a fine, even outright dismissal is much more common in local justice courts.
  8. Even despite prosecution and judgment, there is very little to prevent an abuser from retaliation or changing the abuse strategy.
  9. Despite public awareness of the sick-community situation and the increased availability of information identifying abuse and abusers in a sick-community, victims rarely confront the situation to improve their lot.
  10. In many sick-communities, over time, residents begin to adopt the mindset that  they themselves are responsible for making their situation what it is. Their sense of failure to maintain their dignity and improve their relationships equals failure as a person.
  11. Isolation from neighbors, friends and families, either through the actual abuser’s conduct, or because the victim feels guilty or ashamed for putting up with the abuse. The victim then may attempt to conceal signs of the effects of the abuse from others; the social or self-imposed isolation contributes to a sense that there is nowhere to turn.
  12. The feeling of impotence causes the victim to try to find reasons to justify the abuser’s violence; the victim rationalizes that the abuser’s behavior is caused by genuine ideology, conviction, desire for change, promotion of economic interests, or other factors.
  13. Societal and cultural factors condition persons to believe their identities and feelings of self-worth are contingent upon acceptance by the community majority, even if it is a sick-community majority.
  14. One of the most scandalous and insidious of obstacles that the sick community faces is disinformation, bullying, intimidation, and discouragement by the powers to be and their supporters, who can seize and maintain control only by ongoing and constant suppression of the natural rights of the community members. Locally, we can point to the Friends of Coeymans —a local Coeymans group organized and run by Jeff LaQuire, Nate Boomer, and Chris Hagen, and supported by the George McHugh group and his business interests —and their followers, who deploy what can be characterized as neonazi tactics to intimidate and isolate residents.

Friends of the Friends of Coeymans

Inconsistency of violence and abuse; during non-abuse phases, the abuser may fulfill the victim’s vision of harmony and community. The victim may also rationalize the abuser is basically good until the situation changes and the abuser reveals their true agenda.

Key Components of Social Justice in Our Communities

But the good news and hope is that victims retain their power of self-determination and independence, regardless of what the abusers in the sick community think, say, or do. This is because the victims, although persuaded by the abusers to accept the role of victims, are not in fact victims at all! As already stated, they are playing the role of victim, and they can leave any role at any time, because roles are fictitious and good only temporarily. But you can’t cure what you refuse to confront!

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3 responses to “Coeymans: Poster-Child of the “Sick Community Syndrome.” Part III

  1. James A. Albano

    November 22, 2019 at 1:02 am

    Still in shock about this election. Not only did questionable characters win an election over politicians that were doing a better job than they’ll ever do. But they also bully and rub it into the faces of those who were betrayed by the local democrats in this election. I am a progressive Dem and will not support any local Dems. anymore, Until we have a clean slate of politicians who don’t betray those in their own party. Since the election, Phil had suffered his vehicle being keyed. threatened, and all the Dems were mailed packages with shit in them. What kind of scumbag town has this become? This town will be lost for some time. You’re right it is a sick town. My family has been here since the 1920’s, I only stay here to caretake my parents. Otherwise I’m moving to a town who left the GOP and has become more Democratic. Bethlehem or Albany is where i’ll hang my hat after my parents depart this world. As this town has betrayed itself for the benefit of nothing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Principal Editor

      November 22, 2019 at 9:07 am

      Judas. Judas is really the only right word that I can come up with when thinking about the recent Coeymans elections. Here’s why:

      George McHugh and his so-called Comeback Team, Zachary Collins (whose only claim to fame is his grandfather’s business), Brendan Lefevre (whose only claim to fame is getting sucked into the Comeback Team miasma and taking up residence in his father’s basement), and George Langdon (whose only claim to fame is being a failure on the Coeymans town board), betrayed the residents of Coeymans to court profits from local business and industry at the expense of the Coeymans Community.

      Jeff Laquire, Nate Boomer, Chris Hagen, who misused the ignorant and the stupid of this Coeymans Community, and danced to the tune of the Comeback Team by using neonazi tactics against their own friends and neighbors, by disrupting public assemblies, by intimidating, bullying, and instilling fear in good, normal, residents, only in the interest of their sadistic and misguided political ambitions (they now are touting Nate Boomer to run for public office. Yes, the clown who can’t even keep his pants up!)

      The Ravena News Herald, posing as an unbiased source of news and information but in reality another McHugh-Lafarge-Laraway puppet, betrayed the RCS community with their biased and mercenary reporting, misleading the RCS but more egregiously, the Coeymans community.

      But the greatest Judas of them all, and the Judas who actually made all the other Judas-s possible is, in reality, the group of sheeple who mindlessly danced to the McHugh tune right up to the polls. Those Judas-s are the worst because they betrayed themselves, their community, and every right-thinking moral person alive! They are worse Judas-s because they ignored the clear facts proving that their choice was wrong! They are worse because they allowed the clowns of the so-called fake Friends of Coeymans to engage in their neonazi tactics of bullying, intimidation, deception, misinformation, and divisiveness. Friends of Coeymans? With friends like Laquire, Boomer, and Hagen who needs fiends? But they were possible only because the community Judas-s allowed them to be possible.

      Betrayal is one thing but ingratitude is a separate issue. But when betrayal is married to ignorance and ingratitude, it becomes malignant. Just like a cancer. Those puppets, those walking brain-dead staggering to the polls to the fatal marching cadences of the Comeback Team and the Fiends of Coeymans proved themselves not only to be Judas sheep, leading the community to the butchers, but also puppets who know no gratitude, and as ignorant Judas sheep, are incapable of knowing gratitude. They’ve tainted the Coeymans community once AGAIN.

      We recently responded to a comment by “Anonymous” about “ignorance.” It’s worth a read if you haven’t already read it.

      We also recently published a 5-part series on the comparison between domestic violence and abuse and what we call the “sick-community syndrome.” We do note that given recent post-election events in Coeymans, we were more than accurate in using the Town of Coeymans as our poster-child for the “sick-community syndrome.”

      The Coeymans community is definitely sick, terminally ill with a rapidly spreading malignancy. It seems the few healthy cells left in the Community body may not be enough to combat the sick cells, and the malignancy is well on its way to killing the community. Like any disease, it’s stupid. Why? Because most diseases are suicidal: the virus, the cancer kills the host, kills the very thing it needs to survive. By causing the death of the patient, the disease has nowhere to go and dies as well.

      The prognosis for Coeymans is dire, desperate, very bad.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Two two

      November 22, 2019 at 10:19 pm




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