Saint Aaron Flach? NOT!

07 Nov

At a Recent Coeymans Town Board Meeting, We Heard Mary Driscoll Defend a Certain “Religious” Family, Who She Claims Has Done So Much for Coeymans. We Guess She’s Referring to the Flachs.

Aaron Flach (2016).
He’s since lost about 30 lbs.

Let’s not forget that Steven Flach, a Republican, while Coeymans Town Supervisor, was accused of ethics violations when he facilitated Carver Laraway’s acquisition of building(s) in Coeymans. “Pastor” Flach is Aaron Flach’s first cousin.

The Flach boys are not self-made men; they received their seed money for their businesses from John Flach, who made his own fortune on his own by hard work. Credit where credit’s due, boys.

Aaron Flach and his brother Steve are heavily invested in Coxsackie, where they transferred much of their wealth out of Coeymans, and establshed a real estate and development company, contributing substantially to Coxsackie’s revitalization.

In the meantime, the Flachs have managed the Faith Plaza wasteland as well as other properties in Ravena, including the Ravena Universal Laundry on Rte 9W. They also manage the Hope Plaza in Coxsackie, where the Coxsackie Universal Laundromat is located.

Flach also operates a Universal Laundromat in Coxsackie. Flach and his brother recently were reported in a local newspaper as having invested some $1.5 million in remodeling a former school in Coxsackie to accommodate downstaters who want to have a little hideaway in quaint Coxsackie. (NYC transplants find Greene County land and home prices appealing) Flach was named to the National Bank of Cosackie board of directors in 2016 (

What is ironic is Flach, after his family abandoned Ravena-Coeymans for Coxsackie (Greene County), is now acting chairman of the RCS Community Business Association (Albany County), and has appeared at least 4 times to address the Coeymans Town Board, asking that the Board appropriate money for grant writers and economic developers to assist businesses in the area. You may also want to know that under his cousin’s administration, that is, under Steven Flach (R), Aaron Flach received a $450,000 tax reduction on his Faith Plaza property. That’s your saintly Christian family Ms Driscoll is so ardently defending. We believe they were called hypocrites and Pharisees in the Gospels, weren’t they? And didn’t Christ preach you cannot serve two masters, God and Mamon (money)? OK.

Aaron Flach is deeply committed to his bankers, real estate agents, developers, and his own real estate empire, just like any good Christian community leader would be. Right? He’s appeared at least four times before the Coeymans Town Board asking that money be appropriated in the upcoming budget to support business and economic development. He’s all for making money but not very big on shaing the wealth, just like his cronies. What’s worse, he caters for the rich and exploits the poor!

But just to illustrate how Flach treats Ravena differently from Coxsackie, we took a close look at the Universal Laundromats, both owned by Aaron Flach.

We are using the Universal Laundromats as examples because they are literally symbols of the area. First of all, the people who use these laundromats are either poor and can’t afford to have home laundry equipment, or don’t have the space for the equipment, or live in an area where water is not available for laundry. In other words, the people using the laundromats experience one or several hardships. Let’s face it, you don’t haul baskets and bags of laundry to Flach’s laundromats if you have the wherewithal to do it at home.

So, Saint Aaron Flach is capitalizing on local families’ hardship. That’s a good Christian community leader for ya! You GO! Boy!

Here are some images for comparison:

On the left is the Ravena Bathroom, on the right the Coxsackie Bathroom.

You’ll note how clean the Coxsacki bathroom is, and how spacious. Note also that you’ll have to use a grimy unsanitary towel in Ravena, but in Coxasckie Flach provides two rolls of paper towels. The Coxsackie amenity is brighter and cleaner by far.

The Ravena Door is Falling apart, the Coxsackie door is new and top-shelf.

The doors for the bathrooms are worlds apart. The Ravena door is a cheap piece of junk and is falling apart. Note the message on the door. Classy. Right? Compare with the Coxsackie door on the right. What does that tell you?

Hera are the change machines. Ravena (l), Coxsackie (r).

Might seem silly, but these machines are important, especially when they don’t operate correctly. We found the Coxsackie machines to be newer and much cleaner.

The courtesy area. Ravena (l), Coxsackie (r).

It’s just the impression that these crass difference make. It betokens how Flach sees the residents of Ravena-Coeymans and how he sees his customers in Coxsackie. It’s like Third World vs. First World.

The service areas. Shabby Ravena (l), shiny Coxsackie (r).

There’s a big difference in the general service areas between Ravena and Coxsackie. Mr Flach appears to maintain the Third World decor for Ravena, while providing Coxsackie with an upscale facility.

And finally, we’d like to mention that in Ravena, you’ll probably never see an attendant at the Universal Laundromat but in Coxsackie there appeared to be at least one on duty. Furthermore, there’s a quite nice dry cleaning service at the Coxsackie Universal Laudromat. Flach removed that convenience from the Ravena Universal Laudromat several years ago.

The Coxsackie drycleaning service (l), the Ravena drycleaning service (r) (there is none).

So, if you’ve missed our point, let us clarify it for you. Mr Flach has invested millions, at least, in Coxsackie, while pinching pennies in Ravena-Coeymans. The comparison of the Laundromats is a good illustration of how he treats Ravena-Coeymans in contrast with how he favors Coxsackie. The photos don’t really show the real difference between the facilities; you should visit both to get a real idea of how different they are.

That’s why it’s a slap in the face to see him pandering to the Friends of Coeymans and their lot, when he, Flach, saunters in with his entourage of bank managers and real estate agents, crying poverty, and asking the Coeymans Town Board to allocate taxpayer money to support local businesses.

Please don’t misunderstand, we are pointing out a discrepancy here, one that is Mr Flach’s own making.

We do admit that there are opportunities that the Town of Coeymans can cooperate with the Village of Ravena on, but the Village has to stop playing their stupid game of dodge-ball, and Nancy Warner and Mayor “Mouse” Misuraca can finally start thinking of the community instead of themselves and their power games.

Supervisor Crandall and his Board are more than business friendly, they are doing everything they can to improve infrastructure, while being fiscally prudent. Instead of pointing the finger and harassing the Coeymans Town Board, Mr Flach might want to come with a solid plan. Flach might also want to show some fair play and start treating Ravena-Coeymans with some respect.



2 responses to “Saint Aaron Flach? NOT!

  1. Peter

    November 7, 2019 at 8:14 am

    Where was Friends of Coeymans when it came too exposing this ???????


    • Principal Editor

      November 7, 2019 at 8:51 am

      They were doing what they do best: harass, bully, and spread disinformation and lies for their keepers. We’ve been exposing them, McHugh, his puppets, LaFarge Holcim, Carver Laraway for months now. We’ve published well-researched facts, and have gone to extraordinary lengths to get the truth out. Seems the Coeymans community likes being abused and used by their Friends. There’s so much going on below the surface but right under their noses but they are in deep denial. They like lies and are ungrateful to those who genuinely have their best interests at heart. John Flach, Aaron and Steve’s father worked hard to get what he built up; Aaron and Steve got all they had from their daddy. John left Ravena-Coeymans because of the politics and nastiness, and took his money and ambition to Coxsackie. Now, Aaron Flach puts his money in Coxsackie and wants Coeymans to back business. Our message to Aaron and his handlers: Put some money into Coeymans, and start treating Ravena-Coeymans like you treat Coxsackie.

      Thank you Peter, for your comment, and for reading Smalbany!



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