07 Nov



Coeymans’ Message to the World

Coeymans, New York — Albany County — AVOID IT!

Ravena-Coeymans has branded itself forever. It’s now the place to avoid if you’re considering a place to purchase a home, start a business, or raise a family. Under past Republican administrations the town was buried in debt, filth, and derelict buildings. It was hemorrhaging small businesses. The same crowd is back in Coeymans Town Hall.

The Crandall era ushered in fiscal surplus and progress on environmental issues, infrastructure, recreation, and community.

It seems that’s not what Coeymans voters wanted. Instead the 2019 elections prove that Coeymans loves abuse, bullyism, thuggery, a liar and immoral thug for Supervisor, two lack-luster inexperienced puppets with family connections to the Republican supervisor’s main clients, and all this with the help of a trio of neonazi-like clowns.

You deserve everything you get! Good luck! You’ll need it!


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2 responses to “Disgusting!

  1. James A. Albano

    November 16, 2019 at 4:28 pm

    Sadly, not a fan of this, site, I have appreciated your viewpoint on my bother in law and his efforts to be an honest fair supervisor. Coeymans has bit of it’s nose to spite it’s face. I have nothing against George or the McHughs, or other close relatives who own industries. But when you own the town you shouldn’t be running the town government. That’s not Democracy, that’s tyranny. Maybe Communism?


    • Principal Editor

      November 16, 2019 at 4:50 pm

      Thank you, James, for your comment.
      Phil Crandall has done incredible things for Coeymans, perhaps not alone, but he worked well with his Board in public, and was straightforward behind the scenes. Not always pretty, as I understand, but straightforward, and he always had the Town at the top of his list. He asked for very little, perhaps only a little gratitude, cooperations, and some respect. Coeymans had none of the above, at least what was visible was quite the contrary. That’s what we found “disgusting.”

      For lack of a better term, McHugh is a corrupt swine. His puppets are not better. And his masters are downright evil scoundrels. McHugh is brazen and a liar, perhaps even worse. And anyone associated with him, his puppets (Lefevre, Collins, Baker, Burns, Vinciguerra), his clowns (LeQuire, Boomer, Hagen), or his masters (LaFarge-Holcim, Carver Laraway, Billy Biers, Aaron Flach and the RCS Community Business Association), are, in our opinion, tainted, infected by contagion and association.

      We at Smalbany did the research, collected the facts, invited the candidates to interview, and reported Truth and authentic facts. Did Coeymans take heed? Perhaps the majority did, but the puppets went to the polls. That’s another reason why it’s disgusting: The walking dead go to the polls and the people stay home, thinking they’re safe but they’re not.

      You are very correct, and we don’t feel you are speaking only in defense of a kinsman. When a candidate has so many intimate business connections with local business and industry, and then claims he can be independent, non-partisan, and avoid conflict of interest, he’s either blind or a pathological liar. I think we all know what McHugh is.

      We do differ in how we categorize McHugh, his clowns, his puppets, and his masters; they’re not really political, they’re hypocrites, liars, and very, very corrupt.

      Thank you again, James. We hope you appreciate now what his blog is all about.

      The Editor



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