No McHugh, Comeback Team, Carver Connection? C’mon!

04 Nov

The huge illuminated flashing sign shown below is positioned at the entrance to the Port of Coeymans and Coeymans Industrial Park. You are hit with it when entering the Hamlet from the North. Now, people, is there someone out there who is going to tell me that there’s no McHugh-Comeback Team connection with Carver Laraway and Carver Companies? McHugh has already stated publicly that he will continue to accept legal work from Carver, even if elected to be Supervisor! Now doesn’t that tell you the real story behind McHugh’s desperate need to be Supervisor?

We apologize, but because of lighting the text on the sign is difficult to capture. But we don’t know how anyone can miss it when approaching the Hamlet. It reads “Vote for McHugh, Collins, Lefevre, Langdon tomorrow.”

How desperate can they get?


One response to “No McHugh, Comeback Team, Carver Connection? C’mon!

  1. Principal Editor

    November 5, 2019 at 9:17 am

    We are holding your most recent comment until we receive your veification that you live or work in the Town of Coeymans. Our system shows your comment to be coming from Jersey City, New Jersey. Naturally, you have an opinion about George McHugh but if you are not a resident of the area, we do not feel your opinion is truly relevant.

    Please verify your address and respond to our email to you.

    The Edito



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