Cairo, Our Neighbor to the South: Election Recommendations

29 Oct

Republished with Permission from the Greene County Weasels site.

Editor’s Note: Our Commentary on the McHugh Comeback Team’s Propaganda Claims will be published at midnight, October 30, 2019. Stay tuned!

great job transp

On Tuesday, October 22, a Town of Cairo Candidates Forum was held at the Cairo-Durham Highschool, in Cairo, New York.

The Forum started at 6:35 with a question-answer session, in which the 2019 candidates for the offices of Cairo Town Supervisor (Banta/True), Cairo Town Councilpersons (Powers / O’Connor / Sheriff), and Cairo Town Highway Superintendent (Evans/Maderic) participated.

Weasel-Watch: Candidates who were supposed to have appeared: John Coyne (Repubican) candidate for Town Supervisor, allegedly had a “prior commitment” but not with voters; Steve Kralivich (Republican), candidate for Town Board, and Kayla Warner (Repubican), candidate for Town Clerk. Interestingly, all three no-shows were Republicans! Three of them!!!

CPT Weasel-Whacker has no respect for unopposed candidates who, because New York law allows them “election by default,” think they don’t have to respond to residents and voters. That means YOU, Ms Weasel-Warner!!! Great messages you sent to the Cairo High School Students. Shame on these Republicans!!!

Weasel-Roster for the Cairo Candidate Forum
Weasel: John Coyne (R)
Weasel: Steve Kralivich (R)
Weaselette: Kayla Warner (R)

Speaking of Weasels and Weasel-Deals

Bob Hempstead. Art Evans’ Daddy. Unethical and No Guts.

Having spoken with the Cairo people, we have to admit that outgoing Cairo Highway Superintendent Bob Hempstead and his pet, candidate Art Evans (trying hopelessly to defeat candidate Mike Maderic for the office of Cairo Highway Superintendent), have been running a pretty unethical campaign in Cairo. First of all, Hempstead has been misusing and abusing the Cairo Town Highway Department Facebook — not that Facebook misuse is anything new; we have our own Friends of Coeymans problem — page to promote his loser pet, Art Evans. Someone from the opponent’s camp has or have been destroying Mike Maderic’s campaign signs. In addition, Hempstead, in an outrageously improper, probably illegal, political sign of desperation fired Mike Maderic on some trumped up charge. To their credit the Cairo Town Supervisor Daniel Benoit and his Board are apparently backing Maderic. Hempstead is a sleeze, to say the least, and doesn’t know when to concede he’s a loser. But we also have to say that Art Evans has not shown any sign of fair play or ethics, nor any balls at all, because if he had any guts, he wouldn’t allow the rotten things to happen just to get elected. Sorry, but if you have no guts and no ethics before the election, you’re not going have any if elected to public office.

green weasel 1Please note: The evaluation scheme and the evaluations are strictly those of CPT Weasel-Whacker and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Greene County Independence Party, the Cairo-Durham High School CollegeGovernment Class, or WCGX 90.7 FM, or any other organization in any way whatsoever. These comments are in no way whatsoever intended to support or oppose the political endorsements of any party or organization. Please use good sense and mature judgement when considering any candidate for public office. Please vote and participate in your local government.

Explanation of Star Ratings

star rotating smallStellar! Marry me! Outstanding in every respect.

start very good smallVery good! Persuasive and engaging.

star good smallGood. OK wasn’t something to convince me 100%

star neutral small Wishy-washy. OK. But left me hungry.

star poor small Poor. Show me something else.

star pitiful smallPitiful. Take a walk. Not interested.

half star small

Any half-star rating would put it between the higher rating and the next lower rating.


Here are CPT Weasel-Whacker’s recommendations for each of the 2019 candidates for Cairo Town Offices: Cairo Town Supervisor: True; Cairo Town Council: O’Connor and Scheriff; Cairo Highway Superintendent: Maderic.

Here are the detailed evaluations and remarks:

Supervisor Candidate: Banta
star neutral smallBanta makes the impression of “otherness.” His delivery is not engaging. He does not connect with his listeners, and appears to have little consciousness of them. (He almost put me to sleep several times during the Forum). Granted, while his credentials and experience are impressive I wonder if he is a genuine “peoples’ person?” Mr. Banta has a lot of irons in the fire; something has to go. Will it be his business activities or Cairo?

CPT Weasel Whacker Recommends: Banta has a lot to offer but can he deliver 110% from the Supervisor’s office? I have my doubts. If Banta “loves” Cairo so much, why not just bring his expertise to the table as a consultant to the Supervisor or even in the official capacity as Deputy Supervisor. That way he can develop his real estate and business development while avoiding conflicts of interest and doing just what Cairo needs: development.

Supervisor Candidate: True
star half-smiling small

True has been out of the Cairo area for a good portion of her adult life. Her forté is in direct-mail (junk mail) advertising. She also is part of the inner circle of the Cairo Development Foundation and the Benoit camp. An interesting point is that she has been in Cairo Town Hall for a couple of years and knows what’s going on. While her delivery was not overly persuasive and a bit staged, she can be in the office 24/7, and because she has few other outside activities, she does offer availability and accessibility, if we can believe what she says.

CPT Weasel Whacker Recommends: I’d say True has a lot going for her if she can put her performance where her mouth is. I say give her a stab at the Supervisor’s Office. I do highly recommend that she reach out to Banta and include him as a consultant on any issues concerning real estate or economic development, since he does have impressive credentials as well as important connections, which can be used to great advantage if used prudently. A True-Banta alliance may be the best thing coming out of the Supervisor’s Office. The Supervisor, under NY Town Law, can appoint anyone s/he wishes to be her/his deputy. Would Banta be willing to take that role? Could he offer more outside of Town Hall?

Councilman Candidate: O’Connor

start very good small

O’Connor comes to the table with some impressive town government credentials, and he seems like a very, very likable person. He is committed to participative democracy, and you apparently can’t keep him away from town meetings. Just want the doctor ordered. I particularly liked the fact that he has Highway Department experience, which is a big plus on the Town Board.

CPT Weasel Whacker Recommends: O’Connor was very persuasive and has my vote. He has great personal appeal as well as outstanding credentials. He is an engaging person with a big heart for the community. His experience could prove beneficial to everyone on the Cairo Town Council.

Councilman Candidate: Scheriff

start very good small

Scheriff’s father was Kinderhook supervisor for a number of years but that doesn’t mean that his gifts necessarily transfer to Scheriff. But Scheriff appears sincere and persuasive. He’s intelligent and, judging from what he presented, he’s also honest. He has engineering credentials which can come in handy when discussing Cairo’s infrastructure and Comprehensive Plan. He has good, convincing delivery and presentation.

Councilman Candidate: Powers

star half-smiling small

This was a very difficult evaluation; I wish there were three openings on the Board, because I think Powers has a lot to offer. I particularly liked the fact that his appeal for public participation appeared sincere. I think he has a place in public life even as a councilman but that’s up to voters.

CPT Weasel Whacker Recommends: Rating Powers against O’Connor and Scheriff was a very difficult thing to do. They are all very interesting and persuasive candidates. O’Connor and Scheriff simply came out with different specific qualities that I feel kick them up just a couple of notches above Powers. That’s me, though, and those qualities are what I’m sensitive to in the candidates. If you were to remove my subjective evaluation, Powers may very well be equal to O’Connor and Scheriff, but I can choose only two.

Highway Superintendent Candidate: Evans

star poor small

A loser. As I listened to Evans’ presentation at the forum and then, later reviewing the recordings several times, I became very concerned that Evans has totally missed the point. Moreover he has pitifully little hands-on highway experience. He came in a suit, not in overalls. He seems to think that the role of the Highway Superintendent is an executive position or a senior management position or a bean-counter position; it’s much more. Evans emphasizes a rather long military experience and seems to be convinced that that experience translates to civilian leadership. It does not, and it would be a mistake to believe that it does. They are two different worlds. Highway Department employees are civilians, not soldiers and not members of a tightly knit squad. The Highway Department needs expert, experienced highway guidance and supervision. Yes. Leadership figures into the equation and is very important but it’s not military type leadership that is needed, it’s what we call “servant leadership.” In other words, it’s not command or “Follow me!” it’s “Do it like this” or “Let me show you” leadership. It’s “I’m one of you” leadership. Evans does not have that kind of approach, and he certainly does not have any highway experience of any type that would be convincing. My recommendation is very brief: Evans is not the man for the job.

Highway Superintendent: Maderic

start very good small

Maderic has more than 15 years experience in highway department operations. He’s knowledgeable and experienced. He knows the job, and he knows the system. He has the trust of his co-workers and their respect. He’s down-to-earth but is convincing and persuasive. He’s not ashamed to appear in his “working man’s” apparel but as soon as he opens his mouth, you know he knows. Several of his comments revealed a very dedicated man. He didn’t get lost in the administrative aspects of the job but related them well to the technical aspects.

CPT Weasel Whacker Recommends: Maderic is hands-down the right choice! There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that Maderic is the only real choice for Highway Superintendent. He is genuine, experienced, knowledgeable, and convincing. You can see immediately that he truly cares and understands the operations of a town highway department, the men and women who work there, and the role of the Highway Superintendent. An important point that I made in my discussion of Banta and True applies equally well to Maderic versus Evans. In addition to Evans’ other problems, Evans has other agendas and other interests. Maderic, on the other hand, is clearly focused on the Highway Department. and despite some really nasty things that incumbent Bob Hempstead has done to him for the worst of reasons, and the fact that supporters of the Evans/Hempstead camp have turned to some very nasty tricks to undermine Maderic’s campaign, Maderic has remained stalwart and focused. The man is a fighter, that’s for sure. I certainly would want him on my team!

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