George McHugh: The Interview That Wasn’t – Part II

28 Oct

Smalbany’s Summary of why George McHugh and his Comeback Losers would be really bad news for Coeymans will be posted on Sunday, November 3, 2019. Stay tuned!

“Are you listening, or are you busy forming opinions?”
Akiroq Brost

All persons discussed on this blog are public figures. A public figure is a person of public interest or familiarity such as a government official, politician, celebrity, business leader, social media personality, the leader of a group with a public presence, or a person who has chosen to conspicuously enter the public’s eye. Incorrect or harmful statements published about a public figure cannot be the basis of a lawsuit for defamation unless there is proof that the writer or publisher intentionally defamed the person with malice, that is, knew at the time of publishing the statement that the statement was false.

Proverbs 26:11 / 2 Peter 2;22
Pigs do what pigs do.

The Interview that Wasn’t – PART II

Don’t forget our guiding legal maxim that goes like this
“”Silence is admission of guilt when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.
George McHugh’s refusal to speak out and defend himself is an admission of his guilt!

  1. According to our information, you serve in several capacities as a paid consultant or employee of the Carver Companies. Will you be resigning those positions if you are elected?

McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

This has already been covered in Question #, above. McHugh doesn’t concern himself with details like conflict of interest. His opinion of Coeymans voters is so low, he doesn’t think anyone in Coeymans even gives it a though. His arrogant response to the Times Union reporter, was, after all: “The only people who have brought it up is the Times Union.” That’s clearly untrue.

  1. How will your cozy relationships with Carver Laraway and the Carver group of companies affect your fitness to be Supervisor of the Town of Coeymans?

According to McHugh, he sees no problem with continuing to do Carver Laraway’s legal work for him even if McHugh were to be elected to be Coeymans Town supervisor. That’s absolutely ridiculous!

McHugh is unfit to be Coeymans Town Supervisor for a great many reasons; his own admission that he would continue to do Carver Laraway’s legal work for Carver Companies should seal the question forever. McHugh is unfit to be Coeymans Town Supervisor, and his running mates would only be his puppets on the Coeymans Town Board, if they were to be elected. This is an all or none situation: None of the McHugh camp should be elected to Coeymans Town offices; with or without McHugh, they would still be McHugh’s tools in Coeymans Town Hall.

  1. You were outspoken in your opposition to the Town of Coeymans clean air law which purported to ensure good air and environmentally friendly air quality but you campaign on a promise to improve quality of life in Coeymans. How does opposition to clean air advocate quality of life for Coeymans residents?

    McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

McHugh came out big-time against the Clean Air Law both in public and behind the scenes. There’s a history behind his opposition, even if you choose to ignore the fact that at the time he was, and still is, deeply involved with LaFarge’s interests and in Carver Companies, both of whom are powerful opponents of the environment.

Back in 1995, the Coeymans Town Board passed Article II Prohibition Against Waste Generated Outside Town [Adopted 3-13-1995 by L.L. No. 1-1995], which reads in relevant part:

A clean, wholesome, attractive environment is declared to be of importance to the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the Town of Coeymans (“town”). It is further declared that the importation of solid waste generated within the State of New York and outside the town to any site within the town is a hazard to such health, safety and welfare, necessitating the elimination thereof.

The importation of solid waste generated outside the town to any site within the town is hereby prohibited. Said prohibition shall apply only to solid waste generated within the State of New York.

But if you read § 138-17 carefully, you will note the wording “Said prohibition shall apply only to solid waste generated within the State of New York.” We have to ask ourselves: “Why only solid waste generated within the State of New York”? The answer at first blush may be quite simple: because a landfill was in the works, and Coeymans did not want a landfill. The landfill plan was defeated. But the question remains: Do we want garbage and waste in our communities regardless of whether the business interests want to bury it or burn it?

Check out this video on how bringing in solid waste for burning has affected a community. Residents of Chester, Pennsylvania, are fearing an increase in pollution from the local Covanta incinerator, due to it becoming a destination for recyclable materials after China’s recent ban on their importation. (March 1, 2019, Contact:

Enter McHugh and LaFarge. They tried to sneak into Coeymans waste from Connecticut to be burned at the LaFarge plant. Those simple sevem words “generated within the State of New York “, at the time innocently made by Coeymans lawmakers, came to good use for McHugh and LaFarge: it mean they could bring Connecticut’s rubbish to Coeymans!. That is, until a vigilant Phil Crandall and his Board caught wind of the potential environmental disaster planned by McHugh and his clients.

We have advised the Town of Coeymans to fix that law to include solid or other waste from anywhere, not just from outside of New York State!

Crandall and his Board fought hard to keep waste not only from within the town, from within the state of New York, but now Connecticut’s rubbish, garbage, and waste from being transported to Coeymans to be burned at LaFarge. McHugh fought hard to kill the Law but failed.

The former law prohibiting dumping of solid waste in Coeymans was good in its time but with the new challenges to the health and wellbeing of Coeymans residents being brought by McHugh and his clients, Crandall and his Board had to act quickly, effectively, and decisively to avoid an environmental and health and well-being catastrophe. They passed the Clean Air Law.

  1. In terms of improvement of quality of life, and other than opposing clean air, what other proposals do you have for Quality of Life improvements?

    McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

The short answer: McHugh has NONE. He’s simply parroting what Crandall and the Crandall Board have already done or are currently working on. McHugh is not interested in Coeymans or in the health of Coeymans residents. He’s paid big bucks to represent the interests of Carver Laraway and LaFarge. Besides, McHugh claims a Coeymans residence only to get himself on the ballot; he actually lives in Delmar, and he’ll go back to Delmar when he’s done ruining Coeymans.

The only quality-of-life proposals that McHugh has are for his own benefit, not ours.

McHugh’s plan for Quality of Life in Coeymans.

  1. In you campaign ads you suggest that you will do a number of things if elected. But our investigations show that you would not have the authority to make good on those promises. What do you have to say about that?

McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt

McHugh knows he’s blowing smoke. He’s an attorney for heaven’s sake! He knows he can’t do most of what he’s promising. First of all, it’s not in the power or authority of a Town Supervisor to do things like that. Secondly, the Town Board must pass any resolution, even if the Supervisor introduces the motion. Thirdly, McHugh has no say in what the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation or the New York State Department of Transportation say, do, or decide! Telling the people of Coeymans or, worse, promising to do things he would have no power or authority to do is an outright deception, a lie! But that’s how McHugh works. Promise everything but don’t explain how it’s going to get done.

  1. As former owner of the Ravena News Herald, can you please comment on your relationship with Mark Vinciguerra and the Ravena News Herald, now owned by V. as part of his Capital Region Independent Media?

Anyone who knows the recent history of the Ravena News Herald and McHugh’s relationship with his long-time bro’, Mark Vinciguerra, owner of Capital Region Independent Media, Inc. (CRIMe), and publisher of the Ravena News Herald, would have to be blind not to notice the coziness. McHugh owned the News Herald before Vinciguerra. McHugh moved his law offices into the former News Herald building, moved Vinciguerra and his CRIM and the News Herald out, and into McHugh’s old offices on Main Street, Ravena.

A huge portion of the paid advertising in the Ravena News Herald is commercial propaganda for LaFarge and Carver Companies, including the Port of Coeymans and the Coeymans Industrial Park, clients of McHugh.

Need we say more???

  1. Do you currently hold an ownership or financial interest in the Ravena News Herald?

McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

Moot question. Does a bear sh*t in the woods? Did we come down with the last shower? Of course he has “financial” interest in the News Herald.

  1. What do you feel you can offer Coeymans that current Town Supervisor Crandall cannot?

    McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

McHugh can offer more corruption. More special consideration of special interests. Less citizen participation in local government? You can be sure that McHugh’s goons, the Clowns of Coeymans won’t be disappearing should McHugh by some stroke of bad luck be elected, do you? They’ll be his enforcers, and they’ll enjoy every minute of the harassment and abuse they’ll heap on anyone opposed to anything McHugh wants to do. Are we stupid?

Is this what you want for Coeymans?
This was going on during McHugh’s term as Supervisor!
Crandall stopped it!!

  1. What would be your major criticisms of Mr. Crandall and the current Coeymans Town Board?

    McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

One of the major criticisms McHugh would raise is that the Crandall and his Town Board (with the exception of McHugh’s mole-on-the-Board, Dan Baker) do everything by the book and not at the beck and call of Carver Larway or Billy Biers or LaFarge. That’s why Carver Laraway and Billy Biers appeared at the Coeymans Town Board meetings to whine. It was a staged performance produce and directed by George McHugh to make it look like the Crandall Board might be unfriendly to business. But the Smalbany blog did the research and the interview to show that Carver Laraway and Billy Biers are just as much Coeymans Clowns as Jeff LaQuire, Nate Boomer, and Chris Hagen are. But wouldn’t you expect better from so-called successful business? Normally, YES!. But this is not a normal situation.

We can honestly confirm, on the record, that Carver Laraway and Billy Biers were misinforming the public, if not lying outright, and concealing the facts that they had and were receiving numerous benefits and tax abatements promoting their business activities LEGALLY from the Crandall Board. Carver Laraway’s people refused to provide information necessary for processing a request; not the Board’s fault. Billy Biers just go fed up with the DEC’s requirements and withdrew his warehouse application; nothing whatsoever to do with the Crandall Board or with the Town. We have the letters and the documents to prove what we say.

  1. Given the questions regarding the role of the Coeymans Police Department in the death of 19-year old Riley Kern: What would your plan be for the Town of Coeymans Police Department.

    McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

McHugh is not going to mess with the Coeymans Police Department. First of all, most of them are just standing around until they can collect their pensions. That’s all. The Coeymans Police Department is incompetent and useless. Most of the younger ones will leave to go elsewhere once they have some experience. Contento and the seniors will just disappear into pension-land, to continue soaking the public.

Getting rid of the Coeymans Police Department would piss off a large number of locals, yes brainless ones, but nonetheless potential votes. McHugh would just let the Department whither away and die. It’s just easier that way.

  1. Hypothetically, if you were Town Supervisor, how would you show good faith in responding to the many questions in the Riley Kern wrongful death case?

First of all, George McHugh has no idea what the term “good faith” might mean. So should we stop here? McHugh has already stated his position. In an email to the dead boy’s mother in which she appeals to him for help, McHugh says he is too “conflicted” to help. In other words, he’s too busy to bother with the problems of a dead boy’s mother, who lives in Kansas. Case closed. Bye.

Do you think you could expect better treatment if it were your son who was killed by the brother of one of your henchmen? One of the Friends of Coeymans clowns who are working so hard for McHugh, Chris Hagen, is Travis Hagen’s brother. Travis Hagen was the driver of the pick-up truck that collided with Riley Kern’s motorcycle, causing the boy’s death. The Coeymans Police Department (Police Patrolman Ian Foard) screwed up the investigation and acting Coeymans PD chief at the time, now Police Sergeant, Daniel Contento reviewed and approved the botched Accident Investigation Report.

To be honest, Mr. Crandall could not answer questions regarding the incident, because the Town Attorney advised he decline to answer, since it appears a lawsuit is pending. Crandall’s hands are tied. McHugh’s are not; McHugh just refuses to do anything. There’s a big difference.

  1. There is evidence that acting Coeymans Police Chief Mr. Daniel Contento and Coeymans police officer Ian Foard had handled the Riley Kern investigation not only unprofessionally but professionally negligently. We are aware that you have been in contact and communicating with Mrs Kern about her son’s death. If elected, what would you as Town of Coeymans Supervisor, in cooperation with the Town Board controlled by your group, plan to do to support Emily Kern’s efforts to get recognition for her son, and to make amends for the circumstances of his death?

McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

Basically the same answer as for No. 17. No sense in beating a dead horse. McHugh blew the boy’s mother off, dissed her. Simple as that. We have a copy of the email and may yet publish it.

  1. What would be your five priority TO DO items for immediate action upon taking office, if you were elected Town of Coeymans Supervisor?

McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

Here’s our list, based on McHugh’s history and our research:

  • Kill the Clean Air Law, or at least change it so that it’s toothless; it’s bad for Lafarge’s garbage-burning business plans..
  • Review the 1995 Article II Prohibition Against Waste Generated Outside Town and delete it or amend it so that its more favorable to McHugh’s clients’interests.
  • Disband the Coeymans Conservation Advisory Committee; they’re too interested in clean air, clean soil, clean water. Bad for McHugh’s clients’ businesses.
  • Train Collins, Lefevre, Baker to be good little puppets and how to dance to McHugh’s tune..
  • See No. 18. The rest are just too numerous to list. Besides, we can’t see into McHugh’s devious mind, so anything we list would be pure speculation. We prefer to speak to facts and to report true facts.

This was going on during McHugh’s term as Supervisor!
Crandall stopped it!!

  1. Apart from any new industrial developments in the works, and given the small business situation in the Town of Coeymans, what would your plan be to encourage and to support small business creation and development in the Town of Coeymans, particularly in and around Ravena, the Hamlet of Coeymans, and the beautiful waterfront available to the Town and its residents and small businesses?

    McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

We honestly don’t see much in the McHugh agenda that addresses any plans for small businesses. First of all, McHugh is more interested in the dirty industry in Coeymans, because that’s where the real money is. Small businesses would be out of the question because small businesses rely on a population that would patronize them. The kind of population that would be left in Coeymans after McHugh and his clients’ finish destroying the environment, polluting the air, soil and water, and ruining the waterfront and other natural treasures, would not be the type to patronize any small business of any real worth.

McHugh will likely go back to living in Delmar after one term of destroying Coeymans. Carver Laraway doesn’t live in Coeymans and would probably retire far from Altamont, where he now claims to live. As for the executives and management of LaFarge, they don’t and wouldn’t live in Coeymans after they’re done with the Town.

No, McHugh is not what we would call a friend of the little man, not a friend of small business. Not be a long shot.

  1. Will you be continuing your law practice if elected to be Coeymans Town Supervisor? If so, would you continue to provide legal services to Carver Laraway and the Carver Companies?

    McHugh refused to answer this question. McHugh admits his guilt.

George McHugh has already answered this question himself, in a Times Union Interview in May 2019. His answer was: YES. And he went further to say that if there’s a conflict of interest, no one in Coeymans cares; only the Times Union asked the question. So you think about that, and let us know what you think. Do YOU as a resident of Coeymans, YOU as a VOTER, DO YOU CARE if there’s a conflict of interest with George McHugh continuing to accept business from Carver Companies, LaFarge, etc. if McHugh or any of his people are elected to run Coeymans? Is George McHugh right is telling the Times Union no one in Coeymans Cares?

Besides, how would you ever know?

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2 responses to “George McHugh: The Interview That Wasn’t – Part II

  1. Two two

    October 27, 2019 at 5:19 pm

    *Don’t forget our guiding legal maxim that goes like this* “”*Silence is admission of guilt when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to*.” *George McHugh’s refusal to speak out and defend himself is an admission of his guilt!* Crandal is lying when he said there is a pending lawsuit. He’s not answering because HE IS GUILTY!!!


    • Principal Editor

      October 27, 2019 at 6:34 pm

      Thank you for your comment.

      With all due respect, we do not believe Mr Crandall is lying when he explains that he is unable to comment on the advice of the Town Attorney because they believe a lawsuit may be pending. “Pending” is an awkward term because it had different meanings, depending on its function in a statement. I believe that what was meant was that they anticipate that a lawsuit is immanent. Mr Crandall may have personal views on the situation but as Town Supervisor his personal views are not relevant; his role as Town Supervisor is solely to represent the best interests of the Town of Coeymans and the people of Coeymans. If the Town Attorney, the chief legal advisor for the Town, advises Mr Crandall that any statement he might make could have an influence on any possible legal action in the matter, then Mr Crandall is bound to adhere to that advice. We may not like it but that’s the way municipalities work. We would rather Mr Crandall had made a statement but we also have to accept that his hands are tied as long as he represents the Town of Coeymans.

      While we are deeply concerned about the situation, as you know, and we will continue to be advocates for Riley and his survivors, we cannot put “guilt” or “blame” on Mr Crandall for doing his job ethically and in the interest of his Town. He can do nothing on his own, and has to rely on his advisors, legal counsel, and others in the Town system.

      We hope you are well and regret we cannot share anything more supportive or positive.




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