A Response to FOC’s Nate Boomer

25 Oct

It’s amazing how, since deinstitutionalization of the mentally deranged, how many schizophrenics manage to show up at Town Board meetings. In the past, you’d normally find the deinstitutionalized insane at railway stations or bus terminals, or, if they were lucky and non-disruptive, in a community shelter. That was then.

The Mentally Deranged in Our Midst

mentally insane

Now we have the mentally deranged forming literal institutions of their own, like the Friends of Coeymans a.k.a. FOC a.k.a. Fiends of Coeymans, and, instead of finding safe harbor under a bridge, at the bus station, or elsewhere — they’re too vile and disorderly to find acceptance in a homeless shelter — they tend to get out of the autumnal chill by attending Coeymans Town Board meetings, and putting on a three-clown act, embarrassing themselves, the Town Board, and any respectable citizens who still have the courage to attend, given the conduct and harassment offered by the FOC goons.

I used the term “schizophrenic,” above, not randomly but to good effect. Schizophrenic means, literally “split head,” and was coined to describe a psychiatric disorder characterized by paranoia, hallucinations, and alterations in personality, delusions, and extremely disordered thinking and behavior that impairs daily functioning, and can be disabling.

At a recent Coeymans Town Board Meeting, during the Public Comment portion, we were able to witness two textbook cases of what can be called schizoid: Nate Boomer of the Friends of Coeymans (FOC) group, and Mary Driscoll, a fixture at Town Board meetings, and a FOC sockpuppet.

pink sock puppet anim

Mary Driscoll Lecturing at a Recent Town of Coeymans Board Meeting

We have taken the time and trouble to record, transcribe, and to comment on their inane and totally confused public comments, if only to illustrate the fact that they are totally ignorant and misinformed, and a danger to anyone who might chance to be influenced by their bizarre delusions.

We will reproduce the two transcripts with our comments in separate articles to ensure our readers can focus on each of them and give them their full attention.

First, Mr. Nate Boomer:

Good evening, My name is Nate Boomer.”

Smalbany:  So far, so good. But hold on…

“I’m the third generation of Boomer-s that’s grown up in this town. I’m saying that not because I think that I have more of a right or stronger opinion than anyone who’s just moved here. I want you to realize that I have a vested interest in this community. I’ve grown up here and I’ve chosen to raise my family here.”

Smalbany:  Still sane, but wait a minute…Or is Mr Boomer calling our attention to a local genetic mutation known as the “freak gene?”

yes animation

“I’m also a member of the FOC [“Friends of Coeymans“]. And I’m saying that because I want people to know that I’m not ashamed, nor do I hide that fact. I’m very proud of what myself and what the other people involved in our group have done to try to get information out there.”

Smalbany:  Boomer puts in his de rigueur pitch for his, that is, George McHugh’s propaganda group. He really should be ashamed but he doesn’t have the moral fibre to handle that. He contradicts common knowledge of the community’s painful awareness of the disdain that FOC has for anyone coming into the Coeymans community; this is called xenophobia, fear of outsiders. The community is also aware of Boomer’s and FOC’s vested interest in this community,” and it has little or nothing to do with growing up here or with family. Boomer and his FOC group are openly and shamelessly supportive of everything on the McHugh agenda, and that does not include family.

pinnochio nose growing anim

“We’ve been called everything from bullies to you know…we’ve been accused of running people out of town…[snigger] we’ve been accused on one blog of assisting in blocking the investigation of a murder. [laughter] It’s all been out there.”

Smalbany:  One of our contributors has first-hand knowledge of the thugs and how they bully and harass attendees at Coeymans Town meetings. FOC has literally suggested people leave Coeymans. Boomer’s suggestion that some unnamed blog “accused [FOC] of assisting in blocking the investigation of a murder” is a total fabrication and delusion, classic characteristics of schizoid mental disorders, and characteristic of the rubbish FOC members and their supporters spread around. Show us the PROOF, FOC! What murder, what investigation, what statement that you and FOC are “blocking the investigation of a murder. [Editor’s Note: You can provide that information publicly by simply leaving a comment below. Looking forward with bated breath.]

“But I want to tell you this: The only reason why we started any of this months ago was because we came to a meeting and we tried to talk our piece, and we were drowned out by people who were not from this community. And we felt that’s wrong. And we decided right then and there that we were going to do everything we could to let everyone in this community know what’s going on.”

SmalbanyThat statement, as you and everyone else, know, is a total vile lie. It is common knowledge whom you are supporting and for whom you are spreading your vile propaganda. That’s no secret. So now, FOC has taken it upon themselves, supported by George McHugh and others, and in retaliation “to drown out” others who are trying to “talk their piece” [Editor’s note: This must be some sort of Coeymansism meaning to make a public comment or similar. Inventing language is another symptom of mental disorder.  [Source: Front Neurol Neurosci. 2018;42:96-105. doi: 10.1159/000475694. Epub 2017 Nov 17.] ]

“That being said, this is the fourth time that I’ve sat here and listened to Mr. Flach come in here and beg and plead for someone to please work with him and the business association [The RCS Community Business Association (RCS-CBA) (, is a private special interest corporation promoting the interests of local businesses], to try and hire a person, an economic adviser, to try and do what all the other towns are doing.”

Smalbany:  Mr. Boomer does not seem to understand (see below) the legal aspects of what he is addressing here. Aaron Flach is appearing before the Coeymans Town Board as the representative, the “acting chairman” of the RCS-CBA, a private corporation, asking the Board to earmark public money in support of private interests. The actual message is that Coeymans should allocate more than $15K+  and the Village of Ravena should allocate another $15K+, together, to support a project called a L.W.R.P. or Local Waterway Revitalization Plan, itself a great idea, and it’s a process, and much more complicated than Mr. Booper’s simplistic mind can grasp, or as he apparently thinks. By the way, Mr Boomer, could you share with us just who “all the other towns” are who are doing whatever it is you’re saying they’re doing?  We’re seriously concerned that this might be one of your mental delusions, your split from reality. But Boomer does pathetically admits that he doesn’t understand.


“I don’t know what the reasons are. I don’t know…I’m not going to get into the politics of it. I don’t understand. It’s almost like there’s an opposition. It’s like… almost like you’re purposely not…I don’t understand it.”

Smalbany:  Yes. Yes, Nate. Calm down now. Take your meds. We know you don’t understand. We know you don’t know. The only opposition Nate, is between the many voices in your head. Sit down, relax, and we’ll explain.

“So, I’m asking you, please take their words to heart. And whether win, lose, or draw, whatever the upcoming elections hold, whoever is still here when the smoke settles [sic, recte: when the dust settles], work with these people. These are the people that we need.”

SmalbanyCorrection: Those are not the people WE need; they are the people who need US. In the meantime, they are using FOC and you, Boomer; for the time being they need FOC, because they won’t come out in the open and do the dirty work FOC does for them. The Coeymans Town Board is, in fact, taking the community’s “words to heart,” and, Nate, if you’d shut your mouth and listen, you’d probably learn all that the Crandall Town Board has done and is doing. But FOC’s agenda is far from “listening”; rather it’s more like drowning out or silencing any other voices. We’re all listening but we are having a hard time hearing because of the snide remarks being made by FOC when people are trying to speak or hear.

“Forget about everyone’s hatred for Carver Laraway or for Billy Biers, or whatever anyone thinks they’re trying to do, these are the businesses everyone says they want.”

SmalbanyCorrection: No one hates anyone; that’s the fact. What we hate is stupidity and ignorance, and that’s spelled F-O-C. We may not agree on what their agendas are or whom they are benefitting, or what they are entitled to, but there’s no “hatred” involved. The only hatred that we can identify is coming from Jeff LaQuire, Nate Boomer, and Chris Hagen, F-O-C. spells bullyism and thuggery. That was quite clear when they attacked an attendee at the October 24, 2019, Town Board meeting, and tried to intimidate him with their accusations and factoids. To their surprise the attendee/speaker put them in their place immediately in no uncertain terms, sending them scurrying with their fat short tails between their legs. Nate Boomer then tried to save face with his schizoid public comment but failed miserably. Following FOCs viscious attack on the attendee/speaker, police had to be called to ensure order. That thanks to FOC. Now let’s talk about good use of public funds and resources, Nate.

“And we should be doing everything we can to…I mean, if you probably went around town people would probably each give uh a hundred bucks to try to hire somebody.”

hearing problems

SmalbanyYou may have missed something essential, Nate, but we are all doing everything we can, within the constraints of fiscal responsibility and the requirements of the law. You obviously have a reading and a hearing problem, or you wouldn’t be making such asinine  statements in public. Furthermore, if you really believe that you can get $100 bucks each from people in town, END OF CONVERSATION! Do it! Or get your millionaire friends like George McHugh or Carver Laraway to donate the money. $15,000 is just part of the many fines imposed but forgiven by the DEC. $15,000 is just part of the tax abatements received by Carver Laraway from the Town. $15,000 is a pittance compared to the low property tax assessments granted to Carver Laraway. $15,000 is a tiny fraction of the huge legal fees collected by George McHugh for legal services provided to Carver Laraway and his companies. Why do you feel hard-working taxpayers have to finance the RCS-Community Business Association’s projects?!?

“That’s how desperate we are.”

SmalbanyCorrection: WE are not desperate, Mr. Boomer, YOU are desperate. This is obvious by the way you and your FOC group behave. It’s obvious by the way you create fake facts to support your fake community interest. Your staged sincerity is the biggest fake.

“I’m asking you please, hear these people out, and take action.”

facebook harassment

Stop Facebook Harassment by Groups like FOC, Friends of Coeymans!

SmalbanyClean out your ears, Boomer, if you and FOC would shut up for a minute and stop harassing people, perhaps everyone would get a word in edgewise. We are taking action, in case you haven’t noticed. But when you spend the greater part of your life farting around on Facebook spreading fake facts and insulting community-minded citizens, you have little time for doing any real fact-finding or research about the issues. Why do that when you can, as most schizoids do, invent your own version of reality?

Smalbany’s Earnest Advice to FOC: Shut your FOC-ing mouths, clean out your ears and open your eyes, LaQuire, Boomer and Hagen, and perhaps you’ll see the light of day.

clean ears

This would be a good start for FOC-ers LaQuire, Boomer, and Hagen.
Their supporters could follow suite.

Coming Up Next

Our Analysis of Mary Driscoll’s Lecture on Norman Rockwell’s “Four Freedoms” will be published shortly. Stay tuned!

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