George McHugh: Conspiracy, Misrepresentation, Possible Fraud?

24 Oct

Please Note: Segment 3 of the Crandall Interview will be posted on October 25, 2019. Stay tuned!

Where does George McHugh REALLY Reside?

We believe George McHugh may have fraudulently misrepresented his residency to get on the Republican Ballot as Candidate for Town of Coeymans Supervisor. Given the evidence we provide below, we believe McHugh must provide voters with proof of his residency.

If there is reasonable suspicion that the residency claims of the candidate is bogus, a claim to invalidate the candidate’s petition, and thus his candidacy, or in his claims to residents and voters concerning his residency in their community, and dishonestly obtaining their support of his candidacy  will be brought, and the candidate will have to testify.. The candidate is subject to being thrown off the ballot, as well as criminal prosecution for perjury and filing a false instrument. If the candidate is a lawyer, he can be disbarred, and, in any event, civil fines, public opprobrium and a criminal record are all real possibilities. It is one thing to legitimately create a second residence for the purpose of qualifying for the ballot and an elected office. It is quite another to commit a fraud. Running for office puts a candidate under the kind of scrutiny that compels honesty — for its own sake of course, and to avoid the dire consequences that might result if deceit occurs. George McHugh is deceitful and dishonest, which makes his case even more suspect.

We do not believe that someone, as in George McHugh’s case, living in Delmar (Town of Bethlehem) or somewhere between Delmar and Feura Bush (apparently part of which is in the Town of Coeymans), or spending extended time in Ohio or in North Carolina can claim he is familiar enough with the state of affairs and the situations in the Town of Coeymans and its various communities to assume the duties and responsibilities of Town Supervisor. McHugh is a Delmartian, he’s not Coeymans.

It really makes no difference whatsoever if McHugh is shuttling between his residence in Delmar and his place in Feura Bush, the fact is that the Lawson Lake Road property (a Feura Bush address but in the Town of Coeymans) is a sham!!! He’s claiming it only to get a sham foothold in the Town of Coeymans, something he needs to run! He’s clinging to his posh Delmar address so that when he loses the election, he still has his Delmar digs.

Nor do we feel that, as in the case of Mr Brendon LeFevre, who only recently returned to Coeymans, and now allegedly living in his father’s basement qualifies him to represent the needs and concerns of the various demographics of the Town of Coeymans.

The Come-back Team had Better Come Up with Some Convincing Evidence!

Langdon, McHugh, Collins, LeFevre
Coeymans Comeback Team May Include Conspirators & Frauds

We Demand that the Albany County Democratic Party File Papers in New York State Supreme Court to Remove McHugh from the Ballot

We Demand that the Albany County Republican Party Launch an Investigation and Publish an Explanation as to How McHugh got their Endorsement and their Ballot.

We Demand that the New York State Board of Elections Launch an Independent Investigation regarding the Albany County Republican Party and the Local Republican Committee, and their Endorsement of George McHugh and How McHugh Got on the Ballot.

We Demand that the Albany County District Attorney, P. David Soares, Launch a Criminal Investigation and Inquiry based on Verifiable Facts Indicating George McHugh’s possible Fraud and Misrepresentation, as well as his relationships with LaFarge and Carver Companies.

We Demand that the New York State Attorney General, Letitia James, launch a State Attorney General Investigation into the Albany County Republican Party and Its Support of George McHugh & His apparent Conspiracy with Carver Laraway, Billy Biers, LaFarge, Daniel D. Baker, and others to Commit possible Fraud in the Town of Coeymans Elections.

We base these demands on the following preliminary fact-finding:

In a March 7, 2019, article by Melanie Lekocevic, appearing in the Ravena News Herald, “McHugh at top of Coeymans Republican Ticket,McHugh closed his law practice in Ravena in 2015. Keep that date in mind, it’s important. There are other glaring lies in that article but right now we’re interested in where McHugh was between 2015 and March 2019.

We read in the Albany Law School’s publication “Albany Law Summer 2015 Magazine” (July 10, 2015) that George D. McHugh was appointed to be an administrative law judge, a lifetime appointment, for the Social Security’s Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (SSODAR), where he would decide disability claims cases. We also read in that same article that “He [McHugh] also has had a private practice since 1998, located in Ravena, N.Y., which has been turned over to Paul Sherr because McHugh will be unable to practice privately while holding a federal court position.” So the Ravena News Herald reports that “after his business partner left in 2015, the law practice was closed” is incorrect or a bare-faced lie.

As we all know by now, George McHugh has several different versions of everything, depending on what works in his favor at any particular moment, so this certainly doesn’t come as a big surprise. McHugh is a psychopathic liar.

Let’s just recap so far where the stories appear to be consistent: McHugh closed his Ravena law practice in 2015. In that same year, he received an administrative judge appointment with Social Security, a position that prohibited his private law practice. The Albany Law article also reports that McHugh would be receiving training in Ohio for the judgeship. The last report we can find on McHugh as a disability administrative law judge is in Ohio, in 2015. The drops off the radar screen after that.

The Ravena News Herald article doesn’t mention the judgeship or what happened. Do ya wonder? All it says in a McHugh quote is that he wanted “to dedicate his time to the practice of law and to his family.” Didn’t we hear that tune before, like in 2001, when he announced he wasn’t going to seek re-election? And then in 2019, his reasons changed completely.

So here we are in about 2016, when McHugh apparently deserts the judgeship to return to private law practice. Guess where? Carver Companies. So, since about 2016, to about 2018, McHugh was working as Carver Laraway’s general counsel.

In an Albany Times Union Article by Brian Nearing (April 3, 2019), “Coeymans port eyes major expansion,” Mr. Nearing writes: “Laraway’s general counsel, George McHugh, recently announced he was leaving the company to challenge Crandall in the fall town elections.”

In another Albany Times Union Article by Lauren Stanforth (May 13, 2019), in which Ms Stanforth interviews George McHugh, Ms Stanforth reports that McHugh “resigned” from his position as Carver Companies’ general counsel on “March 1” 2019.

So, now we know where George McHugh was hiding between 2016 and March 1, 2019: at Carver Companies.

In a September 15, 2017, article by Amanda Fries, “Exclusive: Albany may sell Coeymans land once eyed for landfill,” we first learn that Carver Companies wanted to purchase 353 acres of property owned by the City of Albany. Fries reports, “CM Recycling LLC, a subsidiary of Carver Companies owned by Carver Laraway, wants to buy the property for future expansion of the Coeymans Industrial Park, said George McHugh, general counsel to Carver Companies.” On November 8, 2018, Amanda Fries, in an article entitled, “Sale of Albany’s land in Coeymans moves forward,” Fries writes: “George Mchugh, general counsel to Carver Companies, said a contract is expected to be signed soon, and then CM Recycling will have 45 days to assess the property ‘to make sure it’s suitable for the future needs of the company.’”

Amanda Fries was very busy following the Albany land deal and, on March 12, 2018, reports in her article, “Coeymans property sale for Albany scuttled. Problems with vehicle access, abundance of wetlands were roadblocks to deal.” Property in Coeymans that the City of Albany has been trying to get rid of will continue to remain in its hands, leaving the capital city in the lurch to cover $620,000 that was anticipated this year from the sale.” George McHugh dropped the ball, didn’t do his homework, and left Carver Laraway with big egg on his face and “leaving the capital city in the lurch to cover $620,000 that was anticipated this year from the sale.” Hot-shot McHugh didn’t make any friends on that failed deal.

So now you have one very pissed off Carver Laraway, one very pissed off Democratic administration in Albany, and it’s all George McHugh’s fault. What’s he gonna do now? How’s he going to be back in Carver Laraway’s lap, the position of general counsel he left a federal judgeship for to make his huge money. All seemed lost for Georgie Boy until his conniving, conspiratorial, crooked mind came up with a plan: Run for public office, get control of the Town of Coeymans, take over and hand over the town to Carver Companies and LaFarge. Brilliant! Pat yourself on the back, Georgie! You’re back in the saddle, almost

So, between March 12, 2018 and about January 2019, McHugh is hard at work putting together his master plan to “Take Back Our Town, “ the same town, Coeymans, he abandoned after he got the annexation that ensured his property’s access to water and sewer services, and after having his property surveyed at taxpayer expense (just one of the ethics violations he was charged with). Now he want’s to take back the town so he can hand it over to Carver Companies and LaFarge.

But there’s the election laws that have to be bent a little. Like where exactly does George McHugh live, and where was he actually “residing” per the definition set by the NY State Election Laws? We know for a fact that he wasn’t “residing” in Coeymans in May 2019, because Laurin Stanforth reports in her May 13, 2019, article “Is Coeymans candidate too close to port owner?” reports that “He quit Carver Companies’ employ so he could reopen his private law practice on Main Street in Ravena.” Truth is, he didn’t quit Carver Companies, Carver Companies quit him!

But back to the residency question. In that same article, McHugh says he “lives in a house in Bethlehem (Delmar, to be exact. See below.) that is on the market for $699,00. He [McHugh] said he is living between his Delmar Home and another home he recently purchased that he is renovating on Lawson Lake Road in Coeymans.” Big problem, Georgie: We caught you in another glaring lie!!!

Extract from the Town of Bethlehem Real Property Assessment Roles for 2019

You see, readers, McHugh says he “lives in a house in the Town of Bethlehem, in Delmar, to be precise, 5 Ruxton Road, Delmar, NY 12054 (owned by George D. McHugh and Rosemary McHugh). And McHugh lives between “his Delmar home “ and one on Lawson Lake Road, in Feura Bush, NOT Coeymans!!! “Residency” is where you “live” and where you call “home.” According to McHugh’s own statements as of May  13, 2019, and well beyond his announcement of his candidacy for the office of Town of Coeymans Supervisor, his “residence” is in Delmar and in Feura Bush!!!

Extract from the Real Property Assessment Rolls

Editor’s Note: To his credit, Michael McGuire, Assessor, Town of New Scotland, reached out to confirm with us that the Feura Bush property owned by McHugh is, in fact, in the territory of the municipal corporation of the Town of Coeymans, as confusing as that might seem. At this writing we are awaiting confirmation from Ms Dawn DeRose, Assessor, Town of Coeymans, confirming that the McHugh property is on the Town of Coeymans Tax Rolls. Wherever the Lawson Lake property is located, as late as May 2019 McHugh gives his home address as being in Delmar. According to most authorities, including the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, regarding an individual’s primary residence “there is no one single factor that determines whether a property is [an individual’s] primary residence, but factors such as voting, vehicle registrations, and length of time spent each year on the property may be relevant.” It is the responsibility of the candidate or for the courts to determine primary residency, if there is any question. Do you think George McHugh will produce the necessary credible and honest proofs —  OOPS! Did we actually say “George McHugh” and “honest” in the same breath?

We say: Georgie: First sell the property where you say you live in Delmar, move your primary residence to somewhere in Coeymans, make the necessary changes to your voter registration and your driver’s licence, as well as your tax returns, and then run for Supervisor! We say this because we are convinced that any of McHugh’s  misrepresentation of his “residency” is a conspiracy to take over Coeymans: He and his team say it themselves in their very slogan: “Take Back Our Town,” the “Come Back Team.” Once he’s in office, McHugh and his boys, Collins and Lefevre, — we really can’t believe Zach Collins and Brandon LeFevre can be that immature, gullible, near-sighted, and  naïve — will have control of the Town Board and the Town Operations, and Carver Laraway, Billy Biers, and LaFarge will be eagerly waiting for their piece of the pie. McHugh will be back in their good graces and hauling in the big bucks again. King Carver will have his kingdom and the former residents of Coeymans will be his serfs and vassals. Great plan, right?

WRONG! It’s criminal. It’s fraudulent. It’s conspiracy. It’s conspicuous to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear. These are facts from the criminals’ own mouths. These are facts reported by established media. No one can claim that Smalbany or anyone else made them up. The so-called Friends of Coeymans, McHugh’s propaganda thugs, can’t put a spin on these facts because they are already well established.

You have our permission to VOMIT every time you see a McHugh campaign sign, and to weep for those two immature, wet-behind-the-ears sockpuppets, Collins and Lefevre, who got sucked into McHugh’s treachery and scandal.

Now be good puppets, boys.


But it’s their own fault. To the man, each and every one of the “Take Back Team” has a connection with McHugh AND LaFarge, and Carver Companies. It’s common knowledge. Just ask. Ask Daniel D. Baker, sitting Coeymans Town Councilman about his connections with LaFarge and his connection with McHugh.

McHugh belongs behind bars, not behind the Supervisor’s desk.

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