If They Want to Be Elected, We’re Going to Grill Them! Re: Phil Crandall

25 Aug

Come Clean! Candidates!

We want to know and we want you, our readers, to know what exactly the Candidates are offering, not just what they think you want to hear.

The elections are approaching with breakneck speed and we want to head off all of the contenders by calling them out to answer our questions, not the beat-around-the-bush, closed group set-ups like the so-called Meet-the-Candidate scripted performances, where bullshit flies thicker and higher than on a dairy farm. Hold on, that would be cow shit, wouldn’t it? Dairy farm? Well, you get the gist of what we think of the meet the candidate freak shows. Same applies to the political whoredom we call the media and their edited interviews.

Well, we’re going to challenge all of that this year and invite all of the candidates running in the local elections (Coeymans, New Baltimore, and the surrounding communities) to be interviewed and to answer our questions on our terms.

But we’re not the whole community and each and every one of our readers has the right and the duty to ask questions and get answers about the people asking for our votes and wanting to take over governance of our communities, homes, our lives.

Our first invitation to be interviewed has gone out to Mr Phillip Crandall, incumbent Town Supervisor, Town of Coeymans. We have contacted Mr Crandall and have provided him with our preliminary questions; we’re waiting to hear from him with a date.

We’ve also invited the publisher of the Ravena News Herald, Mr Mark Vinciguerra, to join our non-partisan, independent interviewer in a joint interview of Mr Crandall. We invited Mr Vinciguerra because we feel that the presence of the local print media will provide for a more rounded, balanced interview.

Here are our preliminary questions that we will be asking Mr Crandall:

Proposed Interview Questions

  1. What are the 10 most significant accomplishments you have achieved in the past two years as Town of Coeymans Supervisor?
  2. What are the 5 most significant benefits that Coeymans residents have received during your term in office but don’t know about?
  3. What is your vision for the next two years if you are re-elected to be Town of Coeymans Supervisor?
  4. What are your plans for turning Coeymans into a small business Mecca?
  5. What are some of the incentives you will offer small businesses to encourage them to come to Coeymans and revitalize the Hamlet?
  6. How will you work with the Village of Ravena to beautify Main Street, and make it welcoming to small businesses like arts and crafts, specialty shops, etc.
  7. Do you have any plans for tourism and hospitality venues in Coeymans?
  8. Why would George McHugh be bad news for Coeymans?
  9. What do you offer Coeymans that McHugh can’t?
  10. Without speculating, what is your opinion about the McHugh, Laraway, Vinciguerra connection?
  11. Given the questions regarding the role of the Coeymans Police Department in the death of 19-year old Riley Kern: What does the Town of Coeymans plan to do to show good faith in the Riley Kern wrongful death case?
  12. Based on the meeting you and Mr. Contento had with Mrs Kern, Riley Kern’s mother, in July 2019: What does the Town of Coeymans plan to do to support Emily Kern’s efforts to get recognition for her son, and to make amends for the circumstances of his death?

It’s your community, too, and we want you to have a say in all of this. That’s why we’re asking our readers to send us their questions for consideration. If your questions are selected, we’ll include them in the interview of Mr Crandall.

As we go forward with the interviews, we’ll post names and questions for the candidates we choose to interview, and ask for your inputs.

Of course, we’ll keep you updated and informed on how the candidates respond, and we’ll share their answers with our readers.

Please send your questions to You can also leave a public comment on this blog with your questions.

Thank you and enjoy a fun, safe,and happy Labor Day weekend!

We aim to get it. NOW!

The Editor



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