The Russians are Coming!!!

28 Jun

No, they’re not! They’re already here at the Port of Coeymans!!!

This is no joke! The Russians are Coming to Coeymans! Correction: The Russians are IN Coeymans, and Carver Laraway and George McHugh have put out the $$$welcome mat$$$ and holding the door open for them. 

Russian billionaire Boris Jordan is behind the marijuana growing operation at the Port of Coeymans!

We’re getting the facts about Carver Laraway’s “medical” marijuana growing company at the Port of Coeymans and his Russian Banker backer, Boris Jordan! Make no mistake about it: The politicians and their Russian backers are just opening the door to massive commercialization of pot by first getting it legal as so-called “medical” marijuana. The next step is to open the door wide for over-the-counter sales and watch Boris Jordan’s, Carver Laraway’s, and George McHugh’s pockets bulge with American drug money!!!

You asked for it. Now what are you going to do?

While Congress is spending millions trying to prove the Russians influenced our elections, they’re right under your noses keeping you high and ignorantly blissful! It’s a beautiful distraction scheme: Spend millions of dollars investigating a fake charge while Boris Jordan, Carver Laraway, and George McHugh, and our elected officials in Albany and Washington are conniving to make billions off America’s drug habit. You asked for it. You got it. Now what?

You won’t die “laughing”, you’ll die poor and high! And your children and your chilldren’s children will pay for your apathy and ignorance!

Our questions also go to the Coeymans Town Board and others in the Smalbany area who know or should know about these things but are either ignorant or playing games with the public. We need to get answers from the Coeymans Town Board and what they know about Carver Laraway’s drug deals facilitated by George McHugh with a Russian Billionaire who is trying to make bundles of money by keeping America doped up and in La-La Land (where most of you apparently have permanent resident visas).

We all have to ask the question of where HOMELAND SECURITY and the FBI, the NY STATE POLICE, the ALBANY DA, LOCAL ELECTED OFFICIALS, STATE and FEDERAL REPRESENTATIVES are on these developments? Aren’t they there to protect our interests? Our security and safety? Are you all like Tom DOLAN drinking up a storm and then having a stroke? But he’s still on the Dem ballot for Coeymans town council. He’s been brainless since Day 1 so a stroke or two won’t make a bit of difference. Well, fellas, the storm is already blowing in your direction!

You’re all scared shitless of Russians tampering with elections most of you don’t participate in, while they are moving into your backyard. What a bunch of sleepy dunces you are! Go ahead, enjoy the distraction. Just like Arby’s renamed Coeymans to Arbyville a couple of years ago for a handful of meal tickets, you’re handing over Coeymans to Carver Laraway and George McHugh to become Marijuanaville for Boris Jordan. Enjoy your “homeland” while you still have it and are still conscious.

HOMELAND SECURITY? The homeland, you drugged-up American public, is fast becoming the playground for thieves and foreigners, Russians cashing in on American stupidity, and Mexicans waiting for the marijuana crop to mature so they can do the picking and packaging. And you’re sitting on your porch watching them loot the country. “Oh say, can you see…”

One of our favorite scenes from the 1966 film, “The Russians are Coming…”

More to come… (and we do mean Russians!)



2 responses to “The Russians are Coming!!!

  1. annette keane

    June 29, 2019 at 11:38 am

    Please keep me posted!!


    • Principal Editor

      June 29, 2019 at 12:09 pm

      If you are following this blog you will get automatic notifications of new posts or new comments.
      Thank you, Annette, for being interested in this story!
      The Editor



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